Newport and Ft. Thomas Barracks Military Obituaries


Deaths before 1894 were from Newport Barracks and after 1894 were from Ft. Thomas Barracks.  The obituaries were taken from various sources, but mostly newspapers. There are also here other military men who died in Campbell County.

NEWPORT Barracks Deaths

ABERT, Colonel J W-1897

ANDERSON, Benjamin F-1913

BELL, Recruit William-1842

BERRY, Major James T-1864

BLAIR, Private Joseph-1809

BODIN, Captain-1863

BURBANK, General Sidney-1882

BURKHARDT, William-1884

BUTLER, Private George P-1898

CALDWELL, James-1905

COMBS, Private James M-1809

DAVIS, Dr. Frederick A-1903

DEAN, Private Thomas-1893

DONNELLY, Sergeant Edward S-1869

ERTEL, Caspar-1862

FANNING, Colonel A-1846

FLEMING, Sergeant James-1915

FLYNN, Hugh-1902

GALBRAITH, Colonel F W-1921


GIBSON, Recruit James-1846

HARMAN, Corporal George-1917

HART, Thomas-1904

HAYES, James-1862

HENDEN, William-1862

HENDERSON, Private John-1899

HENTON-Lieutenant Colonel James-1895

HODGES, Henry-1863

HORSFALL, "Drummer Boy" William H-1922

HOWARD, Captain James-1862

JACKSON, Joseph-1863

JOHNSON, Roland-1898

JOHNSTON, Sergeant William-1861

KIMBERLY, Brigadier General Robert Lewis-1915

LEE, Private Walter-1898

LEWIS, Captain Andrew-1842

LIEBERMAN, Private Andrew-1895

MAHER, John D-1910

MICHAELS, Charlie-Drummer Boy-1887

MITCHELL, George-1898

MOORE, Isaac-1904

MORRILL, Benjamin F-1868

NEWMAN, William-1862

OVERBEE-William H-1862

PATRICK-Colonel John H-1864

PERRY-Lieutenant David-1863

PINGLEY, William-1898

RICHARDS, Private Robert-1898

RICHARDSON. Corporal-1862

RICHARDSON, Confederate Lieutenant John-1901

SIMON, Private George B-1920

SMITH, Sergeant Fred C-1898

SOUTHGATE, Rebel Captain Evan-1862

SULLIVAN, John P-1918

TIBBATTS, General George W-1799

TIBBATTS, Lt. Stephen-1838

TRIGG, Richard-1861

WAKEMAN, Major William J-1907


WERNER, Albert-1862

WEST, John A-1876

WHISTLER, Colonel William-1863

WITTY, Kenneth-1916


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