Grants Lick Baptist Church Members

May 1901


Pastor, J W Beagle-Information comes from a congregational picture taken in 1901 and identified by Zola Baker Sprague.  There are 154 people in this picture, but not all of them were identified. The picture is currently at the Campbell County Historical Society.



Allen, Lula (Schooer)
Aulick, Carey
Aulick, Mrs. Olga (Sine)

Baker, Alice (Mrs. Louis Harrison)
Baker, George
Baker, Grover
Baker, Harley
Baker, Lillie Dale (Smith)
Baker, Nellie (Pinguely)
Baker, Nannie (Smith)
Baker, Vella
Baker, Willie
Beagle, Bro. Jesse
Bridewell, Cora
Bridewell, Evert
Bridewell, George
Bridewell, George
Bridewell, Goldie
Bridewell, Mrs. Margaret
Bridewell, Myrtle
Bryan, Thurman
Byrd, Ora (Northcut)

Caldwell, Dr. Asher
Caldwell, May
Carnes, Bill
Carnes, Fanny
Carney, Florence M (Mrs. John Sprague)
Chalk, Joe
Coleman, ___
Clary, Frank

Daniel, Arthur
Daniel, Goldie
Daniel, Mabel (Baker)
Daniel, Sally
Darlington, Maude
Darlington, Tom
Day, Emma

Felley, Ava (Holmes)

Gardner, John
Gardner, Mamie
Gardner, Maude
Gaskins, Fred
Gosney, Barrett
Gosney, Coleman
Gosney, Edna
Gosney, Ethel
Gosney, Fanny
Gosney, Inez
Gosney, Lawrence
Gosney, Robert
Gosney, Scott
Gosney, Thurman
Grant, Maggie

Halderman, Mrs.
Harris, Edna
Harrison, Alice (Baker)
Harrison, Louis
Heitman, Euphema
Heitman, Raymond
Heitman, Theodore
Heitman, Thurman
Hiteman, Willie
Hodge, Mrs. Annie (Uncle Jess Sister)
Hodge, Elmer
Hodge, Mr.
Hopkins, Lucy
Hopkins, Sallie
Houghman, Hade
Hutchinson, Ben
Hutchinson, Bertha

Jacobs, ___
Jacobs, ___
Jacobs, Mae
Jacobs, Maggie
Johnston, Mary
Judd, Edith (Phillips)

Maddox Boy
Maddox, Ceril
Martin, Bill

Oetzel, Johnny

Pinguely, Dr. Julius E

Ragan, Nellie
Reagan, Mr.
Reed, Minnie (Mrs. Louis Smith)
Risch, Herman

Secrist, Elmer
Scheanshang, Louis
Scheanshang, Steven
Sheanshang, Viola (Kleeman)
Sine, Aulick
Sine, Leonard
Sini, Gertrude (Vater)
Smith, Albert (Aunt Lottie's father)
Smith, Betty (Aunt Lottie's mother)
Smith, Boone
Smith, Clarence
Smith, Effie
Smith, Fred
Smith, Grover
Smith, Jessie
Smith, Jim
Smith, Johnnie
Smith, Laura
Smith, Lonnie
Smith, Lottie (Mrs. Jim Garney)
Smith, Pearl
Smith, Violet
Smith, Warren
Smith, Willie
Spaulding, Ed
Spaulding, Fred
Spaudling, Ida
Sprague, Arnold
Sprague, Gladys (Howerton)
Sprague, John
Sprague, Zola Flourine (Baker) 1886-1972

Tarvin, Charlie
Tibbatts, Keturah (Hobbs)

Wright, Chester
Wright, Pearl (Caldwell)

Yelton, Joe
Yelton, Roy

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