Campbell County


Campbell County's Kentucky State Guard Soldiers

The Kentucky State Guard was actually part of the antebellum militia which existed in America. The Kentucky legislature enacted an ordinance to reorganize the commonwealth's militia in its 1859-60 session. The law was signed by the governor on March 5, 1860:

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky That the Kentucky Militia shall be divided into three classes: 1st The Active or Volunteer Militia 2nd. The Enrolled Militia 3rd. The Militia of the Reserves. The Volunteer of Active Militia shall be styled the Kentucky State Guard.

Scott Brown, the Adjutant General of the Kentucky Militia at that point began a  book recording orders and appointments for the State Guard. The following information is taken from that record book, held by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, Frankfort, Kentucky.

Buckner Guards-Covington, commissioned on January 12, 1861.  Officers were:
Captain H T Buckner, replaced by William Repass on June 12, 1861.  Repass resigned on August 1, 1861.  Other records indicate that John R Pirtle was commissioned Captain of this company on June 13, 1861.
1st Lt. B Delany
3rd Lt. Woodford Arnold
The 2d Lieutenant position was apparently not filled in this company, when the company was formed.  However, Philip Orr was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant on June 11, 1861.  Other records in the Governor's Papers indicate that Joseph A Smith was commissioned Brevet 2nd Lieutenant on June 13, 1861.

Campbell Rangers-Alexandria, commissioned on February 18, 1861. Officers were:
Captain B P Bell, resigned July 27, 1861
1st Lt. H K Smith, resigned September 12, 1861
2nd Lt. T J Shaw
3rd Lt. D A Thatcher, resigned July 27, 1861

Crittenden Guards-Flagg Spring, commissioned on February 21, 1861.  Officers were:
Captain John Calvin DeMoss
1st Lt. Ben Newkirk
2nd Lt. William Francis Corbin
3rd Lt. Joseph Kinney

Kentucky Grays-Covington, commissioned on May 23, 1860.  Officers were:
Captain Sam K Hays
1st Lt. Alford Martin
2nd Lt. J S W Lehman
3rd Lt. James W Tyrack, promoted to 2nd Lt. on February 18, 1861
3rd Lt. James M Blackburne

Marion Artillery-Covington, commissioned on February 28, 1861.  Officers were:
Captain R Richardson
1st Lt. Nathaniel Prate
2nd Lt. John Thompson
3rd Lt. M J Champion

Washington Artillery-Newport, commissioned on March 6, 1861.  Officers were:
Captain George D Allen
1st Lt. J R Ashton
2nd Lt. Kenny L How
3rd Lt. J B Ervin

Submitted 29 December 2015 by Richard McCormick

Covington Journal April 27, 1861


The Licking Battalion has been divided, and the companies will be formed into two Battalions, as follows: 

First-1. Kentucky Grays; 2. Pendleton Grays; 3. Home Guard; 4. Marion Artillery; 5. Buckner Guard; 6. Boone Guard
Second-1. Campbell Rangers; 2. Crittenden Guards; 3. Washington Artillery.
The battalions will be attached to the third regiment of the State Guard.
An election for Colonel and Lieut. Colonel will be held to-day.


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