David Leitch Grant


Originally copied by Wm R Stevens and held at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria.


Index To Old Kentucky Surveys & Grants by the Kentucky Historical Society Vol No 5


Original survey No 111 to David Leitch; Acreage-13,800 in Fayette Co; Watercourse-Licking Creek; Survey date 18 Apr 1785; Original book 3, page 50-51 to David Leitch & William Kennedy & their heirs; Grant date 21 Dec 1795 Original book 5, pages 334-335.

Isaac Shelby, Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by virtue & in consideration of three Land office treasury warrants No 8748, 8749 and 8750.  There is granted by the said Commonwealth unto David Leitch and William Kennedy, assee of David Leitch, a Certain tract or parcel of land, containing thirteen thousand eight hundred acres by Survey bearing date the 18th day of April 1785 lying & being in the County of Fayette, each to hold in the following proportion to wit.

David Leitch 9200 acres and William Kennedy 4600 acres and bounded as followeth to wit.

Beginning at a white oak rea oak and Cherry tree Standing on the North bank of Licking Creek, five Miles on a Straight line from its confluence with the Ohio running from thence up the creek,  binding thereon as it Meanders Out twenty three Degrees East three hundred and thirteen poles, South fifty three degrees East one hundred and ten poles, East one hundred and forty five poles, North eighty two degrees East one hundred & eight poles, South Sixty seven Degrees, East Eighty five poles, South thirty degrees, East Sixty three poles South two Degrees West One Hundred and four poles; South forty degrees west two Hundred and forty, one poles, South Nineteen degrees west one hundred & sixty poles, South ten degrees East one hundred and five poles, South forty one degrees East Ninety five poles South eighty six degrees, East fifty six poles, North forty degrees East fifty two poles, North six degrees East one hundred and sixty nine poles, North twenty seven degrees East one hundred & Eighty eight poles North fifty one degrees East one hundred and Seventeen poles, North eighty seven degrees East one Hundred & twenty six poles South Sixty four degrees East Seventy poles, South Nineteen degrees East Seventy two poles South six degrees West 184 poles, South 22 degrees, West 420 poles, South 39 degrees west 172 poles, South 69 degrees W 108 poles, South 20 degrees East 134 west 172 poles South 69 degrees W 108 poles, South 20 degrees East 124 poles South 35 degrees East 488 poles, South 10 degrees East, 116 poles to two beech trees on the bank of the Creek, from thence 245 degrees East 1338 poles to two white oaks; thence North 25 degrees West 1570 poles to an ash tree in John Williams line of his Survey of 1000 acres, thence with said Williams line west 500 poles to his corner to two black walnut white walnut and Sugar tree in Edmd Taylor's line; thence with the same South 60 degrees west 73 poles to his corner a black walnut & ash in a Small drain; thence with another of said Taylor's line N 30 degrees W 262 poles to an ash tree in said line; thence South 45 degrees west, 758 poles to the Beginning on the 21st day of December 1795.

Executed and delivered to Jas Taylor 24 Nov 1796


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