Memorial Association


Cincinnati Enquirer, 2 March 1879, page 4


The ex-soldiers and sailors of the United States army and navy have formed a "Memorial Association" for Newport and Campbell County, Kentucky, the objects of which are to perpetuate, cherish and strengthen the love of country, our Union, as it is, one and inseparable, now and forever.

The membership of this Association consists of honorably discharged soldiers and sailors of the United States and no political or sectarian discussion will be allowed under penalty of expulsion  The first Friday in each month they meet in Hayman's Hall, Newport.

The officers are R Townsend, Commander; R Hewitson, Vice Commander; L R Hawthorne, Adjutant; E H Morin, Paymaster; Dr. F A Davis, Surgeon; H McDonnell, Sergeant Major; W Y Thoburn, Sergeant and Master at Arms; Board of Administration, comrades Charles Limerick, John Christopher and Andrew Nordheim.


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