nathorsfall  Kentucky State Journal

Nat Horsfall and Charles Feine

Kentucky State Journal, Saturday, June 11 1887, page 3

The Corner held an inquest on the bodies of Chas Feine, aged 10 years and Nat Horsfall, aged 6 years who were drowned in the reservoir at Harper's Mills on Thursday evening, and rendered a verdict that they come to their death by accidental drowning.

The boys were sent to the mill with a basket containing the supper of Mr. Jean Wright and after delivering it ran off and it is supposed that they tried to have a sail on an old door that they found floating on the reservoir and which must have overturned throwing both into the water.

The parents Mr. Paul Feine and Mr. John Horsfall with their wives have the sympathy of the public in this their sad bereavement.  The funerals took place this morning both bodies being buried from Mr. Fine's, (sic). Rev H J Stewart delivered the funeral service, from No 167 Central Avenue.  The interments was made at Evergreen Cemetery.


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