Meredith L and Elizabeth Hodges


Information comes from various sources, newspapers, census, marriage and burial records.

Merritt L Hodges was born in 1822 in Cicero, New York, the son of Sanford Smith and Elizabeth Hodges. As a young child, he came to Cincinnati with his family early by the 1830s. Then by 1840 the family had settled in Kenton County. By 1850 the family settled in Grants Lick, Campbell County, with brothers Lafayette, Daniel, Henry  and Sanford Smith Hodges.

Meredith joined the 13th Ohio Cavalry Company C in 1864 for the Union Army.  This regiment was organized from May 5, 1864 when Merritt enlisted at Camp Chase in Columbus Ohio.  The following is a list of battles, in which Merritt and his regiment bore an honorable part. Merritt fought at Petersburg VA 18 June 1864, 5 July, and 13 July. He fought at Preble's Farm VA 30 July and again at Petersburg 31 July, 11-12 Aug, 16 Aug; at Weldon Railroad VA 19 Aug; at Yellow House VA 21 Aug; Weldon Railroad 21 Aug; Petersburg 21 Aug, 25 Aug; Preble's Farm and Jones' Farm 30 Sep; Petersburg 8 Feb; Five Points VA and Dinwiddie Court House VA 31 Mar 1865; High Bridge VA 6 Apr; Jetersville and Farmville VA 7 Apr; Sailor's Creek 8 Apr; Appomattox Court House 9 Apr;

Merritt mustered out 10 Aug 1865 having been shot in the groin and having lost one eye. Merritt L Hodges married Elizabeth Barlow in Boone County Ky. 6 Aug 1846.  They were in Grants Lick by 1850 where he was farming.

Children of Merritt L Hodges and Elizabeth Bartlow

1. George Washington Hodges b-6 June 1847 in Visalia Ky. d-9 Jan 1906 in Cincinnati; br-Wesleyan Cemetery; m-Sarah Jane Minor
2. Meraby Hodges b-9 Oct 1849 in Visalia Ky. d-1 Jan 1941 in Claryville; br-Alexandria Cemetery; m-George Brauntz 10 Apr 1875
3. Curtis Hodges b-11 Feb 1852 in Grants Lick; d-19 Aug 1919 in Claryville; br-Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
4. John Merritt Hodges b-17 Feb 1854 in Grants Lick; d-22 July 1940 in Dayton Ky. br-Pleasant Ridge Cemetery; m-Frances Elizabeth Thornberry in 1883


Children of George Washington Hodges and Sarah Jane Minor

Walter Livingston Hodges b-29 July 1883 in Kentucky; d-7 Mar 1914 in Cincinnati; br-Wesleyan Cemetery
John Riley Hodges b-17 Apr 1886; d-2 Apr 1965 in Cincinnati; br-Wesleyan Cemetery.
Ida May Hodges b-20 Sep 1890 in Cincinnati; d-21 Nov 1967 in Cincinnati; br-Spring Grove Cemetery; m-Herbert Fred Mardorf
Albert William Hodges b-19 July 1894 in Cincinnati; d-18 Nov 1948 in Cincinnati; br-Spring Grove Cemetery


Children of John L Hodges and Frances Elizabeth Thornberry

1. Mary Elizabeth Hodges b-12 Feb 1889 in Pleasant Ridge Ky. d-11 Dec 1939 in Dayton Ky. br-Pleasant Ridge Cemetery; m-Moore
2. Margaret J Hodges b-May 1892 in Pleasant Ridge; m-Henry William Becker 4 Apr 1951 in Dayton Oh


Elizabeth Bartlow Hodges died 19 Feb 1872 in Grants Lick and was buried in the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery. Merritt married Sarah A J Losey 24 Mar 1874 in Kenton Co. 


Children of Merritt L Hodges and Sarah A J Losey

1. Eddie George Hodges 26 Apr 1876 in Grants Lick; d-10 Apr 1896 in Grants Lick; br-Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery
2. Hazel Hodges b-1890 in Grants Lick; d-1894 in Grants Lick; br-Pleasant Ridge Cemetery


Merritt died in 1900 and was buried in the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church.  Sarah Losey Hodges died in 1904 and was buried in the same cemetery.


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