John W and Elizabeth Stevens


Information comes from the family files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria and from a series of articles that John W Stevens wrote in 1878-79


John W Stevens was born in 1796 near Alexandria on the Stevens farm in Campbell Co to Thomas Marion Stevens and Nancy White, sister of Jacob, d/o John White Jr. and Sarah Gunn; all were from Virginia. Thomas Marion Stevens parents were John and Elizabeth (Debois) Stevens. Grandfather John Stevens died 4 Apr 1794 and was buried on the family farm.  John W Stevens married Elizabeth Cherry, daughter of Nicholas Cherry and Frances Furnace on March 14, 1822, at the Brush Creek Church.  She died 23 May 1868 and was buried in the Persimmon Grove Cemetery. John then married Margaret Lindsey (widow) 13 Aug 1871. Margaret was born 1805 in Pennsylvania.  John W Stevens died 13 Jan 1884 and was also buried in the Persimmon Grove Cemetery.

John Stevens Will and Deeds

Children of John Stevens and Elizabeth Debois

1. Sarah Stevens b-13 Nov 1769; d-30 Sep 1844 in Campbell Co; m-Jacob White 8 Feb 1792
2. Elizabeth Stevens m-George Kelly
3. Thomas Marion Stevens b-1771; m-Nancy White
4. James P Stevens
5. Susannah Stevens b-28 May 1784; d-6 May 1859; m-Israel Ware 4 Feb 1802
6. Hester Stevens m-Robert Riley 6 Mar 1809

Children of Thomas Marion Stevens and Nancy White

1. John W Stevens b-1796 near Alexandria; d-13 Jan 1884; m-Elizabeth Cherry 14 Mar 1822
2. Sarah Stevens b-1798 near Alexandria; m (1) Jacob Youtsey 1 June 1819; m (2) George Youtsey 10 Oct 1848
3. Rhoda Stevens b-1800 near Alexandria; m-William B Harrison 11 Sep 1827
4. Jacob Stevens b-1808 near Alexandria m-Susan Clark 16 June 1835

Children of John W Stevens and Elizabeth Cherry

1. Baby Stevens b&d 1823
2. James Lafayette Stevens b-7 Jan 1827 in Campbell Co; died 12 Jan 1911 in California Ky. buried in Persimmon Grove Cemetery; m-Elizabeth Ann Baker 16 Mar 1848
3. Thomas Marion Stevens b-20 July 1833 in Persimmon Grove; m-Missouri Yelton, d/o John Philip & Esther (Caldwell) Yelton, 8 Sep 1855; died 28 Dec 1889 and was buried in the Persimmon Grove Cemetery; Missouri died 27 Aug 1877.  Thomas m (2) Margaret E Shaw 1 Apr 1879 in Grants Lick.
4. George Washington Stevens b-1835 in Persimmon Grove; m-Margaret Jane Gosney 29 Mar 1860
5. Mary Jane Stevens b-Jan 1839 in Persimmon Grove; m-Graden Walker (Apr 1831-1910 s/o Priscilla Walker) in 1857 in Persimmon Grove; Mary Jane died 30 May 1906 in Newport and was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery
6. Nancy M Stevens b-1841 in Persimmon Grove
7. Janetta L Stevens b-28 Oct 1842 in Persimmon Grove; m-Hall; d-27 Feb 1917 in Alexandria; br-Alexandria Cemetery

Child of James Lafayette Stevens and Elizabeth Ann Baker

1. Aldora M Stevens b-15 Oct 1856 Gubser Mill; m George B Otto Stull 1 July 1872; George b-11 Sep 1851; d-16 Feb 1877; buried in the Flagg Spring Cemetery; (2) Louis C Phillips 19 Sep 1878; d-22 Apr 1917 in Hamilton Butler Co Oh

Children of Aldora M Stevens and George B Otto Stull

1. Nellie Stull b-18 Oct 1873; d-28 Nov 1952
2. James Israel Stull b-18 Apr 1875; d-24 Feb 1963

Children of Thomas Marion Stevens and Missouri Yelton

1. Theodore Stevens b-10 Sep 1856 in Persimmon Grove; d-21 Apr 1873; buried in Persimmon Grove Cemetery
2. Isadore Stevens b-1858 in Persimmon Grove
3. Daughter Stevens b-28 Jan 1859 in Persimmon Grove; d-7 Feb 1859; buried in Persimmon Grove Cemetery
3. Ada F Stevens b-June 1860 in Alexandria; d-1928; m-Philonzo D Carr 7 Oct 1885 in Newport;
4. Hester E Stevens b-1862 in Persimmon Grove
5. Walter P W Stevens b-9 Apr 1865 in Persimmon Grove; d-2 Apr 1875; buried Persimmon Grove Cemetery
6. Arthur C Stevens b-26 May 1867 in Persimmon Grove; d-3 Mar 1875; buried Persimmon Grove Cemetery
7. Lettie M Stevens b-20 May 1870 in Persimmon Grove; d-28 July 1870; buried in Persimmon Grove Cemetery
8. William W Stevens b-2 Apr 1874 in Persimmon Grove; d-9 Feb 1875; buried Persimmon Grove Cemetery
9. Thomas Marion Stevens b-Persimmon Grove

Children of Mary Jane Stevens and Graden Walker

1.  Louise B Walker b-1859 in Grants Lick
2. Elizabeth Walker b-1860 in Grants Lick
3. John G Walker b-1861 in Grants Lick
4. Edwin D Walker b-1863 in Grants Lick
5, Irie G Walker b-1865 in Grants Lick
6. Charles B Walker b-Dec 1867 in Grants Lick
7. America A Walker b-1869 in Grants Lick
8. Alva Bertram Walker b-16 Oct 1870 in Grants Lick
9. Daughter Walker; buried in Persimmon Grove Cemetery
10. George T Walker 18 Apr 1875-14 July 1875; buried in Persimmon Grove Cemetery
11. Grace P Walker b-Mar 1877 in the Highland District

Children of Ada Stevens and Philonzo D Carr

1. Philonzo Leon Carr b-Dec 1893 in Tennessee
2. Thomas Marion Carr b-May 1896 in Tennessee
3. Lucien S Carr b-10 Apr 1892 in Tennessee


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