Harry M Healy Jr

Harry M Healy Jr.

History of Kentucky and Kentuckians, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes,
Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III,
pp. 1229-30.   (Campbell County)

Harry M. Healy, Jr.--The financial history of Kentucky would be very incomplete and unsatisfactory without personal and somewhat extended mention of those whose lives are interwoven so closely with the industrial, commercial, financial and political development of the country. The subject of this review, while professionally an attorney, has been identified with
so many other enterprises that a resume of the business enterprises of both
himself and his father will be of interest to our readers.

     Harry M. Healy, Jr., of Newport, Kentucky, was born in Newport on the 26th of April, 1873, the son of Henry M. and Ellen (McEntee) Healy.  The father was a native of Ireland, and came to the United States with his parents when only three weeks old, was reared in New York and spent his early life there.  The mother was born in Albany, New York, and reared and educated in that city, and finally married there. 

In 1859, when the Harry Sr. was about twenty years old, he came west, having learned the binder's trade, all the branches of the printing business, especially binding and ruling, and upon arriving at Cincinnati he became the head of one of the largest printing and binding establishments in that city.  It was not long before he bought the establishment and from that time on operated the same for a number of years with great success, until his death, which occurred in 1899. 

Soon after his marriage he located in Newport as a resident and completely identified himself with that place, taking an active part in all affairs that would be of benefit to that city.  He helped to organize the first electric light plant in Newport and Covington and was for years
secretary and treasurer of the same.  He was also one of the organizers of the street railway company in those cities connecting with Cincinnati.

Harry Sr. was also interested in many real estate and development propositions in Newport, Bellevue and Dayton, and at the head of many of many important interests in building up those places.  He was cashier of the Newport National Bank for two years during the panic of 1890 and carried the business through successfully.  A staunch Democrat, he was active in politics and was chairman of the executive committee for twenty-five years.  He never sought or held office but was a very influential man and did much for his party and friends.  His widow survives, living in Newport, the mother of eight children, six of whom are living.

     Harry M. Healy, Jr., is the fifth child in order of birth and was reared in Newport and received a liberal education.  His father gave all his children a first-class education, every one of whom attended the public schools, the high school and college.  Our subject graduated from the Jesuit College of St. Mary's, Kansas. 

In 1897 he entered the Cincinnati Law School, from which he was graduated in 1900.  His father dying in 1899 placed the charge of the extensive printing and binding plant in Cincinnati in our subject's hands, and he sold the same in a few years. In 1903 he engaged in the active practice of the law in Newport and has continued the same to the present time.  Mr. Healy is a Democrat although not taking an active part, and is a member of the Knights of
Columbus.  He has many business interests, operates a moving picture show, organized the Commonwealth Coal Company and is a director of the same. 

He married, in 1906, Marguerite H. Edgar, a native of Newport, where she was reared and educated.  Mr. Healy is a Catholic and his wife a Methodist.  One of the prominent characteristics of Mr. Healey's successful business career is that his vision has never been bounded by the exigencies of the moment, but has covered as well the possibilities
and opportunities of the future.  This has led him into extensive undertakings, bringing him into marked prominence as a financier.  He has figured for many years most prominently and honorably in financial interests and has been one of the real up builders and promoters of the
city of his birth.

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