Napoleon B and Rebecca P Stephens


From the Biographical Cyclopedia of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, published by the J M Armstrong Company, Cincinnati, Ohio 1878


STEPHENS, NAPOLEON B was born August 25, 1814 in Campbell County Kentucky (near Covington) and is the son of Hon. Leonard Stephens and his wife, Catherine Sanford.  His father was on of the most worthy and influential of the old pioneers; figured extensively in the early affairs of Campbell County and was to a great extent, identified with the early history of Northern Kentucky.  He represented Campbell County in the Lower House of the Legislature and from 1829- to 1833 was a member of the State Senate. 

N B Stephens received a common English education, which he completed at Burlington Academy, Boone County.  He commenced merchandising in a general store in 1828 at Florence and continued actively engaged in that business until 1841.  In that year he became Clerk of the County and Circuit Court; was also appointed Clerk of the United States District Court and held the position until 1862.  He was elected member of the Legislature in 1839 and at the expiration of his term was re-elected.  For a number of years he has resided in Covington and in January 1877 was elected President of the City Council.  He has accumulated a considerable estate; has reared a worthy and honorable family; has throughout his life taken a prominent part in all public affairs, always laboring for the best interests of the community; is a man of great integrity of character; stands deservedly high for his business ability and sound executive skill; has been for early manhood, a member of the Presbyterian Church and for more than twenty-seven years, an elder; and is one of the most substantial, valuable and widely known citizen of his part of the state.

Mr. Stephens was married, October 18, 1848 to Rebecca P Hughes of Boone County, Kentucky and has four living children.  His oldest daughter is the wife of Hon. Robert A Athey, Mayor of Covington.  His second daughter is the wife of D D Bayles, merchant of Cincinnati; and his son, John L Stephens, married Mary C Cochran of Lexington, Kentucky.


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