German United Brethren in Christ

Alexandria Deed Book 32, page 71, 19 March 1860, Recorded 24 March 1860

George R Fearons of the City of Newport In consideration of $440 to him paid by William Long Street, William Myers and Conrad Keester as Trustees of the Church of the German United Brethren in Christ at Newport, Kentucky, doth sell Real Estate situated in the City of Newport beginning at a point on the southerly side of McArthur Street 80 feet from the south westerly corner of said McArthur and Cabot Streets thence with the line of McArthur Street westwardly 40 feet.

The Grantor herby reserving to himself a ling upon the premises Conveyed to Secure the payment of three notes this day executed to Said Fearons which is allowed by the grantees the 1st of Said notes for $85, payable Six months after date; the 2nd of Said notes for $130, payable one year after date and the 3d and last of Said notes for $130 payable Two years after their date the Said 3 notes being given for part of the purchase price of Said lot of ground.  George R Fearons and P Jane Fearons his wife.

On side-debt paid in March 1862.  Released premises from lien February 10, 1870 by Geo R Fearons.

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