Campbell County Marriages

Campbell County Marriages


Campbell County Court, Alexandria, Kentucky
Originally copied by the Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter of the DAR
Posted With Their Permission

BD-bond date
MD-marriage date


Jan 5 1826-Alexander RUST to Susan NELSON

Jan 12 1826-John J PORTER to Missouri LACKWOOD

Jan 19 1826-Chesley E DICKARDSON to Betsey LILLARD

Jan 22 1826-Archibald CARREL to Ann SOFIELD

Feb 8 1826-Joseph HOPPER to Sary Ann STEPHENSON (d/o William) bm-John STEPHENSON, John HOPPER, Zachariah STEPHENSON

Feb 16 1826-William STANLEY to Elizabeth MARSHALL

Feb 23 1826-William GRIFFIN to Nancy THATCHER

Feb 26 1826-George WALKER to Rachel CLARK

Apr 13 1826-James McKINSEY son of Wm to Lucy HUME (d/o William)  bm-Nathaniel STEVENS

May 18 1826-Thomas LANCASTE to Margret GREEN

Jun 15 1826-John BROWN to Amelia STRONG

Jul 13 1826-C___ WAGGONER to Fanny LIPSCOMB

Jul 17 1826-R B CLARK to Nancy BOLES

Aug 11 1826-Silas BRYANT to Lutia HARSHA

Aug 21 1826-William ISAM to Sally BAKER

Sep 3 1826-Henry YOUTSEY to Sally HICKEY

Sep 18 1826-John MANSFIELD to Milly McGUIRE

Sep 21 1826-James PARKER to Caroline CLARK

Oct 3 1826-Wm L MASSEY to Elizabeth EVES

Oct 12 1826-Wm GRIFFEY to Elizabeth BAKER

Oct 17 1826-George RILEY to Polley WAYMAN

Oct 18 1826-Dr Milton HERNDON (of Boone Co) to Elizabeth LINDSEY (of Newport)

Nov 2 1826-James H McCLURE to Mary H LEWIS

Nov 19 1826-John MILLER to Eliza DONAVAN

Nov 27 1826-John DARGIN to Jemima WILSON

Nov 30 1826-Jabez McDANNOLD to Elizabeth WRIGHT

Dec 6 1826-Tubal SCOTT to Margret WILLIAMS

Dec 7 1826-Robert TODD to Mary Ann TAYLOR

Dec 20 1826-William REDDICK to Synthy COLDWELL

Jan 4 1827-James BARTON to Elizabeth LOWTHER

Jan 11 1827-Abraham WAYMAN to Anna SENIOR

Jan 23 1827-Martin CAIN to Sarah JAGUER  bm-George CRUMMEY

Feb 15 1827-Marcus LIPSCOMB to Isabel WARRINGTON

Feb 22 1827-Thomas STEPHENS to Mary BOLES

Mar 8 1827-Ruben LIGHTFOOT to Susana EBERT

Mar 11 1827-John CHERRY to Mary YORK

Mar 20 1827-David S CARPENTER to Lydia MUNDEL  bm-Jonathan MUNDEL

Mar 22 1827-Bartlett GOSNEY to Polly Hull HOPKINS

Mar 22 1827-William MEFFORD to Sally STEPHENS  bm-Martin STEPHENS

Mar 22 1827-James McHATTON son of Nancy to Catharine DYE  bm-James DYE

Apr 11 1827-Joseph FARROW to Celia RUCKEL

Apr 26 1827-Thomas STEPHENSON to Eliza KELLEY

May 11 1827-James MORGAN to Rener HAMILTON

May 17 1827-William HARRISON to Rhoda STEPHENS

May 31 1827-Richard FLACK to Catharine LONEY  bm-Thaddeas B KEELER

June 3 1827-Blackall W BALL to Rebecca DENNY

June 12 1827-James HEALY(HAYLEY) to Margaret KNOX  bm-Simeon SACKETT

June 12 1827-Elijah CAMPBELL to Susan LORING (d/o D B Loring)  bm-William CAMPBELL

June 13 1827-Aaron DUMFORD to Cynthia ISHAM  bm-Joseph STOW

June 14 1827-Aaron K_____ to Jane HUTCHINSON

July 9 1827-Charles WOOLUM to Fanny SIMPSON  bm-William STEPHENSON

July 19 1827-William JACOBS to Betty RICHARDSON

July 26 1827-William VAUGHN to Nancy ELLIS

Aug 5 1827-James RYON to Margaret MORROW

Aug 14 1827-Jacob KROUT to Hannah KENNEDY (d/o Mary Kennedy) bm-Jonathan N TALIAFERRO

Sep 13 1827-James MERIT to Elizabeth SARGENT

Sep 20 1827-Aaron HUFMAN to Jamima WELLS

Oct 1 1827-Jonathan HOPKINS to Elizabeth Waggner GOSNEY (d/o William Gosney)  bm-Charles DANIEL

Oct 4 1827-James HILL to Kitty BENTON

Oct 11 1827-Jefferson KELLY to Harriet MASSEY

Oct 21 1827-Moses BYLAND to Julia NORTHCUTT  bm-Jeremiah NORTHCUTT

Oct 22 1827-Jefferson KELLY to Harriet MASSEY (d/o Nancy Massey) bm-Abraham WORKMAN

Oct 25 1827-Jesse YORK to Elizabeth SMITH

Nov 15 1827-George WHITE to Matildy McCOLLUM

Nov 16 1827-William HERBERT to Jane Shannon THOMAS (d/o Benjamin Thomas)  bm-Edward BATTLES

Nov 29 1827-John W RIGGS to Kathrine MEFFORD

Dec 4 1827-Henry TRAIL to Margrett SAMPSON

Dec 20 1827-Simon LILLEY to Sary BOWER

Dec 20 1827-John PELLEY to Martha FLEMING

Dec 25 1827-Adam MILLER to Polly CLINKINBEARD

Jan 1828-Josiah PATTERSON to ______HAMILTON  bm-Thomas W HARRIS

Jan 2 1828-Edward GALLAGIN to Sally MOORE  bm-Jonathan N TALIAFERRO

Jan 3 1828-Joseph STEPHENS to Nancy McCLOUD

Jan 15 1828-Samuel BIVENS to Esther GARRAN  bm-David BADGEROW

Jan 21 1828-William ROSS to Mary CLARKSON  bm-Daniel HOLLEY

Jan 28 1828-William MORGAN to Mary EDWARDS  bm-Thomas EDWARDS

Jan 31 1828-Sephen HALL to Amanda KEELER  bm-Thaddeus R KEELER

Jan 31 1828-William MORGIN to Mary EDWARDS

Feb 1 1828-George SHAW to Matilda OWEN  bm-Elijah OWEN

Feb 5 1828-Nathaniel REEDER to Lucinda MOORE  bm-William MOORE

Feb 6 1828-Gilbert CARLISLE to Flora FISH  bm-William FISH

Feb 8 1828-Edward GALLAGAN to Sarah CRAIL

Feb 10 1828-Alexander ROSS to Eveline FOWLER  bm-Charles FOWLER

Feb 18 1828-Daniel PIATT to Betsey CAIN {d/o Israel}  bm-Reuben McDANNOLD

Feb 19 1828-Joseph BROWNFIELD to Polly KIDWELL (sister of William Kidwell)  bm-John BROWNFIELD

Feb 21 1828-James HAMILTON to Sally SAMPSON

Feb 27 1828-John ARMSTONG to Nancy LIVELY (d/o Shadrach Lively)  bm-Thomas POOL

Feb 29 1828-William LANTER to Rodah CALLAHAN (d/o James Callahan)  bm-Joseph CALLAHAN

Mar 3 1828-Marcus DENNISON to Margaret SHUMER  bm-William BROWN

Mar 6 1828-Thomas BUTTS to Lydia DANIELS  bm-Henry DANIELS

Mar 6 1828-Taylor BARTON to Betsey LOVE  bm-William BROWNFIELD; Thomas LOVE gives permission

Mar 8 1828-Ephraim LITTLE to Abigail REED (d/o William Reed)  bm-Samuel S LAWRENCE

Mar 10 1828-Levi HATFIELD to Susan SHASHA  bm-Peter SHASHA

Mar 10 1828-Morris MOORE to Margaret WRIGHT  bm-Thomas DOWNEY

Mar 17 1828-George BOCOCK to Eliza Ann MORRIS  bm-John R MORRIS

Mar 19 1828-William SPALDING to Hannah BATTLE  bm-Edward BATTLE

Mar 20 1828-John KEEN to Elizabeth WILLIAMS  bm-Levi MATTERSON

Mar 20 1828-James ANDERSON to Eunice GRIFFING  bm-Jeremiah GRIFFING

Mar 21 1828-James HAMILTON to Sally SAMPSON  bm-Kensey TRAIL

Mar 23 1828-William SPALDING to Hannah BATTLES

Mar 25 1828-Aaron WELLMAN to Fanny LYONS  bm-Absolom LYONS

Mar 25 1828-George PARTON to Sally BADDERS  bm-Moses BADDERS

Mar 26 1828-Thomas TIMMONS to Lydia ADAMS  bm-Benjamin LEWIS "who made oath that parents of Lydia were dead and she had no guardian"

Mar 27 1828-Isaac WILLIAMS to Susan GREEN  bm-Isaac GREEN

Mar 27 1828-Benjamin TIMBERLAKE to Nancy GRIZZLE  bm-Elam GRIZZEL

Mar 30 1828-John CALLAN Jr to Mary Ann ARMSTRONG (d/o James Armstrong)  bm-John H ARMSTRONG (s/o James)

Apr 2 1828-William KIDWELL to Catharine BROWNFIELD  bm-John BROWNFIELD

Apr 3 1828-Samuel P CRAIL to Sarah FISHER

Apr 3 1828-William J BEASLEY to Elizabeth BIRDWELL  bm-John BIRDWELL

Apr 7 1828-James WHITE to Margaret DICKENSON (d/o Joseph Dickenson)

Apr 11 1828-Jeremiah TRUSDEL to Margret GARRET

Apr 11 1828-Thomas COBNER to Matilda HILEMAN  bm-John LEE

Apr 20 1828-William GOODRIDGE to Virginia MONTAGUE  bm-Ben D FOWLER

Apr 24 1828-Samuel A HOPKINS to Hannah BLACK

Apr 29 1828-Benjamin PELLY to Jenetta ADAMS  bm-Wm WAYMAN

Apr 29 1828-Amos STILWELL to Elizabeth ILIFF  bm-Joshua ILIFF

May 7 1828-Clemon LANCASTER to Sally TRUET

May 11 1828-John PARISH to Ann TODD  bm-William DICKS

May 10 1828-Patrick MULLINS to Jane HUTCHINSON (d/o Archibald Hutchinson Jr.)

May 14 1828-Joseph WINSTON to Sarah LEMON (d/o Rebecca B Lemon) bm-Squire A GRANT

May 27 1828-Frank Orlando De L DeCOURSEY to Mary Ann HOLMES  bm- James G LINDSEY "As guardian of Mary Ann Holmes, I hereby consent to her union in marriage with Mr. Francis C L DeCoursey of Alexandria, Campbell County, Kentucky. 17 May 1828 signed Robert SCOTT

May 29 1828-William MEFFORD to Tracy MEFFORD  bm-John MEFFORD "who swears that the father of William Mefford willing; ? Mefford, brother of Tracy made oath that her parents are also willing"

June 2 1828-John GREEN to Margaret S FOULK  bm-Eben P SMITH

June 5 1828-Charles FOSTER to Rachael PARKER  bm-Thomas M CARMAN

June 16 1828-Abraham FREDENBURG to Margaret ALLEN  bm-Joseph ALLEN

June 19 1828-Higby VANSANT to Elizabeth GRIFFIN  bm-Thomas REVILL

July 2 1828-William STOCKAM to Elizabeth CRAWFORD  bm-David BRYON

July 10 1828-Thomas FUGATE to Elizabeth ECKERT {d/o Mary} bm-Leonard ECKERT

July 10 1828-Thomas ECKERT son of Money to Alice THOMASON  bm-James THOMASON attested by Leonard ECKERT

July 14 1828-Frederick McCASSON to Margaret DUNBAR  bm-John CRAIG

July 17 1828-Ephraim MARLIN to Juliana BLACK {d/o Joseph}  bm-John WHALEY

July 18 1828-William GILDART to Catharine THOMPSON  bm-Josiah LEWIS Who made oath "that the female named in said bond is divorced from her husband by a decree of Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas and that her name by said court has been changed to Catharine Thompson."

July 22 1828-George S MORIN to Katharine CALDWELL  bm-John CALDWELL

July 26 1828-John DURANT to Aleena PHELPS  bm-Matthew RICHARDSON

Aug 2 1828-Alexander McPHERSON to Sally HARE  bm-William B RICHARDSON

Aug 5 1828-Isaac HEARN to Nancy MASON bm-Peter MASON

Aug 16 1828-John REED to Polly LUCAS  bm-Thomas C LITTELL

Aug 25 1828-Edward MORIN to Martha CARMACK  bm-James C COONS

Aug 25 1828-Samuel TODD to Margaret RAREDON {d/o Jacob}  bm-George TRUESDALE

Sep 3 1828-Benjamin NORTHCUTT to Sarah RECTOR {d/o Joel}  bm-Thomas MOFFETT

Sep 3 1828-Justis WOODRUFF to Eliza WOODRUFF  bm-John HOLLEY "John G STITES made oath that parents of Eliza have departed this life and that she has no guardian"

Sep 15 1828-Thomas A JOHNSON to Sarah BOHANAN  bm-Charles P DAVIS

Sep 24 1828-Joseph LIBSCOMB to Bersheba LEE  bm-William LIPSCOMB

Oct 3 1828-George R BARNETT to Jane HAMILTON

Oct 16 1828-George SMITH to Rachel YORK

Oct 16 1828-Benjamin URMSTON to Rebecca KENNEDY

Oct 24 1828-Alexander HUGHES to Frances REYNOLDS  bm-William W SOUTHGATE

Nov 4 1828-David SPEAR to Sarah SMITH  bm-James D ANDERSON "Private David Spear has my permission to get married. A Lewis, Capt 3rd Infantry U.S. Arsenal Newport, Kentucky"

Nov 17 1828-John PREWITT to Elizabeth GRIZZLE  bm-Elam GRIZZEL bsdm

Nov 20 1828-George W HOLMAN(HOLMES) to Hester WHITE  bm-Jeremiah WHITE

Nov 24 1828-Warden H DENNIS to Elizabeth FOWLER  bm-John H DENNIS

Nov 28 1828-John DOWNS to Elizabeth CLARK  bm-Nathan MARCHANT

Dec 9 1828-Joseph DAMERON to Frances HERNDON  bm-George R HERNDON-Joseph the ward of Edward P BALL witnessed by John DAMERON

Dec 11 1828-John BEXIER to Martha LOE  bm-Abraham COTTLE

Dec 20 1828-Wayne HIGBEE to Eliza TEWILLAGER (widow)  bm-John RICHARDSON

Jan 3 1829-Willis PAYNE to Nancy JOINER  bm-Jethro JOINER

Jan 3 1829-Lewis FORKNER to Hariet NELSON

Jan 8 1829-William BISSELL to Matilda WALDSMITH

Jan 28 1829-Gabriel TANDY to Mary Ann SANFORD  bm-Thomas SANFORD

Jan 31 1829-John RIMMINGTON to Abigail PIERCE  bm-Alexander MOORE

Feb 9 1829-John HARVISTONto Jame SAYERS {d/o Samuel}  bm-William SAYERS

Feb 10 1829-Thomas J JENNINGS to Mary METTS  bm-Jonathan HULLING

Feb 13 1829-John MARTIN to American HILL  bm-William HILL

Mar 23 1829-Willis HUFFMAN to Cassandra HUME (d/o William Hume)  bm-John NORTHCUT

Apr 1 1829-James DYE to Elizabeth BRYAN  bm-William BRYAN

Apr 6 1829-Samuel SIMPSON to Caroline TELLES (d/o Jesse Telles0  bm-John McCOLLUM

Apr 11 1829-John BRAND to Eve Ragan HILLTWINE  bm-Joseph GENTER

Apr 16 1829-Stout FOWLER to Rebecca WHALING  bm-Charles FOWLER

Apr 30 1829-James HAMILTON to Polly SMALLY

May 14 1829-George W HILL to Sarah BRYAN  bm-William BRYAN

May 30 1829-James REED to Mary Ann FRANKLIN parents dead and no guardian;  bm-N L LEWIS

May 23 1829-Robert H BALL to Eliza V LEATHERS  bm-John LEATHERS

June 2 1829-George W FORESTER to Nancy SPALDING  bm-Aaron SPALDING

June 3 1829-William NELSON to Susan STREETER  bm-James STREETER

June 13 1829-Rueben LOWRY to Susan CLARK  bm-Keary W McGRUDER

June 16 1829-John HENDRICKS to Mary Ann GALBRAITH  bm-Samuel GALBRAITH

June 16 1829-Alexander TEMPE to Irene WAKEFIELD  bm-William HARRIS

June 18 1829-John RUBEN to Susana CLARK

June 28 1829-Issac L MILLS to Hannah BISHAM  bm-John BOWMAN

July 2 1829-Thomas SPARER to Nancy RICE  bm-Stephen RICE

July 5 1829-Jesse HICKMAN to Sary Ann HITCHCOCK

July 7 1829-Joseph CLARK to Susan JOHNS  BM-William MONTGOMERY

July 11 1829-William REVILL to America REED  bm-Boaz REED

July 24 1829-William OLIVER to Nancy YOUNG  bm-Jesse KILGARE

July 27 1829-Joseph SMITH to Jenney HAYS  bm-John HAYS

Aug 2 1829-Henry HALLEY to Elizabeth WASSON  bm-John STEVENSON

Aug 4 1829-Henry WAGGONER to Mary SMITH

Aug 11 1829-Abraham C JOHNSON to Ann BOWEN

Aug 20 1829-William McCRADY to Catharine WALKER

Sep 1 1829-David H BELL to Nancy WARE

Sep 17 1829-John CANTER to Elinor Jane GREENWELL  bm-Francis GREENWELL

Sep 18 1829-William BELL to Elizabeth OLIVER  bm-Samuel McCOLLUM

Sep 26 1829-Archibald HUTCHINSON to Priscilla MARSHALL  bm-Wm WALDEN

Oct 1 1829-Andrew LEWIS to Mary Aurelia MAYO

Oct 4 1829-William LYTLE to Betsey WHITE  bm-James DEAN

Oct 6 1829-William FISK to Ann HUBER?

Oct 6 1829-Richard BISHOP to Elizabeth WEEKS

Oct 13 1829-Philip HUFMAN to Agnes CAIN  bm-Isaac CAIN

Oct 20 1829-Samuel HUGHEY to Delila SCOTT

Oct 21 1829-William A ALCOKE to Sarah FREDENBURG  bm-Hiram H BRYON

Oct 26 1829-Eden B REEDER to Mary Ann PERRY

Nov 5 1829-Samuel W VANNATTA to Alice WILSON  bm-William K WALL

Nov 5 1829-Lewis WARE to Sarah MURNAN

Nov 30 1829-Jeremiah NORTHCUTT to Agnes TIMBERLAKE  bm-John NORTHCUTT

Dec 3 1829-Peleg KIDD to Abigail W POOR  bm-John ROWEN  "who made oath that mother of Aby Poor willing"

Dec 8 1829-Samuel McCOLLUM to Frances ALLEN  bm-John McCOLLUM "Sir, I write this to let you know that there is no danger in granting these licens to Samuel McCollum and Frances Allen" signed Wm F WRIGHT

Dec 9 1829-William PRICKETT to Elizabeth WING  bm-William HARMES

Dec 31 1829-William PRIEST son of Margaret to Louise MAYS  bm-William PERRY

Jan 1 1830-William OWENS to Mary EVANS  bm-Samuel SUTHERLAND "who swears that Mary above age of 21, that her mother willing, her father having departed this life"

Jan 3 1830-Peter BENNETT to Caroline GROSE  bm-Thomas McKINNEY "Peter Bennett made oath that Caroline Grose is of lawful age, that he brought her from Tennessee about 2 months since, that her parents are not living. Thomas McKinney states said Caroline has lived in his father's house about 2 months-no relatives in this country."

Jan 7 1830-Winston WAYMAN to Margaret WAYMAN marriage by John ANDER___ (page torn)

Jan 7 1830 BD) William JENNER to Margaret BAKER (she has neither father nor mother) Consent given by James BAKER & John HARRIS; MD-7 Jan; marriage by William GOSNEY

Jan 8 1830 (BD) Selman ABBOTT to Elizabeth JENNER  bm-John HARRIS; MD-8 Jan; marriage by William GOSNEY

Jan 9 1830-James BAGBY Jr to Nancy Ann CARLISLE (d/o John Carlisle) consent attested by Lilbon H CARLISLE  bm-Robert CARLISLE

Jan 14 1830-John C TARVIN to Rebecca C TARVIN; consent of Thomas TARVIN  bm-William M NEWMAN; marriage by Henry FISHER

Jan 14 1830-James BAGLEY Jr. to Nancy Ann CARLISLE marriage by William HUME

Jan 18 1830-Jacob HENRY to Maria P EVERETT  bm-Isaac EVERITT

Jan 19 1830-John CHESSMAN to Clarissa MORRELL (sister of Lucy Morrell)  bm-Wm SHAW

Jan 21 1830-Jacob HENRY to Maria P EVERETT marriage by William HUME

Jan 22 1830-Richard STOWER to Maria MOOR  bm-Levy MOOR

Jan 26 1830-James R PALMER to Eliza McKINNEY  bm-William L LAMBEY

Jan 29 1830-Hugh HAMITON to Mary DUDLEY  bm-Lewis MARTIN

Feb 9 1830-Robert MARSHALL Jr. to Elizabeth Martin GRIZZEL  bm-Solomon GRIZZEL

Feb 14 1830-Elijah ANDERSON to Matilda ROBERSON  bm-Thomas HAWKINS

Feb 19 1830-Absolom CORNELIUS to Lucy Ann MANNING  bm-Samuel MANNING

Feb 20 1830-Peter MASON to Hannah CLINKINGBEARD  bm-Thomas WINTON

Feb 20 1830-Israle SOPHIELD? to Elizabeth McANALLY marriage by George VICE

Feb 30 1830-Elam GRIZZLE to Clarissy BALLINGER marriage by George VICE

Feb 21 1830-James HAMILTON (s/o Thomas) to Margaret UMPHRIS

Feb 21 1830-Absolom CORNELIUS to Lucy Ann MANNING marriage by John Arnold

Feb 22 1830-Henry APPLE to Sally APPLE  bm-Henry THOMPSON

Feb 24 1830 (BD) William WATSON to Frances Jane PERRY-consent of George PERRY  bm-William D SCOTT MD-25 Feb marriage by Joel GROVER

Feb 25 1830-Robert MARSHALL Jr. to Elizabeth MARTIN marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

Feb 26 1830-Robert D HAYMAN to Mariah PERRY  bm-J T HAYMAN

Feb 27 1830-Thompson MAYS to Temper KIDWELL  bm-Jesse KENEELY

Feb 27 1830-Charles M HOLLIDAY to Keturah WINSTON  bm-Squire A GRANT

Feb 28 1830-Peter MASON to Hannah CLINKINBEARD; marriage by Henry Fisher

Feb 28 1830-Charles M HOLLIDAY to Kiturah WINSTON marriage by Joel GROVER

Feb 28 1830-Thompson MAYS to Temple KIDWELL marriage by Rev Benjamin DAVIS

Mar 4 1830-Squire G ALLEN to Susan McCOLLUM (d/o Sally)  bm-Nathaniel VISE; MD-4 Mar; marriage by George VICE

Mar 4 1830-Carey DANIELS to Mary J TARVIN

Mar 12 1830 (BD) Thomas THRASHER to Ellenor GRIFFING (d/o William)  bm-Tilford METCALF MD-18 Mar, marriage by William HUME

Mar 12 1830-William COOK to Ann MERRISSON  bm-Charles DANIEL

Mar 22 1830-Mathew S KELLY to Nancy WHITE  bm-Jeremiah WHITE

Mar 24 1830-John H STEEL to Jane LAW  bm-Ebenezer HOLLEY

Mar 27 1830 (BD) John A McCLURE to Unice FISH (d/o William M Fish) MD-1 Apr; marriage by William HUME

Mar 31 1830 (BD) Akins A MARTIN to Lucy LEWIS  bm-William M GRANT; MD-31 Mar; marriage by William HUME

Mar 31 1830-Isaac DYE to Clarrisa BYRD; marriage by William GOSNEY

Mar 31 1830-George LONGMORE to Amanda HAMMETT marriage by William HUME

Apr 4 1830-Elisha B WEST to Sarah TUCKER  bm-John COOPER; marriage by Henry FISHER

Apr 5 1830-Edward BATTLES to Elizabeth LOVELESS  bm-Silas SIBBEE

Apr 5 1830 (BD) Benjamin DUNN to Mary MARSHALL  bm-John MARSHALL; MD-6 Apr; marriage by Elam GRIZZEL

Apr 8 1830-Edward BATTLES to Elizabeth LARIBEE marriage by George GRADEN

Apr 15 1830-Mathew B KELLY to Nancy WHITE; marriage by George GRADEN

Apr 16 1830 (BD) David McARTHY to Jane DUGAN  bm-Willis BATES; MD-18 Apr; marriage by William MONTAGUE

Apr 18 1830-John MARTIN to Sarah JOHNSON  bm-Isaac STEEL; marriage by William WALTERS

Apr 21 1830-Thomas FLEMING to Dinah KENNEDY  bm-Edmond R KENNEDY

Apr 22 1830-Thomas NORTHCUTT to Margaret STEVENS  bm-Aaron BYLAND; marriage by Michael RUSE

Apr 24 1830-John WILUS/MILES to Jane STEWART  bond by brother and guardian William STEWART; marriage by James G ARNOLD

Apr 24 1830-George THOMPSON to Betsey SIMPSON  bm-Joseph HECKLE

May 6 1830-John Evins SPINER to Leaf SPARROW; marriage by Benjamin LEWIS?LEVIS

May 14 1830-Andrew BECKELHYMER to Eliza WAYMAN  bm-William WAYMAN

May 18 1830 BD) Hiram LEAK to Henrietta HARRIS  bm-Salmon ABBOTT; MD-18 May; marriage by William Gosney

May 20 1830-John CROUCH to Mary MAPHET  bm-George GORDON Jr.

May 23 1830-Andrew BOCKELHYMER to Elvira WAYMAN; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

May 25 1830-James BEAGLE to May DAWSON  bm-William BEAGLE

June 3 1830-John STRAWDER to Rebecca SCROGGINS  bm-Lewis MANGUM; marriage by George GRADEN

June 5 1830 (BD) Richard A COLLINS to Harriet DICKERSON  bm-Samuel STOWERS; MD-10 June; marriage by William HUME

June 7 1830-E P L HOGARTH to Rachael WOODWARD  bm-Charles TANNER

June 10 1830-Samuel McPHERSON to Barbara DICKS  bm-Thomas WINTON

June 15 1830-Robert GRAHAM to Louisa PARKER; marriage by Daniel H LEVIS

June 16 1830 (BD) William HARRISON to Hannah MARTIN  bm-Jacob MARTIN; MD-June 17; marriage by George VICE

June 17 1830-E P S HOGARTH to Rachel WOODWARD; marriage by J G Arnold

June 19 1830-Robert GRAHAM to Louise PARKER  bm-L D PARKER

June 21 1830-William BALL to Casanca MORGAN  bm-William STEPHENS & John CLAYTON

June 26 1830 (BD) Peter SHRAKE to Abigail STRAWN  bm-John STRAWN; MD-27 June; marriage by George GRADEN

June 27 1830-Lewis FAGALY to Mary Ann FOX  bm-Miller W EASLEY; marriage by James G ARNOLD

June 30 1830-John L RIDDELL to Mary B SCHRAGER

July 2 1830-John LYON to Leticia TAKAHILL  bm-Richard Alfred ROSEINBURGH (brother-in-law of Leticia, her parents dead)

July 4 1830-Lyman RUGG to Amelia BAXTER; marriage by Daniel H LEVIS

July 8 1830-Isaac BEALS to Mary Ann LEWIS  bm-John HALL

July 16 1830-George LONGMORE to Amanda HAMMETT  bm-Samuel HAMET

July 17 1830 (BD) Henry MARSHALL to Mary Ann McCLOUD  bm-Thomas STEPHENS; MD-18 July; marriage by Elam GRIZZEL

July 17 1830-Charles COOPER to Maria CASSELEY  bm-Francis T HELM

July 23 1830-John C NEWTON to Jane BOWLES  bm-David H MAXWELL

July 26 1830-Joseph DICKS to Sarah MOREHEAD  bm-Stacy REEVES

Aug 18 1830-Frederick M MYERS to Eliza C LEWIS  bm-W LEWIS; marriage by William BURKE

Aug 21 1830 (BD) Isaac EVERETT to Susannah NUNN  bm-John KILGORE; MD-25 Aug; marriage by William HUME

Aug 21 1830-Jonathan H GRAY to Fanny ALLEY  bm-John HALL

Aug 21 1830-Ephraim SHEESMAN to Betsey CASSON (d/o William Casson)  bm-Gardner REED

Aug 26 1830-James S DOWARD to Malinda TEMPLE  bm-George GORDON; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Sep 2 1830-William HARRISON Jr. to Susan MARTIN; marriage by George VICE

Sep 7 1830-Abeal A MARTIN to Marthy Elizabeth SPRAGUE  bm-Ephraim MARTIN

Sep 7 1830-Gardner REED son of Booth to Ann HEDGER  bm-Ephraim CHEESMAN

Sep 11 1830 (BD) James HELLMAN to Nancy MOORE  bm-George MOORE; MD-12 Sep; marriage by William MONTAGUE

Sep 18 1830-Richard SEEDER to Rachel HAYES  bm-John HAYES

Sep 19 1830-William VESTEL to Harriet ANDERSON (d/o William)  bm-Edward G SMITH

Sep 21 1830 (BD) Steven R KENDALL to Lucinda DICKERSON (d/o Mary)  bm-B KENDALL; MD-23 Sep; marriage by Benjamin LEVIS

Sep 27 1830 BD) Carson VICKERS to Mary TULL-consent of Samuel TULL, bm-Thomas TULL; MD-30 Sep; marriage by James VICKERS

Sep 27 1830-Cary M DANIEL to Mary I TARVIN-consent of Thomas TARVIN

Oct 1830-Luther EASTON to Betsey COBOURN (widow of James)  bm-Joseph GIRFFING

Oct 3 1830-Edmund ANDREWS to Isabella Maria BARCLAY  bm-Gustavus FISHER

Oct 4 1830-Andrew ALLEY to Mary DEVORE  bm-Jonathan GRAY

Oct 4 1830 (BD) Reuben STEPHENSON to Melinda GALLAHAN-consent of James GALLAHAN  bm-Archibald LATTER; MD-6 Oct; marriage by William HUME

Oct 9 1830-Alexander H SWARTOUT to Rebecca R MEHANY  bm-Thomas WAGON; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Oct 11 1830-Lester/Luther EASTON to Margaret ANDERSON  bm-Joseph GRIFFING (James & Mary DOBURN are brother-in-law and sister of Margaret, her parents dead) marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Oct 16 1830 (BD) George Washington COLWELL to Jane WHERRY  bm-Joseph COONS; MD-17 Oct; marriage by George GRADEN

Oct 16 1830-Daniel MINNICK to Susannah MEREDITH  bm-Albert D WATSON

Oct 22 1830-Thomas ROYSTON to Margaret SPILMAN  bm-George W DOXEN

Oct 29 1830 (BD) Robert M CARLISLE to Elizabeth A BAGBY (d/o Charles Bagby) attest by Young S & William BAGBY; MD-4 Nov; marriage by William HUME

Nov 6 1830-George Washington SERGEANT to Rebecca SYMONDS (d/o Maria Symonds)  bm-Henry CARLTON; marriage by William BURKE

Nov 11 1830 (BD) John AGNEW to Bethia BATTLES  bm-Zacariah TUSKEN MD-14 Nov; marriage by George GRADEN

Nov 15 1830 (BD) John P THEOBALD to Eliza M V MUNSEY  bm-David MUNCY; MD-18 Nov; marriage by Richard BIRD

Nov 20 1830-John BOWEN to Nancy WILLET  bm-Samuel WILLET

Nov 20 1830-Joseph E HECKLER to Elizabeth HOLMES  bm-James D ANDERSON; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Nov 24 1830-Jesse MORGAN to Maria ADAMS  bm-John STEIGER

Nov 24 1830 (BD) Alexander F FLEMMING to Minerva SCOTT  bm-William D SCOTT; MD-25 Nov; marriage by William HUME

Nov 28 1830-John N TALIAFERRO to Frances M SOUTHGATE; marriage by William BURKE

Dec 11 1830 (BD) Isaac MARTIN to Sophia RICHARDSON  bm-Otho RICHARDSON; MD-15 Dec; marriage by Richard TARVIN

Dec 14 1830 (BD) William WILLIAMS to Susannah KING  bm-Hargess KING; MD-16 Dec; marriage by William HUME

Dec 16 1830 (BD) Cornelius W McDANIEL to June RICH  bm-Joseph RICH; MD-21 Dec; marriage by William HUME

Dec 20 1830 (BD) Augustin E RULE to Frances COLVIN  bm-John COLVIN; MD-21 Dec; marriage by William HUME

Dec 22 1830 (BD) James MARSHALL to Catherine BALLENGER (d/o John Ballinger)  bm- John MARSHALL; MD-23 Dec; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

Dec 28 1830-Thomas ROYSTON to Margaret SPILMAN; marriage by George GRADEN

Dec 30 1830-Azariah EVANS to Elizabeth SMITH  bm-William KILLEY; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Dec 30 1830-Jimison MELOME to Fidelia HINTON (d/o Thomas Hinton)  bm-Hamilton MARTIN

Jan 1 1831-Samuel HAYS to Nancy JACO  bm-John PYE; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

Jan 4 1831-Zachariah W STEPHENSON to Almira M FISK {d/o William M}  bm-Ezra K FISK

Jan 6 1831-Thomas KENNEDY to Louisa CLEAVLER/CLEVELAND  bm-Emore SCOTT; marriage by James VICKERS

Jan 8 1831 (BD) Thomas GREGG to Eliza Ann HAYS  bm-Bailey KENDALL {Consent of Frances KENDALL to marriage of Granddaughter Eliza Ann Hays to Thos Gregg. Attest: Sterne KENDALL; MD-11 Jan; marriage by William HUME

Jan 20 1831-Elisha HARRIS to Nancy MADDOX  bm-Samuel WINSTON

Jan 22 1831-Richard STEVENS to Marinda WOOD; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

Jan 24 1831-Huton GRAHAM to Mary McDANIEL; marriage by George GRADEN

Jan 29 1831-Benjamin PEARSON to Cynthia HIGHTOWER; bm-James BARTON

Feb 3 1831-John W JACO to Catherine HARDON  bm-John HARDON

Feb 3 1831-James BELL to Barbara WALKER  bm-William McCREADY; marriage by George GRADEN

Feb 5 1831-Jetson WILLETT to Sophia FIELDS

Feb 10 1831-George W TURNER to Lucinda HARRIS  bm-Charles P DAVIS; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

Feb 15 1831-Levi MORREL to Mary HILL  bm-William HILL & John MARTIN

Feb 24 1831-William MANN to Levina CRISLER  bm-David CRISLER; marriage by George VISE

Feb 24 1831-James P HAMILTON to Margaret HUMPHRIES  bm-James BARTON & George MORGAN; marriage by George VISE

Mar 8 1831-John PIERCE to Mary Ann WARE  bm-David R BELL; marriage by George GRADEN

Mar 8 1831-George H LINNER/GURNER) to Maranda JACO  bm-John W JACO

Mar 10 1831-Mortimer M BENTON to Angelina CLEMMONS  bm-Cary CLEMMONS

Mar 16 1831-Richardson BURCH to Isabella KELLEY  bm-Peter HARDEN "who swore that Isabella Kelly was bound to his father and served her term of service out and is now acting for herself and further believes her to be of age"

Mar 17 1831-Jacob COONES to Mary WALLACE  bm-James D ANDERSON; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

Mar 20 1831-Issac DYE to Clarissa BYRD  bm-Foster BYRD

Mar 22 1831-George W KEEN to Mary G HARRIS; marriage by George VISE

Mar 28 1831-Thomas SNYDER to Margaret DOWNARD  bm-W G LIGHTFOOT; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

Mar 30 1831 (BD) David LASTUTHA to Cathrin HELM  bm-Lewis HELM; MD-31 Mar; marriage by Lewis CONNER

Apr 2 1831-William PARKER to Jane KEEN  bm-Samuel LACEY

Apr 9 1831-John HILL to Elizabeth WORKMAN  bm-Wm L HARNELL

Apr 11 1831 (BD) Caleb M RUDE/REED to Sally PAYNE  bm-Jesse KEELER; MD-17 Apr; marriage by John ARNOLD

Apr 11 1831-Absalom RIGGS to Catharine MARDIS  bm-James MARDIS

Apr 12 1831-George WOOD to Matilda BAKER  bm-John THATCHER; marriage by George GRADEN

Apr 13 1831-Elias BAYLESS to Sarah HOLLAND  bm-James DAIRSSON

Apr 13 1831 (BD) Alfred W PICKETT to Mary McNELLY  bm-Beal PICKETT; MD-14 Apr; marriage by Elma GRIZZLE

Apr 20 1831-John HILL to Sally LILLEY  bm-John LILLEY

Apr 21 1831-William S FIELD to Margaret JOHNSON  bm-John WRIGHT

Apr 23 1831-Lewis CLINE to Eliza HALL  bm-Charles P DAVIS; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

Apr 27 1831-Joseph WALKER to Polly SMITH  bm-Samuel P SHAVER

Apr 29 1831-John P WAGGONER to Elizabeth WOOD  bm-George MITCHELL

Apr 30 1831-William BEAGLE to Lousindo THOMPSON  bm-Thomas BEGLEE

May 3 1831 (BD) Alfred McCORMICK to Frances CORNELIUS  bm-John CORNELIUS; marriage by John ARNOLD

May 5 1831-James LIPSCOMB to Sally STANLEY  bm-Jacob WHITE

May 7 1831-Daniel McCARTY to Bridget DOLLEHEDE (d/o John)  bm-James HILLMAN; marriage by Wm MONTAGUE

May 8 1831-Henry COLEMAN to Bethuna BARNES  bm-Ransom A HALL & Charles C BARNES/BURNS; marriage by Rev E L SOUTHGATE

May 11 1831-Henry DETRICH to Sarah YATES  bm-Newman YATES

May 16 1831 (BD) John PYE to Lydia HIRKY  bm-Henry YOUTSEY; MD-19 May; marriage by Rev John G Ellis

May 24 1831-Henry CLEMENT to Debora Jane EGLESTON  bm-Amos EGLESTON

May 28 1831-George CULLEN to Jane HEARN  bm-John RARDIN; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

May 29 1831-John NELSON to Anna BIGGS {d/o Andrew}  bm-Martin CARY

May 29 1831-Robert HALL to Mary Jane TEMPLETON  bm-Alex P SANFORD; marriage by Henry FISCHER

May 29 1831-Peter HAY to Elizabeth COST  bm-Daniel COST; marriage by Rev E L SOUTHGATE

June 6 1831 (BD) Taylor REES to Melinda HARRIS (d/o George Harris) bm-Charles FOWLER-consent of William REES; MD-7 June; marriage by Daniel H LEVIS

June 6 1831-Samuel WRIGHT to Elizabeth BAKER  bm-Nicholas BAKER

June 11 1831 (BD) David BROWNFIELD to Ailphair GREEN  bm-Wm FISK; MD-15 June; marriage by William HUME

June 11 1831-Martin CARY to Matilda SMALLEY  bm-Isaac COOPER

June 13 1831-James DOYLE to Mrs. Ruth STEEL  bm-Platt KENNEDY

June 18 1831-Edward P DAMERON to Mariah G KENNADA  bm-William CARMACK

June 21 1831 (BD) William GARNER to Aurelia LUMIS  bm-Thomas MORRIS; MD-28 June; marriage by William HUME

July 21 1831-John STOCKHAM to Mary CRAWFORD; marriage by George GRADEN

June 23 1831-John SPAULDING to Jane STUBBS  bm-Gabriel GARTSIDE

July 23 1831-George G LANE to Mary DEATON  bm-John LEE

July 23 1831-John D JOHNSON to Elizabeth YOUNGMAN  bm-Caleb REEVES

July 23 1831-John STOCKHAM to Mary CRAWFORD  bm-William STOCKHAM

July 27 1831-Thomas NEWTON to Mary REEVES {d/o Stacy}  bm-Lewis REEVES

July 30 1831-William PEAK to Sary JENKINS  bm-Jesse R SNIDER

Aug 1 1831-Thomas I PORTER to Eliza FERRY  bm-Benjamin COOPER

Aug 1 1831-Thomas MORRIS to Nancy WHITEACRE  bm-Silas EGELSTON

Aug 18 1831 (BD) Frederick G GEDGE to Mary HOLLY  bm-Tue? HARRIS; MD-21 Aug; marriage by Rev J G ELLIS

Aug 22 1831-Moses SCOTT to Susan SKINNER  bm-James DAZEL

Aug 26 1831-Robert D WAYMAN to Eliza PERRY; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

Aug 27 1831 (BD) James LEFENWELL to Sarah BARKLEY  bm-Abraham GUNDACKER; MD-28 Aug; marriage by Rev E L SOUTHGATE

Aug 29 1831-Thomas B MARTIN to Lucy B PERKINS {d/o Joel}  bm-Richard H GREEN

Sep 3 1831-David ROWLAND to Mary DEKTTER?  bm-David DAVIS

Sep 7 1831-Anthony CAPODURO to Mary STORM  bm-Peter PESENTI

Sep 8 1831-William STANLEY to Mary BIRDWELL  bm-James BIRDWELL

Sep 8 1831-James D ALLEN to Sidney Ann CLEVELAND  bm-James CLEVELAND

Sep 10 1831-Francis MASTIN to Nancy FREEBORN {d/o Jacob}  bm-Silas W EGLESTON

Sep 11 1831 (BD) Thomas T EUBANK to Sarah Ann STANSIFER (d/o John-deceased) Leonard STEPHENS guardian  bm- Edmund T BERRY; MD-18 Sep; marriage by Rev E L SOUTHGATE

Sep 11 1831-Christopher LANGWOOD to Jane_____  bm-Henry LANG

Sep 14 1831 (BD) Robert WHITE to Elizabeth RICHARDSON (d/o Philip T Richardson) bm-Thomas P WHITE; MD-18 Sep; marriage by Rev William HOLMAN

Sep 15 1831-Tilmon SENOUR to Rebecca RUST  bm-David RUST; marriage by James SIMMONS

Sep 15 1831-James DOLENS to Sidney Ann CLEVELAND; marriage by Lewis CONNER

Sep 18 1831-Thomas STEPHENS to Eliza Jane MARSHALL  bm-John KLETTE "Sir. I have no objection of Jane Marshall being united with Thos Stephens in matrimony. Lewis Klette"

Sep 19 1831 (BD) James MUNSEY to Harriett GARRETT  bm-Anthony S GARRETT; MD-22 Sep; marriage by Lewis CONNER

Sep 20 1831 (BD) Harvey RIGGS to Elizabeth MANN  bm-Thomas MANN; MD-26 Sep; marriage by George VISE

Sep 21 1831-Edmond H TAYLOR to Martha S TAYLOR  bm-Edward L SOUTHGATE; marriage by Rev Wm HOLMAN

Sep 21 1831 (BD) Robert H PERRY to Catharine SANFORD (under age of 21 d/o Thomas)  bm-Jefferson PHELPS; MD-29 Sep; marriage by Daniel H LEVIS

Sep 21 1831-Sterne R KENDELL to Lucinda DICKERSON  bm-Charles DANIEL

Sep 22 1831-Benjamin PEARSON to Cynthia HIGHTOWER; marriage by Wm SECHRIST

Sep 22 1831-Henry APPLE to Sally APPLE; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

Oct 5 1831-James SHAW to Mary ACKLIN  bm-James ACKLIN

Oct 7 1831 (BD) Leonard M ECKERT to Mary MILES  bm-William MILES; MD-13 Oct; marriage by George GRADEN

Oct 11 1831-Luther EASTON to Margaret ANDERSON

Oct 11 1831-Nicholas A STROUBE to Cynthia MAXWELL  bm-John MAXWELL

Oct 16 1831-Daniel Minnick to Susannah Montieth; marriage by Rev Bartlett BENNETT

Oct 17 1831 (BD) Ansyl SALMON to Anne ELLIS  bm-Robert ELLIS; MD-20 Oct; marriage by James VICKERS

Oct 17 1831 (BD) Abraham WORKMAN to Mrs. Sarah TURNER  bm-Allen FLOYD; MD-18 Oct; marriage by James SIMMONS

Oct 18 1831-Jesse BEEGLE to Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON (d/o George Johnson)  bm-Ely JOHNSON & John BEAGLE

Oct 20 1831-Andrew WOOD to Nancy BENSON  bm-James McCOLLUM; marriage by James SIMMONS

Oct 21 1831 (BD) Joseph KIRKPATRICK to Elizabeth LINDSEY  bm-Thomas LINDSEY; MD-10 Nov; marriage by William SPENCER

Oct 26 1831-George ECKEL to Martha GREEN  bm-H HILHOUSE

Oct 26 1831-Daniel MINNICK to Susannah MEREDITH

Oct 29 1831-Benjamin T STITES to Rebecca Ann DECOURSEY  bm- Wm DECOURSEY

Oct 29 1831-Henry MALADA to Nancy VANHORN  bm-Horatio KIRBY

Nov 1 1831 (BD) Augustus REGNIER to Margaret FISK  bm-William FISK; MD-6 Nov; marriage by William HUME

Nov 2 1831 (BD) James SHIP to Polly McGLASSON  bm-William McGLASSON; MD-3 Nov; marriage by Michael ROUSE

Nov 3 1831-Richard WEST to Susan JOHNSON  bm-William G FEGANS Consent signed by George JOHNSTON & his son Eli

Nov 3 1831-Thomas Jefferson McARTHUR to Sally DAVIDSON  bm-Joseph MOSS

Nov 4 1831 (BD) John MANN to Ellender MOORHEAD  bm-John MOOREHEAD; MD-10 Nov; marriage by William HUME

Nov 7 1831 (BD) Edward J HOOPER to Malinda Bell DOWNARD  bm-Jonathan N TALIAFERRO; MD-9 Nov; marriage by Elijah STEICH

Nov 10 1831-Ambrose BUSE to Margaret MATHEWS; James ALEXANDER "This is to authorize Ambrose Bruse seignior to go forward in Camel County and get lisons to wed with mee. Margaret Mathene"

Nov 14 1831-Hamilton MARTIN to Mary CALLANT  bm-John CALLANT

Nov 16 1831-John SPALDING to Betsey STRAWN  bm-Jeremiah BATTELY; marriage by George GRADEN

Nov 17 1831-Absalom RIGGS to Catharine MARDIS

Nov 18 1831 (BD) David EDWARDS to Polly SKETERS  bm-Enos PRATT; MD-22 Nov; marriage by Joel GROVER

Nov 19 1831 (BD) Henry STANSIFER to Lucy A RICHARDSON  bm-Thomas T EUBANK; MD-21 Nov; marriage by John ARNOLD

Nov 19 1831 (BD) John M RIGGS to Irena RIGGS  bm-John RIGGS; MD-24 Nov; marriage by William HUME

Nov 24 1831 (BD) Reeson W MORGAN to Elizabeth BALL  bm-William BALL; MD-22 Dec; marriage by William HUME

Nov 28 1831-Jacob LINDSEY to Milley DRAKE  bm-Samuel LOVEL

Dec 3 1831-John MARSHALL to Susan BALLENGER  bm-John N TALIAFERRO "John Balenager wants you to let John Marshall and Susan my daughter havemarriage lisons. William Balenger wittness"

Dec 6 1831-John HARRIS? to Margaret MORTON; marriage by John ARNOLD

Dec 8 1831-Andrew DELLEN to Sarah MORRIS  bm-John R MORRIS

Dec 18 1831-James T BERRY to Elizabeth V WISE  bm-Edmund T BERRY

Dec 18 1831-John MARSHALL to Susan BALLINGER

Dec 18 1831-Ely JOHNSON to Eliza BEEGLEY  bm-Jesse BEAGLE

Dec 19 1831-Joseph JONES to Betsey Ann ____  bm-Benjamin WORKMAN

Dec 20 1831-Nathan BRADLEY to Elizabeth SPENCER  bm-Franklin HILLS

Dec 25 1831-Ransom FREE to Hannah Jane STROWDER  bm-Joseph STROWDER; marriage by Benjamin BOYD

Dec 25 1831-Jonas WILSON to Elizabeth MARTIN  bm-Jacob MARTIN

Jan 2 1832-Hobert SANDERSON to Lucy Ann Herndon; married by James SIMMONS

Jan 3 1832-Samuel E EQUA to Elizabeth VANOSDOLE; marriage by Thomas COLE

Jan 12 1832-Zachariah STEPHENSON to Almira M FISH; marriage by William HUME

Jan 17 1832-Joseph WAYLAND to Nancy MASSEY  bm-Paton M REDDICK; marriage by James SIMMONS

Jan 18 1832-Arthur R BONWELL to Mary AMES  bm-F L HELM

Jan 25 1832-David WAYMAN to Ebeline PORTER  bm-Andrew PORTER

Jan 26 1832-_____GRAHAM to Mary McDANIEL

Jan 27 1832 (BD) Jackson ELLIS to Nancy CLENDING  bm-Robert ELLIS; MD-Feb 20; marriage by Rev J G ELLIS

Jan 27 1832 (BD) Warren CARTER to Margaret G ELLIS (d/o John G Ellis) MD-Feb 2; marriage by William MASTERS

Jan 28 1832-John RESINGER to Sabie WOOD  bm-John AUTEN

Jan 31 1832 (BD) George A WINN to Clarisa A GRAVES  bm-B GRAVES; MD-1 Feb; marriage by Rev J G ELLIS

Feb 15 1832-Ephraim SMITH to Catharine MARDIS  bm-Marcus LIPSCOMB

Feb 16 1832-George HANNAH to Mary McFRELOY; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Feb 18 1832-Zechariah GOSNEY to Pamela LOVELESS  bm-Jonathan HOPKINS; marriage by William GOSNEY

Feb 20 1832 (BD) Joshua LEATHERS to Elender I ELLIS; MD-Feb 21; marriage by Rev J G ELLIS

Feb 28 1832 (BD) Aaron ZIMMERMAN to Martha REED  bm-John REED; MD-1 Mar; marriage by Michael ROUSE

Mar 1 1832-Washington WHITE to Hester EVANS; marriage by Benjamin BOYD

Mar 1 1832-William HITCH to Ellin ILES  (d/o Thomas Iles) Attest Harrison YOUNG

Mar 1 1832 (BD) William I OLIVER son of Lee to Alice WATERS (d/o John Waters)  bm-Archibald HEMMINGWAY; MD-Mar 11; marriage by William HUME

Mar 5 1832 (BD) William TIPPET to Susannah SANDERS; "James Sanders having sworn that Susannah is of lawful age." bm-Albert HUFFMAN; MD-8 Mar; marriage by William HUME

Mar 7 1832 (BD) Benjamin DENNIS to Martha RICHARDSON; MD-Mar 18; marriage by George GRADEN

Mar 8 1832-Robert McNEAL to Mary NICHOLS  bm-George PERRY

Mar 8 1832-John HAYS to Ann KILBREATH

Mar 8 1832-Richard OSBORN to Sally HAYS  bm-John HAYS; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Mar 8 1832-John HAYES to Ann KILBREATH  bm-Richard OSBORN; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Mar 11 1832-Ezra BENNETT to Lucy WILSON; marriage by James SIMMONS

Mar 11 1832 (BD) Thomas STEPHENS to Margaret JOHNS  bm-William JONES; MD-Mar 15; marriage by William HUME

Mar 18 1832-Ephriam SMITH to Catharine MARDIS; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

Mar 19 1832 (BD) Elmore BLACK to Rozannah ABBERCROMBY; MD-Mar 27; marriage by Rev William HUME

Mar 21 1832-Thomas I MURDOCK to Julia Ann ROSS  bm-Hanson DREW; marriage by Alex'd SENDISTON

Mar 22 1832-V V BALDWIN to Joanna LEONARD; marriage by William BURKE

Mar 22 1832-William WELLETT to Elizabeth REID  bm-John BOWEN; marriage by Joel GROVER

Mar 24 1832-Elias BRUSE to Sally TOWNSEND; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Mar 27 1832-John A MOORE to Martha COLLIER

Apr 3 1832-Conrad BIRDSELL to Jemimah SHOTTS {d/o John}  bm-David BETTICE

Apr 4 1832 (BD) William FISK to Cynthia STEPHENS  bm-William STEPHENS; MD-Apr 8; marriage by William HUME

Apr 7 1832 (BD) William H BURGESS to Elizabeth HERBERT  bm-Stacy REEVES; MD-Apr 8; marriage by Rev Edw L SOUTHGATE

Apr 15 1832-Stephen P TOLMAN to Elizabeth DANIELS  bm-Silas W EGELSTON; marriage by John G ELLIS

Apr 16 1832 (BD) William STEPHENSON to Belinda ARMSTRONG  bm-John ARMSTRONG; MD-Apr 17; marriage by William HUME

Apr 17 1832-William ORCUTT to Elizabeth SMITH  bm-Beverly DANIEL; marriage by Rev Richard TARVIN

Apr 19 1832-William GRIZZEL to Mary Ann MARDIS  bm-William MARDIS; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

Apr 23 1832-Joel BERRY to Louisa ANDERSON; "No parents or guardian living. Brother with whom she lives gives his consent"   bm-William K HALL; marriage by Rev Edw L SOUTHGATE

Apr 24 1832-Edward G BLADEN to Georgiana SETTLES (or SUTTLES)

Apr 27 1832-John A MOORE to Martha COLLIER  bm-George W DEXON; marriage by Rev Edw L SOUTHGATE

May 3 1832-James LIPSCOMB to Sary STANLEY; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

May 5 1832-John LINN to Elizabeth SARVER; marriage by Joel GROVER

May 6 1832-Silas W EGLESTON to Ellen LIGHTFOOT  bm-James LIGHTFOOT; marriage by John G ELLIS

May 7 1832-Robert AYRE to Mary Ann DOWNARD  bm-Francis T HELM; marriage book says May 6; married by Francis LANDRUM

May 8 1832-Cyrus EBY to Lyddia HUGHES  bm-Edward HUGHES; marriage by Rev Edw L SOUTHGATE

May 19 1832-J A H BEALL to Sarah L KERCHEVAL  bm-Ben D BEALL

May 21 1832 (BD) Harvey CLARK to Mary JONES  bm-John JONES; MD-May 27; marriage by George GRADEN

May 28 1832 (BD) John BOBBETT to Mariah ROSS  bm-James ROSS; MD-May 31; marriage by William HUME

June 4 1832-Zachariah STEPHENSON to Almira M FISH

June 5 1832-John LINN to Elizabeth SARVER  bm-Samuel T HUGHES

June 9 1832-Friend CHALKER to Delilah Ann GREEN (d/o Olive ABEL) Attest: J BERYMAN & John ABEL; bm-Thomas D SYNDER; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

June 13 1832-Samuel James WARE (bond is WAUGH) to Salena SANDERS; bm-John MOORE

June 14 1832-Robert SHAW to Keturah THOMPSON  bm-William T THOMPSON; marriage by William GOSNEY

June 17 1832-John ARMSTRONG to Martha Ann CONGLE  bm-William GUNN

June 17 1832-William FINCH/FRENCH to Elizabeth LEROY; marriage by Rev Edw L SOUTHGATE

June 18 1832 (BD) Joshua P FURMAN to Pheby WHITE; MD-Mar 24; marriage by Rev Edw L SOUTHGATE

June 19 1832-James WAUGH to Salina SANDERS; marriage by William ----- (page torn)

June 22 1832-Arthur BONWELL to Mary AMES; marriage by Michael ROUSE

June 24 1832-William D WATSON to Nancy HARRISON (d/o Thomas Harrison)  bm-B T MATHER; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

June 25 1832-Thomas STANSIFER to Parmelia HAMILTON  bm-Thomas T EUBANK Consent by J G Hamilton guardian for Pamelia "and by request of my mother Mary Hamilton, with whom she lives"

June 27 1832-James D ANDERSON to Mary HOLMES  bm-William B HOLMES; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

July 2 1832-Joseph CLIFT to Sarah Ann LIVELY  bm-William A BIGGS

July 3 1832 (BD) David M SCOTT to Mary AYLOR  bm-James RICE; MD-July 5; marriage by Lewis CONNER

July 3 1832 (BD) Robert FLEMMING to Harriet CAIN  bm-F T HELM; MD-July 4; marriage by William HUME

July 6 1832-Eleazer HARRIS to Hedeble GILITT  bm-Samuel PERRY

July 14 1832 (BD) William HAWKINS to Sally WARE  bm-James WARE; MD-July 15; marriage by George GRADEN

July 22 1832-Charles Henry HAYES to Mariah MONTAGUE (d/o William Montague) marriage by Josiah WHITAKER

July 23 1832-Amasa OWEN to Jane DURER  bm-Elijah OWEN

July 24 1832-Cornelius BOONE to Catherine WILICK(WORICK)  bm-Aaron ROCKINFIEL; marraige by Bartlett BENNETT

July 25 1832-Samuel SWING to Hannah GREGG  bm-Elijah OWEN

July 26 1832-Abner NEWTON to Eliza SELMAN  bm-Samuel SPENCER; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Aug 2 1832-Farnon ABBOTT to Olinda FULTON  bm-Thomas ABBOTT

Aug 7 1832-William LEONARD to Betset WILLETT  bm-Elijah OWEN

Aug 10 1832-Ralph W LINDSEY to Margaret GIBSON  bm-F T HELM

Aug 13 1832 (BD) Zedekiah TATE to Luvina LEATHERS  bm-James ELLIS; MB-Aug 14; marriage by John ARNOLD

Aug 16 1832-E B REIDER to Jane Elizabeth PERRY  bm-Robert PERRY; marriage by John ARNOLD

Aug 23 1832-William PICKETT to Nancy OSBURN  bm-Churchwell OSBORN; marriage by James SIMMONS

Aug 27 1832 (BD) Thomas C WILSON to Mary Ann LORRING  bm-Platt KENNEDY; MD-Aug 29; marriage by John ARNOLD

Sep 1 1832-Thomas STEPHENSON to Sophia NORTHCUT  bm-William STEPHENSON

Sep 3 1832 (BD) John STANLEY to Susan Ann SCOTT  bm-Eli VICKERS; MD-Sep 6; marriage by John ARNOLD

Sep 10 1832 (BD) Levi DICKEN to Martha ACKLIN  bm-Samuel ACKLIN; MD-Sep 13; marriage by William GOSNEY

Sep 10 1832-John B COOPER to Elizabeth HERDIS; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

Sep 13 1832-John THOMPSON to Margaret KINNETT  bm-William P KINNETT

Sep 13 1832-Elisha DURELL to Lucinda POWELL  bm-Orin B POWELL

Sep 14 1832-William ORENT? To Elizabeth SMITH

Sep 15 1832-John J HALL to Harriet POWELS  bm-William LEONARD

Sep 18 1832-Thomas STEPHENS to Eliza Jane MARSHALL; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

Sep 19 1832-Richard THORNTON to Hannah BEALL  bm-Joseph BROWN; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Sep 19 1832 (BD) Henry SETHMAN to Caroline REESE  bm-Lewis HELM; MD-Sep 20; marriage by George GRADEN

Sep 20 1832-Noble RICHARDSON to Malinda OSBORN  bm-Churchwell OSBORN; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

Sep 21 1832-John MYERS to Rhoda WALKER  bm-D H MORGAN

Sep 23 1832-Orvin ELMER to Irma Anna WARD  bm-Nathan BARRETT; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Sep 24 1832-George GRADEN to Matilda FORSYTHE  bm-Jonathan CARMACK

Sep 24 1832 (BD) Samuel LINDSEY to Rebecca Ann LINDSEY  bm-David LINDSEY; MB-Sep 25; marriage by Lewis CONNER

Sep 24 1832-John RICKETTS to Harriet PEEBLES  bm-Wyatt BAXTER; marriage by Bartlett BENENTT

Sep 24 1832-Edward G BLADEN to Georgia Ann___  bm-John ARNOLD

Sep 25 1832-John B COOPER to Elizabeth HERDIS  bm-John M GRANT

Sep 25 1832-Joseph ABBOTT to Elizabeth GILMAN; marriage by Thomas COLE

Sep 31 1832-William W BROWN to Kesiah BUCKLER; marriage by Edw L SOUTHGATE

Oct 2 1832-Thomas MONTAGUE to Mary Ann PRICE  bm-Nathaniel PRICE

Oct 3 1832-James DOWNEY to Rebecca McARTHUR  bm-Amos McARTHUR

Oct 7 1832-Peter JACKSON to Susan CALDWELL; marriage by George GRADEN

Oct 11 1832-Thomas MURRY to Louisiana TIBBETS  bm-Samuel HAMILTON; marriage by George GRADEN

Oct 11 1832-George PAIN to Pamelia CLARK  bm-John CALLANT

Oct 13 1832-Ellison B WILLIAMS to Betty SENOUR; marriage by J G ELLIS

Oct 17 1832-Peter YACOM to Susan CALDWELL  bm-Jonathan J COLDWELL

Oct 17 1832-William PERRY to Catherine MARSHALL  bm-George PERRY

Oct 17 1832-Luke STEPHENS to Elizabeth DEAN  bm-Abraham GUNDECKER; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Oct 18 1832-Stanton WAYMAN to Catherine YOUTSEY  bm-George YOUTSEY; marriage by J G ELLIS

Oct 20 1832-William NICHOLAS to Eliza McDANIEL

Oct 22 1832 (BD) John HOFFNER to Rozanna HESS; MD-Oct 25; marriage by William BIRKE

Oct 24 1832-John RUSK to Isabella HERNDON  bm-George C TARVIN

Oct 29 1832-Isaac DARLING to Nancy CHAPLIN; marriage by Thomas COLE

Nov 1 1832-Wentworth SACKETT to Harriet ASCHEW  bm-Joseph J RIPLEY

Nov 2 1832-Daniel BUTLER to Pamela FOWLER  bm-Isaac FOWLER; marriage by Thomas COLE

Nov 3 1832-Simon TIBBETTS to Eliza BROGAN  bm-John W TIBBETTS' marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Nov 5 1832-Noah HOUSE to Sarah ROBINSON  bm-Jethro JOINER

Nov 9 1832 (BD) James SANDERS to Susan SWETMAN  bm-William SWETMAN; MD-Nov 15; marriage by John ARNOLD

Nov 10 1832-Ambrose BRUCE to Margret MATHEWS; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Nov 13 1832-James OWENS to Sally E BRIGHT  bm-Elijah OWEN

Nov 17 1832-Abalom RIGGS to Catherine MARDIS; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

Nov 22 1832 BD) Charles RIGGS to Catherine TIMBERLAKE  bm-Philip TIMBERLAKE; MD-Nov 29; marriage by William HUME

Nov 23 1832 (BD) John TAYLOR to Sarah C GRIFFING (d/o William Griffing)  bm-John LEE; MD-Nov 25; marriage by William HUME

Nov 25 1832 (BD) Jonathan LILLEY to Elizabeth DOYAL  bm-William McGLASSON; MD-Nov 29; marriage by Michael ROUSE

Nov 26 1832 (BD) William COLDWELL to Tebitha BIRD; MD-Nov 29; marriage by William HUME

Nov 29 1832-Sanford RILEY to Agnes STEPHENS  bm-George RILEY; marriage by J G ELLIS

Dec 1 1832-James BERRY to Elizabeth WISE; marriage by Francis LANDRUM

Dec 4 1832 (BD) Franklin RIGGS to Mary HAMMETT  bm-Samuel HAMMETT; MD-Dec 6; marriage by Lewis CONNER

Dec 4 1832-William LIPSCOMB to Ann BALLENGER  bm-William PERRY

Dec 6 1832-George AFRIL to Catharine AFRIL; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Dec 10 1832 (BD) Albert HUFFMAN to Virinda SWETMAN  bm-William SWETMAN; MD-Dec 13; marriage by William HUME

Dec 13 1832-Ellison B WILLIAMS to Kitty SENIOR  bm-Wilford SENOUR

Dec 17 1832 (BD) Isaac RICHARDS to Elizabeth G GARRETT  bm-A S GARRETT; MD-Dec 20; marriage by Lewis CONNER

Dec 17 1832-James BURNETT/BENNETT to Rhoda RIDDLE  bm-Corbin PRESTON; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Dec 18 1832-John MARSHALL to Susan BALLINGER; marriage by Elam GRIZZLE

Dec 21 1832-George JOHNSON to Elizabeth WAGER  bm-Joseph RAYMAN; marriage by Thomas COLE

Dec 22 1832-Joseph ROMMEYER to Elizabeth FORSITH  bm-George GRADIN

Dec 22 1832 (BD) Squire STREETER to Sarah ABBOTT bm-Joseph ABBOTT; MD-Dec 27; marriage by James VICKERS

Dec 22 1832 (BD) Elias ROSS to Mary HUME  bm-Coleman HUMES; MD-Dec 27; marriage by William HUME

Dec 23 1832-Freeman SOFIELD to Delilah EGGLESTON  bm-Elias M EGELSTON; marriage by James SIMMONS

Dec 23 1832 (BD) Whorton McKINZEY to Belinda BYLAND  bm-Aaron BYLAND; MD-Dec 25; marriage by William HUME

Dec 25 1832-Jonas WILSON to Eliza MARTIN; marriage to Elam GRIZZLE

Dec 26 1832-George APRIL to Catharine APRIL  bm-Frederick HATSAM

Dec 27 1832-Isaac BELVILLE to Jerusha H BROWN  bm-John BROWN

Dec 31 1832-William W BROWN to Keziah BUCKLER  bm-Stephen STAPLES

Jan 1 1833-Hobert SANDERSON to Lucy Ann HERNDON  bm-John C HERNDON

Jan 2 1833-Alfred RILEY to Rachel WIGGINS  bm-David B MERRIMAN

Jan 3 1833-Samuel C EGNES to Elizabeth VANOSDOL  bm-John MOTT

Jan 4 1833-Alexander COLSHIN to Milly Jane GOSNEY  bm-Amos VANDEVER

Jan 6 1833-Fielding HARPER to Catherine PRICE  bm-Stephen PRICE; married by Joseph SIMPSON

Jan 12 1833-James RATLIFF to Frances HAMILTON (d/o Joel Hamilton)  bm-John NELSON

Jan 12 1833-Austin MORRIS to Elisa Jane NELSON (d/o Richard Nelson)  bm-John NELSON

Jan 16 1833-George PHILIPS to Mary SMITH

Jan 25 1833-Charles RICHMOND to Sarah Ann GARDNER  bm-James HELMAN

Jan 28 1833-John COX to Amelia WAYMAN  bm-Stanton WAYMAN

Jan 29 1833-Samuel TIBERGHIEN to Louisiana KILBY  bm-William D WATSON

Jan 29 1833-Hiram BRADY to Jane HUNT  bm-Thomas J UPDIKE

Jan 29 1833-Samuel REEVES to Rebecca MARSH (d/o Isaac Marsh)  bm-John COLVIN; married by William BURGESS

Jan 31 1833-Baylis GOSNEY to Martha WHITE  bm-Luther WHITE

Feb 2 1833-John CALLANT to Martha MITCHELL  bm-William MELONA

Feb 4 1833 (BD) George COX (or NOX) to Matilda JONES  bm-Leroy JONES; MD-5 Feb; married by John ARNOLD

Feb 6 1833-William STUBBS to Sally DANIEL  bm-John DANIEL; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Feb 9 1833 (BD) Joshua B BUSH to Elizabeth GRAVES  bm-Bartlett GRAVES; MD-12 Feb; married by John ARNOLD

Feb 14 1833 (BD) Jonathan REED to Elvira CASSON  bm-Ephraim CHEESMAN-Consent by Wm CASSON; MD-16 Feb; married by J G ELLIS

Feb 15 1833-John HOFFNER to Rosanna HESS

Feb 16 1833-George HANNAH to Mary McFEELEY  bm-John LEE

Feb 19 1833 (BD) Samuel McINTOSH to Rebecca CALDWELL  bm-Ebenezer CALDWELL; MD-21 Feb; married by George GRADEN

Feb 19 1833 (BD) Benjamin MORRIS to Elizabeth NEWMAN (d/o William Newman)  bm-Thomas G WAYMAN; MD-21 Feb; married by J G ELLIS

Feb 20 1833-John F ELLISON to Ann PUNCHEON  bm-Philip HOOPER

Feb 20 1833-Allen T BIGGS to Mary Ann HESS  bm-Charles BOWEN

Mar 6 1833 (BD) Clinton HIATT to Nancy B OWEN  bm-James OWEN; MD-21 Mar; married by William GOSNEY

Mar 6 1833-John CROXTON to Polly DEVENPORT; married by George GRADEN

Mar 7 1833-Philip Francis MOORE to Eliza ALVIE  bm-William PIERCE; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Mar 7 1833 (BD) Daniel C LEWIS to Jane McKNIGHT  bm-Aken A MARTIN; MD-14 Mar; married by William HUME

Mar 11 1833-Daniel B MOSBY to Mary D ARNOLD  bm-James G ARNOLD; married by Alexander DENNISTON

Mar 14 1833-Wilfred SENOUR to Sally WAYMAN  bm-Washington WAYMAN; married by John ARNOLD

Mar 18 1833-Joseph DUNN to Lucinda LIPSCOMB  bm-Benjamin DUNN Agreement to marriage by Joel & Sary LIPSCOMB

Mar 21 1833-George W ABBERCROMBIE to Martha LOVELESS  bm-James ANDERSON "Please to let George W Abercrombie have license and oblige" signed Samuel LOVELACE; married by William GOSNEY

Mar 20 1833 (BD) Jesse KILGORE to Martha BIGGS  bm-William BABBITT; MD-23 Mar; married by William HUME

Mar 22 1833-William MALONA to Indiana WATERS  bm-Caleb M RUDE

Mar 22 1833-Lemuel HADLEY son of Jonathan to Ann GEST (d/o James Gest) married by W G MacKNIGHT

Mar 25 1833-Christopher GROSSE to Rozina STOLL/STULL  bm-Frederick ROWLOFF; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Mar 30 1833-Joy WRIGHT to Laura Ann STORY  bm-Abel SHERMAN

Apr 1 1833-James VEEKERS to Sarah CALLARON  bm-Andrew SMALLEY

Apr 4 1833-James FARIER to Deborah QUAIL  bm-Bradbury MERRILL

Apr 6 1833 (BD) Ephraim SWEM to Julian Ann KENNEDY  bm-Platt KENNEDY; MD-7 Apr; married by John ARNOLD

Apr 9 1833-John LANCE to Jane ARNOLD (d/o John Arnold)  bm-Elish M ARNOLD; married by Robert KIRTLEY

Apr 10 1833-Jonathan PATMORE to Alvira MOORE  bm-Wm MOORE

Apr 15 1833-Charles BOWEN to Prudence METCALF  bm-John B GRAY

Apr 15 1833-David WATKINS to Pheby ROSE  bm-John DAVIS

Apr 20 1833 (BD) James M WILSON to Sarah B HYMER  bm-Jacob B HYMER; MD-23 Apr; married by Michael ROUSE

Apr 22 1833 (BD) James B WOOLUM to Margaret HOPPER  bm-John HOPPER; MD-23 Apr; married by William HUME

Apr 23 1833 (BD) Alexander ROUSE to Nancy EDWARDS  bm-Thomas EDWARDS; MD-25 Apr; married by Michael ROUSE

Apr 25 1833-John RUSK to Isabella MARSHALL  bm-Elijah HERNRON

Apr 25 1833-Payton OWSLEY to Axsey FOX  bm-A C JOHNSON; married by William WALTERS

Apr 25 1833-Bayless GOSNEY to Martha WHITE; married by Josiah WHITAKER

Apr 27 1833-James I KELLOGG to Mary FORBES bm-John KIRK; marriage by Bartlett BENNETT

Apr 28 1833 (BD) Jeremiah NORTHCUT Jr. to Sally HUME; MD-1 May; married by William HUME

May 2 1833-Michael SMITH to Malinda PERRY; married by John G ELLIS

May 2 1833-John HAMILTON to Mrs. Margaret TRUESDELL; married by William HUME

May 7 1833-Harvey LEWIS to Angelica LEATHERS  bm-John B CAREY

May 13 1833-Daniel CLINE to Elizabeth HARDER  bm-John K MORRIS

May 15 1833-George COLLENS to Elizabeth PATISON  bm-Jefferson PHELPS

May 16 1833-Harrison I POOR to Sarah Ann MARSHALL  bm-Peleg KIDD; married by William WALTERS

May 25 1833-Elon FRANCISCO to Eliza GRAPEVINE  bm-Daniel HALLAM

May 27 1833-Jonathan G SHORT to Mary HUSTON  bm-John BENNETT; married by Bartlett BENNETT

May 31 1833-John HAMILTON to Margaret TRUESDELL  bm-Wm McNEAL

June 2 1833-Andrew SMITH to Nancy SCHOLER  bm-Miller COREY; married by William WALTERS

June 4 1833-Soloman P SIMES to Mary B HINERT (widow)  bm-William Wright SOUTHGATE; married by Bartlett BENNETT

June 8 1833-George W ARMSTRONG to Elizabeth H GEDGE  bm-Frederick GEDGE

June 11 1833 (BD) Edwin SPILMAN to Electa RILEY (d/o Frances Riley)  bm-John RILEY; MD-13 June; married by Lewis CONNER

June 24 1833-Joseph RACER to Sarah KIMBALL  bm-John K PARKER

July 9 1833-Coleman YELTON (s/o Charles Yelton) to Amelia DUNAWAY  bm-R S DICKEN

July 9 1833-Samuel MANNING to Isabella VANLANDINGHAM  bm-William NASH; married by William WALTERS

July 9 1833-Russel SEGER to Lucy VINTON  bm-Stephen O TOLEMAN

July 12 1833-Isaac R VAN ARSDALE to Sarah ENNIS; sister of  bm-John GOLLODAY

July 12 1833-John STOCKDALE to Ruth SMITH  bm-Nathaniel L SMITH

July 17 1833 (BD) Edward E FAY to Eliza D SMALLEY  bm-F T HELM; MD-18 July; married by James DICKENS

July 18 1833 (BD) Charles RISKMAN to Sarah Ann THARP  bm-Conrad WAGGONER; MD-19 July; married by Thomas COLE

July 24 1833-Alfred ORR son of Lucy to Martha DANLEY  bm-George WHITE

July 28 1833-James NELSON to Hannah HAMES  bm-James HILL

Aug 1 1833-Hiram MARTIN to Mary POWELL  bm-James C GEDGE

Aug 1 1833-John CAMPBELL to Jemima EDWARDS (d/o Ely Edwards)  bm-John CAMPBELL & F L HELM; married by William HUME

Aug 6 1833 (BD) James WAYLAND son of Joseph to Mary STEPHENS  bm-Elijah TAYLOR; MD-8 Aug; married by William HUME

Aug 16 1833-Oliver GRAY to Jane NIVEN  bm-William MONTAGUE

Aug 19 1833 (BD) Albert WEBSTER to Nelly ACKMON  bm-Jeremiah REARDON; MD-22 Aug; married by William HUME

Aug 20 1833-Josiah PHILIPS to Ann MACKEY  bm-Bartlett BENNETT

Aug 21 1833 (BD) Henry BIGGS to Elizabeth STEPHENSON  bm-Wm STEPHENSON; MD-22 Aug; married by William HUME

Aug 23 1833-William PUKETT to Nancy OSBURN

Aug 24 1833 (BD) Benjamin HOWELL to Mary Ann SIMMONS  bm-William SIMMONS; MD-25 Aug; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Aug 26 1833-Simeon DICKEN to Eliza HERNDON  bm-Levi DICKEN

Aug 28 1833 (BD) Edward SENOUR to Kisena WELLS  bm-Richard WELLS; MD-1 Sep; married by John ARNOLD

Sep 2 1833 (BD) Silas STEPHENS to Martha GLENN (d/o James K Glenn) MD-5 Sep; married by William HUME

Sep 2 1833 (BD) Perry YELTON to Eliza THOMAS (d/o Basil Thomas)  bm-Samuel BAKER; MD-5 Sep; married by George FISHER

Sep 2 1833 (BD) William CARTY to Fanny H____  bm-F T HELM; MD-3 Sep; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Sep 3 1833-John JENNER to Nancy BAKER  bm-George W SMITH; married by William GOSNEY

Sep 9 1833-William Lee MARVIN to Darcus DAVIS  bm-Jonathan N TALIAFERRO; married by William BURKE

Sep 9 1833-Brittain B ARMSTRONG to Mariah V HARRIS  bm-George W ARMSTRONG

Sep 12 1833-Simon DICKEN to Eliza HERNDON; married by William GOSNEY

Sep 12 1833-R R WILLIAMS to Delilah LANGDON  bm-Thomas W HARRIS

Sep 16 1833-John RILEY to Mary Ann VAUGHN-consent James VAUGHN; married by Philip SPILMAN; note by minister married between Sep 16 and Sep 20

Sep 16 1833-Richard Hughes to Mary Ann FINNELY  bm-Joseph WEAVER

Sep 18 1833-Joseph ABBOTT to Elizabeth GILMAN (sister of Joseph Gilman)

Sep 25 1833-James GREGG to Nancy B CLOYD (d/o James Cloyd)  bm-John HENDERSON; married by John G ELLIS

Sep 30 1833 (BD) Emanuel TRULEGER to Susanna M CARLISLE (d/o John Carlisle)  bm-Samuel CARLISLE; MD-3 Oct; married by William HUME

Oct 1 1833-Richard WINDER to Jane ILES (d/o Thomas Iles) bm-Francis MORIN

Oct 2 1833 (BD) Alexander HORTON to Mary GRIFFING (d/o James Griffing) MD-8 Oct; married by Lewis CONNER

Oct 2 1833-Walter MORRIS to Cynthia COOK (d/o Nancy & sister of Samuel COOK) married by William SECHRIST

Oct 11 1833 (BD) C M MORGAN to Mary WIGGLESWORTH (widow); MD-16 Oct; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Oct 12 1833 (BD) Amos COLLEN to Sarah ALDRIDGE  bm-Jesse BADDERS; MD-17 Oct; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Oct 16 1833-William Frank MORIN to Martha Ann YOUNG (d/o Robert Young)  bm-George YOUNG

Oct 19 1833-Harrison CARVER to Eliza DALRYMPLE; bm-Lewis H ROSS Note-the above bond canceled

Oct 26 1833-Jacob PRITCHETT to Margaret KNOTTS  bm-John LEE

Oct 28 1833 (BD) Jeremiah WHITE to Jane SHAW (sister of Edward Shaw) MD-30 Oct; married by George GRADEN

Oct 29 1833-Isaac DARLING to Nancy CHAPLIN  bm-F T HELM

Nov 4 1833-John WARE to Rhoda FRACHWELL; married by George GRADEN

Nov 8 1833 (BD) Willaim ADAMS to Hannah REED  bm-Henry HILHOUSE; MD-10 Nov; married by Joseph MARCEE

Nov 8 1833-Daniel MULLIER to Susan PERRY  bm-F T HELM

Nov 11 1833-John WARE to Rhoda TRACHWELL  bm-Watson H REES

Nov 11 1833 (BD) George FISK to Betsey McKINSEY (d/o William McKinsey Sr.)  bm-Adam McKINSEY; MD-17 Nov; married by William HUME

Nov 16 1833-Martin F KENNETT to Mary BRAZIER  bm-James BRIDWELL

Nov 18 1833-John STEPHENS to Susan SMITH (d/o Jane Smith)  bm-Enoch STEPHENS; married by George GRADEN

Nov 22 1833-James STEPHENS to Mary BAGBY (d/o William Bagby)

Nov 23 1833-Robert E PEEBLES to Eliza DERR  bm- Sebastian DERR-Attest Catharine DERR

Nov 24 1833-John LEWIS to Margaret FREDENBURGH  bm-Isaac FRIDENBURG

Nov 25 1833-Thomas MARCHBANK to Bethia HUGHES  bm-John HARRISON; married by Joseph MINSER

Nov 25 1833-Robert E PEEBLES to Eliza DERR  bm-John CARLISLE

Nov 26 1833 (BD) Samuel M TENNIS to Eliza KENNEDY  bm-John KRAUT; MD-28 Nov; married by Philip SPILMAN

Nov 26 1833-William RARDIN to Ruth TODD; married by William GOSNEY

Nov 28 1833-Benjamin McCAVE to Mary GATES  bm-S W J McMASTRES

Dec 2 1833 (BD) David RUST to Elizabeth CLARKE  bm-John TRAIL; MD-3 Dec; married by James SIMMONS

Dec 3 1833-James STEPHENS to Mary BAGBY; married by William HUME

Dec 12 1833-John T LATTICE to Harriet WHITEHEAD  bm-John McKOY; married by Joseph MARCEE

Dec 13 1833- (BD) Parker MORRIS to Louisa STEPHENS  bm-Joseph STEPHENS; MD-19 Dec; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Dec 16 1833-Joel SIMMONS to Nancy TOWNSEND (stepdaughter of  Ambrose BROSE)

Dec 16 1833 (BD) Benjamin S HUME to Margaret RICH (d/o Samuel Rich) MD-24 Dec; married by Philip SPILMAN

Dec 18 1833-James COONS to Nancy KETTS  bm-David HARRIS

Dec 24 1833-John LEWIS to Margaret FREDENBURGT; married by John G ELLIS

Dec 28 1833-John BACON to Martha Ann CROSLIN (d/o Benjamin Croslin)

Dec 30 1833 (BD) William MOORE to Mary S SANDERS  bm-B W FOLEY; MD-31 Dec; married by Joseph MARSIE

Jan 1 1834-John HOWE to Ann BUCKLEY  bm-Thomas MARCHBANK; married by Joseph MARSEE

Jan 2 1834-Dr William D HOLTZ to Harriet C KELLEY (d/o James S Kelley) married by Joseph MARSEE

Jan 5 1834-Alexander CLOSPER to Milla Jane GOSNEY; married by William GOSNEY

Jan 13 1834 (BD) Meredith H HERBERT (s/o Thomas Herbert) to Esther NELSON; MD-21 Jan; married by William H BURGESS

Jan 28 1834 (BD) Richard HIGHTOWER to Mary MUIRHEAD  bm-Daniel MUIRHEAD; MD-4 Feb; married by William HUME

Jan 29 1834-John B MAXWELL to Almira WIRL  bm-William HAWLEY

Jan 29 1834-William EDMONS to Nancy OLIVER  bm-Daniel SANDERS

Feb 1 1834 (BD) Thomas PILART to Jemimah C HILL  bm-Thomas I KENNARD; MD-6 Feb; married by Joseph MARSEE

Feb 1 1834 (BD) Nathaniel GUNNELL to Elizabeth COLEMAN  bm-T J HORDEM; MD-6 Feb; married by William QUINN

Feb 6 1834-William Joseph MARSEE to Rebecca LINDSEY (d/o John B Lindsey)

Feb 7 1834 (BD) Thomas CURRENT to Margaret SAYERS (d/o Samuel Sayers)  bm-Henry SAYERS; MD-13 Feb; married by William HUME

Feb 8 1834 (BD) Selmon ABBOT to Sally BYRD  bm-Foster BYRD; MD-21 Feb; married by William GOSNEY

Feb 10 1834 (BD) Patrioilous OWENS to Elizabeth SOPHIELD  bm-Alfred PICKET; MD-13 Mar; married by James SIMMONS

Feb 13 1834-James CALVERT to Pamelia SMITH  bm-David B SMITH

Feb 15 1834 (BD) John B WILLIAMS to Mary WEST  bm-Wesley WILLIAMS; MD-27 Feb; married by William HUME

Feb 26 1834-John CROXTON to Polly DEVENPORT  bm-Marmaduke DAVENPORT

Feb 28 1834-William MIDDLETON to Susan HARID?  bm-William THOMPSON

Mar 2 1834-Thadeus B NAYLOR to Mary Ann SIMONS  bm-Jerry STEPHENS; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Mar 4 1834 (BD) Elisha JARREL to Julia Ann PAYNE  bm-John C PAYNE; MD-6 Mar; married by Philip SPILMAN

Mar 6 1834-John J CLARKE to Julia Ann SMITH  bm-John LEE "This license was returned the parties were not married. Clarke being a soldier and the officer commanding having prohibited the marriage." Jonathan N Taliafferro

Mar 8 1834-Henry H MULLER to Elizabeth BARKLEY; married by Joseph MARCEE

Mar 14 1834-Joseph COLLINS to Margaret HENDERSON  bm-Wm MILTON

Mar 17 1834 (BD) Stephen BRITTENHAM to Susan PEARSON  bm-James BARTON; MD-19 Mar; married by William SECHRIST

Mar 22 1834 (BD) Simeon A McDANIEL to Martha RENDER  bm-Robert PEARSON; MD-27 Mar; married by Lewis CONNER

Mar 22 1834 (BD) David HERTZO to Margaret SPENCER  bm-Allen CHAMBLY; MD-24 Mar; married by Joseph MARSEE

Mar 24 1834 (BD) David BRUSON to Elizabeth JACKSON  bm-Abraham BLUMER; MD-25 Mar; married by James VICKERS

Mar 29 1834 (BD) Thomas G WAYMAN to Mary KELLEY bm-Benjamin MORRIS; MD-31 Mar; married by James SIMMONS

Apr 1 1834-Alfred F WAYLAND (s/o Joseph Wayland) to Frances STEPHENS (d/o Sarah Stephens)

Apr 2 1834 (BD) William ROGERS to Mary REESE  bm-Henry SETHMAN; MD-3 Apr; marriage by George GRADEN

Apr 5 1834-George W ECKEL to Drucilla M PEEBLES {d/o Sara Hannah} Attest Robert E PEEBLES & James VARNER

Apr 5 1834-Richard MANN to Eliza ADAMS dau of Ann HUVER?  bm-Elijah TAYLOR

Apr 7 1834-William FOSSET to Charlotte BAYNUM dau of James  bm-Josiah BAYNUM

Apr 8 1834-Milton S TARVIN to Mary Ann TRUSDELL  bm-James BARTLOW

Apr 9 1834 (BD) James PERRY to Lutha Ann LEONARD  bm-Thomas N LINDSEY; MD-11 Apr; marriage by William H BURGESS

Apr 9 1834 (BD) William FOSSETT to Charlotte BAYNUM  bm-Richard FOSSETT; MD-17 Apr; married by George FISHER

Apr 9 1834-Fountain BROWN to Phebe PARKER  bm-Joseph PARKER

Apr 11 1834-Hiram KRAFANKROMP to Margaret FARMER  bm-James WINSTON

Apr 14 1834-Martin F KENNET to Mary BRARIN; married by Alin KYES

Apr 15 1834-George COTTENTON to Amey Ann WAIT  bm-Joseph MORSE

Apr 18 1834 (BD) James NELSON to Margaret CLINKINBEARD (d/o John Clinkenbeard)  bm-George FISHER; MD-25 Apr; married by George FISHER

Apr 19 1834-Richard COBON to Ann MORGAN (sister of Mrs. Rebecca Rowland, parents dead)  bm-Josiah LEWIS; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Apr 19 1834-James D ANDERSON to Mrs. Mary COONES  bm-Isaac WILSON; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Apr 19 1834-Jesse MANGUM to Mary Ann WINANS (sister of bm-Andrew S WINANS)

Apr 22 1834 (BD) Aaron BYLAND to Eliza NORTHCUTT (d/o bm-Jeremiah NORTHCUTT) MD-29 Apr; married by William HUME

Apr 24 1834-James NELSON to Margaret CLINKENBEARD  bm-John LEE

May -- 1834-John SPAULDING to Jane STUBBS; married by Bartlett BENNETT

May 1 1834-John MORROW to Susanah DUNLAP  bm-H T HARRIS; married by James DICKENS

May 2 1834-Sampson KANADAY to Betsey LAYAN  bm-David S SPEAR; married by Joseph MARSEE

May 3 1834 (BD) William JEFFRIES to Patsey MOREHOUSE  bm-Thomas G TUPMAN "She is a niece of Joseph Messiker and has lived in my family several years her parents dead." Signed Christopher BLACKHERD; MD-4 May; marriage by John ARNOLD

May 3 1834-Jeha SMITH to Elizabeth GRIFFING  bm-Jeremiah GRIFFING

May 3 1834-Levie BALDACK to Margaret UPSON  bm-Absalom PLUNKET; married by William QUINN

May 3 1834-Milton L TARVIN to Mary Ann TRUESDELL  bm-Guardian John TRUESDELL

May 8 1834-Jacob MEFFORD to Mrs. Sarah Jane FISHER  bm-William GRIFFING

May 11 1834-Isaac STUBBS to Catharine DISTHELSWAG

May 17 1834 (BD) Elijah WILLIAMS to Julia Ann WEST (d/o Ann West)  bm-T L ROBBINS; MD-22 May; marriage by William HUME

May 17 1834-John KING to Elizabeth MARTIN (d/o Sarah Martin)  bm-Peter DAVIDSON

May 19 1834 (BD) Chas Elias HUFMAN to Mariah RICE (d/o Martha Ann Rice) Attest A BONWITT " Willis Hoffman swears that father of Mariah Rice is dead" MD-25 May; marriage by Philip SPILMAN

May 234 1834-John SMITH to Elizabeth GRIFFING; marriage by John ARNOLD

May 24 1834-David HARRIS to Lucinda REEDER  bm-James COONS

May 26 1834-Jesse MANGUM to Mary Ann WINARD; married by John G ELLIS

May 27 1834 (BD) William McKINSEY to Lucy MANN  bm-Henry MALADA MD-29 May; marriage by William HUME

May 28 1834 (BD) William B ROSS to Martha H LEWIS  bm-L H RUGG; MD-29 May; marriage by Joseph MARSEE

June 2 1834-John S NILES to Susannah HAWKINS  bm-William C HAWKINS; married by Josiah WHITAKER

June 2 1834 (BD) Ambrose BRUSE to Frances COST  bm-Daniel COST/CORT; MD-3 June; married by Joseph MARSEE

June 3 1834-John APPLE to Rachael McCORMACK  bm-William R SCRUGGS; married by Bartlett BENNETT (minister put marriage date down as June 1)

June 9 1834 (BD) Jesse HOLDER to Jane ACKMAN  bm-William ACKMAN; MD-12 June; married by William HUME

June 14 1834 (BD) Reuben S BRISTOW to Statia STEPHENS  bm-Leonard STEPHENS; MD-17 July; married by John G ELLIS

June 16 1834-Foster BYRD to Margaret T GOSNEY (sister of bm-William G GOSNEY)

June 22 1834-Theodore LANE to Clarissa ADAMS  bm-James SIMSON; marriage by Joseph MARSEE

June 26 1834-Abram VAN CAMP to Eleanor SHARP  bm-Robert MARTIN; marriage by Joseph MARSEE (minister put marriage date as June 24)

June 27 1834 (BD) John H HOOPER to Susan RUST  bm-William COOPER; MD-1 July; married by George GRADEN

June 27 1834 (BD) William R CLARK to Esther JONES (d/o Thomas Jones) MD-29 June; married by George GRADEN

July 8 1834-Thomas ECKERT to Matilda SMITH  bm-Arthur CONNOLY

July 13 1834-Charles CLIFTON to Elizabeth HEST  bm-Andrew DILLON

July 14 1834 (BD) Francis TILEY to Betsey D MAGRUDER  bm-William H LACY; MD-17 July; married by Joseph WHITAKER

July 20 1834-William WYER to Harriet SEABROOK  bm-Edmund R KENNEDY; married by Joseph MARSEE

July 20 1834-Thomas J LIMBER to Esther CADICK  bm-John LEE

July 25 1834 (BD) Alfred ORR to Martha DONLEY  bm-Robert B CLARK; MD-27 July; married by James VICKERS

July 30 1834-Elisha WILLIAMS to America MARKBERY  bm-John CHIPMAN

Aug 1 1834-Joseph S AUSTIN to Eliza TALIAFERRO  bm-H T HARRIS

Aug 2 1834-Wesley JONES to Eliza THOMPSON  bm-Joseph STROWDER

Aug 5 1834 (BD) Miles MARQUES to Mahala B DENISON (d/o George Denison)  bm-Montague F McCLURE; MD-7 Aug; married by Lewis MOORE

Aug 5 1834 (BD) Marcus BRIDWELL to Mrs. Jane HARRIS  bm-Martin PHINNEY; MD-7 Aug; married by William HUME

Aug 9 1834-James T BAKER to Eliza MOREHEAD (step d/o Joseph DICKS)

Aug 9 1834-Thomas WILLIAMS to Janette STARKY (d/o William Starky)  bm-Jesse STARKY

Aug 11 1834 (BD) Jesse KILGORE to Angeline BEONA  bm-William BEALS; MD-14 Aug; married by William HUME

Aug 11 1834 (BD) Archibald HILL to Harriet TIMBERLAKE (d/o Philip Timberlake)  bm-Joel TIMBERLAKE; MD-14 Aug; married by William HUME

Aug 12 1834-Patrick H MASON to Elizabeth MILLER  bm-Edward CARR

Aug 14 1834 (BD) William LOVELESS to Delpha CROXTON  bm-Varson DANIEL Jr. MD-21 Aug; married by William DOVIELL

Aug 14 1834 (BD) Jacob B SCROGIN to Maria LINDSEY  bm-Thomas N LINDSEY; MD-16 Aug; married by Joseph MARSEE

Aug 14 1834-Uriah TARVIN to Jane A LONG (granddaughter of William Bowling) married by Joseph MARSEE 

Aug 16 1834-Charles FAULKNER to Abigail HOLBROOK bm-Joshua CRAWFORD; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Aug 18 1834-Frederick MORGAN to Louisa Ann MARTIN  bm-Samuel PEARCE

Aug 18 1834-Martin CASEY to Mary BAXTER; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Aug 20 1834-William C PRITCHARD to Margaret CROUTCH; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Aug 22 1834-Isaac CARMICHAEL to Susannah MATER  bm-H T HARRIS

Aug 22 1834 (BD) James W COLLINS to Eliza BRADLEY  bm-John DOXON; married by Joseph MARSEE

Aug 27 1834-Lindon RICHARDSON to Mrs. Rosannah TAYLOR  bm-John LEE; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Sep 1 1834 (BD) John D LOVELL to Ellen HAMMETT (d/o William Hammett)  bm-Samuel HAMMETT; MD-4 Sep; married by Philip SPILMAN

Sep 9 1834 (BD) Enoch STEPHENS to Martha HAWKINS (d/o William S Hawkins)  bm-Benjamin CLIFF; MD-11 Sep; married by William GOSNEY

Sep 10 1834-Isaiah PEAK to Emaline GUY (d/o Marian Guy)  bm-Thomas FARMER; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Sep 12 1834-Hiram KLETTE to Jamima CAIN bm-Reuben McDONALD

Sep 12 1834-George NOURSE to Caroline BULLEN  bm-John F GOODARD

Sep 16 1834-Capt Nathaniel WINN to Areminty GRAVES (d/o B Graves)

Sep 19 1834-Covington NELSON to Mary McNELLY  bm-John LEE

Sep 24 1834-James MARSH to Lydia WILLIAMSON-consent by Mary WILLIAMSON  bm-Samuel RICHARDSON

Oct 1 1834 (BD) Benjamin T ANDERSON to Juliann SHAW (sister of bm-Edward SHAW) MD-11 Oct; married by William GOSNEY

Oct 4 1834-John H BARLOW to Eliza CLARKE  bm-Wyatt BAXTER; married by Bartlett BENNETT

Oct 13 1834 (BD) Cary ALLEN to Charlotte CLEVELAND  bm-James CLEVELAND; MD-16 Oct; married by Lewis CONNER

Oct 14 1834-Joseph RYAN to Elizabeth PRATT  bm-Richard SMITH

Oct 15 1834-James S PUTNAM to Susan ABBOTT {d/o John}

Oct 15 1834 (BD) William FLEMMING to Polly COLEMAN  bm-Samuel McCOLLUM; MD-23 Oct; married by William HUME

Oct 17 1834 (BD) Nathaniel WINN to Araminta D GRAVES  bm-George A WINN; MD-19 Oct; married by Lewis CONNER

Oct 20 1834-Josiah M BROOKBANK to Eliza Jane THOMAS  bm-Joseph H MARSHALL; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Oct 21 1834-Loyal FAIRMAN to Flora I BRYCE  bm-John BRYCE

Oct 23 1834 (BD) John HARRIS to Polly PRICE  bm-Stephen PRICE; MD-30 Oct; married by Henry KING

Oct 24 1834-James MARSH to Lydia WILLIAMSON; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Oct 25 1834-William LANGSDALE to Milly PAYNE  bm-Thomas BRUNTON

Oct 25 1834-John CALLAHAN to Amanda WEAVER  bm-John DOXON; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Oct 28 1834 (BD) William E ROBINSON to Gertrude C ARNOLD  bm-John R STEWART; MD-31 Oct; married by William PHILIPS

Oct 28 1834 (BD) John CAIN to Elizabeth SPILMAN (d/o Philip Spilman) consent and bond by Charles F and Thomas H SPILMAN; MD-30 Oct; married by William HUME

Oct 29 1834 (BD) Jacob D DICKENSON to Ann COLLINS (d/o Zadock Collins)  bm-John F GODDARD; MD-4 Nov; married by William PHILIPS

Nov 1 1834-James CRAIG to Nancy STUART  bm-Thomas STUART

Nov 3 1834-Valentine KINNER? to Mary Ann SWITZER  bm-Anthony K_____

Nov 8 1834 (BD) P ROCKENFIELD to Elizabeth MASSEY  bm-Harvey LEWIS; MD-9 Nov; married by William PHILIPS

Nov 8 1834-Nathaniel HAMILTON to Anna SEWARD  bm-John LEE; married by William PHILIPS

Nov 12 1834 (BD) Thomas STUBBS to Susan HAY  bm-Joseph FARRER; MD-13 Nov; married by William PHILIPS

Nov 15 1834-James M YOUNG to Janette Margaret CARNEY (d/of D L CARNEY of Beallmont)  bm-William H CARNEY

Nov 17 1834-William CLEVELAND to Henrietta SCOTT (d/o Chasteen Scott)

Nov 18 1834-George P CLEVELAND to Henrietta E SCOTT  bm-Edward F FOWLER

Nov 18 1834 (BD) George SCALES to Eliza MARSHALL (d/o James Marshall) MD-19 Nov; married by Michael ROUSE

Nov 18 1834-Andrew D SMALLEY to Agnes CALDWELL

Nov 20 1834-Stephen MARDIS to Ann A RIGGS; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Nov 25 1834 (BD) Hezekiah J PICKETT to Mary Ann GREEN  bm-Thomas LANCASTER; MD-27 Nov; married by James SIMMONS

Nov 28 1834-Robert E PEOPLES to Eliza DERR; married by Alin KYES

Dec 8 1834 (BD) George MORGAN to Agness WILLSON  bm-John NORTHCUT; MD-11 Dec; married by William HUME

Dec 15 1834 (BD) William GLINN to Elizabeth H NORTHCUT (d/o William B Northcut) MD-25 Dec; married by William HUME

Dec 16 1834 (BD) John D EVANS to Elizabeth BROWN  bm-William STRAUGHAN; MD-18 Dec; married by George GRADEN

Dec 20 1834-John S SCRIBNER to Rebecca PAYNE (d/o John C Payne)

Dec 22 1834-John BEAGLE to Eliza H BEALL  bm-Harrison YOUNG

Dec 22 1834-Peyton REDDICK to Elizabeth CALDWELL  bm-John M GRANT

Dec 24 1834-George SMITH to Roda TENNER; married by William GOSNEY

Dec 25 1834-Henry FAGAN to Letta CHANDLER  bm-John Lee; married by James VICKERS

Dec 25 1834-Ira ROOT to Sarah Ann PERRY  bm-John N TALIAFERRO

Dec 25 1834-George M JOHNSON to Harriet GLOVER; married by Lewis CONNER

Dec 27 1834-Joseph McKAY to Sarah COFFIN

Dec 28 1834-John BAYCON to Martha Ann CROSBY; married by James VICKERS

Dec 29 1834-Sylvester D C EDWARDS to Elizabeth Ann HOWELL

Dec 30 1834-Lt D P WHITING to Indiana B SANFORD (d/o Alfred Sanford) married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

1834-_____MARQUES to Mahala B DENISON (d/o George Denison)

1834-David HERTZOG to Margarett SPENSER (d/o of Eliza Spenser)

Jan 1 1834-Peyton REDICK to Elizabeth CALDWELL; married by James SIMMONS

Jan 1 1835-Washington HOPPINGS to Celia COOPER

Jan 5 1835-Alexander CHOLSHER to Mella Jane GOSNEY

Jan 6 1835-Isaac N GORE to Lucy TODD  bm-Joseph TODD; married by William PHILLIPS

Jan 6 1835-Jeremiah RUDICILL to Sarah CALLANT  bm-John BERRY

Jan 8 1835-George MEFFORD to Hannah E DAVIS (d/o Rebecca Davis)  bm-Thomas F DAVIS; married by William PHILLIPS

Jan 10 1835 (BD) William COLVIN to Mary W BAKER (d/o Samuel Baker)  bm-Isaiah T HAYMAN; MD-20 Jan; married by Thos HALL

Jan 13 1835-William G LYONS to Elizabeth HARKNESS  bm-John W CLAYTON; married by J G ARNOLD

Jan 14 1835-William CHANDLER to Lydia HARDIN  bm-John HARDIN; married by William BURKE

Jan 17 1835-Levy HANLY to Sally HALL  bm-John HALL

Jan 19 1835-Robert MARTIN to Susan SMITH  bm-Samuel FITZGERALD; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Jan 22 1835 (BD) James ACMAN to Polly BADDERS  bm-Jesse BADDERS; MD-27 Jan; married by William HUME

Jan 27 1835 (BD) Jefferson Y HALL to Nancy RUST  bm-John RUST; MD-29 Jan; married by John ARNOLD

Jan 31 1835-Thomas GILMAN to Eliza YEBATTS?TEBBATS; married by James VICKERS

Feb 6 1835 (BD) Richard RICHARDSON to Mary C HALL  bm-Thomas HALL; MD-7 Feb; married by George GRADEN

Feb 12 1835-James J BIGGS to Margaret Ann SHARPE (d/o Jane Sharpe)  bm-J C TAYLOR; married by George GRADEN

Feb 12 1835-William FRAZER to Mary Ann BIRDWHISTLE  bm-James FRAZER; married by George GRADEN

Feb 20 1835-Selmon ABBET to Sary BUARD?

Feb 20 1835-William McANELLY to Margaret COLBERT  bm-Basil YOUNG

Feb 23 1835-William IDLER to Hannah ADAMS (widow of William Adams of Covington)  bm-John ASBROOK

Feb 28 1835-J N POWELL to Janette BOYL  bm-William SCHOLES

Mar 7 1835-Leroy TOMLINSEN to Mary HILLHOUSE; married by H J PERRY

Mar 13 1835-James MOORE to Emiliza ROYCE  bm-Aaron PARKER

Mar 13 1835-Benjamin EVANS to Mary Ann JONES  bm-W H LACEY

Mar 16 1835-Michael ROUSE to Lucinda GREER  bm-Charles DANIEL; married by William PHILLIPS

Mar 17 1835-Joseph JOHNSON to Sarah INGRAM (bond says DUGAN)  bm-Peter G RUNYAN; marriage record says DUGAN; married by John ARNOLD

Mar 20 1835 (BD) Asa KLETTE to Elizabeth LIPSCOMB (d/o bm-George Lipscomb) MD-2 Apr; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Mar 28 1835-George M SCRUGGS to Margaret ENNIS  bm-John LEE; married by William PHILLIPS

Apr 2 1835-Charles H WILMOT to Mary NEAL  bm-James McARTHUR; married by William PHILLIPS

Apr 4 1835-Peter SHIRES to Ann McCAIN  bm-William NICHOLS

Apr 5 1835-Josiah PATTERSON to Mrs Abigail GINN  bm-David B MANGRUM; married by John G ELLIS

Apr 12 1835-William A THOMPSON to Barbara CRAMER  bm-Richard ASHCRAFT

Apr 15 1835-Edward L SOUTHGATE to Ann Maria DOZIER guardian Nancy MONTAGUE

Apr 17 1835-Henry MITCHEL to Sarah SMITH (widow)  bm-John LEE; married by William PHILLIPS

Apr 21 1835 (BD) Joseph CAIN to Elizabeth RILEY (d/o Thomas Riley) MD-23 Apr; married by John ARNOLD

Apr 21 1835-William B FLEMING to Mary VICKERS (d/o James Vickers) married by George GRADEN

Apr 22 1835-Philip RUTHERFORD to Lucinda MANGUM  bm-Alex SHAW

Apr 29 1835-Thomas T DAVIS to Maria L DAVIS  bm-William MEFFORD Consent of Rebecca Davis-Maria's parents dead; married by William PHILLIPS

Apr 29 1835-William DIX to Catharine TRUESDELL  bm-William M NEWMAN

May 12 1835-Thomas P MYRICK to Sarah SMITH  bm-Isaac BRUCE; married by William PHILLIPS

May 12 1835-William CRUTCHFIELD to Frances HUDSON  bm-Jonathan HUDELSON

May 14 1835-James H WINSTON to Eliza Ann MARTIN  bm-Edward SOUTHGATE; married by William PHILLIPS

May 16 1835 (BD) Harrison BATES to Amanda MARSH  bm-John TALIAFERRO; MD-21 May; married by James VICKERS

May 18 1835-D D MAYO to Harriet M DOUGHTY  bm-John BENNETT; married by William PHILLIPS

June 1 1835-Joseph McCAY to Sarah COFFIN; married by Lewis CONNER

June 3 1835-Cassius B SANFORD to Frances S LEATHERS  bm-James SOUTHGATE; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

June 9 1835-Lewis ELDER to Amanda WILLIAMS  bm-John SKIRVIN; married by William PHILLIPS

June 11 1835 (BD) William JONES to Malinda STEPHENS  bm-John McCOLLUM; MD-14 June; married by William HUME

June 16 1835-Jacob STEPHENS to Susan CLARKE  bm-James WHITE; married by George GRADEN

June 16 1835-Nehemiah HIGBY to Lydia BAILEY  bm-John LEE; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

June 17 1835-George W BRADSHAW to Elizabeth RICH (d/o Allen Rich) bm-Allen RICH

June 22 1835 (BD) Edward LYON to Martha M LANSTON  bm-Benjamin EASTER; MD-25 June; married by William PHILLIPS

June 23 1835-Alfred DAYAL to Ann KIRKPATRICK; married by George FISHER

June 24 1835-Joseph H MARSHALL to Rachel ADAMS (d/o James Adams) bd-James ADAMS; married by John BRYER

June 25 1835-William ABBOTT to Mary Ann WILLISON (d/o James Willison) bm-James WILLISON; married by George GRADEN

June 28 1835-Bennett McDONNOLD to Mary G STEPHENSON (d/o Robert Stephenson) bm-Robert STEPHENSON; married by William PHILLIPS

July 10 1835-Thomas HERBERT to Frances BATTLES  bm-William SPALDEN

July 15 1835-William MARTIN to Dulcemia BOWEN  bm-James BOWEN

July 17 1835-William MUNDAY to Mary McQUEAD  bm-Samuel WOOD

July 19 1835-Edwin WILLIAMS to Frances LANCASTER  bm-John HARRISON John Harrison son-in-law of Reuben LANCASTER and stated her parents gave consent; married by Elisha SIMMONS

July 20 1835 (BD) William R ALLEGRAS to Drissilla HUME (d/o William Hume)  bm-James McKENZIE; MD-23 July; married by Philip SPILMAN

July 24 1835-Lewis WHITE to Elizabeth SHAFFER  bm-John HILL

July 29 1835-D McDONALD to Mary B HARDIN  bm-Archilus CRAIG

July 30 1835-Peter BELL to Ellen A WARD  bm-H T HARRIS; married by Bartlett BENNETT

July 30 1835-Newman HOOD to Mary BURKETT  bm-William MEADY

Aug 2 1835-George GRAY to Mary Ann PEAK (daughter-in-law of Thomas Farmer); married by Bartlett BENNETT

Aug 3 1835 (BD) Michael J ROUSE to Amanda F E DANIEL (d/o Garard Daniel) MD-5 Aug; married by George FISHER

Aug 10 1835-Jeremiah MARSH to Mary HARPER  bm-John LEE

Aug 15 1835-Charles A BAGBY to Martha L CARLISLE (d/o John Carlisle)  bm-William HUME

Aug 16 1835-Hezekiah KYLE to Nancy REED consent signed by Ellen REED  bm-William MUSLEMAN; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Aug 17 1835 (BD) Robert VICKERS to Letty WARE  bm-William WARE; MD-21 Aug; married by James VICKERS

Aug 17 1835-William WARE to Frances CHERRY (d/o Nichols Cherry)  bm-Robert VICKERS

Aug 20 1835-Reuben McCARTY to Tabitha V KLETTE  bm-Jonathan TALIAFERRO

Aug 20 1835-William WARE to Frances CHERRY; married by James VICKERS

Aug 23 1835-Robert SMITH to Jane V RACHFORD  bm-B D BEALL; married by George GRADEN

Aug 25 1835-William TUCKER-widower to Elizabeth LILLY (widow)  bm-Bennett CROOK; married by Lockey LANCASTER

Aug 27 1835-Charles SMITH to Elizabeth SHORTEN  bm-Peter SHORTEN

Sep 1 1835 (BD) William M YAGER to Catharine GOLD?GALA (on marriage return)  bm-John LEWIS; MD-13 Sep; married by Lewis CONNER

Sep 2 1835-Tom THOMAS to Sarah BAKER

Sep 3 1835-Samuel D MURRY to Frances RIDGES (d/o Frances Ridges)  bm-John LITTLE; married by John ARNOLD

Sep 6 1835-Elon FRANCISCO to Sarah Ann YATES  bm-James FRANCISCO; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Sep 11 1835-Enoch LEVENS to Martha HAWKINS

Sep 13 1835-James SPALDON to Polly DILCE  bm-George W FORESTER

Sep 15 1835-Stafford B SMITH to Elizabeth HUFFMAN  bm-F A MILLER; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Sep 16 1835-Thomas W BIGGS to Catharine W LAUTHER  bm-J C TAYLOR

Sep 17 1835-William STRAWN to Anna EVANS  bm-John D EVANS; married by George GRADEN

Sep 19 1835 (BD) James THOMAS to Sarah BAKER (d/o Nicholas Baker) bm-Squire BAKER; MD-24 Sep; married by William GOSNEY

 Sep 21 1835 (BD) Thompson HUFFMAN to Mary FARRELL (d/o James Farrell)  bm-William JANILE; MD-24 Sep; married by John G ELLIS

Sep 24 1835-William DONALDSON to Ann MILES (d/o Ann Miles)  bm-David SCOLERS

Sep 24 1835-Harrison SMITH to Emmaline GOSNEY (d/o Benjamin Gosney) bm-Charles DANIELS; married by William GOSNEY


Oct 3 1835-Daniel R HUFFMAN to Nancy SHOTWELL (d/o Nancy Moore)  bm-Jeremy GRIFFING

Oct 3 1835-Benjamin ANDERSON to Juliann SHAW

Oct 10 1835-Henry THOMAS to Mary TAYLOR (widow)  bm-John DOXON; married by John G ELLIS

Oct 10 1835-John CALDWELL to Leatia DODD  bm-Taylor FARRAR

Oct 10 1835-Benjamin C CONKLIN to Muranda B TRITT  bm-Philander BASSET

Oct 12 1835-Henry KELLER to Hannah AREHART  bm-F A MILLER

Oct 14 1835 (BD) John H MORGAN to Nancy B HYMEN; MD-15 Oct; married by Philip SPILMAN

Oct 14 1835 (BD) Edward SIMONS to Elizabeth JONES (d/o William Jones)  bm-John H MORGAN; MD-29 Oct; married by William HUME

Oct 19 1835-Hugh McBRIDE to Sally KELSEY  bm-Joseph KERR

Oct 20 1835 (BD) William HOWARD to Ruth DOYLE  bm-John EVANS; MD-28 Oct; married by John ARNOLD

Oct 22 1835-John THATCHER to Margaret SPILMAN  bm-H E SPILMAN; married by George GRADEN

Oct 26 1835 (BD) W S McKOY to Martha STEPHENS bm-Joseph STEPHENS; MD-27 Oct; married by Michael ROUSE

Oct 27 1835 (BD) William DYE to Sarah STEPHENSON  bm-Thomas C MILES; MD-29 Oct; married by Wm H BURGESS

Oct 29 1835-Henry REED to Mary S READ  bm-S CROELL

Oct 29 1835-J O MERCER to Mary BEALL  bm-John MERCER

Nov 2 1835 (BD) William MARDIS to Susan BIRDWELL  bm-William STANLEY; MD-5 Nov; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Nov 5 1835-William STANLEY to Elizabeth BEASLEY  bm-William MARDIS; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Nov 7 1835 (BD) David RAGAN to Nancy JONES (d/o William Jones)  bm-John HARRIS; MD-12 Nov; married by William HUME

Nov 7 1835-Leroy C TOMINSON to Mary HILLHOUSE {d/o Henry}  bm-Daniel CREMER

Nov 16 1835-John J CLARK to Nancy RICHARDS  bm-E BENNETT " John, a musician in the Army of the U.S. permission signed by Alex V Thompson, Newport Barracks"

Nov 19 1835-Thomas L BRUCE to Martha LAWRENCE  bm-Benjamin EGELSTON; married by John G ELLIS

Nov 22 1835-Amos KEARL to Martha BOSS  bm-John SIMMERMAN; married by H J PERRY

Nov 23 1835 (BD) Henry BIRD (s/o Francis Bird) to Mary CRAM  bm-Francis CRAM; MD-29 Nov; married by William HUME

Nov 26 1835-Zachariah HEDGER to Mrs. Nancy B LINDSEY  bm-Benjamin CARNEY

Nov 26 1835-John HART to Ruth Ann ARMSTRONG  bm-George W ARMSTRONG; married H J PERRY

Nov 30 1835 (BD) Coleman WEBSTER to Maranda MORRIS (d/o Moses C Morris)  bm-Samuel COOK; MD-3 Dec; married by William HUME

Dec 3 1835-Samuel WHARE to Amanda YOUNG (d/o Jane Young)  bm-John VANDUSEN; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Dec 5 1835 (BD) William CALDWELL to Elizabeth BIRD  bm-Henry BIRD; MD-8 Dec; married by Lockey LANCASTER

Dec 6 1835-Hensan WAYMAN to Jane RUST {d/o David}  bm-Tilman SENEUR

Dec 6 1835 (BD) William FINNELL to Eleanor MANN  bm-John MOREHEAD; MD-11 Dec; married by John G ELLIS

Dec 11 1835-Capt William SAYERS to Mary DRINKARD (d/o Joshua Drinkard)  bm-William A PENDLETON

Dec 17 1835-John K KLETTE to Harriet GRIZZEL  bm-Solomon GRIZZEL; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Dec 21 1835-James C GEDGE to Harriet BLINN  bm-Enos BLINN

Dec 21 1835-Benjamin WILLIAMS to Sarah Ann HAMBRICK (d/o Fanny CARTER)  bm-James A ANDERSON

Dec 22 1835 (BD) Squire MARSHALL to Anna PRUETT  bm-John PRUITT; MD-23 Dec; married by Elam GRIZZLE

Dec 24 1835-George W SMITH to Rhoda JENNER (sister of John Jenner)

Dec 24 1835-Frederick COX to Katharine RUST (d/o Nancy Rust)  bm-Thomas MANSFIELD; married by James SIMMONS

Dec 26 1835-Joseph PARKER to Eliza WARRINGTON (sister in law to William Parker) "who swears that her father is dead and her mother now lives in Wheeling, Virginia"

Dec 29 1835-Thomas Jefferson TATE to Armilda OLDHAM (widow)  bm-Thomas LEATHERS; married by John ARNOLD

Dec 29 1835-Sylvester D C EDWARDS to Elizabeth Ann HOWELL; married by Edward L SOUTHGATE

Dec 30 1835-John BLACK to Sarah JENNER (sister of James Jenner)  bm-John HARRIS

Dec 31 1835-Thomas GILMAN to Eliza TEBATTS  bm-James VICKERS

Dec 31 1835-Enoch SANDERS to Nancy HARRIS  bm-Nathaniel STEPHENS; married by John G ELLIS


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