Korean War Casualties

"At The Cutting Edge of Battle"
By James Dietz

List of casualties incurred by US Military Personnel in connection with the conflict in Korea.  Information comes from the military files at the Campbell County Historical Society

KAI-Killed in action
DOW-Died of wounds
FOD-missing and later declared dead
DIS-died in the service
DWN-died while missing
DIPC-died in prison camp at the hands of the enemy


Name Rank Date of Death Type Branch
Bailey, James A CPL 4 Oct 1951 DIPC Army
Baker, Virgil K CPL 11 June 1953 KIA Army
Beckman, Frank L AT1 9 Apr 1951 FOD (Baltic Sea) Navy
Bristow, Benjamin F PFC 17 Aug 1950 KIA Army
Cook, Paul K PVT 2 May 1952 DIS (Korea) Army
Crews, Elwood S Jr. SGT 7 Dec 950 DOW Marines
Cummins, Elza M PFC 2 Sep 1950 KIA Army
Dillon, John L PFC 14 Oct 1950 DWM Army
Gossman, Benjamin N CPL 24 Nov 1950 DOW Army
Heath, Wayne D SFC 1 Sep 1950 KIA Army
Knox, Albert Jr. SFC 29 Oct 1950 KIA Army
Kuechler, Douglas S PFC 20 Sep 1950 KIA Army
McGowan, William C SGT 31 Aug 1950 KIA Army
Newman, Jack D PFC 26 Sep 1950 KIA Army
Rickert, Cornelius L CPL 30 Nov 1950 DWM Army
Schmidt, Frank X PFC 14 June 1953 KIA Army
Schoulthies, George PVT 11 July 1950 DIPC Army
Smith, Wendell E PVT 29 Apr 1951 DWN Army
Stewart, Donald PFC 17 Sep 1950 KIA Army
Unsell, Lawrence A CPL 19 Nov 1952 KIA Army
Walton, Joseph M MM3C 26 Apr 1952 DIS (USS Hobson) Navy


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