John Anderson

John and Lucy Anderson

Information comes from the files of William R Stevens held at the Campbell County Historical Society and from the Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley 1905 Vol. 1 page 79

John Anderson was born about 1768 and came from Virginia with his wife Lucy Sutton, who was born about 1768 in Virginia. They were in Campbell County by 1802, where John first shows up on the 1802 property tax list with 300 acres in Wells Creek. He had a son John who was born in January 1, 1795 also in Virginia, who married Elizabeth Carmack, on 4 Sep 1820 in Carthage.  Elizabeth was born 1796 in Campbell County, the daughter of Jonathan Carmack and Jane Anderson.

Children of John Anderson Jr. and Elizabeth Carmack

1. Unknown-born 1821
2. Unknown-born 1823
3. George-born Oct 1825;  m-Malinda Henderson 7 July 1845
4. Jacob-born 5 June 1828; m-Mary Hester White 4 July 1849, daughter of James Stevens White and Margaret Dicken d-4 Mar 1912 and was buried in the Carmack Family Cemetery
5. Hester-born 1830
6. James W-born 1832
7. Unknown-born 1834
8. Unknown-born 1836
9. Unknown-born 1838
10. America-born 1840; m-Jacob Wesley White born 1833, 19 Sep 1859

Children of George Anderson and Malinda Henderson

1. Jonathan-born July 1850 m-Ella
2. Solomon-born 1854 m-Ellen Henderson 22 June 1881
3. Ila-born 1856 m-Knox Revel
4. George-born Jan 1860
5. America-born Nov 1866 m-Samuel Clift

Children of Jacob Anderson and Mary Hester White

1. John J-born 28 June 1849 died-23 Jan 1851
2. Martha E-born 17 July 1851; m-Robert Mell 18 Sep 1871 died 18 Sep
3. Joseph Wesley-born 7 Sep 1854; m-Mary Yost 7 Apr 1880 died 13 Jan 1937 in Winnebago Minnesota
4. Millard Filmore-born 6 Sep 1836; m-Millie Barker 16 Dec 1891 died 11 Jan 1902 in New Richmond Oh
5. Margaret Elizabeth-born 5 Apr 1859; m-Zeno Barker Jr. 10 Nov 1882 died 11 Sep 1931
6. Mary Jessie-born 26 Feb 1862; m-William T Madden 29 Mar 1888 died 1 Jan 1941
7. Jacob L-born 2 Dec 1864; m-Sarah E Barker 15 Dec 1887
8. Hester Holmes-born 10 Mar 1868; m-Thornton Painter 20 Dec 1894 died 31 Mar 1953

Children of America Anderson and Samuel Clift

1. Melbourne-born Feb 1892 m-Florence Tarvin, daughter of Samuel Tarvin and Cordelia Painter in 1889
2. Berlin

Children of America Anderson and Jacob Wesley White

1. Thomas-1861
2. Margaret-1865
3. Sarah-1867
4. George-1870
5. Eden M-1872
6. Lucy-1872
7. Jacob Jr.-1878
8. Male-1880


This section is from the Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley (1905)

Jacob Anderson, a farmer near Carthage, Campbell County, Ky. was born on the farm where he now lives, June 5, 1827. His parents were John and Elizabeth (Carmack) Anderson, the former coming to Ky. from Va. with his parents when he was but nine years of age, The Carmacks originally came from Scotland. Jacob is one of a family of ten children, only three of whom are now living. George lives in Campbell County, Ky. He is nearly eighty years of age and is almost blind. America, now Mrs. Wesley White, lives near Carthage.

Mr. Anderson's opportunities to acquire an education were extremely limited. In his boyhood, he attended private or "subscription" schools for a few months and this constituted his schooling. This he has supplemented by reading until he is one of the best informed men in his neighborhood. He is particularly fond of reading the Scriptures and few men know more of the Book of Life than he. His farm, which consists of about 100 acres, is directly opposite New Richmond, Ohio. From a point near the house one can see up the beautiful Ohio for fifteen miles, and down the river for about ten miles, while opposite the city of New Richmond, with its surrounding hills, forms a gorgeous panorama. The farm is also widely known for a fine spring of water. This Mr. Anderson has utilized for keeping milk and butter, dairy products being the principal output of the farm. Along the side of the farm next to the Ohio River, runs the Chesapeake and Ohio railway.

Before the war Mr. Anderson was a Whig. Since then he has been a Democrat, though he takes no active part in politics. On July 4 1848, he was married to Mary Hester White, daughter of James and Margaret (Dicken) White, both of whom were natives of Campbell County. Mrs. Anderson's mother was a distant relative of Charles Dickens, the celebrated English novelist, though for some reason the American branch of the family dropped the final letter of the name.

 Mrs. Anderson was born at Alexandria, Ky. May 25, 1830, and received her education in the schools of her native town. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are the parents of eight children, viz.: John, died at the age of 18 mo.; Martha, married Robert Mell and died at the age of 26 years. A daughter of this marriage, Miss Birdie Mell, a bright and amiable young lady, now lives with her grandparents.  Joseph Wesley, now a farmer living near Winnebago City, Minn.; Millard Fillmore, who died near New Richmond, Ohio in 1902; Margaret Lizzie, now Mrs. Zeno Barker, living near Carthage; Mary Jessie, now Mrs. William Madden, of Mount Washington, Ohio; Jacob a farmer near Carthage; and Esther Holmes, wife of Thornton Painter, a farmer near Carthage.

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are both members of the Baptist Church and are firm believers in the faith of that denomination.  They practice the teachings of their religion, are charitable to the unfortunate and their home is one of the most hospitable in Campbell County.

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