Campbell County Marriages

Campbell County Marriages


Campbell County Court, Alexandria, Kentucky
Originally copied by the Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter of the DAR
Posted With Their Permission



Jan 1 1846-Nathan LAYCOCK (s/o William G Laycock) to Ann E LINDSEY bm-James N LAYCOCK

Jan 9 1846-William MILLER to Nancy Ann ROSE  bm-Joseph ROSE; married by R O LINTHICOMB

Jan 15 1846-Patrick GALLAGHER to Bridget JORDAN; married by Charles BOSWELL

Jan 12 1846-Ozias BLISS/BLINN to Mariah RUGG; married by Wm B ROSS

Jan 19 1846-John M MORIN to Mary A KEENE  bm-George M YOUNG; married Fergis GERMAN

Jan 21 1846-Allen C McLAUGHLIN to Mrs. Darcus MARVIN  bm-Walter SHEARER; married by Walter SHEARER

Jan 26 1846-John ILES to Cerelda DUCKER  bm-George M YOUNG

Jan 28 1846-William PARK to Patsey BAKER  bm-Alfred S ORR; married by James SPILMAN

Jan 30 1846-Ruel WOOD to Ellen CARTER; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Feb 2 1846 (BD) Jonathan ANDERSON to Sarah L THOMASON; (BD) married by Walter SHEARER

Feb 3 1846 (BD) Abner MATHENY to Neoma PARKER; MD-5 Feb; married by James VICKERS

Feb 7 1846 (BD) Lewis WEAVER to Mary HELM (widow)  bm-George MAINS; MD-8 Feb; married by Joshua H PURNELL

Feb 12 1846-John LINET to Eveline FORD; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Feb 13 1846-Thomas S TURNER to Cecelia BEAGLE  bm-Leroy BEAGLE

Feb 14 1846-Joshua JOHNSON to Sarah P ORR (widow) bm-Isaac BELVILLE

Feb 23 1846-John B OTTEN to Sarah HEDGER  bm-Robert T KERCHEVAL

Mar 18 1846-Samuel N ASKRON to Elizabeth W MAHAFFEY bm-Andrew W MAHAFFEY

Mar 24 1846-John LESENCA to Nancy RARDEN (widow) bm-Reuben LIBBEE; married by George GRADEN

Mar 25 1846 (BD) Joseph MARSH to Agnes S STANLEY bm-John C STANLEY; MD-26 Mar; married by James SPILMAN

Mar 30 1846 (BD) Samuel J MARTIN to Mary Ann HARRISON bm-Wm B HARRISON; MD-2 Apr; married by George GRADEN

Apr 16 1846-Thomas M SALLEE to Julia L CARNEY  bm-James T F CARNEY; married by John H NELSON

Apr 21 1846-Richard Tarvin BAKER to Sarah K BEALL  bm-Hugh K RACHFORD; married by James SPILMAN

Apr 24 1846-William H FERGUSON to Margaret KING  bm-Jesse BEAGLE; married by James SPILMAN

May 2 1846-Artemus BEACH to Manerva JACKSON  bm-Samuel WEEVER

May 11 1846 (BD) John J STEVENS to Elizabeth Jane TODD  bm-Thomas STEVENS; MD-12 May; married by George GRADEN

May 30 1846-William THOMAS to Mary CRALE  bm-Samuel D TAYLOR; married by William GOSNEY

May 31 1846-John PARSONS to Harriett S VICKERS; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

June 3 1846-Isaac St. CLAIR to Madeline UHLE  bm-David UHLE; married by George GRADEN

June 20 1846 (BD) George CLEPHANE to Clarissa DUKES; MD-21 June; married by A C McLAUGHLIN

June 27 1846 (BD) John ALLEY to Mary Jane GREEN  bm-R T BAKER; MD-28 June; married by George GRADEN

July 14 1846-Willis MORTON Jr. to Elisa C REESE

July 18 1846-Thomas BENNEDECT to Mary Anne LARABEY  bm-Reuben LIBBEE; married by A C McLAUGHLIN

July 25 1846 (BD) Clifton ELLIS to Alice BARTOW/BARTON  bm-James S WHITE; MD-26 July; married by Joshua H PURNELL

July 29 1846-Robert TAYLOR to Sarah TRUSDELL (widow) bm-George TAYLOR; married by Walter SHEARER

Aug 8 1846-William HILL to Susan KENNETTE

Aug 11 1846-James A SHAW to Frances TROXELL  bm-Samuel T MILES

Aug 13 1846 (BD) Squire T BARTLOW to Priscilla SILVERTHORN  bm-George T TRUSDELL; MD-15 Aug; married by Walter SHEARER

Sep 2 1846-B__illan HALL to Elizabeth PYLE

Sep 10 1846 (BD) Patrick MILLIGAN to Mary (Polly) BAKER  bm-Edward K SPILMAN; MD-11 Sep; married by James SPILMAN

Sep 10 1846-Andrew KIDLE to Elizabeth SEAR  bm-Wolf SEAR; married by James SPILMAN

Sep 24 1846-James PINES to Martha LEE

Sep 29 1846-Thomas J MARTIN to Elender DOAN  bm-Andrew J MANGUM; married by Michael SMITH

Oct 3 1846 (BD) Isaac D GINN(or GRIM) to Lucinda DIX  bm-Frederick GOSNEY; MD-4 Oct; married by A C McLAUGHLIN

Oct 10 1846-David MAYALL to Agnes CLARK  bm-Benjamin D BEALL

Oct 12 1846-Thomas POLLET to Nancy SMITH

Oct 17 1846-Ezekiel HURLEY to Ruth RICE  bm-Lafayette GREENWOOD; married by R O LINTHICOMB

Oct 24 1846-Frederick STEBER to Mary McHATTON  bm-Isaac DYE; married by Geo GRADEN

Oct 24 1846-Jacob KEELER to Orrinda NICHOLAS

Nov 10 1846-Benjamin BEALL to Sarah Jane GRIFFEY  bm-Benjamin James BEALL; married by James SPILMAN

Nov 11 1846-Samuel T MILLS to Mary Jannett BEALL  bm-H K RACHFORD

Nov 12 1846-Richard SONEY? To Mary E HUBBARD  bm-Peter D NELSON

Nov 24 1846-Robert COOKE to Ann GIBB

Dec 19 1846 (BD) George T TRUSDELL to Barbary L TARVIN (widow) bm-James J PARISH; MD-20 Dec; married by J G HICKS

Dec 22 1846-Erastus KIDDER to Elizabeth St. CLAIR  bm-William St. CLAIR; married by James SPILMAN

Dec 24 1846-Stephen WARD to Nancy TARVIN  bm-William GRIFFEY; married by J G HICKS

Dec 29 1846-John H MILES to Frances Mary GRIFFEY  bm-H K RACHFORD "consent given personally by William Griffey" married by James SPILMAN

? 24 1846-William RAIREDON to Isabel FARRAR

? 1 1846-Mathew CULBERTSON to Sarah Ann S____

Jan 2 1847-John BROWN to Elen HORSFALL; married by James SPILMAN

Jan 3 1847-Thomas KIDWELL to Elizabeth VANDOVER  bm-Philip HUFMAN; married by Geo FISHER

Jan 13 1847-William BAKER to Margaret J STANLEY; married by James SPILMAN

Jan 17 1847-James IRVINGTON to Frances A BAGGOTT

Jan 19 1847 (BD) William S JENKINS to Hannah JOHNSON; MD-20 Jan; married by James SPILMAN

Jan 20 1847 (BD) Robert T KERCHEVAL to Ann Maria SILVERTHORN; MD-21 Jan; married by Wm GOSNEY

Feb 13 1847-Marmaduke THORNELL to Mary M HAMILTON; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Feb 25 1847-William STILLWELL to Margaret J DeCOURSEY; married by James SPILMAN

Mar 4 1847 (BD) Joseph MORLIDGE to Caroline STRICKER; MD-2 Apr; married by James VICKERS

Mar 11 1847-Daniel LITTLE to Sarah HUFF; married by James SPILMAN

Apr 7 1847-Joseph VICKERS to Lucinda PERRY

Apr 10 1847 (BD) Thomas JENKINS to Maria BROWN; MD-11 Apr; married by James SPILMAN

Apr 12 1847 (BD) John H BYRD to America Ann STEPHENS; MD-15 Apr; married by G GRADEN

Apr 19 1847 (BD) James M SMITH to Maria Jane MARTIN; MD-22 Apr; married by G GRADEN

May 4 1847-Benjamin F WHITE to Melcena M BROOKS

May 29 1847-Henry STACY to Caroline MELLOR; married by James SPILMAN

July 6 1847-Owen FAULKNER to Lydia Ann STULL; married by R O LINTHICOMB

July 12 1847-Fielding DAVIS to Mary STANBARKER

Aug 22 1847-Charles M SPRAGUE to Mahala HEYS; married by Elam GRIZZEL

Sep 2 1847-Robert W PORTER to Rebecca Ann WALKER

Sep 6 1847 (BD) John T MAPHET to Emily J SHADDOCK; MD-8 Sep; married by James SPILMAN

Sep 7 1847-Andrew HOGUE to Mary HARRIS

Sep 11 1847-John W HOPKINS to Sarah NEUVER; married by John STEVENS

Sep 11 1847-George SASHER to Nancy S JOLLEY

Sep 17 1847-William C YOUNG to Mary E LINDSEY; married by John STEVENS

Sep 22 1847-John McDANIEL to Mrs Nancy MAXWELL

Oct 16 1847 (BD) Abraham H JOHN to Mary F SMITH; MD-17 Oct; married by James SPILMAN

Oct 27 1847 (BD) James WHITE to Margaret ANDERSON; MD-28 Oct; married by Geo GRADEN

Oct 29 1847-J W SIMONSON to Mary BELL; married by John STEVENS

Nov 10 1847 (BD) William T GRAY to Nancy E LOCY; MD-11 Nov; married by James SPILMAN

Nov 13 1847-Ottis O HOSMER to Julia A WHITE; married by James SPILMAN

Nov 15 1847-James SPALDING to Margaret Ann TOWNSEND

Dec 1 1847-Israel STULL to Maria JENNINGS; married by John STEVENS

Dec 2 1847-Samuel H SMITH to Harriet DUNN; married by Geo FISHER

Dec 25 1847 (BD) Bartlett GOSNEY to Rachel B HOPKINS; MD-27 Dec; married by Orson LONG

Dec 28 1847-Edward ATKINSON to Ruth E MARAh

Dec 29 1847-James JOHNSON to Elizabeth A KEPHART

Jan 3 1848-John C GUY to Mary J RICHARDSON

Jan 3 1848-Joseph HORNER to Mary Ann FORD

Jan 3 1848 (BD) John H CORBIN to Jane Elizabeth DANIEL; MD-6 Jan; married by John STEVENS

Jan 4 1848 (BD) Abram GREEN to Hannah GRAY; MD-24 Jan; married by G H PURNELL

Jan 8 1848-Daniel McCLOUD to Perline TRACEY

Jan 12 1848-John VICKERS to Catharine YOUTSEY; married by James SPILMAN

Jan 17 1848-Aaron SPALDING to Mary Ann TOWNSEND

Jan 18 1848-William M GOSNEY to Amelia GOSNERY

Jan 24 1848-George A BOSS to Evaline SUTTON; married by James SPILMAN

Jan 26 1848 (BD) John HALDERMAN to Rebecca Ann LOCI; MD-27 Jan; married J H PURNELL

Feb 2 1848-Robert ROBERSON to Harriet CRAWFORD; married by James SPILMAN

Feb 8 1848-Joseph CARR to Nancy BHYMER; married by James SPILMAN

Feb 8 1848 (BD) George WALKER Mrs. Elizabeth DEVENPORT; MD-10 Feb; married by J H PURNELL

Feb 12 1848-Luther McELFRESH to Mary ABBOTT; married by James SPILMAN

Feb 23 1848-J H S DeCOURSY to Mary A PIERCE  bm-H K RACHFORD

Mar 1 1848 (BD) Edward T BEVAN to Mary Ann DOWNARD  bm-H T DOWNARD; MD-10 Mar; married by H T DOWNARD

Mar 9 1848-George C PARISH to Delilah B HICKS  bm-John W FLORA

Mar 13 1848-James S STEVENS to Elizabeth Ann BAKER  bm-Henry MILLER; married by Geo GRADEN

Mar 16 1848-Henry MILLER to Hannah BAKER  bm-James S STEVENS; married by O LONG

Mar 23 1848-Isaac N BARTLOW to America KISER  bm-Solomon H TRUSDELL; married by O LONG

Mar 25 1848-Calvin PERRY to Amanda J RUSSELL  bm-William RUSSELL

Mar 28 1848-James WOOD to Prudence H TARVIN  bm-Solomon H TRUSDELL

Mar 29 1848-George W NELSON to Triphosa C MITCHELL  bm-Jesse BEAGLE;  married by James SPILMAN

Apr 12 1848-Nathan M THOMAS to Malinda M COLVIN  bm-Benjamin D BEALL; married by Geo FISHER

Apr 26 1848-James McCLOUD to Anne PHILIPS

Apr 29 1848 (BD) John RUBY to Keziah CEREUS?  bm-William KEYS; MD-30 Apr; married by James SPILMAN

Apr 29 1848-Mathew CLARK to Eveline LIVELY  bm-Calvin PERRY

May 3 1848-Samuel WIDDLE to Martha MERCHANT {widow}  bm-Lewis HELM; married by James VICKERS

May 22 1848-John DILLING to Mrs Mary WOODSBAUGH  bm-George DILLING

May 23 1848-John SCHINDELDECKER to Elizabeth BROWN  bm-Philip SNIDER; married by A F MAGERHAUS

May 28 1848-Andrew SMITH to Mary LOFT  bm-Jacob LOFT; married by A F MAGERHAUS

May 30 1848-James Faulkner BAKER to Mary Ann JAQUIT  bm-Samuel FISHER

May 31 1848-William JENNINGS to Sally B CARNEY  bm-James T F CARNEY; married by Geo FISHER

May 31 1848-Hugh K RACHFORD to Eliza J BEALL  bm-Joseph A PINER

May 31 1848-James BEEL to Susan GIBB

June 2 1848-G W RILEY to Margaret SHAW  bm-Robert SHAW

June 17 1848 (BD) Uriah W WARRINGTON to Sarah HALDEMAN  bm-William GREEN; MD-19 June; married by J H PURNELL

July 3 1848 (BD) John James KEES to Sarah C DAWSON  bm-Edward DAWSON; MD-4 July; married by James SPILMAN

July 15 1848-David S ISHAM to America M FOX  bm-Esculapius ISHAM

July 20 1848-Joseph VAN FUNDY to Catherine DOUTEL

July 23 1848 (BD) William DONES to Lydia GINN  bm-Robert CARBERT; MD-27 July; married by Geo GRADEN

July 24 1848-Edward H TARVIN to Parthena H TARVIN  bm-T F TARVIN

Aug 12 1848-Robert WATSON to Susan HIGBY  bm-Samuel F ROBERTS; married by James SPILMAN

Aug 18 1848-Norman G TAYLOR to Abigail MORE  bm-H K RACHFORD

Aug 22 1848-Henry WOLF to Hannah HORSFULL  bm-John F TAYLOR

Sep 5 1848-Willis S YOUNG to Sarah Ann ARMSTRONG  bm-James F TRUSDELL

Sep 12 1848-Thomas L JONES to Mary TAYLOR  bm-W J BERRY

Sep 14 1848 (BD) William H REES to Ann Jane CULBERTSON; MD-16 Sep; married by James SPILMAN

Sep 14 1848-Eldridge McELFRESH to Mary Ann CALVERT bm-Michael Cage SELLERS

Sep 20 1848-L G WHITE to Mary Ann WEBB  bm-Calvin WHITE; married by James SPILMAN

Sep 25 1848-Benjamin YORK to Margaret FRAKES  bm-James CHAPMAN; married by James SPILMAN

Sep 30 1848-Benjamin MOORE to Mary TERRILL  bm-Norman G TAYLOR

Oct 4 1848-Henry SHRIMP to Julian C NEIGHMAN; married by James SPILMAN

Oct 4 1848-Charles H HORNER to Nancy CONES  bm-James C CONES; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Oct 9 1848-Harry FRY to Elvira RICHARDSON

Oct 9 1848-Henry WEEVER to Ann Jane FROMAN  bm-D Carol FROMAN

Oct 10 1848-George YOUTSEY to Sarah STEVENS  bm-James G CULBERTSON; married by James SPILMAN

Oct 17 1848-Frederick SMITH to Mary SPEARL  bm-Benjamin D BEALL

Oct 26 1848 (BD) William L PEEBLES to Rachel L COLE (d/o Jacob Cole)  bm-Jacob COLE Jr. MD-29 Oct; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Oct 29 1848-Isaac Jacob COLE Jr. to Hannah CONGO (widow) married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Oct 29 1848-William L PEEBLES to Rachel L COLE

Nov 1 1848-Thomas JONES to Betsey Jane GREEN  bm-H M RACHFORD

Nov 1 1848-James T COLLINS to Elizabeth BEALL  bm-B HALL

Nov 1 1848-James BARND? To Catharine MURPHY  bm-Thomas DOUD

Nov 2 1848-Harding HERBERT to Hannah MEFFORD  bm-Jeremiah CELL

Nov 2 1848-Samuel FARRAR to Eliza JIBB  bm-James BELL; married by Jeremiah CELL

Nov 2 1848-Solomon H TRUESDELL to Mary Ann HICKS  bm-George K WHITE

Nov 9 1848-Robert B NELSON to Eliza Malvina BARKER  bm-Greenup BARKER

Nov 10 1848-John YORK to Elizabeth FRAKES  bm-James CHAPMAN

Nov 11 1848-Andrew MORROW to Mary M PARKER  bm-Henry PARKER

Nov 13 1848 (BD) William Henry PAINTER to Margaret HOLMES  bm-Edward TANNER; MD-19 Nov; married by Jeremiah CELL

Nov 22 1848-Andrew J HOBBS to Frances F DICKEN  bm-Charles DICKEN

Nov 23 1848-Charles CLARK to Mariam C ROSEBOOM  bm-William MOORE

Dec 4 1848-John W BAGGIS to Mary E GERMAN  bm-Forgis GERMAN

Dec 6 1848 (BD) James McKIBBEN to Jane TARVIN  bm-Benjamin D BEALL; MD-7 Dec; married by James SPILMAN

Dec 10 1848-Richard Fisk SMITH to Sarah FOULER

Dec 11 1848-Waldo P CREIG to Harriet A MAYO

Dec 13 1848-Wesley MILLER to Sarah FULLER  bm-William FULLER

Dec 15 1848-John FAULKNER to America RARDIN  bm-Zachariah FAULKNER

Dec 16 1848-John M BIGGS to Maria A MORIN  bm-James K HOLLYNEAUX

Dec 21 1848-John MERCER to Elizabeth STEELE   bm-William R STRAIGHT

Dec 22 1848-Joseph BUTLER to Margaret HACKS

Dec 25 1848-Peter BATES to Elizabeth SUTZMAN

Dec 25 1848-Isaac ADKINS to Elizabeth HUFFMAN  bm-Joseph CAIN

Dec 26 1848-Thomas S YOUNG to Adelia BALL  bm-Benjamin BEALL

Dec 27 1848-George W MARTIN to Nancy Jane HARRISON  bm-William B HARRISON

1849-Timothy BURNS to T_____ DOLAN (widow)

Jan 1 1849-John M WINN to Nancy BRYD  bm-John H BYRD

Jan 3 1849-Jefferson LOVELISS to Permelia THOMAS  bm-C W CARMACK

Jan 23 1849-George SMITH to Maria M GOSNEY  bm-John G LONGMIRE

Feb 3 1849-William LEECH to Margaret MORRISON

Feb 13 1849-Aloysus HEWITT to Lavina LOCKARD

Feb 14 1849-John HAACK to Barbary SUMMERS  bm-Joseph VANGRUDER

Feb 22 1849-Simpson TRACY to Martha CALL  bm-Ellis BRUCE

Feb 26 1849-Mathew PARKER to Elizabeth M WORTHINGTON  bm-Ishmael WORTHINGTON

Mar 2 1849-Thomas WHITE to Sarah ANDERSON (widow)

Mar 6 1849 (BD) William BAYNUM to Mary Ann CUTTER  bm-Abraham C HART; MD-7 Mar; married by Fergis GERMAN

Mar 7 1849-William M MELL to Maria SPOLDEN  bm-William D SPOLDEN

Mar 7 1849-George W MARTIN to Nancy Jane HARRISON  bm-William B HARRISON

Mar 24 1849-Uriah MEDFORD to Eliza Ann WRIGHT  bm-David B WRIGHT

Mar 24 1849-John W THORP to Susan DIGBY  bm-John NELSON

Mar 25 1849-John SMITH to Catharine LIKES  bm-Frederick LIKES

Mar 28 1849-James WOODS to Prudence H TARVIN

Mar 29 1849-James E MARCUM to Margaret ILES  bm-John SYNDER

Apr 2 1849-Peter KRONTZ to Margaret SMITH  bm-Samuel T MILES

Apr 5 1849-Daniel WARE to Betty Ann FRY {widow} bm-James A DeCOURSEY

Apr 8 1849-David JONES to Catharine MILES {widow}

Apr 8 1849-John MILLER to Margaret ALTMYER

Apr 11 1849-William HARRISON to Minerva CORNELIUS

Apr 11 1849-John B LIPSCOMB to Margaret E STANDLEY  bm-Robert STANDLEY

Apr 13 1849-John CASTOR to Mary MOORE  bm-Benjamin MOORE

Apr 13 1849-Daniel P CLARK to Julia A SOUTH  bm-Simon SOUTH

Apr 17 1849-Lorenz STEINHART to Cathn Deltherick  bm-R T BAKER

Apr 26 1849-James P GOSNEY to Isabel J YELTON  bm-John H YELTON

Apr 27 1849-Conrad WAGONER to Lucy Ann WHITE  bm-Patrick MULLIGAN

May 12 1849-John PARK to Elizabeth Ann CLARK  bm-Benjamin D BEALL

May 17 1849-William T EARLY to Emily GIBSON  bm-R T BAKER

May 23 1849-Jacob WHITE to Sarah REILEY  bm-John REILEY

May 31 1849-Edward M HERNDON to Sarah MAHAFFAY  bm-J W MAHAFFEY

Jun 2 1849-John HALL to Amanda WHITTON

June 14 1849-Caleb Adams JOHNSON to Susan L MARTIN  bm-George W OWEN

June 26 1849-Stilman G GILSON to Ester M BURR  bmB D BEALL

June 28 1849-Henry REIKER to Barbary KECHPORT?   bm-Christian KECHPORT

July 3 1849-Thomas M WHITE to Elizabeth BRYAN  bm-Jacob ANDERSON

July 3 1849-Jacob ANDERSON to Mary Hester WHITE  bm-Thomas E WHITE

July 7 1849-James CUMMINS to Elizabeth J ISHAM  bm-Esoslipus ISHAM

Aug 18 1849-Thomas THOMPSON to Maria SAUNDERS

Aug 20 1849-George Y FISHER to Margaret MASON  bm-John CLINKENBEARD

Aug 23 1849-Zachariah TUCKER to Emily CLARK  bm-John ORR

Aug 30 1849-Orson LONG(Rev) to Ann E TALIAFERRO

Sep 18 1849-John W DOWTY to Nancy SHIELDS  bm-R T BAKER

Sep 20 1849-R T PARISH to Harriet E KURCHEVAL  bm-James J PARISH

Sep 24 1849-Mortimer DANIEL to Elizabeth LOGAN  bm-Thomas J DANIEL

Sep 26 1849-William VANKANNON to Jane S DOWNARD  bm-Thomas DOWNARD

Sep 30 1849-Julius ZEEGENBEIN to Christina ZEEGENBEIN   bm-John E ESCHER

Sep 30 1849-Augustus HUBBARD to Lucy GILBERD

Oct 1 1849-Daniel W FISHER to Elizabeth CROUTCH  bm-William PRITCHARD

Oct 7 1849-Daniel CRAMER to Emily DIGBY

Oct 15 1849-A J LIPSCOMB to Esther M MARTIN  bm-Henry MARTN

Oct 15 1849-Adam COOK to Elizabeth WEAVER  bm-Joseph W DICKEN

Oct 16 1849-James G LINDSEY to Mary SELBY {d/o James W}  bm-John J N BARKER

Oct 24 1849-Joseph PECK to Eleanor STEPHENS  bm-John STEPHENS

Nov 12 1849-Clark CHANDLER to Louisa RANDALL  bm-Samuel BAKER

Nov 12 1840-Andrew KEPPLER to Margaret BACHMAN  bm-George C TREIBER

Nov 13 1849-George Christopher TREIBER to Katharine KLEIN  bm-Andrew KEPPLER

Nov 20 1849-Burwell OCHCHIER To Mary TOMPINSON

Nov 22 1849-Jethro B BUTLER to Mary E RARDON

Nov 22 1849-A W MAHAFFEY to Margaret HERNDON  bm-Thomas E NEWMAN

Nov 23 1849-Joshua JOHNSON to Nancy BOOTS  bm-William BOOTS

Nov 26 1849-John BROWN to Sarah Ann ARMSTRONG  bm-George WALKER

Nov 26 1849-Joseph GRAF to Mary JOSUFER?  bm-Isadore BOWMAN

Nov 27 1849-John FREEMAN to Mary Jane JONES  bm-Joseph CLIFT

Nov 29 1849-James R MARDIS to Matildy T DUKE  bm-James T HAWKINS

Dec 3 1849-Oliver MOORE to Mary Ella PAINTER  bm-William BOOTS

Dec 17 1849-William MOORE to Gertrude ROSEBOOM {d/o William} bm-John VALENTINE

Dec 18 1849-Christopher F FENDER to Magdaline WALDER  bm-Henry HONNEN

Dec 18 1849-Richard DRAKE to Ann G DICKEN  bm-Charles DICKEN

Dec 18 1849-John F PREA to Maria KOCH  bm-Henry ALDRICH

Dec 22 1849-Edwin B CASSIDY to Olive CROUCH  bm-William PRICHARD

Dec 26 1849-James K HOLLYNEAUX to Harriet E WEST  bm-B J BEALL

Dec 27 1849-John W PYLE to Eliza J BROWN  bm-John BROWN

Dec 31 1849-William HILL to Welthy J BRIGGS  bm-R T BAKER

Jan 9 1850-John H BYRD to Ann YELTON  bm-John A STROUBE

Jan 14 1850-Thomas L CRAWFORD to Mary HUDDLESTON  bm-Alexander YELTON

Jan 15 1850-Daniel H H HALTERMAN to Mary K LOCY  bm-Samuel LOCY

Jan 21 1850-Isaiah CALVERT to Ann DEVINNEY  bm-Perry BARDIN/RARDIN

Jan 31 1850-Anton BEASNER to Ann STOFFEN  bm-Nicholas STOFFEN

Feb 4 1850-John H YELTON to Margaret BRYAN  bm-Benjamin BRYAN

Feb 18 1850-Josiah FRELEY to Lucinda BAKER  bm-Richard TARVIN

Feb 23 1850-Arthur BOTTS to Catharine ARMSTRONG  bm-Thomas BOTTS

Mar 6 1850-William W HUFF to Mary SMITH  bm-Michael J SMITH

Mar 6 1850-Wesley BAKER to Frances E ALLON  bm-Owen FORTNER

Mar 13 1850-Samuel J STROUBEE to Belinda YELTON  bm-William CALDWELL

Mar 13 1850-John A STROUBEE to Elizabeth M STEVENS  bm-John REILEY

Apr 5 1850-Charles E RALLIFF to Martha Jane STEVENS

Apr 16 1850-William MILLER to Mary Jane BAKER  bm-James A BAKER

Apr 18 1850-Hayden YELTON to Nancy F HOPKINS  bm-Ginnethon HOPKINS

Apr 22 1850-William CALDWELL to Elizabeth YELTON  bm-William H RANDALL

Apr 25 1850-William OSTLER to Mahala JEBB  bm-James BELL

Apr 29 1850-Apollas DANIEL to Caroline A GOSNEY  bm-W B DANIEL

May 13 1850-John BRADLEY to Sarah Ann MARTIN  bm-Henry MARTIN

May 29 1850-George SHROUDER to Mary DOUTET  bm-Charles LUPOLT

May 30 1850-Alexander CALL to Cynthia Ann BRUCE  bm-Joseph VANGUNDY

Jun 13 1850-Joseph BELL to Nancy THOMAN  bm-William RARDIN

Jun 17 1850-Oliver SHOEMAKER to Henrietta SMITH  bm-William SMITH

Jun 22 1850-Christopher SPANGLER to Elizabeth JULES  bm-Joseph CARR

Jun 24 1850-Frederick AMPFER to Dorithy WALTER  bm-John BUMGARTNER

Jun 27 1850-Frederick J SARVER to Louisa Magdaline SNYDER {widow}  bm-John J THOMAS

Jul 1 1850-Henry H DALE to Matilda A BAUM  bm-William R BAUM

Jul 10 1850-Jacob C CULBERTSON to Caroline BIGGS  bm-John C YOUTSEY

Jul 11 1850-Ralph E LINE to Elizabeth CASTOR  bm-William WOOD

Jul 22 1850-William Richard TALIAFERRO to Cassandra STIFF {widow} bm-Ed L SOUTHGATE

Jul 30 1850-Thomas STEVENS to Jane STEVENS  bm-Levi DICKEN

Aug 3 1850-John P COOK to Lucretia J WADEL  bm-Robert WADEL

Aug 9 1850-Michael C SELLERS to Margaret J NELSON  bm-George W NELSON

Aug 31 1850-John W DANIEL to Cynthia B COLVIN  bm-Apollos DANIEL

Sep 2 1850-William ABBOTT to Eliza JOHNSON  bm-Jesse BEAGLE

Sep 9 1850-John R JOHNSON to Elizabeth GILLMAN  bm-William GRIFFEY

Sep 11 1850-John W HAMILTON to Sarah C TIBBETTS  bm-Henry M HAMILTON

Sep 16 1850-John SPEW? To Elizabeth WEAVER  bm-Frederick SMITH

Sep 21 1850-John C ARMSTRONG to Catharine JENKINS  bm-James JENKINS

Sep 26 1850-Thomas MARTIN to Elizabeth DeMOSS  bm-Andrew J PHILIPS

Oct 1 1850-Robert LINET to Sarah PATTERSON

Oct 7 1850-William BERNARD to Nancy D GERMAN  bm-Fergis GERMAN

Oct 14 1850-G W TARVIN to Ann L HICKS  bm-H H KERCHEVAL

Oct 17 1850-Frederick WALTER to Mrs Rosa MAY  bm-George WALTER

Oct 24 1850-August NEAMAN to Mrs Catherine DUMHOOF  bm-Frederick DOMHOFF

Oct 24 1850-Robert ROBERTS to Delila Jane WEST  bm-James THATCHER

Oct 27 1850-John C DIAL to Catharine PRESTON  bm-Israel PRESTON

Nov 1 1850-Thomas WELLER to Margaret SMITH  bm-George WELLER

Nov 5 1850-Henry R KERCHEVAL to Malissa B TARVIN  bm-LeRoy WILEY

Nov 7 1850-Hilison BETHEL to Martha TOWNSEND  bm-Simpson TRACY

Nov 9 1850-Festus TAYLOR son of Wm F to Sarah Ann HOPKINS  bm-E M WORLEY

Nov 14 1850-Lawrence REIGLER to Catherine M CASHBANNER  bm-Christopher REIGLER

Nov 25 1850-Benjamin BRADFORD to Agnes J GOSNEY {widow} bm-Apollos DANIEL

Nov 26 1850-Mclancthon PIERCE to Mary Ann COLLINS  bm-James T COLLINS

Dec 5 1850-Thomas L DAMERON to Susan KIZER  bm-J W MAHFFEY

Dec 12 1850-A J PHILIPS to Sarah HARRISON  bm-Thomas MARTIN

Dec 21 1850-Alfred C ROUSE to Susan C DeMOSS  bm-Samuel DeMOSS

Dec 25 1850-Benjamin B MORRE to Nancy M CARTER  bm-Benjamin MOORE

Dec 26 1850-Henry BETHEL to Nancy TOWNSEND  bm-Barnet BETHEL

Dec 31 1850-William HILL to Welthy J BRIGGS


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