Captain James McPike

Captain James and Martha McPike


By Helen Bradley Lindsey of Newport
From the Kentucky State Historical Society Vol. 26 No. 77 May 1928

Captain James McPike was born about 1750 to an educated Scotsman, who was a linen merchant, who held a commission with the Stuarts.  His father married a Stuart in Edinburgh.  James was educated in Edinburgh, but in his youth went off to Dublin, under the charge of one McDonald, to acquire a thorough military education, and was later sent to America.

 According to tradition James came from England in 1772, then quite young, not more than 21,  to Baltimore and served several years with Washington under Colonel Howard and General Little.  He was also under the command of General Lafayette.  As sergeant, he participated in  he storming of Stony Point under Anthony Wayne.

He married Martha Mountain, daughter of Joseph and E (Drake) Mountain from New Jersey, in 1782 in western Maryland.  The Mountain family had migrated from Hampshire England.

Children of James McPike and Martha Mountain

1. Joseph McPike b-July 24 1783 in Maryland; m-Sarah Lindsey, daughter of Thomas Sr. and Rebecca (Harris) Lindsey in 1808. d-Rushville Indiana after 1870
2. Richard McPike b-December 6, 1791. 
3. Elizabeth McPike b-1793
4. Nancy McPike b-1794; m-Richard Lindsey, son of Thomas Sr. and Rebecca (Harris) Lindsey, March 28, 1809 in Newport.
5. Sarah McPike
6.  John Mountain McPike was born February 5, 1795 at Wheeling Virginia. 
7. Haley McPike b-1797 in Newport
8. George McPike b-1799 in Newport
9. Martha "Patsy" Washington McPike b-20 Mar 1802 in Newport; m-James Blagrave Dicken 26 June 1827 in Newport; d-23 July 1870 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery (now Evergreen)
10. James McPike b-1805 in Newport

In that same year, James and Martha traveled on a flat-boat down the Ohio River to Maysville Kentucky, where they remained for a time. They then moved to Newport.  The remaining children, Haley, George, Martha, and James were born in Newport.  Martha married James Dickens whose family came from Virginia in Newport.

James and his family lived the remainder of their lives in Newport.  He died in May 1825, the day before Lafayette's arrival in Cincinnati.  In this last illness James McPike expressed a desire to see Lafayette, who would recognize him at once and call him by name.  He was buried in the Newport Cemetery.

Children of Nancy McPike and Richard Lindsey

1. Margaret Lindsey b-

Children of Martha "Patsy" Washington McPike and James Blagrave Dicken

1. James C Dicken b-1828 in Newport
2. Benjamin O Dicken b-1831 in Newport
3. Augusta V Dicken b-1837 in Richmond Oh; d-25 Dec 1876 in Newport; br-Newport Cemetery (now Evergreen)
4. Edwin E Dicken b-1841 in Newport

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