Josiah Herbert

Josiah Herbert Pension


Pension #31124

State of Kentucky, Campbell County

On August 20, 1833, Josiah Herbert at the age of 78 years, appeared in open court and stated that he had served in the War of the Revolution the side of the United States of America, as a volunteer. And he stated that he had written discharges for each of tours of duty, but he stated that he did not expect them to be of any kind of service to him. And he stated that he has no proof that he had served in the civil capacity.

This pensioner stated and swore that he had been born in Huntingdon? County on August 22, 1755 and he states that he was residing in Frederick County when he was called into service. He stated that at the close of the said war he had been acquainted with General Morgan, General Calamies/Calmes, Major Budkannon, General Lee, General Bechines, and Captain Blackmore.

(signed) Josiah Herbert  Attested by: John Taliaferro

The affidavit of John Stevens, a clergyman, and Reuben Bottles was also given at the same time and in the same place as the foregoing. The said deponent certified that they were at one time and in the said county and state, both well and favorably acquainted with the pensioner, Josiah Herbert, who subscribed to the above statements. And who served in the War of the Revolution. These deponents stated also that they believe that the aid pensioner was at the age of 78 years at that time.

 (signed) John Stevens, Reuben Bottles

John Taliaferro states that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of the said court in matter of the application of Josiah Herbert for a pension. In Testimony-John Taliaferro

The following was abstracted from a letter: Josiah Herbert was my ancestor through the Herbert Florer branch. The record was traced through the Kentucky Society of the Sons of the Revolution. Your reply will be esteemed a favor and highly appreciated. Most sincerely, Clara Florer Lammers, Box 492, Greencastle, Indiana

Mr. Clay Grans, Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir, Will you kindly send me the certificate of pension of Josiah Herbert, Sr. who was a private in the War of the Revolution in the Virginia Militia in Campbell County in the State of Kentucky

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