Matthew Herold

From the Biographical Cyclopedia of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, published by the John M Gresman Company, Chicago-Philadelphia 1896


MATTHEW HEROLD, City Attorney of Bellevue, a popular young lawyer and Democratic politician, was born in Cincinnati, March 3, 1859.  His father, Andrew Herold was a native of Germany, who came to this country in 1835 and located in Cincinnati, where he was engaged in organ building until his death in 1860.  His mother, Susan (Barwick) now a resident of Cincinnati, is a native of Germany.

Matthew Herold was educated in the excellent public schools of Cincinnati.  From 1882 until 1888 he was engaged in the grocery business in Bellevue, which he abandoned for the legal profession.  After reading law for two years he took a two years course in the Cincinnati Law School from which he was graduated in 1892.  He was admitted to the bar and began the practice of law in Newport in the same year, and has met with great encouragement and a good degree of success in a field that he found pretty well occupied when he embarked in his new profession.

He takes quite an active part in politics and being a resident of Bellevue he was elected member of the City Council in 1890; served until 1892, when he was elected city attorney; was re-elected to this office in 1893, again in 1894 and again in 1896, a very high testimonial of his efficiency and personal popularity inasmuch as he is a Democrat and Bellevue is a stronghold of the Republican party. Mr. Herold was a member of the convention held in Winchester in 1891 to frame charters for cities of the fourth class.

He is attorney for a number of corporations, including three building associations in Bellevue and one in Cincinnati and has given much attention to the legal business of these organizations.  Mr. Herold was married in 1885 to Caroline Herbert, daughter of Andrew Herbert of Cincinnati and they have three sons; Matthew, George, and William Herold.


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