Saint Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church

Campbell County, Kentucky



Transcribed from filmed records, a copy of which is at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society.


Apgar, George b-Germany; d-18 May 1905 of blind hives; 48y; br-21 May
Apple, Charles b-2 July 1866 in Clermont Co Oh; d-10 Aug 1905 of heart failure; br-12 Aug
Aring, Edna b-Newport; d-24 Jan 1904 of tuberculosis; br-7 Jan

Barkinger, Elizabeth b-19 Jan 1904 in Newport; d-29 Oct 1905 of spinal meningitis; br-29 Oct
Belchert, Mildred b-Newport; d-24 Aug 1904 of pneumonia; br-25 Aug
Bogener, Benjamin b-14 Oct 1871 in Newport; d-24 Aug 1905 of blood poisoning; br-26 Aug 
Boothby, Clara b-Cincinnati; d-15 June 1904; br-18 June
Brandstettner, Lorena b-Louisville Ky. 37y 9m 2 days; d-6 Mar 1905 of tuberculosis; br-8 Mar

Dietz, Lillie b-Newport; d-5 Apr 1904 of typhoid fever; br-8 Apr

Eicher, John b-4 Mar 1832 in Germany; d-23 July 1905 of general debility; br-25 July

Grinholz, Maggie b-Newport; d-10 May 1904 cancer; br-12 May
Groule, Gertrude Otelia b-29 Aug 1887 in Newport; 17y 1m 10 days; d-9 Oct 1904 of tuberculosis; br-11 Oct

Hallfarth, Albert b-25 Dec 1891 in Newport; d-14 Oct 1905 of diphtheria; br-15 Oct
Hallfarth, Elizabeth b-Newport; 52y; d-20 Oct 1905 of diphtheria; br-21 Oct 
Heil, Frank b-Newport; d-26 May 1904 of tuberculosis; br-29 May
Hoeffler, Freddie b-Newport; d-15 Nov 1903 of diphtheria; br-17 Nov
Hoffman, Jacob b-28 Oct 1846 in Michlbach, Germany; d-20 June 1905 of meningitis; br-23 June

Lope, Ed b-24 Jan 1893 in Newport; d-15 Oct 1905; br-18 Oct
Lounemann, Anna b-Germany; d-12 May 1904 of fever; br-15 May

Merz, Margarette b-13 June 1845 in Germany; d-25 Jan 1905 of dropsy; br-28 Jan
Mittler, Thersa b-Newport; d-10 Dec 1903 of paralysis; br-13 Dec

Reichert, Christ b-13 Jan 1833 in Germany; d-3 Nov 1903 of paralysis; br-6 Nov
Reichert, George B b-17 Feb 1888 in Newport; d-1 Aug 1905 of tuberculosis; br-4 Aug
Reichert, George M b-28 Aug 1859 in Cincinnati; d-25 Sep 1904 of pneumonia; br-28 Sep
Rothfuss, Catharine b-Newport; d-7 Apr 1904; br-9 Apr
Ruehl, Carl Frederick b-22 Apr 1901 in Newport; d-29 Oct 1904 of spinal meningitis; br-31 Oct
Ruehl, Clarence b-Newport; 15m; d-29 Oct 1905 of diphtheria; br-29 Oct
Ruehl, Louis Edwin b-Newport; d-28 Nov 1903 of pneumonia; br-30 Dec

Styles, Geo W b-22 Nov 1847 in Fulton Oh; d-8 Jan 1905 of typhoid fever; br-11 Jan

Wagner, Adam b-27 Mar 1850 in Newport; d-14 Feb 1905 of pleurisy; br-17 Feb
Weber, George A b-1870 in Newport; 34y;  d-16 Oct 1904 of heart failure; br-19 Oct
Wenderoth, Helen b-1 Aug 1904 in Covington; d-10 Apr 1905 of croup; br-11 Apr


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