John Ducker Corbin

John Ducker and Lucinda Corbin

From the Family Files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria Ky.

John Ducker Corbin was born 24 Oct 1791 in Virginia, possibly to Abel Corbin, who is on the Campbell County property tax list for 1798.  John's father died in 1804 leaving him an orphan.

John Corbin Orphan Court Order

John Corbin Deeds

John shows up first on the property tax lists of 1811 and 1812.  He married Lucinda M(elissa) Nelson, daughter of Covington and Theresa Nelson, 3 Sep 1815.  John died 31 Oct 1847 in California Kentucky and was buried in the Corbin Family Cemetery.  (date comes from tombstone recorded by Wm R Stevens.  It is in conflict with the newspaper article below that states John was deceased by October 1846)

 Lucinda was so heartbroken after her son William Frances was executed during the Civil War that she died a short time after he did in 1863 and was buried in the family cemetery.

Will of John Ducker Corbin-1840

Lucinda M Corbin's Survey Notice October 24, 1846

Children of John Ducker Corbin and Lucinda M(elissa) Nelson

1. Harriet Corbin b-1816; m-John Milton Biggs 2 Dec 1836
2. Son Corbin b-1818; moved to Clay Co. Missouri
3. John H Corbin b-20 Apr 1825 in Campbell Co; m-Jane Elizabeth Daniel, (daughter of Garret Daniel Sr. and
Nancy Ann B Daniel) 6 Jan 1848; d-2 Oct 1900 in Carthage; br-Corbin Family Cemetery
William Francis Corbin b-1833 in Campbell County; d-15 May 1863 at Johnson Island; executed as a prisoner of war; br-Corbin Family Cemetery in Carthage 
5. Melissa Chalfant Corbin b-1 Jan 1836 in Campbell County; died 1 Aug 1906* in Newport; never married but served as teacher and principle of Kentucky Female Orphan School in Midway 1877-1903; br-Corbin Family Cemetery in Carthage
6. Thaddeus Corbin b-9 Oct 1840 in Campbell County; d-9 Oct 1842

*Newport death records show she died 12 Aug 1906. Perhaps the date 1 Aug 1906 on the tombstone has worn away.

Will of Melissa Chalfant Corbin

Children of Harriet Corbin and John Milton Biggs

1. Child Biggs b-1837 in Campbell County; died before 1850
2. Missouri Letitia Biggs b-15 Sep 1839 in Campbell Co; m-William A Morin 9 Dec 1861 d-13 Feb 1916 in Campbell Co

Children of Missouri Letitia Biggs and William A Morin

1. John Glen Glancy Morin b-Nov 1862 in Gubser Mill; d-20 Aug 1926 in California Ky. br-Flagg Spring Cemetery
2. Coleman G Morin b-5 Apr 1865 in Gubser Mill; d-7 Sep 1877 in Gubser Mill; br-Flagg Spring Cemetery
3. Harriet M Morin b-1868 in Gubser Mill
4. Arthur Temp Morin b-13 Sep 1872 in Gubser Mill; d-17 June 1943 in Dayton Ky. br-Alexandria Cemetery
5. Martha Z Morin b-1877 in Gubser Mill
6. D Howard Morin b-5 May 1874 in Gubser Mill; d-29 Aug 1877 in Gubser Mill; br-Flagg Spring Cemetery

Children of John H Corbin and Jane Elizabeth Daniel

1. Samuel Thaddeus Corbin b-23 Oct 1849; m-Martha Washington Young 6 Sep 1869 d-22 Jan 1911 in Cincinnati; was a police officer
2. Jasper Corbin b-17 Mar 1852 in Carthage d-13 Nov 1892; br-Corbin Family Cemetery in Carthage; in the 1880 Census Jasper is single, and working in Cincinnati as a conductor on the railroad
3. Martha Corbin b-1854
4. William M Corbin b-29 Nov 1856 in Carthage; m-Margaret C Condit in 1876; d-20 Aug 1937 in Carthage; br-Flagg Spring Cemetery
5. Theophilus "Thomas" W Corbin b-6 May 1860 in Carthage; m-Henrietta J Cryer, d/o Edwin Cryer and Connie Johnson; d-24 June 1934 in California Ky. br-Grandview Cemetery
6. Lucy Corbin b-11 May 1862 in Carthage-18 Sep 1885 in Carthage; br-Corbin Family Cemetery

Children of Samuel Thaddeus Corbin and Martha Washington Young

1. Coleman L Corbin b-31 Jan 1873; d-25 May 1894
2. Maud Corbin b-Jan 1877 in Cincinnati
3. Samuel Duke Corbin b-5 Sep 1880; d-9 Apr 1919 in Cincinnati; br-Corbin Family Cemetery

Children of William M Corbin and Margaret C Condit (1858-1898)

1. William Thaddeus Corbin b-18 Dec 1876 in Carthage; d-26 Sep 1962 in Newport; br-Grandview Cemetery
2. Margaret May Corbin b-May 1878 in Carthage
3. Horace V Corbin b-6 May 1887 in Carthage; m-Lillian Carnes; d-13 Dec 1927 in Clifton; br-Evergreen

Children of Theophilus W Corbin and Henrietta J Cryer (31 May 1860-17 Oct 1928)

1. Bessie B Corbin b-Dec 1887 in California Ky.
2. Child Corbin b-5 Mar 1891 in California Ky. d-23 May 1899; br-Grandview Cemetery
3. Theophilus Raymond Corbin b-12 Apr 1896; d-20 Sep 1971 in California Ky. br-Grandview Cemetery
4. Carrie Nell Corbin b-Mar 1899 in California; m-Clarence L Wilson 5 Jan 1920 in Newport Ky. d-28 Apr 1970 in Manchester Connecticut


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