German Pioneer Club

German Pioneer Club

December 2, 1886

Information comes from the German Pioneer Club Minutes
 at the Campbell County Historical Society


The regular monthly meeting of the Club was held December 2, 1886 in its Pioneer Hall.  President Ferdinand Nienaber presided and Secretary F T Wolker kept the minutes.  The following men were taken into the club as passive members:

Berger, Henry-born March 10, 1829 in Varenrode Hanover, came to USA on March 14, 1849

Klosterman, Joseph-born April 18, 1824 in Neunkirchen, Oldenburg, left Germany March 14, 1848.  He resides on 1115 Banklick Street.

Loebker, G R-born May 14, 1827 in Gleesen Hanover. Came to USA on December 14, 1844.  He lives on 36 Pike Street.

Roth, Karl M-born September 18, 1835 in Marienbronn, Bavaria, came to USA on December 17, 1861.  He lives on Taylor Mill Road, five miles out of Covington.

The committee handed in the biography of their deceased member Frank Hoehne.  The committee appointed for the arrangements of the celebration of George Washington's birthday reported that they had rented the Central Garden for the festivity.  For the evening entertainment and dancing had been planned.  Entrance will be free and complimentary tickets will be given out.  A social followed the meeting.

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