George W Chadwick

Cincinnati Enquirer, 6 December 1895, page 6

Prominent Campbell County Man Called Away

George W Chadwick, a building material manufacturer of Bellevue, Ky. died suddenly in that city early yesterday morning.  Mr. Chadwick had retired from active business in Bellevue, embarking as a building contractor in Cincinnati.

Yesterday morning about 6:45 he started for Cincinnati in apparently good health and boarded a car at Washington avenue in company with William Ashmore, one of his employees. Mr. Chadwick entered the car and engaged in conversation with Miss Belle Clark, an acquaintance.  The car had proceeded four blocks with Mr. Chadwick suddenly fell to the floor.  His appearance alarmed the other passengers in the car and at their soliettation, the car was backed tow blocks to Platt's pharmacy on Fairfield avenue.

Willing hands carred the apparently lifeless form from the car to the drugstore and a messenger was hastily dispatched for Dr. Douglas Schoolfield, but when the latter arrived Mr. Chadwick was dead.

A heartrending street scene was witnessed in the vicinity of Platt's drugstore when Mrs. Chadwick was inadvertently notified of her husband's death, without any preparation for the blow.  Mrs. Chadwick had been told by Miss Clark that her husband was quite ill at Platt's drugstore and she started to the store much alarmed.  As she approached the store she inquired of a passer by as to Mr. Chadwick's condition.  The man, not knowing that he was addressing Mrs. Chadwick, said he was dead.  Mrs. Chadwick fell to the pavement in a faint.  She was kindly cared for by neighbors, and afterwards removed to her home, where she remains in an exceedingly critical condition.

Coroner Tingley, of Campbell County, held an inquest and rendered a verdict of death from apoplexy.  Mr. Chadwick suffered a stroke of apoplexy in the German Nation Bank of Newport two years ago.  Dr. Tingley, who was summoned to attend him on that occasion, said that if he suffered another stroke it would be fatal. Mr. Chadwick was 55 years of age.  he began his life as a journeyman carpenter and established the first planning mill in Bellevue, and for several years was very successful.  Unfortunate speculations followed and his affairs became entangled in litigation. He would have been enabled to straighten out the entanglements had he lived.  Mr. Chadwick was Chancellor Commander of Douglas Lodge K of P Bellevue.


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