D Harry Stine

From the Biographical Cyclopedia of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, published by the John M Gresman Company, Chicago-Philadelphia 1896


D HARRY STINE, Deputy County Clerk of Campbell County, Kentucky, son of Frederick A and Glorvina (Carlisle) Stine, was born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania May 7 1857.  His father Frederick A Stine was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; came to Newport in 1859 and is still a resident of that city. He was for many years connected with the lumber firm of I W Livezey & Company, and for thirteen years was engaged in the internal revenue service in the Sixth District of Kentucky.  He is a staunch Republican and takes a lively interest in all political contests.  His antecedents were of German extraction and have lived in Pennsylvania for several generations.

Glorvina Carlisle Stine (mother) was a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where her father, William Carlisle Jr. was a leading merchant prior to 1854, when he became identified with the Pennsylvania Railroad and was auditor of the canal department of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company for many years.  He died in Philadelphia in 1889, aged eighty-eight years.

D Harry Stine came to Newport with his parents in 1859, when he was two years of age.  He received a liberal education in the public schools of Newport; and after leaving school, was employed with his father in the lumber establishment of Livezey & Company.  Beginning as an errand boy, he remained with the firm for twenty years and was promoted from time to time until he was manager of the establishment, in which capacity he was employed the greater portion of hislong termof service with Livezey & Company.

In January 1895, he was appointed deputy clerk of the Campbell County Court, a position in which he as proven a very accommodating and efficient officer.  He is now and has been for several years past, secretary of the Republican State League of Kentucky and takes an active interest in state and local politics.  He is also secretary of the Commercial Club on Newport.

In 1890 he was elected Mayor of Newport over Albert S Berry, but was counted out.  He contested the election and was declared to have been elected by the Circuit Court.  The case was carried to the Court of Appeals, and the term of office expired before the case was reached.  In 1892 he was a candidate for the office of clerk of Circuit Court, but everything went Democratic that year and he was not elected.

While Mr. Stine has not been successful in getting into office by election, he has accomplished a great deal for his party and has helped to elect other Republicans to office and enjoys this as much as if he had been the favored candidate.  Mr. Stine is very popular in his party and enjoys a very large acquaintance in the city, county and state in which he has lived nearly all of his life.

He is a member of the Robert Burns Lodge No 163 F and A M and has served as master of the lodge for four years.  He is also a popular member of the Knights of Pythias.  Mr. Stine was married September 25, 1878 to Nellie Georg Holt, daughter of William Holt of Newport, formerly a wholesale grocer of Cincinnati.


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