Bellevue and Newport Gas Light Company


The Ticket, Saturday, April 1, 1876, page 2



Colonel Bernard Dowling is on a visit to his many friends in this city and will probably reside here in the future.

Bill Devine, of the Short Line, with his black troop of iron snatchers was in town yesterday.

On Thursday evening some sneak thief entered the feed store of Billenbeck's on Monmouth street, succeeded in getting away with about seven dollars in money, while the proprietor was in the rear part of the place waiting on a customer.  Similar depredations of these kind are committed daily in the main portion of our city and we never hear any arrest being made for the simple reason that our police force is not in proportion to the amount of petty thieves in this city.

The Bellevue and Newport Gas Light Company has been incorporated with a capital stock of $100,000. Messrs. H Gunckle, Wm K Boal, William N Air, John Flannery and C P Bradley being the incorporators.  The company will locate its works at Bellevue and afterwards extend its mains to this city for the purpose of supplying the various customers which they may get here.  This will be a great advantage to the city of Newport and may be the means of saving her a round sum in the course of time.

City Attorney Boden has obtained a leave of absence and will go to Memphis in a few days to recruit his health.

A marriage license was issued yesterday to James Joshua and Miss Jane Coleman, after which they proceeded to Squire Buchanan to be united in the bonds of wedlock.  They were both colored and of this city.

The Democratic Executive Committee of this city will meet at Squire Hoff's bar room on Monday next, for the purpose of nominating three candidates for district physicians.


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