Campbell County Marriages G-I

Campbell County Marriages

Surnames G-H-I


Please note: I tried to transcribe these as best I could but there will be errors and this list might not be complete.  Bonnie Snow
BD-bond date

G Surnames

GADDIS, Lydia to Thomas McGrue-11 Apr 1810-BD-bondsman David Perry

GADDIS, Rees to Louisa Smith-15 June 1823-bondsman David Downard

GADDIS, Rees Capt. to Mary Perry-23 Dec 1801-BD-bondsman Washington Berry; Gaddis is a widower; Perry is a widow

GAGE, Jane to Edward Tate-14 Nov 1850 BD, bond Washington Stephens

GAINES, Richard to Judith Rice-20 Jan 1816-BD-bondsman Benjamin Rice

GALBREATH, Ann to Archibald McCall-25 Mar 1839-BD, bondsman David B Marriman, Ann a widow

GALBREATH, Thomas to Malinda Stephens-4 May 1837-bondsman W. Baxter, mother of the groom Eliza Galbreath

GALLAGAN, Edward to Sarah Crail-8 Feb 1828

GALLAGHER, James to Mary Pruett-19 Sep 1825-BD-bondsman David Baker

GALLAGHER, Patrick to Bridget Jordan-15 Jan 1846-bondsman Dennis Cunningham

GALLIGIN, Edward to Sally Moore-2 Jan 1828-BD, bondsman John N. Taliaferro

GALLOWAY, John M to Sarah Ann Parsons-5 Dec 1848-BD, bondsman Jonathan Parsons

GANDER, Jonathan G to Mary Ann Harrison-2 Jan 1850-BD, bondsman T W W DeCoursy

GANO, Elizabeth to Guy W Wright-25 Sep 1820 BD, bond Ben D Beall

GANT, Robert to Maria Shaven-23 May 1819

GARD, Caroline to Frederick Whitten-28 Dec 1844 BD, bond Moses Gard

GARD, Jason to Sarah Jane Crossley-1 Nov 1850-BD

GARDE, Isaac N to Lucy Todd-6 Jan 1835-BD, bondsman Joseph Todd

GARDINER, John to Lavena Halford-12 June 1837-BD, bondsman George Ireland, consent by the bride's father, Daniel Halford & wife

GARDNER, Henry to Nancey Trover-7 June 1815-BD, b Leonard Trover

GARDNER, Sarah Ann to Charles Richmond-25 Jan 1833-bond James Hellman, consent by John Gardner

GARICK /GARISH, Darius to Ann Hoover-27 Nov 1843-bondsman Charles Stricker

GARNER, William to Aurelia Lumis-28 June 1831-bondsman Thomas Morris

GARO, Matty to Daniel Perry-1812-bond Henry Sutton

GARRARD, Louisa to Nathaniel Rector-1 Jan 1824-bond Anthony Garrard

GARRARD, Thomas L to Florella Kennedy-24 Oct 1816-bondsman Geo. Gordon consent by the bride's father, James Kennedy

GARRET, Margaret to Jeremiah Trusdel-11 Apr 1828

GARRET, Martha M to Samuel Rector-18 Jan 1827-bond William Barnes, consent by Anthony Garrett

GARRETT, Elizabeth G to Isaac Richards-20 Dec 1832-bond A S Garrett

GARRETT, Harriett to James Munsey-22 Sep 1831-bondsman Anthony S Garrett

GARRISON, Jacob to Betsy Rich-1 August 1819-bondsman Allen Rich

GARRISON, John to Sinah McCollum-2 July 1810-bond date, bondsman James McCollum

GARRISON, Richard to Nancy Rust-4 Nov 1847-bond date, bondsman John H. Nelson

GARRISON, Silas to Anna McCollum-16 Oct. 1803-bond date, bondsman James McCollum, consent by the bride's father, James McCollum

GASKINS, Jeremiah to Catharine Holderfield-23 July 1828

GATES, Mary to Benjamin McCave-28 Nov 1833-bondsman S W J McMasters

GAUGHER, Anthony W to Mary A Calhoun-15 Apr 1843-bondsman James Armstrong

GAUNT, Thomas to Eliza Hathaway-23 Mar 1825-bondsman James Hathaway

GEDGE, Frederick G to Mary Holly-21 Aug 1831-bondsman Ted Harris

GEDGE, James C to Harriet Blinn-21 Dec 1835-bondsman Enos Blinn

GEDGE, William H & Charlotte Rich-24 Dec 1838-bondsman Thomas Dempsey, consent  by Charlotte's father (unnamed)

GEOGHEGAN, Wm & Olive Warner-20 Aug 1814-bondsman Daniel McFrank

GEORGE, Susan to Caleb C Mounts-14 Aug 1817-bond Solomon Gest

GERMAN, Forgis? to Cynthia Thompson-21 Apr 1825-bondsman Robert Ware

GERMAN, William to Jane Gosney-10 Mar 1806-bondsman James Baker

GETHER, George W to Charlotte Ann Willson-17 June 1850-bondsman Wright Willson

GIBNEY, John to Elizabeth Ingram-21 June 1836-bondsman John Lee, Alphius Ingram made oath that the parties were of full age

GIBSON, Elizabeth Jane to Frederick Sinsel/Tinsel-22 Oct 1850-BD bond Charles L Rorer

GIBSON, Levi to Alvina Smith-19 Aug 1838-bondsman Jutson Willet

GILBERT, Harvey to Kitty Woolum-25 Feb 1822 bond William Stephenson, who swore that "Kitty Woolum was about the age of twenty, he being her guardian gave his consent"

GILBERT, Thomas to Mary Ann Simmons-2 Mar 1839-Bond Date-bondsman Andrew Ross

GILDART, William to Catharine Thompson-18 July 1828-Bond Date-bondsman Josiah Lewis, who made oath that "the female named in said bond is divorced from her husband by a decree of Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Ohio & that her name by said court has been changed to Catharine Thompson"

GILES, Delila Ann to Henry Spalden-13 Dec 1843-BD bond Thomas M Spelman

GILES, John to Easter Gillham-14 Feb 1816-bondsman John Fuller, consent by the bride's parents, father Robert and mother Elizabeth Gillham

GILES, Nancy to Ephraim D Spalden-25 Nov 1839-BD bond Thomas Herbert

GILGORE, Sarah to John Norris-25 Nov 1814-bondsman Charles Records

GILHAM, Elizabeth to Robert Moulton-10 Oct 1816-bond Robert Gilham

GILHAM, Sarah to John Steven Moulton-9 May 1815-bond John Gilham, consent by father Robert and mother Elizabeth Gillham

GILL, Amos to Mary Ann McAnelly-21 Aug 1838-Bond Date consent by the bride's brother, William McAnelly, "who made oath that her mother & father are both dead" her mother died last spring

GILL, Thompson W to Emily White-25 May 1850-Bond Date-bondsman Anthony White

GILLAM/GILLMAN, Peter to Rebecca Barckdall-19 Apr 1845-bondsman George Washington

GILLHAM, John to Anna Mitchell-22 June 1816-bondsman George Mitchell

GILLHAM, Robert to Elizabeth Walker-11 Sep 1820-Bond Date-bondsman John Gillham, consent by the groom's father, Robert Gillham

GILLHAM, Robinson to Rebecca Ann Spaulding-30 Jan. 1838-bondsman Dozier Spalding, consent by the bride's father, Aaron Spalding

GILMAN, Thomas to Eliza Tibitts-31 Dec 1835, bondsman Joseph Gilman Jr.

GILSON, Stilman G to Hester M Burr-27 June 1849-bondsman B D Beall

GINN, Abigail Mrs. to Josiah Patterson-5 Apr 1835-bond David N Mannings

GINN, Isaac D to Lucinda Dix-4 Oct 1846-bondsman Frederick Gosney

GINN, Mary to George C Tarvin-30 May 1825 BD, William M Newman

GINN, Nancy to John Moffett-8 Mar 1836-bondsman William Dicks, consent by William Ginn

GINNER, George H to Maranda Jaco-7 Mar 1831 (BD is 8 Mar)-bondsman John Jaco

GINNER, John to Nancy Baker-3 Sep 1833

GINNINGS, Eliza to Zacariah Preston-7 July 1840-bond Levi Dicken

GINTY, David to Mrs. Mary Doyle widow-17 Mar 1840-bondsman Richard H T Wayland

GIVEN, William to Sarah Ellison-12 Jan 1837-bond & consent by bride's father, Andrew Ellison

GLASPELL, Elizabeth to Gabriel McArther-29 July 1839-bondsman James Downey

GLEESON, Patrick to Mary Shields-2 July 1849-bondsman John Kelly

 GLENN, Jeremiah to Louisa Yelton-18 Oct 1838-bondsman William G. Stephens, "consent of the fathers of both of the afsd. parties proven.....".

GLENN, Joseph K to Sally Sander-11 Feb 1799-BD, bond John Sanders, the father of the bride

GLENN, Martha to Silas S Stephens-5 Sep 1833 bond by father James K Glenn

GLENN, Samuel to Sarah Colby-9 Jan 1839, Sarah is a widow; Samuel is a widower, bondsman Wyatt Baxter

GLINN, Pleasant to Frances Rice-8 June 1799-bondsman Jacob Light, consent by the bride's father Simon Rice, of Twelve Mile Creek, witnessed by Peter Light & Thomas Ayers, Glinn from Pendleton Co., KY.

GLINN, William to Elizabeth H Northcut-25 Dec 1834-bond & consent by the bride's father, William B Northcut; consent by the groom's father, James K Glinn, witnessed by Jeremiah Glinn

GLORE, Euphey to Francis Peek-19 Jan 1804-bond Laurence Sandford

GLORE, Mary to Philip Senior-24 Jan 1800 BD, bond Henry Dixon

GLORE, Nancy to Reuben Overton-22 Dec 1808-bond Edward Railsback, consent by father Adam Glore

GLORE, Simon to Mattie Casey-15 July 1813-bondsman Reuben B Overton, consent by the bride's father, Joseph Casey

GODDARD, John F to Mary L V Daniel-31 Aug 1837-bondsman Wyatt Baxter

GODMAN, Isaac A Berry to Ellen M Berry-2 Feb 1840

GOHAGAN, Lewis to Sarah Hastings-27 Sep 1838-bondsman Jarvis Mefford

GOLD, Catharine to William M Yager-13 Sep 1835 bond John Lewis

GOLD, Edmond to Catherine Fredenburgh-23 Jan 1824-bondsman Isaac Fredenburg.

GOLDSMITH, Carlos to Nancy Shannon-1 May 1816-bondsman Reuben Parsons, who swore "the lady 22 years of age"

GOODRIDGE, Sewell to Lidia Norton-5 Sep 1818-bondsman Benj. Norton.

GOODRIDGE, William to Virginia Montague-1 May 1828-bondsman Benjamin D Fowler

GOODSON, John A to Hetty Wasson-20 Aug 1829-bondsman William Wasson

GOODWIN, Julius C to Ann Nelson-27 May 1813-bondsman Enos Daniel

GOOLDING, William to Ann Brittin-13 Nov 1817-bondsman Henry Anderson

GORDON, James to Phoebe Carol-9 Jan 1823-bondsman Richard Dernier

GORDON, Polly to Alexander William-31 Oct 1810 bond Julius Gordon

GORE, Isaac N to Lucy Todd-6 Jan 1835

GORMLEY, Henry to Jane McIlherron-22 May 1839-bondsman Charles Stricker

GOSNEY, Armsted to Sarah Smith-10 Oct 1815-bondsman David Downard

GOSNEY, Bartlet to Polly Hull Hopkins-22 Mar 1827-bondsman Samuel Hopkins

GOSNEY, Bartlett to Rachel B Hopkins-27 Dec 1847-bondsman Thomas Baker

GOSNEY, Baylis D to Martha White31 Jan 1833-bondsman Luther White.

GOSNEY, Benjamin Jr. & Nancy Lewis-14 June 1838-bondsman Daniel C. Lewis made oath that Nancy is of age

GOSNEY, Daniel B to Eliza Griffin-13 Jan 1837-bondsman John Lee

GOSNEY, Emmerine to Harrison Smith-24 Sep 1835 bond Charles Daniels, consent by father Benjamin Gosney

GOSNEY, Frederick to Phebe Roberts-31 Oct 1805 bond Benjamin Gosney, consent by the bride's father John Roberts

GOSNEY, Henry to Melinda Lovelace-15 Apr 1818-bondsman James Lovelace

GOSNEY, James to Babery Loveless-18 May 1815

GOSNEY, James P to Isabel J Yelton-1 May 1849-bondsman John H Yelton

GOSNEY, John H to Mary Ann Yelton-19 Oct 1842-bondsman Daniel Yelton

GOSNEY, John Henry to Agness Jane Daniel-17 Jan 1843-bondsman Benjamin D Beall

GOSNEY, John J to Elizabeth Gosney-29 Jan 1845-bondsman George B Holmes

GOSNEY, Maria M to George Smith-25 Jan 1849 bond John George Longmire

GOSNEY, Meredith to Polly Caldwell-29 Dec 1825-bondsman John H. Caldwell, consent by the bride's mother, Elizabeth Caldwell

GOSNEY, Mily to Charles Yelton-20 Dec 1810 bond Nimrod Gosney, consent by father Benjamin Gosney, witness by James Smith

GOSNEY, Nancy to Zacariah Smith-10 Mar 1842 bond Henry Gosney

GOSNEY, Oliver to Leena Lewis-25 Mar 1836-bondsman Daniel Gosney, consent by the bride's father, Noah Lewis

GOSNEY, Pollard to Patience Wright-29 Dec 1825-bondsman John H Caldwell, consent by the bride's father, Joseph Wright

GOSNEY, Sarah M to Charles G H Payne-21 Aug 1845-bond Samuel H Smith

GOSNEY, William to Marguerite Dicken widow-20 June 1803-bond Joseph Dicken

GOSNEY, William G to Eveline Wright-15 Apr 1841-bondsman David E Wright

GOSNEY, William M to Amelia Gosney-18 Jan 1848-bondsman John H Yelton

GOSNEY, Zacariah to Pemela Loveless-18 Feb 1832-bondsman Jonathan Hopkins

GOSNEY, Zachariah to Mary Gosney-21 Feb 1843-bondsman Jesse Yelton

GOTZ, Jacob to Elizabeth Krick-1 Jan 1842-bondsman Michael Stein, Elizabeth is a widow

GOUGH, John G to Hannah C Card-15 June 1849-bondsman George Coy

GOULD, George W to Clarissa Harlow-2? Dec 1827-bondsman Jonas Harlow

GRADEN, George to Matilda Forsythe-24 Sep 1832-bondsman Jonathan Carmack

GRADEN, George to Matilda Maxwell-27 Feb 1820-bondsman John Maxwell

GRADEN, Martha Jane to Thomas W Parish-16 Apr 1844-bond George T Truesdell

GRADY, Bryan  to Ann Alford-4 July 1814, bondsman John Coles; information corrected by Jocelyn 21 Feb 2011

GRAF, Joseph to Mary Josuffen?-26 Nov 1849-bondsman Isadore Bowman

GRAFF, John to Elizabeth Waddell-30 Nov 1844-bondsman Jacob S Miller

GRAHAM, Charles to Dolly W Porter-13 July 1836-bondsman E L Southgate

GRAHAM, Huston to Mary McDaniel-26 Jan 1832

GRAHAM, Nancy to James Newkirk-8 Apr 1837-bondsman Elias Newkirk

GRAHAM, Robert to Louisa Parker-15 June 1830

GRANDAL, Chelsea to Nancy Whittacre-25 Apr 1825-bondsman Francis Baldwin

GRANGER, William to Sarah Payless-14 Sep 1837-bondsman John Patterson, consent by the bride's father William Payless

GRANT, Bartlett G to Sarah Shaw-17 Jan 1839-bondsman John N Shaw, consent by Sarah's  mother (unnamed), her father being dead

GRANT, Caroline A to Demetrius Sutton-21 Dec 1820, bond William P Theobald, consent by father John Grant of Covington

GRANT, Charity to Asa Whickcar-24 July 1823 bond Jonathan Huling

GRANT, Lydia to Joseph Willison-16 Aug 1822 bond Samuel Sutton

GRANT, Robert to Maria Shaver-23 May 1819-bondsman George Perry

GRANT, Squire A to Agnes V Lemon-27 Aug 1829

GRANT, Susanah to William Sebree-31 Oct 1804 bond John Cave, consent by father John Grant

GRANT, William to Polly L Graves-19 June 1806-consent by the bride's father, Bartlett Graves

GRAVES, Araminta D to Capt. Nathaniel Winn-19 Oct 1834 bond George A Winn, consent by father B Graves

GRAVES, Bartlett to Betsey Leathers-17 June 1806-bondsman William Grant

GRAVES, Clarissa A to George A Winn-1 Feb 1832 bond Bartlett Graves

GRAVES, Francis J to Susanna Gillman-31 Jan 1841-bondsman Joseph Gilman

GRAVES, Joseph North to Jane Chandler-21 Oct 1836-bondsman John W Jaco.  Jane is a widow

GRAY, Alanson to Jane R Tarvin-4 Jan 1821-bondsman John A Tarvin, consent by the bride's father Richard Tarvin

GRAY, Alvin to Jane Niven-16 Aug 1833-bondsman William Montague

GRAY, Charles C to Elmira Greene-29 Mar 1838-bondsman Thomas Lancaster, guardian of Elmira

GRAY, John B to Charlotte M Gavit-8 Apr 1840-bondsman John R Stewart

GRAY, John W to Mary Huddleston-25 Aug 1844-bondsman William Philips, consent by the bride's father, Charles Huddleston; brother Henry Huddleston, mentioned

GRAY, Jonathan H to Fanny Alley-21 Aug 1830-Bond Date-bondsman John Hall

GRAY, Martin to Mary Armstrong-26 Mar 1819-bondsman John G Gray

GRAY, Mary to David Sayers-16 June 1800 BD, bond Tillman Powers

GRAY, Sara Susan to William Sprague-20 Aug 1845 bond William Gray

GRAY, Thomas S to Elisabeth Lee-31 Nov 1846-BD bondsman Joseph Morladge

GRAY, William T to Nancy E Locy-11 Nov 1847, bondsman William T Gray

GRAYHAM, John to Elizabeth Shaderly-12 Sep 1819

GREEN, Abram to Hannah Gray-24 Jan 1848-bondsman William Gray

GREEN, Daniel Anson & Frances Mary Stockman-13 Nov 1827-bondsman William Lambey, who stated that the bride's father "had departed this life" and that she was of lawful age

GREEN, Henry to Charlotte Pruet-3 May 1840-bondsman Denson Pruet

GREEN, Henry to Nancy Chapman-13 Feb 1839-bondsman William Howell

GREEN, Isaac to Nancy Taylor-17 May 1839-bondsman William Botts

GREEN, John to Margaret S Foulk-3 June 1828-bondsman Eben B Smith

GREEN, Margaret S (widow) to Thomas F Vickers-6 Feb 1839 bond Michael A Youtsey

GREEN, Martha to George Perry-22 June 1836-bond William Perry

GREEN, Mary Ann to Hezekiah J Pickett-25 Nov 1834-bond Thomas Lancaster

GREEN, Nancey to Evan Scott-15 June 1812, bond John Scott, witness by Joseph Kennedy and Elmore Scott

GREEN, Susan to Isaac Williams-3 Apr 1828 bond Isaac Green

GREEN, William R to Sally Scott-2 Oct 1823-bondsman William D Scott

GREENE, Parker H to Betsey Ann Galbraith-31 Aug 1829-bond date, bondsman Samuel Galbraith

GREER, Lucinda to Michael Rouse-16 Mar 1835-bond Charles Daniel

GREER, Rose Hetty to John C McTerran?-6 Oct 1844

GREER, Thomas to Isabella Hopkins-17 Oct 1838-bondsman James Hopkins, consent by Isabella's father (unnamed)

GREGG, Hanah to Samuel Swing-25 July 1832 BD, bond Elijah Owen

GREGG, James to Nancy B Cloyd-25 Sep 1833-bondsman Selman Abbott, consent by the bride's father, James Cloyd, witnessed by John Henderson

GREGG, John to Elizabeth Waters-5 Nov 1812-bondsman Samuel Perry

GREGG, John to Fanny Spelman-12 Oct 1805-bond date, bondsman Thomas Spelman, who certified that Fanny is of "lawful age"

GREGG, Thomas & Eliza Ann Hays-11 Jan 1831-bondsman Bailey Kendall, consent by Frances Kendall for "my granddaughter Eliza Ann", witnessed by Sterne Kendall

GREGORY, Curtis & Catherine Ellis-9 Sep 1827-bondsman Thomas G Tupman

GREY, George to Mary A Peak-2 Aug 1835

GRIFFEN, Catharine A to Isaac Snodgrass-8 June 1838 bond by father William S Griffin

GRIFFEN, Unice to Gabriel Turner-12 Sep 1816 bond John F Thrasher, consent by Charles L Turner, Unice's guardian

GRIFFEY, Benjamin to Elizabeth Beall-19 Mar 1842-bondsman James Beall

GRIFFEY, Frances Mary to John H Miles-29 Dec 1846-bondsman H K Rachford, consent by William Griffey

GRIFFEY, Jane to Henry Plummer-5 May 1812-bond John Griffey

GRIFFEY, John to Lucinda Harris-2 Apr 1812-bondsman Jonathan Carmack

GRIFFEY, Nancy to David Trusdell-19 Nov 1825 BD, bond Thomas Griffey

GRIFFEY, Sarah to James Parker-2 July 1815-bond John Griffey

GRIFFEY, William to Dorinda Brown-19 Apr 1842-bondsman James A Baker

GRIFFEY, William to Elizabeth Baker-12 Oct 1826-bondsman Samuel Thompson

GRIFFIN, Elizabeth to Higby Vansant-19 June 1828 bond Thomas Revill

GRIFFIN, Peggy to John Wicoff-6 July 1816 bond Wm Bryan

GRIFFING, Ebenezer to Sarah Cherry-9 Sep 1799-bond Thomas Griffing, consent by the groom's father, Ebenezer Griffing, witnessed by John Lytle; consent by the bride's father, Aaron Cherry & mother Mary Cherry, witnessed by Thomas Adams & Aaron Cherry Jr.

GRIFFING, Eleanor to Thomas Thrasher-18 Mar 1830, bond Joseph Dougherty, consent by father William Griffing, witness by Tilford Metcalf

GRIFFING, Elizabeth to Jehu Smith-23 May 1834 bond Jeremiah Griffing

GRIFFING, Harvey to Harriet P Moore-29 Aug 1837-bondsman Jeremy H Anderson, consent by The bride's mother Nancy Moore, her father being dead

GRIFFING, Jeremiah & Susannah Anderson-20 Sep 1804-bondsman Henry Anderson

GRIFFING, Jeremy to Elizabeth Ducker-31 Jan. 1803, bondsman William Griffing, consent by the groom's father Ebenezer Griffing & the bride's father, John Ducker, both consents were witnessed by  Robert Griffing & Thomas Griffing

GRIFFING, Phebe to Charles Turner-16 Feb 1815 bond Benj Griffing, consent by father Thomas Griffing

GRIFFING, Sarah C to John Taylor-25 Nov 1832, bond John Lee, consent by father William Griffing

GRIFFING, Thomas to Fransina Anderson-15 Nov 1803-bondsman Henry Anderson

GRIFFING, William to Nancy Thatcher-23 Feb 1826-bondsman Jeremiah Griffing

GRIFFITH, Catherine to Richard Mann-19 Feb 1803-bond and consent by Mary Griffith

GRIFFITH, Elizabeth to Thomas Mann-18 Oct 1805-bondsman Philip Timberlake, who with George Vice, certified that Elizabeth was of lawful age.  Benjamin Mann certified that "Thomas Mann is free from me to do for himself and the girl is I believe she is of age..."

GRIFFITH, John to Mary Kelly-7 Sep 1804 bond David Rees who certified that Mary is of "full age"

GRIFFITH, Lunsford to Nancy Orcutt-31 Jan 1812-BD bondsman Jonathan Huling, consent by the bride's father Wm. Orcutt.

GRIFFITH, Lunsford to Polly Parker-29 Aug 1810-BD bondsman James Parker, consent by the bride's father, Richard Parker

GRIFFITH, Polly to John T Mann-14 Mar 1814-bondsman John Griffith, consent by mother Nancy (Mary) Griffith w-James N Griffith

GRIFFY, Peggy to Benjamin Simpson-11 Nov 1816 bond John Callon

GRIFING, Mary to James Wicoff-11 Nov 1819 bond John Wicoff

GRIGG, Lucy to Samuel Thompson-23 Sep 1800 BD, bond David Rees, conset by father Mathew Grigg, witness by Henry Baker

GRIGG, Polly to Willson Thompson-21 May 1810 BD, bond Mathew Grigg

GRIGG, Sally to David Rees-26 Feb 1798-bond Henry Baker, consent by father Mathew Grigg, witness Robert Day

GRIMES, Alexander to Bell Frances Gordon-1 July 1817, bondsman Thomas Eastin.

GRIMSLEY, Silas to Jane Moore-24 Dec 1811, bondsman John Winchester who swore Jane was "21 years of age"

GRINSTON, Robert to Margaret Siser-25 Sep 1846, bondsman  John J Martin

GRINWELL, Emeline to William Whitehead-13 Apr 1839 bond James Tomeson

GRIZZEL, Elam to Anney McColum-28 May 1806, b James Parker, Samuel Conner, consent by the bride's father, John McColum

GRIZZEL, Elizabeth Martin to Robert Marshal Jr-23 Feb 1830-bondsman Solomon Grizzel

GRIZZEL, Mary to James Mardis-8 Feb 1838-bondsman William Grizzel

GRIZZEL, Rosanna to William Mardis-8 Feb 1838-bondsman William Grizzel

GRIZZEL, Solomon to Nancy Cowgill-14 Nov. 1811, bondsman Hudson Jones

GRIZZEL, William to Mary Ann Mardis-19 Apr. 1832, bondsman William Mardis

GRIZZLE, Andrew Jackson to Catharine Stephens-3 Aug 1837 bondsman Thomas S Coleman, consent by the bride's father Thomas Stephens

GRIZZLE, Elam & Claressy Ballenger-10 May 1829

GIRZZLE, Elizabeth to John Wm Price-2 Aug 1815-bond Enoch Anderson

GRIZZEL, Nancy to Benjamin Timberlaker-30 Mar 1828,bond Elam Grizzel

GRIZZLE, Susanna G to Bethnel Riggs-4 Dec 1838-bond Elam Grizzel

GRIZZLE, William & Ann McCullum-16 Jan 1806-bond James McCollum, Ann is a widow

GROESBECK, Herman J & Rosina E Benoist-12 Oct 1837-bondsman John W Tibbats, B. B. Whiteman made oath that Rosina is of lawful age

GROOM, Betsey to Joseph Perry-27 Dec 1817-bond John Cox

GROOM, John to Elizabeth Webb-11 Jan 1827-bondsman James Jones

GROSSE, Christopher to Roxena Stall-25 Mar 1833-bondsman Frederick Rowloff

GROVE, George to Elizabeth Lynn-30 Oct 1799-bond Thomas Spencer, guardian of Elizabeth

GROVE, Melisa to Elias Vandever-20 Dec 1850 BD, bond David Grove

GRUBBS, Abraham to Dianah Darling-24 Feb 1820-bondsman John Proctor

GRUBBS, James to Pacience MacCoy-5 Apr 1800-BD-bondsman Isael Cain, consent by the bride's father, Robert MacCoy, witnessed by Asael Cain & Jacob McKay

GUERIN, Ruth Ann to John Snodgrass-1 Dec 1824 bond James McKinsey

GUNDACKER, Abraham to Catharine Huling-10 Sep 1818-bondsman John Taliaferro, consent by Jonathan Huling

GUNNELL, Nathaniel to Elizabeth Coleman-6 Feb 1834-bondsman T J Hordem

GURTINE, Rachel to John Wisong-26 May 1825 BD, bond William Smith

GUSTIN, Amos to Margaret Oryers-28 June 1829-bondsmen Samuel B Gustin & Joseph Paxton

GUY, Charles H to Amie Ann Wait-20 Aug 1839-bondsman John Lee

GUY, Charles H to Pamela Dana-16 Aug 1841-Pamela is a widow

GUY, Emaline to Isaiah Peak-10 Sep 1834-bond Thomas Farmer, consent by father Mariden Guy

GUY, George to Mary Ann Peake-2 Aug 1835-BD-bond & consent by the bride's father-in-law (?) Thomas Farmer

GUY, John C to Mary J Richardson-3 Jan 1848-bondsman George Guy

 H Surnames

HAACK, John to Barbary Summers-14 Feb. 1849

HACKINS, Salley B to Thomas Olaphane/Claphane

HACKMAN, Henry to Judy Turner-1 Feb 1818

HADLEY, Lemuel to Ann Test-22 Mar 1833-consent by groom's father, Jonathan Hadley & the bride's father, James Test

HAGEMAN, Simon to Idah Sedam-19 June 1816-bondsman George Gordon

HAGLEN, Lucinda to Anthony Stingley-28 Aug 1827 BD, bond John Bennett

HAIFER, Napolion to Elisabeth Clark-9 Jan 1849-BD-bondsman John N Taliaferro, consent by the bride's father, Josiah Clark

HAIGH, Elizabeth to Thomas Lynch Jr.-1 Jul 1837-bonded by H G Harris

HALDEMAN, Daniel H. to Mary K. Locy-17 Jan. 1850, bondsman Samuel Locy

HALDEMAN, Sarah to Uriah W Warrington-19 June 1848 bond William Green

HALDERMAN, John to Rebecca Ann Loci-27 Jan. 1848-bondsman Samuel Loci

HALL, Brisaillian to Elizabeth Pyle-30 Sept. 1846, bondsman Thomas Farmer

HALL, Caroline E to John Richardson-28 Jan 1840-bond John A Hall

HALL, George W. to Sarah Bryan-14 May 1829, bondsman William Bryan

HALL, James F. to Matilda Townsend-21 May 1841, bondsman Garret Townsend, consent by Matilda's parents (unnamed)

HALL, Jefferson Y to Nancy Rust-29 Jan 1835-bondsman John Rust.

HALL, John to Amanda Whitton-3 June 1849-bondsmen B F Hills & John W Tibbatts, Hills swore that Amanda had no parents or guardian

HALL, John to Hannah Wilcocks-1 Feb 1796-BD-bondsman John Bush, Hannah of "lawful age"

HALL, John to Katherine Campbell-14 May 1809-bondsman Elisha Ryan, consent by James W. Bryson Ensign, 1st Regiment, U.S. Infantry, commander of U.S. Garrison at Newport, KY, for John Hall

HALL, John G to Harriet Parkes-15 Sep 1832-BD-bondsman William Leonard

HALL, Joseph to Hannah Dawson-19 Oct 1826-BD-bondsman Ivy Stewart, who made oath that Hannah has "no parents or guardian living"

HALL, Margaret to Nehemeah Sannour-25 May 1801, bond Isaac Drake, consent by father Andrew Hall

HALL, Maria (widow) to John Shaw-15 Feb 1839 BD, bond Charles Stricker

HALL, Mary C to Richard Richardson-7 Feb 1835-bond Thomas Hall

HALL, Robert to Mary Jane Templeton-29 May 1831-bondsman Alex P Sanford

HALL, Roswell to Nancy Squires-23 Nov 1801-bondsman Hezekiah Kibby, who certified that Nancy was of "lawful age"

HALL, Sarah to James Slack-1 Jan 1838 bond John A Hall

HALL, Stephen to Amanda Keeler-31 Jan 1828-bondsman Thaddeus B Keeler

HALL, William B to Angeline Amanda Roberts-6 Dec 1837-bondsman John G Ellis, who made oath that Angeline is an orphan placed under his protection by her uncle when young, that she is now 19 years of age & has no legal guardian

HALL/HULL, John to Mary Ann Tayler/Tyler-4 Dec 1837-bondsman Charles Stricker, oath of James W Hardy that Mary Ann is of lawful age

HALLEY, Nancy to Henry Mire-5 Feb 1824

HAMAN, Peter to Nancy T Tarvin-30 Oct 1838

HAMBRICK, Frances to Thomas P Thornton-6 Sep 1824,bond William Barnes

HAMBRICK, James to Fanny Humes-13 Apr 1819-bondsman John King, guardian of Fanny

HAMBRICK, Sarah Ann to Benjamin Williams-21 Dec 1835 BD, bond James A Anderson, consent by Sarah's mother Fanny Carter

HAMER, David to Juliet Points-2 Sep 1820-bond David Perry, consent by the bride's father, J Points

HAMILTON, ____ to Josiah Patterson-Jan 1828-bond Thomas W Harris

HAMILTON, Betsey to Jacob Quick-24 July 1820-bond Samuel Sayers, consent by Betsey Hambleton and her father Thompson Conely, witness Samuel Dickerson

HAMILTON, Elizabeth to Samuel Morgan-6 Apr 1823-bond John Morgan, consent by father Thomas Hamilton

HAMILTON, Hannah to Zedekiah Morgan-24 Feb 1818-bond John Morgan, consent by fther Thomas Hamilton, witness Samuel Baker

HAMILTON, Hugh to Mary Dudley-29 Jan 1830-bondsman Lewis Martin

HAMILTON, James to Polly Smally-30 Apr 1829

HAMILTON, James to Sally Sampson-21 Feb 1828-bondsman Kinsey Trail

HAMILTON, James P to Margaret Humphries-24 Feb. 1831-bondsmen James Barton & George Morgan, consent by the groom's father, Thomas Hamilton

HAMILTON, Jesse to Betsey Connelly-17 Jan. 1812-bondsman Merriman Hightower, consent by the bride's father, Thomson Connelly

HAMILTON, John to Emmeline Craven/Cramm-9 Dec 1824-bondsman Trueman King

HAMILTON, John to Margaret Trusdell-2 May 1833-bondsman William McNeal

HAMILTON, John W to Sarah C Tibbetts-11 Sep 1850-bondsman Henry M Hamilton

HAMILTON, Joseph to Maria Voorhis-27 Mar 1844-bondsman James M McArthur

HAMILTON, Margaret to Ignatius Mitchell-10 Nov 1813-bondsman Thomas Hamilton

HAMILTON, Margaret to Ignatius Simson-14 Nov 1813

HAMILTON, Mary M to MarmaDuke Thornell-13 Feb 1847 bond John W Hamilton

HAMILTON, Mary Maria to James M Runyan-28 Nov 1837-bond Horatio T Harris

HAMILTON, Morris to Betsey Ellis-24 Oct 1816-bondsman George Ellis

HAMILTON, Nathaniel to Anna Sewartd-8 Nov 1834-bondsman John Lee

HAMILTON, Pamelia to Thomas Stansifer-25 June 1832-BD bond Thomas T Eubank, consent by Pamelia's guardian J G Hamilton

HAMILTON, Rener to James Morgan-24 May 1827-bond Trueman Cain

HAMILTON, Thomas H to Nancy Lynch-15 June 1826-bond date, bondsman David Bonner

HAMILTON, William to Mary Hamar-31 Dec 1812, bondsman James Hamar

HAMLVETTS, James to Fanny Hume-15 Apr 1819

HAMLY, Levy to Sally Hall-17 Jan 1835-bondsman John Hall, "The father of Sally being present & giving his consent"; "Levy Hamly having made oath that his father gave his consent in writing which was accidentally destroyed"

HAMMET, Martha Ann to Jacob Marsh-6 Apr 1840-oath by Alfred Beadle that "Martha has neither parents or guardian and that she has been living in my family for seven years past"

HAMMETT, Mary to Franklin Hill Riggs-6 Dec 1832-bond Samuel Hammett

HAMOR, Elizabeth to John Morrison-19 Nov 1822-bond David Hamor, consent by father James Hamor

HAMPTON, Frances to James Byard Ratliff-12 Jan 1822-bond John Nelson, consent by father Joel Hampton

HAMPTON, Harriet N to David Stone-22 Feb 1840 BD, bond James H Hampton

HAMPTON, James H to Harriet A Nelson-25 July 1844-bond John H Nelson & G Daniel

HANCOCK, John A. & Lucy Smith-10 June 1806, consent by the bride's father, Henry Smith, witnessed by Anna Morris & Elizabeth Lumis

HANDLEY, John to Sophia Tewilleger-5 Nov 1815, bondsman James Holeman

HANNAH, George to Mary McFeeley-16 Feb 1833-bondsman John Lee

HARBERSON, John to Jane Sayer-10 Feb. 1829-bondsman Wm. Sayers, consent by the bride's father, Samuel Sayer, witnessed by William Routt

HARDIN, Hiram to Martha Dorne-17 Sep 1845-bond date-bondsman Michael Smith

HARDIN, Mary B to D McDonald-29 July 1835-bond date, bondsman Archilus Craig

HARDIN, Peter to Rhoda Ann Willis-6 Sep 1824-bond date, bondsman Ben D. Fowler

HARDY, Richard to Sarah Davis-24 Oct 1820-bond James Culbertson, consent by the bride's father, John Davis

HARE, Sally to Alexander McPherson-2 Aug 1828-bond William B Richardson

HARINGTON, Mercer to John Peck-15 June 1824-bond Lyman Harington

HARKNESS, Elizabeth to William G Lyons-13 Jan 1835-bondsman John W Clayton

HARPER, Fielding to Catharine Price-3 Jan 1833, Bond Date, bondsman Stephen Price

HARPER, Mary to Jeremiah Marsh-10 Aug 1835-bond date-bondsman John Lee

HARPER, Milley to Isaac Wilson-11 Aug 1814 bond Hubbard Berry

HARPER, William to Nancy Burch-25 July 1820, bondsman Joseph Perry

HARPER, William to Sarah Curry- 23 Mar 1813, bondsman William Frazer

HARRIS, Amanda to Marshall Seddens-30 May 1844 BD, bond James Stricker

HARRIS, Betsey to Lewis Martin-7 Jan 1818-consent & bond by father Thomas Harris

HARRIS, David to Lucinda Reeder-24 May 1834-bondsman James Coons

HARRIS, Edward to Betsy Mayo-15 Oct 1816-bondsman Daniel Mayo

HARRIS, Eleazer to Hedeble Gillet-6 July 1832-bondsman Samuel Perry

HARRIS, Elisha to Nancy Maddox-20 Jan 1831-bondsman Samuel Winston

HARRIS, Horatio T to Keturah Taylor-21 Aug 1821-bondsman Samuel Scott

HARRIS, James M to Martha White-23 Oct 1836-bond & consent by Martha's step-father, John Richerson

HARRIS, John & Anna Alcorn-3 Sep 1812-bondsman George Banton, consent by Anna who certified she was "over twenty one"

HARRIS, John & Mary Jane Williams-25 June 1837-bondsman Elijah Williams, "Mary Jane's father (unnamed) joins in this bond"

HARRIS, John & Mary Smith-29 Dec 1814-bondsman Robert Smith

HARRIS, John & Polly Price-30 Oct 1834-bondsman Stephen Price

HARRIS, John to Susan Bartlow-13 Nov 1843-bondsman R N Tarvin

HARRIS, John to Tibitha Nicholas-24 Aug 1844-bondsman Obed D Nicholas

HARRIS, Josephine to George W Ward-14 June 1847 BD, bond Horatio T Harris

HARRIS, Julia Ann to William T Williams-21 Nov 1839 bond Jordan Harris, consent by father E W Williams, consent by Julia's unnamed father

HARRIS, Lucinda to George W Tanner/Turner-10 Feb 1831, bond Francis L Helm

HARRIS, Lucrecia to William Smith-21 Dec 1821

HARRIS, Mary to Charles Rickerson-24 Dec 1823-bond Thomas W Harris

HARRIS, Melinda to Taylor Rees-7 June 1831-bond Charles Fowler, consent by William Kees & father George Harris

HARRIS, Nancy to Enoch Sanders-31 Dec 1835-bond Nathaniel Stephens

HARRIS, Nathan to Mary Dempsey-3 Apr 1826-bondsman Capt. David Harris

HARRIS, Patience to John Morphet-14 Feb 1813-bond John Harris

HARRIS, Samuel to Louisa T Everett-10 Aug 1837-bondsman James G Everett, consent by the bride's father Isaac Everett

HARRIS, Sarah/Sally to William Wright-BD is 4 Apr 1838  MD-12 Mar 1838 (obviously backwards) consent and bond by father John Harris

HARRIS, Susan to William Middleton-28 Feb 1834-bondsman William Thompson

HARRIS, Tabitha to Robert Wright-1 May 1817 BD, bond Thomas Harris

HARRIS, Thomas to Mary Scott-5 Aug 1813-bondsman Thomas Palmer

HARRIS, Thomas W to Catharine Townsend-30 Dec 1841-bondsman F A Miller

HARRIS, Thomas W to Sophia Ashbrooke-29 Apr 1838-bondsman John Dixon

HARRIS, William H to Maria Jane Wright-29 Sep 1844, bondsman David E Wright

HARRISON, Benoni to Rachell Baker-14 Jan 1816-bondsman Henry Baker

HARRISON, G Major to Peggy Warwick-16 Aug 1813, bondsman Peter Maloan.

HARRISON, James to Catharine Ann Willson-13 Sep 1839, Bond Date, bondsman Edward Eugene Bowers

HARRISON, Mary Ann to Samuel I/J Martin-2 Apr 1846-bondsman William B Harrison

HARRISON, Moses to Elizabeth Soephield-18 Sep 1820, bondsman Frederick Klette

HARRISON, Nancy to William D Watson-24 June 1832 bond Samuel F Roberts

HARRISON, Nancy Jane to George W Martin-15 Mar 1849-bondsman William B Harrison

HARRISON, Pametia to John Rees-5 Oct 1810-bond William Digsby

HARRISON, Patsey to Thomas Palmer-25 Aug 1814-bond John Carson

HARRISON, Rosamond to James Smith-27 Oct 1808 bond Joseph Black consent by Richard Harrison

HARRISON, Samuel to Parthena Massey- 4 Sep 1837, bondsman Joseph Hoover

HARRISON, Salley to Peter Melone-16 Feb 1812-bondsman Major Harrison

HARRISON, Sarah to Martin Smith-8 May 1816 bond Samuel Morrison

HARRISON, Sarah to A J Philips-12 Dec 1850-bond Thomas Martin

HARRISON, Thomas to Cynthia Massie-9 June 1925-bondsman William Jacobs

HARRISON, William to Hannah Martin-16 June 1830-bondsman Jacob Martin

HARRISON, William to Minerva Cornelius-12 Apr 1849-bondsman F S Nigeman 

HARRISON, William B to Rodiah Stephens-17 May 1827-bondsman Jacob Youtsey

HARRISON, William Jr. to Susan Martin-2 Sep 1830-bondsman William Harrison, the brother-in-law of Susan; her father (unnamed) gave consent

HARRISON, Zacariah to Margarett J Rowlett-4 May 1850-bondsman Wm A. Rowlette

HARROD, James N to Mary Rich-11 Dec 1838-bond John D Rich, brother of the bride

HART, Aaron & Issabella Pye-15 Jan 1824-bondsman Derias Burch

HART, John to Ruth Ann Armstrong-26 Nov 1835-bondsman George W Armstrong

HARTHORN, Mary to John Parker-10 Aug 1824-bond Walter Northern

HARTWELL, Sarah to William Parker-17 Sep 1818-bond Timothy Wright

HARVEY, John to Amelia Mitchell-2 May 1822

HARWOOD, George to Sally Morin-16 Dec 1799-bondsman Elijah Herndon, consent by the bride's father Edward Morin, witnessed by Benjamin Morin

HASON, Louisa to Martin Parker-1 June 1820

HASTINGS, Joseph M to Frances Richards-13 July 1844-bondsman Hardin Walker

HATFIELD, Levi to Susan Shasha-10 May 1828-bondsman Peter Shasha

HATHAWAY, David to Rebecca Burk-31 Aug 1813-bondsman William Nelson, consent by the bride's father, James Burk

HATHAWAY, Jonathan & Rebecca B Cornelius-6 Oct 1836-bondsman William Wasson

HATHAWAY, Ruth to Thomas Vail-8 Oct 1829 BD, bond George Perry

HAVENS, Mary M to Andrew Morrow-12 Nov 1848-bond Henry Parker

HAVENS, Sally to elijah Stanley-19 Jan 1819-BD bond Thomas Youngman

HAVENS, Simeon to Dosha Klette-20 July 1819-bondsman John Klette

HAVENS/HARRIS, Coonrod to Sarah Young-13 May 1838-bondsman James S Lightfoot

HAWK, John to Barbary Summers-11 Jan 1849-bondsman Joseph Vangruder

HAWKINS, Elizabeth to John Niles-3 Sep 1828-bondsman William C Hawkins

HAWKINS, James to Hulda Ann Duke-9 June 1842-bondsman David Duke, consent by the bride's mother, Abigail Duke

HAWKINS, Jane Louisa to Vier Napolion Royce-19 May 1840-bond William C Hawkins

HAWKINS, John to Margaret Helm-2 Apr 1819-bondsman Allen Rich

HAWKINS, Martha to Enoch Stephens-9 Sep 1834-BD bond Benjamin Clift consent by father William S Hawkins

HAWKINS, Susannah to John S/F Niles-2 June 1834-bondsman William C Hawkins

HAWKINS, Stephen C to Sally Hughy-28 Aug 1813-bondsman John Thomasson

HAWKINS, William to Sarah Ware-15 July 1832-bondsman James Ware

HAWKINS/HOPKINS, William to Susannah Paul-5 Nov 1799-Bond Date-bondsman John O Paul

HAWKINS, William C to Neoma Parker-21 Sep 1845-bond Joshua Evans, Neoma is a widow

HAWLEY, Asa to Permelia Werl-5 Oct 1836-bondsman William Hawley

HAWLEY, Henry to Mary Hathaway-4 Mar 1837-bondsman William McCarty

HAWLEY, Olive C to Cyrus J Pierce-31 Dec 1840-bond Samuel W Hawley

HAWLEY, William & Susannah Tenant-26 Jan 1826-bondsman Michael Case

HAWLEY/HOLLY, Henry to Elizabeth Wasson-2 Aug 1829-bondsman John Stevenson

HAWORTH, Wade to Sarah Owens-14 Feb 1838-bondsman John Dunlap

HAWTHORN, Jacob to Mary S Southgate-29 Sep 1843-bondsman John N Taliaferro

HAYDON, Jarvis to Elisabeth Stephens-2 Dec 1823-bondsman William Stephens, consent by the bride's grandfather, Benjamin Stephens

HAY, Susan to Thomas Stubbs-13 Nov 1834, bond Joseph Farrer

HAYE, Sally to Richard Osborn-8 Mar 1832-bond John Haye

HAYES, Charles H to Mariah Montague-6 July 1832-bondsman F T Helm, consent by the bride's father, William Montague

HAYES, Rachel to Richard Seeder-18 Sep 1830 BD bond John Hayes

HAYMAN, Isaiah T to Elizabeth Tarvin-30 Nov 1825

HAYMAN, Peter to Nancy T Tarvin-30 Oct 1838-bondsman Samuel W Tarvin

HAYMAN, Richard H to Elizabeth Fairman-14 June 1847-bondsman Charles Stricker

HAYMAN, Robert D to Mariah E Perry-26 Aug 1830-bondsman J T Hayman, consent by Mariah's relatives H McClure, Samuel Perry and S F Perry, witnessed by John Makins Jr.

HAYNES, John R to Mary E Ladd-13 Dec 1847-bondsman J Milton Ladd

HAYS, Charles Henry to Mariah Montague-22 July 1832, bondsman F. T. Helm, consent by Wm. Montague (no relationship stated).

HAYS, Daniel/David to Jannett Howat-7 Dec 1844, bondsman Charles Stricker.

HAYS, Hanning J to Susan Elizabeth Scott-22 Jan 1838, bond & consent by the bride's father, William Scott

HAYS, Jenny to Joseph Smith-27 July 1829 bond John Hays

HAYS, John to Ann Kilbreath-8 Mar 1832, bondsman Richard Orsbon

HAYS, Margaret to Thomas Stubbs Jr. 8 June 1837 bond E L Southgate

HAYS, Robert to Mary Clark-9 Mar 1829-bondsman Samuel Hays, consent by the groom's father, John Hays, witnessed by David Jones & Artemus Beach; Mary's parents being dead and she has no guardian

HAYS, Samuel to Ann Spears-19 Aug 1848-bondsman Lackey Kelly

HAYS, Samuel to Nancy Jaco-1 Jan 1831-bondsman John Pye

HEALY, James to Margaret Knox-12 June 1827-bondsman Simeon Sackett

HEARN, Isaac to Nancy Mason-5 Aug 1828-bondsman Peter Mason

HEATH, Alice to Joseph Wright-11 Sep 1849 BD, bond J M Caldwell, Alice made oath that she had no parents living or guardian

HEATH, Edmund Field to Margaret C Fogle-29 May 1850-bondsman Eugene Fogle

HEATH, Rebecca Ann to Aaron Osburn-22 Apr 1839-bond Richard Osburn

HECKLE, Joseph E to Elizabeth Holmes-20 Nov 1830-bondsman James D Anderson

HEDGER, Ann to Gardner Reed-9 Sep 1830-bond Ephraim Cheesman, consent by father Booz Read, witness Thomas & Robert Dean

HEDGER, Sarah to John B Otten-23 Feb 1846-bond Robert T Kercheval

HEDGER, Zacariah & Mrs. Nancy B Lindsey-26 Nov 1835-bondsman Benjamin Carney

HEDGES, Devenport & Elisha Fisher-7 June 1845-bondsman Charles Stricker

HELLMAN, James & Nancy More-12 Sep 1830-bondsman George Moore

HELM, Lewis & Nancy Rust-27 Mar 1820-bondsman William Rust

HELM, Mary to Elijah Pierce-29 Aug 1842-bond J H S DeCourcy

HELM, Mary (widow) to Lewis Weaver (widower) 8 July 1846 bond George Mains

HELM, Meredith & Anna Herbert-19 Aug 1815-bondsman Chas. Herbert, consent by the bride's father, Josiah Herbert, witnessed by Josiah Herbert Jr.

HELM, Thomas & Mary Maines-1 Sep 1841

HELMON, Nancey to Allen Rich-22 Apr 1813-bond Charles Helm

HEMINGWAY, Archibald to Sally Oliver-29 Jan 1824-bondsman Aquilla Oliver

HEMINGWAY, Catharine to Robert Stephens-29 Dec 1824 bond Archabald Hemingway

HENDERSON, James & Janetta Bhymer-14 Oct 1845-bondsman Martin Bhymer

HENDERSON, James to Marthann Gilmore-21 July 1825-bondsman James Sanderson

HENDERSON, Susan to Thomas Tarvin Jr. 27 Nov 1837 BD, bond William M Newman

HENDRICKS, Hyman A to Clarissa Workum-27 June 1840-bondsman John Lee

HENDRICKS, John to Emily Amanda Paine-11 Feb 1836-bondsman John C Paine

HENDRICKS, John to Mary Ann Galbraith- 2 July 1829-bondsman Samuel Galbraith

HENDRICKSON, Henry to Mary McAdams-27 May 1817-bondsman Lyman Olds, who swore "as to consent of parents"

HENNES, Charity to Richard Mitchell-5 July 1809-Charity a widow

HENNESS, Benjamin to Martha Richardson-15 Mar 1832-bondsman George Mitchell

HENRY, Jacob to Maria P Everett-21 Jan 1830-bondsman Isaac Everitt

HENRY, Thomas William to Sarah Beard-21 Aug 1836-bondsman Samuel Evans

HENSEY, Michael to Mary Ann Kavanaugh-5 Aug 1850-bond date, bondsman James Kelley

HENSLEY, John E to Margaret Dugan-2 Mar 1840-BD, bondsman Hugh Dugan, consent by John's father (unnamed)

HERBERT, Hannah to Aaron Spaulding-4 Jan 1805-BD bond John Herbert, consent by father Josiah Herbert w-Thomas Herbert

HERBERT, Harding to Hannah Mefford-5 Nov 1848, bondsman Jeremiah Cell.

HERBERT, Josiah to Elizabeth Jenkins-26 Jan 1816-BD, bondsman  Charles Herbert, consent by groom's father, Josiah Herbert Sr., witnessed by Meredith Helm

HERBERT, Lewis to Sarah Cooper-22 Oct 1840-bondsman William Cooper

HERBERT, Margaret to Peter Welch-4 Mar 1824 bond William Jinkens

HERBERT, Margaret to John Sutton-9 July 1824 BD, bond Peter Sasher, consent by fathers Benjamin Sutton and Thomas Herbert

HERBERT, Margaret to Robert Rust-30 Oct 1843-bond Meredith H Herbert

HERBERT, Meredith H to Esther Nelson-21 Jan. 1834, bondsman John Herbert, consent by groom's father, Thomas Herbert

HERBERT, Sarah Ann to Thomas McDonald-11 Sep 1837-bond date, bondsman John Herbert, consent by father Thomas Herbert

HERBERT, Thomas to Mary Ann Sibey-28 Jan 1840-BD-bondsman John Herbert

HERBERT, Thomas Jr. to Frances Battles-10 July 1835-bondsman William Spalden

HERBERT, William to Jane Shannon Thomas-16 Nov 1827-BD-bondsman Edward Battles, consent by the bride's father, Benjamin Thomas, witnessed by Samuel Baker

HERNDON, Eliza to Fountain Riddell-19 Nov 1827-bond Waller S Herndon

HERNDON, Margaret to A W Mahaffey-22 Nov 1849-bondsman Thomas E Newman

HERNDON, Dr Milton to Elizabeth Lindsey-18 Oct 1826

HERNDON, Edward M to Sarah A Mahaffey-1 June 1849-bondsman J W Mahaffey

HERNDON, Eveline to Harrison Yung-27 Mar 1828 BD, bond George Young, consent by father E Herndon

HERNDON, Isabella to John Rusk-24 Oct 1832-bond George C Tarvin

HERNDON, James to Betsey Tarvin-8 Apr 1822-BD-bondsman John Raredon, consent by the bride's parents  Thomas Tarvin & Deborah Tarvin

HERNDON, John to Malinda Cravens-21 Mar 1824-bondsman William Birdwhistell

HERNDON, John A to Eliza Jane Patterson-12 Feb 1844-bondsman William Abbott

HERNDON, Lucy Ann to Hobart Sanderson-1 Jan 1833 BD, bond John C Herndon

HEROD, Andrew H to Mary Ann Reynolds-8 May 1840-bondsman Eli Vickers

HEROD, Andrew H to Nancy Reynolds-30 June 1836-bond date, bondsmen John M Grant & Eli Vickers, consent by Nancy's parents (unnamed)

HEROD, John to Mary Daniels-14 Dec 1824-bondsman Henry Daniels

HEROD, Louisa to James McPherson-5 Oct 1839-bond date, bondsman Joseph Allen

HERTZOY/HERTZOG, David to Margaret Spemcer-24 Mar 1834-bondsman Allen Chambly, consent by bride's mother, Eliza Spencer

HES, William to Rosanna Abbott-27 Aug 1819-bond date, bondsman Thomas Patterson

HESSON, John to Sary Simpson-1 Jan 1807-bondsman Benjamin Simpson

HEWITT, Aloysus to Lavina Lockard-13 Feb 1849-bondsman John R Miller

HEWLINGS, Joseph to Jane West-11 July 1843-bond date, bondsman Joseph A Piner

HEZOG, Charles & Caroline THEIS, 28 Apr. 1849, Bond Date, bondsman Henry Gessert.

HIATT, Allen & Polly DRYSDALE, 3 May 1817, bondsman James Drysdale.

HIATT, Stephen & Lucy MORRIS, 6 Dec. 1817, Bond Date, bondsman Thos. Morris

HICHINS, Nancy to Philip McClain-12 Jun 1818-bond date, bondsman John McClain, consent by Nancy's mother, Ruth Massey, who made oath that Nancy was "marriageable being a daughter by my first husband, Shedrick Hichins, deceased, and my second husband Isaac Massey is also deceased" witness by Joshua Porter and John McClain

HICKMAN, Jesse to Sarah Anne Hitchcock-24 July 1829-bondsman Godfrey Hitchcock

HICKS, Ann L to G W Tarvin-14 Oct 1850 BD, bond H H Kercheval

HICKS, Delilah B to George C Parish-12 Mar 1848-bond John W Flora

HICKS, Moses to Rebecca Hays-6 Jan 1814-bondsman Cornelius Thompson

HICKS, Mary Ann to Solomon H Truesdell-3 Nov 1848 bond George K White

HICKY, Sally to Henry Youtsey-3 Sep 1826 bond James Dye

HIEATT, Clinton & Nancy B Owen-21 Mar 1833-bondsman James Owen

HIGBEE, Nancy (widow) to Elias Rees-23 Feb 1840-bond Wm T Pegg

HIGBEE, Wayne to Eliza Tewillager-20 Dec 1828-bondsman John Richardson, Eliza is a widow

HIGBY, Elizabeth to David G Smith-22 Nov 1838-BD bond Peter Smith

HIGBY, Nehemiah to Lydia Bailey-16 June 1835-bondsman John Lee

HIGBY, Susan to Robert Watson-12 Aug 1848 bond Samuel F Roberts

HIGGINS, Hiram to Hannah Craig-17 Mar 1818-bond James H Parcels; "The Commanding officer having in view the happiness of the men under his command, as well as the interest of the service, grants to Hiram Higgins his request for permission to marry Mrs. Craig (a widow) as she is reported to be a woman of reputable character."  Lieut. of Ordnance Commander, U. S. Arsenal Newport KY 15 Mar 1818.  Married 17 Mar 1818 by Henry Roach

HIGGINS, Mary to Moses West-26 Jan 1837 bond William G Williams

HIGGINS, Mary Jane to Charles C Steward-10 July 1826 bond John Burgoyne

HIGGINS, Susan to William Stephens-12 Apr 1838 bond David Ragan, consent by mother Charlotte Higgins; father being dead

HIGHTOWER, Archibald & Mary E Christy-17 June 1837-bondsman Alfred Christy, consent by Mary's father (unnamed)

HIGHTOWER, Austin & Sally Waters-16 Oct 1822-bondsman William Webb

HIGHTOWER, Cynthia to Benjamin Pearson-22 Sep 1831-bond James Barton

HIGHTOWER, Richard to Mary Muirhead-4 Feb. 1834, bondsman Daniel Muirhead

HIGHTOWER, Roley to Cinthy Connelly-17 Feb. 1817, Bond Date, bondsman Jesse Hamilton, consent by the bride's father, Thomson Connelly.

HIGHTOWER, Thompson to Elizabeth Hopper-20 Dec 1838, bond and consent by Elizabeth's uncle,  J P Piner, with whom she lived since about the age of six years, on behalf of her father (unnamed)

HILEMAN, George to Sophy Fry-4 Sep 1825, Bond Date, bondsman William Crosson

HILL, Adam to Maria Seeber-20 Feb. 1819, Bond Date, bondsman John Moore

HILL, America to John Martin-13 Feb 1829-bondsman William Hill

HILL, Archibald to Harriet Timberlake-14 Aug. 1834, bondsman Joel Timberlake, consent by the bride's father, Philip Timberlake.

HILL, Elisha to Patsey Tucker-27 Mar. 1818-bondsman Ezekiel Hill, "guardian of P Tucker"

HILL, Eliza Ann to William B Whitaker-21 Oct 1823 bond Stephen Webb

HILL, Jackson to Netty Ann Serrin-10 Oct 1843-bondsman Zebe Evans

HILL, James to Kitty Benton-4 Oct 1827-bondsman William Manalle

HILL, Jemimah C to Thomas Pilant-6 Feb 1834-bond Thomas I Kennard

HILL, John & Elizabeth Workman-9 Apr 1831-BD-bond William L Harnell

HILL, John to Hannah Parker-31 Oct 1816-bondsman Seth Hinkley, consent by the bride's father, James Parker

HILL, John to Sally Lilley-20 Apr 1831-bondsman John Lilley

HILL, Mary to Levi Morrell-15 Feb 1831-bond William Hill & John Martin

HILL, Polly to William Potter-1 May 1838-bond William Hill

HILL, Richard to Ann Chofer-20 Feb 1837-bond & consent by John Hill, brother of Richard; their father & mother both dead

HILL, William to Susan Kennette-9 Aug 1846

HILL, William to Welthy J  Briggs-1 Jan 1850-bondsman  R T Baker

HILLER, Carl Herman to Catherine Burer- 5 Jan 1848-BD-bondsman Joseph Martin

HILLHOUSE, Mary to Leroy C Tomlinson-7 Nov 1835 bond Daniel Cremer, consent by father Henry

HILLS, Benjamin F E to Elizabeth Cooper-2 Oct 1836, bondsman Ira Root

HILT, Ellen (widow) to John Wesby-28 June 1839 BD, bond Job Littell

HIMER, Mary B (widow) to Solomon P Simer-4 June 1833 bond William Wright Southgate

HIND, Mary Todd to Edmund Taylor-4 Sep 1803, bond Philip T Richardson

HINES, Sally to John McClore-15 Jan 1822

HINKLEY, Hannah to Jesse Ruttledge-4 Nov 1817-BD-bond John Douglas, consent by father Seth Hinkley, witness Stephen Nutting

HINTON, Eidelia to Jimison Melone-30 Dec 1830-bondsman Hamilton Martin, consent by father Thomas Hinton

HIRKY, Lydia to John Pye-19 May 1831-bond Henry Youtsey

HISEY, Jemima to Simpson Ridge-10 June 1826-bond Coonrad Smith

HITCH, William to Ellin Iles-4 Mar 1832-bond date, bondsman Harrison Young, consent by the bride's father, Thomas Iles

HITCHCOCK, Anson to Huldah Gilman-7 Jan 1829, Bond Date, bondsman Joseph Gilman

HITCHCOCK, Eliza Jane to Josiah B Streeter-5 Sep 1822 bond Godfrey Hitchcock

HITCHCOCK, Godfrey to Kitty Spaulding-6 Sep (year not listed)

HITCHCOCK. Matilda to Erasmus Maltby-10 Oct 1829-bondsman John Hitchcock, brother of Matilda, who made oath she had no father, mother or guardian

HOAHENBEYER, John W to Catherine Studelbauer-4 Dec 1847-BD bond Henry Keutham

HOBBS, Andrew J. to Frances F. Dicken-23 Nov 1848, bondsman Charles Dicken

HOBBS, James to Elizabeth Howell-1 June 1836-BD bondsman William Howell, consent by the bride's mother Phebe Howell, who certified that Elizabeth would be twenty on 4th July next, witnessed by Samuel Work, James is from Hamilton Co., Ohio.

HOBSON, William to Polly Nelson-21 Apr 1829-BD bondsman Alexander P Rust

HOFFNER, John to Rosanna Hess-15 Feb 1833, (return states the couple were married 25 Oct 1832) bond William Crutchfield

HOGARTH, E P L to Rachael Woodward-17 June 1830-bondsman Charles Tanner

HOGUE, Andrew to Mary Harris-7 Sep 1847-bondsman Daniel McCloud

HOLDEN, Samuel to Ann Meeks-22 Aug 1839-bondsman William Hawley, consent by the bride's father (unnamed)

HOLDENBURGH, Maryann to William Smith-6 July 1837-BD bond Rugg

HOLDER, Amanda F to Sinclear Osbon-4 Sep 1837-bond Frederick M Holder

HOLDER, Jesse to Jane Ackman-12 June 1834-bondsman William Ackman

HOLEMAN, Joseph to Lucey Clark-20 Feb 1817-bondsman Thos Humes

HOLEMAN, Squire to Elenor Owens-8 Feb 1819-bondsman Lewis Mangum

HOLLAND, Abisha to Mary Harry-10 Jan 1820-bondsman Jonathan Huling

HOLLAND, Aretas to Sarah Loving-18 Jan 1823-bondsman Daniel B Loving

HOLLAND, Mary to Elijah Owen-9 June 1827-bond Platt Kennedy

HOLLEY, Nancy to Henry Miers-5 Feb 1824-consent by Nancy, witness Henry Holley

HOLLIDAY, Charles M to Keturah Winston-28 Feb 1830-bondsman Squire A Grant

HOLLY, Missouri to Samuel Smith-25 Dec 1837-BD bond Thomas Greer

HOLLY, Washington to Sarah Dean-6 June 1836-bondsman Henry Hawley

HOLMAN, Elizabeth to Benj Williams-18 Sep 1812 BD, bond Moses Harrison

HOLMES, Alexander to Mary Clark-22 Oct 1841-bondsman Augustus Clark

HOLMES, George to Hester White-20 Nov 1828-bondsman Jeremiah White

HOLMES, George B to Harriet Yelton-6 Nov 1845-bondsman  P Yelton, "who consents in person"

HOLMES, George B to Mary Yelton-27 Dec 1848-bond date, bondsman Lewis Colvin

HOLMES, George W to Hester White-20 Nov 1828-bondsman Jeremiah White

HOLMES, Margaret to William Henry Painter-19 Nov 1848-bond Edward Tanner

HOLSCLAW, John to Frances Rice-18 Mar 1823-bondsman Richard Rice

HOLT, William to Julia Ann Reeder-31 July 1825-bond date, bondsmen William Good & John Shootts

HOLT/HOLTZ, William D Dr. to Harriet C Kelly-2 Jan 1834-bondsman John W Tibbatts, consent by the bride's father, James S. Kelley

HONORE, Francis to Matilda D Lockwood-5 Dec 1818-bondsman William Douglass, consent by Matilda's guardian Thos. Cleves Lyncle ?

HOPKINS, Nancy F to Hayden Yelton-20 Apr 1850 bond Gennethon Hopkins

HOOD, Newman to Mary Burkett-30 July 1835-bondsman William Meady

HOOK, Israel L to Sarah Henry-14 Aug 1836-bondsman W H Lacy

HOOPER, Edward J or Edwin L to Malinda Bell Downard-8 Nov1831-bond John N Taliaferro

HOOPER, John H to Susan Rust-1 July 1834-bondsman William Cooper

HOOPS, John F to Mary Emgardin-5 Feb 1849-bondsman George Hoops

HOOPS, Richard to Adeline Tebleman-27 June 1848-BD bondsman Henry Tebleman.

HOOVER, Bartolan to Clara Schap-6 Nov. 1846, Bond Date, bondsman Adam Weaver.

HOOVER, Joseph to Anna Adams-30 Sept. 1824, bondsman B. Graves.

HOPKINS, George W to Henrietta Gosney-10 Mar 1842, bondsman Tarvin Baker

HOPKINS, Isabel to Robert Smith-12 Apr 1821 bond David Orr

HOPKINS, John W to Sarah Weever-11 Sep 1847-bondsman James Young

HOPKINS, Jonathan to Elizabeth Waggner Gosney-1 Oct 1827-BD, bondsman Charles Daniel, consent by the bride's father, William Gosney

HOPKINS, Jonathan /Nathan to Hanryetter Gosney-30 Jan 1817-bondsman Archibald Dickerson, consent by the bride's father, Benjamin Gosney

HOPKINS, Luther to Phila Marsh-11 Oct 1823, bondsman Newman Yeats

HOPKINS, Maria Louisa to Charles T Maphet-20 Sep 1838-bondsman Richard Tarvin, consent by father Jenethen Hopkins

HOPKINS, Nancy to West Murphin-29 May 1840-bondsman John Lee

HOPKINS, Robert to Elizabeth Gilham-24 Mar. 1842, bondsman Thomas Gilham

HOPKINS, Samuel to Ellen Baker-2 June 1841, bondsman William L. Martin

HOPKINS, Samuel A to Hannah Black-24 Apr 1828

HOPKINS, Sarah Ann to Festus Taylor-12 Nov 1850 bond E M Worley, consent by father Wm F Taylor, witness by J Montgomery

HOPKINS, Wesley H to Frances Yelton-3 Apr 1844, bondsman Foster Byrd

HOPPER, Fielding to Catharine Price-6 Jan 1833

HOPPER, Joseph to Sarah Ann Stephenson-9 Feb 1826, bondsman Zacariah Stephenson, consent by the bride's  father, William Stephenson, witnessed by John Stephenson & John Hopper Jr.

HOPPER, Margaret to James S Wollums-23 Apr 1833 bond John Hopper

HOPPINGS Washington to Celia Cooper-3 Jan 1836, bondsman Jesse Cooper

HOPPLE, James to Julia L Pease-27 Sep 1837, bondsman Isaac Stricker, consent by the bride's mother, Asenath Pease, her father being dead

HORD, John R to Leaneth A Tennis-12 May 1825, bondsman John Tennis, consent by the bride's father, John Tennis, written on the back on the consent are the following names: Melin Tennis, Eliza Tennis, Caroline Tennis, Eliza C. Tennis & Eliza Caroline

HORNBY, Thomas R to Ann Graham-15 July 1836, bondsman Joseph Lees

HORNER, Charles H to Nancy Cones-4 Oct 1848, bondsman James C Cones

HORNER, Joseph to Mary Ann Ford-3 Jan 1848, bondsman Thomas Ford

HORSFULL, Hannah to Henry Wolf-22 Aug 1850 BD, bond John F Taylor

HORTON, Alexander to Mary Griffing-8 Oct 1833, bondsman Jeremiah Griffing, consent by the bride's father, James Griffing

HOSMER, Otis O to Julia A White-3 Nov 1847, bondsman Luther White

HOUFMAN, Felix to Lucinda Rutherford-7 Oct 1842, bond Michael P Smith, Lucinda is a widow

HOUGH, Joseph to Peggy Spilman-7 Nov 1819, bondsman John Gregg.

HOUGH, Thomas to Margaret Dolahide-10 Apr 1825, bondsman James Kindall

HOUSE, Noah to Sarah Robinson-5 Nov 1832-BD bondsman Jethro Joyner

HOUSE, Peggy to Jacob Stephens-23 Sep 1824 bond Aaron Wayman

HOUSTON, James L to Maria Dozier-19 Dec 1822

HOUSTON, Samuel to Marry A Sanple-23? Nov 1849-BD bondsman R B Snodgrass

HOUTZ, John to Catharine Brown-19 June 1820-bondsman Simon Brown, he certified that John Houtz had the consent of Catharine's parents (unnamed)

HOVERGAN, Charles to Matilda Boffon?-10 Oct 1849-BD-bondsman Joseph Motz

HOWARD, Elisabeth to Thomas Runyan-11 Jan 1848-bond David Howard

HOWARD, Henry to Sally Youghmang-20 Dec 1822-bondsman John Baker, consent by the bride's father, William Youngman

HOWARD, John to Sarah Townsley-1 Nov 1836-bondsman Owen McAuliff

HOWARD, Maria to Samuel Williams-30 Mar 1841 bond Michael Stein

HOWARD, Washington to Jane McCoy-21 Feb 1838-bondsman Ira Root

HOWARD, William to Ruth Doyl-20 Oct 1835-bondsman John Evans

HOWE, John to Ann Buckley-1 Jan 1834-bondsman Thomas Marchback

HOWELL, Berryman to Mary Ann Simmons-25 Aug 1833-bondsman William Simmons

HOWISON, Alexander G to Harriet Griffing-20 May 1839-bondsman James A Anderson; Harriet is a widow

HOWLE, Richard B to Mary Boyer-13 Dec 1838-bond & consent by the bride's father, Michael Boyer

HUBBARD, Augustus to Lucy Gilberd-30 Sep 1849-bondsman Julius T Clephane

HUBBARD, James to Frances Nelson-1 Oct 1811-bondsman Enos Daniel

HUBBARD, Mary E to Richard Losey-12 Nov 1846-BD bond Peter D Nelson

HUBLEY, George W to Mary Bedford-21 June 1823-bondsman Jonathan Huling

HUBLING, Richard to Sarah Klauska-29 Nov 1824-BD-bondsman Ben D Fowler

HUDDLESTON, Charles to Naomi Mason-20 Mar 1822-BD-bondsman Peter Mason

HUDDLESTON, Pleasant to Julia Ann Fisher-21 Dec 1836-BD-bondsman George Fisher, father of the bride

HUDSON, John to Ann C Jones-16 April 1820-bondsman William Routt

HUES, Robert to Caty Cooper-15 Oct. 1812, bondsman Robert Ware

HUEY, Samuel to Henrietta Scholes-9 Oct 1838-BD-bondsman William Scholes

HUFF, Enoch to Patience I/J? Wood-24 July 1840-bondsman Ben D Beall, consent by her guardian and grandfather Benjamin Sutton, who states "I send my grandson along"

HUFF, Priscilla to Joshua Manes-8 Nov 1837-bond and consent by brother Enoch Huff on behalf of parents

HUFF, William to Mary Willison-1 Oct 1824-BD-bondsman Joseph Willison.

HUFF, William. W to Mary Smith-7 Mar 1850-bondsman Michael J Smith, consent by the bride's father (unnamed)

HUFFMAN, Albert to Virinda Swetnam-13 Dec 1832-bondsman William Swetnam

HUFFMAN, Daniel R to Nancy Shotwell-3 Oct 1835-BD bondsman Jeremy Griffing, consent by Nancy's grandmother, Nancy Moore

HUFFMAN, Elizabeth to Stafford B Smith-15 Sep 1835 bond F A Miller

HUFFMAN, Elias to Maria Rice-23 May 1834-bondsman Willis Huffman, consent by the bride's mother, Martha Ann Rice; her father being dead, witnessed by A Bonwitt

HUFFMAN, Henna to Stephen Rice-8 July 1824-bond Zacariah Huffman

HUFFMAN, Henry & Easter Fowler-6 Feb 1820-bondsman William Hopkins

HUFFMAN, Henry & Lucy Jarrel-26 June 1823-bondsman  Elisha Jarrel

HUFFMAN, Jacob & Elizabeth Stevens-21 Apr 1825-bondsman John Northcutt, consent by Edward Stevens

HUFFMAN, Melinda to Telemachus Webster-7 Mar 1839 oath by bondsman Edward M Huffman that Melinda's father Zachariah Huffman gave his consent

HUFFMAN, Milly to Jacob Riley-11 Dec 1825-bond Morgan Hufman

HUFFMAN, Morgan & Fanny Bhymer-16 Apr 1829-bondsman Andrew Bhymer, brother of the bride, consent by the bride's mother (unnamed), her father being dead

HUFFMAN, Phelix & Charlotte Winkler-18 Mar 1815-bondsman David Perry

HUFFMAN, Thompson & Mary Jarrel/Farrell-24 Sep 1835-bondsman William Jarrell; consent by the bride's father, James Farrell

HUFFMAN, Willis & Cassandra Hume-26 Mar 1829-bondsman John Northcutt, consent by the bride's father, William Hume

HUFMAN, Aaron & Jamima Wells-20 Sep 1827-bondsman William F Wells, consent by Richard Wells ( no relationship  stated)

HUFMAN, James & Elanor Nunamaker-28 Jan 1810-bondsman John Bacon

HUFMAN, Philip to Agnes Cain-13 Oct 1829-BD-bondsman Isaac Cain

HUFMAN, Samson to Milly Huffman-13 June 1819-bondsman Zacariah Hufman

HUFMAN, William to Caroline Williams-3 Aug 1819bondsman A P Sandford

HUFNAGEL, George to Margret Hans-10 Sep 1849-BD-bondsman Peter Duber

HUGHES, Alexander to Frances Reynolds-24 Oct 1828-BD-bondsman William W Southgate

HUGHES, George to Elizabeth Jane Wishart-12 Mar 1845-bond & consent by Peter Light, Elizabeth's guardian

HUGHES, Richard to Mary Ann Finnely-16 Sep 1833-BD-bondsman Joseph Weaver

HUGHEY, John to Margaret Allison-10 Mar 1839-bondsman Andrew J Allison, brother of the bride; consent by Margaret's father (unnamed)

HUGHEY, Samuel to Delila Scott-20 Oct 1829

HUGHS, Elizabeth to Turner Woods-10 Sep 1836 bond Zacariah Lizer

HULBERT, Stephen to Elizabeth Bartlett-17 June 1816-BD-bondsman Stephen Sedgwick

HULING, Mary to Timothy Maphet-29 Jan 1823-bondsman Jonathan Huling

HULING, Mary Ann to Daniel Reed-5 Dec 1816-bond James W Bowers

HULING, Michael Jr. to Rhoda Morin-9 Oct 1824-BD-bondsman John Foster

HULINGS, Americus to Mary Ann Barnhart-14 Feb 1844-BD-bondsman Robert D Hayman

HULL, Calvin William to Elizabeth McGlasson-1 Jan 1821, bondsman James McGlasson, who qualified that Elizabeth, his sister, was "of lawful age"

HULL, James S. to Ellen Long-7 Apr 1845-BD-bondsman James S. Long.

HUME, Aquilla to Polly Bayler-28 Feb 1811-bondsman Joseph Coonrod, consent by the bride's mother, Catherine Baylor

HUME, Benjamin P to Margarett Rich-24 Dec 1833-bondsman James McKinzie, consent by the bride's  father, Samuel Rich

HUME, Elizabeth to Lewis C Mullins-5 Apr 1838-bondsman Coleman Hume, consent by father John Hume

HUME, George to Polly Huffman-28 July 1825-bondsman John Northcutt

HUME, John to Susan McKenzie-29 Oct 1829-bondsman Nathaniel Stephenson

HUME, Lucy to James McKinsey-13 Apr 1826-bondsman Nathaniel Stevens, consents by fathers William McKinsey and William Hume

HUME, Mary to Alexander Records-24 Nov 1838-bond Wm Hume

HUME, Sally to Jeremiah Northcutt Jr-3 Dec 1829-bondsman John Northcutt

HUME, Thomas to ____ Cockrell-1 Feb 1816-bondsman John Edmonds, foster father of Miss Cockrell

HUMES, Benjamin to Martha Richards-15 Mar 1832

HUMES, Hannah to James Nelson-28 July 1833-BD-bondsman James Hill

HUMES, Mary to Elias Ross-27 Dec 1832-bond Coleman Hume

HUMPHREY, William to Rosamond Harrison-13 Apr 1841-bondsman Thomas Harrison, consent by the bride's father (unnamed)

HUMPHREYS, James C to Mary Anna West-17 Mar 1842-bondsman Thomas G West

HUMPHREYS, Nancy to Thomas Riley-18 Apr 1823-bond William Wayman

HUMPHRIS, Milley to Solomon Wayman-Feb 1814 bond Bryant Seniour

HUNT, Henry H to Melinday Arkens/Harkins-8 July 1841-bondsman Isaac Haslett

HUNTER, Halley to Samuel Spelman-13 Sep 1813 bond Henry Harrison

HUNTER, Noble to Charlotte Southard-22 Nov 1836-bondsman Levi Southard

HURLE, Ezekiel to Ruth Rice-17 Oct 1846-bondsman Lafayette Greenwood

HURLEY, Benjamin to Drusilla Huff-22 Jan 184-bondsman Joshua Manes

HURSMAN, Eliza to Gilbert Utley-24 Feb 1840 BD consent and bond by John R Stewart "who was appointed guardian for said Eliza at the February Court 1840"

HURST, James to Caroline M Hills-21 Oct 1837-bondsman James W. Bowers

HUSER, John to Mary Shepard-11 Apr 1800-BDbondsman James Shepard, Jr., consent by the bride's father, James Shepard of Fowler's Lick, Campbell Co., KY

HUSTON, James to Mary Morris-13 Jan 1842-BD-bondsman Thomas Arnold

HUSTON, Joseph to Keturah M Grant-7 May 1838-bondsman William M Grant, consent by the bride's father (unnamed)

HUSTON, Mary to John G Short-27 May 1833 bond John Bennett, consent by John & Mary's guardian J Bennett

HUTCHINSON, Jane to Patrick Mullins-10 May 1828-bond and consent by father Archibald, witness by Archibald and Archibald Hutchinson Jr. 

HUTCHISON, Archibald to Priscilla Marshall-27 Sep 1829-bondsman William Walden

HUTCHISON, John to Elizabeth Simpson-10 Apr 1825-bondsman Benjamin Mann, consent by John's guardian John Aydelott, witnessed by Thomas Simpson

HUTCHINSON, Polly to William Valden-21 May 1826 bond Oregin Hutchinson, consent by father A Hutchinson

HYMEN, Nancy B to John H Morgan-15 Oct 1835-bond Edward Simons

HYMER, Sarah B to James M Wilson-23 Apr 1833 bond Jacob B Hymer

I Surnames

IDLER, William to Hannah Adams-23 Feb 1835-bondsman John Ashbrook, Hannah is the widow of William Adams of Covington

ILES, Jane to Richard Winder-1 Oct 1833 BD, bond Francis Morin, consent by father Thomas Iles

ILES, John to Cerelda Ducker-26 Jan. 1846, Bond Date, bondsman George M Young

ILES, Margaret to James E Marcum-29 Mar 1849-bondsman John Snyder

ILES, Mary to Timothy Rardin-16 Aug 1837-bond William H Lacy, consent by father Thomas Iles

ILES, Mathew to Jane Carmack-13 Dec. 1841-bondsman John Anderson

ILES, Nicholas to Martha D Smith-6 Oct 1844-bondsman Michael P Smith

ILIFF, Elizabeth Jane to Amos Stilwell-1 May 1828 bond Joshua Iliff

INHOOF, Frederick to Betsey Sparks-30 Nov 1816-bondsman Jacob Reed

INGERSOL, Joseph to Sarah Hobler-5 Sep 1817-bondsman John Peerson

INGERSOLL, Dorus to Mary Ann E Addison-21 Apr 1838-bondsman Thomas Armstrong, consent by the mother of the bride, Milcha Addison, her father being dead

IRELAND, Richard & Lucy Callahan-28 Oct 1824-bondsman James Callahan

IRVINGTON?, James to Frances A Baggott-17 Jan 1847

ISHAM, David S to America M Fox-16 July 1848-bondsman Esculapios Isham

ISHAM, Esculapius to Eperiner? Burdick-8 May 1827-bondsman David Burdick

ISHAM, William to Sally Baker-21 Aug 1826-bondsman William Bell.

ISLES, William to Elizabeth Clift-21 Aug 1827-bondsman Horatio Clift

ISRAEL, Joseph to Jemima Smith-11 June 1796-bondsman Samuel Welch, consent by the father of the bride, David Smith, witnessed by Benjamin Smith

ISRAEL, Thomas to Christiana Dean-27 Oct 1798-bondsman John Dean, consent by the bride's father, John Dean

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