Soldiers of the Home Guard Association of Mount Vernon and Mount Pleasant in Campbell County 1861

Soldiers of the Home Guard Association of Mount Vernon and Mount Pleasant

Fort Thomas, Kentucky


This information comes from the transcribed minutes of this association. Only those minutes that lists the Home Guard Soldiers are included here. A full copy of all the minutes is at the Campbell County Historical Society. Other information comes from the local newspapers at that time. 

April 21, 1861

Proceedings of a meeting composed of the residents of Mount Vernon and Mount Pleasant for the purpose of forming a Home Guard Association held at the Mt. Pleasant Church, Monday evening April 21, 1861.  The meeting having been assembled, Judge Irvin was elected President, Mr. Shaw, Secretary, Mr. Webster of Newport, was then called upon to inform the meeting of the proceedings in reference to the formation of Home Guard Association in the cities of Cincinnati, Newport and Covington.  Mr. Webster complied and delivered a lengthy speech.  Mr. Henry Stanberry was next called upon for a speech.  His address was strong by Union in its sentiment.  Clearly setting forth the true object of the Association.  He was followed by several other speakers, whose sentiments expressed the firmest attachment to the Union.  Mr. Henry Stanbury then offered some resolutions which were unanimously adopted by the meeting.

May 8, 1861

List of the Members of the Mt Pleasant and Mt Vernon Home Guards and Account of the monthly dues of same of 10 cts per month (by action of a meeting held at the armory, May 8, 1861)

Anderson, John 10, 1 Gun Army
Adams, William
Abbot, Thomas R
Allingham, Richard
Allingham, James 10,
Butts, W.
Beanly, Charles-Jamestown Home Guard
Berry, Taylor 10
Cline, John 10,10,10 1 Gun
Cummings, Samuel -----R 10,10,10
Coppin, Joseph 1 Gun Army
Cummings, Lewis 10, 1 Gun
Cribeler, J. 10,
Castleman, A
Castleman, John L
Conclin, William 10, 1 Gun
Caruthers, Bar. 10, 1 Gun

Colter, William 1 Gun Army
Cooper, A. M. R
Dixon, J. G. 1 Gun
Dorgan, William 10,10 1 Gun
Denman, C. 101, 1 Gun

Evans, William 10
Evans, John G/S. 10 1 Gun
Farmer, A.
Forrister, Jos 10,10
Farmer, Thos. R
Farrer, Thomas
Flanigan, Cornelius 10, 1 Gun
Gaddis, Rees
Gray, G. W. R 1 Gun
Gray, N. G. 1 Gun
Grey, G. T. (excused from sickness) 1 Gun
Grey, J. 10,10 (excused from sickness)
Green, A. K. 10 (Gone to War)
Godfrey, Y. ___R

Graven, Joseph R
Gaddis, Jno C. 10, 1 Gun
Hills, B. Y. ___R
Harris, L. Y.
Hall, W. R
Homer, G. W. I Gun
Holmes, S. D. R 1 Gun
Hall, J. S.
Hills, Milton 10, Army 1 Gun
Hall, Jas
Homer, Andrew 10, 1 Gun
Homer, Isaac 1 Gun
Holtz, Jno 10 1 Gun
Hupet, John
Irvin, Thomas 10, _ R
Jolley, Thos. 10, 1 Gun
Kitchel, Cyrus 10, Jamestown Home Guard
Lindle, Wm
Leonhart, George R
Malchus, Jacob 10, 1 Gun

Metz, Valetine R
Moore, Stephan R 10,
Moorhouse, Thos. 1 Gun
Morin, E. H. Army 1 Gun
McGrew, Jas. T. 10 1 Gun
Miller, Jno. M. 10,10 1 Gun
Manogue, Lawrence R
Moore, Martin 1 Gun
McGrew, Thos. R
North, Frank 10,10 1 Gun
Nyles (Niles) J. W. Gone to War
Nyles (Niles) J. C. R 10,10,10
North, David R 10,10,10,10 1 Gun
Nicholas, N. B. ___R
Owen, Aron
Osterhouse, Henry R
Peak, John 1 Gun
Pyle, John W. 10, 1 Gun

Peak, Jasper 1 Gun
Parsons, George 10 Army 1 Gun
Patterson, Robert Gone to War
Parsons, Bate Gone to War
Pierce, Melancton
Palmer, H. R
Robson, G. W. 10, 1 Gun
Revel, Thos 10,10
Richmond, J. H. ___R
Robson, W. H. H. 10, 1 Gun
Robson, R. S. 10 1 Gun
Rebholz, Mathew 10,
Robson, G. W. 10,10,10
Shaw, Sam] 10, 1 Gun Smith, C
Sesher, G. W.
Seifert, J. Joined the army
Shear, Louis R
Smith, C
Stanbery, Henry ___R

Stanbery, George 10,
Sproat, Wm 10, 10 ___R
Stillwell, J. W. ___R 10
Shearer, Mike 10, 10, ___R
Shreaver, Fredh 10 Gun Returned
Stagner, Danl
Taliaferro, W. R. Jr. 10 1 Gun
Taliaferro, W. R. Sr. 10
Vickers, Garland ___R 10,10,10 1 Gun
Vickers, Thos. R
Walker, W. S. 10, moved away 1 Gun
Wolfley, Lewis 10
Walker, John ___R 10,10 1 Gun
Walton, J. F. 10,10,10 1 Gun
Walker, Henry R
Walker, P.M. 10,10 1 Gun
Weaver, Danl 1 Gun
Weaver, Christian (a) 1 Gun
Williams, N. G. ___R 1 Gun
Wickert, Baltz (a) 1 Gun
Niselbeck, Henry 10 1 Gun
Lewis, James 10, 1 Gun
Rebholtz, Valentine 10, (a) 1 Gun
Howard, John Gone to War
Miller, John M. Sr. (a) 1 Gun
Bisny (a)
Howard, George (a)
Walker, Jas. C. P.
Taliaferro, Thos. 1 Gun
Collier, Wm
McGrath, Thos. (a)
Neil, James L. In Army 1 Gun
Ryan, John Army
Truesdale, David
Ryan, M. J. (a)
Torline, Chas. (a)

Green, Jas (a)
Smith, Benjamin Army
Peak, Newton (a)
Holmes, Thos. 1 Gun
Shnador, ?
Phillips, Robert 1 Gun
Richardson, Chas. H. (a)
Scott, John (a) 1 Gun
Richardson, ? moved 1 Gun
Hilben, H 10 1 Gun
Eicher, John (a) Army 1 Gun
Barns, George
Stricker, John (a)
Orid, Leonard (a)
Rees, John
Cark, Wm M.
Collins, John moved
Turner, F. A. (a)

Dowd, Jas (a)
Pence, Doran, John


Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, 20 April 1861, page 2


HOME GUARD-The members of the Home Guard held a meeting last evening at their rooms for the purpose of furthering their plans for the future.  The Association now number between two and three hundred members.


Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, 25 April 1961, page 3


Home-Guard Meeting at Mount Vernon-A large and enthusiastic meeting, comprising almost the entire population of Mount Pleasant and Mount Vernon, Campbell County, Kentucky was held for the purposed of forming a Home Guard and to take into consideration the best means to be pursued to meet the impending crisis.

Upon motion, Judge Irwin was called to the Chair and S Shaw appointed Secretary and Wm Robson, senior, Assistant Secretary. After which F M Webster, Esq. was called upon to explain the object of the meeting, and the result of the conference which was held yesterday at the Merchants' Exchange, Cincinnati, between the delegates of the three cities of Cincinnati, Covington and Newport.

After Mr. Webster closed, Henry Stanberry, Esq. took the stand and in a very clear an forcible manner, explained the position in which we are placed and the proper course for us to pursue.  Remarks were than made by several other gentlemen present.  The Committee then reported the following basis of organization, which was unanimously adopted and signed by all present but three or four:

"We, the citizens of Mt. Pleasant and Mt. Vernon, in the county of Campbell, Kentucky, do hereby organize ourselves into a Home Guard, upon the basis and for the purposes following:  We declare our loyalty and attachment to the Union and to the flag of our country--we seek safety for ourselves or our families if we lose the protection of that flag, and of our existing National Government; and we see no sufficient cause to desert either for any other flag or any other National Government.

In view, therefore, of every consideration of duty, patriotism and safety, we feel called upon by the impending crisis and the dangers which surround us, to pledge ourselves to each other for common defense, on the principles we have announced. We do hereby appoint a committee to obtain signatures to this paper and to call an early meeting of the subscribers, for the purpose of organization.


Names of members of Union Home Guards 25 June 1861

Benton, Thos (a)
Britton, John 1 Gun
Brimstone, George (a)
Bull, Arthur (a)
Close, Jacob (a)
Collins, Patrick (a)
Carroll, Mike (a) 1 Gun
Davis, Henry (a)
Dickenson, Jos. (a)
 Gropklous, Hans (a)
Homer, Charles (a) 1 Gun
Hilderbrand, Martin (a) 1 Gun
Homer, Joseph (a) 1 Gun
Henson, Wm. (a)
Harrison, Stephen (a)
Hoffinan, Charles (a)
Hawthorn, George (a)
Jurdon, Jas. (a)
Linet, John (a)

Lock, F. B., Sr.
Lock, F. B., Jr. (a)
Luiegard, Frank (a)
Lilleg, John (a)
McCoy, Jas L. (a)
Miles, Wm. C. (a) 1 Gun
Miles, William 1 Gun
Morland, Wm H. (a)
Nichols, O. D. (a)
Pinkerton, Thos. (a)
Parsons, Enock (a) 1 Gun
Pinkerton, Thos. (a)
Rott, W. (a)
Rott, T. (a)
Rott, Louis (a)
Switzer, Gaudakeepe (a)
Someaster, Wm. (a) 1 Gun
Sarver, George (a)

Taylor, David (a)
Winter, Wm
Willison, Leander (a)
Shuster, Cunrod (a) 1 Gun
Edwards, A J
Vaughan, Thos
Lilley, WM-Boy
Britton, Robt-Boy
Henson, Theo-Boy
Johnson, Jesse 1 Gun
Adams, George
Worlur, Wm

Union Armory Sept. 17, 1861

President Irwin in the chair; minutes of the two previous meetings not having recorder in the secretary's book it was by motion carried that they be procured and inserted by the sec in his book. Committee on guns reported 100 guns present 75 with & 25 without accoutrements to be distributed to the loyal Home Guards on the following conditions that each member receiving a gun be required to pay into the committee 50 cents & give his not with security for $15.00 on the return of the gun in good order upon the demand of the committee. The committee then distributed to the following persons:

Names/Time of Enlistment/Company Regiment/Kind of Service

William Friday-April 22, 1861/10th Ohio-Infantry
Charles Smith-May 30, 1861/7th Ohio-Infantry
Sylvester Weber-May 29, 1861/9th Ohio-Infantry
Albion Barret-May, 1861/5th Ohio/3 months Infantry
David Litzinger-Sep 1861/23 KY-KY Infantry
John Shaw-July, 1862/Arthurs Kentucky Cavalry
Harvey Grey-July, 1861/ 1st Ky Infantry
Henry Worlin-1862
James Reynolds-Sep 1862/85 Ohio Infantry
John Stricker
Mathew Rebholtz-Sep 1861/H 3rd Ky Cavalry
Charles Rebholtz-Sep 1861/H 3rd Ky Cavalry
James Fall-Sep 1862
Milton Hills-Sep 1861/H 3rd Ky Cavalry
William H. Wolfley-Jan 1862/ 62 Ohio Infantry
Lewis Wolfley-Sep 1861/H 3rd Ky Cavalry
Phillip Peter-Sep 1861/H 3rd Ky Cavalry
Benjamin Smith-Aug. 1862 Infantry
Patrick Fleming-Aug. 1862 Infantry
George Morin-1862/Co E 8th Ky Cavalry

Wm. Smith-1862 Infantry
Jacob Shotzman-July 1861/1st Ky Infantry
John Plymesser-July 1861/1st Ky Infantry
John Britton-Sept 1861/23 Ky Infantry
Samuel Woods
Alexander Green-1861/6th Ohio
Asbury Piner-1862/Arthurs Co 8th Ky Cavalry
E. H. Morin-1861/3rd Ky Cavalry
Jacob Close-1862/115th Ohio

Union Armory 21 September 1861

Mr. Garland Vickers called to the chair. Minutes of last meeting read and adopted with the following amendment that the 25 guns without equipment be distributed to the companies of the Home Guards the consideration of which on the notes shall be $12.00. Rec'd on dues $1.30.  After which the committee distributed guns to the members of the company. After which the meeting adjourned to meet again on Sunday at 2 o'clock.  Jno. C. Gaddis

Names of the company to guard bridges:
Matthew Rebholz Cap
H. M. Turner (name has line through it)
S. H. Stebbins Cap pd
George Adams Cap
John Collins Cap
Valentine Rebholtz
O. H. Hibbin cap pd
John Scott


Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, 20 September 1861, page 2


HAVE RESOLVED TO GO-The Home Guards met at their respective armories last night to consider upon the propriety of reporting themselves to General Anderson at Louisville.  We believe that Captain Artsman's Company have agreed to go and that Captain Prather will leave today with a company.


Union Armory 22 September 1861

At a meeting of the Home Guards called for the purpose of ascertaining how many would volunteer to go & Guard the bridges on the Kentucky C. R. R.  Mr. Williams was called to the chair the following members volunteered to go:

R. S. Robson
Mike Carroll (with strike thru line)
C. H. Richardson
___ T McGrew cap pd
John Britton
Wm Miles cap pd
G. W. Robson cap pd
Martin Hildebrand (with strike thru line)
Barr Caruthers
John Lock cap
W H H Robson cap pd
E H Morin (with strike thru line)
George Barns cap pd
Wm. Smiester cap pd
Dan'1 Weaver
Wm C. Miles 1 cap
Bas. F. Walton
Henny Davis cap pd

George Brimstone
Wm R Taliaferro cap
Conrad Shuster cap pd
Zates Parsons
Bals Lickert (with strike thru line)
George Stanbery cap pd
J S Evans
Frank Suegard cap pd
J C Niles cap pd
George Sarver
John Miller
Gaudllups Switzer
J M Hills cap pd
Wm Worlin 1 cap
Mike Shearer
John Reese cap pd
John Haper cap pd
P T Neil
Wm M Cook cap pd

John Stricker cap pd
F Turner (with strike thru line)
David Orid cap pd

On motion carried that a committee of 3 be appointed by the chair to see General Mitchell & Foley to ascertain of them whether we had better remain here or to go Guard the bridges.  Adjourned J.C. Gaddis, Sec.

Minutes of July 19th, 1862

On motion the reading of the minutes of previous meeting laid over till next meeting. It was resolved that a committee of 5 be appointed to be a board to determine where the company shall go in case they should be called out for an emergency.  Signed-John Cline, Garland Vickers, Richard Taliaferro, Wm. Robson and Judge Irwin.

Names of New Members joined July 19th, 1862

Benjamin Smith 1 Gun
Kidden Welcher
David Truesdale
Alvin M. Bonden (a)
Joshua Hall
Jas Reynolds
Thomas McGraw
W. P. McNight
Archey Truesdale 1 Gun
Antron Owen
Jacob Close (a)
Nots Barbea 1 Gun
George Hickman
John Ryan 1 Gun Returned
William Niles 1 Gun
David Taylor (a)
Lue Schuster 
John Tilley R
Eli Alcorn (a) 1 Gun
George Hawthorn (a)
Alf Morlin (a)
John Coon (a)
W. Hall R
Henry Farmer R
J W Parsons (a)
James Hall (a)
John Britch (a)
John Scott
Isaiah Harris (a)
Robert Phillips
Isaiah Guy 1 Gun


Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, 19 July 1862, page 2


RESPONSE TO THE PROCLAMATION OF THE MAYOR AND PROVOST MARSHAL-A meeting of the citizens of Newport was held at the Court house yesterday afternoon, Mayor Hawkins presiding for the purpose of organizing the Home Guard companies.  The Chairman stated that a meeting for Friday night had been called, but in view of the urgent necessity for obtaining arms, (which could not be done until the companies had fully organized) the present meeting was called.  the members of the various ward companies being present, they proceed to organize by electing officers with the following result;

First Ward-233 members enrolled. Sidney B Jones was chosen Captain; R B McCracken, First Lieutenant; Thos Van Fleet, Second Lieutenant; Thomas Fowler, Orderly Sergeant.
Second Ward-172 men enrolled. R J Dalton Captain; W L Wright First Lieutenant; Frank Woodward, Second Lieutenant; John Daly, Orderly Sergeant
Third Ward-320 men enrolled. Captain John Scroggin; First Lieutenant Wm Girty, Second Lieutenant T Fagan, Orderly Sergeant Philip Beall
Fourth Ward-350 men enrolled. Captain M J King. First Lieutenant A L Martin; Second Lieutenant J R Haynes
Fifth Ward-350 men enrolled. Captain A W Armacost; First Lieutenant J B Holmes; Second Lieutenant J K Stone.


Members of the active section of the Mt Vernon and Mt Pleasant Home Guards, Rank and File. August 2, 1862

Officers of Co. A-Capt. George Stanbery
1st Lieut.-Baar Caruthers
2nd Lieut.-Sam'1 Shaw
1st Sergeant-Jas F Walton
2nd Sergeant-Wm R Taliaferro
3rd Sergeant-L L McGrew 
4th Sergeant-John Evans
Ensign-Wm Lindle
Richard Allinghan-Reserve
John Cline
Lewis Cummings-Army
P Cribeler
John L Castleman-Reserve
A Castleman-moved
Wm Conclin
Bar Caruthers
J Dixon (a) moved
Wm Dorgan-T
Chas Denman
P S Evans-T
Cornelias Flanegan-T (a) (a)
N S Guy
P Guy
J C Gaddis
L J Harris (T a)
G W Homer (T)
John Hassel (army)
John C  Gaddis
(unreadable) Hall
Jas Hall T Jefferson
Andrew Horner
Isaac Horner T a
John Holtz T
Thos. Jolley T a
Wm Lindle
Jacob Malehus T a
Thos. Moorhouse T a a
James T McGraw
John M Miller T
Martin Moore T
D T North T
D T North T
Aron Owen Army
John Peak T a Jamestown
John W Pyle T a
Jasper Peak a (with a line thru name)
(unreadable) Pierce T a
Thos Revel T a
W H H Robson T army
Mathew Rebholz army
Saml Shaw
G W Sisher
George Stanbery
Wm Skroll Army
Daniel Stockner a a

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