Jonathan Horsfall

Alexandria Deed Book L 1834, page 548

Nicholas Cherry sold 122 acres of land 2 miles south west of Alexandria to Jonathan Horsfall for $350.

Alexandria Court Order Book 5, page 162 November Term 1845

A report of the appraisments and sales of the estates of Jonathan Horsfall, dec'd and Thos Stevens dec'd. presented to court which are to be recorded.

Alexandria Deed Book T, page 195, April 14, 1848

Thomas Horsfall sold for $10 land deed by Spillman to John Wolf

Alexandria Deed Book U, page 359, December 25, 1849

Joseph Horsfall of Kenton County for $75 buys from John Brown and wife Ellen Brown all interest, 1/8 of interest as heir, as a child of Jonathan Horsfall dec'd 122 acres.

Alexandria Deed Book U, page 507, February 20 1850

James Greenwood and wife Sarah for $50 sell to Joseph Horsfall 1/8 part of 122 acres.  The same property deeded by Nicholas Cherry and wife to Jonathan Horsfall on February 3, 1836.

Alexandria Deed Book V, pg 67 March 2 1850

Charles Clemons and Mary his wife sell to Joseph Horsfall 1/8 of 122 acres as heiress of Jonathan Horsfall dec'd.

Alexandria Deed Book V, page 421, February 11, 1852

Thomas Horsfall of Newport for $100 sells to Jonathan Horsfall of Newport his rights to the estate of Jonathan Horsfall, late deceased, 122 acres 2 miles south west of Alexandria.

Alexandria Deed Book X, page 93, March 20, 1852

Jonathan Horsfall of Newport and his wife Elizabeth Ann for $150 deed to John Brown "a certain tract of land formerly owned by Jonathan Horsfall, my father, now dec'd." 122 acres south west of Alexandria.  Thomas is named as heir at law.

Alexandria Deed Book Y, pages 152-53, July 14, 1852

Tax Sale; For $42.63 Jonathan Horsfall buys 29 feet of lot 260 of Buena Vista Addition on York Street.  Sold on the Court House steps July 8, 1852.

Alexandria Deed Book X, September 7 1852

Joseph Horsfall and his wife Sarah sell for $75 land to James H Parker.

Alexandria Deed Book 26, page 342 (1854-1856)

Elizabeth A Horsfall, buys from Jonas Horsfall of Ghent in Carroll County Kentucky all his rights and titles in 122 acres of his father, Jonathan Horsfall deceased for $100.



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