German Pioneer Club

German Pioneer Club

 Membership in May 1877

On Tuesday May l, 1877 the regular monthly gathering of The German Pioneer Club took place in the usual gathering place, Hildebrandt's Hall. The meeting was called to order by the President, Herr Fr. Wm. Gerstle whereupon the proto call of the last meeting was read by Herr Friedrich Blum who had taken proposals. The Treasurer Herr Franz Vonderheide read his monthly cash report in which he reported that the Club took in $113.40 in the last month and spend $173.25. This left $668.02 cash-on-hand along with $650.00 in capital loaned out for a grand total of $1,318.02. The report was accepted and filed.

The committee arranging the charity (or foundation) festival reported that all arrangements for the festival had been made and that Herr Otto Dresel of Columbus, Ohio, member of The Club, would be guest speaker. The acceptance of Herr Dresel was gratefully received by special delivery.

The following new members were taken into the Club:

Conrad Ackermann-born October 16, 1826 in Overzbach on the Hart, Wutemberg. Emigrated 1848.  Lives in Covington.
Karl Ahlers-born February 3, 1827 in Amt (Domain) Bechta, Grossherz, Oldenburg. Emigrated 1848.

Ludwig Hermann Bauer-born October 30, 1836 in Oberowisheim, Baden. Emigrated 1851.
George Bernhard-orn March 7, 1828 in Utterichshausen, Jurisdiction Schwarzenfels & Kurhessen. Emigrated 1830. Lives in Covington.
 Joseph Birkle-born December 19, 1808 in Benzingen, Hohenzollern Sigmaringen. Emigrated 1849. Lives in Covington.
Hermann Brakenmann-born February 18, 1823 in Gutersloh, Westphalen, Prussia. Emigrated 1849.
Heinrich Brommelhaus-born January 6, 1835 in Behlen, Westphalen, Prussia. Emigrated 1850.

Conrad Deisler-born January 6, 1824 in Assamstadt, Jurisdiction ("Oberamt") Bocksberg, Baden. Emigrated 1849. Lives in Covington.
Henry Clemens Deters-born March 31, 1832 in Jurisdiction Damme, Oldenburg. Emigrated 1849.
Johann Michael Dietz-born August 25, (no year of birth given) in Flonheim, Reqbez., Mainz, Grand Duchy Hesse, Darmstadt. Emigrated 1851. Lives in Newport.
Andreas Dilling-born August 12, 1821 in Harpburg, Bavaria. Emigrated 1846. Lives in Newport.
Johann Heinrich Drahmann-born September 22, 1827 in Rienhaufen, Jurisdiction Damme, Oldenburg. Emigrated 1848.
Heinrich Dreesmann-born December 18, 1822 in Alshausen, Hannover. Emigrated in 1840. Lives in Covington.
Joseph Duveneck-born May 24, 1824 in Bisbeck, Jurisdiction Bechta Oldenburg. Emigrated in 1847. Lives in Covington.

Alexander Flecksteiner-born March 19, 1819 in Holzheim, Elsass (Alsace). Emigrated in 1845.
Heinrich Freudenberger-born April 28, 1836 in Hohenstadt, Grand Duchy Hesse. Emigrated in 1851.

Heinrich Grischy-born February 14, 1828 in Essingen Rheinpfalz, Bavaria. Emigrated 1852

Johann Hafemeyer-born February 10, 1823 in Gesmold by Osnabruck, Hannover.  Emmigrated in 1842.  Lives in Covington.
Gottfried Hegner-born January 5, 1825 in Goldmuhl, Bavaria.  Emigrated in 1845.
Heinrich Henn-born December 8, 1831 in Rothenbach, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria. Emigrated in 1850.  Lives in South Covington.
Franz Hocker-born September 25, 1825 in Blantelunne, Jurisdiction Lingen, Hannover.  Emigrated 1848.
John B. Honer-born April 24, 1831 in Spaichingen, Wurttenberg. Emigrated in 1849.

Johann Christoph Jaeger-born May 22, 1816 in Cammerforst, Kreis Langenfalza ("Kreis" means "circle" and is German Equivalent of county) Province Sachsen. Emigrated in 1844. Lives in Madisonville, Ohio.

Julius Kahn-born March 7, 1827 in Riedfelz, Elsas. Emigrated in 1847.
George Kampe-born December 3, 1832 in Brenna, Kurhessen. Emigrated in 1850. Lives in Covington.
Salomon Kauffmann-born February 12, 1812 in Alt-Leiningen, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria. Emigrated in 1840.
Heinrich Kentrup-born February 6, 1820 in Amelsburen, Kreis Munster, West Phalen. ("Kreis" means "circle" and is German equivalent of county). Emigrated in 1847. Lives in Covington.

Conrad Marschall-born March 7, 1816 in Sogel (on the) Auf Dem Humeling, Hannover. Emigrated in 1843.  Lives in Covington.
Joseph Mayer-born July 3, 1818 in (Regional Court) Landgericht Wolfstein, Bavaria. Emigrated in 1850.
George Ludwig Meyer-born July 28, 1815 in Barnstorf, Jurisdiction Diepholz, Hannover. Emigrated in 1845.
Franz Monning-born November 21, 1820 in Soest, Province Westphalen, Prussia. Emigrated in 1846.
John Mondarn-born April 5, 1833 in Silz, Rtieinpfalz, Bavaria. Emigrated in 1837.

Victor Oberln-born June 13, 1836 in Metzelin, Canton Solothurn, Switzerland. Emigrated in 1846.
Joseph Ollier-born September 1, 1826 in Zweibrucken, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria. Emigrated in 1838.

Jacob Pfau-born December l, 1829 in Minfeld, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria. Emigrated in 1838.
Hermann Heinrich Joseph Puthoff-born August 22, 1833 in Kettenkamp, Kirchspeil Ankum, Hannover. Emigrated in 1839. Lives in Covington.

Jacob Rapp-born January 21, 1824 in Ouerbach, Jurisdiction Kehl, Baden. Emigrated in 1849.
Johann Rehfuss-born November 15, 1823 in Dorhen, Kreis Schwarzwald (ie Black Forest) Wurttemberg. Emigrated in 1848. Lives in Covington.
George Jacob Renner-born February 11, 1822 in Dannstadt, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria. Emigrated in 1849.  Lives in Covington.
Valentin Roth-born April l, 1822 in Coblenz, Prussia. Emigrated in 1849.
Carl Runk-born August 13, 1837 in Ridda, Grandduchy Hesse. Emigrated in 1849.

Heinrich Wilhem Schleutker-born March 4, 1819 in Legenrich Kreis Tecklenburg, Westphalen. Emigrated in 1845.  Lives in Covington. ("Kries" means "circle" and is the German equivalent of county)
Augustin Schuler-born October 15, 1827 in Mus, Grand Principality Hesse. Emigrated in 1847. Lives in Covington.
Johann Staut-born May 27, 1826 in Doerzbach, Oberamt (upper office) Kunzelsan, Wurttemberg. Emigrated in 1848.  Lives in Covington.
Johann Steirer-born November 8, 1823 in Bristow, by Frankfurt-on-the-Oder.  Emigrated in 1852.  Lives in Newport.

Thomas Uss-born December 20, 1823 in Bettmarigen, Amt (office) Bondorf, Baden.  Emigrated in 1846.  Lives in Newport.
Lambert Westermann-born August 18, 1825 in Sogel-on-the-Humeling (river) Hannover.  Emigrated 1836.
Karl Westphal-born December 2, 1831 in Finkenthal, Mecklenborg Schwerin.  Emigrated in 1850.
Joseph Weyand-born December 11, 1824 in Bliescastel, Rheinphalz, Bavaria. Emigrated in 1852.

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