Campbell County Marriages

Campbell County Marriages

Surnames P-Q-R


BD-Bond date


P Surnames

PADEN, Lucinda to William Picket-4 Dec 1822

PADEN, Nancy to James Maladay-23 Oct 1828

PAGE, Robert to Mary Dugan-25 May 1807-consent by Cornelius Johnson

PAINTER, John to Mary Ellen Carr-24 June 1844-bondsman Edward Carr

PAINTER, Mary Ella to Oliver Moore-3 Dec 1849-BD-bondsman William Boots

PAINTER, Mary Jane {Martha} to Peter McNally-18 Nov 1841-bondsman A Hutcheson

PAINTER, William Henry to Margaret Holmes-19 Nov 1848-bondsman Edward Tanner

PALMER, James H to Eliza McKinney-26 Jan 1830-bondsman William L Lambey

PALMER, Thomas to Patsey Harrison-25 Aug 1814-bondsman John Carson

PAREPENT, Polly to Samuel Randal-6 Oct 1796-BD-bondsman John Evans

PARISH, Elisha to Rebecca Maxwell-18 Mar 1837-bondsman William M Newman

PARISH, George C to Delilah B Hicks-12 Mar 1848-bondsman John W Flora

PARISH, John to Anne Todd-11 May 1828-bondsman William Dicks

PARISH, R T to Harriet E Kercheval-20 Sep 1849-bondsman James J Parish

PARISH, Rutha to William I Newman-1 Sep 1842-bondsman John Parish

PARISH, Thomas W to Martha Jane Graden-16 Apr 1844-bondsman George T Truesdell

PARK, John to Elizabeth Ann Clark-12 May 1849-bondsman Ben D Beall

PARK, Sarah to George Winter-4 Apr 1836 bond William Atkinson

PARK, William to Patsey Baker-28 Jan 1846-bondsman Alfred S Orr

PARKER, Andrew to Sarah Ann Weldon-14 Nov 1837-bondsman William Parker

PARKER, Daniel to Priscilla Ring/King-24 Oct 1816-bm George Gordon

PARKER, David to Mary Ann Pryor-22 May 1842-bm Silas Parker  Note-David from Pendleton County and Harrison L Parker swore to accuracy of information provided

PARKER, Elizabeth to Thomas Robinson-14 June 1816-BD-bondsman James Parker

PARKER, Harriet to Timothy Wright-7 July 1819 bond Richard Parker

PARKER, Henry W to Mary Ann Stillwwell-21 July 1838-BD-bondsman John W Stillwell

PARKER, James to Caroline Clarke-21 Sep 1826-bondsman George Chandler

PARKER, James to Sarah Griffin/Griffey-2 July 1815-bondsman John Griffey

PARKER, John to Mary Harthorn-10 Aug 1824-BD-bondsman Walter Northern

PARKER, John to Lyde Kennedy-13 Oct 1816-bondsman Walter Neves

PARKER, John F to Susan C Couther-19 Mar 1837-bondsman John H Anderson, consent by Susan's mother, her father being dead

PARKER, Joseph to Eliza Manington/Warrington?-27 Dec 1835-bondsman William Parker, brother-in-law who swore Eliza "has resided with him 4 or 5 years" her father dead and her mother now resides in Wheeling WVA

PARKER, Joseph to Polly Richardson-19 Aug 1820-BD-bondsman Henry Richardson

PARKER, Lucy to Hughey Ritchenson-21 Jan 1817-BD-bondsman James Parker

PARKER, Martha T to Drummond Wheeler-2 Nov 1808 BD, bond Robert Taylor, who made oath that Martha was of "lawful age"

PARKER, Martin to Louisa Hason-1 June 1820-BD

PARKER, Mary to John Mefford-14 Apr 1827-BD, bondsman John K Parker

PARKER, Mary M to Andrew Morrow-12 Nov 1848-bondsman Henry Parker

PARKER, Mathew to Elizabeth M Worthington-1 Mar 1849-bondsman Ishmael Worthington

PARKER, Nancy to Benjamin Williams-21 June 1821 BD, bond William Parker

PARKER, Neoma to Abner Matheny-5 Feb 1846-bondsman Henry Parker

PARKER, Phoebe to James Smith-13 Apr 1820-BD bond John K Parker

PARKER, Sarah to Thomas Parker-7 July 1840-BD-bondsman William Parker

PARKER, Sarah to John Ryan-6 Oct 1818-BD  MD-8 Oct 1818-bondsman Richard Parker

PARKER, Silas to Elizabeth Prior-12 May 1825-bondsman Jacob Prior

PARKER, Thomas to Sarah Parker-7 July 1840-BD-bondsman William Parker

PARKER, Thomas to Lucinda Short-24 Feb 1821

PARKER, Thomas to Peggy Davis-9 July 1818-bondsman John Davis, consent by father David Davis, witness Oner R Powell

PARKER, William to Jane Keen-2 May 1831-BD-bondsman Samuel Locy

PARKER, William to Sarah Hartwell-17 Sep 1818-bondsman Timothy Wright

PARKS, John to Elizabeth Lilly-2 Jan 1839-BD-bondsman William Whitehead, Elizabeth's father dead; her mother and step-father "were willing to the marriage"

PARPER, Lucy to Hugh Richardson-25 Jan 1817

PARRISH, Drusilla to Joseph Wellman-20 Dec 1796 BD, bond Lemuel Perish, consent by father Mordan? Parrish, witness by John Smith & Reuben Loomis

PARRISH, Lemuel to Margaret Utter-18 Feb 1799-BD-bondsman Robert Dickerson, consent by father Joseph Utter "of Hambleton (Hamilton ) County territory northwest of the River Ohio" witness William Pickerel and James Daugerty

PARSONS, John to Harriet S Vickers-31 May 1846

PARVIN, Enoch to Margeret Bever-17 Aug 1812-bondsman William Bever

PATERSON, Elizabeth to David Tidd-27 Oct 1836 BD, bond Martin Cooper

PATMORE, Jonathan to Alvira Moore-10 Apr 1833-BD-bondsman William Moore

PATTEN, Maria to Richard Morecraft-19 Aug 1820-bondsman George Perry

PATRICK, Isaac J to Rebecca Adams-17 Feb 1838-BD-bondsman Charles Stricker, consent by father James Adams of Covington

PATTERSON, James to Mary Tetrecke-31 Mar 1807-BD-bondsman James Dugan

PATTERSON, Josiah to _____ Hamilton-__ Jan 1828-BD-bondsman Thomas W Harris

PATTERSON, Josiah to Abigail Ginn {Mrs}-5 Apr 1835-bondsman David N Manning

PATTERSON, Robert to Rebecca Anderson-26 Sep 1822

PATTERSON, Thomas H to Lucey Dewitt-17 Feb 1814-bondsman Thomas Dewitt

PATTERSON, William to Ann Donaldson-3 June 1843-bondsman Isaac Stubbs

PATERSON, William to Rebecah Crumwel-26 Jan 1810-bondsman Robert Chambers

PAUL, Mary to James Ryan-6 Nov 1802-bondsman John Paul

PAVY/PARY, Nancy to Henry Marshall-7 Mar 1837-bondsman John McCollum, consent by father Peter H Pavy

PAYDON, Polly to James Workes-28 Apr 1817 BD, bond Adam Pedan

PAYNE, Charles G H to Sarah M Gosney-21 Aug 1845-bondsman Samuel H Smith

PAYNE, John C to Polly Landers-2 Jan 1828-bondsman William Stephens

PAYNE, Rebecca to John S Scribner-20 Dec 1834 BD, bond John Starkey, consent by John C Payne

PAYNE, Sally to Caleb M Rube-11 Apr 1831-bondsman Jesse Keeler

PAYNE, William B to Sarah Franklin-12 July 1823-bondsman Ebenezer Franklin

PERKINS, Lucy B to Thomas B Martin-29 Aug 1831-bondsman Richard H Greene, consent by father Joel Perkins of Cincinnati, witness Miles Craze

PEACE/PIERCE, John to Mary Ann Ware-8 Mar 1831-BD-bondsman David R Bell

PEADRO, A L to Sarah Jane Perry-1 May 1849-bondsman John N Taliaferro

PEADRO, Baylys G t Catherine Stillwell-22 Dec 1846-bondsman William B Ross

PEAK, Isaiah to Emaline Guy-10 Sep 1831-bondsman Thomas Farmer, consent by father Mariden Guy

PEAK, William to Sary Jenkins-30 July 1831-BD-bondsman Jesse R Snider

PEARCEY, William to Elizabeth Dodsworth-5 Feb 1836-bondsman C Prothman?

PEARL, Amos to Martha Boss-22 Nov 1835

PEARSON, Benjamin to Cynthia Hightower-22 Sep 1831-BD is 29 Jan 1831;bondsman James Barton

PEARSON, Henry W to America Nelson-27 Dec 1827-bondsman Edward L Armstrong

PEARSON, Robert to Nancey Render-1 Sep 1815-BD-bondsman Archibald Render

PECK, Christina to George Smith-12 June 1799-BD bond Peter Peck, guardian of Christina, who was 16

PECK, Eliza to Timothy N Warner-18 Sep 1825 bond Abraham Gundecker

PECK, Ellanah to Solomon Wayman-Feb 1814 bond Bryant Seniour

PECK, John to Mercer Harington-15 June 1824-bm Lyman Harington

PECK, Joseph to Eleanor Stephens-25 Oct 1849-bondsman John Stephens

PECK, Margaret to James Stephens-11 Sep 1827-Bd bond Joseph Dicks, consent by father Peter Peck, w-John Stephens

PECK, Peter to Polly Beaver-9 Aug 1810-BD-bondsman Samuel Belveal

PECKHAM, Samuel to Mary Owens-7 Oct 1839-BD-bondsman Lowry

PEEBLES, Harriet to John Ricketts-24 Sep 1832-bond Wyatt Baxter

PEEBLES, Robert E to Eliza Derr-28 Nov 1833-bondsman John Carlisle, consent by Sebastian Derr

PEEBLES, William L to Rachel L Cole-29 Oct 1848-bondsman Jacob Cole Jr. consent by father Jacob Cole, witness Adin Barrows

PEEK, Francis to Euphey Glore-19 Jan 1804-bondsman Laurence Sandford

PEET, John to Elizabeth Piercy-2 Dec 1848-BD-bnondsman Metcalf Dodsworth

PEITEN, Ann M E to William Wall-7 Dec 1846 BD, bond Charles Stricker

PELLY, Benjamin to Jenetta Adams-1 May 1828-bondsman William Wayman

PELLY, John to Martha Flemming-20 Dec 1827-bondsman Robert Flemming

PELLY, Maryann to John Rust-19 Jan 1815-bondsman Thomas Budworth

PELLY, Susan to John Striger-11 Apr 1822

PELLY, Townsend to Arimesa Morgan-19 Jan 1840-bondsman Jesse Morgan

PENDLETON, William A to Frances Mary Perry-26 May 1839-bondsman Samuel Perry

PENN, Elizabeth to Joshua Richmond-4 July 1839-bond by father Joel Penn

PENROD, Samuel to Hannah Kerr-22 Oct 1850-BD

PERCYFIELD/PERSEVAL, William to Hannah Massey-27 Feb 1814-bondsma Joseph Casey, consent by father Edmound, witness Simeon Glore & John Massey "Joseph Cariyis? guardian to William

PERNET, John to Nancy Karsterson-21 Dec 1826-bondsman John Roux

PERRIN, John to Sally Campbell-6 Jan 1825-bondsman John Campbell

PERRIN, Jonathan B to Amanda Campbell-5 Jan 1830-BD-bondsman Cyrus Campbell

PERRY, Benjamin to Elizabeth Mardras-21 Sep 1805-BD-bondsman James Mardras, consent by mother Zlebeth, witness James Madros, Robert Marshel

PERRY, Calvin to Amanda J Russell-25 Mar 1848-BD-bondsman William Russell

PERRY, Daniel to Mary Garo?-___ 1812-bondsman Henry Sutton

PERRY, David to Polly Smith (widow)-2 Feb 1839-bondsman Lewis Helm

PERRY, David to Susan Baxter-8 Sep 1816-bondsman William C Baxter

PERRY, David to Sarah McClure-11 May 1809-bondsman James McClure

PERRY, E to Robert Wayman-26 Aug 1831

PERRY, Easter to Lewis Mangum-29 Sep 1808-bondsman Edward Welch

PERRY, Esther Ann to Arthur S Winans-8 July 1837 bond William Perry

PERRY, Eliza Jane to Thomas Warrington-22 Aug 1844 bond Daniel Perry

PERRY, Elizabeth M to Thomas Stalcup-2 Feb 1826-BD bond Acy Dunham Arthur, consent by mother Rebecca Perry

PERRY, Frances Jane to William Wasson-25 Feb 1830 bond William D Scott, consent by George Perry

PERRY, Frances Mary to William A Pendleton-26 May 1839-bondsman Samuel Perry

PERRY, George to Martha Green-22 June 1836-BD-bondsman William Perry

PERRY, James to Luthy Ann Leonard-11 Apr 1834-bondsman Thomas N Lindsey

PERRY, James to Katy Owens-20 Nov 1823-bondsman Lewis Mangum

PERRY, James E to Maria Washington-17 Mar 1847-BD-bondsman Ira Root

PERRY, Jane Elizabeth to E B Reeder-16 Aug 1832-bondsman Robert Perry

PERRY, John to Amelia Smith-28 Apr 1839-bondsman Joshua York, "consent by mother, Mary, Amelia's father being dead"

PERRY, John S to Catharine Sellers-28 Nov 1838-BD-bondsman A Boyd

PERRY, Joseph to Betsey Groom-27 Dec 1817-bondsman John Cox

PERRY, Lucinda to Joseph Vickers-8 Apr 1847 bond Charles Stricker

PERRY, Mary to John Nelson-20 Oct 1829-BD, bondsman James T Perry

PERRY, Mary Ann to Eden B Reeder-26 Oct 1829

PERRY, Melinda to Michael Smith-2 May 1833 bond David Perry

PERRY, Peggy to James Walton-13 Jan 1814 bond Samuel Perry

PERRY, Polly to James Weever-6 Dec 1816 bond Geo Perry

PERRY, Robert H to Catharine Sanford-29 Sep 1831-bondsman Jefferson Phelps, consent by father Thomas, witness B W Foley

PERRY, Sarah Ann to Ira Root-25 Dec 1834-BD-bondsman John N Taliaferro

PERRY, Sarah Jane-1 May 1849-bondsman John N Taliaferro

PERRY, Susan to Daniel Mullier-8 Nov 1833-BD, bondsman F T Helm

PERRY, William to Catharine Marshall-17 Oct 1832-BD-bondsman George Perry

PETE, John to Elisabeth Piercey-3 Dec 1849

PETTET, Belind to Milton Williams-2 July 1850 BD

PETTY, Jesse to Catharine Stephens-12 Feb 1825-bondsman John Stephens, consent by father John P Stephens

PEVEY, Samuel to Sarah Bobbit-29 Aug 1814-BD-bondsman William Ackman, consent by father Randolph, witness John Pavey

PHELPS, Josiah to Ann Massey-20 Aug 1822-BD-bondsman Bartlett Bennett

PHELPS, Sarah to John Whaley-20 July 1819 bond Andrew Woods

PHILIPS, A J to Sarah Harrison-12 Dec 1850-bondsman Thomas Martin

PHILIPS, Ann to James McCloud-26 Apr 1848-bondsman John Stricker

PHILIPS, George to Mrs. Mary Smith-16 jan 1833-BD-bondsman James Pryor

PHILIPS, Nancy to Joel Sanders-2 May 1842-BD-bondsman William K Morin

PHILIPS, Robert to Rebecca Allpin-17 Dec 1823-bondsman William Icnogle, consent by father Zebelon Allpin

PHILIPS, Thomas to Nancy Jenner-11 Oct 1838-bondsman James Jenenr

PIATT, Daniel to Betsey Cain-27 Feb 1828-bondsman Reuben McDannold, consent by father Asael Cain

PIATT, Robert to Nancy Jones-Aug 1798

PIATT/OTT, William to Mariah Davis-4 Aug 1836-bondsman S Armstrong

PICKEL, Philip to Mary Seneour-1 Nov 1804-bondsman Bryant Senour

PICKET, Beal to Verlinda Richardson-21 Sep 1804-bondsman Gusta Richardson, consent by father  John, witness John Richardson

PICKET, Elizabeth to Augustus Richardson-10 Jan 1805-bond Bal Picket, consent by father William Picket

PICKET, Mary to William H Striger-14 Jan 1838 bond H W Marshall

PICKET, Rachel to Henry Sneden-13 June 1802 bond Philip Picket consent by William Picket

PICKET, William to Lucinda Paden-4 Dec 1822

PICKETT, William to Anna Bird-18 Jan 1821

PICKETT, Alfred W to Mary McNelly-14 Apr 1831-bondsman Beal Pickett, witnes Israel Sophield

PICKETT, Ann to Isaac Martin-10 Oct 1821

PICKETT, Charles to Eleanor Kleet-29 Mar 1810-bondsman Thomas Harris, consent by father Frederick, witness by brother Frederick

PICKETT, Frederick to Anna/Aveney Richeson-16 Oct 1836-bondsman John Richerson

PICKETT, George to Frances Wayman-23 Mar 1837-bondsman Staton Wayman

PICKETT, Hester Ann to William Marshall-9 Aug 1837-bondsman George Petty, consent by father Beal Picket

PICKETT, Hezekiah J to Mary Ann Green-25 Nov 1834-bondsman Thomas Lancaster

PICKETT, Jemima to Reuben Taylor-23 June 1836, bond Philip Pickett

PICKETT, John to Judy Benson-22 Dec 1825-bondsman Thomas Lancaster

PICKETT, William to Nancy Osburn-23 Aug 1832-bondsman Chruchwell Osburn

PICKETT, William to Elizabeth King-9 Dec 1829-BD-bondsman William Barnes

PICKUP, William to Rachel Madison-7 July 1839-BD-bondsman John Lee

PIERCE, Abigail to John Rimmington-31 Jan 1829-bondsman Alexander Moore

PIERCE, Cyrus J to Olive C Hawley-31 Dec 1840-bondsman Samuel W Hawley

PIERCE, Elijah to Mary Helm-29 Aug 1842-BD-bondsman J H S DeCourcy

PIERCE, John to Mary Ann Ware-8 Mar 1831

PIERCE, Melancthon to Mary Ann Collins-26 Nov 1850-BD-bondsman James T Collins

PIERCY, Elizabeth to John Peet-2 Dec 1848-BD-bnondsman Metcalf Dodsworth

PIERCY, Elizabeth to John Pete-3 Dec 1849

PILANT, Thomas to Jemimah C Hill-6 Feb 1834-bondsman Thomas I Kennard

PIPER, Maria to Henry Schutte-29 Aug 1844 BD, bond Frederick Eisberg

PINER, William C to Jane Rich-27 Sep 1836-bondsman John D Rich

PINES, Dosier to Jane Crantchet-21 Jan 1844-BD-bondsman Thomas Downard

PLONZ, Ann to Robert Spittle-19 Dec 1849 bond Henry Worcester

PLUMMER, Henry to Jane Griffey-5 May 1812-bondsman John Griffey

PLUMMER, Mary to James Ross-BD-14 Aug 1820  MD-21 Nov 1820-bondsman John Groom

PLUMMER, William H H to Susan M Tomeson-20 Sep 1840-bondsman Moses Summers

PLUNKETT, Henry to Maria Powers-1 July 1837-BD-bondsman Jamison Clark

POLL, Jeremiah to Mary Benson-14 Feb 1822-bondsamn Darius Burtch

POLLARD, Anna to Jacob Smith-4 Oct 1820-BD bond Lewis Miller

POLLET, Thomas to Nancy Smith-12 Oct 1846

POOL, Hetty to John Mernan-29 Dec 1814-bondsman Samuel Pool

POOL, Jeremiah to Mary Benson-11 Feb 1800-BD-bondsman Darius Burtch

POOR, Harrison J to Sarah Ann Marshall-16 May 1833-consent by father A, bondsman Peleg Kidd

PORTER, Ebelene to David Wayman-25 Jan 1832 BD, bond Andrew Porter

PORTER, John J to Misouri Lockwood-12/13 Jan 1825-bondsman Cromwell Munroe

PORTER, Rebecca Ann to Joseph Miller-28 Jan 1829-BD, bondsman Edward L Southgate

PORTER, Robert W to Rebecca Ann Walker-2 Sep 1847-bondsman Robert D Hayman

PORTER, Thomas I to Eliza Tery/Ferry-4 Aug 1831-bondsman Benjamin Coope

POTTER, William to Polly Hill-1 May 1838-BD-bondsman William Hill

POTTS, Joseph/Josiah to Mary Ann Campbell-8 May 1836-bondsman Thomas Kelley, consent by mother Elizabeth

POWEL, Micajah to Polly Connelly-15 Nov 1812-bondsman Thomson Connelly

POWELL, Coleman to Mahala Tucker-5 Mar 1825-BD-bondsman Zackeriah Tucker

POWELL, Hiram to Ann Krileigh-13 Nov 1827-bondsman Jacob Krileigh

POWELL, J N to Janette Boyl-28 Feb 1835-BD-bondsman William Scholes

POWELL, Mary to Hiram Martin-1 Aug 1833-BD, bondsman James C Gedge

POWELL, Melinda to William Scholes-19 Oct 1827 BD, bond John Gray

POWELL, Polly to Lewis Probst-22 Oct 1822-bondsman John Winn

POWELL, Rainy to Peter Sutton-15 Feb 1825, bond Peter Shasha, consent by Benjamin Sutton, witness by Coleman Powell, consent by mother Martha Powell

POWELL, Rosy to John Stonesfer-9 May 1805 BD, consent by father Mecajah Powell for underage daughter

POWELL, Walter S to Ellen Luella Ross-17 Jan 1843-bondsman Alfred N Ross

POWER, Zelman to Barbary Fagan-28 May 1800-BD-bondsman Joshua Crawford

POWERS, Catharine to Joshua Newhale-18 Mar 1838-bondsman Jameson Clark, "Clark made oath that Catherine is the sister his wife and was left under the care and protection of himself and wife by her father who had been absent from the state about three years; they live in Covington"

POWERS, George to Nancy Rees-4 Mar 1819-bondsman David H Rees

POWERS, Maria to Henry Plunkett-1 July 1837-BD-bondsman Jamison Clark

PRATHER, James S to Louisa Martin-22 Oct 1824-BD-bondsman Samuel Winston

PRATT, Elizabeth to Joseph Ryan-14 Oct 1834-BD-bondsman Richard Smith

PRATT, Jenny to Richard Smith-25 May 1826 bond Elijah L Lancaster, consent by father James Pratt

PREA__, John F to Maria Koch?-18 Dec 1849-BD-bondsman

PRENDERGAST, Jeffry to Jane M Clane/Clare {widow}-13 Mar 1840-bondsman Robert Culbertson

PRESCOAT, Leaney to Blakestone Martin-17 Jan 1814-BD, bondsman Jacob Rouse

PRESLEY, Jane Ann to Samuel Smith-16 July 1811-BD bond Charles Herbert, consent by father David Smith, consent by William Priestley

PRESTON, Jonathan R to Lydia Frye-15 Dec 1819-bondsman Enoch Thomas

PRESTON, Zacariah to Eliza Ginnings-7 July 1840-bondsman Levi Dicken

PREWITT, Anderson L to Mary Baker-27 Mar 1819-BD-bondsman William Carmack

PREWITT, Clemmant to Melissa Jane Mefford-22 Apr 1827-bondsmen Jonas Wilson and Nelson Frazier

PREWITT, John to Elizabeth Grizzle-20 Nov 1828-bondsman Elam Grizzle

PRICE, John William to Lucretia Anderson-2 Aug 1815-BD-bondsman Enoch Anderson

PRICE, Mary Ann to Thomas Montague-2 Oct 1832-BD, bondsman Nathaniel Price

PRICE, Richard to Elizabeth Jenkins-22 Mar 1936-bondsman Mathew Jenkins

PRIEST, William to Louisa Mays-31 Dec 1829-BD-bondsman William Perry, consent by mother Margaret, her father dead

PRIMUS, Adam to Polly Cassy-13 Oct 1814-BD-bondsman William Demar

PRINK, Louisa to Francis Sower-4 Oct 1850-Bd bond John A Frind

PRIOR, Elizabeth to Silas Parker-12 May 1825-bondsman Jacob Prior

PRITCHARD, William C to Margaret Croutch-20 Aug 1834-bondsman W A P___

PRITCHETT, Jacob to Margaret Knotts-26 Oct 1833-BD-bondsman Jon Lee

PROBST, Lewis to Polly Powell-22 Oct 1822-bondsman John Winn

PROCTOR, John to Polly Johnson-28 Nov 18189-bondsman Thomas J Palmer

PROCTOR, William to Mary Truer-9 May 1825-BD-bondsman William Maxwell

PRUET, Anderson Jr. to Winney Marshall-1 Jan 1840-BD-bondsman Joseph Marshall

PRUETT, Anna to Squire Marshall-22 Dec 1835-bondsman John Pruitt

PRUITT, John to Elizabeth Walter-5 Apr 1800-BD-consent by father Clement

PRUITT, Melinda to Jacob Mardis/Marids-16 Oct 1838-bondsman John Pruitt, conseny by father William Mardis

PRYOR, Eliza Ann to Alexander Rachford-10 June 1844-bondsman James Pryor

PRYOR, Mary Ann to David Parker-22 May 1842-Bond Silas Parker, David from Pendleton Co, Harrison L Parker swore as to accuracy of information provided

PRYOR, Richard to Polly Sapp-20 July 1798-BD-bondsman Edwards Sapp-consent by father John

PRYOR, Samuel to Nancy Reynolds-29 July 1813-bondsman William Gosney

PULLET, Thomas to Nancy Smith-12 Oct 1846-BD-bondsman Edward R Kennedy

PUNNELL, Barnet to Mary Allen-7 Dec 1819-bondsman John B Lindsey

PUTMAN, James S to Susan Abbott-15 Oct 1834-BD-consent and bond by father John Abbott

PYE, John to Lydia Hirky-19 May 1831-bondsman Henry Youtsey

PYE, William H to Jane Orr Culbertson-1 July 1837-bondsman Robert Culbertson

PYLE, John W to Eliza J Brown-27 Dec 1849-BD-bondsamn John Brown

Q Surnames

QUICK, Jacob to Betsey Hamilton-24 July 1820-bondsman Samuel Sayers, consent by Betsey "the widow Hambleton" and stepfather Thompson Conely, witness Samuel Dickerson

QUIGLEY, Patrick to Mary Dolton-23 Nov 1849-BD-bondsman Mathew OHaire

QUIGLEY, Patrick to Ann Megrah-29 June 1850-BD

QUINLAN, John to Jane Dunn-9 Apr 1843-bondsman George Miller

R Surnames

RACE, Isaac to Jane McClaughlin-22 June 1849-BD-bondsman Thomas McClaughlin

RACER, Joseph to Sarah Kimball-24 June 1833-BD-bondsman John K Parker

RACHFORD, Alexander L to Eliza Ann Pryor-10 June 1844-bondsman James Pryor

RACHFORD, Elizabeth D to Jonathan Rardin-17 Nov 1839-bondsman & brother Alexander L Rachford

RACHFORD, Hugh to Sarah Thomas-22 June 1812-bondsman James Kercheval

RACHFORD, Jane V to Robert Smith-23 Aug 1835 bond Ben D Beall

RAGAN, David to Nancy Jones-12 Nov 1835-bond John Harris; consent by father William Jones

RAINEY, Williamson to Emily True-1 Mar 1836-BD-bondsman G W Dilley

RAILESBACK, Lavina to Abraham Wayman-10 Sep 1829

RAIREDEN, WIlliam  to Isabel Farrar-24 Dec 1846-bondsman Henry Babcock

RANDAL, Samuel to Polly Parepent-6 Oct 1796-BD-bondsman John Evans

RANDALL, Dolly to Perry Stephens-14 Dec 1837 bond Reuben McDannal

RANDALL, Hannah to William Martin-11 May 1799-BD, bondsman Aquilla Randall, witness John Randall

RANDALL, Paul to Elizabeth Collins-7 Apr 1815-bondsman Samuel Swing

RANDOLPH, Sarah to Samuel Miller-17 Apr 1820-bondsman Jonathan Huling

RANKIN, Nancy to William Winton-11 May 1850 bond James Winton

RANOW, Nancy to John Moore-6 Sep 1802-BD, bondsman William Smith, "Nancy of full age"

RARDEON, Timothy to Katey Dawlson-4 July 1823-BD-bondsamn John Raredon

RARDIN, James to Martha Stephens-26 Jan 1838-bondsman Washington B Hymer, consent by father Samuel Stephens

RARDIN, John to Rhoda Dolson-4 Mar 1825-BD-bondsman John Brown

RARDIN, Jonathan to Elizabeth D Rachford-17 Nov 1839-bondsman and brother Alexander L Rachford

RARDIN, Nancy (widow) to John Sesenca/Lesenca-24 Mar 1846 BD

RARDIN, Timothy to Mary Iles-16 Aug 1837-bondsman William H Lacy, consent by father Thomas Iles

RARDIN, William to Ruth Todd-26 Nov 12833-bondsman William Biggs

RARDON, Achilles to Nancy Jane Cook-5 Aug 1839-BD-bondsman Jeremiah Rardon, consent by brother Samuel Cook

RARDON, Elsey to Cornelius Miller-1 Apr 1812-BD, bondsman Hamilton Miller, consent by father Jacob & Elizabeth Rardin

RARDON, Jesse to Ruth Applegate-20 Feb 1812-bondsman John Stevens, consent by father John Applegate, witness Charles Johns and Edward D Clark, consent by father John Rardon, witness John Campbell and Samuel Rardin

RARDON, John to Margaret Mitchel-29 June 1815-bondsman John Stephens, consent by father Thomas Mitchell

RARDON, Rebecca to Thomas E Young-17 June 1838 BD, bond Jeremiah Rardon

RAREDON, Margaret to Samuel Todd-25 Aug 1828 BD, bond George Truesdell, consent by father Jacob Raredon

RATLIFF, James Byard to Frances Hampton-12 Jan 1833-BD-bondsman John Nelson, consent by father Joel Hampton

RATLIFFE, Eleanor to J W R Newman-2 June 1847-BD, bondsman George W Tarvin

READ, Benjamin D to Letty Edwards-1 Nov 1838-bondsman Thomas P Thornton

READ, Elizabeth {widow} to Samuel Murphy-2 Aug 1798-BD, bondsman Thomas Reed

READ, John to Jennett H Kennedy-28 Sep 1814-bondsman George Gordon

READ, Mary S to Henry Reed-29 Oct 1835-bond S Croell

RECORD, James to Sally Wilson-28 Dec 1820-bondsman & brother David Wilson

RECORDS, Alexander to Mary Hume-24 Nov 1838-bondsman William Hume

RECORDS, Charles to Polly Kilgore-24 Mar 1808-bondsman Jameson Kilgore

RECTOR, Betsey to Henry Northcut-27 Mar 1828

RECTOR, Catharine to Thomas Moffett-26 Dec 1820-bondsman Joel Rector

RECTOR, Nathaniel to Louisa Garrard-1 Jan 1824-bondsman Anthony Garrard

RECTOR, Samuel to Martha M Garret-18 Jan 1827-bondsman William Barnes, consent by Anthony Garrett

RECTOR, Sarah to Benjamin Northcutt-3 Sep 1828-bondsman Thomas Moffett, consent by father Joel Rector

REDDECK, William to Synthy Coldwell-20 Dec 1826

REDDICK, Peyton to Elizabeth Caldwell-8 Jan 1825-bondsman John M Grant

REDDICK, William to Kitty Moseley-13 Dec 1798-BD-bondsman Richard Southgate

REDDING, John to Lucy Ann Culbertson-31 Jan 1838-bondsman Mathew Culbertson, consent by father Robert

REDMAN, Joseph to Betsey Wilderson/Willison-11 Feb 1824-bondsman William W Parker

REDMON, Sarah to Timothy N Warner-17 Sep 1825 bond Abraham Gundecker, consent by father Samuel & Margaret Redmon

REECE, Watson to Amanda Scott-29 Apr 1820-BD-bondsman Solomon Scott

REED, America to William Revill-11 July 1829-BD-bondsman Boaz Reed

REED, Daniel to Mary Ann Huling-5 Dec 1816-bondsman James W Bowers

REED, Elizabeth to Alexander William-31 Oct 1810 bond Julius Gordon

REED, Elizabeth to George Morgan-6 Oct 1839-bondsman William Morgan

REED, Francis to Hannah Waistcoat-14 Sep 1829-bond return date is 4 Sep-bondsman Stephen Greenleaf

REED, Gardner to Ann Hedger-9 Sep 1830-bondsman Ephraim Cheesman, consent by father Booz Read, witness Thomas & Robert Dean

REED, Henry to Mary S Read-29 Oct 1835-BD-bondsman S Croell

REED, Jacob to Elenor Wells-26 Oct 1816-bondsman John Wells

REED, James to Mary Ann Franklin-30 May 1829-BD-bondsman H C Lewis

REED, James to Sarah Rust-18 Nov 1838-bondsman James P Rust

REED, John to Polly Lucas-17 Aug 1829-bondsman Thomas G Littell

REED, Jonathan to Elvira Casson-14 Feb 1833-bondsman Ephraim Cheeseman, consent by William Casson

REED, Martha to Aaron Zimeron-1 Mar 1832 bond John Reed

REED, Peter to Eliza Anderson-13 May 1827-bondsman John N Taliaferro and Timothy Wright; consent by father William Anderson

REED, William to Nancy Davis-6 or 26 Dec 1824-bondsman William Davis

REED, William to Keziak Clark-4 Jan 1821-BD-bondsman Samuel Clark

REEDER, E B to Jane Elizabeth Perry-16 Aug 1832-bondsman Robert Perry

REEDER, Eden B to Mary Ann Perry-26 Oct 1829

REEDER, Nathaniel to Lucinda Moore-7 Feb 1828-bondsman William Moore

REEMER, Caty to George March-22 Dec 1803-bond and consent by father David Reemer

REES, Caroline to Henry Sethman-20 Sep 1832

REES, David to Sally Griff-26 Feb 1798-BD-bondsman Henry Baker

REES, David M to Ann B Stewart-13 Nov 1842-BD-bondsman John W Tibatts

REES, Elias to Nancy Higbee{ widow}-23 Feb 1840-bondsman William T Pegg

REES, John to Pametia Harrison-5 Oct 1810-BD-bondsamn William Digsby

REES, Keturah to James Walden-31 Oct 1816 bond David Rees

REES, Missouri to William Wagner-11 Nov 1845 BD, bond Thomas G Rees

REES, Nancy to John McHatton-22 Sep 1803-bondsman John Rees, witness Thomas & David Rees

REES, Nancy to George Powers-4 Mar 1819-bondsman David H Rees

REES, Taylor to Melinda Harris-7 June 1831-bondsman Charles Fowler, consent by William Kees and father George Harris

REES, William H to Ann Jane Culbertson-16 Sep 1848

REESE, Berkley G to Aurelia Casson-26 July 1840-bondsman William Casson

REESE, Caroline to Henry Seighman-19 Sep 1832 BD, bond Lewis Helm

REESE, Eliza C to Willis Morton Jr.-19 July 1846

REESE, Elizabeth to Jesse Walden-21 Jan 1825 BD; Feb 1825 MD, bond David H Reese

REESE, Mary to William Rogers-3 Apr 1834-bond Henry Sethman

REEVES, Elizabeth to John Youngman-20 July 1822

REEVES, Mary to Thomas Newton-23 July 1831-BD,bondsman Lewis Reeves, consent by father Stacy Reeves

REEVES, Rebecca to Solomon J Scott-23 Dec 1818, bond Stacy Reeves

REEVES, Samuel to Rebecca Marsh-27 Jan 1833/34-BD-bondsamn John Colvin, consent by father Isaac Marsh

REGNIER, Augustus to Margaret Fisk-6 Nov 1831-bondsman William Fisk

REIGLER, Lawrence to Catharine M Cashbanner-14 Nov 1850-BD-bondsman Christopher Reigler

REIKER, Henry to Barbary Kechport?-28 June 1849-BD-bondsman Christian Kechport?

REILEY, George Washington to Emily Shaw-29 Dec 1839-bondsman Andrew J Wright, consent by mother Margaret Shaw

REILEY, Peggy to Thomas F Spilman-10 Sep 1818-BD bond Smith Reiley, consent by John Reiley

REILEY, Robert to Hester Stevens-6 Mar 1809-BD-bondsman Thomas Stevens

REILEY, Sarah to Jacob White-24 May 1849 bond James H Shaw

REILEY, Smith to Lettice Spilman-15 Mar 1819-BD-bondsman James Spilman, consent by father Frank Spilman

REILEY/RYLEY, William to Elizabeth Mourning-28 Oct 1812-BD-bondsman Robert Shaw

RELLENHOUSE, Sarah to Samuel Vitch-3 Sep 1808

RENDER, Martha to Simeon A McDaniel-22 Sep 1847-bondsman William Griffey

RENDER, Nancey to Robert Pearson-1 Sep 1815-BD-bondsman Archibald Render

RENNOLDS, Betsey to Stephen Lyon-24 May 1796-BD, bond and consent by father Charles Reynolds

RERDON, Nelly to John Stephens-23 May 1796-BD, bond Jacob Rerdon, consent by mother Ann Rerdon, w-Richard ____

RETEHRFORD, Grifith McMellen to Elizabeth Lynn-18 May 1811-BD-bondsman John Bacon

REVEL, John to Elizabeth Willhight-28 Oct 1850-BD-bondsman Obediah Willhight

REVEL, Sally to John Richardson-??-bondsman Thomas Revel

REVELL, Thomas to Sarah Elizabeth Muggerridge-12 Sep 1842-BD-bondsman Mark Muggeridge

REVIL, Betsey to John Ritchinson-25 July 1812-bondsman Thomas Revel

REVILL, William to America Reed-11 July 1829-BD-bondsman Boaz Reed

REVILLE, Lori/Leah to James Trainer-30 Jan 1811 (return says 30 June)  bond John B Lindsey

REYNOLDS, James to Mary McKinney-19 July 1806-BD-bondsman Joseph McKinney

REYNOLDS, John to Polly Adams-16 June 1813-BD-bondsman Charles Reynolds

REYNOLDS, Nancy to Samuel Pryor-29 July 1813-bondsman William Gosney

REYNOLDS, Rebecca to Daniel Vanbercalow-28 Oct 1801 BD, bond Charles Reynolds, consent by father Charles Reynolds

REYNOLDS, Rebeccah to Hugh Rodgers-9 Apr 1804-BD-bondsman J Points, consent by mother Nancy Reynolds and Charles Reynolds, witness Stephen Lyon

REYNOLDS, Reuben to Elizabeth Stehler? {widow}-2 May 1798-BD-bondsman Andrew Brannon

REYNOLDS, Samuel to Elizabeth Waistcoat-4 July 1829-BD-bondsman Frederick G Gedge

RHODES, Abigail to Martin Murphy-5 Apr 1848-BD, bondsman John N Taliaferro

RHODES, Stephen S to Hannah Wood {widow}-13 Sep 1838-BD-bondsman Isaac Stricker

RICE, Donai to Margret Symond-10 Jan 1849-BD-bondsman Adam Cibest?

RICE, Lewis to Delilah Clore-13 June 1800-bondsman Benjamin Rice, consent by mother Margaret Clore and Adam Clore

RICE, Lucinda to George Riley-28 Mar 1821-bondsman Stephen Rice

RICE, Nancy to Thomas Sparer-10 July 1829 bond Stephen Rice

RICE, Stephen to Henna Huffman-8 July 1824-bondsman Zacariah Huffman

RICE, William to Sarah Chambers-5 Dec 1796-BD-bondsman William Smith

RICE, William to Patsey Sparks-7 Dec 1815-bondsman Richard Wells

RICH, Allen to Nancey Helmon-22 Apr 1813-bondsman Charles Helm

RICH, Jane to William C Piner-27 Sep 1836-bond John D Rich

RICH, John to Susan Ross-20 Nov 1817-bondsman William Martin

RICH, Joseph to Sarah Kyle-17 Apr 1817-bondsman Robert Kyle

RICH, Joseph to Mary Foy {widow}-16 Oct 1838-BD-bondsman D Downard

RICH, Samuel to Sarah Rittenhouse-31 Aug 1808-BD-bondsman William Martin

RICH, Stephen to Nancy Ducker-4 May 1813-bondsman William Martin

RICH, Susan to Gabriel Mullins-6 Apr 1837-bondsman Cornelius W McDannold

RICHARDS, Isaac to Elizabeth G Garrett-20 Dec 1832-bondsman A S Garrett

RICHARDS, Mary to William McCann-18 Sep 1839-bond Joseph Daisley

RICHARDS, William P to Catharine Ebbersole-5 Feb 1823

RICHARDSON, Amassa to Olive Stephens-16 July 1824-BD-bondsman Benjamin Happy

RICHARDSON, Andrew to Mary Anderson-16 Dec 1826-BD-bondsman John Bennett, consent by father N W Anderson

RICHARDSON, Asa to Margaret Moody widow-12 June 1797-BD-bond Thomas Lindsey

RICHARDSON, Augustus to Elizabeth Picket-10 Jan 1805-bondsman Bal Picket, consent by father William Picket

RICHARDSON, Benjamin to Mary Murwich-29 May 1823-bondsman Bowen Brewster

RICHARDSON, Elizabeth to Luther Martin-11 Nov 1811-consent by father John Richardson, witness Robert Clement

RICHARDSON, Elizabeth to Robert White-18 Sep 1831 bond Thomas P White, consent by father Philip T Richardson

RICHARDSON, Elizabeth to Charles Lutz-28 Sep 1847-BD, bondsman William Richardson

RICHARDSON, Gustus to Mary Trail-23 Nov 1821

RICHARDSON, Ira D to Eliza Tolman-30 June 1825

RICHARDSON, James to Catharine Thatcher widow-31 July 1843-bondsman Joseph Parker

RICHARDSON, James to Catchrine Bray-9 Mar 1817-bondsman Alexander Emmons

RICHARDSON, John to Caroline E Hall-28 Jan 1840-bondsman John A Hall

RICHARDSON, John to Sally Revel-??-bondsman Thomas Revel

RICHARDSON, John G to Marion H Ladd-19 Oct 1846-BD-bondsman N W Fairley

RICHARDSON, Lucinda to James G Or-11 June 1839-bond Robert B Clark

RICHARDSON, Lucy A to Henry Stansifer-21 Nov 1831 bond Thomas T Eubank

RICHARDSON, Noble to Malinda Osborn-20 Sep 1832-bond Churchwell Osborn

RICHARDSON, Otho to Sally Osburn-21 Mar 1821-BD-bondsman Sinkler Osburn

RICHARDSON, Polly to Joseph Parker-19 Aug 1820-bond Henry Richardson

RICHARDSON, Richard to Mary C Hall-7 Feb 1835-bondsman Thomas Hall

RICHARDSON, Silas to Margaret Sizer-13 Sep 1817-bondsman Elias Warren

RICHARDSON, Sinder to Rosannah Taylor-27 Aug 1834-bondsman John Lee

RICHARDSON, Sophia to Thomas Wayman-14 Feb 1822 bond Richard Richardson

RICHARDSON, Sophia to Isaac Martin-15 Dec 1830-bondsman Otho Richardson

RICHARDSON, Susan to George Mitchell-22 June 1820-bondsman Henry Richardson

RICHARDSON, Verlinda to Beal Picket-21 Sep 1804-bond Gusta Richardson, consent by father John, witness by John Richardson

RICHARDSON, William to Lucinda Bannister-25 Sep 1839-bondsman Enoch Bannister

RICHESON, Anna/Aveney to Frederick Pickett-16 Oct 1836-bondsman John Richerson

RICHESON, Elizabeth to George Murray-6 Nov 1837-BD, bondsman Stephen Losey, consent by Elizabeth's mother, father dead

RICHESON, Hugh to Lucy Parper-25 Jan 1817

RICHMOND, Charles to Sarah Ann Gardner-25 Jan 1833-BD-bondsman James Hillman, consent by John Gardner

RICHMOND, Joshua to Elizabeth Penn-4 July 1839-bond by father Joel Penn

RICKER, Benjamin to Mary Wilson-24 Nov 1816-bondsman William Wilson, consent by father Samuel Ricker

RICKERSON, Charles to Sarah Ann Tharp-18 July 1833-BD-bondsman Conrad Waggoner

RICKERSON, Charles to Mary Harris-24 Dec 1823-bondsman Thomas W Harris

RICKERSON, John to Tabitha White-18 Aug 1824-BD-bondsman Thomas W Harris

RICKETTS, John to Harriet Peebles-24 Sep 1832-bondsman Wyatt Baxter

RICKETTS, Rebecca to Thomas Denathan Steel-3 Feb 1838 consent and bond by father William Ricketts

RIDDELL, Fountain to Eliza Herndon-19 Nov 1827-BD-bondsman Waller S Herndon

RIDDELL, John L to Mary B Schrager-20 June 1830-bondsman Wyatt Baxter

RIDDELL, Lewis to Sarah Ann Leathers-8 Oct 1818-bondsman Bartlett Graves

RIDDLE, James to Esther Daniel-25 May 1820-bondsman John N Taliaferro

RIDDLE, John to Mary Kincaid-9 Dec 1824-bondsman John Grant, consent by Mary's father George Hightower

RIDDLE, John to Florinda McKay-27 Oct 1825-bondsman Joseph McKay

RIDEOUT, Elizabeth (widow) to John Wilcoxen-11 Nov 1841 bond Eleazer D Irwin

RIDGE, Simpson to Jemima Hisey-10 June 1826-BD-bondsman Conrad Smith

RIDGES, Frances to Samuel L Murray-3 Sep 1835-bondsman Jake Little

RIDGWAY, Hannah to Henry Titittle-10 Apr 1816 bond Richard McPike

RIDLEN, Stephen to Ann Belveal-27 Dec 1813-BD-bondsman James Belveal, consent by father James & wife Ann Belveal, witness Rebekah Belveal

RIERSON/ Andrew to Polly Jones-16 Dec 1826

RIGGS, Absalom to Catherine Mardis-17 Nov 1831-bondsman James Mardis

RIGGS, Ann A to Stephen Mardis-30 Nov 1834-bondsman Absalom Riggs

RIGGS, Bethuel to Susanna G Grizzle-4 Dec 1838-BD-bondsman Elam Grizzel

RIGGS, Betsey to Andrew Smith-19 July 1800-BD bond Benjamin Smith, consent by David Smith & Bethnel Riggs, w-Michael Smith; according to license, Bethnel was a Baptist minister

RIGGS, Catharine to Thomas Organ-5 Mar 1837-bondsman John Lee, Riggs a widow, Thomas a widower

RIGGS, Catherene to Samuel Mungar-14 Mar 1810-BD, consent by Riggs' mother Winafird Crumwell, witness William Digby

RIGGS, Charles to Catharine Timberlake-29 Nov 1832-BD-bondsman Philip Timberlake

RIGGS, Daniel to Julia Ann Busby-25 Dec 1845-BD-bondsman William A Sly

RIGGS, Dorcus to Simeon Robinson-18 Aug 1825-bondsman Northern S Robinson, consent by father James Riggs

RIGGS, Franklin to Mary Hammett-6 Dec 1832-bondsman Samuel Hammett

RIGGS, Harvey to Elizabeth/Margaret Mann-20 Sep 1831-bondsman Thomas Mann

RIGGS, Irena to John M Riggs-24 Nov 1831-bondsman John Riggs

RIGGS, Isaac to Sally Riggs-29 May 1817-bondsman James Riggs

RIGGS, James to Elizabeth Cannon-23 Dec 1819-bondsman Avery Riggs

RIGGS, John C to Nancy Bridwell-15 Dec 1836-bondsman William Mardis

RIGGS, John M to Catharine Mefford-29 Nov 1827-bondsman George C Mefford

RIGGS, John M to Irena Riggs-24 Nov 1831-bondsman John Riggs

RIGGS, John M to Margret Beech-16 Dec 1825-bondsman Henry Anderson

RIGGS, Jonathan to Jane Shaw-9 Apr 1810-BD-bondsman James Shaw, consent by father James Shaw; witness James Shaw Jr.

RIGGS, Lucinda to George Mefford-20 Mar 1828

RIGGS, Malinda to William Walton-3 Oct 1837 bond Adam Clore, consent by father John Riggs

RIGGS, Mary to Nathan Riggs-5 Nov 1823-bondsman John Riggs

RIGGS, Nathan to Mary Riggs-5 Nov 1823-bondsman John Riggs

RIGGS, Sally to Isaac Riggs-29 May 1817-bondsman James Riggs

RILEY, Alfred to Rachel Wiggins-2 Jan 1833-BD-bondsman David B Merriman

RILEY, Electra to Edwin Spilman-13 June 1833 bond John Riley, consent by mother Frances Riley

RILEY, Eliza to Daniel A Thatcher-26 Dec 1840, bond Benjamin F Riley

RILEY, Franklin to Susan Stroube-10 Oct 1837-bondsman John Stroube

RILEY, G W to Margaret Shaw-2 June 1848-BD-bondsman Robert Shaw

RILEY, George to Polly Wayman-19 Oct 1826-bondsman Solomon Wayman

RILEY, George to Lucinda Rice-28 Mar 1821-bondsman Stephen Rice

RILEY, Jacob to Milly Hufman-11 Dec 1825-bondsman Morgan Hufman

RILEY, John to Mary Ann Vaughn-16 Sep 1833-bondsman John Maxwell, consent by James Vaughn

RILEY, John to Levina Moren-17 Nov 1812-BD-bondsman Robert Shaw

RILEY, Nancy to George W Morrell-13 Apr 1820-bondsman John Riley

RILEY, Nancy to Andrew I Wright-1 Dec 1841 bond Ben D Beall

RILEY, Sanford to Agnes Stephens-29 Nov 1832-bondsman George Riley

RILEY, Thomas to Elizabeth Senior-30 Aug 1826-bondsman William Wayman

RIMMINGTON, John to Abigail Pierce-31 Jan 1829-bondsman Alexander Moore

RING/KING, Priscilla to Daniel Parker-24 Oct 1816-bond Geo Gordon

RION, James to Margaret Morrow-3 Aug 1827-BD-bondsman John Morrow

RISINGER, John to Sabre Wood-28 Jan 1832-BD-bondsman John Auten

RITCH, June to Cornelius W McDaniel-21 Dec 1830-bondsman Joseph Rich

RITCHINSON, Hughey to Lucy Parker-21 Jan 1817-BD-bondsman James Parker

RITCHINSON, John to Betsey Revil-25 July 1812-bondsman Thomas Revel

RITTENHOUSE, Sarah to Samuel Rich-31 Aug 1808-BD-bondsman William Martin

RITTENHOUSE, Mary to Jessey Vanhorn-5 Mar 1801 BD, bond William Martin, consent by mother Isabel Ridinghouse, witness Waller Vanhorn & Adam Rittinghouse

RITTINGHOUSE, Margaret to William Morton-14 June 1797-BD, bondsman Jacob Foster, consent by mother Rachel Rittinghouse, witness by Adam Rittinghouse

ROACH, Betsey to Moses Sutton-13 June 1822 bond Jonathan Huling, consent by father Henry Roach

ROACH, Nancy to Daniel Senour-6 May 1818 BD, bond Henry Roach

ROAN, John to Anna Shourt-27 Dec 1797

ROBBINS, Francis to Harriet H Williams-3 Apr 1828

ROBBINS, Nancy to Noah Wayman-2 Mar 1837 bond James Riley, consent by Nancy's father from Ohio

ROBERSON, Robert to Harriot Crawford-18 Feb 1848-bondsman Hubbard D Helm

ROBERTS, Pamela to Wesley Wilson-3 Apr 1814 bond George Roberts

ROBERTS, Philip to Polly Bobbett-1 Feb 1821

ROBERTS, Robert to Delila Jane West-24 Oct 1850-bondsman James Thatcher

ROBERTS, William to Sally Kleen-4 Oct 1821

ROBERTS, Zecariah to Eliza Arthur-1 Mar 1807-bondsman John Arthur

ROBERTSON, Cassey to Cornelius Willison-16 Jan 1844 bond Johnson Wood

ROBINSON, Beverly to Joanna Sheperd-10 Feb 1800-BD-bondsman John Shepherd, consent by father James Shepherd

ROBINSON, James to Mary Wirl-17 Jan 1836-bondsman William Hawley, who made oath "that both parents of Mary are dead and the nearest relation of said Mary is her grandmother who resides with her and consents to the license"

ROBINSON, James {farmer from Boone Co} to Sally McCoy-15 Dec 1817-bondsman Jacob McCoy

ROBINSON, John to Julia Ann Sechrist-20 Jan 1828-BD-bondsman George Hall

ROBINSON, Malinda to Frederick Ross-18 Feb 1819-bondsman Thomas Buckner

ROBINSON, Simeon to Dorcas Riggs-18 Aug 1825-bondsman Northern S Robinson, consent by father James Riggs

ROBINSON, William  E to Gertrude C Arnold-30 Oct 1834-bondsman John R Steward

ROBY, Thomas to Betsey Cloud-15 Sep 1798-bondsman Thomas Owens, consent by mother Jean Cloud, witness James Owens

ROCKENFIELD, P to Elizabeth Massey-9 Nov 1834-bondsman Harvey Lewis

RODDY, Sally to Benjamin Simpson-27 Feb 1812 bond Wm Mann

RODGERS, Hugh to Rebeccah Reynolds-9 Apr 1804-BD-bondsman J Pints, consent by mother Nancy Reynolds and Charles Reynolds, witness Stephen Lyon

RODGERS, Katy to James Maloy-14 June 1816-bond James Crutchfield

RODGERS, Maria to Enos Mullins-20 June 1839-bondsman William McGuire, consent by father Stephen Mullins

ROGERS, John to Catherine Switchfield-15 Mar 1813-bondsman Lewis Rodgers, consent by father Nathaniel Switchfield

ROGERS, Stephen to Pemelia Fredenburgh-21 Dec 1826-bondsman Isaac Fredenburgh

ROHRER, Martin to Sally L Keeler-19 Apr 1821

ROMMEYER/ Joseph to Elizabeth Foristh-22 Dec 1832-BD-bondsman George Graden

ROOT, Daniel S to Patsey Ann Swetnam-25 Jan 1838-bondsman William Swetnam

ROOT, Ira to Sarah Ann Perry-25 Dec 1834-BD-bondsman John N Taliaferro

ROSE, Nancy Ann to William Miller-30 July 1839-bondsman Joseph Rose

ROSE, Phebe to David Watkins-15 Apr 1833 BD, bond John Davis

ROSENBERGER, George to Chrissa Webdell-17 Sep 1850-bondsman Henry Webdell

ROSEBOOM, Gertrude to William Moore-17 Dec 1839-bondsman John Valentine, consent by father William Roseboom, witness Solomon Roseboom

ROSS, Alexander to Eveline Fowler-24 Feb 1828-bondsman Charles Fowler

ROSS, Ann (widow) to William Nichols {widower}-25 Aug 1836-bondsman John Lee

ROSS, Ellen Luella-17 Jan 1843-bondsman Alfred N Ross

ROSS, Elias to Mary Humes-27 Dec 1832-bondsman Coleman Hume

ROSS, Frederick to Malinda Robinson-18 Feb 1819-bondsman Thomas Buckner

ROSS, H L to Emily Lindsey-8 Sep 1841-bondsman John N Taliaferro

ROSS, James to Mary Plummer-BD-14 Aug 1820-MD-21 Nov 1820-bondsman John Groom

ROSS, Julia Ann to Thomas J or I Murdock-21 Mar 1832-married in Cincinnati, bondsman Hanson Drew

ROSS, Susan to John Rich-20 Nov 1817-bondsman William Martin

ROSS, William to Mark Clarkson-21 Jan 1828-bondsman Daniel Holley

ROSS, William B to Martha H Lewis-29 May 1834-bondsman L H Rugg

ROTSIOLE, Mary to HEnry Wahle-2 Oct 1850 BD, bond Washington Riley

ROUSE, Alexander to Nancy Edwards-25 Apr 1833-bondsman Thomas Edwards

ROUSE, Alfred C to Susan C Demoss-21 Dec 1850-BD-bondsman Samuel Demoss

ROUSE, Michael to Lucinda Greer-16 Mar 1835-bondsman Charles Daniel

ROUSE, Michael J to Amanda F E Daniel-5 Aug 1835-bondsman Garard Daniel, consent by father G  Daniel

ROUSE, Moses Wever to Nancy Bagle-28 Mar 1839-bondsman John Anderson

ROUSE, Patsey to James Moore-2 Mar 1815-BD, bondsman James Bunch, consent by father Lewis Rouse

ROUX, Mary to John Williams-9 Sep 1837 BD, bond Henry Hawley

ROWAN, John to Nancy Anderson-22 Aug 1805-bondsman John Anderson

ROWE, Phebe to George Stephenson-23 Feb 1837-BD bond Henry Hawley

ROWLAND, David to Mary Deketer?-3 Sep 1831-BD-bondsman David Davis

ROYCE, Emiliza to James Moore-13 Mar 1835-BD, bondsman Aaron Parker

ROYCE, Vier Napolion to Jane Louisa Hawkins-19 May 1840-bm William C Hawkins

ROYL/RYE, David to Minerva A Nelson-25 May 1837-bondsman Thomas H Nelson

ROYSTON, Thomas to Margaret Spilman-29 Dec 1830-bondsman George W Doxen

RUBEN, James to Susann Clark-18 June 1829

RUBY, John to Keziah Cereus?-30 Apr 1848-bondsman William Keys

RUDE, Caleb to Eliza A Barnes-26 Oct 1828

RUDE, Caleb M to Sally Payne-11 Apr 1831-bondsman Jesse Keeler

RUDICILL, Jeremiah to Sarah Callant-6 Jan 1835-BD-bondsman John Verry

RUDISELL, Coonrad to Jemimah Shotts-3 Apr 1832-BD-bondsman David Bettice, consent by father John Shotts

RUGG, Lyman to Amelia Baxter-4 July 1830

RUGG, Lyman to Prudence Woodberry-7 Nov 1818-bondsman William L Banton

RULE, Augustine E to Frances Colvin-21 Dec 1830-bondsman John Colvin

RULE, Augustine E to Letitia E Nelson-8 Nov 1840-consent by father Covington Nelson

RUMBOLDT, Joseph to Mary Ann Spencer-21 Aug 1844-BD-bondsman Joseph Sellman

RUNYAN, James M to Mary Maria Hamilton-28 Nov 1837-bondsman Horatio T Harris

RUNYAN, Thomas to Elizabeth Howard-11 Jan 1848-BD-bondsman David Howard

RUSH, David L to Rosannah Walker-16 Nov 1823

RUSK, Eli T to Eliza Byland-22 Dec 1836-bondsman G W Byland

RUSK, John to Isabella Herndon-24 Oct 1832-bondsman Elijah Herndon

RUSK, John W to Mary Jane Coleman-14 Apr 1836-BD-bondsman Ambrose Falkner

RUSSELL, Amanda J to Calvin Perry-25 Mar 1848-BD-bond William Russell

RUSSELL, Joseph to Mary Sandfore-14 Apr 1836-bondsman John Lee

RUST, Alexander P to Susan Nelson-BD-20 July 1825  MD-5 Jan 1826-bondsman Benjamin D Fowler, consent by father Covington Nelson, witness John H Nelson

RUST, Betsey to William Patterson-3 Aug 1836-bond James Rust

RUST, David to Elizabeth Clarke-2 Dec 1833-BD-bondsman John Trail

RUST, Eliza to Jacob Minter-12 June 1839-BD, bondsman David Rust

RUST, Enoch to Nancy Mansfield-10 June 1824-bondsman John Rust

RUST, James to Zady Senour-6 Apr 1837-bondsman Tilmon Senour

RUST, Jane to Hensan Wayman-6 Dec 1835 bond Tilman Seneur, consent by father David Rust

RUST, John to Maryann Pelly-19 Jan 1815-bondsman Thomas Budworth

RUST, Nancy to Obadiah Scott-28 Jan 1836, bond William Rust

RUST, Rebecca to Tilmon Senour-15 Sep 1831, bond David Rust

RUST, Robert to Margaret Herbert-30 Oct 1843-bondsman Meredith H Herbert

RUST, Sarah to James Reed-18 Nov 1838-bondsman James P Rust

RUST, William to Polly Curry-25 Oct 1811-bondsman Benjamin Pelley

RUTHERFORD, Philip to Lucinda Mangum-22 Apr 1835-BD-bondsman Alexander Shaw

RUTTLEDGE, Jesse to Hannah Hinkley-4 Nov 1817-BD-bondsman John Douglas, consent by father Seth Hinkley, witness Stephen Nutting

RYAN, James to Mary Paul-6 Nov 1820-BD-bondsman John Paul

RYAN, John to Sarah Parker-6 Oct 1818-BD  MD-8 Oct 1818-bondsman Richard Parker

RYAN, Joseph to Elizabeth Pratt-14 Oct 1834-BD-bondsman Richard Smith

RYAN, Micheel to Elizabeth J Lummis-4 Sep 1843-bondsman James G Riddle

RYERSON, Cornelius I to Sally Bongar-28 Aug 1817-bondsman John Anderson

RYIN, Dennis to Johanna Canfill-5 Dec 1849-BD-bondsman Patrick Canfill

RYON, James to Margaret Morrow-5 Aug 1827

RYON, John to Sarah Parker-10 Oct 1818

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