Nagel Road Cemetery

Nagel Road Cemetery

Grants Lick

On the property of Philip Smith

Recorded July 24, 1981 by Kenneth A Reis

"I estimate there may be as many as 25 burials in this cemetery due to the layout of the few headstones still there and the numerous field stones set on end in the ground and still scattered through out the area. The land owner states he had seen as many as 12 headstones at one time, but vandals have carried off some of them."

Haigh, Permelia E-22 Jul 1836-1 Jul 1862 wife of James

Holmes, Harriett-died 28 Oct 1816 age 20 years wife of George B Holmes

Thomas, Rebecca-died 3 Aug 1849 daughter of S & A Thomas

Yelton, Harriet-died 9 May 1825 age 27 wife of Phillip Yelton

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