Thomas and Mary Iles


Information comes from the family files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria.


Thomas Iles was born 3 June 1789 and believed to have come from Lancaster County in England.  Thomas married Mary Storres in 1812 in Pilling Lancaster England and were settled in Campbell County by 1833 living in the Flagg Springs area.

Thomas died 13 Nov 1855 in Flagg Spring and was buried in the Flagg Springs Cemetery.  Mary was born in 1788 in England and died before 1860 in Flagg Springs.

Children of Thomas and Mary Storres

1. Mathew Iles b-1813 in England; m-Jane Maria Carmack 13 Dec 1841 in Flagg Springs.  Jane was the daughter of Wm Carmack and Mary Dameron
2. Ellen Iles b-4 Apr 1813 in Garstang Lancaster England; m-William Hitch 4 Mar 1832 in Flagg Springs
Mary Iles m-Timothy Rardin 26 Nov 1833 in Flagg Springs
3. Jane Iles b-1815 in Lancaster England; m (1) Richard Winder 1 Oct 1833 in Flagg Springs; m (2) William L Young 16 Oct 1838 in Flagg Springs (her brother Mathew provided bond)
4. John Iles b-14 Feb 1821 in Flagg Spring; d-20 Dec 1906; br-Grandview Cemetery; m-Cerilda Ducker 26 Jan 1846
5. Joseph Iles born 17 Mar 1826 in Kentucky; m-Elizabeth Maddox 29 Oct 1856 in Flagg Springs; d-19 Sep 1903 in Dundee Texas
6. Thomas Iles b-Apr 1830 in Flagg Springs; m (1) Martha S Calvert 18 Jan 1854 in Flagg Springs; m (2) Julia A Maddox 4 Aug 1870 in Shelby Co Illinois; d-1910 in Pawnee Co Kansas; br-Point View Cemetery in Radium Kansas
7. America A Iles b-28 June 1831 in Flagg Springs; d-20 Dec 1844 in Flagg Springs; br-Flagg Spring Cemetery

Children of Matthew Iles and Jane Maria Carmack

1. William Iles b-1843 in Flagg Spring
2. Mary E Iles b-1845 in Flagg Spring
3. Sarah Iles b-1847 in Flagg Spring
4. Ellen Iles b-1850 in Flagg Spring

Children of Ellen Iles and William Hitch

1. Thomas G Hitch b-16 May 1840 in Flagg Spring; d-13 Apr 1862 in Crawfordsville Indiana
2. John S Hitch b-1842 in Montgomery Co Indiana; d-1900 in Cherry Grove Indiana
3. William Henry Hitch b-Sept 1845 in Montgomery Co Indiana; d-11 Aug 1916 in Crawfordsville Indiana
4.  James E Hitch b-1848 in Montgomery Co Indiana

Children of Joseph Iles and Elizabeth Maddox

1. Ida Van Iles b-16 July 1857 in Flagg Springs; d-17 Aug 1858 in Flagg Spring; br-Flagg Spring Cemetery
2. Allen Alvin Iles b-23 Feb 1858 in Flagg Springs; d-Oklahoma
3. Adda Iles b-1860 in Flagg Springs
4. Mary Mollie Iles b-1862 in Flagg Springs
5. Claude Iles b-1865 in Flagg Springs
6. Inda May Iles b-22 May 1866 in Flagg Springs; d-21 Mar 1959 in Decatur Texas
7. Rolla E Iles b-Feb 1877 in Illinois; d-Nov 1903 in Kansas City MO; br-Caldwell Kansas

Children of John Iles and Cerilda Ducker

1. John T Iles b-1847 in Flagg Springs
2. William H Iles b-29 Dec 1849 in Flagg Springs; d-5 Jan 1928 in Mentor; br-Grandview Cemetery
3. Mary Iles b-1852 in Flagg Springs
4. Cerilda Ducker b-1 Oct 1854 in Flagg Springs; d-4 Oct 1854
5. Samuel Iles b-17 July 1855 in Flagg Springs; d-21 Feb 1948; m-Elizabeth Able Wilcox 19 Jan 1891
6. Hanford Iles b-25 Oct 1857
7. Amanda Iles b-1860 in Flagg Springs
8. Etta Mae Iles b-22 Apr 1866 in Carthage; d-26 Apr 1957 in Mentor; br-Grandview Cemetery; m-Calvin J Nelson
9. Kate Iles b-Mar 1869 in Carthage
10. Jennie Iles b-1871 in Carthage
11. George Wilber Iles b-13 Sep 1873 in Carthage; d-27 Jan 1949; br-Alexandria Cemetery

Children of Thomas Iles and Martha S Calvert

1. Charles Iles b-1854 in Flagg Springs
2. Augustus Iles b-11 Jan 1856 in Flagg Springs; d-Wyandotte Kansas
3. Thomas B Iles b-Oct 1858 in Flagg Springs
4. Walter Iles b-1860 in Flagg Springs; d-1929 in Hillsdale Kansas

Children of Thomas Iles and Julia A Maddox

1. Libbie Illes b-1871 in Shelby Co Illinois
2. Luella Iles b-8 Mar 1873 in Shelby Co Illinois; d-19 July 1934 in Pawnee Co Kansas
3. Jessie Iles b-Sep 1877 in Shelby Co Illinois; m-Abraham Ackerman

Also in the Flagg Spring area not far from Thomas was a William Iles believed to be his brother.  William was christened 23 Mar 1799 in Leigh Lancaster England to Richard & Mary Iles.  He is found on the 1850 census with his second wife Elizabeth.

Children of William Iles and first wife

1. Henry Iles b-1828 in Kentucky
2. Rebecca Iles b-1834 in Kentucky
3. Ellen Iles b-1836 in Kentucky
4. Harrison Iles b-1838 in Kentucky

Children of William Iles and Elizabeth

1. Nancy Iles b-1842 in Kentucky


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