James Taylor Jr

James Taylor Jr.


Photo courtesy of the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria, Kentucky, and
provided by Jeff Weimer


James Taylor, the son of James Taylor Senior and Ann Hubbard, was born April 19, 1769, in Midway, Caroline County, Virginia. His father served in the Revolutionary war in the Virginia Militia and received land in Kentucky as a result. George Muse, who was awarded 2700 acres along the Ohio River traded it to James Taylor Senior for a keg of whiskey.

In 1780 James Taylor Jr. and his brother, Hubbard Taylor came to Campbell County to survey the Muse patents. On May 3, 1793, James Jr. came to Campbell County to live and supervise the sale of his fatherís land. His father gave him 500 acres. He also brought three of his slaves, Moses, Humphrey and Adam and an English Army deserter, Robert Christy and his family. His slaves built several small log cabins on the Campbell County side of Licking River, cleared 16 acres of ground and planted corn.

In 1794 he served as lawyer and executor of David Leitchís estate and married his widow, Keturah Moss Leitch, on November 15, 1795. This marriage united the two largest landholders in the area, and together they owned most of what is known today as Newport, Bellevue, Southgate, Wilder, Fort Thomas, Highland Heights, Cold Spring, and Alexandria. He and Keturah had eleven children, four of whom lived past infancy.

Children of James Taylor and Keturah Moss

1. Reuben Taylor-died as a child from burns
2. Taylor Child died from a fall down the stairs
3. Taylor Child died from a fall down the stairs
4. James Taylor b-9 Aug 1802 at Bell View Mansion; d-29 Mar 1883; m-Susan Lucy Barry d/o William T Barry; b-27 Sep 1807; d-8 Sep 1881  
Colonel James Taylor Obituary
5. Keturah Leitch Taylor b-9 Aug 1802 at Bell View Mansion; m-Major Horatio Turpin Harris 21 Aug 1821 in Newport; died 20 Oct 1871 in Newport and buried in the Newport Cemetery in Southgate; Keturah was active in the Baptist church and supported many community activities, especially programs for the poor.
6. Ann W Taylor b-1804 at Bell View m-Colonel John Woleston Tibbatts 27 Dec 1824; died 18 Jan 1868 in Hartford Conn. buried at Newport Cemetery in Southgate; now Evergreen
7. Jane Maria Taylor born 1815 in Newport; m-George T Williamson, a lawyer, of Cincinnati; died 28 July 1872 near Geneva Switzerland

Children of James Taylor Jr. and Susan Lucy Barry

1. Mary Keturah Taylor born 1825 in Newport; m-Thomas Laurens Jones; d-7 Apr 1896
2. Lucy C Taylor born 27 Mar 1829 in Newport; m-James William Abert 14 July 1851 in Newport; d-16 May 1916 in Newport; br-Evergreen Cemetery
3. Infant Taylor
4. Infant Taylor
5. James Taylor born 1834 in Newport
6. Jonathan Barry Taylor born 27 Dec 1836 in Newport; d-22 Dec 1914; m-Bettie Washington in 1862; d/o Capt John Thornton Washington
7. Barry Taylor born 1839 in Newport; d-18 Apr 1887
8. Martha Ovelton Taylor born 1841 in Newport; d-5 June 1890; m-Richard Westrop Saunder from Italy and a physician Oct 4, 1864 in Newport

Children of Keturah Leitch Taylor and Major Horatio Turpin Harris

1. Josephine Harris b-17 July 1823 in Covington; d-13 Oct 1902 in New York; m-George W Ward 15 June 1847 in Newport
2. Jordena Cannon Harris b-1827 in Ohio; d-2 Nov 1853 in Morristown New Jersey
3. Joan Harris b-1830 in Covington
4. Ann M Harris b-1837 in Newport
5. Virginia Moss Harris b-1843 in Newport

Children of Ann W Taylor and John Wolsten Tibbatts

1. Keturah Moss Tibbatts born 1827 in Newport; m-George Baird Hodge 20 Aug 1851 in Newport
2. James Tibbatts born 1834 in Newport
3. Mary Tibbatts born 1835 in Newport
4. Josephine Tibbatts born 1837 in Newport
5. John Tibbatts born 1841 in Newport
6. Zachariah Tibbatts born 1847 in Newport

Children of Keturah Moss Tibbatts and George Baird Hodge

1. Sarah Katharine Hodge b-14 June 1852 in Newport
2. Nannie Hodge b-5 Apr 1855 in Newport
3. -- Hodge b-26 Nov 1856 in Newport
4. Georgiana B Hodge b-17 June 1859 in Newport; d-27 Oct 1927 in Dayton; br-Evergreen; m-Samuel C Bailey
5. John Tibbatts Hodge b-28 Mar 1863 in Newport; d-10 Oct 1934

Children of Jane Maria Taylor and George T Williamson

1. Keturah M Williamson born 1832 in Cincinnati
2. Samuel Taylor Williamson born 1833 in Cincinnati 
3. Florida William born 1835 in Cincinnati
4. William T Williamson born 1839 in Cincinnati; m-Louisa Spencer
5. George H Williamson born 1842 in Cincinnati
6. Maria R Williamson born 1843 in Cincinnati
7. Alice May Williamson

Children  of Lucy C Taylor and James William Abert

1. Susan Barry Abert born 5 Apr 1852 in Newport; d-15 Nov 1928 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen
2. Nellie M Abert born 4 July 1855 in Louisville; d-6 Sep 1942 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen
3. Jennie Abert born 1859 in Louisville
4. James William Abert born 1862 in Louisville
5. Child born 1865 in Louisville

Children of Martha Ovelton Taylor and Richard Westrop Saunders

1. Susan E Saunders born 1865 in Newport; d-20 Sep 1905
2. Martha T Saunders born 1867 in Newport
3. Betty W Saunders born 1872 in Newport
4. Richard Westrop Saunders born 1878 in Newport
5, Anna M Saunders born July 1882 in Newport

In 1803, James, acting on behalf of his father, donated 2 acres of land at Fourth and York streets on which to build a court house and jail. Another 2 acre site was donated in 1799 at fourth and Monmouth Streets on which the Newport Academy, the first school was built. He was instrumental in having the Federal Government move its Western Arsenal from Fort Washington to Newport in 1803. He donated 5 acres on which to build the Army post and was chosen to supervise its construction.

The City of Newport was incorporated February 24, 1834 and had been named by Hubbard Taylor, James' brother, in honor of Christopher Newport, the English mariner who was Captain of the first ship bringing English settlers to Jamestown, Virginia. John B Lindsey was the first mayor and James appointed six trustees: Thomas Kennedy, Washington Berry, Henry Brasher, James McClure, Thomas Lindsey, and Daniel Duggan. Nathan Kelly was appointed Campbell County Sheriff and James was the first Clerk of Courts.

In 1837 James built a mansion for his family in Newport on Taylor Street (now 335 East 3rd Street) and named it the Bellevue Mansion.

Fire destroyed this Mansion-March 1842 Articles

In addition to operating ferries across both the Ohio and Licking Rivers, James helped start the Newport State Bank in 1818, operated saw and grist mills, ran a tanning business, and invested in the Newport Manufacturing Company which made "Kentucky Jeans". He was part owner of the salt works at Grantís Lick, attained the rank of Brigadier General in the Kentucky Militia during the War of 1812, was paymaster and quartermaster for the Northwest Armed Forces, trustee of the Newport Academy and helped layout the route for U.S. 27, then called the Newport to Cynthiana Turnpike. In his spare time, he liked to hunt buffalo and search for fossils at Big Bone Lick.

When James died November 7, 1848, he owned property in 26 Ohio Counties, 60,000 acres in Kentucky. Indiana, Missouri and Iowa. He had a net worth of over four million dollars. His last official act was to cast his vote for his cousin, Zachary Taylor for President. He was near death at the time and election officials came to his bedside, to record his vote. After casting his ballot, he was quoted as saying, "I have fired my last shot for my country". He died several hours later. He was buried at the Bellevue Mansion. 

Before his death he and Richard Southgate made arrangements to donate 17 acres south of Newport which was wilderness then, for a new cemetery.  The property of the Madison Street Burying Ground and Newport Cemetery stood in the way of progress and building. The Newport Cemetery Company received the deed for the 17 acres in 1847.  The property became known as Evergreen Cemetery.  James Taylor's family received a section for burial, erected a monument to him and supposedly had him moved and reburied in front of the monument.  The records do not say when or if he was moved. It is now known as the Taylor Monument Section.

This section is a circle around the Taylor monument with the circle divided into 6 sections identified as A through F.  Taylor's will stipulated that his slaves were to be buried with him.  Checking the available records shows only one there.

Section 16 Lot 66A owned by Mary Keturah Jones shows the following:

1. Infant Thomas Arnold
2. Infant Louisa Jones
3. Thomas L Jones-buried 22 July 1887
4. Lawrence Jones
5. Jas T Jones-buried 25 July 1895
6. Thos Jones Jr.
7. Mary Keturah Jones-buried 9 Apr 1896
8. Martha B Barry-buried 29 Nov 1898
9. Elizabeth M Arnold-buried 19 July 1907
10. Mary Eliz Jones-buried 31 Mar 1917
11. Brent Arnold Sr. buried 22 Jan 1927
12. John C DeMoss buried 4 June 1934
13. Anna Marshall Miller-buried 21 Mar 1936
14. Thos Lawrence Jones-buried 1 June 1937
15. Keturah Jones DeMoss-buried 27 Dec 1950
16. Mary Jane Shields-buried 24 Feb 1953
17. Brent Arnold Jr. buried 25 Nov 1953
18. Infant DeMoss-buried 16 June 1954
19. Letitia Cist Arnold-buried 6 Feb 1964
20. Anne Wilshire Erwin-buried 24 May 1977

Section 16 Lot 66B owned by Martha O Saunders shows the following;

1. Dr. Richard Westrop Saunders-buried 16 Mar 1884
2. Martha Saunders-buried 16 June 1890
3. Susan E Saunders-buried 1 Oct 1905
4. Richard Westrop Saunders-buried 4 Dec 1911
5. Martha Saunders Davis-buried 6 Feb 1941
6. Betty Saunders Harris-buried 17 Mar 1948
7. Eleanor Saunders-buried 19 June 1951
8. John Reece-buried 30 Oct 1954
9. Martha Davis Whittaker-buried 14 May 1959
10. Nell Long Davis-buried 20 June 1968
11. John Landon Davis-buried 28 Apr 1973
12. Betty Harris Reece-buried 14 Oct 1974
13. Athael Barry Ellis-buried 19 Jan 1989

Section 16 Lot 66C owned by Lucy C Abert shows the following:

1. James W Abert-buried 13 Aug 1897
2. Lucy C Abert-buried 18 May 1916
3. Susan Barry Abert-buried 17 Nov 1928
4. Nellie M Abert-buried 9 Sep 1942
5. Jennie Abert Neff-buried 14 Apr 1956
6. Josephine Brandes-buried 31 July 1956
7. Charles Brandes-buried 8 Feb 1961

Section 16 Lot 66D owned by Jonathan B Taylor shows the following:

1. James Smith (colored) buried 17 May 1879
2. J T Washington-buried 1888
3. Adelaide Washington-buried 13 Apr 1893
4. Jas Tibbatts-buried 7 Feb 1903
5. Daniel Breck Ramsey-buried 26 Sep 1905
6. John T Washington-buried 16 Apr 1910
7. John B Taylor-buried 11 May 1915
8. Betty Washington Taylor-buried 24 May 1917
9. Frank T Washington-buried 8 Nov 1917
10. Clara Tone-buried 21 Nov 1900
11. Jonathan W Tibbatts Sr. buried 19 Feb 1919
12. Lucy Tibbatts-buried 30 June 1923
13. Florence May Washington-buried 17 July 1926
14. Lucy T Tibbatts-buried 6 Jan 1940
15. Agatha Washington-buried 20 Dec 1941
16. Estella Washington-buried 17 Mar 1942
17. Leo Tibbatts-buried 4 Nov 1944
18. Albert Kuehner-buried 16 July 1945
19. John W Tibbatts-buried 16 May 1946
20. Floride Kuehner-buried 24 Oct 1958
21. Susan Tibbatts-buried 11 Dec 1963
22. Pearl A Tibbatts buried 14 Apr 1965

Section 16 Lot 66E owned by James Taylor Jr. shows the following:

1. Jas Taylor Jr.
2. Infant Taylor
3. Maggie Poterfield Taylor-buried 28 Feb 1927

Section 16 Lot 66F owned by Barry Taylor shows the following:

1. Barry Taylor-buried 20 Apr 1887
2. J Julian Taylor-buried 7 Apr 1905
3. Marian Taylor-buried 16 Jan 1914


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