Campbell County Marrriage J-L

Campbell County Marriages

Surnames J-K-L

 Please note: I tried to transcribe these as best I could but there will be errors and
this list might not be complete.  Bonnie Snow
BD-Bond date

J Surnames

JACA, Maranda to George Tennis-7 Mar 1841

JACKSON, Ryley to Margaret Woolf-25 Aug 1825, "parents of Margaret willing"

JACO, John W to Catharine Hardon-3 Feb 1831-BD-bondsman John Hardon

JACOBS, William to Betsey Richardson-19 July 1827-bondsman William V Richardson

JAMES, Douglas to Mary Stoddard-17 Aug 1848-BD--bondsman Joseph S Todd

JAMES, Evan to Sarah Newman-14 June 1796-BD-Sarah a widow of lawful age

JAMES, Isham T to Calista Smith-19 Oct 1841

JAMES, Wayland P to Enzebria N Curtis-3 July 1837-bondsman Isaac Stricker

JAQUESS, John H to Keziah Hillhouse-1 Aug 1838-BD-bondsman William Idler, consent by Keziah's mother (unnamed), her father being dead

JARREL, Elisha to Julia Ann Payne-6 Mar 1834-bond and consent by John Payne

JARRELL, Ansalom to Milly Yowell?-7 Apr 1839-BD-bondsman Daniel S Root

JARRIL, Sally to Jesse Wait-26 Nov 1829

JARVIS, Reason Oliver to Mary Ellen Rogers-18 May 1850-BD-bondsman James A Smith

JASPER, Nancy to William K Merritt-21 Oct 1839-BD-bondsman William Hill

JEBB, Mahala to William Ostler-29 Apr 1850-bond James Bell

JEFFERIES, William to Sarah Goodloe-22 Aug 1839-BD-bondsman Jesse Cooper, Sarah is a widow

JEFFRIES, George R to Elizabeth F Northcutt-30 Oct 1839-bondsman Jesse Jeffries

JEFFRIES, William to Patsey Morehouse-4 May 1834-bondsman Francis S Tupman, consent by Christopher Blackherd, who made oath that Patsey was "a niece of Joseph McPike and has lived in my family several years and her parents dead," witnessed by Thomas G Tupman, and by H.G. Tupman, Geo. Moore, Moni Moore, Nutter ?, William Leather, James Hillman & Wen. Gardner

JEFFRIES, William J to Susan Ellen Spilman-28 Nov 1838-bondsman Charles F Spilman, consent by Susan's father Philip Spilman

JELEFF, Alfred to Emily Francisco-2 Sep 1845-bondsman Peleg Kidd

JENESON, Sylvanus to Clara Wilson-25 Mar 1819-bondsman Thomas Buckner

JENKENS, Henry to Maria White-30 Jan 1842-bondsman Richard Jenkens

KENKINS, Elizabeth to Richard Price-22 Mar 1836-bond Mathew Jenkins

JENKINS, William S to Hannah Johnson-20 Jan 1847-bondsman William R Clark

JENKINS, John G to Alpha Helm-22 Nov 1812-bondsman Thomas Helm, consent by the bride's father M. Helm

JENKINS, Mathew to Elizabeth Coones-10 May 1810-BD-bondsman William Coones, consent by the bride's father, Jacob Coones

JENKINS, Sary to William Peak-30 July 1831-bond Jesse R Snider

JENNER, John to Nancy Baker-28 Aug 1833-BD-bondsman George W Smith

JENNER, Nancy to Thomas Phillips-11 Oct 1838-bond James Jenner

JENNER, Rhoda to George W Smith-24 Dec 1835 bond by brother John Jenner, who made oath that Rhoda "has no parents living with his brother James present"

JENNER, William to Margaret Baker-7 Jan 1830-bondsman John Harris, consent by Margaret's Uncle James Baker, she "having neither father nor mother"

JENNINGS, John J to Martha Dye-1 May 1850-bondsman James Dye

JENNINGS, Maria to Israel Stull-1 Dec 1847 bond Zacariah Preston

JENNINGS, Stebbins to Martha Steele-7 Mar 1821-bondsman William Griffing

JENNINGS, Thomas J to Mary Metts/Metz-17 Feb 1829-bondsman Jonathan Huling

JENNINGS, William to Sally Carney-31 May 1848-bondsman James T F Carney

JERNEGAN, Thomas S to Rebecca Irwin-2 Feb 1850-BD-bondsman John O Bulter.

JERRELL, Beverly to Jane Riley-27 April 1823-BD-bondsman Jacob Riley

JESNEGAN?, Thomas L to Rebeca Tarvin-2 Feb 1850

JILES, Elizabeth to Christopher Spangler-23 June 1850 bond Joseph Carr

JINKENS, William to Sarah Herbert-6 May 1809-BD-bondsman James McGinnis, consent by the bride's father Josiah Herbert, witnessed by John Herbert & Charles Herbert

JINKINS, Matthew to Elizabeth York-28 June 1815-bondsman Henry Jenkins, consent by Elizabeth

JINKINS, Thomas to Maria Brown-11 Apr 1847-bondsman Frank S Spilman

JOHN, Abraham H to Mary F Smith-17 Oct 1847-bondsman R T Baker

JOHNS, David to Martha Shaw-18 Oct 1807-BD-bondsman John Shaw, consent by the bride's father James Shaw, witnessed by William Beall

JOHNS, Susan to William Montgomery-7 July 18_9

JOHNSON, Abraham G to Ann Bowen-11 Aug. 1829-bondsman William Walters

JOHNSON, Allen/Alex William to Miss Malinda Thatcher-25 Sep 1836-bondsman Daniel A Thatcher

JOHNSON, Amanda to William Smith-22 Nov 1842 bond John W Johnson

JOHNSON, Caleb A to Susan L Martin-14 June 1849

JOHNSON, Eliza to Alexander McCoy-19 May 1827-BD-bondsman Minor Long

JOHNSON, Ely to Eliza Beegle-18 Oct 1831-BD-bondsman Jesse Beagle

JOHNSON, George to Elizabeth Wagin?-21 Dec 1832-BD-bondsman Joseph Rayman

 JOHNSON, George M to Harriet Glore-25 Dec 1834-bondsman Ezra Glore

JOHNSON, George William to Hannah Clark-27 Feb 1841-BD-bond and consent by John Clark, Hannah's uncle

JOHNSON, James to Elizabeth A Kephart-29 Dec 1847-bondsman Jacob Kephart

JOHNSON, James to Mary White-16 June 1845-bondsman George Fearon, consent by Mary's mother (unnamed)

JOHNSON, James T to Jane Battles-10 Apr 1854

JOHNSON, John to Alice Short-22 Aug 1798-consent by  bride's father Cornelas Short, witnessed by James Johnson

JOHNSON, John D to Elizabeth Youngman-23 July 1831-BD-bondsman Caleb Reeves

JOHNSON, John R to Elizabeth Gillham-10 Sep 1850-bondsman William Griffey

JOHNSON, Joseph to Betsey Dugan-8 Dec 1825-bondsman Hugh Dugan

JOHNSON, Joseph to Sarah Dugan-17 Mar 1835-bondsman Peter G Runyan

JOHNSON, Joseph H to Jemima Hadley-14 Nov 1819, bondsman Benjamin W. Leathers

JOHNSON, Joshua to Nancy Boots-23 Nov 1849-BD-bondsman William Boots

JOHNSON, Joshua to Sarah P Orr-14 Feb 1846-BD-bondsman Isaac M Belville, Sarah is a widow

JOHNSON, Joseph to Elizabeth Brown-28 Mar 1815-bondsman Moses Wayman

JOHNSON, Mary Ann to John Nelson-8 Oct 1844-bondsman James W Huffmaster

JOHNSON, Polly to John Procter-28 Nov 1819-bond Thomas J Palmer

JOHNSON, Sally to John Martin-18 Apr 1830-bondsman Isaac Steel

JOHNSON, Susan to Richard West-3 Nov 1831 BD, bond William G Fegans, consent by George Johnston & his son Eli

JOHNSON, Thomas A to Sarah Bohanan-15 Sep 1828-BD-bondsman Charles Davis.

JOHNSON, William to Rachael Babb-25 Jan 1825-BD-bondsman David Merriman.

JOHNSON, William to Unes Petty-7 Jan 1797-BD-consent by the bride's father Ebenezer Petty, witnessed by Henry Petty

JOHNSTON, George to Elizabeth Wagner-21 Dec 1832, bondsman Joseph Rayman.

JOHNSTON, William H to Henrietta Lloyd-7 Apr 1837-BD-bondsman E R Bartleson

JOINER, Nancy to Willis Payne-3 Jan 1829-bond Jethro Joiner

JOLLEY, Nancy S to George Sasher-11 Sep 1847 BD, bond John Jolly MD-16 Sep 1847

JOLLY, James M to America Vickers-11 Oct 1841-bondsman Michael P Smith

JOLLY, Margaret to Garland Vickers-8 Dec 1843 bond James M Jolly

JOLLY, Martha M to David Truesdale-31 Mar 1840 bond James M Jolly, consent by father John Jolly

JONES, Alexander to Rosana Burdick-12 May 1839-bondsman Lyman H Rugg

JONES, David to Catharine Miles-8 Apr 1849-bondsman E L Southgate, Catharine is a widow.

JONES, Edmond to Mary Ann Terry-20 Oct 1839-bond and consent by the bride's father William Terry

JONES, Elizabeth to Edward Simons-29 Oct 1835 bond John H Morgan, consent by father William Jones

JONES, George to Jane O N Tibatts-28 Dec 1848-BD-bondsman H T Harris, consent by the bride's father John W Tibatts

JONES, Hutson to Hetty Wait-2 Nov 1809-BD-bondsman Daniel Cowgill, consent by the bride's mother (unnamed) for Hetty who is under age, "the father of sd. Hetty being dead"

JONES, Isham T to Mrs. Calista Smith-22 Oct 1841-bondsman S W Hawley

JONES, John to Lydia Fisher-9 Aug 1839-bondsman William L Brown

JONES, John to Susannah Starkes-14 Dec 1824, bondsman Daniel Loring

JONES, John T to Ann Lawrence-24 Sep 1820-BD-bondsman W Leathers

JONES, Joseph to Betsey Ann ___-19 Dec 1831-BD-bondsman Benjamin Workman

JONES, Margaret to Thomas Stephens-15 Mar 1832 bond Joseph Stevens

JONES, Matilda to George Nox-5 Feb 1833-bondsman Leroy Jones

JONES, Moses to Abby Grummond-5 Feb 1801-bondsman William Reddick. Thomas Reddick made oath that Abby was "upwards of 21 years of age"

JONES, Nancy to Robert Piatt-Aug 1798

JONES, Nancy to David Ragan-12 Nov 1835-bond John Harris, consent by father William Jones

JONES, Polley to Andrew Rierson-16 Dec 1826

JONES, Richard H to Ellen M Moore-22 July 1848-bondsman Joseph Ford

JONES, Rutha to Moses Wayman-28 Sep 1810 bond Wm Jones, consent by Elizabeth Cowgill

JONES, Thomas to Betsey Jane Green-1 Nov 1848-bondsman H K Rachford

JONES, Thomas L to Mary Taylor-11 Sep 1848-bondsman W J Berry

JONES, Wesley to Eliza Thompson-2 Aug 1834-BD-bondsman Joseph Strowder

JONES, William to Malinda Stephens-14 June 1835-bondsman John McCollum

JORDON, James to Rachel Walton-28 Feb 1813-bondsman Jonathan Huling

K Surnames

KALVINI, Regati to Margaret Williams-5 Mar 1836-bondsman John Williams

KANNADY, Sampson to Betsey Larg/Lay-2 May 1834-BD-bondsman David S Spear

KARR, William to Mary Gardner-3 May 1818-bondsman Chasteen Scott

KARSTERSON, Nancy to John Pernet-21 Dec 1826-bond John Roux

KEARL, Amos to Martha Boss-22 Nov 1835-bondsman John Simmerman, parents of both parties are dead

KEARNS, Daniel to Abey Woodruff-26 June 1820-bondsman Joseph Boswell

KECHPORT, Barbary to Henry Reiker-28 June 1849-bond Christian Kechport

KEELER, Sally L to Martin Rohrer-19 Apr 1821

KEELER, Urias to Phobe Meeker-26 Oct 1826-BD-bondsman H Hillhouse

KEEN, Aaron to Jane Hutchinson-14 June 1827-bondsman Benjamin Thomas

KEEN, George to Mary G Harris-22 Mar 1831-bondsman George S Jinne

KEEN, Jane to William Parker-2 May 1831-bond Samuel Locy

KEEN, John to Elizabeth Williams-20 Mar 1828-BD-bondsman Levi Matterson

KEEN, Mary A to John M Morin-19 Jan 1846-bond George M Young

KEEN, Nancy to Reuben Turner-17 July 1817 BD, bond Geo McDannold, consent by father Joseph Keen

KEEN, Philip to Margareta Baxter-30 Apr 1850-BD-bondsman George R. Fearenz

KEEN, Sally to William Roberts-4 Oct 1821

KEEN, Sarah to Benjamin Waxler-12 Sep 1840 bond Joseph Keen

KEES, John James to Sarah Dawson-4 July 1848, bondsman Edward Dawson

KELLER, Henry to Hannah Arehart-12 Oct 1835-BD-bondsman F A Miller

KELLOGG, James J to Mary/May Forbes-27 Apr 1833-bondsman John Kirk

KELLY, Elias to Nancy Wertman-9 June 1819-bondsman Richard Wortman

KELLY, Eliza to Thomas Stephenson-26 Apr 1827 bond Abraham Wortman

KELLY, Jefferson to Harriet Massey-25 Oct 1827-bondsman Abraham Workman (Wortman), consent by Harriet's mother Nancy Mastey

KELLY, John to Ann Richardson-12 Mar 1839-bondsman Lewis Helm, consent by Ann's mother (unnamed), her father being dead

KELLY, John to Caroline Fletcher-26 June 1839-BD-bondsman John Lee, Caroline is a widow

KELLY, Levi to Elizabeth White-25 Jan 1819-BD-bondsman John White

KELLY/KILLY, Louisiana to Samuel Tiberghien-29 Jan 1833 BD, bond William D Watson

KELLY, Mary to Thomas G Wayman-31 Mar 1834 bond Benjamin Morris

KELLY, Mathew to Nancy White-15 Apr 1830, bondsman Jeremiah White

KELLY, Thomas to Mary A Fellows-6 July 1837-BD-bondsman George witnessed. Burcaws, consent by Thomas's father (unnamed)

KELSEY, Sally to Hugh McBride-19 Oct 1835-BD-bondsman Joseph Kerr

KENDALL, Bailey to Martha J Dickerson-13 Apr 1824-BD-bondsman Chesley G. Dickerson, consent by the bride's mother Mary Dickerson, witnessed by Jesse Yelton

KENDALL, Charles L to Mary Ann Ryan-21 Feb 1838-bond & consent by the bride's father  Elisha Ryan

KENDALL, Henry H to Sarah Ann Merrell-21 Aug 1845-BD-bondsman John Tibbatts.

KENDALL, John to Elizabeth Phillips-28 Feb 1838-bondsman John Lee, Elizabeth is a widow.

KENDELL, Steven R to Lucinda Dickerson-23 Sep 1831-bondsman Charles Daniel, consent by the bride's mother Mary Dickerson, witnessed by bondsman

KENNEDY, Rebecca to Benjamin Urmston-16 Oct 1828

KENNEDY, Eliza to Samuel M Tennis-6 Dec 1831 bond Francis L Helm

KENNEDY, James to Sarah Hudson-7 Sep 1820-bondsman John Hudson

KENNEDY, Jennett H to John Read-28 Sep 1814-bond Geo Gordon

KENNEDY, Joseph to Nancy Sanford-27 Oct 1805, consent by the bride's father & mother, Richard Dicken & Winney Dicken, witnessed by A. Sanford

KENNEDY, Julia Ann to Ephraim Swem-6 Apr 1833 BD, bond Platt Kennedy

KENNEDY, Leicester to Mary Blackburn-19 Dec 1842-bondsman John Weaver

KENNEDY, Lyde to John Parker-13 Oct 1816-bond Walter Neves

KENNEDY, Margaret T to John Molyneaux-4 Mar 1820-bondsman William Kennedy, consent by father James Kennedy of Cassels

KENNEDY, Platt to Julian Roberts-8 Aug 1815-BD-bondsman George Roberts

KENNEDY, Platt to Sally Arnold-7 Jan 1818-bondsman Benjamin Leathers

KENNEDY, Samuel to Jane Richardson-15 Feb 1796-BD-bondsman Thomas Kennedy

KENNEDY, Samuel A to Mildred H Ball-29 Dec 1838-BD-bondsman William Kennedy

KENNEDY, Thomas to Louisa Cleaveler-6 Jan 1831-bondsman Elmore Scott

KENNEDY, Wayne to Esther Dix-26 Sep 1836-bondsman William L Marvin

KENNETT, Martin F to Mary Brazier-18 Nov 1833-bondsman James Bridwell, consent by the bride's mother, (unnamed)

KENNETT, Press G Jr. to Mary M Daniel-28 Dec 1819-BD-bondsman Beverly S Daniel, consent by the bride's father Peter Daniel, consent by groom's father Press G Kennett of Falmouth for the marriage of under age son Press G Kennett Jr.

KEPPLER, Andrew to Margaret Bachman-12 Nov 1849-BD-bondsman George Treiber

KERCHEVAL, Harriet E to R T Parish-20 Sep 1849-bond James J Parish

KERCHEVAL, Henry H to Malissa B Tarvin-6 Nov 1850-bondsman LeRoy Wiley

KERCHEVAL, James to Ann Dicken-22 June 1812-BD-bondsman Hugh Rachford, consent by the goom's father Joseph Dicken, witnessed by Beggary Gosney

KERCHEVAL, Robert T & Ann Maria Silverthorne-21 Jan 1847-bondsman A C Mahaffey

KERCHIVAL, Christopher to Catharine Young-2 Feb 1837-BD-bondsman Thomas F Tarvin

KERR, George to Susan Allen-11 Sep 1837-bondsman Lyman Rugg

KERR, Hannah to Samuel Penrod-22 Oct 1850

KERSHAW, David to Gwenllian Ambrose-4 Aug 1838-BD-bondsman Ambrose Ambrose brother of the bride, consent by Gwenllian's father (unnamed)

KESLER, Jacob to Orrinda Nicholas-24 Oct 1846-bondsman Charles Nicholas

KEYS, Mahaley to Charles M Sprague-22 Aug 1847 bond William Keys

KIDD, Peleg to Abigail C Poor-3 Dec 1829-bondsman John Bowen, who made oath that mother of A C Poor consented

KIDDER, Erastus to Elizabeth St. Clair-22 Dec 1846-bondsman William St Clair

KIDLE, Andrew to Elizabeth Sear-10 Sep 1846-bondsman Wolf Sear

KIDWELL, Temper to Thompson F Mays-28 Feb 1830-bondsman Jesse Kincely

KIDWELL, Thomas to Elizabeth Vandover-3 Jan 1847-BD-bondsman Philip Hufman.

KIDWELL, William to Catharine Brownfield-10 Apr 1828-bondsman John Brownfield

KILBREATH, Ann to Richard Orsbon-8 Mar 1832-bond John Hays

KILBREATH/GALBREATH, Samuel to Margaret Ewing-5 Aug 1804-bondsman William Townsley, Margaret is the widow of John Ewing, deceased; William Townsley & Joseph Moore certified that Margaret was of "full age"

KILBREATH, Evans to Ann Curry-17 Aug 1820-bondsman William Martin, consent by Capt. Martin, guardian of Ann

KILBREATH, John to Jean Miller-7 Jan 1803-BD-bondsman William Townsley, consent by the bride's parents Wast & Nancy Miller, witness William Miller

KILGORE, Benjamin to Trury Comton-23 Jan 1806-bondsman Kenneth Cumpton

KILGORE, Elizabeth "Betsey" to Charles Watt-24 Dec 1812 bond Charles Records, consent by father John Kilgore

KILGORE, Jesse to Angeline Malone-14 Aug 1834-bondsman William Beale, "her father being dead, her mother being absent from this country ...and has been acting for herself for the last six years without the consent or protection of her mother"

KILGORE, Jesse to Martha Biggs-23 Mar 1833-bondsman William Bobbitt

KILGORE, Polly to Charles Records-24 Mar 1808-bond Jameson Kilgore

KILLY/KELLY, Louisiana to Samuel Tiberghien-29 Jan 1833 BD, bond William D Watson

KIMBALL, Sarah to Joseph Racer-24 June 1833-bond John K Parker

KINCAID, Mary to John Riddle-9 Dec 1824-bond John Grant, consent by father George Hightower

KING, Charles to Martha Chimney-26 Mar 1837-bondsman David Coombs

KING, Elizabeth to William Pickett-9 Dec 1829-bond William Barnes

KING, Elizabeth to Stephen Mardis-20 Nov 1834-bondsman John Lipscomb

KING, John to Elizabeth Martin-17 May 1834-BD-bondsman Peter Davidson, consent by the bride's mother Sarah Martin

KING/RING, Priscilla to Daniel Parker-24 Oct 1816-bond Geo Gordon

KING, Susanah to William Williams-16 Dec 1830 bond Hargess King

KING, Trueman to Sally Hambleton-12 June 1816-bondsman John King

KING, William H to Phebe O'Neil-25 Nov 1827-bondsman Jesse O'Neill

KINKEAD, John P to Polly Hightower-27 May 1815

KINKER, Elijah to Polly Slater?-5 Sep 1815-BD-bondsman Elijah Kernore

KINNER , Valentine to Mary Ann Switzer-3 Nov 1834-bondsman Antony K___?

KINNETT, Margaret to John Thompson-13 Sep 1832 BD, bond Wm P Kinnett

KIRKPATRICK, Joseph to Elizabeth Lindsey-10 Nov 1831-bondsman Thomas Lindsey

KISEL, George to Mary Fulldelar-17 Nov 1849-BD-bondsman Coonrod Fulmer

KISER, John Milton to Harriet A Hubbard-4 Nov 1844-bondsman George M Hampton

KISER, Wilson to Mary Ann Johnston-8 Oct 1844-bondsman Joshua Johnson, "verbal consent given by Mr. Johnson"

KISSENGER, William to Elizabeth Stuart-4 Feb 1842-bondsman Andrew Wilson

KLEET, Eleanor to Charles Pickett-29 Mar 1810-bond Thomas Harris, consent by father Frederick Kleet, witness by brother Frederick Kleet

KLEIN, Katherine E to George Christopher Treiber-13 Nov 1849 bond Andrew Keppler

KLETTE/CLEET, Lewis to Elizabeth McCollum-17 Sep 1808-BD-bondsman Charles Scott, consent by the bride's  father, John McCollum, witnessed by Thomas McCollum.

KLETTE, Asa to Elizabeth Lipscomb-2 Apr 1835-bond & consent by the bride's father George Lipscomb

KLETTE, Elizabeth Jane to Henry Stine-14 Dec 1838 BD, consent and bond by father, Lewis Klette

KLETTE, Frederick to Tabitha Mattox-7 June 1821

KLETTE, Hiram to Jamima Cain-12 Sep 1834-BD-bond Reuben McDonald, guardian of the bride

KLETTE, John K to Harriet Grizzle-17 Dec 1835-bondsman Solomon Grizzle

KLETTE, Tabitha V to Reuben McCarty-20 Aug 1835-BD-bondsman John N Taliaferro

KLETTE, Zacariah C to Margaret Benson-30 Nov 1839-BD-bondsman John Benson

KNOST, Henry to Doris Olenkrick-15 Sep 1847-BD-bondsman Charles Stricker

KNOTT, Thomas to Elizabeth Lesly-6 May 1842-bondsman G Bruce

KOCH, Maria to John F Prea__-18 Dec 1849-bond Henry Aldrich

KONTTS, Margaret to Jacob Pritchett-26 Oct 1833-bond John Lee

KOPPE, Christian F to Margaretta Switz-9 Nov 1850-BD-bondsman Jacob Blare?

KRAFANKROMP, Hiram to Margaret Farmer-11 Apr 1834-BD-bondsman James Winston

KRILEIGH, Ann to Hiram Powell-13 Nov 1827-bond Jacob Krileigh

KRONTZ, Peter to Margaret Smith-2 Apr 1849-BD-bondsman Samuel T Miles

KROUT, Jacob to Hannah Kennedy-16 Aug 1827-bondsman James Hudson, consent by the bride's mother, Mary Kennedy

KROUT, Jacob to Mary Chamberlin-18 Nov 1819-bondsman Abner Newton

KROUTT, Elizabeth "Liza" to Henry Thompson-13 Jan 1824 bond Henry Kroutt

KROUTT, Henry to Elizabeth Starkey-23 Dec 1819-bondsman Joshua Starkey

KRYLEY, Jacob to Netty Birdwhisel-18 Jan 1810

KUZER/KEISER, John to Mary Daugherty-1 Dec 1818-BD-bondsman Samuel W Morrison

KYLE, Hezekiah to Nancy Reed-16 Aug 1835-bondsman William Musleman, consent by Ellen Reed (no relationship stated) "she is eighteen this day", witness Rebecca D G Reed

KYLE, Jacob to Elinor Kreylich- 23 May 1837-BD-bondsman Jacob Kreylich, brother of the bride, who made oath that "Elinor's mother consents, her father being dead"

KYLE, John to Sarah Rich-8 Nov 1810-bondsman Allen Rich

KYLE, Liannah to John White-7 Apr 1800 bond Robert Kyle

KYLE, Louisa to Henry Smith-23 Oct 1839-BD bond D D Marriman

KYLE, Robert to Mary Kenney-5 Oct 1820-bondsman Joseph Kennedy

KYLE, Samuel to Anna McCoy-25 Oct 1803-bondsman Jacob McKoy, consent by the bride's father Robert McKay, witnessed by Asael Cain

KYLE, Sarah to Joseph Rich-17 Apr 1817-bond Robert Kyle

KYLE, Sarah to James McLaughlin-10 Apr 1836-bondsman Jesse Mangum, consent by mother Margaret Kyle

KYLE, Thomas to Susan Rich-3 Oct 1815-BD-bondsman John Rich

L Surnames  

LACY, Maria A to Thomas Sallee-15 May 1838-bond J M Caldwell

LACY, Thomas to Ann Hoss-22 Mar 1842-bondsman Jackson Ewing

LADD, Mahala L to Alanson Smith-25 Nov 1846-BD bond E Ladd

LADD, Marion H to John G Richardson-19 Oct 1846-bond N W Fairley

LAFEVER, Peter to Nancy Wellerson-8 Sep 1810-bondsman Andrew Gattery 

LAFLIN, John to Martha Dial-8 Apr 1840-oath by bondsman William Tucker that Nancy "has no parents or guardian living and has lived in his family and under his protection for 4 years past, and has consent of all her friends."

LAMPHEARE, Joan to Isaac Mills-28 June 1829-bondsman John Bowman

LANCASTER, Clemon to Sally Prewitt-8 May 1828-bondsman Thomas Lancaster, consent by Adenston Pruett

LANCASTER, Frances to Edwin Williams-19 July 1835 bond John Harrison, son-in-law of Reuben Lancaster, who states her parents gave consent

LANCASTER, Margaret to William Terry-15 Jan 1824, bond Reuben Lancaster

LANCASTER, Michael to Susan Herndon-14 Dec 1841-bondsman Zeno F Barker, consent by Susan's (unnamed) father 

LANCASTER, Reuben Jr. to Charlotte Walters-29 July 1800-BD-bondsman John Pruit, who made oath that Reuben's father gave his consent and that he has "good cause to believe Reuben is of lawful age," consent by father Clemmy Walters 

LANCASTER, Thomas to Margaret Greene-18 May 1826-bondsman Joel Decoursey

LANCASTER, William to Sally Plummer-22 Apr 1824-bondsman Reuben Lancaster

LANCE, John to Jane Arnold-9 Apr 1833-bond Elisha M Arnold, consent by father John Arnold

LANDERS, Polly to John C Payne-2 Jan 1828-bond William Stephens

LANDRUS, Marion to Catherine E Collins-14 Dec 1847-BD-bondsman James T Collins

LANE, George G to Mary Draton-23 July 1831-BD-bondsman John Lee

LANE Theodore to Clarissa Adams-22 June 1834-bondsman James Simson

LANGSDALE, William to Milly Payne-25 Oct 1834-BD-bondsman Thomas Brunton

LANGDON, Delilah to R R Williams-12 Sep 1833 BD, bond Thomas W Harris

LANGSTON, Elisabeth to Samuel Saunders-15 Nov 1849

LANGSTON, Martha M to Edward Lyon-22 Jun 1835-bondsman Benjamin Easter

LANT, Catharine to Robert S Ward-24 Apr 1808 bond James Clark

LANTER, William to Rhoda Callahan-6 Mar 1828, bondsman Joseph Callahan, consent by father James Callahan

LAPP, Margaret to James Walker-7 Feb 1837 BD, bond Raphael Lapp

LARRABEE, Agnes to Thomas Weldon-15 Mar 1820 bond Edward Larrabee

LAW, Jane to John H Steel-24 Mar 1830-BD bond Ebenezer Holley

LAWRENCE, Daniel to Sarah Kain-7 Mar 1836-bondsman John Williams, consent by father Isaac Cains of Cincinnati.

LAWRENCE, Francis to Mary Jane Wayman-7 Mar 1839-BD, bondsman William Edmond. 

LAY, William & Mary Ann McLaughlin-11 Oct 1847-BD-bondsman John McLaughlin

LAYCOCK, James M to Mary Ann Dawson-8 June 1845-bondsman John O. Stanley

LAYCOCK, James M to Mary Ann Hedger-17 Oct 1843-bondsman Benjamin D Beall

LAYMAN, Mary to Robert Stubbs-14 June 1842

LAYTON, Mary to James Woods-20 Jan 1796 BD, bond McKinney, consent by father William Layton

LEAK, Hiram to Henrietta Harris-18 May 1830-bondsman Salmon Abbott

LEAK, Larkin to Catharine Harris-4 Apr 1821-LICENSE DATE, bondsman Elisha Leak, consent by father Charles Harris 

LEAMON/SEAMON, John to Mary Walton-11 Jan 1816-bondsman Abner Applegate, consent by father William Walton

LEAMON, William to Sally King-14 Sep 1807-bondsman Henry Isgrig, consent by legally appointed guardians Robert King & Edmon Mattox

LEATHERS, Bowling S to Harriet S Bliss-12 Nov 1836-bondsman John N Taliaferro

LEATHERS, Frances S to Cassius B Sanford-3 June 1835, bond James Southgate

LEATHERS, Joshua to Ellender I Ellis-21 Feb 1831-bondsman Russel B Ellis

LEATHERS, Joshua to Franky Stansifer-16 Dec 1800-BD-bond John Stansifer, consent by father John Stansifer, witnessed by John Leathers

LEATHERS, Lucy to Joseph White-8 Dec 1803 bond John Leathers, consent by father John Leathers

LEATHERS, Luvinia to Zedekiah-14 Aug 1832 bond James Ellis

LEATHERS, Nancy to Benjamin Watts-23 Dec 1811 BD, bond John Dulaney, consent by father John Leathers Sr.

LEATHERS, Sarah Ann to Lewis Riddel-25 May 1820-bond John N Taliaferro

LEAVITT, H F to Sarah Ann Logare/Logan-26 Nov 1827-BD-bondsman Josiah Lewis

LEBBEE, Silas to Polly Boyd-1 Jan 1818-BD, bondsman Thomas Boyd

LEE, Margaret to John Mansfield-29 Sep 1816-bond Stephen Sedgwick

LEE, Martha to James Pines-24 Sep 1846-bond Charles Stricker

LEE, Martha Ann to John Summers-26 Mar 1840 consent and bond by James A Anderson, who "has charge of said Martha"

LEE, Reuben to Rebecca Harris-10 Aug 1826-bondsman Lewis Martin

LEHUE, Susanah to John Murfy-2 May 1797-BD, bondsman John Taylor, consent by father Francis Lehue, witness by Philimon Vawtors?

LEMAIRE, Jacob to Lucy Ann Morin-14 Dec 1850-BD-bondsman William H Lacy

LEMENS?, David to Elizabeth Grey-31 Oct 1836-BD-bondsman John R Stuart

LEMIS, Reuben to Nancy Abacrumbe-17 June 1814-BD-bondsman Joseph McPike, William Gosney certified that Mrs. Nancy Abacrumba was of age, witnessed by Peggy Gosney

LEMMON, Thomas to Sarah Winston-15 Sep 1822, Consent date, consent by father John Winston

LEMON, Sarah to Joseph Winston-20 May 1822

LENAIR, Franky to Charles Maddox/Mattox-27 Aug 1812-bondsman Joseph Palmer

LEONARD, Luthy Ann to James Perry-11 Apr 1834-bond Thomas N Lindsey

LEONARD, William to Betsey Willett-7 Aug 1832-BD-bondsman Elijah Owen 

LERING/SERING, Samuel to Sally Martin-11 Oct 1810-bondsman Joseph Kennedy

LERNER?, John to Acha Munomen-[no day] Sep 1846-BD-bondsman Daniel Cost Sr. 

LESENCA, John to Nancy Rarden-24 Mar 1846, bondsman Reuben Sibbee, Nancy a widow

LETT, Esther to Philip Mefford-18 Dec 1825-BD-bondsman Henry Mefford 

LEVENS, Enoch to Martha Hawkins-11 Sep 1834

LEWIS, Andrew to Mary Aurelia Mayo-1 Oct 1829 

LEWIS, Daniel C to Jane McKnight-14 Mar 1833-bondsman Aken A. Martin 

LEWIS, Daniel C to Susan Fisk-6 Sep 1821

LEWIS, Eliza C to Frederick M Myers-21 Sep 1837-bm Thomas W Harris

LEWIS, Harvey to Angelica Leathers-7 May 1833-BD, bondsman John B Casey 

LEWIS, John to Margaret Fredenburg-24 Nov. 1833, bondsman Isaac Fridenburg

LEWIS, Lucy to Atkins A Martin-31 Mar 1830-bondsman William M Grant 

LEWIS, Martha H to William B Ross-29 May 1834-bond L H Rugg

LEWIS, Mary Hill to James H McClure-1 Apr 1830-bondsman William M Fish

LEWIS, Nancy to William S Welsh-1 June 1840 bond John H Barlow, consent by father P Lewis, proved by oath of Mary Lewis

LEWIS, Phineas to Mary Bisby-21 Mar 1838-bondsman Samuel Peden, who made oath that Mary a widow. 

LEWIS, Sophrona to Robert Smith-31 Dec 1839 bond Armisted Gosney

LIBE, Enoch to Elizabeth Lister-13 Apr 1850-bond date, bondsman William B Sheldon, who stated that Elizabeth had the "...consent of her only living parent..." 

LIBBY, Elizabeth to Lorenzo Simons-27 Dec 1836-BD bond William Botts

LIDDLE, James to Sarah Rutter-7 May 1826-bond date, bondsman William Molt 

LIGHTFOOT, James S to Elizabeth Richardson-31 Mar 1840-bondsman Thomas Richardson 

LIGHTFOOT, Reuben to Susannah Eckart-8 Mar 1827-bondsman Leonard Eckart

LIGHTFOOT, William to Leannah Colvin-27 Feb 1798-BD-consent by father John Colvin, witnessed by Lewis Colvin & Benjamin Gosney

LIHS, Catharine to John Smiet-25 Mar 1849

LIKES/LEIX, Catharine to John Smith-24 Mar 1849-BD bond Frederick Likes/Leix

LILLEY, Jonathan to Elizabeth Doyal-29 Nov 1832-bondsman William McGlasson

LILLEY, Lyman to Sally Rouse-20 Dec 1827-bondsman Aaron Rouse

LILLEY, Simon & Sary BOWER, 20 Dec 1827

LILLY, Elizabeth (widow) to William Tucker (widower) 26 Aug 1835 bond Bennett Crook

LILLY, Elizabeth to John Parks-2 Jan 1839-bond William Whitehead, Elizabeth's father dead; her mother and step-father "were willing to the marriage"

LIMBER, Thomas J to Esther Cadick-20 July 1834-BD-bondsman John Lee 

LINDSAY, James G to Nancey Beall-7 May 1815-bondsman Geo. Gordon, consent by Thos. Lindsey Jr., guardian of Nancy Beall

LINDSAY, Thomas Jr. to Lucindy Corbin-13 Aug 1798-BD-bondsman Wm. Kennedy, guardian of Lucindy, who gave his consent

LINDSEY, Catherine to Charles Ward-4 May 1819 bond John B Lindsey

LINDSEY, Emily to H L Ross-8 Sep 1841-bond N Taliaferro

LINDSEY, Jacob to Milley Drake-28 Nov 1831-BD-bondsman Samuel Lovel

LINDSEY, James G to Mary Selby-16 Oct 1849-bondsman John J N Barker, consent by father James W. Selby

LINDSEY, John B to June? Reville- 30 Nov 1811 

LINDSEY, Maria to Jacob B Scogin-14 Aug 1834, bond Thomas N Lindsey

LINDSEY, Mary E to William C Young-17 Sep 1847 bond James K Molynaux

LINDSEY, Ralph W to Margaret Gipson?-10 Aug 1832-BD-bondsman F T Helm

LINDSEY, Rebecca to Joseph Marsee-6 Feb 1834-bondsman John N Taliaferro, consent by John B Lindsey 

LINDSEY, Rebecca Ann to Samuel Lindsey-25 Sep 1832-bondsman David Lindsey

LINDSEY, Richard to Nancy McPike-28 Mar 1809-BD-bondsman Joseph McPike

LINDSEY, Samuel to Rebecca Ann Lindsey-25 Sep 1832-bondsman David Lindsey

LINDSEY, Stephen to Rachael Runnals-11 Dec 1798-BD-bondsman John Cooper, consent by father Jonah Runnals, witnessed by William Lindsey & John Stevens 

LINET, John to Eveline Ford-12 Feb 1846

LINET, Robert to Sarah Patterson-3 Oct 1850-bondsman John Linet 

LINGENFELTER, Ashford to Sarah L Carlisle-1 Aug 1837-bondsman William S Thompson, consent by father John Carlisle, Esq.

LINGO, James to Jane Thompson-7 July 1810-BD-consent by father Wm. Thompson, witnessed by William Downing

LINN, John to Elizabeth Sarver-5 May 1832-bondsman Samuel J Hughey

LINTON, Elizabeth to John G Smith-26 Oct 1837 bond-Jeremiah York

LINTON, Greenberry to Mary Edmonds-8 May 1827-bondsman Charles C Woolums

LIPSCOMB, A J to Esther M Martin-18 Oct 1849-bondsman Henry Martin 

LIPSCOMB, Asa to Welthy Havens-25 Feb. 1839-bondsman Henry W Marshall, consent by Welthy's guardian H W Marshall

LIPSCOMB, Bernard to Hannah Stanley-29 Apr 1824-bondsman William Jacobs

LIPSCOMB, Fanny to Conrad Wagner-10 July 1826 bond Joseph Acklin

LIPSCOMB, George Dr. to Mary Mardis-12 Apr 1810-bondsman James Mardis

LIPSCOMB, James to Sally Stanly-5 May 1831-bondsman Jacob White

LIPSCOMB, Joel to Sarah Mardis-20 June 1811-bondsman James Mardis 

LIPSCOMB, John to Polly Minter-31 Dec 1821-bondsman George Lipscomb

LIPSCOMB, John B to Margaret E Standley-12 Apr 1849-bondsman Robert Standley

LIPSCOMB, Joseph to Bersheba Lee-30 Sep 1828-bondsman William Lipscomb

LIPSCOMB, Marcus to Isabella Warrington-15 Feb 1827-bondsman Samuel Losey

LIPSCOMB, Richard to Elizabeth Shrowder-24 Apr 1821-bondsman William Jacobs 

LIPSCOMB, William to Anne Ballenger-4 Dec 1832-BD-bondsman William Perry

LIPSCOMB, William to Nancy Lewis Coffey-11 Oct 1838-bond by father Spencer Coffey 

LIPSCOMBE, William to Peggy Standley-21 Apr 1822 

LIPSCOMBE, William to Susan Mardis-19 Oct 1847

LIPSCOME, Richard to Rebecca Riggs-20 Dec 1836-bondsman John C Riggs 

LIPSCUMB, John to Ann Grizzel-19 Feb 1818-BD-bondsman Elam Grizzel

LIPSCUMB, John to Lucinda Mardis-22 Nov 1816-BD-bondsman Wm. Mardis 

LIPSCUMB, John B to Permelia A Klette-11 Feb 1836-bondsman Lewis Klette

LIPSCUMB, Marcus to Susannah Lipscumb-28 May 1816-BD-bondsman John Lipscumb 

LISLE, Henry to Sarah A Conley-13 Nov 1849-BD-bondsman J M Caldwell 

LITTELL, John N to J D Trotter-27 July 1847-BD-bondsman Lionel Trotter 

LITTLE/LETTLE, David to Grasela Littlee/Lettel-16 Jan 1810-bondsman Thomas Fowler, Grasela a widow 

LITTLE, Daniel to Sarah Huff-11 Mar 1847-bondsman Joseph Huff 

LITTLE, Ephraim to Abigail Reed-8 May 1828-bondsman Samuel S Lawrence, consent by father William Reed, witnessed by Robert Stewart

LIVINGSTON, David to Minerva Squire-8 May 1825-bondsman John Henderson

LIVINGSTON, John to Shetty Sodowsky-27 July 1798-bondsman Jacob Sodowsky, consent by father Jacob Sodowsky, witnessed by James Livington & John Sodowsky

LOCEY/LACEY, Stephen to Sarah Ann Richerson-14 July 1836-bondsman Jesse Stoats

LOCK, Hugh to Nancy Smith-6 Nov 1839-bondsman Lyman H Rugg

LOCKWOOD, Misouri to John J Porter-12 or 13 Jan 1825-bond Cromwell Munroe

LOCY, Amos to Elizabeth Ann Strawn-28 Nov 1844-license date, bondsman Samuel Locy

LOFT, Mary to Andrew Smith-28 May 1848 bond Jacob Loft

LOFTIS, Mary to Patrick McLaughlin-20 Apr 1850-bondsman Martin Mullins

LOGED, Hetty to John McClure-24 Mar 1813-bondsman David Perry

LOGAN, Floyd F to Augusta A Hayman-9 July 1849-bondsman J M Caldwell, consent by father F T Hayman; James & Nelly swore they were both "above 21 years of age"

LOGAN, Nancy to Israel Featherman-18 May 1840-bondsman A Boyd, oath by William French that Nancy is a widow and resides in this county

LONG, Jane A to Uriah Tarvin-14 Aug 1834, bond and consent by Jane's grandfather William Bowling, who "stated that her mother is dead and that her father has left this country and is now at Orleans"

LONG, Orson, Rev to Ann E Taliaferro-30 Aug. 1849-bondsman William R Taliaferro, Ann the daughter of Richard Taliaferro

LONG, Robert to Molly Kyle-14 Feb 1812-bondsman Thomas Kyle

LONGMORE, George to Amanda Hammatt-18 Mar 1830-bondsman Samuel Hammett

LONGWOOD, Christopher to Jane Bakan-11 Sep 1831-BD-bondsman Henry Land

LOOKER, James to Ann Cooley-1 Dec 1819-bondsman Peter Coghendall

LOREN, Daniel to Catherine Jones-11 Jan 1802-BD-bondsman Samuel Loren, consent by mother Elizabeth Jones, witness James Jones

LOREN, Daniel to Florinda Corson-30 July 1799-BD-bondsman William Reddick, consent by father Abel Corson, witnessed by __ah Reddick

LOREN, Parmelea to Charles Valear-11 July 1796 BD, consent by brother Daniel Loren, who certified that his sister was of lawful age and had the consent of her parents

LOREN, Samuel to Polly Innes-17 Mar 1799-BD-bondsman Asael Cain, who certified Polly was of "lawful age" 

LOSEY, Solomon to Lavina Terrill-8 Sep 1821-BD-bondsman Abner Terrill 

LOSEY, Solomon to Polly Myres?-26 Feb 1812-BD-bondsman Isaac Dye, who swore that Polly's father Jacob Myres gave his consent

LOSTUTER, David to Cathrin Helm-31 Mar 1831-bondsman Lewis Helm

LOUDY, Jacob to Rachel Wilson-31 Mar 1832-BD-bondsman Jonathan Patmore

LOUTH, Daniel M to Charlotte Hatfield-11 Nov 1850-BD 

LOVE, Nancy to Thomas Spilman-10 Sep 1818-BD bond Smith Reiley, consent by father John Reiley

LOVEL, Reuben to Martha Baly-23 Dec 1807-BD-bondsman Stephen Lindsy, who 
certified Martha was 21, consent by Samuel Baley

LOVELACE, James to Polly Aarvin-17 Dec 1818-BD-bondsman Tubman Tull, consent by Samuel? Arvin & wife, witnessed by John Rogers

LOVELACE, John to Nancy Arnot-5 Mar 1818-BD-bondsman Henry Gosney

LOVELESS, Jefferson to Permelia Thomas-3 Jan 1849-bondsman George W Carmack

LOVELESS, Polly to Amos Vandiver-10 Mar 1825 bond James Gosney, consent by "gardeen" Miley Loveless, witness by Henry Gosney

LOVELESS, William to Delpha Croxton-21 Aug 1834-bondsman Virson Daniel Jr.

LOVELL, George to Elizabeth Hennis?-31 Mar 1806-BD-bondsman Benjamin Hennis? 

LOVELL, John D to Ellen Hammett-4 Sep 1834-bondsman Samuel Hammett, consent by father William Hammett

LOVING/LORING, Mary Ann to Thomas C Wilson-29 Aug 1832 bond Platt Kennedy

LOVING?, Willis S to Sarah Ann Armstrong-5 Sep 1848 

LOWRY, Reuben to Susan Clark-18 June 1829-bondsman Henry W Magruder 

LOWRY, William F A to Elizabeth Hardin-30 May 1838-BD-bondsman John W Jaco, consent by Elizabeth's unnamed father

LUCAS, Jesse to Polly Morriss- 6 Oct 1796-BD-bondsman James Morris, consent by John Morriss (no relationship stated) w-John Grant 

LUCAS, Nancy to Isaac Yelton-9 Jan 1842 bond John S Vandiver "both parties being under age"

LUCAS, Reuben to Alpha Lewis-17 July 1819-BD-consent by father North Lewis

LUCAS, Sarah to A McConnell-29 Dec 1834-BD-bondsman D D Mayo 

LUDLOW, Francis to Sarah Millspaugh-26 Oct. 1820-bondsman James H. Millspaugh, who most solemnly declared that "my father is willing that Francis Ludlow shall marry my sister Sarah and that there is no objection whatever."

LUMMASS?, William to Julia Ann Gosney-27 Feb 1837-bondsman Harrison Smith, consent by father Benjamin Gosney

LUMMIS, Elizabeth J to Michael Ryan-4 Sep 1843-bond James G Riddle

LUMMIS/LOMER, Reuben Jr. to Elizabeth Smith-18 Dec 1804-bondsman Joseph Robinson, consent by father Henry Smith

LUMMIS, James W to Mary T Smith-14 Dec 1841-bondsman Reuben Lummis, "his father's consent given personally, and she is of lawful age"

LUTZ, Charles to Elizabeth Richardson-28 Sep 1847-BD-bondsman William Richardson

LUYKE, Anna to Samuel Waters-15 Jan 1849 BD, bond James Jones

LYNCH, Abigale to Thomas Tuthill-2 Dec 1835 BD bond W B Dennis

LYNCH, Thomas Jr. to Elizabeth Haigh-1 July 1837-bondsman H G? Harris

LYNN, Elizabeth to Grifith McMellen Retehrford-18 May 1811-BD-bond John Bacon

LYNN, Nathan to Elizabeth Compston-5 Mar 1798-BD-bondsman Abraham Vastine, who certified that Elizabeth was "of the age of 21 years or upwards"

LYON, Edward to Martha M Langston-22 June 1835-bondsman Benjamin Easter

LYON, Fanny to Aaron Wellman-25 Mar 1828 BD, bond Absalom Lyons who swore to consent of Fanny's parents

LYON, John to Leticia Tanahill-20 July 1830-BD-bondsman Richard Alfred Roseinburgh, brother-in-law of Leticia, whose parents were dead or "otherwise at a distance"

LYON, John to Martha Miller-20 June 1800-BD-bondsman Leonard Eckert, Martha a widow

LYON, Joseph to Cynthia Ann McCormack-10 Apr 1828 

LYON, Stephen to Ann Wait-15 Apr 1810-bondsman James Hawer 

LYON, Stephen to Betsy Rennolds-24 May 1796-BD-bondsman Charles Rennolds, consent by father Charles Reynolds

LYONS, William G to Elizabeth Harkness-13 Jan 1835-bondsman John W Clayton 

LYONS, Ralph E to Elizabeth Castor-11 July 1850-BD-bondsman William Wood 

LYTLE, William to Betsey White-4 Oct 1829-bondsman James Dean

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