Melissa Chalfant Corbin

Melissa Chalfant Corbin

From the Kentucky Post, August 13, 1906, page 5
"Miss Corbin Dead-Her Brother's Execution Caused Her to Devote Life to Charity"

Melissa Chalfant Corbin, 80, died yesterday at the home of her niece, Miss May Corbin, 627 Washington av. Newport.  She was possessed of considerable means and since the Civil War had devoted her life to charity.  The incident that decided her mode of life was the execution of her brother, William Corbin, in 1863, by the Federal forces under the order of Gen. Burnside to execute any Confederate found within the Northern line.

She made every effort to save her brother and failing, turned her life to charity.  For many years she was in charge of the Midway Orphan School at Midway, Ky.

From the Kentucky Post, August 13, 1906, page 7
"Recalls Civil War Tragedy at Death"

Miss Melissa Corbin, 72, aunt of Lieutenant Samuel Corbin, of the Cincinnati Police, is dead at Newport.  Her last words, "Oh, Will, why did they do it?" tell the story of her life tragedy.  Her brother William was executed as a Confederate spy in 1863.  His sister interviewed Lincoln in an attempt to save him, but the President declined to interfere.

She turned to charity, and for 20 years was principal of the Midway Ky. Orphan School.  Two years ago she retired.  (Note: Miss Corbin was buried in the Corbin Family Cemetery in California).

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