Descendants of Josiah Sr

Josiah and Sarah Herbert Sr.

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Generation No. 1

1. Josiah Sr Herbert (Thomas4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Walter1) was born August 22, 1755 in Hunterdon Co, NJ, and died Aft. July 24, 1835 in Four-Mile, Campbell Co, KY. He married (1) Sarah Hutchison Abt. 1780 in Loudoun Co Va., daughter of Joseph Hutchison and Elizabeth Grey. She was born February 24, 1755 in Loudoun Co Va., and died Abt. 1791 in Frederick Co, VA. He married (2) Margaret "Peggy" Helm Abt. 1792 in Loudoun Co Va., daughter of John Sr. and Elizabeth Andrews. She was born 1770 in Loudoun Co Va..

Notes for Josiah Sr. Herbert:
Meredith Helm Estate Inventory dated 13 Oct 1788, rec'd court June 27, 1789 in Loudoun Co Va. Value 63.10.0 in Will Bk D:37-40
Meredith Helm Estate Accounts dated 10 Dec 1792, rec'd court Jan 18, 1796 in Loudoun Co Va. Adms: Josiah Herbert & Mary Littleton, late Mary Helm in Loudoun Co Va. Will Bk E:7-8 Note: Meredith Helm was brother-in-law of Josiah Herbert who had married his sister, Margaret "Peggy" Helm by 1792, date of adm.
John Helm was father of Meredith and Margaret Helm who are mentioned in his 1807 Loudoun Co Va. will.
"Early Church Records of Loudoun Co Va 1745-1800," Marty Hiatt, Family Line Pub. 1995, p. 280:
June 1793: "Josiah Herbert charged with killing Thos. Thomson's hog which he denies. Meeting scheduled at Peter Harbourt's."
10 Aug 1793: "Meeting for Harbert and Thomson attended by Richard Mager & Wm Thrift. "
25 Apr 1795: "Representatives from Little River and Buck Marsh to rehear Josiah Harbert's case, found not responsible for hog."
Location of North Fork Baptist Church: on Route 728, North Fork Road.
Josiah stated in his Rev War pension that he moved in 1796 from Frederick Co VA to Shelby Co, Ky. His memory at age 78 was excellent because a land deed in Shelby Co confirms his recall. He bought 117 acres in Shelby Co, Ky from William & Agnes Helm for 50 pounds. This tract was part of a 1,000 a. survey granted to William Helm located on the west side of Gist's Creek.

In 1797, Josiah Herbert became pastor of Elk Creek Baptist Church, now in Spencer Co. He was pastor for only a few months being "ejected for some unknown reason," probably "want of ability."
1800 US Census Shelby Co Ky: Josiah Herbert and Thomas Herbert
In 1802, Josiah posted a marriage bond for his son, Thomas Herbert of Mason Co, Ky, for his marriage to Sarah Helm.
The Helm family had been associated with Josiah in Loudoun Co VA because in 1794, Josiah Herbert was named as administrator of Meredith Helm's estate.
In 1803, Josiah Herbert sold his tract in Shelby, and sometime during that period moved to Mason Co, later Campbell Co, Ky.
In October 1803 Josiah posted bond for the marriage of John Herbert to Elizabeth Laurence in Mason Co Ky.
In 1805, Josiah Herbert Sr. consented to the marriage of his daughter, Hannah Herbert, to Aaron Spalding - Spaulding, bond posted by John Herbert & witnessed by Thomas Herbert. In the same year, Rev. Josiah Herbert preached the dedication sermon for Bullittsburg Baptist Church in Boone Co, a neighboring county to Campbell Co.

Campbell Co Ky. Property Tax Lists:
1804: Josiah Herbert 240 a. Salima (Four-Mile) Creek, 1 WM +16, 1 slave +16; 2 slaves total
1805: Josiah Herbert 260 a. Salima (Four-Mile) Crk. 1 WM +16, 1 slave +16, 2 slaves total
1806: Josiah Herbert 216 a. Salima (Four-Mile) Crk. 1 WM +16, 2 slaves +16, 2 slaves total
1807: Josiah Herbert 170 a. Salima ditto: 1-0-2-2
1808: Josiah Herbert 170 a. Salima ditto: 1-0-2-2
1809: Josiah Herbert 110 a. Wells Creek: 1 WM +16, 2 Blacks +16, 3 slaves total

Helm, John, Loudoun Co Va. Will Bk. H:170-171 date of will 1 Jul 1800 / received in court 14 Dec 1807 Helm, Sarah, wife; *Harbourt, Peggy, Daughter; Milborn, John, Gr-Son, son of Ann, 21; Milborn, Ann, Daughter; Helm, John Jr., Son; Helm, Charles, Son; Helm, Meredith, Son; Helm, Mary Ann, Gr-Daughter; daughter of Merideth, 16; Helm, Sarah, Wife; Riley, Lettice, Housekeeper; Berkley, George, witness; Berkley, John L, witness; Timms, John, witness; All Negroes to wife Sarah HELM. Exors Charles & John HELM. $5000 bond, security John L. Berkley & Geo. Berkley

John Helm Inventory, returned to court 11 Jan 1808 in Loudoun Co Va. Will Bk H:186-187 Appraisal: Negoes Elich, Martha, Geo, Richard, Susan & Vincent; Household and farm items total $2513.74; Sarah Helm given Negroes Elich, Martha; Charles Helm given Negro Geo.; John Helm given Negro Rich.; Josiah Herbert given Negroes Susanna & Vincent; Apprai. James Lewis & Geo. Sheveley, Elisha Timms

1820 US Census Campbell Co Ky., Newport, p. 2
Josiah Herbert: M: 0-0-0-0-0-1 (45+) + F: 0-1 (10-16) -0-0-1 (45+) + slaves M: 1-0-1-0+ F: 1-1 Total 4
1830 Us Census Campbell Co Ky. "unknown twp' p. 271
Josiah Herbert M: 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-1 (70-80: Josiah age 75 b. 1755) + F: 0-1 (5-10)-0-0--1-(20-30)-0-0-0-1 (60-70: Margaret, age 60 b. c1770)

Campbell Co Ky. Deed Bk L:379-80 July 22, 1835 - July 24, 1735 Josiah Herbert Sr. (wife Margaret Herbert) sell tract on Four-Mile Creek to Josiah Herbert Jr. 36 a.

More About Josiah Sr. Herbert: Burial: Four-Mile Baptist Church Cemetery

Notes for Sarah Hutchison: Hutchison Lineage by Susan Johanson; [email protected] "The Johanson-Clark-Metcalf-Beach Family Page"

Bible of Andrew Hutchison dated 1738; More About Josiah Herbert and Sarah Hutchison: Marriage: Abt. 1780, Loudoun Co Va.


Children of Josiah Herbert and Sarah Hutchison

1. Thomas Herbert, born Abt. 1781 in VA; died 1851 in Kenton Co, KY. He married Sarah Helm July 6, 1802 in Mason Co, KY; born July 16, 1781 in VA; died December 5, 1846 in Campbell Co, KY.
Notes for Thomas Herbert: 1850 US Census Kenton Co Ky. , Covington City, p. 306
Lewis Herbert age 30 teamster b. Ky.
Mary, wife, age 30
Wm. T. age 1
Thomas Herbert age 67 b. Va. (b. c1783)
Nancy age 14

More About Thomas Herbert: Burial: Linden Grove Cemetery, Covington, Kenton Co Ky.
Notes for Sarah Helm: Sarah Helm mar. Thomas Herbert July 9/7, 1802. Bems: Josiah Herbert
Note: In Ben Helm's book, Thomas Hubbard instead of Thomas Herbert. More About Thomas Herbert and Sarah Helm: Marriage: July 6, 1802, Mason Co, KY
3 ii. John Herbert, born 1783; died September 9, 1822. He married Elizabeth Laurence November 17, 1803 in Mason Co, Ky.
Notes for John Herbert: Inventory of John Herbert of Campbell Co Ky. dated 9 Sept 1822, rec'd June Court 1823, prob. Sept 21, 1823 Inventory and appraisement list of buyers, James Hayden executor. Estate Total: $1583.25 Mentions Josiah Herbert Sr., Josiah Herbert Jr., Thomas Herbert, Wm Jenkins
More About John Herbert and Elizabeth Laurence: Marriage: November 17, 1803, Mason Co, Ky
4 iii. Hannah Ann Herbert1, born Abt. 1785 in Frederick Co, VA2; died Aft. January 22, 1859 in Four-Mile, Campbell Co, Ky.. She married Aaron Spalding Sr. January 4, 1805 in Four Mile, Campbell Co, KY3; born Abt. 1782 in St. Mary's Co, Maryland4,5,6; died July 2, 1859 in Twelve Mile, Campbell Co, KY7,8.

More About Hannah Ann Herbert: Burial: Island Cemetery, Twelve Mile, Campbell Co, KY
Notes for Aaron Spalding Sr.: Worrel, S. "The N. Ky. Marriage Database, Orem Ut. Ancestry Inc. 1998. Aaron Spalden (sic) to Hannah Herbert 4 Jan 1805 (bond date) Campbell Co Ky., bondsman John Herbert, consent by father Josiah Herbert, wt. Thomas Herbert.  Burial: Island Cemetery, Twelve Mile, Campbell Co, KY

More About Aaron Sr. and Hannah Herbert: Marriage: January 4, 1805, Four Mile, Campbell Co, KY
5 iv. Sarah Herbert, born 1788. She married William Jenkins May 6, 1809 in Campbell Co, Ky.
Notes for Sarah Herbert: Worrel, S. "The N. Ky. Mar. Database" Orem, Ut. Ancestry Inc 1998.  Sarah Herbert to William Jinkens 6 May 1809, Campbell Co Ky. b. James McGinnis, consent by father Josiah Herbert, wt. John Herbert & Chas. Herbert.

More About William Jenkins and Sarah Herbert: Marriage: May 6, 1809, Campbell Co, Ky
6 v. Charles L Herbert, born Abt. 1791; died January 1818 in Covington, Kenton Co, KY. He married Elizabeth Marquis July 22, 1813 in Shelby Co, Ky.


Children of Josiah Herbert and Margaret Helm

 1. Anna Herbert, born 1793; died Bef. 1841. She married Meredith Helm August 19, 1815 in Campbell Co, KY; born October 11, 1798; died Bef. 1841. Notes for Anna Herbert: "Marriages of Campbell, Boone, and Kenton Cos," Stephen Worrel Database, Orem UT, Ancestry Inc. 1998. Meredith Helm to Anna Herbert 19 Aug 1813 Campbell Co Ky., m. by JS, b. Charles Herbert, consent by father Josiah Hertert, wt. Josiah Herbert Jr.
Notes for Meredith Helm: Meredith Helm dob from Helm Bible of Emma Jane Helm Ford in possession of Gayle Londeree's mother: Merdith Helm was born Oct the 11th, 1798.

HELM, Meredith & Anna HERBERT, 19 Aug. 1815, mar. by John Stephens, bdm: Charles Herbert, consent by father Josiah Herbert, wts. Josiah Herbert Jr. "Campbell Co Ky Marriages 1795-1850," p. 93
More About Meredith Helm and Anna Herbert: Marriage: August 19, 1815, Campbell Co, KY
8 ii. Josiah Jr. Herbert, born April 16, 1796 in Shelby Co, Ky.; died May 10, 1851 in Covington, Kenton Co, KY. He married Elizabeth Jenkins January 26, 1816 in Campbell Co, Notes for Josiah Jr Herbert: Worrel, S. "The Northern Ky. Marriage Database," Orem, Ut. Ancestry Inc. 1998. Josiah Herbert Jr. to Elizabeth Jenkins 22 Jan 1816 Campbell Co Ky. (bond dated 16 Jan) m by JS, b. Charles Herbert, consent by father Josiah Herbert Sr. wt. Meredith Helm.
More About Josiah Herbert and Elizabeth Jenkins: Marriage: January 26, 1816, Campbell Co, KY
9 iii. Margaret Herbert, born Abt. 1799. She married Peter Welsh March 4, 1824 in Campbell Co, Ky.
More About Peter Welsh and Margaret Herbert: Marriage: March 4, 1824, Campbell Co, Ky
10 iv. William Herbert, born Abt. 1802. He married Jane Shannon Thomas November 16, 1827 in Campbell Co, Ky.
More About William Herbert and Jane Thomas: Marriage: November 16, 1827, Campbell Co
11 v. Elizabeth Herbert, born Abt. 1805. She married William Burgess April 7, 1832 in Campbell Co, Ky.
More About William Burgess and Elizabeth Herbert: Marriage: April 7, 1832, Campbell Co


1. Campbell County Deed Book X, p. 474, Hannah Spalding, wife of Aaron Spalding, Campbell Co, Ky.
2. Marriage Bond Box A, Alexandria Courthouse, Campbell Co, Ky., Bride "of age" to marry.
3. Marriage Bond Box A, Alexandria Courthouse, Campbell Co, Ky., "Hannah Herbert to Aaron Spalding 4th day of January 1805."
4. 1850 US Fed. Census for Campbell Co, Ky., 2nd District, Aaron Spaulden, age 70, born c1780. Lincoln Co KY Records Series, Court Order Book 4, 1791-1794, Vol. III, p. 96, "Aaron Spalding, age to be about 12 years old."
5. Lincoln Co KY Court Order Book No. 4, p. 310, May Court, 1794:"Ordered that Clerk of Court bind Aaron Spalding, supposed to be about twelve years old. (b. c1782).
6. 1880 US Census for Campbell Co KY, "John Spolden Sr., age 69. Birthplace of father: Maryland.
7. Campbell Co KY Deed Book No. 31, p. 127, Deed 25 Sept 1856 "Heirs of Aaron Spaulding." James & Margaret Spaulding, John & Elizabeth Spaulding, Aaron & Mary Spaulding, Robinson & Rebecca Gilham, W. W. & Nancy Forrester.
8. "Membership List for 4-Mile & 12-Mile Baptist Church" in "National Gen. Soc. Quarterly," March 1973, Vol. 61, No. 1, pp. 40-41 & p. 45, Spoldon, Aaron Jr. Member of 4-Mile 1844-1850Aaron Sr. Member of 4-Mile 1814-1820, & 1844; Member of 12-Mile 1848-1850 Doxier Edward Hannah, wife of A. (membership same as Aaron Sr.) Hannah, wife of W. James John Member of 4-Mile 1844, 1848, 1850Mary d. 18 July 1844MeriahNancy d. Nov, 1844William.
9. Marriage Bond Box A, Alexandria Courthouse, Campbell Co, Ky., "Hannah Herbert to Aaron Spalding 4th day of January 1805."

Josiah Herbert's Pension

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