Joseph Fowler and Sarah L Harcourt


Joseph Fowler Harcourt was born in 1823 in Salisbury, Essex Co. Massachusetts and married Sarah L Bowers, a widow, 11 Dec 1853 in Newport.  She was born 1824 in England and her first husband was Adam Bowers whom she married 7 May 1844 in Cincinnati.  He died before 1850 and was buried in the Harcourt family plot at Newport Cemetery (now Evergreen).  In the 1850 census Sarah was a widow in Newport with her one son Joseph.

Sarah Harcourt died 28 Aug 1888 in Newport and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Joseph died 1 Aug 1888 in Newport and was buried in Evergreen.

Child of Sarah L Stone and Adam Bowers

1. Joseph Bowers b-30 June 1848 in Newport; d-14 Apr 1881 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery in same plot as mother; m-Margaret Stewart Ashbaugh 20 Oct 1875 in Newport

Children of Joseph Fowler Harcourt and Sarah L Stone

1. William Fowler Harcourt b-1854 in Newport; d-22 Mar 1864 in Newport
2. Ida A Harcourt b-10 July 1856 in Newport; d-26 July 1940 in Cincinnati; m-Charles William Franklin 14 Dec 1881 in Newport
3. James Stone Harcourt b-1859 in Newport; d-23 July 1884 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery; m-Maggie Wenderoth 24 May 1882 in Newport
4. Charles Harcourt b-Jan 1861 in Newport; d-19 Mar 1904 in Latonia in Kenton Co KY; m-Dollie M Bond 3 June 1886 in Covington
5. Ruth Fowler Harcourt b-17 Mar 1863 in Newport; d-27 Mar 1885 in Newport; br-Evergreen
6. Oliver Harcourt b-1866 in Newport

Children of Joseph J Bowers and Margaret Stewart Ashbaugh

1. Frederick H Bowers b-2 Sep 1876 in Newport; d-13 July 1877 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery
2. Joseph Bowers b-1877 in Newport; d-28 Mar 1878 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery

Children of Ida A Harcourt and Charles William Franklin

1. Ruth E Franklin b-Nov 1882 in Newport
2. Charles William Franklin b-4 Apr 1884 in Newport
3. John H Franklin b-8 Apr 1892 in Newport; d-18 Feb 1972 in Cincinnati


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