Campbell County Marriages D-C

Campbell County Marriages


Please Note:  I tried to transcribe these as best I could but there will be errors and this
list might not be complete.  Bonnie Snow
BD-Bond date

D Surnames

DAIL, James to Catharine DeMoss-25 May 1837-bondsman Lewis Demoss, consent  by Catharine's  father (unnamed)

DALE, Henry H to Matilda A Baum-1 July 1850-BD-bondsman  William R. Baum, "oath of the within gentleman that he had been heretofore married," consent by Matilda's father (unnamed)

DALE, Robert to Elizabeth S Silverthorne-24 Nov 1842

DAILEY, Betsey to Benjamin C McClure-16 Jan 1825-bond date, bondsman Joseph Morse

DALLENS, James to Sidney Ann Cleveland-15 Sep 1831

DALTON, Caroline to Joseph J P Smith-with July/Aug bonds bond James Allgood

DALY, Michael V to Mary A Sullivan-11 Sep 1850-BD

DAMERON, Edward Porteus to Mariah Gregg Kennedy-18 June 1831-BD-bondsman William Carmack.

DAMERON, Joseph to Frances Herndon-9 Dec 1828-BD-bondsman George R. Herndon, Joseph is the ward of Edward P Ball, witnessed by John Dameron

DAMERON, Thomas L to Susan Kizer-5 Dec 1850-bondsman  J W Mahaffey

DANFOR, Marry to Peter Shaver-Mar 1799

DANIEL/O'DANIEL, James O to Esther Crill-21 Apr 1798-BD-bondsman John H. Lesner?, who certified Esther was of "lawful age"

DANIEL, Amanda F E to Michael J Rouse-5 Aug 1835-bond Garard Daniel, consent by father G Daniel

DANIEL, Ann B to Garrett Daniel-26 Aug 1813-bondsman Richard Nelson

DANIEL, Apollas to Caroline A Gosney-2 May 1850-bondsman W B Daniel, consent by all  parents (unnamed)

DANIEL, Carey K to Mary I Tarvin-4 Mar 1830-bondsman Thomas F Tarvin, consent by Thomas Tarvin (relationship not stated), witnessed by John Parish

DANIEL, Charles to Easter Dickinson-28 Mar 1816-bondsman Samuel Dickinson

DANIEL, Eady Ann to Holday D Taylor-16 Dec 1844, bond Alexander G Daniel

DANIEL, Enos to Mary Nelson-17 Nov 1810-BD-bondsman Richard Nelson

DANIEL, Esther to James Riddle-25 May 1820-bond John N Taliaferro

DANIEL, Garrett to Ann B Daniel-26 Aug 1813-bondsman Richard Nelson

DANIEL, John W to Cynthia D Colvin-31 Aug 1850-BD-bondsman  Apollos Daniel

DANIEL, Mortimer to Elizabeth Logan-26 Sep 1849-bondsman Thomas J Daniel

DANIEL, Polly/Sally to William Stubbs-6 Feb 1833 bond John Daniel

DANIEL, Sally to Richard Nelson-25 Dec 1805-bond and consent by father Peter Daniel

DANIEL, Susanna to John McLaughlin-1 Aug 1803-bond date, bondsman Vivion Daniel

DANIEL, Travice to Frances Gosney-11 Mar 1819-bondsman James Gosney

DANIEL, Wellington P to Frances Louisa Gosney-3 Dec 1844-bondsman Holday D Taylor

DANIELS, Carey to Mary J Tarvin-4 Mar 1830

DANIELS, Charles to Elizabeth Fields-18 May 1826-bondsman Mathew Fields

DANIELS, Elizabeth to Stephen P Tolman-15 Apr 1832 bond Silas W Egelston

DARGIN, John Captain to Jemima Wilson-27 Nov 1826-bondsman Hiram Klette, consent by the bride's father, John Wilson

DARICK, Lewis to Amand Broone-2? Apr 1850-BD--bondsman Joseph Darick

DARLING, Isaac to Hannah Critchett-14 July 1825-bondsman John Massey

DARLING, Isaac to Nancy Chaplin-29 Oct 1833-bondsman  F T Helm

DARNAL, Martin to Rachel Stears-22 Jan 1818-bondsman Mathew Stears

DARNALL, David to Hellea Walton-24 Apr 1817-bondsman Samuel Perry

DART, James to Mary Metcalfe-24 Jan 1837-BD--bondsman  J R Robinson, Mary is a widow

DAUGHERTY, Catharine to George Stephens-1 Mar 1825-BD bond Jacob Barklow w-George Gordon

DAUTET, John F to Elizabeth Vangundy-22 Sep 1849-BD-bondsman H K Rachford, consent  by Elizabeth's father (unnamed)

DAVIDSON, Benjamin to Betsey Howard-1 Aug 1840/See Also DAVIS/EDWARDS entry, bondsman  Thomas J McArther, Betsey is a widow

DAVIDSON, Margaret C to Francis T Tupman-23 Apr 1836 bond John Davidson

DAVIDSON, Robert C to Mary Ann Oliver-11 Apr 1837-bondsman  James Edmonds

DAVIDSON, Sally to Thomas Jefferson McArthur-3 Nov 1831-bond date, bondsman Joseph Moss

DAVIS, Benjamin to Betsey Edwards-1 Aug 1840

DAVIS, Darcus to William Lee Marvin-9 Sep 1833-bondsman John N Taliaferro

DAVIS, David (Daniel) E to Sarah T Smith-30 Sep 1843-BD-bondsman  James Smith

DAVIS, Fielding to Mary Stanbarker-12 July 1847,bondsman Charles Dicken, Mary is a widow

DAVIS, Hannah to George Mefford-8 Jan 1835-BD-bondsman Thomas F Davis, consent by mother Rebecca Davis of Covington

DAVIS, John to Betsey Williams-5 Sep 1822, bondsman Ellison Williams.

DAVIS, John to Elizabeth Oliver-18 Sep 1821

DAVIS, John to Jane Works-3 Oct 1822

DAVIS, John W to Ann Wine MD-6 July 1825; bondsman Harvey Metcalf, "Sergt Davis and Corpril Smith of the U.S. Army has permission to join in marriage with Ann Wine and Maryann Holdenburgh & I Believe the ladies have no guardian & are of age." Geo. W. Allen, Lt., 4th Infty., 6 July 1825, Newport Arsenal, Ky.".

DAVIS, Joseph to Rachell McKee-15 Sep 1825-BD-bondsman Lewis McKee

DAVIS, Kesiah to Joseph Martin-30 May 1834-BD-bondsman H T Harris

DAVIS, Mariah to William Piatt (Ott)-4 Aug 1836-bond S Armstrong

DAVIS, Nancy to William Reed-6 Dec 1824-bond William Davis

DAVIS, Nancy to Wesley Sturgeon-4 June 1837 bond Thomas Organ

DAVIS, Nathaniel to Abigail Terry-21 Oct 1827-bondsman William Terry, consent by Abigail's parents (unnamed)

DAVIS, Peggy to Thomas Parker-9 July 1818

DAVIS, Polly to Moses W Smith-28 Feb 1816 bond Moses Stillwell

DAVIS, Samuel to Margary Irons-22 Aug 1804, the bond names John Abbot as groom, Cornelius Johnson as bondsman; the license and return have Samuel Davis overwritten on them

DAVIS, Susannah to Charles Tucker-6 Jan 1819 consent by father Daniel Daves of Sharpsburgh

DAVIS, Thomas to Elisa McCabe-13 Apr 1848-BD-bondsman Isaac Snodgrass

DAVIS, Thomas F to Maria L Davis-29 Apr 1835-bondsman William Mefford, consent by Rebecca Davis (no relationship stated), father & mother of Rebecca are dead, witnessed by Elias McKinley & James W. McKinley

DAVIS, William to Jane Hays-24 Nov 1819-bondsman John Hays

DAVISON, Rhoda )widow) to Sereno Wright Jr. 26 Mar 1840 BD, bond Melancthon Rogers

DAWLSON, Katey to Timothy Raredon-4 July 1823-bond John Raredon

DAWSON, Joseph to Eveline Morin-1 Mar 1819-BD-bondsman William Morin

DEAN, Elizabeth to Luke Stephens-17 Oct 1832 bond Abraham Gundecker

DEAN, Thomas to Elizabeth Rud/Reed-14 Dec 1827

DEAN, Timothy F to Nancy Crawford-5 Dec 1827-BD-bondsman John Crawford

DEAN, William to Betsey Kinsey-10 Sep 1804-bondsman James Bayless, Catherine Kinsey swore to the consent of Betsey's parents and to her age

DEAVENPORT, William to Elizabeth Armstrong-23 Oct 1841-bondsman John Waytt

DECKER/DICKEN, James D to Eliza Truewick-6 Aug 1816-bondsman Chasteen Scott

DECKER, John to Elizabeth Wilcox-15 Feb 1847-BD-bondsman John Nelson

DECOURCY, O M to Elizabeth Shaw-26 Oct 1837-bondsman Edward Shaw

DECOURROW?, Francis Denommo to Margaret Valow-19 Oct 1823, bondsman John W Grant

DECOURCEY, Margaret I to William Stillwell-25 Feb 1847 bond G B Chambers, consent by Wm DeCourcy

DECOURSEY, Frank Orlando DeLile to Mary Ann Holmes-27 May 1828-bondsman James G Lindsey, consent by Mary Ann's guardian, Robert Scott of Lexington; consent by father of groom, Wm. DeCoursey

DECOURSEY, J H S to Mary A Pierce-24 Feb 1848-bondsman H K Rachford

DECOURSEY, Jane to William Taylor-14 Nov 1837 bond Robert Taylor, consent by brother Samuel DeCoursey on behalf of mother, father dead

DECOURSEY, Leonard to Elizabeth Grizzel-11 July 1811-BD-bondsman Solomon Grizzel, consent by bride's father, William Grizzel

DECOURSEY, Leonard to Elizabeth Sander-16 May 1805-bondsman  Jacob Cooper, consent by Elizabeth's parents (unnamed)

DECOURSEY, Leonard to Lydie Egleston-15 Mar 1815-bondsman  Jacob Cooper

DECOURSEY, Rebecca Ann to Benjamin T Stites-29 Sep 1831 bond William DeCoursey

DECOURSEY/CORVISEY, William to Martha Frank Spilman-8 Apr 1808-BD-bondsman Frank Spilman

DECOURSY, Polly to David Terry-18 Mar 1799 BD, bond William DeCoursy

DEDMAN, Phebe to William D Scott-19 Dec 1837 BD, bond John S Perry, consent by James Dedman

DEHART, William to Elizabeth Bryan-7 Sep 1795-BD-bondsman John Waller, consent by bride's mother Mary Bryan, guardian

DEHAVEN, Alpheus to Elizabeth Hawley-25 June 1841-bondsman  John Lee

DEKETTER, Mary to David Rowland-3 Sep 1831-bond David Davis

DELLIN, Andrew to Sarah Morris-8 Dec 1831-BD-bondsman John R Morris

DEMIER, John to Martha Loe-11 Dec 1828-BD-bondsman Abraham Cottle, Hannah Hollis made oath that Martha was above the age of 21

DEMON, Solomon to Leasner Huffman-13 Apr 1818-BD-bondsman Benjamin W Leathers

DEMOSS, Elizabeth to Thomas Martin-26 Sep 1850-BD-bondsman Andrew J Philips

DEMOSS, Job to Fanny Carter/Castor-13 Dec 1838-bondsman uncle James Lipscomb, Fanny's father being dead, on behalf of her mother (unnamed)

DEMOSS, Lewis D to Hester Clinkenbeard BD-30 June 1821; bondsman John Clinkinbeard; MD-26 Oct 1821

DEMOSS, Susan C to Alfred C Rouse-21 Dec 1850-bond Samuel Demoss

DEMPSEY, Susan to James L Wallace-19 Dec 1838 BD, bond F A Boyd

DENISON, Mahala B to Miles Marques-7 Aug 1834-bondsman Montague F McClure, consent by father George Denison

DENNIS, Warden B to Elizabeth Folger-24 Nov 1828-BD-bondsman John H Dennis

DENNISON, Marcus to Margaret Shumar-3 Mar 1828-bondsman William Brown

DEPEW, Abraham to Mildred Cornett-6 Sep 1808-BD

DEPDEL, Calvin to Jane Anderson-7 Mar 1822-bondsman Samuel Perry

DEPEW(?), Abraham to Elizabeth Montague-16 Aug 1798-Elizabeth is from Scott Co., KY

DEPUY, Joseph to Rebecca Schofield-20 Sep 1837, bondsman Ira Root, Rebecca's brother, Thomas Schofield mentioned

DERR, Eliza to Robert Peebles-28 Nov 1833-bond John Carlisle, consent by Sebastian Derr

DERWEETER, Joseph to Elinor Parker-26 Sep 1827-BD-bondsman Abraham Wheeler

DETHERICK, Catharine to Lorenz Steinhast-17 Apr 1849-BD bond R T Baker

DETRICH, Henry to Sarah Yates-11 May 1831-bondsman Newman Yates

DEVENNY, Richard to Frances Maddox-22 Aug 1825-bondsman Joseph Fleck

DEVENPORT, Elizabeth Mrs. to George Walker-10 Feb 1848 bond Gennithin Hopkins

DEVERAUX, Francis to Margaret Valow-19 Oct 1823-bondsman John W Grant

DEVILLE, Elisha to Lucinda Powell-13 Sep 1832-BD-bondsman Oner R Powell

DEVORE, John to Juliet Summers-23 July 1836-bondsman Washington Holly

DEWITT, Lucey to Thomas H Patterson-17 Feb 1814-bond Thomas Dewitt

DEWITT, Malinda to Samuel Maithe-27 Aug 1826-bondsman John Davidson

DEWITT, William to Elizabeth Couner-20 Dec 1804-bondsman Jacob Barrickman, Elizabeth is a widow

DEXTER, Isaac to Permela Starky-11 Apr 1811-bondsman Daniel Maxwell, Permela is a widow

DIAL, Alexander to Judith McGlassin-9 May 1813

DIAL, Jane to John Scott-4 Mar 1816

DIAL, John C to Catharine Preston-27 Oct 1850-bondsman Israel Stull or Preston.

DIAL, John C to Sarah Ann Preston-27 Feb 1843-BD-bondsman Zacariah Preston

DICKEN, Charles to Polly Cherry-1 Apr 1824-BD-bondsman Benoni Harrison, consent by the bride's father, John Cherry

DICKEN, James B to Patsey McPike-26 June 1827-bondsman Joseph McPike

DICKEN, Levi to Martha Acklin-13 Sep 1832-bondsman James Acklin

DICKEN, Mary to James M Stevens-23 Feb 1836 bond Simeon Decker

DICKEN, Missouri Mary to Luther Homer Ellis-9 Aug 1847; bondsman Charles Dicken

DICKEN, Nancy Ann to Richard Drake 18 Dec 1849; BD-bondsman Charles Dicken

DICKEN, Richard to Winefred Sandford-26 Nov 1802-BD-consent by Winefred Sandford, witnessed by Levi Cleveland

DICKEN, Simeon to Eliza Herndon-12 Sep 1833-bondsman Levi Dicken

DICKENSON, Charles M to Allender Douglass-5 Feb 1818-BD-bondsman George Gordon

DICKENSON, Jacob D to Ann Colloms-4 Nov 1834-bondsman John F. Goddard, consent by the bride's father, Zadock Collins for minor his daughter Ann

DICKENSON, Margaret to James White-7 Apr 1828 consent by father Joseph Dickenson Sr.

DICKERSON, Archer to Harriet Decktum-20 Nov 1818, bondsman Charles Daniel, consent by the bride's parents, Richard Dicktum & Patsy Dicktum, witnessed by Frederic Spengler

DICKERSON, Chesley G to Betsey Lillard-19 Jan 1826-bondsman Samuel Riggs, consent by the bride's step-father James Cloyd, witnessed by Sally & Joseph Cloyd

DICKERSON, John S to Nancy Jane Sayers-16 Feb 1839-bondsman William Sayers Jr., consent by Nancy's father (unnamed)

DICKERSON, Martha to Thomas Stowers-14 Nov 1837 bond C T Martyn, consent by Samuel Stowers, Martha's guardian

DICKERSON, Mary to John Sargent-2 May 1809 BD, bond Barret Parish, consent by father Robert Dickerson

DICKERSON, Mary to Gabriel B Mullins-26 June 1837-bondsman Samuel Stowers, Mary's guardian

DICKERSON, Mary to Enoch Morehead-17 Apr 1823-bondsman Samuel Dickerson

DICKERSON, Polly to John Sharpe-24 July 1815, bond McLaughlin

DICKERSON, Sarah to Barrett Parrish-12 Jan 1807-bond Hezekiah Maddox

DICKERSON, William to Polly Daniel-20 Mar 1806-bondsman Vivion Daniel

DICKEY, James to Nancy Jane Moore-30 Aug 1843-BD-bondsman John Moore, "verbal consent given by Mr. Moore"

DICKEY, James B to Mary Ann Morris-9 Mar 1837-BD-bondsman John R Morris

DICKS, Barbara to Samuel McPherson-10 June 1830-BD-bondsman Thomas Winton

DICKS, Joseph to Sally Bever-4 July 1810-BD-bondsman Joseph Tarvin, consent by the bride's father John Bever

DICKS, Joseph to Sarah Morehead-26 July 1830-BD-bondsman Stacy Reeves

DICKSON, Henry to Elizabeth Padon-1 Dec 1811-bondsman Adam Pedan, consent by the bride's mother, Lucinda Paden

DICKSON, Henry to Jane Kyle-2 Jan 1803-bondsman Thomas Kennedy, consent by the bride's father Robert Kyle

DICTUM, John M to Nancy M Daniel- 6? Apr 1823-bondsman Vivon Daniel

DIGBY, Henry to Martha Ann Muggridge-12 Dec 1843-BD-bondsman John C Leever

DIGBY, Isaac to Susan Johnson-26 Dec 1841-bondsman Peter Miles

DIGBY, Martha Ann to John C Thomas-3 Aug 1847 BD, bond James Lee

DIGBY, Susan to John W Thropp-25 Mar 1849 bond John Nelson

DIGBY, William to Nancey Myers-4 Jan 1813-BD-bondsman ___ Dye

DILCE, Polly to James Spaldon-13 Sep 1835 bond George W Forester

DILLING, John to Mrs. Mary Woodsbaugh-22 May 1848-BD-bondsman George Dilling, "the within lady proved to have been married heretofore by the oath of Andrew Dilling"

DILLING, Mary to JohnWagtler-1 Dec 1848 BD-bond George Dilling

DILLON, Nehemiah to Susan Maddox-26 Aug 1839-bondsman John Colvin, Susan is a widow

DILTS, John to Sarah Jenkins-14 Oct 1814-BD-bondsman Henry Jenkins

DISTHELSWAY, Catharine to Isaac Stubbs-16 May 1843 bond Charles T Greenleaf

DIX, William to Catharine Trusell-29 Apr 1835-BD-bondsman William H Newman, who swore
Catharine was an orphan and had no guardian, witnessed by William Dix & Thomas A Tupman

DIXON, Tilmon to Patsey McGlasson-21 Apr 1817-bondsman James McGlasson

DLYLE/LYLE?, Alfred to Ann Kirkpatrick-23 June 1835-bondsman William Wallace

DOBSON, Ellen to Alfred McDonald-25 Jul 1837-BD-bondsman Charles Stricker

DOAN, Catharine to Jackson Mangum-1 Feb 1840-bond Samuel Losey, who states that the "father of within named Catharine Doan is dead, her mother has left for parts unknown, that the said Catharine has been living with his family for 5 or 6 weeks that she expects to be confined every day & unless she can get someone to take care of her, he must send her to the poorhouse"

DOAN, Elender to Thomas J Martin-29 Sep 1846-bondsman Andrew J Mangum

DODD, William F to Sarah Powell-28 July 1838-BD-bondsman by the bride's father, William Powell

DODSWORTH, Elizabeth to William Pearcey-5 Feb 1836-bond C Prothman

DOLLEHEDE, Bridget to Daniel McCarthy-8 May 1831-bondsman James Hillman, consent by father John Dollehede

DOLSON, Harriet to William Maxwell-20 June 1823-BD-bondsman John Raredon

DOLSON, Rhoda to John Rardin-4 Mar 1825-bond John Brown

DOLTON, Marry to Patrick Quigley-23 Nov 1849-bond Mathew OHaire

DONES, William to Lydia Ginn-27 July 1848-bondsman Robert Carbert

DONALDSON, Ann to William Patterson-3 June 1843-bond Isaac Stubbs

DONALDSON, Catharine to Arthur Thompson-1 Nov 1842 bond John N Taliaferro

DONALDSON, John F to Nancy Gracy-6 Jan 1848, bondsman Samuel Gracy

DONALDSON, William to Ann Mills-24 Sep 1835-BD-bondsman David Scolers, consent by the bride's mother ?  Mills, her father being dead

DONELSON, John to Anne Newton-20 Aug 1819-BD-bondsman Lyman Rugg

DONLEY, Martha to Alfred Orr-27 July 1834-bondsman Robert B Clark, consent by mother Lucy Orr; witness by George White

DONNELLY/DONLY, Wright to Cath'n. Eckert-17 Feb 1812-BD-bondsman Leonerd Eckert

DONOVAN, Eliza to John Miller-19 Nov 1826-bonsdman Samuel I Beall, consent by father Gilbert Donovan

DONOVAN, Nancy to Loamma Moores-20 Dec 1840-bm James Ware, her parents dead and wife of James Ware is her sister.  Nancy lived in James' family for eight years

DOOLITTLE, Samuel to Anna Brown-4 Sep 1819-bondsman Henry Roach

DORRING, Daniel to Elizabeth Remnick-23 Feb 1838-bondsman John Doxon

DOSIER, Evans to Maria Eubank-3 June 1816-bondsman George M Beall

DOUGHTY, Harriet M to D D Mayo-18 May 1835-bondsman John Bennett

DOUGHTY/DOOLY, John to Gean Ellis-31 Mar 1804-BD-bondsman John Grant, Samuel Bryan certified that Jean Ellis "hath been living with me for near twelve Months & is above the age of twenty one...."

DOUTEL, Catharine to Joseph Vangundy-20 July 1848 bond O M Gosney

DOUTET, Mary to George Shrouder-29 May 1850 BD, bond Charles Supolt

DOWD, Thomas to Briget Nelin-28 July 1849-BD-bondsman James Burns.

DOWD, Thomas to Mary Burns-1 May 1849-BD-bondsman James Burns

DOWDEN, Augustus to Elizabeth Baker-24 June 1813-bondsman Joshua Baker

DOWNARD, Elizabeth to John B Tucker-13 Nov 1843 bond O M DeCourcy

DOWNARD, James S to Malinda Temple-26 Aug 1830-bondsman George Gordon

DOWNARD, Jane S to William Vankannon-26 Sep 1849 bond Thomas Downard

DOWNARD, Louisiana to Elias Victor Marot-4 Sep 1839-bondsman Robert Air, consent by father D Downard, witness by Lewis Dupuy

DOWNARD, Margaret to Thomas Synder-28 Mar 1831 bond W G Lighfoot

DOWNARD, Thomas L to Elizabeth Pines/Prices-2 Dec. 1841, bondsman Charles Daniel, consent by Elizabeth's father (unnamed)

DOWNEY, James to Rebecca McArther-3 Oct 1832-BD-bondsman Amos McArther

DOWNING, Angeline to John M Miller-27 Mar 1847-BD-bondsman Joseph Sellman

DOWNS, John to Elizabeth Clark-28 Nov 1828-BD-bondsman Nathan Marchant

DOWNS, Zacariah to Polly Garrigus-14 Oct 1824-bondsman Jacob Garrigus

DOWTY, John W R to Nancy Shields-18 Sep 1849-bondsman R T Baker

DOXON, Martha A to George Washington-10 May 1842 bond Charles Stricker

DOYAL, Alexr. to Judith McGlasson-8 May 1813-BD-bondsman William McGlasson

DOYAL, Alfred to Ann Kirkpatrick-23 June 1835

DOYLE, James to Mrs. Ruth Steele-13 June 1831-BD-bondsman Platt Kennedy

DOYLE, William to Ruth Padam-8 Feb 1816-bondsman Adam Pedam

DOZIER, Ann Maria to Edward L Southgate-15 Apr 1835 bond John N Taliaferro, consent by Ann's guardian Nancy Montague

DRAKE, Delilah to Samuel Sutton-2 Apr 1825, bond Peter Shasher, consent by father Jesse Drake

DRAKE, Isaac to Frances Monroe-16 Sep 1797-BD-bondsman William Munroe

DRAKE, Norassa to David Wilson-29 May 1818 bond Ichabod Clark

DRAKE, Richard to Nancy Ann Dicken-18 Dec 1849-BD-bondsman Charles Dicken

DRAKE, Vorinda to Thomas J Tone-15 Sep 1818 bond S W Morrison

DRINKARD, Amy Mary to Capt. William Sayers-11 Dec 1835 BD, bond William A Pendleton, consent by father Joshua Drinkard MD-7 May 1837

DUCKER, Effa Ann to George W Sargent-13 Feb 1842 BD, bond William A McCormick, both being under their parents consent, certified and proven by Wm C Ducker

DUCKER, Harriet to Peter D Nelson-3 Jan 1848-bondsman Austin Morris

DUCKER, John Jr. to Elizabeth Nelson-5 Oct 1820-BD-bondsman Thomas Eastin, consent by  the bride's father Covington Nelson

DUCKER, Nancy to Stephen Rich-4 May 1813-bond William Martin

DUCKER, Simeon to Eliza Herndon-12 Sep 1833

DUCKER, William C to Sarah Ann Maria White-19 Dec 1843-bondsman Frank S White

DUCKWORTH, Patsey to William Orcutt-28 May 1804

DUDDY, James to Jane O'Conisen-25 Sep 1841-bond date, bondsman Peter Bryson

DUDLEY, Robert N to Elizabeth Muirhead-14 Feb 1838-bondsman Daniel Muirhead

DUFFE, George Washington to Margaret Ann Starkey-11 Sep 1839-BD-bondsman Jesse Starkey.

DUFFE, William Fildon to Mary Ann Morrell- 23 June 1839-bondsman Michael Morrell

DUGAN, Edward to Parmela Jones-12 Sep 1837-BD-bond & consent by the bride's brother, John Jones

DUGAN, James to Hannah Fowler-5 May 1808-bondsman Elijah Fowler

DUGAN, Jane to David McCarthy-18 Apr 1830-bondsman Willis Bates who made oath that Jane's parents "were willing"

DUGAN, Mary to Robert Page-25 May 1807-consent by guardian Cornelius Johnson

DUGAN, Robert to Mary Lorraine Curtright-3 May 1826, bondsman Joseph Monks,  "This is to certify that Corporal Dugan of a detachment of Recruits stationed at this post, has my leave to Marry Lorraine Curtright, and bring her into garrison allowing her the privileges common with the other women."  William L Foster, U.S. Arsenal, Newport, Kentucky-3 May 1826

DUKES, David to Sarah Keene-11 Sep 1839-bondsman Samuel Losey," who made oath that Sarah had no mother, nor father, nor guardian & that she resided with him"

DUKE, Margaret to Isaac Workes-9 June 1842 bond Foster Byrd

DUKE, Matildy T to James K Mardis-29 Nov 1849-bondsman James T Hawkins

DUKE, Sophia to George White-9 June 1842 bond Alexander Caldwell, proof of her age by David Duke

DULANEY, Benjamin to Louisa V Graves-29 Mar 1823-BD-bondsman Bartlett Graves

DUMFORD, Aaron to Cynthia Isham-13 June 1827-BD-bondsman Joseph Stowder

DUMHOFF, Catharine {Mrs.} to August Neaman-24 Oct 1850-bondsman Frederick Domhoff

DUNAWAY, Amelia Mildred to Coleman Yelton-9 July 1833 BD, bond John Gosney, consent by R S Dicken, consent by father Charles Yelton

DUNBAR, Margaret to Frederick McCasson-14 July 1828-BD-bondsman John Craig

DUNCAN, James M to Mary Ann Reese-13 July 1838-BD-bondsman Braxton C Porter

DUNHAM, Asa to Nancy P Gosney-28 July 1836-bondsman Samuel D Taylor

DUNHAM, Ewell to Mary Piles-18 Feb 1839-bondsman James Bowles

DUNKHORST, Catherine to Henry Startbest? 1 May 1849-BD bond F Lingart

DUNLAP, Susanah to John Morrow-1 May 1834-bondsman H T Harris

DUNN, Benjamin to Mary Marshall-6 Apr 1830-bondsman John Marshall

DUNN, Harriet to Samuel H Smith-2 Dec 1847 bond Wm M Gosney

DUNN, Jane to John Quinlan-9 Apr 1843-bond George Miller

DUNN, Joseph to Lucinda Lipscomb-18 Mar 1833-BD-bondsman Benjamin Dunn, consent by Joel Lipscomb and Sary his wife (no relationship stated), witnessed by Jack Marsel

DUR, Catharine to Eli Mullins-21 Dec 1836-consent by Catharine's mother Catherine, her father dead

DURANT, James to Rhoda Lister-23 Nov 1850-BD

DURANT, John to Aleena Phelps-27 July 1828-bondsman Mathew Richardson, who made oath that "the mother of Aleena Phelps is her only guardian"

DURER, Jane to Amasa Owen-23 July 1832-bond Elijah Owen

DURR, Permelia to John Stackhouse-10 Apr 1838 bond Zacariah Durr

DYAL, Polly to William Nelson-11 Dec 1817-bondsman William Swails

DYAL, William to Elizabeth Dixon-4 Nov 1817

DYE, Catharine to James McHatton-22 Mar 1827-BD-bondsman James Dye, consent by mother Nancy McHatton

DYE, Isaac to Clarissa Byrd-31 Mar 1831-bondsman Foster Byrd

DYE, James to Elizabeth Bryan-1 Apr 1829-BD-bondsman William Bryan

DYE, John to Mary Ware-28 May 1840-bondsman O M DeCourcy

DYE, Mary to William Stricker-7 May 1847 BD, bond James Dye

DYE, William to Elizabeth Richardson-25 Oct 1838-bondsman William Vickers

DYE, William to Mary Conley-22 June 1823-bondsman Eben B Smith

DYE, William to Sarah Stephenson-29 Oct 1835-bondsman Thomas C Miles

DYER, George to Mary Scott-28 Feb 1815, bondsman James Trainer

DYSCON/DIXON, William to Mrs. Margaret Doyal-29 May 1841-BD-bondsman Michael Stein

E Surnames 

EAGER/EGGERS, George to Sarah Griffith-1 May 1804-BD-bondsman John Griffith

EAIKELBARGER, John to Anna Whitehead-26 Apr 1841-bondsman Jacob Meek

EARLL, Seth S to Mary Abigail Sylvester-4 Feb 1840-bondsman Peter Longshon

EARLY, William T to Emily Gibson-17 May 1849-bondsman R T Baker

EASTEN, Luther to Margaret Anderson-11 Oct 1830-bondsman Joseph Griffing, consent by James & Mary (Mrs. Betsey) Coburn, brother-in-law and sister of Margaret; her parents dead

EBBERSOLE, Catharine to William P Richards-5 Feb 1823

EBERSON, Elijah to Sally Rice-13 Aug 1813-bondsman Jessey Starkey

EBY, Cyrus to Lyddia N Hughes-8 May 1832-bondsman Edward Hughes

ECKEL, George to Martha Green-26 Oct 1831-Bond Date, bondsman H Hillhouse

ECKEL, George W to Drucilla M Peebles-14 Apr 1834-bondsman James Varner, consent by Sarahanah Peebles (no relationship stated), witnessed by Robert E Peebles

ECKERT, Leonard M to Mary Miles-13 Oct 1831-bondsman William Miles

ECKERT, Thomas to Alice Thomason  10 July 1828-bondsman James Thomason, consent by the groom's father, Money Eckert for "my son," witnessed by Leonard Eckert "I Marey Eckert do certify that I have no objections to the marage of Thomas Eckert, my son and Allis Thomason. signed Marey Eckert 9 July 1828"

ECKERT, Thomas to Matilda Smith-8 July 1834-Bond Date, bondsman Arthur Connely

EDMISTON, Thomas to Eliza Fairchild-3 Jan 1841-bondsman James M Hoffmaster

EDMOND, William to Sarah Ballenger-2 Jan 1812-bondsman Eli Edmond

EDMONDS, Ann Eliza (widow) to Benjamin Williams-27 July 1837 bond William Mefford

EDMONDS, Lewis to Eliza Ann Oliver-6 July 1819-bondsman John Williams, who swore Elizabeth was "21 years of age"

EDMONS, William to Nancy Oliver-29 Jan 1834-Bond Date, bondsman Daniel Sanders

EDMUNDS, William to Amelia Oliver-30 Jan 1839-bond date, bondsman David Fisk

EDWARDS, Cador to Betsy Crane-28 June 1799-bond date, bondsman Edward Welsh, consent by the bride's father William Crain

EDWARDS, David to Maria E Thomas-13 Nov 1845-bond date, bondsman R T Kercheval

EDWARDS, David to Polly/Mary Sketers?-22 Nov. 1831, bondsman Enos Pratt

EDWARDS, Edward to Matilda Oldham-27 Aug 1823-bondsman Moses Oldham

EDWARDS, Edward to Elizabeth Wolford-24 Sep 1836-bondsman George P Wolford

EDWARDS, Letty to Benjamin D Read-1 Nov 1838-bond Thomas P Thornton

EDWARDS, Mary to William Morgan-31 Jan 1828-bondsman Thomas Edwards

EDWARDS, Moses to Casandra Edmunds-15 Nov 1825-bondsman Elijah Vise

EDWARDS, Nancy to Alexander Rouse-25 Apr 1833-bond Thomas Edwards

EDWARDS, Rebecca to John McLean-28 Mar 1807-bondsman Robert Stubbs

EDWARDS, Richard to Maria Green-3 Oct 1826-bondsman John Cook

EDWARDS, Sylvester D C to Elizabeth Ann Howell-29 Dec 1834-bond William S Gibbons

EDWARDS, Uriah to Nancy Gregg-30 June 1803-bondsman Mathew Gregg

EDWARDS, William to Nancy Hill-3 Feb 1796-bond & consent by James Lee, guardian or friend of Nancy

EGELSTON, Silas W to Ellen Lightfoot-27 July 1832-bondsman James Lightfoot

EGGLESTON, Amos to Amanda Streeter-24 Sep 1817-bondsman Jonathan Streeter

EGGLESTON, Deliah to Freeman Sofield-23 Dec 1832 bond Elias M Egelston

EGGLESTON, Stephen P to Sally Robinson-30 Mar 1825-Bond Date, bondsman Ira Betts

EGLESTON, Benjamin to Margaret Craven-21 Dec 1820-bondsman William T Cunningham

EGLESTON, Hiram W to Elizabeth J Stevenson-3 Sep 1844-bondsman Edmund R Kennedy

EGNER, Samuel C to Elizabeth Vanosdol-3 Jan 1833-bondsman John Mott

ELDER, Lewis to Amanda Williams-9 June 1835-bondsman John Skirvin, consent  by Amanda's mother (unnamed); her father is dead

ELLIOTT, Eddy to Nancy McHatton-4 Aug 1847-Bond Date, bondsman James Dye

ELLIOTT, W L to Harriet E Jones-20 Oct 1846-Bond Date, bondsman  John N Taliaferro

ELLIOTT, William A to Lidia Bonny-22 Oct 1836-Bond Date, bondsman William Hopkins

ELLIS, Anne to Ansyl Salmon-20 Oct 1831-bond Robert Ellis

ELLIS, Clifton to Alice Barton-26 July 1846-bondsman James S White

ELLIS, Daniel to Mary Senior-2 Dec 1824-bondsmen William G Elli & John Senior

ELLIS, George to Nancy Britton/Bartton?-27 June 1816-bondsman Morris Hamilton

ELLIS, Horatio T to Ann Eubank-28 Apr 1836-bondsman William Eubank, "William Eubank, father of Ann"

ELLIS, Isabel to Owen Selby-8 Jan 1802 BD, bond Archibald Rudull, consent by Isabel's guardian David & Mary Edgar of "Hamilton County, Northwestern Territory, witness by William Grant

ELLIS, Jackson to Nancy Clendeny?-20 Feb 1832-bondsman Robert Ellis

ELLIS, James to Elizabeth Leathers-24 Feb 1825-bondsman Nelson R Ellis

ELLIS, John to Mary H Carlisle-15 Aug 1839-bondsman Charles A Bagby, consent given by the bride's father, John Carlisle

ELLIS, John G to Elizabeth Glore-12 Mar 1811-bondsman  Simeon Glore, consent by the brides' father, Adam Glore; witnessed  by Rueben Glore

ELLIS, Luther Homer to Missouri Mary Dicken-9 Aug 1847-Bond Date, bondsman Charles Dicken

ELLIS, Nancy to William Vaughn-26 July 1827; bond John G Ellis

ELLIS, Nelson R to Martha Ann Wood-13 Aug 1818, bondsman Hiram Wood, who "qualified to the consent of the parents of M Wood"

ELLIS, Nelson W to Mary Ann Byrd-29 July 1839-BD-bondsman Foster Byrd

ELLIS, William G to Susan Arnold-12 May 1824-bondsman John Arnold

ELLISON, Andrew Jackson to Elizabeth Gosney-2 Oct 1839-bondsman Enoch Gosney, consent by Elizabeth's father (unnamed)

ELLISON, John T to Ann Puncheon-20 Feb 1833-BD-bondsman Philip Hooper

ELLISON, William to Mary Ann Redman-29 Oct 1842-bondsman Martin Goodspeed, who made oath that "Ellison's mother was willing....he believes her father dead and her mother no inhabitant of the state, and that W. Abbot, with whom she lives, is willing."

ELLISON, William to Rosanna Jones-14 May 1843-bondsman William W Brown

ELMER, Orrin to Anna Ward-23 Sep 1832-bondsman Nathan Barrett

ELSTON, James L to Anna Wene-24 Jan 1829-BD-bond Paul Wene, the brother of Anna

ELWELL, Charles to Elizabeth Ward-24 Mar 1842-oath by bondsman Daniel Ward that Elizabeth had no father or guardian and that her mother (unnamed) gave her consent

EMERSON, James L to Isophene V Lacy-5 Mar 1840-bondsman J H McClure

EMMIT, Jesse to Isabella Kiser-26 Apr 1845-bondsman Wilson Kiser

ENGARD, Adam to Lucy Heart-25 Feb-1837-bond date, bondsman David Meriman, "both father & mother dead and the young Lucy Heart having lived with David Merriman for one or two years he gave his consent...."

EPPERSON, Honor to Abner Newton-16 Nov 1819-consent by Polly's mother, Polly Worle-witness by
Susanna Epperson, bondsman Jacob Kraut

ENNIS, Margaret to George M Scruggs-28 Mar 1835 bond John Lee

ENNIS, Sarah to Isaac R Vanausdol-12 July 1833 bond by Sarah's brother John Golladay

EPPERSON, Polly to Abraham Moore-23 Jan 1823-bondsman Ephraim Knowlton-Moore made oath that Mrs. Warrell, late Mrs. Epperson, gave consent to marriage of her daughter Polly

ERNST, William to Lydia Ann Bush-23 Apr 1839-bondsman J C  Butler, consent by Lydia's father (unnamed)

ERVIN, Elizabeth to William Strawn-20 July 1839 bond Hiram Strawn

ESGHER, John E to Fanny Moselman-11 Aug 1845-bond date-bondsman John Smith

EUBANK, James T to Meria H Brown-2 June 1813-bond date, bondsman George Gordon

EUBANK, James T to Sarah Dempsey-27 May 1840

EUBANK, Thomas T to Sarah Ann Stansufer-18 Sep 1831-bond date, bondsman Edmund T Berry, consent by guardian Leonard Stephens, witnessed by Benjamin Stephens Sr., father John Stansifer is deceased

EULDER, Eustus to Barbara FAITE, 15 Sept. 1849, Bond Date, bondsman John Wartchley

EVANS, Anna to William Straughn-17 Sep 1835 bond John G Evans

EVANS, Azariah to Elizabeth Smith-30 Dec 1830-bondsman William Kelley

EVANS, Benjamin to Mary Ann Jones-13 Mar 1835-bondsman W H Lacy

EVANS, John to Rachel Merrifield-17 Feb 1812-bondsman John Lipscum, consent given by Rachel, witnessed  by N Cherry & Thomas Stevens

EVANS, John D to Elizabeth Brown-18 Dec 1834-bondsman William Straughan

EVANS, Joshua to Jane Rogers-5 June 1844-bondsman William Parker

EVANS, Mary to William Owens-1 Jan 1830-bond Samuel Sutherland "who swore that Mary was above the age of 21, that her mother was willing, her father having departed this life"

EVANS, Zibe to Sarah Ann Saron-28 Jan 1841-bondsman Hiram Strawn

EVENS, Hester to Washington White-1 Mar 1832 bond Samuel Evens

EVERITT, Isaac to Susannah Nunn-25 Aug 1830-bondsman John Kilgore

EVERSON, Henry to Phebe Carl-24 July 1824-bondsman Joseph W McClure

EVERSON, William to Sytha Lancaster-23 Oct 1839-bondsman John R. Stewart, consent by the bride's mother, Sarah Lancaster, her father being dead.

EVERSULL, John to Ann McCartney-16 Mar 1815-bondsman James Trainer

EVES, Elizabeth to William L Massey-3 Oct 1826-bondsman Balaam Buzbee

EVES, John to Elizabeth Allphin-6 Sept. 1816-bondsman Balam Buzbee, consent by the bride's father,  Zebulon Allphin

EWING, Henry H to Mary Elisa Leonard-15 Sep 1845-bondsman Jacob K Pence

EWING, H N to Mary Eliza Leonard-15 Sep 1845

EWING, John P to Elizabeth Davenport-28 Feb 1844, bondsman William Fuller, Elizabeth a widow.

F Surnames

FAGALY, Lewis to Mary Ann Fox-27 June 1830-bondsman Miller W Easley

FAGAN, Barbary to Zelman Power-28 May 1800-bond Joshua Crawford who certified that "I have good reason to believe that the with named Barbay Fagan is upwards of Twenty one year of age and I do moreover certify that Capt. Edward Miller Commanding the Garrison of Fort Washington in my presence gave his permission to the said Power to marry the said Barbary but that he had made a promise against signing a permission."

FAGAN, Henry to Letta Chandler-25 Dec 1834-bondsman John Lee, Letta is a widow

FAGAN, William N to Ophelia A Daniel-5 Apr 1849-bondsman A D Daniel

FAIRCHILD, Anson to Amira Gillet-9 Oct 1817-bondsman Geo Gordon

FAIRMAN, Loyal to Flora I Bryce-21 Oct 1834-bondsman John Bryce

FAIRMAN, Loyal to Mary L Todd-3 Mar 1824-bondsman John N Taliaferro

FALLURE, Charles W to Sarah Ann Demoss-26 Aug 1844-bondsman George Hamilton

FANCHER, John to Sally Moores-26 June 1810-bondsman Ebenezer Gilbert, who certified that Polly was of "lawful age" and that "Robert Moores, her father, has given his consent"

FARIER, James to Deborah Quail-4 Apr 1833-bondsman Bradbury Merrill

FARMER, Henry to Mary Friend-6 Dec 1850-bondsman Frederick Spillman

FARRAR, Isabel to William Raireden-24 Dec 1846-bond Henry Babcock

FARRAR, Samuel to Eliza Gibb-2 Nov 1848-bondsman James Bell

FARROW, Joseph to Celia Ruckel-11 Apr 1827

FAULCONER, Lewis to Susanna Nelson-23 Dec 1797-bondsman  Richard Nelson, c by the bride's father, John Nelson, witnessed by Covington Nelson

FAULKNER, Charles to Abigail Holbrooke-16 Aug 1834-bondsman Joshua Crawford

FAULKNER, James to Mary Ann Jaquit-30 May 1848-bondsman Samuel W Fisher

FAULKNER, John & America Rardin-15 Dec 1848-bondsman Zacariah Faulkner

FAULKNER, Owen to Lydia Ann Stull-6 July 1847-bondsman Lilburn Lively

FAULKNER, Spencer to Susan McKinsey-9 Jan 1838-consent & bond by the bride's father, David McKinsey

FAWLER, Thomas to Nancy Townsend-28 Sep 1847-bondsman Jacob Thomasen

FAY, Edward E to Eliza D Smalley-18 July 1833-bondsman F T Helm

FAY, John to Wineford Thomas-12 Apr 1850-bondsman J A DeCourcy

FEATHERMAN, Israel to Nancy Logan-18 May 1840-bondsman A Boyd, oath by William French that Nancy is a widow and resides in this county

FEE, Elias to Elizabeth McRay-4 Mar 1799-bondsman William McRay, who certified that Elizabeth was  "upwards of 21 years of age," consent by the bride's father, Daniel McRay, witnessed by Peter Rust, John Golden & Stephen Mullins

FELPS, Avington to Pere Day-14 May 1797-bondsman Abel Donham, who certified Pere was of "lawful age"

FENDER, Christopher F to Magdalene Walder-28 Dec 1849-bondsman Henry Honnen

FERBUSH, John A to Ann P Kennard-4 Nov 1844

FERGUSON, William H to Margaret King-24 Apr 1846-bondsman Jesse Beagle

FERRAN/McFarran, John Courts M to Rose Hetty Green-11 Oct 1844-bond John M Caldwell

FERREL, Michael to Polley McCullough-20 Apr 1820-bondsman Jno McCullock, consent by the bride's parents John MacColloch & Polley

FERREL, Nancy to Zadock Westcot-10 Sep 1812 bond Robert Smith

FERRIS, Robert S to Martha Bonnell-2 Aug 1825-bondsman Cyrus Niles

FEUGASS, Catharine to Henry Tableman-1 Nov 1850 BD

FIELD, William S to Margaret Johnson-24 Apr 1831-bondsman John Wright

FIELDS, Mary to Moses Wellman-4 Nov 1827 bond Mathew Fields

FIELDS, Sophia to Jetson Willett-5 Feb 1831 BD bond Mathew Fields

FINCH, William to Elizabeth Leroy-17 June 1832-bondsman John Lee

FINNELL, William to Eleanor Mann-17 Dec 1835-bondsman John Morehead

FISH, Almira M to Zacariah Stephenson-12 Jan 1831/32 consent by father William M Fish, bond Ezra K Fish

FISH, James to Jane Wallace-26 Dec 1825-bond date, bondsman John Stephenson

FISH, Thomas to Sarah Reese-19 Nov 1839-bondsman Henry Sethman

FISH/FISK, George to Betsey McKinsey-17 Nov 1833-bondsman Adam McKinzey, consent by the bride's father, William McKinsey Sr.

FISH, Unice to John McClure-1 Apr 1830-bondsman William M Fish

FISHBACK, John H to- Permelia Muirheid-10 Dec 1839-bondsman Wesley C Muirheid

FISHER, Daniel W to America Gosney-14 Feb 1839-bondsman John Gosney

FISHER, Daniel W to Elizabeth Croutch-2 Oct 1849-bondsman William Prichard

FISHER, George Y to Margaret Mason-23 Aug 1849-bondsman John Clinkinbeard

FISHER, John to Lucinda Simmons-4 Feb 1837-bondsman Lyman H Rugg, "proved by the oath of Lindy Fisher that John Fisher is 21 years of age and that Lucinda Simmons is a widow"

FISHER, Peggy to Lewis Miller-11 Nov 1800-bondsman David Colglazen, consent by father Adam Fisher, witness Ernolt Siter

FISHER, Samuel to Polly Eckert-22 June 1820-bondsman James Thomason

FISHER, Sarah Jane Mrs. to Jacob Mefford-8 May 1834-BD-bond William Griffin

FISHWICK, Thomas to Elizabeth Parkerson-14 Jan 1836/37 bondsman Samuel Hurst

FISK, David L to Mary Jane Griffing-24 Nov 1829-bondsman William Griffing

FISK, David L to Sally Abbercrombie-17 July 1823-bondsman Jonathan Huling, consent by the bride's step-father Reuben Lummis & her mother Nancy Lummis

FISK, Margaret to Augustus Regnier-6 Nov 1831-bond William Fisk

FISK, William to Ann Stubbs-6 Oct 1829

FISK, William to Cynthia Stephens-8 Apr 1832-bondsman William Stephens, consent by the bride's father (unnamed)

FITHIAN, James to Ellenor Holland-27 Dec 1806, bondsman Zach Holland, consent by the bride's father,  Archable Holland, witnessed by Samuel Holland

FLACK, Richard to Catharine Loney-31 May 1827-bondsman Thaddeus B Keeler

FLEAK, Margaret to Nathan E Walker-30 Jan 1839 BD, bond Andrew Walker

FLEMING, Alexander F to Minerva Scott-25 Nov 1830-bondsman William D Scott

FLEMING, John B & Rebecca Ann Fowler-24 Sep 1837-bondsman Thomas F Vickers

FLEMING, Thomas & Dinah Kennedy-21 Apr 1830-bondsman Edmond R Kennedy

FLEMING, William & Rebecca Havens-28 June 1838-bondsman William Wasson

FLEMING, William B & Mary Vickers-21 Apr 1835-bondsman Richard Southgate, consent by the bride's father, James Vickers

FLEMING, William F & Sarah McCollum-18 Nov 1824-bondsman Samuel McCollum, consent by the bride's mother, Sarah McCollum

FLEMMING, Cocharan & Sarah A Huddleston-28 May 1850-bondsman David F. McKee, consent by the bride's parents (unnamed)

FLEMMING, Martha to John Pelly-20 Dec 1827-bond Robert Fleming

FLEMMING, Robert to Harriet Cain-4 July 1832-bondsman F T Helm

FLEMMING, William to Polly Coleman-23 Oct 1834-bondsman Samuel McCollum

FLICK, George to Catherine Cope-27 July 1850-bondsman  John B Whiteman

FLIN, David to Mary Mustin-29 Mar 1821-bondsman Vivion Daniel

FLING, Minor to Ellen Work-12 Mar 1838-bondsman Alexander Work

FLINN, Alice to Samuel Oysburn-1 Aug 1796-bond Bates Dorsey, consent by mother Latties Flinn, witness Walter McW Barrett & Charles __eavan

FLINN, Archibald Smith & Ann Stephens-8 Apr 1838-bondsman J G Flinn, Ann's father is dead

FLINN, Michael to Catharine Beatty-8 Dec 1849-bondsman  Martin Mullin, who made oath that Catharine was under age and had "nether father or mother living and had no guardian."

FLOOD, Nathaniel C to Mary Ann Sweet-5 Sep 1839-bondsman  Joel D Philips

FLORA, John W to Isabella Jane Herndon-6 June 1843-bondsman T W Parish, consent by the bride's father, James Herndon

FLOYD, Ephraim to Martha Ann Jewel-21 Aug 1836-bondsman James M McArthur

FOLEY, Bushrod W to Elmira/Edwinna L Stewart-21 Sep 1836

FOLEY, William H to Livona C Starns-15 Apr 1844-bondsman John C Jones

FOLLER, Bird to Sarah Reeter-10 Jan 1825-bondsman Richard S Hardy

FOOTE, John T to Georgana Harris-30 Sep 1845-bondsman R T Thornton

FORD, Bennett to Hannah W Dawson-8 Oct 1839-bondsman J J Caldwell

FORD, Samuel to Mary Jane Clutter-24 Apr 1850-bondsman  J H C Clutter

FORD, Sarah to A B Tudor-30 Apr 1838 bond James Emerson

FORD, Thomas D & Matilda T Helm-15 Oct 1844

FORESTER, George W & Nancy Spalding-4 June 1829-bondsman Aaron Spalding

FORKNER, Lewis to Harriet Nelson-3 Jan 1829

FORT, Ann to Noah Shinn-24 May 1826 BD, bond Gabriel Fort, consent by father Benjamin Fort

FOSSETT, William & Charlotte Baynum-17 Apr 1834-bondsman Richard Fossett, consent by the bride's father, James Baynum, witnessed by Josiah Baynum

FOSSIT, David W to Catharine Baynum-27 Apr 1843-bondsman Belitha T Baynum

FORSITH, Elizabeth to Joseph Rommeyer-22 Dec 1832-bond George Graden

FOSTER, Ann to Aaron Vallentine-26 June 1818 bond Jonathan Huling

FOSTER, Charles to Rachael Barker-5 June 1828-bondsman Thomas M Carman

FOSTER, Elizabeth to William Williams-5 Jan 1799 BD, bond William Curry, consent by father Jacob Foster

FOSTER, Jacob Jr. to Rhode Rogers-14 June 1797-bondsman William Martin, consent by father Anderson Rodgers, witnessed by Adam Rittinghouse

FOSTER, John to Polly Adams-11 Oct 1815-bondsman Absalom Colvin, who swore that "the Lady Polly is 21...."

FOSTER, John M to Polly Gosney-15 July 1825-bondsman James Gosney, consent by the bride's mother, Jane German, witnessed by Travis Daniel.

FOSTER, Jonathan to Betsy Bowls-8 Aug 1817-bondsman William W Taylor

FOSTER, Mary to Benjamin Thompson-29 Sep 1797 BD, bond Jacob Foster

FOSTER, Michael Thomas to Belinda Donham-27 Aug 1840-bondsman Samuel Hight

FOULER, Sarah to Richard Sisk Smith-10 Dec 1848 bond John Fouler

FOULK, Aaron to Nancy B Smith-27 Feb.1821-bondsman John M Richardson

FOWLER, Abigail to Chasteen Scott-20 June 1816, bond Thomas D Carneal

FOWLER, Bernard to Elizabeth Grant-27 July 1798-bondsman William Reddick, consent by the bride's father, John Grant

FOWLER, Charles to Nancy Whaling-2 Mar 1826-bondsman William Keys

FOWLER, Edward F to Lucy Waters-23 July 1836-bondsman Arthur Connely

FOWLER, Elijah to Jane Butler-16 Feb 1806-bondsman John Byrd, consent by the bride's mother (unnamed)

FOWLER, Elizabeth (widow) to Christopher O Stuart-23 Oct 1801, bond Wm Reddick

FOWLER, Eveline to Alexander Ross-24 Feb 1828-bond Charles Fowler

FOWLER, Gerrard to Lucinda Bassett-30 Apr 1820-bondsman William Hopkins

FOWLER, John to Sarah Tiffey-22 Mar 1836-bond by brother of the bride, John Tiffee, who "made oath...that their father & mother are both dead"

FOWLER, John B to Mary Stillwell-10 Jan 1822-bondsman Joseph Stillwell

FOWLER, Josiah R to Margaret Jane Cooper-22 Apr 1848-bondsman William Foor/Poor

FOWLER, Mary M to Samuel Tiberghien-1 May 1841 BD, bond Thomas Fowler

FOWLER, Richard to Rachel Yamans-11 Dec 1804-bondsman  Uriah Hardesty, consent by the bride's father, Moses Yamans, witnessed by Henry Yamans

FOWLER, Robert to Rachael Stuart-1 Dec 1803-bondsman James Smith

FOWLER, Stout to Rebecca Waling-16 Apr 1829-bondsman Charles Fowler

FOWLER, Walter to Elizabeth E Eams-13 Feb 1843-bondsman Charles Stricker

FOX, Axley to Payton Owesley-25 Apr 1833-bond A C Johnson

FOX, William H to Susanna Armstrong-27 July 1837-bondsman George W Armstrong

FOY, Mary, widow to Joseph Rich-16 Oct 1838-bond D Downard

FRAKES, Elizabeth to John York-10 Nov 1848 bond James Chapman

FRAKES, Margaret to Benjamin York-25 Sep 1848 bond James Chapman

FRAKES?, William to Lidia Thatcher-12 Sep 1818-Bond Date-bondsman Samuel Morrison

FRANCISCO, Elon to Eliza Grapevine-25 May 1833-Bond Date-bondsman Daniel Hallam

FRANCISCO, Elon to Sarah Ann Yates-6 Sep 1835-bondsman James F Francisco

FRANCISCO, Fanny to William Steward-8 Nov 1843 bond F A Boyce

FRANK, Joseph to Emeline Snider-15 Aug 1838-BD-bondsman Charles Stricker, consent by the bride's father, Anthony Snider

FRANKLIN, Mary Ann to James Reed-30 May 1829-bond H C Lewis who stated that "Mary's parents were dead and she had no guardian"

FRANKLIN, Salley to Moses Warner-4 Oct 1824 BD, bond Gilman Stone

FRANKLIN, Sarah to William B Payne-12 July 1823-bond Ebenezer Franklin

FRANKS, Susan to Edward Netheringham-11 June 1839-bondsman John Lee

FRAZAR?,  Levi to Martha Strahn-15 Oct 1818-bondsman Daniel Levyer

FRAZER, Annanias to Marian Johnson-22 Sep 1823-Bond Date-bondsman Baldwin Collaum, consent by the bride's father, Samuel J Johnson

FRAZER, William to Mary Ann Birdwhistle-12 Feb 1835-bondsman James Frazer

FRAZER, William to Rebecah Wier-27 Mar 1806-bondsman Alexander Wier, consent by the bride's mother, Mary Wier

FRAZIER, John to Clary  McCollum-24 Aug 1809-bondsman Alexander Weir, surety by James McCollum (no relationship stated)

FRAZIER, John to Sarah Ann Ball-26 May 1839-bondsman John Lee

FRAZIER, Nelson to Elizabeth Morris-10 Jan 1825-bondsman Moses Morris

FRAZIER, William to Mary Lawson-31 Aug 1820

FREDENBURGH, Abraham to Margaret Allen-22 June 1828-bondsman Joseph Allen

FREDENBURGH, John to Mary Ann Tucker-23 Nov 1826, bondsman William Tucker

FREDENBURGH, Permelia to Stephen Rogers-21 Dec 1826-bond Isaac Fredenburgh

FREE, Ransom to Hannah Jane Strowder-25 Dec 1831, bondsman Joseph Strowder

FREEBORN, Nancy to George W Martin-10 Sep 1831-bondsman Silas W Egelston, consent by father Jacob Freeborn

FREEMAN, John to Mary Jane Jones-27 Nov 1849, bondsman Joseph Clift

FREEMAN, Samuel to Jane Doyail?-2 Mar 1816-BD, bondsman John Scot

FREEMAN, William H to Rebecca Mounts-28 July 1818, bondsman William Mounts, who qualified that Rebecca was "21 years old"

FREKERT, Nicholas to Peggy Davis-8 May 1821, Bond Date.

FRELEY, Josiah to Lucinda Baker-18 Feb 1850, bondsman Richard Tarvin.

FRENCH, Thomas to Martha Callan-30 Aug 1838-bondsman Samuel Laird, Martha is a widow

FREY, Betty "Kitty" Ann (widow) to Daniel Ware-5 Apr 1849 bond James A DeCourcy

FRIEND, William T to Sarah Foote-20 Nov 1819-bondsman Enoch Thomas

FRITS, Edward to Margret Main-17 Apr 1849-BD-bondsman Harrison Bats

FROMAN, Ann Jane to Henry Weaver-9 Oct 1848 BD, bond D Carol Froman

FRY, Faltine to Elisabeth R ?-17 Apr 1849-BD-bondsman  Joseph Derrick

FRY, Harry to Elvira Richardson-18 Oct 1848-BD-bondsman J W C Clutter

FRYE, Lydia to Jonathan R Preston-7 July 1840-bond Enoch Thomas

FUELL, Elizabeth to Philip Senour-4 Feb 1816 bond Abner Fuell

FUGATE, Thomas to Elizabeth Eckert-10 July 1828, bondsman Leonard Eckert, consent by the mother of the bride, Mary Eckert, for Elizabeth who is underage

FULLER, Daniel to Nancy Golding-5 Apr 1811-bondsman James Hathaway, consent by the bride's father, William Golding, witness David Hathaway

FULLER, John to Ellen Gillham-14 Sep 1816-bondsman Robert Gillham

FULLER, Mary to John Myers-18 June 1837-bondsman Washington Lewis

FULLER, Sarah to Wesley Miller-14 Dec 1848-bondsman William Fuller

FULLER, William to Elizabeth Collier-29 Apr 1845-bondsman William B Clark

FULLERTIN, Mary to Samuel Winston-2 May 1822

FURLONG, John to Margarett Johnston-2 Sep 1818-bondsman Abraham McCord

FURMAN, Joshua P to Phebe White-21 June 1832-bondsman John Lee

FURNISH, Albert D to Nancy Cherry-19 Nov 1837-bondsman John Cherry

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