Campbell County Marriages


Please Note:  I tried to transcribe these as best I could but there will be errors and
this list might not be complete.  Bonnie Snow

BD-bond date

A Surnames

ABACRUMBE, Nancy to Reuben Lemis BD-17 June 1814; BM-Joseph McPike; William Gosney certified that Mrs. Nancy Abacrumbe was of age; w-Peggy Gosney

ABBERCROMBIE, Sally to David L Fisk BD-17 Apr 1823; MD-17 July 1823; BM-Jonathan Huling; consent by Nancy's step-father
Reuben Lummis & her mother Nancy Lumis

ABBERCROMBY, Rozanah to Elmore Black 27 Mar 1832; BM-John Rickerson

ABBOT, Daniel to Mary Beagle-16 Oct 1824-bondsman Leroy Beagle

ABBOT, John to Hanah McCoun-13 Feb 1803-bondsman James Harris, (bond notation: "Wast Miller to pay fee")

ABBOT, Jonathan to Rhoda Miller Applegate-19 Sep 1809-bondsman Hambleton Miller, consent of Zebulon & Tabitha Applegate, witness Gordon Applegate

ABBOT, Joseph to Elizabeth Gilman-25 Sept. 1833-consent of Elizabeth's brother Joseph Gilman Jr., (notation: her parents were willing")

ABBOT, Mary Ann to George W Barrett-19 Dec 1839-bondsman Thomas Abbot

ABBOT, Meredith to Jane Bacon-28 Apr. 1840-bondsman Thomas Abbot, "Jane's father more than a year ago went South & has not been heard from"

ABBOT/ABBET, Selmon to Sarah Byrd-8 Feb 1834-bondsman Foster Byrd

ABBOT, Younglove C to Mary Herbert-7 July 1824-bondsman William Herbert, consent of mother Elizabeth Herbert 

ABBOTT, Elisha to Kasander Hawkings-10 Feb 1800-bondsman Samuel James

ABBOTT, Eliza to William Barr-2 June 1841-bondsman Lewis Helm

ABBOTT, Harmon? to Olinda Sutton-2 Aug 1832-bondsman Thomas Abbott

ABBOTT, John to Ellendor Mitchell-25 Dec 1815-bondsman George Mitchell, consent of mother Mary Abbot, witness Thomas Herbert

ABBOTT, Mary to Luther McElfresh-12 Feb 1848-bondsman Thomas Botts

ABBOTT, Sarah to Squire Streeter-27 Dec 1832 bond Joseph Abbott

ABBOTT, Susan to James S Putnam-15 Oct 1834-consent & bond by father John Abbott

ABBOTT, William to Eliza Johnson-4 Sept. 1850-bondsman Jesse Beagle

ABBOTT, William to Mary Ann Willison-25 June 1835-bond and consent by father James Willison.

ABERCROMBIE, George to Martha Loveless-21 Mar 1833-bondsman James D Anderson, consent of Samuel Lovelace (relationship not stated)

ACKEMAN, Henry to Polly Ackeman-18 Mar 1824-bondsman Thomas C Summers, consent of father William Acmon, witness S? W McCann 

ACKLEN, Joseph to (left blank)-21 May 1804-bondsman James Boyles/Boles

ACKLEN/ACKLER, David to Martha Maxwell-11 Nov 1817-bondsman John Maxwell

ACKLEN/ACKLIN, Joseph to Nancy Boles-12 May 1842-bondsman David Baker

ACKLIN, James to Matilda Wood-27 Apr 1842-bondsman Edward K Spilman

ACKLIN, Maary to James Shaw-5 Oct 1831 BD, bond James Acklin

ACKMAN, Sally to Taylor Barton-23 Mar 1818-bondsman Thomas Wilson

ACKMON, Nelly to Albert Webster-19 Aug 1833 bond Jeremiah Reardon

ACMAN, Henry to Polly Acman-17 Mar 1824-bondsman Thomas C Summers, consent of father William Acmon 

ACMAN, James to Polly Badders-27 Jan 1835-bondsman Jesse Badders.

ADAMS, Caleb to Susan H Martin-13 June 1849-bondsman George W Owen, consent of Susan's (unnamed) father

ADAMS, Eliza to Richard Mann-5 Apr 1834-bondsman Elijah Taylor, consent by Eliza's mother Anna Huvers?

ADAMS, Jenetta to Benjamin Pelly-1 May 1828-bond William Wayman "it appears that the father of the said Janette departed this life, that no guardian has ever been appointed for her and that she has not resided with her mother for several years but has supported herself without the assistance of her said mother."

ADAMS, John to Maria Lucus-20 Nov 1838-bondsman Charles Schleigh, consent of Maria's (unnamed) parents

ADAMS, Joseph to Anna Henry-19 Jan 1836-bondsman John J Clark

ADAMS, Lyndia to Thomas Timmons-26 Mar 1828, bond Benjamin Lewis, who made oath that the "parents of Lydia Adams were dead and she had no guardian"

ADAMS, Maria to Jesse Morgan-15 Jan 1824-bondsman John Steiger 

ADAMS, Nancy to William Wayman-8 May 1813, bond Hermon Weyman

ADAMS, Nathaniel to Hannah Forsythe-25 Dec 1818-bondsman Nathan Foster

ADAMS, Peter to Ann Massie-27 Oct 1808-bondsman William Massie, consent of father Edmond Massie

ADAMS, Polly to John Reynolds-16 June 1813-bond Charles Reynolds

ADAMS, Rachel to Joseph H Marshall-24 June 1834-consent and bond by father James Adams

ADAMS, Rebecca to Isaac J Patrick-17 Feb 1838-bondsman Charles Stricker, consent by father James Adams of Covington

ADAMS, William to Hannah Reed-10 Nov 1833-bondsman Henry Hilhouse 

ADAMSON, George to Harriet Purdy-4 Oct 1841-bondsman Joseph Barlow

ADDIS, Benjamin R to Melvina Fisher-17 Mar 1843-bondsman William H Justice 

ADKINS, Isaac to Elizabeth Huffman-25 Dec 1848-bondsman Joseph Cain

AGER, John to Betsy Thorp-18 Oct 1822

AGGLEBERT, Betsey John Barnhart-11 Oct 1809-bondsman Joseph Barnhard

AGNER, John to Fair/Bethiah Battles-14 Nov 1830-bondsman Zacariah Tusken?

AIR, Robert to Mary Ann K Downard-7 May 1832-bondsman Francis T Helm

AKERS, Sally to James Thomison-7 July 1818 BD, bond T Donly who qualified that "the old folks were willing"

ALBERS, Ann to Henry Thole-14 Sep 1850 BD, bond Henry Keutham

ALCOCKE, William A to Sarah Fredenburg-26 Oct 1829-bondsman Hiram H. Byron, consent of Sarah's (unnamed) parents

ALDICE, Eliza to Francis Moore-7 Mar 1833

ALDIE, ELiza to Philip Francis Moore-7 Mar 1833-bondsman William Pearce

ALDRIDGE, William to Agnes Hume-3 Mar 1808, bondsman William Hume, consent of father George Hume, witnesses Aquilla Hume & William Hume

ALEXANDER, Melinda to John Tevis-24 Aug 1827 BD, bond William Alexander

ALFRED, Burrel to Disa Goiner-10 Oct 1818-bondsman John Alfred

ALLEGRAS, William R to Drissilla Hume-23 July 1835-bondsman James McKinsey, consent of father William Hume 

ALLEN, Ann to William Wright-8 Nov 1821 bond Nathaniel Vise

ALLEN, Benjamin to Sarah Maddox-5 July 1803-bondsman Squire Grant

ALLEN, Cary to Charlotte Cleveland-16 Oct 1834-bondsman James Cleveland, consent of Charlotte's (unnamed) father in person

ALLEN, David to Anna Vice-7 May 1799, consent of father Nathaniel Vice for Anna aged 16

ALLEN, David to Sabilla Winston-10 June 1819, bondsman John Grant

ALLEN, Frances to Samuel McCollum-10 Dec 1811-bondsman John McCollum, consent by William F Wright (relationship not stated)

ALLEN, Francis E to Wesley Baker-6 Mar 1850

ALLEN, Lavina-4 May 1838 bond John Colvin

ALLEN, Mary to Barnet Punnell-7 Dec 1819-bond John B Lindsey

ALLEN, Martha Ann to Benjamin Stephenson-16 July 1841-BD bond Tarvin Baker, consent by father Reuben Stephenson, w-Henry Haney

ALLEN, Martha F to Luther Newton-8 Mar 1825-bondman Seth Welder

ALLEN, Marthey to Benjamin Stevens-16 July 1841

ALLEN, Martin to Elizabeth Vice-22 Sep 1804-bondsman Nathaniel Vice, who certified Elizabeth was "of lawful age"

ALLEN, Patty to John Massey-3 July 1817-bondsman George Gordon

ALLEN, Squire G to Susan McCollum-4 Mar 1820; BM-Nathaniel Vise Junior, consent of mother Sally McCollum

ALLEN, Susan to William Tucker-26 July 1826; BM-John Allen

ALLEY, Andrew to Mary Devore- 4 Oct 1830; BM-Jonathan Gray.

ALLEY, John to Mary Jane Green-28 June 1846; BM-R T Baker

ALLGOOD, Charlotte to Alphonse F Bourgoyn BD-2 Mar 1850; BM-John Allgood

ALLON, Frances E to Wesley Baker-6 Mar 1850; BM-Owen Foster

ALLPHIN, Rebecca to Robert Philips-17 Dec 1823; BM-William Icnogle, consent by father, Zebelon Allphin

ALPHIN, Dolly to Zedekiah Stephenson-16 Dec 1813 bond Luke Alphin, consent by father Lebolum Allllphen, w-David Christy

ALTMYER, Margaret to John Miller-8 Apr 1849-bondsman John N Taliaferro

AMES, Mary to Arthur Bonnivlle/Bonesell 17 Jan 1832; BM-F T Helm

AMISS, Gabriel to Amanda Pearson-18 July 1838-bondsman John Lee

AMPFER, Frederick to Dorithy Walter-24 June 1850; bondsman John Bumgartner

ANDERSON, Albert to Christena Rush-28 July 1836-bondsman James W Rush

ANDERSON, Benjamin to Juliann Shaw- 9 Oct 1834-consent and bond Edward Shaw, brother

ANDERSON, Catharine L to Lorenzo D Willis-19 Jan 1837 bond William Vestal

ANDERSON, Elijah to Matilda Roberson-14 Feb 1830-bondsman Thomas Hankins

ANDERSON, Eliza to Peter Reed-13 May 1827-bond John N Taliaferro & Timothy Wright, consent by father William Anderson

ANDERSON, Harriet to William Vestal-19 Sep 1830, consent by father W H Anderson, bond Edward G Smith

ANDERSON, Henry to Mildred Cornelius-5 Jan 1819

ANDERSON, Henry to Nancey Hathaway-5 Jan 1813 (bond dated 3 Feb)-bondsman David Hathaway

ANDERSON, Jacob to Mary Hester White-4 July 1849-bondsman Thomas M White 

ANDERSON, James to Eunice Griffing-24 Mar 1828-bondsman Jeremiah Griffing

ANDERSON, James A to Phebe Jane Griffing-29 Apr 1838-bondsman Jeremy Griffing (relationship not stated)

ANDERSON, James D to Mary Holmes-27 June 1832-bondsman William B Holmes

ANDERSON, James D to Mary Taite-27 May 1844-bondsman Thomas D Snyder 

ANDERSON, James D to Mrs. Mary Coones-19 Apr 1834, bondsman Isaac Wilson

ANDERSON, Jane to Calvin Beadol-6 Mar 1822-consent by father William Anderson

ANDERSON, John to Elizabeth Carmack-4 Sept 1820-bondsman William Carmack

ANDERSON, John D to Mary Taite-27 May 1844

ANDERSON, John H to Juliann S Southers-2 May 1837-bondsman James Biggs

ANDERSON, Jonathan to Sarah L Thomason-3 Feb 1846-bondsman Samuel T Miles

ANDERSON, Joseph to Jane Parsons5 Dec 1841-bondsman John Parsons.

ANDERSON, Joseph to Tebey Griffing-21 Feb 1805-bondsman Henry Anderson, consent of father Ebenezer Griffing

ANDERSON, Louisa to Joel Berry-23 Apr 1832-bondsman William K Wall-Louisa had no parents or guardian living, brother with whom she lived gave consent

ANDERSON, Lucretia to John Wm Price-2 Aug 1815-bond Enoch Anderson

ANDERSON, Margaret to James White-28 Oct 1847 bond James H Shaw

ANDERSON, Mary to John Meek-25 Sep 1808-bondsman John Saulter, who certified that he had known Mary for "upwards of four years since which time she has acted for herself; consent by commander of the U.S. Garrison at Newport, James W Bryson, Ensign, 1st Regiment, U.S. Infantry, who has stated that Meek was a soldier "descending the Ohio under command of Sgt. Lancaster"

ANDERSON, Mary to Andrew Richardson-16 Dec 1826-bond John Bennett, consent by father N W Anderson

ANDERSON, Nancy to John Rowan-22 Aug 1805-bond John Anderson

ANDERSON, Nancy to David Carmichal-13 Sep 1826-bondsman Peter Sutton

ANDERSON, Patsey to Benjamin Beach-9 July 1814-bondsman Henry Anderson

ANDERSON, Rebecca to Robert Patterson-26 Sep 1822

ANDERSON, Rosannah L to John M Caldwell-25 Apr 1818-bondsman John Anderson

ANDERSON, Sarah Mrs. (widow) to Thomas White-6 Mar 1849 bond John Thomason

ANDERSON, Sarah Ann to Montague T McClure-15 May 1839-bond date, bondsman Andrew Ross

ANDERSON, William to Betsey Dewitt-15 Aug 1797-bondsman Thomas Fullton, consent of father S. Duitt, witness George Porton 

ANDERSON, William H to Ann Senour-7 Jan 1840-bondsman William D Scott, consent of Ann's [unnamed] father

ANDREWS, Edmund to Isabella Maria Barcly-3 Oct 1830-bondsman Gustavus Fisher 

ANDREWS, John to Martha Carpenter-15 Aug 1823-bondsman Jacob John

APPLE, Andrew to Catharine Monjoy-23 Nov 1820-bondsman George Crummey

APPLE, Henry & Sally Apple-22 Sep 1830-bondsman Henry Thompson 

APPLE, John to Rachael McCormack-1 June 1834-bondsman William R Scruggs

APPLE, Sally to Henry Apple-22 Sep 1830-bondsman Henry Thompson

APPLEGATE, Betsey to John Barnhardt-11 Oct 1809-bondsman Joseph Barnhard

APPLEGATE, Rhonda Miller to Jonathan Abbott-19 Sep 1809-bondsman Hambleton Miller, consent Zebulon and Tabitha Applegate, witness Gordon Applegate

APPLEGATE, Ruth to Jesse Rardon-20 Feb 1812-bond John Stevens, consent by father John Applegate, witness by Charles John & Edward D Clark, John Campbell & Samuel Rardin, consent by father John Rardon

APPLEGATE, Zebulon to Rebecca McConnelly-22 July 1813; BM-Thomas West

APRIL, Catharine to George April-6 Dec 1832; BM-Frederick Hatsam

APRIL, George to Catharine April-6 Dec 1832; BM-Frederick Hatsam

ARMSTRONG, Belinda to William Stephenson-17 Apr 1832; BM-John Armstrong

ARMSTRONG, Brittain B to Mariah V Harris-9 Sep 1833; BM-George W Armstrong

ARMSTRONG, Catharine to Arthur Botts-23 Feb 1850; BM-Thomas Botts

ARMSTRONG, Eliza Jane to John Wyat-20 Oct 1841; BM-Wm Deavenport

ARMSTRONG, George W to Elizabeth H Gedge-8 June 1833; BM-Frederick G Gedge 

ARMSTRONG, James to Sarah Hume BD-15 Mar 1802; BM-Patrick Hume, consent of mother Elizabeth Hume

ARMSTRONG, James B to Nancy Callen-19 June 1839; BM-William Ballinger

ARMSTRONG, John to Martha Ann Congle-17 June 1832; BM-William Gunn

ARMSTRONG, John to Mary Watt-3 Mar 1808 BM-and consent of Charles Watt (relationship not stated) of Beman Creek 

ARMSTRONG, John to Nancy Lively-27 Feb 1828; BM-Thomas Pool, consent of father Shadrach Lively

ARMSTRONG, John C to Catharine Jenkins-22 Sep 1850-bondsman James Jenkins 

ARMSTRONG, John H to Margaret Watts-24 (or 27) May 1824-bondsman Charles Watts

ARMSTRONG, Leonard to Rebekah Riggs-28 Nov 1811-bondsman Clayton Webb

ARMSTRONG, Nancy to Eliott Mefford-13 Dec 1827-bondsman Alexander Greer 

ARMSTRONG, Sarah Anne to Willis L Young-5 Sep 1848 bond James F Trusdell

ARNOLD, Catharine G to Ervin Madison-29 Jun 1828

ARNOLD, Elijah to Polly Ryle-9 Aug 1813-bondsman Reuben Overton

ARNOLD, Eliza to John Stephenson-3 Jan 1837-BD bond James Arnold, consent by father James R Arnold

ARNOLD, Gertrude C to William E Robinson-30 Oct 1834-bond John R Stewart

ARNOLD, J P to Ann C Nelson-29 Mar 1836-bondsman John Austin

ARNOLD, James to Selina Lancaster-1 Feb 1837-bondsman John Stephenson

ARNOLD, John to Rebeccah Campbell-19 Sep 1795-bondsman William Martin, Rebeccah "a widow of full age"

ARNOLD, Mary C to Morris McGlasson-1 Mar 1821-bondsman James Arnold

ARNOLD, Mary D to Daniel B Mosby-11 Mar 1833-bondsman James G Arnold

ARNOLD, Mary O to E H Whedon-10 Nov 1842 bond Thomas Arnold

ARNOLD, Missouri L to Theodore N Wise-14 June 1837 bond W Baxter, consent by James G Arnold

ARNOLD, Moses C to Eliza Stansifer-2 June 1825-bondsman John Stansifer, consent of Eliza's (unnamed) father, witness James Taylor

ARRISON, Almira to Charles H Samuel-23 July 1841 bond Thomas Stutler Arrison

ARRISON, John to Harriet Helm-6 Jan 1819-bondsman Thomas Herbert

ARRISON, Mary to Henry Cost/Cash-15 July 1827-bondsman Thomas Arrison

ARRISON, Mary Ann to George Wyman-23 Nov 1837 BD, bond Philip Arrison

ARRISON, Philip to Elizabeth Hesson-21 Sep 1837-bondsman George Wyman, consent of mother Jane Hesson, Elizabeth's father being dead

ARTHUR, Eliza to Zecariah Roberts-1 Mar 1807-bond John Arthur

ARVEN, Savannah to Thomas White-26 July 1818

ASHBROOK, Mary to Joseph Batchelor-8 Oct 1838-bondsman John Colvin, consent of father John Ashbrook

ASHBY, Nathaniel to Charlotte D Carter/Curten-27 Apr 1837-bondsman Sanford Cockrell

ASHTON, Philip to Susanna Bartlett-5 June 1837-bondsman John Lee

ASKEW, Harriet to Wentworth Sackett-1 Nov 1832-bond Joseph J Ripley

ASKREN, Samuel N to Elizabeth W  Mahaffey-18 Mar 1846-bondsman Andrew W Mahaffey

ATKINS, Henry to Sarah Hagan-2 Oct 1847-bondsman Samuel Hagan 

ATKINSON, Edward to Ruth E  Marsh-28 Dec 1847-bondsman Samuel Reeves.

ATKINSON, John to Ellis Flemming-12 May 1828

AUGHE, Bethiah to Thomas Marchbank?-25 Nov 1833-bondsman John Harrison

AUSBURN, Susanah (widow) to Joseph Yung-5 Aug 1797 BD, bond William Underhill

AUSMENT, William D to Sarah Bell-16 Aug. 1811, bondsman Joel Kimball. 

AUSTIN, Joseph S. to Eliza Taliaferro-1 Aug. 1834, bondsman H T Harris, Richard Mallot made oath that Eliza was 21 years of age.

AYERS, Peter to Elizabeth Edwards-9 Mar 1819-bondsman William Edwards

AYLOR, Augustus to Mary Rice-23 Oct. 1823, bondsman Buford Rice, consent of Benjamin Rice (relationship not stated)

AYLOR, Mary to David M Scott-5 July 1832, bond James Rice

AYRE, Robert to Mary Ann K Downard-6 May 1832-bondsman Francis T Helm

B Surnames

BACON, John Jr. to Betsey Nonemaker-22 July 1811-bondsman John Bacon Sr.

BACON, Jane to Meredith Abbot-28 Apr 1840-bondsman Thomas Abbot "Jane's father  more than a year ago went South and
has not been heard from"

BADDERS, Jesse to Lucinda Stephenson-16 Nov 1826-bondsman Thomas Stephenson, consent of both fathers John Stephenson
 & Moses Baddes, witnesses T Everitt and Alfred Everitt

BADGER, Edwin to Catharine Vanduzen-23 Oct 1850-bondsman J B Moore

BAGBY, Charles A to Martha L Carlisle-15 Aug 1839-bondsman John Ellis, consent of father John Carlisle

BAGBY, David to Mary Willson-9 Jan 1823

BAGBY, David to Polly Hill-12 Jan 1823-(another return says marriage date was 9 Jan 1823) bondsman James Bagby

BAGBY, James Jr. to Nancy Ann Carlisle-11 Jan 1820-bondsman Robert Carlisle, consent of father John Carlisle, witnesses Lilbon H
Carlisle & James B Hicklin

BAGBY, Jesse to Ann Vickers-20 July, bondsman David Bagby, consent of Judith Vickers (relationship not stated) w-James Bagby

BAGBY, Lucy M to George H Stephens-30 July 1837 bond Robert M Carlisle, consent by father Charles Bagby

BAGBY, Mary to James Stephens-3 Dec 1833 bond George F Northcut, consent by father William Bagby

BAGGIS, John W to Mary E German-4 Dec 1848-bondsman Fergis German

BAGGOTT, Frances A to James Troughton-17 Jan 1847 bond Edmund R Kennedy

BAGGS, Mary to George McClain-31 Mar 1845-bondsman John C Youtsey

BAGLE, Nancy to Moses Wever Rous-28 Mar 1839-bond Jourdan Harris

BAILER, Elizabeth to Duke McCartney-25 Mar 1817-bond date, bondsman Isaac Bailer

BAILEY, Benjamin S to Polly Butler-22 Nov 1845-bondsman Charles J. Helm

BAILEY, Minerva E to Albert Stephens-20 Mar 1839-BD bond William M Respess who has "acted as guardian for Minerva from
her infancy. her father and mother having decd when she was a child

BAKER, Charles to Elizabeth Cornelius-25 Aug. 1842, bondsman George W Reiley, Elizabeth a widow.

BAKER, David to Elizabeth Spencer-27 Sep 1819-bondsman John Baker

BAKER, David to Nancy Galiger-11 Dec 1811-consent of Patrick Galaher  w-Daniel Thatcher

BAKER, Elizabeth to Samuel Wright-6 June 1831 BD, bond Nicholas Baker

BAKER, Elizabeth Ann to James S Stevens-16 Mar 1848 bond Henry Miller

BAKER, Ellender to William Viney-5 Dec 1811 bond Ademeram Allen

BAKER, Frederick to Betsy Bingham-20 Sep 1797-bondsman John Donovan, who certified that Betsy "of lawful age"

BAKER, Hannah to Henry Miller-17 Mar 1848-bondsman James S Stevens

BAKER, James to Charlotte Harris-17 Mar 1816-bondsman David Baker, consent of father Charles Harris

BAKER, James to Nancy Sellers-17 June 1841-bondsman James Mefford

BAKER, James to Rebecca A Graden-3 Nov 1842-bondsman Samuel Hopkins

BAKER, James T to Eliza Morehead-9 Aug 1834-bond and consent of Eliza's step-father Joseph Dicks

BAKER, John to Sally Bell-11 May 1815-bondsman John Norris

BAKER, John W to Nancy Jane Smith-21 Mar 1839-bondsman Tarvin Baker

BAKER, Margaret to William Tinner/Tennis-7 Jan 1830

BAKER, Mary to Thomas White-10 Mar 1816 bond Thomas Baker

BAKER, Mary to Anderson L Prewitt-27 Mar 1819-bond William Carmack

BAKER, Mary Ann to William Miller-9 Jan 1846-bondsman James A Baker

BAKER, Matilda to George Wood-12 Apr 1831 bond John Thatcher

BAKER, Nicholas to Susanah Carrol-6 Sep 1810-bondsman Joshua Baker

BAKER, Patsey to William Park-28 Jan 1846-bondsman Alfred S Orr

BAKER, Polly to Patrick Milligan-11 Sep 1846-bondsman Edward K Spilman

BAKER, Richard Tarvin to Sarah K Beall-21 Apr 1846-bondsman Hugh K Rachford

BAKER, Rosanna to Edward K Spilman-4 Nov 1840 bond H E Spilman

BAKER, Rosanna to Edward Shaw-7 June 1838, bond Washington Reiley

BAKER, Rosanah to Samuel Thompson-27 Apr 1802 BD, bond James Baker, who certified that Rosanah of "lawful age"

BAKER, Samuel to Elizabeth Armstrong-17/18 Feb 1805-bondsman James Armstrong, who certified that Elizabeth was of "lawful age"

BAKER, Sarah to James McGee-23 Jun 1821-bond date-bondsman James C Coones

BAKER, Sarah to James Thomas-24 Sep 1835 BD, bond Squire Baker, consent by Nicholas Baker

BAKER, Squire to Elizabeth Clark-29 Mar 1836-bondsman Samuel Wright, consent of mother Catharine Clark  

BAKER, Wesley to Francis E Allen-6 Mar 1850

BAKER, Thomas A to Rachael M Gosney-9 Oct 1845-bondsman Samuel Hopkins

BAKER, Wesley to Frances E Allon-6 Mar 1850-bondsman Owen Fortner

BAKER, William to Margaret J Stanley-13 Jan 1847-bondsman John P Ford, consent of father Elijah Stanley

BALDACK, Levi to Margaret Upson-3 May 1834, bondsman Absalom Plunket

BALDWIN, V V to Joanna Leonard-22 Mar 1832, bondsman R C Langdon

BALENGER, Kitty to Thomas McCollum-17 Oct 1811-bondsman John Balenger Jr. consent by father John Balinger Sr.

BALEY, Keturah to John Mansfield-18 July 1803-bondsman Joseph Robinson

BALEY, Rebecca J to Aquella Boots BD-27 Apr 1847; BM-Milton Painter

BALL/BELL, Robery to Anny Webb-10 Feb 1800-bondsman Rees Gaddis

BALL, Adelia to Thomas S Young-26 Dec 1848 BD, bond Benjamin D Beall

BALL, Ann H to C A McLaughlin-15 Oct 1842-bond date, bondsman Charles T Martin, consent by father Janetter Ball, witness
Mildred Kennedy

BALL, Blackall W to Rebecca Denny- 3 June 1827-bondsman John Bennett

BALL, Edward P to Janette H Lindsay-7 Jan 1841-bondsman Tarvin Baker

BALL, Elizabeth to Reeson Morgan-22 Dec 1831-bondsman William Ball

BALL, Jeanette V to Charles T Martin-24 Sep 1838-consent by Jeanette's mother/father

BALL, Robert H to Eliza V Leathers-23 May 1829, bondsman John Leathers

BALL, William to Casandra Morgan-21 June 1830, bondsmen William Stephens & John Clayton

BALL, William to Sally Stephens-29 Feb 1819-bondsman George Stephens

BALLARD, Derius D to Hannah Crary-17 Nov 1818-bondsman William Crary

BALLARD, Evan to Eliza Wayman-10 Apr 1819-bondsman Solomon Wayman

BALLENGER, Benjamin to Mary Ann Lipscomb-20 Aug 1839, bondsman George Lipscomb

BALLENGER, Catharine to James Marshall-23 Dec 1830-bondsman John Marshall, consent by father John Ballenger

BALLENGER, Jesse to Rebecca Lancaster-19 Dec 1818, bondsman Reuben Lancaster

BALLENGER, John to Elizabeth Grizzel-19 Sep 1811, bondsman Elam Grizzel

BALLENGER, Susan to John Marshall-18 Dec 1831-bondsman John N Taliaferro, consent by father John/William Ballenger

BALLINGER, Ellison to Abigail Gilman-27 Jan 1843, bondsman Joseph Gilman

BALLINGER, William to Sarah Munn-23 June 1839-bondsman James B Armstrong

BANNISTER, Lucinda to William Richarson-25 Sep 1839-bond Enoch Bannister

BANNISTER, Samuel/Daniel? to Milley Houfman-18 Mar 1818-bondsman Willis Huffman

BARBOUR, Thomas to Amand M Stricker-4 Apr 1836

BARCKLAY, Isaac N to Sarah Jennings-21 Mar 1842-bondsman John S Ralls, "both parties under age"

BARKER, Eliza Malvina to Robert R Nelson-9 Nov 1848-bondsman Greenup Barker

BARKER, Polly to George West-20 Feb 1800 bond William Thompson, consent by Polly's mother Nancy Peck,
consent by G Humes

BARKLEY, Elizabeth to Henry H Miller-8 Mar 1834-bondsman William W Brown

BARLOW, John H to Eliza Clarke-4 Oct 1834-bondsman Wyatt Baxter

BARLOW, Joseph to Mrs. Susan Perry-8 Feb 1841-bondsman C T Greenleaf

BARLOW, Thomas to Amanda M Srickle-4 Apr 1836-bondsman William Barlow, consent of Amanda's (unnamed)
mother, her father being dead

BARLOW, Thomas F to Ev Herendon--25 June 1840

BARNARD, William to Nancy D German-9 Oct 1850-bondsman Fergis German

BARND, James to Catharine Murphy-1 Nov 1848-bondsman Thomas Doud

BARNES, Eliza A to Caleb Rude-26 Oct 1828

BARNES, William to Sarah Dunn-1 Oct 1836-bondsman Alexander Hughes, William widower; Sarah a widow

BARNES, William F to Elizabeth Eldridge-29 Oct 1839-bondsman John Lee, consent of Elizabeth's (unnamed) guardian

BARNETT, George A to Jane Hamilton-3 Oct 1828

BARNHART, John to Betsey Agglebert-11 Oct 1809-bondsman Joseph Barnhart

BARNHART, Mary to Stephen Osgood-5 Sep 1824-bondsman Samuel Rapalee

BARNS, Polly to William H Carlisle-12 Mar 1815-bondsman Samuel Hopkins

BARR, John to Caroline Perry-20 May 1842-bondsman John Piper, who made oath that Caroline's (unnamed) father gave his consent

BARR, William to Eliza Abbott-2 June 1841-bondsman Lewis Helm

BARRECKMAN, Patsey to Joseph Stilwell-11 Aug 1811 bondsman Jacob Barreckman

BARRETT, George W to Mary Ann Abbot-19 Dec 1839-bondsman Thomas Abbot

BARTEN, James to Sally Hamilton-12 Jan 1820-bondsman William Brownsfield

BARTLE, John to Rachael Writtenhouse-2 Dec 1808-bondsman James McGinnis

BARTLE, John to Vina Morrin-22 Mar 1825-bondsman Andrew Smalley, uncle of Vina's; bond also signed by Lemuel M. Wilson

BARTLETT, Harriet to Richard McKinder-9 May 1826-bondsman James W Gazlay

BARTLETT, William to Mary Wood-4 May 1823-bondsman John Willis

BARTLOW, Isaac N to America Kiser-23 Mar 1848-bondsman Solomon H Trusdell

BARTLOW, R D to Mary E Carmack-4 Dec 1845-bondsman Thomas E Newman

BARTLOW, Sarah Jane to Thomas E Newman-7 Dec 1845-bondsman George W Tarvin

BARTLOW, Squire T to Priscilla Silverthorn-13 Aug 1846-bondsman George T Trusdell

BARTLOW, Thomas T to Eveline F Herndon-25 June 1840-bondsman John Harris

BARTON, George to Sally Badders-3 Apr 1828-bondsman Moses Badders

BARTON, James to Elizabeth Souther-4 Jan 1827-bondsman Archibald McNeal, consent of Elizabeth Souther
(relationship not stated)

BARTON, Sally to Thomas Wilson-6 Jan 1814 bond Wm Barton

BARTON, Taylor to Betsey Love-11 Mar 1828-bondsman William Brownfield, consent of Thomas Love (relationship not stated)

BARTON, Taylor to Sally Ackman-23 Mar 1818-bondsman Thomas Wilson

BARTON, William L to Polly Thomason-10 Sep 1818-bondsman James Thomason

BASSETT, Philander to Sarah Clark-21 May 1836-bondsman Charles Clark

BASWELL, Villta to John A Tarvin-11 Jan 1823

BATCHELOR, Joseph to Mary Ashbrook-8 Oct 1838-bondsman John Colvin, consent of father John Ashbrook

BATES, Harrison to Amanda Marsh-21 May 1835-bondsman John N Taliaferro, consent of Amanda's (unnamed) father

BATES, Peter to Elizabeth Sutzman/Shultzman-25 Dec 1848-bondsman Elijah Stanley

BATSON, David H to Eshilla A Havins-27 Feb 1849-bondsman Elisha Havins

BATTLE, Hannah to William Spalding-23 Mar 1828 bond Edward Battle

BATTLES, Edward to Elizabeth Larribee-8 Apr 1830-bondsman Silas Libbee

BATTLES, Fair/Bethiah to John Agner-14 Nov 1830-bondsman Zacariah Tusken?

BAUER, Joseph to Marry Surtzer-27 Sep 1849-bondsman Charles Hener

BAXTER, Amelia to Lyman Rugg-4 July 1830

BAXTER, Susan to David Perry-8 Sep 1816-bondsman Wm C Baxter

BAXTER, William C to Ann Perry-8 Sep 1816-bondsman David Perry

BAXTER, William C to Mary Farmer-25 Sep 1817-bondsman John K Farmer

BAYCON, John to Martha Ann Croslin-28 Dec 1833-bondsman Jeremiah Battels, consent of father Benjamin Croslin

BAYLESS, Elias to Sarah Holland-13 Apr 1831-bondsman James Davidson

BAYLEY, Daniel to Phoebe Carl-8 Apr 1821-bondsman David Latham

BAYLEY, W to ???-7 Apr 1821-"the bearer hereof W  Bayley is entitled to license in the Holy State of Matrimony
Yours Respectfully B W Leathers-7 Apr 1821"

BAYNUM, William to Mary Ann Cutter-6 Mar 1849-bondsman Abraham C Hart

BEACH, Artemus to Manerva Jackson-2 May 1846-bondsman Samuel Weever

BEACH, Benjamin to Patsey Anderson-9 July 1814-bondsman Henry Anderson

BEACH, Laban to Sarah Ann Eddingfield-27 July 1850-bondsman John W Hartupee

BEADOL, Calvin to Jane Anderson-6 Mar 1822-consent of father William Anderson

BEAGLE, Cecelia to Thomas S Turner-13 Feb 1846 bond Leroy Beagle

BEAGLE, James to May Dawson-25 May 1830-bondsman William Beagle

BEAGLE, John to Eliza K? Beall-22 Dec 1834-bondsman Harison Young

BEAGLE, Mary to Daniel Abbot-16 Oct 1824-bondsman Leroy Beagle

BEAGLE, Mason to Mary Jane Parker-7 Oct 1836-bondsman Aaron Parker

BEAGLE, William to Lousindo Thompson-30 Apr 1831-bondsman Thomas Beagle

BEALL, Benjamin to Sarah Jane Griffey-10 Nov 1846-bondsman Benjamin James Beall

BEALL, Eliza Jane to Hugh K Rachford-1 June 1848; BM-Joseph A Piner

BEALL, Hannah to Richard Thornton-19 Sep 1832; BM-Joseph Brown

BEALL, J A H to Sarah L Kercheval-19 May 1832; BM-Ben D Beall

BEALL, Mary to J O Mercer-29 Oct 1835; BM-John Mercer

BEALL, Mary Janette to Samuel T Miller-12 Nov 1846; BM-H K Rachford

BEALL, Nancey to James G Lindsay 7 May 1815; BM-Geo Gordon; consent by Thomas Lindsey Jr. guardian of Nancy Beall

BEALL, Samuel I. to Eliza Kennedy-16 Mar 1824; BM-Henry E Spilman

BEALL, William K to Millinda W Harris-20 Mar 1812; BM-Daniel Mayo

BEALS, Isaac to Mary Ann Lewis-8 July 1830; BM-John Hall

BEARD, John to Sophia Moore-20 Nov 1818-bondsman Samuel W Morrison

BEASLEY, Elizabeth to William Standley-5 Nov 1835 bond William Mardis

BEASLEY, William J to Elizabeth Bridwell-3 Apr 1828-bondsman John Bridwell

BEASNER, Anton to Anna Stoffen-31 Jan 1850-bondsman Nicholas Steffen

BEATTY, James to Caroline Moore-21 Mar 1809-bondsman George Harwood, consent of father Zachariah Moore

BEAVER, Polly to Peter Peck-9 Aug 1810-bondsman Samuel Belveal

BEAUSAW, Jacob to Leah Waltz-23 May 1826-bondsman John Peters

BECK, Samuel T to Martha Hammett-17 Dec 1827-bondsman Samuel Hammett

BECKELHYMER, Andrew to Eliza Wayman-23 May 1830-bondsman William Wayman

BEDEL, Calvin to Jane Anderson-7 Mar 1822-bondsman Samuel Perry

BEECH, Margret to John R Riggs-16 Dec 1825-bond Henry Anderson

BEECH, William to Tamer Eastwood-15 Nov 1820-bondsman Walden Fuller

BEEGLE, Jesse to Mary Elizabeth Johnson-18 Oct 1831-bondsman Eli Johnson, consent of father George Johnston,
witness John Beagle

BEEKS, Samuel to Catharine Brady11 Jan 1819-bondsman Charles Brady

BEEL, James to Susan Gibb-31 May 1848

BEER, Joshua to Nancy McCollister-17 Feb. 1821

BELEW, James to Elizabeth Duckworth-15 Oct 1818-bondsman Elijah C Boileau, consent of Elizabeth's parents William
and Patsey Orcutt

BELL, Betsey to Lewis Colvin-5 Aug 1803-bondsman James Bell

BELL, Betsey to Benjamin Wood-9 Mar 1820 BD, bond Samuel W Morrison

BELL, David H to Nancy Ware-1 Sept. 1829

BELL, Hugh to Elizabeth Linn-11 Oct. 1836, bondsman John Stephens

BELL, James to Barbara Walker-3 Feb. 1831, bondsman William McCready

BELL, James to Susan Gibb-30 May 1848, bondsman Edward Methringham

BELL, James W to Thirsey J Rush-21 Jan 1845-bondsman J M Kiser

BELL, Jane to Findley Stephens-26 Aug 1836 bond Hugh Bell

BELL, Joseph to Nancy Thoman?-13 June 1850-bondsmen William Rardin & G W Carmack

BELL, Mary to J W Simonson-29 Oct 1847 bond David Bell

BELL, Peter to Ellen Ward-30 July 1835-bondsman H T Harris

BELL, Polly to Lewis Mangum-29 Sep 1808-bondsman Edward Welch

BELL, Rachel to David Nowland-12 Sep 1845-BD-bondsman Samuel Weaver

BELL, Susannah to William Mun-7 Nov 1820-bondsman Benjamin Wood, Susannah the stepdaughter of B Wood "so he says"

BELL, William to Elizabeth Oliver-20 Sep 1829, bondsman Samuel McCollum

BELL, William to Rachel Sayers-10 Oct 1818, bondsman John Goff

BELVEAL, Ann to Stephen Ridlen-27 Dec 1813-bond & consent by father James & wife Ann Belveal, witness Rebekah Belveal

BELVEAL, Peter to Phebe Bennet-26 Aug 1803-bondsman Samuel Bennett Jr.-consent of father Samuel Bennet,
witness John Bennet

BELVILLE, Isaac M to Jerusha H Brown-27 Dec 183_-bondsman John Brown

BENEDICT, Thomas to Mary Ann Larabey?-18 July 1846-bondsman Reuben Libbee

BENNETT, America to Wesley Walker-5 June 1845 bond Jacob H Allen, America's guardian

BENNETT, Ezra to Lucy Wilson-11 Mar 1832-bond date, bondsman Joseph Hoover

BENNETT, George R to Jane Hamilton-3 Oct 1828

BENSON, Daniel to Jane Swan-14 Sep 1817-bondsman Elijah Pierce

BENSON, Daniel to Mary Wicoff-11 Nov 1827-bondsman William Culbertson

BENSON, Jane to Asa McCollum-9 Mar 1818 (license date is 8 Apr) bond Martin Benson

BENSON, Judy to John Pickett-22 Dec 1825-bond Josiah Patterson

BENSON, Lucy to George Orr-10 Feb 1806-consent & bond by brother Matthew Benson

BENSON, Mary to Jeremiah Pool-11 Feb 1800-bond Derias Burtch

BENSON, Mary to Jeremiah Poll-14 Feb 1822-bond Darius Burtch

BENSON, Reuben to Margret Mardis-18 Feb 1836-bondsman William Gizzel

BENSON, Nancy to Andrew Wood-20 Oct 1831 bond James McCollum

BENSON, Reuben to Winney McCollum-23 May 1817-bondsman Asa McCollum

BENSON, Sarah to Washington Osborn-20 Feb 1840-bondsman William Pickett

BENTON, Lourania to Harvey T McMullen-8 July 1845-bond date, bondsman Lyman H Rugg

BENTON, Maraget to Jesse Starkey-1 July 1813 bond Joseph Martin

BENTON, Mortimer M. to Angelina Clemmons-10 Mar 1831-bondsman Cary Clemmons

BENTON, Thomas H to Nancy McArther-12 Mar 1840-bondsman John McArther

BERDICK, Erastus to Electa Isham-13 June 1827-bondsman Joseph Strowder

BERGAW, George W to Catharine Aughe-10 May 1837

BERLUE, Daniel to Polly Meferd/Mofford-15 June 1816-bondsman James Maloy

BERREL/BURWELL, Zacariah & Jane McAdams-28 Apr 1800-bondsman Joseph Gilman, who certified that Jane was a widow
"of lawful age"

BERRY, Alice T to William R T Taliaferro-21 Apr 1824

BERRY, Hubbard to Agnes B McKinney-17 Apr 1817-bondsman R D Richardson

BERRY, I? to Catherine E Loder-13 Sep 1847-bondsman Joseph S Todd

BERRY, James T to Elizabeth V Wise-16 Dec 1831-bondsman Edmund T Berry

BERRY, Joel to Louisa Anderson-23 Apr 1832-bondsman William K Wall; Louisa had no parents or guardian living; brother with
whom she lived gave consent

BERRY, Lucy Mary to Hon. Alexander P Sanford-24 Sep 1823, bond John N Taliaferro

BERRY, Sophia T to Thornton Timberlake-8 Feb 1816 bond Hubbard Berry, consent by mother Alice Berry, witness by
Hubt Berry

BERRY, William to Jane Petty-17 Dec 1836-bondsman William P Fisher

BETHEL, Henry to Nancy Townsend-26 Dec 1850-bondsman Barnet Bethel

BETHEL, Hilison & Martha Townsend-7 Nov 1850-bondsman Simpson Tracy

BEUNNING, Garrait H to Catharine Schultz-1 Oct 1849-bondsman Heinrich Hehmann

BEUTTER, Joseph to Margaret Haacker-22 Dec 1848-bondsman William B Ross

BEVAN, Edward T to Mary Ann Downard-1 Mar 1848-bondsman H T Downard

BEVER, Margaret to Enoch Parvin-17 Aug 1812-bondsman William Bever

BEVER, William & Catey Begle-27 Jan 1814-bondsman Samuel Bellville, consent of father William Beagle, who certified
Catherena "of age," witness William Belville

BEVINS, Hannah to John Vice-14 Mar 1816, bond James Baker

BHYMER, Martin to Lucy Beagle-5 Dec 1816-bondsman Levi Bhymer, consent of Lucy, witness Thomas Beagle

BHYMER, Sara Ann to William Martin-11 May 1799-bond date, bondsman Jesse Beagle

BIBBE, Eliza to Elijah Stevens-15 __ 1812 BD bond John Young

BIDWELL, Gilbert A to Emeline Collins-4 July 1847-bondsman Charles Stricker

BIGGS, Allen T to Mary Ann Hess-20 Feb 1833-bondsman Charles Bowen

BIGGS, Anna to John Nelson-29 May 1831-bondsman Martin Cary, consent by father Andrew Biggs

BIGGS, Henry to Elizabeth Stephenson-22 Aug 1833-bondsman William Stephenson

BIGGS, James J. & Margaret Anne Sharpe-15 Feb 1835-bondsman J C Taylor, consent of mother Jane Sharpe and father
Tom Sharpe, witness William B Callahan

BIGGS, John M to Harriet E Corbin-2 Jan 1836-bondsman Thomas W Kennedy, consent of father John Corbin

BIGGS, John M to Maria A Morin-16 Dec 1848-bondsman James K Mollyneaux

BIGGS, Nancy to Jarvis C Taylor-14 Aug 1816 BD, bond Wm Taylor

BIGGS, Robert H to Martha Ann Morin-3 Nov 1847-bondsman Thomas L Young

BIGGS, Thomas to Susannah Taylor-11 Apr 1816-bondsman William Taylor

BIGGS, Thomas W to Catharine W Lauther-16 Sep 1835-bondsman J C Taylor

BILLINGS, William to Ann Fisk-4 May 1819-bondsman Samuel W Morrison

BIRD, Anna to William Picket-18 Jan 1821

BIRD, Francis to Sarah Grizzel-14 July 1825-bondsman Elam Grizzel

BIRD, Henry to Mary Cram-29 Nov 1835-consent of Henry's father Francis; bondsman & consent of Mary's brother
who proved the consent of her (unnamed) mother

BIRD, John to Elizabeth Watt-5 Dec 1822

BIRD, Thomas to Elizabeth Pickett-26 Mar 1823-bondsman Beall Pickett

BIRDWHISTELL, James to Judy Scott-8 Nov 1807-bondsman George Scott

BIRDWHISTLE, Cordera to Ezekial Utz-15 Dec 1825-bond Elmore Scott

BIRDWHISTLE, Thomas to Elizabeth Rust-5 Apr 1810-consent of brother William Rust on behalf of Enos Rust
(relationship not stated)

BISBY, Mary to Phineas Lewis 21 Mar 1838; BM-SDaml Peden, who made oath that Mary was a widow

BISHAM, Hannah to Isaac L Mills-28 June 1829-bondsman John Bowman

BISHOP, Richard to Elizabeth Weeks-8 Oct 1829

BISHOP, William to Harriet E Yeager-5 Nov 1839-bondsman Ezekiel Souther

BISSELL, William to Matilda Waldsmith-8 Jan 1829

BIVINS, Samuel to Esther Garran-17 Jan 1828-bondsman David Badgerow

BLACK, Daniel to Betsey Deem-20 Apr 1802-bondsman Adam Deem, consent of father Adam Deem

BLACK, Elmore to Rozanah Abbecrombe-27 Mar 1832, bondsman John Rickerson.

BLACK, George to Sally Brasher-19 Oct. 1801, bondsman Henry Brasher

BLACK, John to Sary Jenner-7 Jan. 1836, bondsman John Harris, consent of James Jenner, Sary's brother. Sary's parents
were both dead and she was living with the John Harris family.

BLACK, Joseph to Sarah Sprague-17 Jan 1843-bondsman Hiram Maddox

BLACK, Juliana to Ephraim Martin-17 July 1828-bondsman John Whaley, consent by father Joseph Black

BLACK, Margaret-17 Sep 1837-bondsman Thomas Kelly

BLACK, Nancy to Albert V Opie-17 Jan 1838-bond and consent by father Joseph Black

BLACKBURN, Christopher to Jannette Smith-22 Nov 1828

BLACKEBY, Richard to Rebeca J. Sadywhite-14 Sep (no year entered but based on place in book 1850) bond Robert Farmer

BLAKELEY, Elizabeth to Edwin Spooner BD-20 Oct 1849; BM-James Blakely

BLADEN, Edward G to Georgiana Settles/Suttles-25 Sep 1832; BM-John Arnold

BLANCHARD, Cary H to Ellen E Dexter-30 July 1840; BM-J L Nelson

BLAND, Jane to Benjamin Spilman-18 Feb 1813; BM-John Gilham

BLAND, Sally to Russell Boman 7 Nov 1816; BM-Benjamin Spilman

BLANKENBECKER, Isaac to Polly Render-18 Dec 1826; BM-and consent of  father Archibald Render

BLAWHEY?, William to Elizabeth Duke-28 Dec 1841

BLIN, Sarah Ann to Nathaniel W Shaw-24 Nov 1838; BM-by brother Enos M Blin

BLISS/BLINN, Ozias to Mariah Rugg-12 Jan 1846

BLOOMER, Gilbert to Lucresy Liddel-27 Aug 1813-bondsman William Liddel

BLUME, Isaac to Jenetta Blume Garrald-25 June 1818-bondsman Elisha Garrald

BOBBETT, John to Mariah Ross-31 May 1832-bondsman James Ross

BOBBETT, Mary to Amos Morehead-2 Mar 1823-bondsman James Bobbett

BOBBETT, Polly to Philip Roberts-1 Feb 1821

BOBBIT, Randolph to Polly Keen-27 Dec 1814-bondsman Joseph Keen

BOBBIT, Sarah to Samuel Pevey-29 Aug 1814-bondsman William Ackman, consent by father Randolph Bobbit, witness by
John Pavey

BOBET, James to Margarett Mann-4 July 1821-bondsman Samuel Pavy, consent of Benjamin Mann (relationship not stated)

BOCOCK, George to Eliza Ann Morrs-17 Mar 1828-bondsman John R Morris

BODINE, Elisha to Sally Milspaugh-25 Feb 1818-bondsman William Milspaugh

BOICE, Rebecca to Jesten Wheelrite-11 Nov 1846 bond James C Oliver

BOLES, Fulton to Caroline Wilson-22 Mar 1815-bondsman John Maxwell

BOMAN, Russell to Sally Bland-7 Nov 1816; BM-Benjamin Spilman

BONAR, Barnet to Polly Probts?-26 May 1825; BM-Josiah Thrasher, consent of Polly's father Thompson Connelly,
witnesses William Dickerson & William Webb

BONEL, Clark Dr. to Lidia Sharp-11 Aug 1819; BM-Benjamin L Bonnel

BONESELL/BONNIVILLE?, Arthur to Mary Ames-17 Jan 1832

BONGAR, Sally to Cornelius I Ryerson-28 Aug 1817; BM-John Anderson

BONNELL, John R to Harriet Cassen/Carson-2 Jan 1842; BM-John R White

BONNELL, Martha to Robert S Ferris BD-2 Aug 1825; BM-Cyrus Niles

BONNER, David to Elizabeth Courtwright-19 Sep 1826; BM-Lewis Martin

BONNETT, Peter to Caroline Grose-3 Jan 1820; BM-Thomas McKinney, "Bonnett made oath that Caroline Grose 
is of lawful age that he brought her from Tennessee about two months since that her parents are not living.... Thomas
McKinney states that Caroline has lived in his father's house about two months...."

BONNEY, Alpha to Lydia Winters-16 May 1824-bondsman Lyman Rugg

BONUM, Landon to Nancy Hiatt-3 Aug 1818-bondsman William Hiatt

BONWELL, Arthur to Mary Ames-22 Jan 1832-bondsman F T Helm

BOONE, Cornelius to Catharine Worick/Wilick-24 July 1832-bondsman Aaron Rockinfield

BOOTS, Aquella to Rebecca J Baley-27 Apr 1847-bondsman John Milton Painter

BOOTS, Matilda to Joseph Walker-10 May 1842 bond William N Tarvin

BOOTS, William to Rachel Painter-8 Nov 1841-bondsman William Smitson, Rachel a widow

BORIENT, Nancy (widow) to Robert Yung (widower) 3 Mar 1837 BD, bond H T Harris

BOSS, George A to Evaline Sutton-24 Jan 1848-bondsman John Sutton

BOSS, Martha to Amos Pearl-22 Nov 1835

BOSS, Robert to Eliza Boyer-7 May 1839-bondsman and consent of father Michael Boyer

BOSSON, Elizabeth to William C Meyrer-3 Nov 1837-bondsman Edward W Southgate

BOTTOMLEY, Samuel to Sarah Shaw-14 May 1836-bondsman James Barker

BOTTS, Arthur to Catharine Armstrong-24 Feb 1850-bondsman Thomas Botts

BOTTS, Thomas to Julia Ann Johnson-27 Feb 1841-bondsman Thomas Tarvin, attached consent signed by George Tarvin and
wife Maria Tarvin (relationship not stated)

BOTTS, William to Eliza Ann Fuller-2 Jan 1841-bondsman Jeremiah Battles, Eliza's mother a widow

BOTTSFORD, Cordelia to John B Moore-5 May 1840-bondsman John Lee, oath by A S Morrow that she is of age

BOULEAU, Malinda to John Money-6 Aug 1836-bondsman E C Boileau

BOURGOYN, Alphonse F to Charlotte Allgood-2 Mar 1850-bondsman John Allgood

BOURYER, John to Peggy Snelpen-28 May 1800-bondsman Asa Davis, who certified that Peggy was of lawful age and had
"no parents residing in the state of Kentucky"

BOWEN, Charles to ?? Metcalf-15 Apr 1833, bondsman John Gray

BOWEN, Dulcemia to William Martin-25 May 1839-bondsman Jesse Beagle

BOWEN, James to Sarah Ann Gibson-10 Jan 1836-bondsman John R Stewart

BOWEN, John to Nancy Willet-20 Nov 1830-bondsman Samuel Willet

BOWER, Sary to Simon Lilley 20 Dec 1827

BOWERS, Edward Eugene to Elizabeth Ford-9 May 1839-bondsman H H Mayo

BOWERS, Maria Louisa to William Q Moore-16 Dec 1841-bondsman James W Bowers

BOWLES, Jane to John C Newton-8 Mar 1825-bondsman David H Maxwell

BOWMAN, George to Sarah Chesnut-16 Oct 1820-bondsman Samuel W Morrison

BOWMAN, Lewis to Sena McLane-14 Sep 1850-bondsman Philip W Sarver

BOYD, F Augustus to Hannah Stuart-5 Dec 1836-bondsman W A Pendleton, certificate of Mrs. Stuart filed, father being dead

BOYD, James M to Sarah Ann Gaddis-23 Nov 1843-bondsman John F Goddard

BOYD, John to Susan Smith-13 May 1826-bondsman Rees Gaddis

BOYER, Eliza to Robert Boss 7 May 1839; BM and consent by father Michael Boyer

BOYL, Janette to J N Powell-28 Feb 1835-bond William Scholes

BOYLE, Catharine C to Everett Rogers-8 Dec 1843-bond James Walles

BOYLE, David to Mary N Stubbs-3 Apr 1838-bond & consent of father Robert Stubbs

BOYLE, John to Margaret M Mills-4 Feb 1836-bondsman John Torrance

BOYLES, Mary to Thomas Stephens-22 Feb 1827 bond William Marshall

BRADFORD, Benjamin to Agness J Gosney-25 Nov 1850-bondsman Apollos Daniel, Agness a widow

BRADFORD, William Hy T to Lucy Wickersham-17 Oct 1839-bondsman John Dils..[ill], Lucy a widow

BRADLEY, John to Sarah Ann Martin-16 May 1850-bondsman Henry Martin

BRADLEY, Johnson to Harriet Collins-13 Oct 1826-bondsman John N Taliaferro, consent of father Stephen Collins

BRADLEY, Nathan to Elizabeth Spemcer-20 Dec 1831-bondsman Franklin Hills

BRADSHAW, George W to Elizabeth Rich-18 June 1835-bondsman father Allen Rich

BRADY, Charles to Elizabeth  Winson-23 May 1800-consent of father Christopher Winsor

BRADY, Hiram to Jane Hunt-29 Jan 1833; BM-Thomas J Updike

BRADY, James to Lydia Getz?-13 Sep 1846; BM-David C Doyle

BRAND, John to Eve Ragan Hilltwine-11 Apr 1829; BM-Joseph Ganter

BRANDENBURG, Ann C to Eli Stewart-17 Aug 1838; BM-John Lee

BRANNAN, Andrew to Alice Glenn (widow) 9 Mar 1802; BM-Benjamin Van Hook

BRASHER, Sally to George Black BD-19 Oct 1801; BM-Henry Brasher

BRAUNFIELD, Mary Ann to William Williams-1 Dec 1845; BM-Isaac Braunfield/Brownfield

BRAVARD, John to Mary Timberlick-7 Dec 1820, bondsman James Mann, consent of father Philip Timberlick "and his wife"

BRAVARD, Margaret to William Stephens-20 Feb 1827 bond Albert Bravard, consent by father Martin Stephens

BRAWLEY, William to Elizabeth Duke-28 Dec 1841, bondsman William Parker

BRAY, Catherine to James Richardson-9 Mar 1817-bond Alexander Emmons

BREVARD, Rebecca to William Mann-24 Apr 1821-bondsman Reuben McDonald, consent by Rebecca's guardian Samuel Byland

BRICKELL, Amand M to Jasper Thayer BD-3 May 1850 BD, bond George Ford

BRIDWELL, Marcus to Mrs. Jane Harris-widow-7 Aug 1834-bondsman Martin Phinney

BRIDWELL, Mary to William Stanley-8 Sep 1831 bond James Birdwell

BRIDWELL, Nancy to John C Riggs-15 Dec 1836-bond William Mardis

BRIDWELL, Susan to William Mardis-2 Nov 1835-bondsman William Standley

BRIGHT, Sally E to James Owen-13 Nov 1832-bondsman Elijah Owen

BRIGHT/BRIGHTWELL, William to Elizabeth Decoursey-7 Apr 1814, bondsman Joel Decoursey, consent of father William
Decoursey, witness George Gordon

BRINKWORTH, William to Sarah S Walker-5 May 1849-bondsman C T Giger

BRISTOW, Reuben S to Statia Stephens-3 Nov 1834-bondsman Leonard Stephens

BRITTINGHAM, Stephen to Susan Pearson-19 Mar 1834, bondsman James Barten.

BROCK(MAN), Richard to Theny Eaton-13 Feb 1839-bondsman Benjamin Moore, Richard a widower; Theny a widow

BROGAN, Eliza to Simeon Tibbatts-3 Nov 1832 bond John W Tibbatts

BROGAN, James to Nancy Miller-27 Sep 1838-bondsman father Samuel Miller

BROOKBAIN, Josiah M to Eliza Jane Thomas-20 Oct 1834-bondsman Joseph H Marshall

BROOKS, Antheann to Frank Spilman-8 Aug 1839 bond Henry White

BROOKS, Melcena M to Benjamin F White-6 Aug 1894 bond Frank Spilman

BROOKS, Sarah D to Henry Waterhouse-28 May 1850, bond Job Thompson

BROTHERINGTON, William to Anna Bond Kennedy-3 Sep 1819-bondsman John Pope, who swore to consent of Anna's parents

BROWN, Christoff to Russena Shafer-10 Aug 1850-bondsman John Shafer

BROWN, Eliza J to John W Pyle-27 Dec 1849-bond John Brown

BROWN/BRAUN, Elizabeth to John Schindeldecker-23 May 1848

BROWN, Elizabeth to John Shindecker-9 May 1848 BD, bond Philip Snider

BROWN, Fountain to Phoebe Parker-9 Apr 1834-bondsman Joseph Parker

BROWN, Frederick to Polly Straughn-20 June 1821-bondsman John Brown

BROWN, John to Elen Horsfall-2 Jan 1847-bondsman William Brown

BROWN, John to Elizabeth Saren-31 Oct 1839-bondsman Hiram Strawn

BROWN, John to Pamela Strong-15 June 1826-bondsman Thomas Arrison

BROWN, John to Sarah Ann Armstrong-27 Nov 1849-bondsman George Walker

BROWN, John to Sarah Duggins-3 July 1837-bondsman Sabret Johnson

BROWN, John L to Amy Stephens-2 Oct 1829-bondsman Hosea Parker, consent of father John Stephens

BROWN, Joseph to Sarah Jane White-3 Sep 1844-bondsman William Parker

BROWN, Joshua to Alice Lindsey-6 Apr 1801 [consent is dated 6 Apr-return says March-no day) bondsman Timothy Raredon,
consents of father George Brown & mother Hezekiah Lindsey, witness Jacob Rardin

BROWN, Manasah? to Polly Chamberlain-3 July 1808, bondsman James McGinnis, Polly a widow

BROWN, Maria to Lewis Massy-28 Feb 1841-bondsman Frederick Brown

BROWN, Mary to Dasier Spoldon-7 Dec 1845 bond Robinson Gillham

BROWN, Nancy to William Montague-22 Jan 1823-license date is 22 June-bondsman Joseph McPike

BROWN, Phoebe to Thomas Owilliams-31 May 1828

BROWN, Richard to Judah Scott-27 June 1803, bondsman Jonathan Huling, consent of father George Scott, witnesses O. Scott
and Chasteen Scott

BROWN, Robert to Nancy McCullum-10 Dec 1818-bondsman Thomas McCollum

BROWN, Susana Maria to Samuel Outman-19 May 1818-consent by Susana, spinster

BROWN, Thomas to Maria Riddle-5 July 1829

BROWN, Thomas to Spicy Garret-15 Mar 1822

BROWN, William to Ann Scott-21 Nov 1811-bondsman Chasteen Scott, consent of father G Scott

BROWN, William to Mary Townsend-10 July 1837-bondsman Thomas W Harris

BROWN, William L to Mary Ginn-25 Aug 1841-bondsman Hugh Bell

BROWN, William W to Kesiah Buckler-31 Dec 1832-bondsman Stephen Staples

BROWNFIELD, David to Ailphair Green-15 June 1831-bondsman William Fisk

BROWNFIELD, Joseph to Polly Kidwell-28 Feb. 1828-bondsman John Brownfield, brother William Kidwell declared Polly was
of lawful age

BRUCE, Ambrose to Maria Cost-31 Dec 1837-bond & consent of father Daniel Cost

BRUCE, Cynthia Ann to Alexander Call-30 May 1850

BRUCE, Elias to Sally Townsend-24 Mar 1832-bondsman Ambrose Bruce

BRUCE, Thomas L to Martha Lawrence-19 Nov 1835-bondsman Benjamin Egelston

BRUMLEY, James to Mary Ann C Rome-3 Apr 1847-bondsman Samuel H Lewton

BRUNNER, Joseph to Catharine Cook-17 May 1850-bondsman Lewis Darick

BRUNOT, John Hillary to Ann T Revil-6 May 1819-bondsman John B. Lindsey

BRUNSON, David to Elizabeth Jackson-25 Mar 1834-bondsman Abraham Blumer

BRUNSON, George to Mary Dunham-23 June 1817-bondsman Thomas Brunson

BRUSE, Ambrose to Frances Cost/Cort-3 June 1834, bondsman Daniel Cost/Cort

BRUSE, Ambrose to Margaret Mathews-10 Nov 1831-bondsman John Milliner & James Alexander

BRYAN, Amanda to John A Sanders-11 May 1838 BD, bond William Bryan

BRYAN, Elizabeth to Thomas M White-4 July 1849 bond Jacob Anderson

BRYAN, Hampton & Margaret Gosney-22 June 1820, bondsman Armstead Gosney, consent of father Benjamin Gosney,
witness Pollard Gosney

BRYAN, Jeptha to Mary Childers-13 Aug 1838, bondsman James Childers (father)

BRYAN, Joseph W to Hester A Stroube/r-5 June 1845 bond Z Swain Stroubee

BRYAN, Margaret to John H Yelton-7 Feb 1850 bond Benjamin Bryan

BRYAN, Margaret Mrs. to William Smith-15 Aug 1850 bond Ginnethon Hopkins

BRYAN, Mary to Adam Maphet-29 Jan 1818-bondsman Thomas J Palmer

BRYAN, Mary J to Richard Marvin-28 Nov 1843-bondsman Frederick Pryor

BRYAN, Samuel to Cynthia Carmack-4 Sep 1820-bondsman William Carmack

BRYAN, Samuel to Harriet Rich-10 Sep 1839-bondsman Samuel Rich

BRYAN, Thomas B to Jennie B Page-27 Nov 1850

BRYAN, William E. to Mary G. Herndon-21 Oct. 1845, bondsman Elijah Herndon.

BRYANT, Silas to Julia Harsha-11 Aug 1826{bond date is 19 Aug 1826}-bondsman George Hurdus?

BRYSON, James W Ensign to Ann K L Martin-27 June 1809, consent of father Major Thomas Martin

BRYSON, Jane to Joseph Monks-11 Aug 1825-bondsman James S Sanerson

BUCHANAN, James to Peggy Johnson-26 June 1798-bond Thomas Israel, consent of father Thomas? Johnson

BUCHANAN, Milly to Martin Stephens-8 Oct 1823 bond John Holly

BUCHANNAN, Charles R to Martha A Perry-16 May 1848-bondsman L Carter

BUCHANNON, Joseph P to Elizabeth West-10 June 1824-bondsman George West

BUCKLEY, Sarah to James Lefenwell 28 Aug 1831; BM-Abraham Gundacker

BUCKNER, Thomas to Caroline Perry-29 June 1820-bondsman G W Wright

BUCKNER, Thomas to Mildred W Berry-22 Apr 1823

BUIST/BURK, Thomas to Missouri Eliza Downard-14 Nov 1844-bondsman Robert Air

BULLEN, Caroline to George Norse-12 Sep 1834-BD-bondsman John F Goodard

BULLOCK, Margaret to Theophilus Vanlandingham-26 Dec 1837, bond James Biggs

BUNN, Edward to Nancy S Lukin-4 Nov 1850-bondsman Richard H Jones

BURCAW, G W to Catharine Anghe-10 May 1837-bondsman W A Pendleton, consent of brother John Doxon, Catharine's father
& mother being dead

BURCH, Richardson to Isabella Kelly-16 Mar 1831-bondsman Peter Hardin, who "swore that Isabella Kelly was bound to his father
and served her term of service out and is now acting for herself and further believes her to be of age."

BURCHAM, Abagil to Adam Staley-18 July 1809 bond Darius Burtch

BURCHAM, Mary to James McGuffee-5 Sep 1807-bond date, bondsman Joseph Israel

BURGESS, Job to Ellen Shay-20 June 1839-bondsman John Lee, Ellen a widow

BURGESS, William H to Elizabeth Herbert-8 Apr 1832-bondsman Stacy Reeves, consent of her parents

BURLAND, John H to Margaret Lambert-31 July 1843-bondsman James Lee

BURNETT, James to Rhoda Riddle-17 Dec 1832-bondsman Corbin Preston

BURNS, Isaac to Frances Murray-10 Dec 1836-bondsman Isaac Williams, Frances a widow

BURNS, Sarah to Alexander Webb-21 May 1812, bond Samuel Perry, who "swore as to the consent of parents"

BURRER, Joseph to Catharine Miller-24 Jan 1850-bondsman Charles H Heller

BURRIS, Elise J to S F M Walke-20 Nov 1849 bond Fourtunato Ballestacy

BURROWS, Thomas to Mary Williams-1 July 1839-bondsman Robert Culbertson, Mary a widow

BURRUSS, John to Eliza Parker-10 Dec 1836-bondsman Elmore Parker, Eliza a widow

BURTCH, Darius to Mary Pye-8 Feb 1824-bondsman John Pye

BURTCH, Darius to Susanah Burcham-26 May 1798-bondsman David Lewis, consent of Andrew Lewis, guardian of Susanah,
witnesses William German & John Morris

BURTCH, Desier to Jacob Youtsey-16 Oct 1845 bond Jonathan C White

BURTNER, Peter to Hellen Denis-1 May 1849-bondsman Robert McVitie

BURTON, Allen to Nancy Wwlmon-19 Apr 1814-bondsman Joseph Smith & Abraham Levi

BURTON/BENTON, Nancy to Nathaniel Vise-25 Dec 1827 bond Willis V Richardson

BURTON, Orramel J to Maria Williams-11 June 1838-bondsman John Stephens, Maria a widow.

BURTON, Thornton to Polly Rouse-19 Apr 1838-bondsman John G Crisler, consent of father Aaron Rouse

BUSBY, Julia Ann to Daniel Riggs-25 Dec 1845-bond William A Sly

BUSE, Ambrose to Margaret Methene-10 Nov 1831-bondsman James Alexander, "this is to authorize Ambrose Bruse seignior to
go forward in Camel County and get lisons to wed with mee. Margaret Mathene," witness John Milney

BUSELL, John to Julia Ann Hume-2 Feb 1836-bondsman Coleman Hume

BUSH, Bev Ann F to Washington Shyrock-6 Jan 1839, brother Alonzo O Bush bade oath that her mother, stepfather Archibald
Lauter and nearest relatives gave their consent, that her father was dead and no guardian appointed

BUSH, Joshua B to Elizabeth Graves-12 Feb 1833-bondsman Bartlett Graves

BUSH, Martin D to Hannah Egleston-23 May 1817-bondsman Leonard Decoursey

BUSH, William to Polly Stonfiffer-18 Feb 1808

BUTLER, Daniel to Pamela Fowler-2 Nov 1832-bondsman Isaac Fowler

BUTLER, Jethro B to Mary E Rardon-22 Nov 1849-bondsman J M Caldwell

BUTLER?, Joseph to Margaret Haacks-22 Dec 1848

BUTLER/BATTER, Sarah to Jesse Tempe-3 Jan 1811 bond Elijah Fowler

BUTLER, Susannah to Robert Steele-11 Mar 1824-BD bond Lacy Halston

BUTTS, Edward to Elizabeth Crum-6 Dec 1839-bondsman John Lee, James Carrigan made oath that Elizabeth Crum is
"of the full age"

BUTTS, Henry to Mary Philip-11 Oct 1847-bondsman George R Fearons

BUTTS, Thomas to Lydia Daniels-6 Mar 1828-bondsman Henry Daniels

BUZBEE/BUSBY, Balaam to Nancy Alphin-21 June 1816-bondsman Zedick Stevenson, consent of father Zebulon Alphin

BYERS, Samuel to Nancy Tucker-8 July 1827-bondsman William Tucker

BYLAND, Aaron to Eliza Northcut-29 Apr 1834-bondsman & consent of father Jeremiah Northcut

BYLAND, Belinda to Whorton McKinsey-25 Dec 1832-bondsman Aaron Byland

BYLAND, Elijah to Rosena Huffman-6 Mar 1827-bondsman George Hume, consent of guardian Abraham Powell

BYLAND, Eliza to Eli T Rusk-25 Apr 1833-bond G W Byland

BYLAND, John to Elizabeth Kean-28 July 1825-bondsman James Bobbit, consent of James Kean (relationship not stated)

BYLAND, John to Pattey Wilson-5 Oct 1820-bondsman Samuel Carlisle, "This doth certify that James Stephenson and Elizabeth
Stephenson, his wife, doth authorize the clark of the Campbell Court to issue licens for John Byland & Patsey Wilson daughter
Stephenson to be married given under our hands and seals this 2nd October 1820.  James Stephenson. Eli Stephenson”

BYLAND, Moses to Julia Northcutt-29 Nov. 1827, bondsman Jeremiah Northcutt

BYRD, Foster to Margaret T Gosney-16 June 1834, bondsman brother William G. Gosney

BYRD, John to Nancy Foster-22 Jan 1804-bondsman George Foster, consent of father George Foster

BYRD, John H to America Ann Stephens-15 Apr 1847-bond John W Stevens

BYRD, John H to Ann Yelton-10 Jan 1850, bondsman John A Stroube

BYRD, Nancy to John M Winn-2 Jan 1849 bond John H Byrd

BYRD, Sary to Selmon Abbet-21 Feb 1834-bondsman Foster Byrd

BYRN/BYERS, James to Sarah Clinkenbeard-4 Nov. 1837, bondsman Charles Clinkinbeard, consent of Sarah's (unnamed) father

BYRNE, Edward M to Mary Ann Hutchinson-11 May 1825, bondsman E Hutchinson

BYRNES, Timothy to Mary Dolan (widow) 19 Sep 1849 BD, bondsman John N Taliaferro

C Surnames


CADICK, Esther to Thomas J Limber BD-20 July 1834; BM-John Lee

CADY, Daniel & Mamie Moore-3 July 1819-bondsman Benjamin Cady

CAHILL, Milligan & Levina McCoy-3 Aug 1820-bondsman William McCoy

CAIGER, Michael & Martha McGlothlen-29 Oct 1797-bondsman William Craig, consent of father Charles McGlothlen,  witness Charles McGlothen Jr.

CAIN, Asael & Lucy Stonesifer-17 Feb 1802-consent of father John Stonesiffer, witnesses John Stonesiffer & Jacob McKay

CAIN, Betsey to Daniel Piatt-27 Feb 1828-bondsman Reuben McDannold, consent by father Asael Cain

CAIN, Harriet to Robert Flemming 4 July 1832; BM-F T Helm

CAIN, Isaac to Elizabeth Carson-6 Mar 1812-bondsman Bose Reed

CAIN, John to Elizabeth Spilman-28 Oct 1834-bondsman Charles F Spilman, consent of father Philip Spilman, witness Thomas H. Spilman

CAIN, John to Sarah W (or Sally N) Daniels-20 Apr 1845-bondsman Beverly S Daniel

CAIN, Joseph to Elizabeth Riley-23 Apr 1835-bond by father Thomas Riley  

CAIN, Martin to Sarah Jaques-23 Jan 1827-bondsman George Crummey

CAIN, Mary to Reuben McDonald-29 May 1823-bondsman Thomas Sanford, consent by Asael Cain

CAIN, Morse to Nancy Perry-29 July 1838-bondsman Arthur S Winings

CAIN, Moss to Sarah Perry-15 July 1839-bondsman George Perry (brother)             

CAINS, Fielding C to Mary McIlvoy-7 Nov 1837-bondsman Moss Cains, consent of brother Rt. McIlvoy on behalf of parents; consent of Fielding's (unnamed) father

CAINS, Joseph to Jaly Vendever-23 Mar 1841-bondsman Thomas Dean, consent of Jaly's mother Elizabeth (father dead)

CALDWELL, Agness to Andrew D Smalley-1 Nov 1843 bond Andrew Smalley

CALDWELL, Alexander to Elizabeth Hunter-1 Mar 1837-bondsman William Reddick

CALDWELL, Alexander to Elizabeth Riddle-23 Sep 1797-bondsman Robert Riddle, consent of father George Riddell

CALDWELL, Ebenezer to Elizabeth Pierce-16 July 1836-bondsman James Caldwell

CALDWELL, Elijah & Mary Osburn-14 Mar 1823-bondsman John H Caldwell, Mary of "lawful age"

CALDWELL, Eliza to David Orr-22 Oct 1821

CALDWELL, Elizabeth to Peyton Reddick-8 Jan 1825-bond John M Grant

CALDWELL, Ether R to Thompson Smith-12 Oct 1822

CALDWELL, George J  Rebecca W Shaffer-4 Jan 1847-bondsman John N Taliaferro, consent of mother Elizabeth Shaffer, witness Nancy Clark

CALDWELL, James to Sarah Ann Nutting-5 Aug 1843-bondsman John G. Samuels, Sarah a widow.

CALDWELL, John to Elizabeth Calvin-14 Mar 1818-bondsman William W Taylor

CALDWELL, John to Letitia Dodd-10 Oct 1835-bondsman Taylor Farrer?

CALDWELL, John H to Rosannah L Anderson-25 Apr 1818-bondsman John Anderson

CALDWELL, John M to Margaret K Carter-30 June 1840-bondsman John N Taliaferro

CALDWELL, Katherine to George S or T Morin-22 July 1828-bondsman John Caldwell

CALDWELL, Polly to James McCollum-15 Jan 1829

CALDWELL, Rebecca to Samuel McIntosh-19 Feb 1833-bond date, bondsman Ebenezer Caldwell

CALDWELL, Sarah to Richard Thomas-25 June 1827 bond Wyatt Baxter

CALDWELL, Susan to Peter Yocum-17 Oct 1832 bond John J Coldwell

CALDWELL, Synthy to William Reddeck-20 Dec 1826

CALDWELL, Theodosia to Notley Maddox-15 Oct 1824-bondsman Thomas Harris, consent by father John Caldwell

CALDWELL, Washington to Jane Wherry-17 Oct. 1830

CALDWELL, William to Elizabeth Bird-8 Dec 1835-bondsman Henry Bird

CALDWELL, William to Elizabeth Yelton-22 Apr 1850-bondsman William H Randall, consent of Elizabeth's (unnamed) father

CALDWELL, William to Tebitha Bird-29 Nov 1832-bondsman Francis Bird

CALL, Alexander to Cynthia Ann Bruce-1 June 1850-bondsman Joseph Vangundy

CALL, Martha to Simpson Tracy-22 Feb 1849 bond Ellis Bruce

CALLAGHAN, John to Amanda Weaver-25 Oct 1834-bondman John Doxon

CALLAHAN, Belinda to Reuben Stephenson-6 Oct 1830 bond Archibald Latter, consent by James Callahan

CALLAHAN, Jeremiah O to Susan Miller-19 Nov 1839-bondsman Nicholas Mahan

CALLAHAN, William to Elizabeth Nichols-26 Aug 1837, bondsman William Revell, consent of Elizabeth's (unnamed) father

CALLANT, John to Martha Mitchell-2 Feb 1833, bondsman William Melona

CALLANT, Mary to Hamilton Martin-14 Nov 1831-bondsman John Gallant

CALLANT, Sarah to Jeremiah Rudicill-6 Jan 1835-bond John Verry

CALLAWN, Sarah to James Vickers-1 Apr 1833 bond Andrew Smalley

CALLEN, John Jr. to Mary Ann Armstrong-20 Mar 1828, bondsman John H. Armstrong, son of James, consent of father James Armstrong.

CALLON, Jonathan to Mary Oliver-16 Oct 1820-bondsman Benjamin Simpson

CALVERT, Bledsoe to Lucinda M/H? Smart-12 Nov 1844-bondsman Alfred P Smart

CALVERT, Isaiah to Ann Devinney-21 Jan 1850-bondsman Perry Rardin

CALVERT, James to Lydia Rarden-27 Nov 1836-bondsman Robert Young.

CALVERT, Jesse to Pamelia Smith-13 Feb 1834-bondsman David B Smith

CALVERT, Mary Ann to Eldrige McElfresh-14 Sep 1848-bondsman Michael Cage Sellers

CALVERT, Ruhanna to Zebulon P Moss-13 Apr 1837-bondsman James Calvert

CAMFIELD, Ziba to Mary Hutchenson-26 May 1801-bondsman Charles Faran, certified that Mary was "of the age of twenty one years" and had no parents residing in KY

CAMPBELL, Amanda to Jonathan B Perrin-5 Jan 1830-bondsman Cyrus Campbell

CAMPBELL, Cyrus to Susan Raredin-4 Oct 1834-bondsman Timothy S Rardin, consent of father Samuel Rardin

CAMPBELL, Daniel to Polly Miller-29 Dec 1798-consent of John Humes, who certified that Polly Miller lived with him and he considered himself as her guardian

CAMPBELL, Elijah to Susan Loring/Loving-14 June 1827-bondsman William Campbell, consent of father D B Loring

CAMPBELL, Elmina to Joseph West-13 July 1824 bond John Campbell

CAMPBELL, Jane to Solomon Casteel-5 Jun 1848-bondsman Jacob Casteel

CAMPBELL, John to Jemima Edwards/Edmonds-1 Aug 1833-bondsman John Lee, consent of father Ely Edwards, witness John Campbell

CAMPBELL, Mary Ann to Joseph/Josiah Potts-8 May 1836-bond Thomas Kelley, consent by mother Elizabeth Campbell

CAMPBELL, Rebeccah to John Arnold-19 Sep 1795-bondsman William Martin, Rebeccah "a widow of full age"

CAMPBELL, Sally to John Perrin-6 Jan 1825-bondsman John Campbell

CAMPBELL, William to Elizabeth Deweter-20 Mar 1838-bondsman James Kelly, Elizabeth a widow

CAMRON, John to Elizabeth Meller-2 Jan. 1796-bondsman Daniel Kenglesmith, "girl of full age"

CANFIL, Johanna to Denis Ryin-5 Dec 1849-bond Patrick Canfill

CANNON, Elizabeth to James Riggs-23 Dec 1819-bond Avery Riggs

CANTER, John to Elinor Jane Greenwell-17 Sep 1829-bondsman Francis Greenwell

CAPODURO, Anthony to Mary Storm-7 Sep. 1831-bondsman Peter Pesenti

CARLE, Mathew & Anna Sophield-22 Jan 1826-bondsman Charles Tucker, consent of father Israel Sophield

CARLISLE, Adison B & Ehnus? Runnold-26 Apr 1837-bondsman Robert M Carlisle

CARLISLE, Albert & Flora Fish-14 Feb 1828-bondsman William M Fish

CARLISLE, Robert M & Elizabeth A Bagby-4 Nov 1830-bondsman Young S Bagby, consent of father Charles Bagby, witness William Bagby

CARLISLE, Samuel to Asenith Tewilegar-23 Dec 1822-bondsman Alex Connelly

CARLISLE, Susanna M to Emanuel Twilleger-3 Oct 1833 bond Samuel Carlisle, consent by father John Carlisle

CARLISLE, William N to Polly Barns-12 Mar 1815-bondsman Solomon Hopkins

CARLL, Elizabeth to David Smith-30 Aug 1820-BD bond David B Smith, consent by fathers Lowden Carll and Michael Smith w-Benjamin Smith & John Sasser?

CARLL, Elizabeth J to Henry E White-4 Nov 1840 bond James Thatcher, Elizabeth's guardian

CARLL, Louden to Ellender Curry-11 June 1801-bondsman Thomas Israel

CARLL, Thomas to Polly Thatcher-19 Dec 1816-bondsman Baldwin J Collawn, consent of Polly's guardian Samuel Baker

CARMACK, Cynthia to Samuel Bryan-4 Sep 1839; bondsman William Carmack

CARMACK, Elizabeth to John Anderson-4 Sep 1820; bondsman William Carmack

CARMACK, George W to Martha Johnson-14 May 1838-bondsman John M Caldwell

CARMACK, Jane to Mathew Iles-13 Dec 1841; bondsman John Anderson

CARMACK, Martha to Edward Morin-25 Aug 1828-bondsman James C Coons

CARMACK, Mary to R D Bartlow-4 Dec 1845; bondsman Thomas E Newman

CARMACK, Nancy to Robert McCormick-27 Feb 1839-bond date, bondsman Joseph P Dameron

CARMACK, Sally to William Wait-11 Apr 1816 bond Jonathan Carmack

CARMACK, William to Mary Dameron-14 Apr 1821-bondsman Samuel Bryan

CARMICHAEL, David to Nancy Anderson-13 Sep 1826-bondsman Peter Sutton

CARMICHAEL, Isaac to Susannah Mater-22 Aug 1834-bondsman H T Harris

CARNES, William to Eloner Springer-13 Sep 1829

CARNEY, Benjamin to Mary Fagan-5 Jan 1836-bondsman Basil Young, consent of father Henry Fagan

CARNEY, David L to Sally Bealle-2 Dec 1807-bondsman George Brown

CARNEY, Janette Margaret to James M Yung-15 Nov 1834 bond William H Carney, consent by father D L Carney of Beallmont

CARNEY, Julia L to Thomas M Sallee-16 Apr 1846-bond James T F Carney

CARPENTER, Catharine to Nathan Casteel-7 Aug 1849-bondsman Solomon Casteel

CARPENTER, David S to Lydia Mundel-20 Mar 1827-bondsman Jonathan Mundel

CARPENTER, Hannah to David H Nowland-9 Sep 1820-BD-bondsman Nathan D Carpenter

CARPENTER, Shubael to Sarah Jones-23 Feb 1820-bondsman Thomas Pollock

CARPENTER, Simeon to Pheby White-10 Oct 1810-bondsman Joseph Kennedy, consent of father ...oel? White, witness Henry White

CARPENTER, Thomas to Sarah Ann Vandever-27 June 1838-bondsman John Lee

CARPENTER, William to Clarissa L Graves-7 Aug 1820-bondsman Benjamin Graves

CARR, Minerva Jane to William Sellers-19 Feb 1841 BD, consent and bond by father Edward Carr

CARR, Joseph to Nancy Bhymer-8 Feb 1848, bondsman Martin Bhymer, "consent of the (unnamed) father of the within lady personally given."

CARR, Mary Ellen to John Patiner-24 June 1844-bondsman Edward Carr

CARRICK, Cuningham to Phoebe Swing-1 Nov 1819-bondsman Thomas Buckner

CARSON, Alice to John Mitchell-21 Jun 1819-bondsman Samuel W Morrison

CARSON, Harriet to Moses Stephens-13 July 1826-BD bond John Mitchell

CARSON, Nelley to Thomas Smith-12 Aug 1812 bond Boze Reed

CARSON, William to Edithe Dewitt-26 Aug 1813-bondsman Booze Redd, consent of Thomas Dewitt (relationship not given)

CARTER, Benjamin to Polly Lipscomb-29 June 1819, bondsman William Lipscomb

CARTER, Caroline O to Silas Martin-7 June 1838-bondsman Joseph Acklin both Caroline's parents dead

CARTER/CURTEN, Charlotte D to Nathaniel Ashby-27 Apr 1837-bondsman Samuel Cockrell

CARTER, Ellen to Ruel Wood-30 Jan 1846

CARTER, George to Rachel Bayler-14 May 1812-bondsman Carter Hutchinson, consent of Rachel, aged 28, witness Joseph Kennedy

CARTER, John W to Adeline Copphe-13 July 1845-bondsman E R Kennedy.

CARTER, Joseph to Nancy Oswell-26 May 1798-bondsman John H Lesnor? of Newport, "step-father" of Nancy

CARTER, Margaret to Samuel Stephens-11 June 1811-BD bond Wm Gibbons, permission granted by Samuel's commanding officer Lt. James W Bryson

CARTER, Nancy to Basil Thomas-4 Jan 1811 BD, bond George Carter

CARTER, Susan to James Swaind-12 Nov 1836 BD, bond John Carter, "mother of Susan Carter gives her consent to the marriage, her father being dead"

CARTER, Warren to Margaret G Ellis-2 Feb 1832, bond William Vaughn, consent of father John G Ellis

CARTY, William to Fanny Hambrick- 3 Sep 1833, bondsman F T Helm

CARVER, Harrison to Eliza Dalrymple-19 Oct 1833, bondsman Lewis H. Ross Note: bond was cancelled

CARY, Martin to Matilda Smalley-11 June 1831, bondsman Isaac Cooper, Matilda's age sworn to by Martin Casy.

CASE, Michael & Elizabeth EPPERSON, 4 Jan. 1825, bondsman Abraham Moor, made oath that (unnamed) mother of Elizabeth gave consent.

CASEY, Ann/Nancy to John Massie-14 Apr 1808-bondsman Joseph Casey

CASEY, Henry & ?? (bondsman's name mistakenly repeated; no bride's name given), 1812 (no mo/day given) bondsman John Massey

CASEY, Henry to Polly Stephenson-24 May 1825-bondsman John Stevenson

CASEY, Joseph /John to Sarah Massy-6 Nov 1806-bondsman Daniel Loren

CASEY, Martin to Mary Baxter-18 Aug. 1834, bondsman Henry Gosney

CASEY, Polly to William S Newman-10 Sep 1816

CASEY, Radsford to Julia Ann Manone?-29 Nov 1836-bondsman John Harrison

CASHBANNER, Catherine M to Lawrence Reigler-14 Nov 1850-bond Christopher Reigler, consent by Lawrence's father

CASSADY, Bridget to John Manning-10 Aug 1839-bondsman John Lee

CASSEN, John W to Elizabeth Keene-3 Mar 1844-bondsman John R. Bonnell

CASSIDY, Edwin B to Olive Crouch-27 Dec 1849; BM-William Prichard, consent of Olive's (unnamed) father

CASSIN, William to Pursa Heath-29 Dec 1841; BM-William Griffey, Pursa a widow

CASSON, Aurelia to Berkley G Reese-26 July 1840; BM-William Casson, who witnessed consent of William Casson

CASSON, Elvira to Jonathan Reed-17 Aug 1828; BM-Ephraim Cheesman, consent by William Casson

CASSON, Harriet to John R Bonnell 2 Jan 1826; BM-John R White

CASSON, John to Nancy Owens-4 Oct 1819; BM-Isaac Cains, consent of Nancy's mother Lucy Mangums

CASSON, John M to Elizabeth Keene-3 Mar 1844; BM-John R Bonnell

CASSON, William to Sarar Laffer-21 July 1819; BM-Jonathan Keen?

CASSON, Woodford to Sarah/Sally Grant-23 Nov 1836; BM-George Green

CASSY, Polly to Adam Primus-13 Oct 1814-bond William Demar

CASTEEL, Nathan to Catharine Carpenter-7 Aug 1849-bondsman Solomon Casteel

CASTEEL, Solomon to Jane Campbell-5 June 1848-bondsman Jacob Casteel

CASTO, Noah to Anna Studirds?-26 Jan 1837-bondsman Jonathan Casto

CASTER, Hannah to James L Stanley-9 Mar 1842 bond Thomas Stevens Jr. who made oath that Joseph Dawson was willing and authorized the same

CASTER, Mary to John Terrell-9 Oct 1843 bond William Lipscomb

CASTER, Nancy M to Benjamin B Moore-26 Dec 1850-bondsman Benjamin Moore

CASTER, Sarah to Charles McGlothlen-3 Mar 1800-bond date, bondsman Joseph Dickens, consent by father Conrad Caster, witness Sarah Caster and James Tatan?

CASTER, Susannah to Thomas Thomas-11 Feb 1810 BD, bond George Caster who "makes oath that her father gave consent"

CASTOR, Cathereen to John Mardis-2 May 1822

CASTOR, Elizabeth to Ralph E Lyons-11 Jul 1850-bondsman William Wood

CASTOR, John to Mary Moore-14 Apr 1849-bondsman Benjamin Moore

CASTRICHAR, Christian to Catherine Myres-4 Nov 1826-bondsman Joseph Caufman

CASWELL, Josiah to Nancy Caldwell-22 Sep 1817-bondsman John H Caldwell

CATRMAN, Thomas to Susan Peete-14 Nov 1850

CAVE, Fanny to Uriel Sebree-1 Dec 1797

CECIL, John to Minerva Delivant-20 Feb 1838-bondsman Isaac Hestil (bond was erased)

CEREUS? Keziah to John Ruby-30 Apr 1848-bond William Keys

CHALKE[E/R], Friend to Delilah Ann Green-9 June 1832-bondsman Thomas D. Snyder, consent of bride's mother Olive Abel & Isaac Cooper [relationship not stated], witnesses J. Berryman & John Abel

CHAMBERLIN, George W to Mary Craven-8 Nov 1840-bondsman Thomas Kent

CHAMBERS, Garret B to Maria E Decoursey-3 Sep 1846-bondsman Rufus E Burleson

CHAMBERS, John to Mary Deem-12 Sep 1807-bondsman John Deem, consent of father John Deem

CHAMBERS, Sarah to William Rice-5 Dec 1796-bond Wm Smith

CHAMBERS, William to Barbary Deem-1 Aug 1803-bondsman John Deem

CHANDLER, Clark to Louisa Randall-13 Nov 1849-bondsman Samuel Baker

CHANDLER, George to Letty C Clarke-16 July 1825-bondsman John Nelson

CHANDLER, Jonathan & Jane Harding-25 Jan 1821-bondsman Jacob Harding

CHANDLER, William & Lydia Hardin-14 Jan 1835-bondsman John Hardin

CHAPMAN, Ezekiel & Margaret Childs-22 June 1815, bondsman John Griffey, consent of mother Elizabeth Childes, witness James Dugan

CHAPMAN, Richard & Margaret Miller-24 Aug 1829-bondsman Horatio T Harris

CHEESEMAN, John & Betsey Davis-22 Feb 1827-bondsman William Reed

CHEESEMAN, Richard to Elizabeth Ruex-15 May 1836-bondsman John Lee

CHEESMAN, Ephraim to Betsey Casson-21 Aug 1830-bondsman Gardner Reed, consent of father William Casson

CHEESMAN, Richard to Elizabeth Reaux-15 May 1836

CHERRY, Frances to William Ware-20 Aug 1835; BM-Robert Vickers, consent by father Nicholas Cherry, witness by John Stevens

CHERRY, John to Jane Arnold-3 June 1813; BM-Ben Johnson Arnold

CHERRY, John to Mary York-11 Mar 1827; BM-Charles Dicken, consent of  Mary's guardian Mathew Jenkens, witness Mical Smith

CHERRY, Nancy to Albert D Furnish-19 Nov 1837; BM-John Cherry

CHESEMAN, Aaron R & Susannah Talbot-8 Sep 1836; BM-Ephraim Cheesman

CHESMAN, John to Clarissa Morrell-19 Jan 1830; BM-William Shaw, consent of sister Lucy Morrell on behalf of Clarissa's parents

CHESNUT, Sarah to George Bowman BD-16 Oct 1820; BM-Samuel W Morrison

CHIPMAN, Stephen to Mary Mash-8 Feb 1823; BM-Samuel Perry

CHOBERT, Patty to John Seay BD-18 Feb 1798; BM-Susanna Roberson, who certified that Susanna was of "lawful age"

CLANE/CLARE, Jane M Mrs. to Jeffrey Prendergast-13 Mar 1840-bond Robert Culbertson, Jane a widow

CLARK, Agnes to David Mayall-10 Oct 1846-bondsman Ben D Beall

CLARK, Ambrose to Sally Bonan-27 Nov 1798, consent of brother Charles Bonan, who certified Sally was "21 years of age"

CLARK, Caleb to Elizabeth Griffith-25 Dec 1816, bondsman David Wilson, consent of father John Griffith

CLARK, Cassandra to Bryant Senour-21 Sep 1826, bond William D Scott, consent by Will Scott, guardian of Cassandra; consent by Elizabeth Clark

CLARK, Catharine to William T Yates-25 May 1823 bond Josiah Wagner

CLARK, Catharine to Thomas C Miles-11 Aug 1838-bondsman James C Cones

CLARK, Charles to Marriam C Roseboom-23 Nov 1848, bondsman William Moore

CLARK, Elizabeth Ann to John Park-12 May 1849-bondsman Ben D Beall

CLARK, Daniel to Nancy Walker-13 Nov 1817, BD, bondsman John Walker

CLARK, Daniel P to Julia A South-13 Apr 1849, bondsman Simon South

CLARK, Emily to Zacariah Tucker-23 Aug 1849-bond John Orr

CLARK, Francis A to Mary Ann Caldwell-3 July 1845, bondsman Peter Harmon

CLARK, Granville to Sarah Cornelius-26 Nov 1839-bondsman James Cornelius

CLARK, Harry/Harvey to Mary Jones-27 May 1832-bondsman John Jones

CLARK, Ichabod to Bershabe Stanley-13 Feb 1816-bondsman David Wilson

CLARK, John G to Sarah Ann Benedict-8 Oct 1842-bondsman William Fuller

CLARK, Joseph to Nancey Parker-4 Jan 1814-bondsman Levi Wells, consent of father Richard Parker

CLARK, Joseph to Susan Johns-7 July 1829-bondsman William Montgomery

CLARK, Keziah to William Reed-4 Jan 1821-bond Samuel Clark

CLARK, Mary (widow) to Hiram Strawn-8 Aug 1840 bond John Brown

CLARK, Mathew to Eveline Lively-29 Apr 1848-bondsman Calvin Perry

CLARK, Missourie to Peter Miles-8 Aug 1844-bond date, bondsman Thomas C Miles

CLARK, Pamelia to George Payne-11 Oct 1832-bondman John Callant

CLARK, Rachel to George Walker-26 Feb 1826 bond John McClure

CLARK, Reason to Mary Walker-3 July 1824-bondsman Daniel Clark

CLARK, Robert B to Nancy Bowles-17 July 1826-bondsman Joseph Cones

CLARK, Samuel to Susannah Douglass-6 Nov 1820-bondsman Joseph Willison

CLARK, Susana to James Ruben-18 June 1829

CLARK, Thomas to Elizabeth Hays-24 June 1800-bondsman James McGonley, who certified Elizabeth was of "lawful age"

CLARK, William to Luvina Miller-15 July 1826-bondsman Strodder Johnson

CLARK, William R & Esther Jones-29 June 1834-bond & consent of father Thomas Jones

CLARKE, Caroline to James Parker-21 Sep 1826-bondsman George Chandler

CLARKE, Elizabeth to David Rust-2 Dec 1833-bond John Trail

CLARKE, John J & Julia Ann Smith-6 Mar 1834-bondsman John Lee, "this license was returned the parties were not married, Clarke being a soldier & the officer commanding having prohibited the marriage. Att: John N Taliaferro" (see below)

CLARKE, John J to Nancy Richards-16 Nov 1835-bondsman E Bennett, John a musician in the Army of the U.S. whose permission was signed by Colonel Alex V Thompson of the Newport Barracks

CLARKE, Susan to Jacob Stephens-16 June 1835 bond James White

CLARKSON, Mary to William Ross-21 Jan 1828-bond Daniel Holley

CLARY, Edmund to Sarah Ann Luce-27 Nov 1847, bondsman Dennis Cunningham

CLEAVER, Charles to Sarah White-3 Mar 1847, bondsman J T Hayman

CLEET, Nelly to John Marshall-31 Nov 1809-bondsman Frederick Kleet

CLEMENS, Margaret to Lemuel F Wickham-28 Sep 1837 bond James Childers, consent by mother Elizabeth Clemens (father dead)

CLEMENT, Henry to Debora Jane Egleston-24 May 1831, bondsman Amos Egleston

CLEMONS, Charles C to Mary Horsfall-9 Aug. 1838, bondsman Joseph Horsfall, consent of Mary's (unnamed) father.

CLEMONS, Hiram B. to Eliza C Bennett-21 Jan. 1839, bondsman John Bennett

CLENDENNING, Robert to Elizabeth Hayman-22 July 1824, bondsman Isaiah T Hayman

CLEPHANE, George & Clarissa DUKES, 21 June 1846

CLEVELAND, Dreusilla to Ezekial Souther-5 Feb 1824 bond James Cleveland

CLEVELAND, George P (William?) to Henrietta E Scott-18 Nov 1834 bond Edward F Fowler, consent of mother Chasteen Scott

CLEVELAND, James to Sally Stonecefer-22 Oct 1810 bondsman John Stonecefer

CLEVELAND, Polly to Elmore Schott-15 July 1812, bond Robert Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Robert to Lucreatia Scott-3 Aug 1809, bondsman James Brown, consent of father O. Scott

CLIFFORD, John to Lucretia Tibbetts-15 Nov 1823 bondsman Seth Tibbetts

CLIFFORD, William to Susanna Tibbets-10 Sep 1818, bondsman George Tibbets

CLIFT, Benjamin to Lydia Ann Calvert- 8 Sep 1836, bondsman James Calvert.

CLIFT, Joseph to Sarah Ann Lively-2 July 1832, bondsman William A. Biggs.

CLIFT, Richard to Nancy Ellis-30 June 1828-consent of father Dudley B Ellis

CLIFTON, Charles to Elizabeth Hest-13 July 1834-bondsman Andrew Dillon

CLINE, Daniel to Elizabeth Horder-13 May 1833-bondsman John K Morris

CLINE, Lewis to Eliza Hall-23 Apr 1831-bondsman Charles P Davis

CLINKENBEARD, Margaret to James Nelson-24 Apr 1834-bondsman John Lee, consent by father John Clinkinbeard, witness George Fisher

CLINKINBEARD, Charles N to Sarah Ann Ervin- 9 Jan 1840-bondsman John Clinkinbeard

CLINKINBEARD, Hester to Lewis D Moss-26 Oct 1821-bondsman John Clinkinbeard

CLINKINBEARD, Polly to Adam Miller-25 Dec 1827-bondsman Daniel Miller, consent by father John Clinkinbeard, witness J G Lindsey

CLINKINGBEARD, Hannah to Peter Mason-28 Feb 1830-bondsman Thomas Winton, consent by Hannah who stated she was "of the age of 24" witness Elizabeth Miller, security J G Lindsey, witness by Isaac Hoann

CLOMAAS, Thomas to Mary Jane Cloyd-25 July 1836, bondsman Purnell Stuard

CLORE, Delilah to Lewis Rice-13 June 1800-bond Benjamin Rice, consent by mother Margaret Clore & Adam Clore

CLORE, Nelly to Beverly Ward-28 Oct 1799 bond Lewis Rice, consent by father Adam and mother Margaret Clore, witness by Ambrose Christopher

CLOUD, Betsey to Thomas Roby-15 Sep 1798-bond Thomas Owens, consent by mother Jean Cloud, witness James Owens

CLOUD, Henry to Lucy Carter-5 Jan 1796-bondsman Samuel Horsler, consent of father Freman Carter

CLOYER, Andrew to Betsey Redman-2 Aug 1830-bondsman Ben Williams

CLUSTER, Peter M to Nancy Sanders-27 Feb 1840-consent of Nancy's (unnamed) father proven by oath of bondsman Thompson Sanders

COAL, William to Polly Chrisler-8 July 1824-bondsman Isaac Coal

COBNER, Thomas to Matilda Hileman-11 Mar 1828-bondsman John Lee

COBON, Richard to Ann Morgan-19 Apr 1834-bondsman Josiah Lewis, consent of Ann's sister Mrs. Rebecca Rowland, with whom she had resided for the last 7 years; her parents being dead

COFFEE, Ann to David Spears-9 Aug 1841 bond George W Doxon

COFFEE, Spencer to Mary Hensley Prewitt-18 Nov 1820-bond date, bondsman Adenston Prewitt

COFFIN, Sarah to Joseph McKay-1 Jan 1835-bondsman James D Collins

COGGINS, Brigit to John Ocorner-21 July 1849-BD-bondsman Michael Cogins

COGGINS, Catharine to James Thomas-24 June 1850 BD, bond McKabe

COGSWILL, Thomas J to A Hammatt-13 Apr 1850-bondsman John Taliaferro

COLBERT, Margaret to William McAnelly-20 Feb 1835-bondsman Basil Young

COLE, Isaac to Elizabeth Allen-28 Aug 1827-bond & consent of father Joseph Allen

COLE, Jacob Jr. to Hannah Congo-26 Oct 1848-bondsman Adin Barrows, Hannah a widow

COLE, Rachel L to William L Peebles-29 Oct 1848-bond Jacob Cole Jr., consent by father Jacob Cole, witness by Adin Barrows

COLEMAN, David S to Maria McPike-18 Apr 1849; BM-E Powers?

COLEMAN, Harriet to Charles F Spilman-29 Aug 1839; consent & bond by father James Coleman

COLEMAN, Henry to Bethwina Barnes/Burns-8 May 1831 BM-Ransom A Hall & Charles C Barns/Burns

COLEMAN, Mary Jane-14 Apr 1836; BM-Ambrose Falkner

COLEMAN, Nancy to John Stephens-2 Feb 1825; BM-Samuel McCollum, consent by father James Coleman

COLEMAN, Polly to William Fleming 23 Oct 1834; BM-Samuel McCollum

COLEMAN, Thomas S to Elizabeth McCullum-23 Jan 1838; BM-& consent of father Asa McCollum

COLEMAN, William & Eveline Riggs-19 May 1836; BM-Isaac Riggs

COLES, Benjamin & Susan Dodd-18 Feb 1837; BM-Walker Dodd, Susan a widow; Ben a widower

COLHOUN, Francis & Eliza Fielding-15 Aug 1817-bondsman Samuel H Morrison

COLLAWN, Baldwin J to Sally Cooper-30 Oct 1816-bondsman John Cooper

COLLEN, Amos to Sarah Aldridge-17 Oct 1833-bondsman Jesse Badders

COLLIER, Ann to William Wilson-1 July 1841 bond John G Clark

COLLIER, Martha to John A Moore-27 Apr 1832-bondsman George W Doxon

COLLINS, Amos to Priscilla Swing-18 Mar 1819-bondsman Paul Randall, consent of mother Marian An Swing

COLLINS, Charles to Nancy Wilson?-24 Mar 1806-bondsman John Wilson?

COLLINS, Elizabeth to Paul Randall-7 Apr 1815-bond Samuel Swing

COLLINS, George to Elizabeth Patison-15 May 1833-bondsmen Jefferson Phelps & Isaac Cooper

COLLINS, George to Sally Hayes-24 Jan 1824-bondsman Lyman Rugg

COLLINS, James to Mary Dorwadcher-2 Sep 1824-bondsman John Gibson

COLLINS, James T to Elizabeth Beall-1 Nov 1848-bondsman B Hall, consent of bride's (unnamed) father proven by Birgella Heale

COLLINS, James W to Eliza Bradley-24 Aug 1834-bond John Doxon, who "made oath that Eliza Bradley has resided with and been under his control, since the age of 3 yrs. that he believes her mother is dead & her father if living he knows not his palace of residence...."

COLLINS, Janette to John Torrance-16 Mar 1836-bond James Lamont

COLLINS, Jefferson to Susan Twilgar-28 Feb 1837-bond Richard A Collins, Susan a widow

COLLINS, Joseph to Margaret Henderson-14 Mar 1834-bond William Milton, who made oath that Margaret lives with her brother who gives his consent; her parents are both dead.

COLLINS, Marcus to Elizabeth Swing-4 Feb 1813-bond Samuel Swing

COLLINS, Mary Ann to Melancthon Pierce-26 Nov 1850-bond James T Collins

COLLINS, Prudence to Howard Watts-23 Apr 1821 bond C P I Arion, consent by father Stephen Collins

COLLINS, Richard to Susan Scott-30 Apr 1815-bond James Birdwhistell, consent of father George Scott, witness Will Jordan

COLLINS, Richard A & Harriet Dickerson-10 June 1830-bond Samuel Stowers

COLLON, Jonathan to Mary Oliver-22 June 1820

COLSHIER, Alexander to Milly Jane Gosney-5 Jan 1835-bond Amos Vandever

COLVIN, Absalom to Sally Foster-12 Oct 1815-bond John Foster

COLVIN, Frances to Augustine E Rule-21 Dec 1830-bond John Colvin

COLVIN, John & Amelia E Newport-30 Aug 1838-bond H H Mayo, consent of Amelia's (unnamed) father

COLVIN, Leannah to William Lightfoot BD-27 Feb 1798; consent by father John Colvin; w-Lewis Colvin & Benjamin Gosney

COLVIN, Lewis & Betsey Bell-5 Aug 1803, bondsman James Bell

COLVIN, Malinda M to Nathan M Thomas-12 Apr 1848 bond Ben D Beall

COLVIN, Mary Ann to William W Taylor 22 Nov 1810, bond John Colvin

COLVIN, William to Mary W Baker-20 Jan 1835-bondsman Isaiah T Hayman, consent of father Samuel Baker

COLWELL, George Washington to Jane Wherry-16 Oct 1830-bondsman Joseph Cones

COMBS, Andrew to Elizabeth Mitchell-10 Mar 1819-bondsman George Lewis

COMBS, Joseph B to Matilda B Twig-5 Aug 1826-bondsman James Smith

COMER, Sarah to Thomas Windsor-27 Jan 1848 BD, bond P Fitzgerald

COMPTON, Elizabeth to Nathan Lynn-5 Mar 1798-bonded by Abraham Vastine, who certified that Elizabeth was "of the age of 21 years or upwards."

COMTHWAITE, Eliza to Dr. Charles Tanner-17 Apr 1842

CONDE, Abner to Permela Yager-15 Mar 1821-bond Sylvanus Jenison, consent of father Elijah Yager, witness John Yagar

CONDE, Parthena to Thomas Welkont-5 Feb 1821 bond by father Adam Conde, witness by Abner Conde

CONDE, Parthena to Thomas Wilhoit-8 Feb 1821 bond Rufus Jenison

CONDIT, Stephen V R  to Rachael Michell Smith-5 Aug 1825-bond & consent of Rachael's father David Trusdell

CONES, Agness to William Murnan-1 Dec 1814-bondsman Robert Cones

CONES/COONS, John to Rachiel Wellerson-13 Apr 1810-bondsman James Wellerson

CONES, Jacob to Luiza Stillwell-18 Mar 1836-bondsman William H Lacy

CONES, James to Anne Stillwell-27 Nov 1828

CONES, James C to Polly White-17 June 1819-bondsman Louden Carroll

CONES, Robert to Nancy Caldwell-13 Feb 1819-bondsman Alexander Caldwell

CONES, William M C to Elisa Stilwell-19 Sep 1844-bondsman Henry B Miles

CONES/CONNES, William to Mary Griffey-11 Sep 1809-bondsman John Griffey

CONKLIN, Benjamin C to Muranda B Tritt-10 Oct 1835-bondsman Philander Basset

CONN, Aaron to Elizabeth BEARD, 4 Nov. 1843, bondsman William St Clair, who made oath "that Miss Beard's mother is dead and her father has been absent from this part of the country and she has not been under the control of her father for the last three yrs., that she has maintained herself and is living at his home”.

CONNELLY, Archibald to Rosanna McCollum-23 Dec 1824-bondsman Samuel McCollum, consent of mother Sarah McCollum, witness Jaswell McCollum

CONNELLY, Polly to Micajah Powel-15 Nov 1812-bond Thomson Connelly

CONNELLY, Sarah W to J D Stuart-9 Mar 1836 BD, bond John Lee

CONNELY, Greenville to Mary Ann Northcutt-24 May 1838-bond & consent of father George F Northcutt

CONNELY, Thomas to Nancy Smith-17 May 1824-bond Ben D Fowler

CONNETT, Nicholas to Susannah Baker-6 Dec 1824 (a later return gave marriage date as 21 Nov 1824) bondsman John Grant

CONNISTER, Samuel to Milley Koufman-18 Mar 1818

CONOLY, Sally to John Winn-3 Sep 1818 bond Archer Dickerson, consent by father Thompson Connelly, witness by Jesse Hamilton

CONROD, Joseph to Rachel Carter-12 June 1814-bondsman Isaac Baylor

COOK, Adam to Elizabeth Weaver-15 Oct 1849-bondsman Joseph W Dicken

COOK, Cynthiana to Walter Morris-2 Oct 1833-consent by mother Nancy Cook and brother Samuel Cook, bondsman

COOK, Eli to Mary Crary-18 Mar 1820-bondsman Lewis Crary

COOK, Henry to Mary Beekman-27 June 1845-bondsman Charles Huffman

COOK, John P to Lucretia J Wadel-3 Aug 1850-bondsman Robert Wadel, consent of Lucretia's (unnamed) father

COOK, Mark to Rachael Morris-11 Apr 1837-bondsman David L Rhodes

COOK, Nancy Jane to Achilles Rardon-5 Aug 1839-bond Jeremiah Rardon, Samuel Cook made oath that Nancy's father is dead and her mother consents

COOK, Samuel to Elizabeth Lancaster-14 Apr 1836-bondsman Ephraim Little, consent of father Reuben Lancaster

COOK, William to Ann Morrison-14 Mar 1830-bondsman Charles Daniel

COOKE, Robert to Ann Gibb-25 Nov 1846-bondsman Susan Gibb

COONE, Jane? to George Mernan-28 Feb 1820-bond date, bondsman Samuel Cones

COONEY, Michael to Mary Sutton-2 Nov 1823-bondsman George Dovener

COONS, Agnes to William Mernan-1 Dec 1814

COONS, Flournoy to Betsey Harris-2 Mar 1819-bondsman William Murnan, consent of George Harris (relationship not stated)

COONS, Jacob to Mary Wallace-17 Mar 1831-bondsman James D Anderson

COONS, James to Nancy Ketts-18 Dec 1833-bondsman David Harris

COOP, Joseph to Jemima McCullom-7 Jan. 1840-bondsman David Willett (Jemima's uncle), his oath states that her parents are dead, she has no brothers or sisters, and that said Willett and wife have been her supporters for 6 or 7 years past

COOPER, Baldwin C to Nancy Ann Perry-18 July 1839, bondsman John Nelson.

COOPER, Benjamin to Nancy DeCoursey-28 Oct. 1801, BD, bondsman Leonard DeCoursey, consent of father William DeCoursey

COOPER, Charles to Maria Casseley-17 July 1830, bondsman Francis T. Helm

COOPER, Christian to Rachel McKenney-26 Jan. 1804, bondsman Philip Wagner

COOPER, Elizabeth Mrs. to George Walker-10 Feb 1848 bond Gennithin Hopkins

COOPER, John to Elizabeth Ware-17 Apr 1798, bondsman Washington Berry, consent of father Isaac Ware, witness Daniel Ware

COOPER, John to Mary Pierce-17 Nov 1847, bondsman Silas McIntosh

COOPER, John B to Elizabeth Herdis-25 Sep 1832, bondsman John M. Grant

COOPER, Martin C to Susan Cooper-1 Nov 1838, bondsman Jacob Workman

COOPER, Mary to William Mardis-17 Apr 1808-bondsman Christian Cooper, consent by father Christopher Cooper

COOPER, Mary to Silas McIntosh BD-24 Oct 1838; BM-B F E Hills, consent by Mary's (unnamed) father

COOPER, Susan to Martin C-1 Nov 1838; BM-Jacob Workman

COOPER, Susannah to James Mardis-18 Jan 1810; BM-Christian Cooper

COOPER, William to Jane Rust-18 Dec 1821

COPE, Catherine to George Flick BD-27 July 1850; BM-John B Whiteman

COPES, Frances to John B Stinson-between Jan-Feb 1849 bonds; BM-Joseph Copes

COPES, Franny J to John B Stenson-29 Jan 1849

COPES, William to Frances Cox-6 May 1815; BM-Nathaniel Cox, Noah Cox swore that the "lady has neither parents nor guardian...."

CORBIN, Harriet E to John M Biggs-2 Jan 1836; BM-Thomas W Kennedy, consent of father John Corbin

CORBIN, John to Lucinda Nelson-3 Sep 1815; BM-Covington Nelson

CORBIN, John H to Jane Elizabeth Daniel-6 Jan 1848; BM-Mortimer Daniel

CORBIN, Lucindy to Thomas Lindsay Jr. BD-13 Aug 1798; BM-Wm Kennedy, guardian of Lucindy who gave his consent

CORBIN, William to Desire Bisbee-3 Oct 1818; BM-Peter McArthur, consent of bride who certified she was of full age

CORBITT, Mathew to Martha Dye-1 Aug 1837-bondsman John Dye, who "made oath his father consents"

CORBITT, Mathew to Mary PARKER, 19 Apr. 1825, bondsman John K Parker

CORBLY, Stephen D to Amand LITTLETON, 2 July 1850, bondsman Abraham Willson

CORNELIUS, Absolom to Lucy Ann Manning-21 Feb 1830-bondsman Samuel Manning

CORNELIUS, Frances to Alfred McCormick-5 May 1831-bondsman John Cornelius

CORNELIUS, James to Betsey Rice-1 May 1823-bondsman Stephen Rice

CORNELIUS, John to Nelly Wells-19 Aug 1821-bondsman John G. Ellis, consent of father Richard Wells

CORNELIUS, Nancy Jane to Frederick Welden-5 June 1850 bond Robert Ware, consent by Nancy's mother Elizabeth Baker

CORNELIUS, William to Judith Pearson-13 Dec 1820-bondsman Robert Pearson

CORNTHWAITE, William to Mary C Turner-10 Sep 1845-bondsman William H Turner

CORSON, Deborough to Jacob McCoy-1 July 1797-bond date, bondsman Asael Cain, consent by father Abel Corson, witness L Cleaveland

CORWIN, David to Hannah Roberts-19 Sep 1798-bondsman Matthias Corwin, consent of father John Roberts, witness William Gosney

COSNER, Charles to Elizabeth Huffner-14 Jan 1840-bondsman Joseph Coop

COST/CASH, Henry to Mary Arrison-15 July 1827-bondsman Thomas Arrison

COST, Daniel Jr. to Virginia Neaves-15 May 1845; BM-Joseph Farrar

COST, Elizabeth to Peter May-29 May 1831; BM-Daniel Cost

COST, Mary to Washington Martin-19 Feb 1824; BM-Daniel Cost, consent by Mary's father

COSTLOW, Sarah to Thomas Windsor BD-25 May 1829; BM-Edward Hemphill

COTTENTON, George to Amey Ann Wait-15 Apr 1834; BM-Joseph Morse

COTTON, Samuel to Elizabeth Bartlett- 9 July 1821; BM-Newman Yates, Elizabeth "upwards of 21 years of age".

COUGHLIN, W C to Rosanah Near-17 Apr 1849; BM-J H McCarty

COURTWRIGHT, Elizabeth to David Bonner BD-19 Sep 1826; BM-Lewis Martin

COWDER, Eliza to Daniel Vaughn-26 Oct 1826; BM-James Riley

COWGEL, Daniel to Elizabeth Jons?-18 Oct 1807

COWGILL, Joseph to Fanny Watt-2 Nov 1809-bondsman Daniel Cowgill, consent of mother Hanah Wayt "mother of the said Fanny who is under age having given her consent and the father of said Fanny being dead...," witness Samuel Loren

COWGILL, T W to Agness F Tarvin-25 May 1837, bondsman George C Tarvin

COX, Frederick G to Catharine Rust-24 Dec 1835-bondsman Thomas Mansfield, consent of mother Nancy Rust (her father being dead)

COX, Garret to Elizabeth Packer-1 Aug 1820-bondsman Barnabas Packer

COX, James to Susan Revell-3 Mar 1827-bondsman Edward W Revell

COX, John & Amelia Wayman-28 Jan 1833-bondsman Staunton Wayman

COX, Mary to William Snethen-29 Jan 1824 bond John Cox

COX, Willis H to Nancy Watson-13 Nov 1837-bondsman Radsford Casey

CRAFFORT, Henry to Mrs. Polly Worrel-9 Jan 1827-bondsman Abraham Moore, Polly a widow

CRAGE/CRAIG, James to Polly Barrekman-13 June 1804-bondsman Jacob Barekman

CRAIG, Benjamin to Betsy Cave-2 May 1797-bondsman Hugh Riley, consent of father William Cave, witness John Ewing

CRAIG, Betsey D to Henry W McGruder-1 Jan 1823-bondsman James L Houston

CRAIG, James to Nancy Stuart-1 Nov 1834-bondsman Thomas Stuart

CRAIG, Waldo P to Harriet A Mayo-14 Dec 1848-bondsman H H Mayo

CRAIL, John to Sarah Webb-11 Apr 1800-bondsman Hugh McCormack, consent of John Arthers for Sarah, "a young woman about 20 years old lives with me has no parents living," witness Polly Arthers

CRAIL, Samuel P to Sarah Fisher-3 Apr 1828-bondsman Henry Fisher

CRALE, Mary to William Thomas-30 May 1846 bond Samuel D Taylor, consent by Angel Taylor

CRAM, Francis to Martha Harris-7 Nov 1837-bondsman Charles Stricker, consent of brother Jourdan Harris

CRAM, Mary to Henry Bird 29 Nov 1835; consent by Henry's father Francis; consent & BM by Mary's brother who proved the consent of her mother

CRAMER, Barbara to William A Thompson-12 Apr 1835 bond Richard Ashcraft

CRAMER, Daniel to Emily Digby-7 Oct 1849-bondsman Wesley Digby

CRANDAL, Chelsea to Nancy Whittacre-21 Apr 1825-bondsman Francis Baldwin

CRANMORE, Reuben to Milley Harvey-22 Sep 1823, bondsman George Mitchell

CRANTCHET, Jane to Dosier Pines-24 Sep 1846-bond Charles Stricker

CRAUM, Mary Ann to Moses Tapp-23 June 1836 bond Benjamin Egelston

CRAVEN, Jeremiah to Margaret Lawrence-6 Apr 1816-bondsman Thomas Adams

CRAWFORD, Elisabeth to William Stockam-2 July 1828 bondsman David Pryor, consent by Elizabeth's (unnamed) parents

CRAWFORD, Elisabeth to John Tibbets-20 Apr 1817 bond William J Posey

CRAWFORD, Harriot to Robert Robertson-18 Feb 1848-bond Hubbard D Helm

CRAWFORD, Mary to John Stockham-26 July 1833 bond William Stockham

CRAWFORD, Mary to Benjamin Woodard-9 Dec 1850 BD, bond Jacob Crawford

CRAWFORD, Thomas L to Mary Huddleston-17 Jan 1850-bondsman Alexander Yelton

CREGHLICK/CREYLLAK, Elisabeth to Simeon Stonecefer-7 Oct 1806 bond Francis Creghlick

CREIG, Waldo P to Harriet A Mayo-12 Dec 1848

CRISLER, Leritha to Jesse Taylor-15 Nov 1838, bond John Taylor

CRISLER, Livina to William Mann-24 Feb 1831-bondsman David Crisler

CROMWELL, Joseph to Christeen Fry-27 Oct 1809-bond and consent by Benjamin Cromwell, guardian of Christeen

CROOKS, Thomas to Sarah Gilcrease-11 Dec. 1840-bondsman M Dodsworth, Sarah a widow

CROSLIN, Martha Ann to John Baycon-28 Dec 1833-bondsman Jeremiah Battles, consent of father Benjamin Croslin

CROSLIN, Sarah to Amariah S Stebbins-31 May 1842 bond Benjamin Croslin

CROSS, Elizabeth to William T McCormick-15 Dec 1841-bond date, bondsman Ben D Beall, Elizabeth a widow

CROSSING, James P to Margaritt Hamilton-4 July 1796; BM-Barney McCarron, who certified that Margaritt was of "lawful age"

CROUCH, John to Mary Maphet-20 May 1830; BM-George Gordon Jr.

CROUCH, Lutecia to Francis A Miller BD-3 July 1844; BM-Dosier Pines

CROUT, John to Mary McCollester-10 Sep 1813; BM-Alexander Weir

CROUT, Margaret Elizabeth to Alexander Wier-28 Sep 1809; BM-Michael Crout

CROUT, Susan to John McCoy-27 Feb 1817; BM-John Crout

CROUTCH, Elizabeth to Daniel W Fisher 2 Oct 1849; BM-William Prichard

CROUTCH, Margaret to William C Pritchard-20 Aug 1834; BM-bond John Lee

CROWEL, Davult to Arvilla Hardman-7 Feb 1843-bondsman Enos Pratt

CROXTON, John to Polly Devenport-6 Mar 1834-bondsman Marmaduke Davenport

CROXTON, Joseph to Jane Turner-27 Aug 1836-bondsman Thomas Croxton

CROXTON, Thomas to Rachael Edmonds-22 Nov 1827-bondsman William Edmonds

CRUMMEY, George to Elizabeth Jones-5 Aug 1829-bondsman Stephen Chissman

CRUMWEL, Rebecah to William Patterson-26 Jan 1810-bondsman Robert Chambers

CRUTCHFIELD, William to Frances Hudson-12 May 1835-bondsman John Hudelson

CRYER, William to Mary Ann Myers-19 May 1837-bondsman Samuel Hurst

CULBERTSON, Ann J to James Scott-3 Apr 1836, bond William Culbertson

CULBERTSON, Ann Jane to Wm H Rees-16 Sep 1848

CULBERTSON, Jacob C to Caroline Biggs-10 July 1850-bondsman John C Youtsey, consent of Caroline's (unnamed) mother

CULBERTSON, James to Elizabeth Youtsey-16 Mar 1815-bondsman Michael Youtsey

CULBERTSON, James G to Catharine Youtsey-15 Mar 1844-bondsman John S Youtsey.

CULBERTSON, James G to Patience Maria Egelston-13 Aug 1837-bondsman Henry Seward, consents of James's father Robert Culbertson & Maria's mother Sarah Johnson, her father being dead

CULBERTSON, Jane Orr to William H Pye-1 July 1837-bond Robert Culbertson

CULBERTSON, Lucy Ann to John Redding-31 Jan 1838-bond Mathew Culbertson, consent by father Robert Culbertson

CULBERTSON, Matthew to Sarah Ann Sprague-1 Jan 1846-bondsman Joseph Black

CULBERTSON, Robert to Mariah Gregg-16 Mar 1815-bondsman Matthew Gregg

CULBERTSON, Sally to George Youtsey-9 Mar 1815 bond James Culbertson

CULBERTSON, William to Jane Rees- 2 Apr 1815-bondsman Watson Rees

CULLEN, Elizabeth to David B Smith-28 Aug 1829-BD bond Jesse McDanald

CULLEN/CULLESS, George to Jane Hearn-28 May 1831-bondsman John Hardin

CULLIN, Patrick to Armilda Webster-26 Oct 1837-bond and consent of father Tilmon Webster

CULLUM, George to Rhodey Worell-5 Feb 1796-bondsman William Worrell Jr., consent of father William Worrell

CUMMINGS, Sophia M to Samuel Simmon-19 Apr 1839 bond D D Mayo

CUMMINS, James to Elizabeth J Isham-9 July 1849-bondsman Escalipus Isham

CUMMINS, William to Juliann Gosney-2 Mar 1837

CUMMIS, James W to Mary Smith-14 Dec 1841

CUNNINGHAM, Margaret to Alexander Swinney-5 Dec 1823 bond Samuel Cunningham

CUNNINGHAM, William T to Mary Lawrence-4 Oct 1819-bondsman John McAllister

CURRAN, William F to Nancy Rodgers-12 Nov 1836-bondsman John VanDusen

CURRANT, Thomas to Nancy Wilson-1 Oct 1818-consent of mother Elizabeth Wilson, witness John Current

CURREN, Polly to Jacob Zellens-22 Dec 1800 bond David Benson

CURREN/T, Thomas to Margaret Sayers-13 Feb 1834-bondsman Henry Sayers, consent of father Samuel Sayers

CURRY, Nancy to Thomas Windsor-2 May 1805 bond Ellison Williams

CURRY, Polly to William Rust-25 Oct 1811-bond Benjamin Pelley

CURRY, Rebecca to Abner Vanmeter-25 Mar 1813, bond William Rust

CURRY, William to Sally Williams-13 Mar 1798-bond and consent by brother Ellison Williams, who certified that Sally was of "lawful age"

CURTIS, Asher to Sarah Drummond-29 Apr 1827-bondsman William Parker

CURTIS, James to Martha Stone-3 Aug 1847-bondsman Adam Bowers

CUTTER, Maria to Samuel Stoutt-16 Oct 1823 bond James B Taliaferro

CUTTER, William W to Maria Bernard-13 June 1824-bondsman Ben D Fowler

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