Highland Methodist Evangelical Church Marriages




Information comes from Ft Thomas Genealogical Notes by Joseph L Donnelly 1963 in book #126 at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria


ALDEN, Clarence to Julia Ross; 17 June 1903

BARE, H R to Mary Elizabeth Kiser of the Highlands; 4 May 1893

BEARD, Clara E to Webster M Morris; June 1891

BENKE, Frank of Dayton to Edna Smith of the Highlands; 13 July 1905

BENTON, Rev W E of Cynthiana to Mrs. Cynthia Henning of Cincinnati; 12 Oct 1904

BICKER, Edwin of Cincinnati to Helen E Burns of the Highlands; 26 Feb 1903

BIGLEY, Laura of Racine Oh to J T Hutchinson of England; 2 Jan 1898

BOND, Wm R of the Highlands to Anna Kavanaugh; 15 Mar 1906

BRACKMEYER, Ida to William Hock of the Highlands; 14 Feb 1905

BURNS, Blanche M to James C McCord; 11 June 1906

BURNS, Helen E of the Highlands to Edwin Bicker of Cincinnati; 26 Feb 1903

BURT, William of Cincinnati to Lucy Turpin of Coal Haven; 10 Aug 1905 (note by Donnelly; Coal Haven is the boat landing at the foot of Tower Hill Road, below the Brackmeyer residence.  The Turpins lived in a frame cottage on the bank of the river just north of the landing.)

BUSCHANT, Wendel to Pearl Musselman; 2 July 1904

CALDWELL, Howard of Newport to Lillie Schuholz of Cincinnati; 12 July 1905

COLLIER, Kate to Rev V C Cummins; 12 Nov 1873

CORBETT, Phoebe O of Covington to Jonathan W Reynolds of Covington; 4 Feb 1905

COX, Lulu B of Cincinnati to John P Weber of Cincinnati; 14 Aug 1906

CUMMINS, Rev V C to Kate Collier; 12 Nov 1873

DEMOSS, John to Cora Eads; 25 Feb 1893

EADS, Cora to John DeMoss; 25 Feb 1893

FOOSE, Cora to Lewis Girty; 25 Feb 1893

GILDERHOUSE, Chas of Dayton to Katie Guy of the Highlands; 7 Nov 1898

GIRTY, Lewis to Cora Foose; 25 Feb 1893

GUY, Katie of the Highlands to Chas Gilderhouse of Dayton; 7 Nov 1898

GUY, William to Amanda Harris; 7 Oct 1880

HARDEMAN, Paul of Covington to Estelle Sanford of the Highlands; 28 June 1905

HARRIS, Amanda to William Guy; 7 Oct 1880

HENNING, Cynthia of Cincinnati to Rev W E Benton of Cynthiana; 12 Oct 1904

HOLDERFIELD, John to Tillie McClanahan; Feb 1892

HOCK, William of the Highlands to Ida Brackmeyer; 14 Feb 1905

HUTCHINGTON, J T of England to Laura Bigley of Racine Oh; 2 Jan 1898

KAVANAUGH, Anna to Wm R Bond of the Highlands; 15 Mar 1906

KINNEY, Frank of Cincinnati to Leonra Pfeiffer of the Highlands; 2 Aug 1905

KISER, Lizzie of the Highlands to Sam Koon of St Louis; 16 Mar 1903

KISER, Mary Elizabeth to H R Bare; 4 May 1893

KNOW, Rowena of Newport to William Porter of the Highlands; 29 Apr 1903

KOON, Sam of St Louis to Lillie Kiser of the Highlands; 16 Mar 1904

KREIGER, Fred of Cincinnati to Bessie Smith of the Highlands; 25 Nov 1903

LONG, James O to Lois White; 21 June 1890

McCLANAHAN, Tillie to John Holderfield; Feb 1892

McCORD, James C to Blanche M Burns; 11 June 1906

McDONALD, Anna of New York to J W Middelton of Knoxville; 26 Mar 1903

MIDDELTON, J W of Knoxville to Anna McDonald of New York; 26 Mar 1903

MOOAR, Grace to Edward Solar of Newport; 30 Aug 1905

MORRIS, Webster M to Clara E Beard; June 1891

MUSSELMAN, Pearl to Wendel Buschant; 2 July 1904

NEWKIRK, R W to Hattie Painter of Carthage; 4 May 1893

OPP, Claudia to Leon Ross of the Highlands; 10 Nov 1904

PAINTER, Hattie of Carthage to R W Newkirk; 4 May 1893

PORTER, William of the Highlands to Rowena Know of Newport; 29 Apr 1903

PFEIFFER, Leonra of the Highlands to Frank Kinney of Cincinnati; 2 Aug 1905

PHISTER, Chambers to Ida Shaw; Apr ?

REYNOLDS, Jonathan W of Covington to Phoebe O Corbett of Covington; 4 Feb 1905

ROSS, Julia to Clarence Alden; 17 June 1903

ROSS, Leon of the Highlands to Claudia Opp; 10 Nov 1904

RUST, Clara of the Highlands to Wm B Thomas of Philadelphia; 9 Sep 1903

SANDFORD, Estelle of the Highlands to Paul Hardeman of Covington; 28 June 1905

SCHOHOLZ, Lillie of Cincinnati to Howard Caldwell of Newport; 12 July 1905

SERTEL, Hattie to John Simmon; 28 Nov 1887

SHAW, Ida to Chambers Phister; Apr ?

SIMMON, John to Hattie Sertel; 28 Nov 1887

SMITH, Bessie of the Highlands to Fred Kreiger of Cincinnati; 25 Nov 1903

SMITH, Edna of the Highlands to Frank Benke of Dayton; 13 July 1905

SOLAR, Edward of Newport of Grace Mooar; 30 Aug 1905

SUMMERS, Mary to T F Taliaferro; 30 Oct 1872

TALIAFERRO, T F to Mary Summers; 30 Oct 1872

THOMAS, Wm B of Philadelphia to Clara Rust of the Highlands; 9 Sep 1903

TURPIN, Lucy of Coal Haven to William Burt of Cincinnati; 10 Aug 1905 (note by Donnelly; Coal Haven is the boat landing at the foot of Tower Hill Road, below the Brackmeyer residence.  The Turpins lived in a frame cottage on the bank of the river just north of the landing.)

WEBER, John P of Cincinnati to Lulu B Cox of Cincinnati; 14 June 1906

WHITE, Lois to James O Long; 21 June 1890


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