This record comes from research done by Wm R Stevens in the 1960s and the file is at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria.  If a cemetery is known it is listed. Posted 8 Nov 2010


Ahlering, Elisabeth Margaretha; widow of Johann Friederich deceased in the year 1826; and daughter of the long deceased Johnann Heinrich & Margaretha Ahrens; born the 27 Apr 1791 in Droebber, Amt Dinzholz, Koenigreich Hannover; was married in the year 1819; died of old age 1 Mar 1878; age 86y 10m 2d; burial 3 Mar

Balbach, Oscar; son of Heinrich & Emilie (Mueller) born 7 May 1877 in Cleveland Oh; died 23 July 1878 of scarlet fever with teething; age 1y 2m 16d; burial 24 July
Bandle, Johanna Margaretha; widow of Jacob Friederich and daughter of the deceases Leonard Pfaender & Margaretha Bock; was born the 11 July 1815 in Kirchheim on the Teik in the Koenigreich Wuertemberg; married 18 Feb 1840; widowed since 1859; in America since 1867; died the 17 Mar 1878 of a heart atttack; age 62y 8m 6d; burial 19 Mar
Beck, Johannes Peter; s/o Georg & Anna (Simon) born 10 Mar 1877; died 13 July 1878; age 1y 4m 3d; burial 14 July
Besser, Anna; daughter of Martin & Elisabeth (Schanz) born 22 Feb 1878 in Gehaus, Sachesen-Weimer; died 6 Sep 1881 in Cincinnati; burial 8 Sep in Newport
Bobzien, Andrea Johannes; husband of Caroline (Grabow) and son of Johannes & Marie (Hase) was born as the oldest child of 9 children, seven sons and two daughters; born26 May 1816 in Roebel, Grossherzogthum Mecklenburg-Schwerin; married in 1848; immigrated in Oct 1853; died 1 Nov 1878 of stomach cancer at the age of 62y; burial 3 Nov
Bopp, Johannes Georg; son of Martin & Margaretha (Roth) born 26 Sep 1877; died 18 July 1878 of a blood clot in the brain; age-9m 21d; burial 18 July
Brede, Albert; son of Heinrich & Catharine (Herdt) born Louisville KY 6 June 1868; died 21 Mar 1879 of white swelling and consumption; age 10y 9m 15d; burial 23 Mar
Brownfield, Magdalene; wife of Ike and daughter of Friederich & Catherine Ehresmann; presently Weber, born 25 Dec 1845 in Dayton Oh; married in 1873; died 12 Dec 1877 of lower abdominal inflammation at the age of 32y; burial 14 Dec
Burk, Karl Herrman; son of Theodor & Elisabetha (Schmidt) born 23 Jan 1876; died 28 oct 1878 of scarlet fever and diphtheria; age 2y 9m 5d; burial 29 Oct

Castor, Carl August; son of Hanz & Wilhelmine (Pelle) born 24 Oct 1863 in Newport; d-30 Aug 1882 in Newport; buried 2 Sep
Clos, Adam; don of the deceased Adam & Margaretha (Jung) born 16 June 1817 in Haefeler, Landescommissariat Fosel, Rheinpfalz, Koenigreich Bayern; immigrated in 1851; died 25 Aug 1878 in Miamisburg, Hamilton Co Oh of a heart attack; age 61y 2m 9d; burial 27 Aug
Constans, Karl August; husband of Sibylla C (Pfister) son of the deceased Peter & Charlotte (Lessing) born Germantown Oh 20 Apr 1844; married 27 Sep 1865; died 6 Apr 1879 in Brooklyn NY; age 34y 11m 16d; burial 10 Apr
Crutcher, Emma L H A; daughter of James H & Emma Louise (Albrecht) born 28 Apr 1882 in Covington; died 21 Oct 1882 in Covington; buried 22 Oct in Covington

Davis, Louis; son of Louis & Sophia; born 26 Aug 1880 in New Richmond Oh; died 2 Aug 1881 in Newport; buried 3 Aug in Cincinnati
Deinlein, Maria; daughter of Georg & Barbara (Leisner) born 5 Apr 1860 in Campbell Co; died 9 Dec 1882 in Campbell Co; buried 10 Dec in Campbell Co
Deuscher, Michael; husband of Friederick (Metzger) son of the deceased Michael & Regina (Leutzer) born 15 Feb 1834 in Enigen, Oberamt Reutlinges, Koenigreich Wuertemberg; married 17 May 1864; in the country since 1866; died 5 May 1878 of stroke; age 44y 2m 20d; burial 7 May

Fopf, Son of Conrad & Caroline (Potts) b&d 21 Feb 1879 in Dayton KY; burial 22 Feb

Giebel, David Daniel Friederich; son of Conrad & Lina (Haberstroh) born 24 Nov 1876; died 4 Feb 1878 of influenza; age 1y 2m 11d; burial 6 Feb
Gilcher, Catharina; wife of Heinrich; daughter of the deceased Johann Klug & Catharine Stark; born 1 July 1839 in the Willensteiner Mill near Trippstadt Regierungsbezirk Kaiserslautern, Rheinpfalz, Koenigreich Bayern; married in July 1859; died 6 Feb 1878 of influenza at the age of 38y 7m 5d; burial 8 Feb in Newport Cemetery in Southgate
Gilcher, Heinrich; husband of the deceased Catherine (Klug) was born 24 Mar 1838 in Seelen, Regierungsbezirk Wolfstein, Rheinpfalz, Koenigreich Bayern; married July 1859 in Kaiserslautern; immigrated 1865; died in Bellevue 7 Jan 1879 of kidney failure; age 40y 9m 14d; burial 9 Jan
Goetz, Johannes Jacob; son of Johann Jacob & Auguste Wilhelmine (Bode) born the 25 Oct 1877; died 12 Mar 1878 of a brain tumor; age 4m 15d; burial 14 Mar
Graul, Henriette (nee Yelke) wife of Gottlieb; born 27 June 1799 in Norhausen, Preussen; died 26 Oct 1882 in Newport; buried 29 Oct in Newport
Gubel, Jacob; husband of Wilhelmine (Schulze) son of the deceased Jacob & Marie Elisabeth (Drefing) born as the oldest child of three sons and four daughters in Cincinnati 16 Mar 1843; married 17 Sep 1868; died 28 Oct 1878 of consumption at the age of 36y 7m 12d; burial 30 Oct
Gutswiller, Johannes Aloisius; wife of Elizabeth (Loeb) born 25 Oct 1816 in Biederdoll in Ober-Alsace; immigrated in August 1847; married first Maria Juliane Bleyle Nov 1848; and second with the then widowed Elisabeth Herrmann.  With the first he lived 17 years and with the second 6 years.  He died 20 July 1878 after suffering two years with consumption at the age of 61y 8m 25d; burial 22 July

Heckers, Anna; born 28 Feb 1875; died 20 July 1878 of scarlet fever; age 3y 4m 22d; burial 22 July
Hepp, Margaretha; wife of Karl; and eldest child of one son and two daughters of the deceased Johann Keim & Luise Eyer; born 6 Mar 1848 in Cincinnati; married 10 May 1866; died after suffering four years of consumption 11 Oct 1878 at the age of 30y 7m 5d; burial 13 Oct
Hoesch, Rosa; born the 19 Oct 1870 in Newport; daughter of the couple Franz Hoesch & Elizabeth Wammer died 20 Nov 1877 of diphtheria an scarlet fever at the age of 6y 1m 3d; burial 21 Nov
Huber, George William; son of Louis & Catharine (Schuler) born 30 Sep 1877; died 10 Oct 1878 of teething and cramps; age 1y 10d; burial 12 Oct

Kessler, Maria Elise; daughter of Christian & Luise (Kloeble) was born 7 Aug 1877 in Dayton KY; died there the 2 Mar 1878 of influenza; age 6m 23d; burial 4 Mar
Kiefer, Georg Johannes; husband of Caroline (Lehnhard) son of deceased Johann & Magdalene (Albrecht) oldest son of four children, three sons, 1 daughter; was born 21 June 1850; married first with Elisabeth Weber and then with Caroline Lehnhard since 4 Mar 1873; had an accident on 19 Nov and died 21 Nov 1878; age 28y 5m; burial 24 Nov
Klee, Fernandine; wife of the deceased on 12 July 1876 Heinrich; daughter of Johanna Volkeding & Wilhelmine Muehlhausen; born in Bokenem, formerly Koenigreich Hannover 2 Feb 1838; married first 1848 in Deutschland with Heinrich Schulze and after his death imigrated in 1849 and again in 1851; died suddenly in the insane asylum age 51y 6d; burial 10 Feb
Knerr, Adam; husband of Sahra (Jospey) and son of the deceased Jacob and the widowed Anna Knerr born Bucheid, as the third oldest child born 25 Mar 1847 in Cincinnati; married 28 Oct 1869; died of stroke 16 Dec 1877 at the age of 30y 6m 21d; burial 18 Dec
Knerr, Friederich; husband of the in 1862 deceased Susanna Dorne; and son of the long deceased Georg & Margaretha; born 10 June 1803 in Winsberg, Landcomiisariat Pirmasenz, Rheinpfalz, Koeigreich Bayern; married in the year 1826; in the country since March 1836; died 18 Mar 1878 of old age weakness; age 74y 9m 8d; burial 20 Mar
Koch, Heinrich Ludwig; son of Ludwig & Elisabeth (Ahlering) born 9 Feb 1876; died 16 Jan 1879 of scarlet fever; age 2y 11m 7d; burial 18 Jan
Koehler, Johann Friederich; husband of Emilie (Dietrich) born 23 Mar 1831 in Lomatsch by Dresten, Sachsen; died 6 Sep 1882 in Newport; burial 10 Sep
Kramer, Johann Heinrich Christian; born 5 Nov 1875 in Dayton; s/o Christian & Rosina (Rockenfuss) d-30 Nov 1877 of spinal meningitis at the age of 2y 25 days; burial 2 Dec
Krappmann, Tobias; husband of Margaretha (Pfaff) son of Georg & Johanna (Engel) born Schuz Oberfranken, Koenigreich Bayern 7 June 1833; married 5 Mar 1862; immigrated 30 June 1867; died 20 June 1879 of consumption; age 45y 7m 13d; burial 22 Jan

Linstaedt, Ernst Carl; son of deceased Herman & Sarah (McGee) born 21 Sep 1860 in Lawrenceburg Indiana; died 30 Sep 1882 in Cold Spring; buried 1 Oct in Evergreen Cemetery in Newport
Linstaedt, Rev Heinrich; son of Christian (High School teacher at Nuernberg) born 5 June 1808 at Nuernberg, Koenigreich Bayern; He prepared himself in the old Fatherland for the Ministry and emigrated in the year 1832 to America and served in the following congregations; 1-Baltimore IN; 2-Pomeroy Oh; 3-Stores Township Oh; 4-Lochry Township Ind; 5-Lawrencburg IN; 6-Adams Township IN; 7-Tuckfort KY; 8-Johannesburg KY; in the year 1847 he united himself with Sar Magee of Ireland out of which 8 children came forth; of which two died and six mourn their Father; Hermann, Georg, Louis, Anna, Ernst & James.  On Sunday 31 July 1881 during his sermon he was seized by cramps which resulted in his death several hours later.  In attendance of many mourners he was buried on Tuesday 1 Aug 1881 by pastors C Mueller and R Koestlin and laid to his last rest at the Evergreen Cemetery in Newport
Luzader, Robert; son of Henry & Mary (Dappry) born 29 Oct 1881 in Newport; died 14 Nov 1882 in Newport; buried 14 Nov in Newport

Matthies, Maria Luise; (nee Marten) wife of the deceased Friederich; was born 12 May 1811 in Schoeningen Provinz Pomern, Koenigreich Preussen; married in 1836; immigrated 10 years ago; died after a short suffering of nerve paralysis 19 Sep 1878 in Bellevue; age 67y 4m 7d; burial 29 Sep
Maurer, Georg; son of Georg & Caroline (Fink) born 17 July 1878; died 5 Oct 1878 of cramps; age 2m 18d; burial 6 Oct
Meininger, Tobias; husband of Catharine (Roth) son of the deceased Tobias & Elizabeth (Diederich) born 3 Jan 1815 in Mittelgrindau in the Crossherzogthum Hessen-Darmstadt; married May 1837; in the country since 1847; died 2 May 1878 of asthma and emphysema; age 63y 4m; burial 3 May
Merkel, Berhardine Katharine; little daughter of Johannes & Katharine (Herstel) born 22 Feb 1881 in Newport; died 7 July 1881 in Newport; buried 8 July in Newport
Mueller, Magdalene; only daughter of Matthias & Magdalene (Hehlriegel) of five children the youngest child; born 17 Apr 1861 in Newport; died 29 Nov 1878 of consumption; age 17y 7m 12d; burial 1 Dec
Mueller, Wilhelmiene; daughter or Moritz & Eugenie (Burk) born 28 Mar 1875 in San Francisco Cal. died 9 Nov 1878 of spinal meningitis; age 3y 7m 12d; burial 10 Nov

Nickelson, Georg Eduard; son of George & Caroline (Schaefer) born 18 Mar 1877; died 28 Sep 1878 of diphtheria; age 3y 7m 28d; burial 29 Sep

Pfaff, Heinrich; son of Heinrich & Emma Martha (Reinhart) born 21 Sep 1878 in Newport; died 30 Aug 1882 in Newport; burial 20 Aug
Pfaff, Margarethe; daughter of Heinrich & Emma Martha (Reinhart) born 3 Mar 1881 in Newport; died 27 Aug 1882 in Newport; burial 29 Aug

Rau, Allice; daughter of Johann & Anna (Heckers) born 28 July 1877; died 28 July 1878 of scarlet fever; age 1y; burial 29 July
Riddel, Caroline; daughter of Daniel & Sophie (Beischle) born 19 Apr 1876; died 29 Jan 1878 of scarlet fever and diphtheria; a1y 9m 10d; burial 21 Jan
Rink, Anna Catharine Marie Luise; wife of the in 1873 deceased Friederich; daugher of Casper Heinrich Koch & Anna Maria Luise Lachmann; born 1 Jan 1839 in Hilter, Amt Iburg, Osnabrueck, formerly Koenigreich Hannover; married first with Friederich Huhle in 1859; the next time with Friederich Rink 5 Nov 1869; immigrated 1842; died 20 Feb 1879 of bronchial consumption; age 40y 1m 10d; burial 21 Feb
Roesel, Katharine; daughter of Leonhart & Elisabethe (Chalk) born 1 Jan 1878 in Campbell Co; died 18 Oct 1882 in Newport; buried 18 Oct in Newport

Sauer, Georg; son of Fried & Barbara (Wagner) born Sep 1872 in Newport; died 28 Nov 1882 in Newport; buried 28 Nov in Newport
Schenck, Katharine (nee Schweikert) wife of deceased Jakob; born 9 Nov 1811 in Niederingelheim, Rheinhessen; died 29 Aug 1882 in Newport; burial 1 Sep
Schmidt, Albert August; son of Georg & Anna (Stierer) born 30 Oct 1876; died 8 Jan 1879 of scarlet fever; age 3 years 3 months 8 days; burial 10 Jan
Schneider, Pauline (nee Brett) wife of August Heinrich; born 1860; died 14 Nov 1882 in Newport; buried 20 Nov in Newport
Schorr, Anna; daughter of Ludwig & Elizabeth (Schmidt) born 8 Aug 1875; died 20 Dec 1877 of diphtheria and scarlet fever at the age of 2y 4m 12d; burial 22 Dec
Schorr, Johannes; son of Ludwig & Elizabeth (Schmidt) born 27 Feb 1874; died of scarlet fever and diphtheria 13 Dec 1877 at the age of 3y 9m and 18 days; burial 17 Dec
Schuh, Charlotte Catharine; wife of Nicholas; daughter of Heinrich Dietz & Dorothea Schub; born 3 Sep 1843 in Jagthausen, Oberamt Neckarsulm, Loenigreich Wuertemberg; married first Franz Still 9 May 1864; after his death on 2 Mar 1872, she married Nicholas 7 Aug 1877; died 6 May1878 in childbirth; age 35y 8m 4d; burial 8 May
Schweitzer, Anna Caroline; daughter of Martin & Isabella (Wilch) born 16 Sep 1876 at Johannisberg in Campbell Co; d-9 Jan 1878 of diphtheria; age 1y 3m 24d; burial 11 Jan
Schweitzer, Karl; husband of Anna and son of the deceased Johannes & Christine (Murr) born 19 Jan 1832 in Oberhilmingen, Oberamt Stuttgart, Koenigreich Wuertemberg; emigrated 3 Apr 1847; and immigrated 18 June; married 8 Nov 1853; died 3 May 1879 of a heart attack; age 47y 3m 14d; burial 5 May
Schweitzer, Karl Johannes; son of Gottlieb & Anna (Sachs) born 22 Mar 1878 on Licking Pike; died 30 Mar 1878 of cramps; age 8 days; burial 1 Apr
Speckmann, Anna Estella; daughter of Friederich & Sarah (Ahlering) was born 7 Sep 1877; died of scarlet fever and diphtheria; age 1y 2m 1d; burial 10 Nov
Stapf, Eduard Heinrich; little son of Wilhelm & Wilhelmine (Sauerbrei) born 24 Aug 1878; died 27 Aug 1878 of cramps; burial 25 Aug
Stein, Philipp; son of Theobald & Maria (Liar) born 11 Feb 1879; died 13 Apr 1879 of pneumonia; age 2m 2d; burial 15 Apr
Steinhauer, Johannes; son of Johannes and on the 22 Aug 1867 deceased Martha Elisabeth (Gotthardt) was born 19 July 1864; died 4 Aug 1878 through drowning in the Ohio while bathing; age 14y 16d; burial 6 Aug
Stephan, Friederich; son of the deceased Friederich and the widowed Adeline (Schmidt) born 29 Oct 1873; died 12 Jan 1878 of dropsy at the age of 4y 2m 14d; burial 14 Jan
Stiz, Henriette; widow of deceased Valentine who died 22 Feb 1875; the daughter of the deceased Johannes & Susanna Dillinger; as their oldest child; born 30 Jan 1811 in Walben, Landescomissariat Prumasenz by Zweibruecken, Rheinpfalz, Koenigreich Bayern; in the country since 1838; she married first Peter Dockweiler in New York City 1838 and after his death on 3 July 1849 with Valentine in 1855; died 1 June 1878 of dropsy following 6 years of paralysis; age 67y 4m 2d; burial 3 June
Studier, Karl born in Golm Grossherzogthum Mecklenburg-Strelitz 8 Feb 1819; in the country since 1851; married first widow Charlotte Haag in 1854; and after her death 8 Dec 1872; married Margaretha Haag 12 June 1873; died 5 June 1878 of consumption; age 59y 3m 2d; burial 7 June
Studier, Karl Friederich; son of the deceased Karl & Maragretha (Haag) born 19 Oct 1877; died 20 July 1878 of summer complaint; age-9m 1 day; burial 21 July

Theis, Anna Franziska; daughter of Louis & Dorothea (Biemann) born 26 Jan 1867 in Moscow Oh; died 20 Aug 1882 in Newport; burial 22 Aug in Newport
Thoma, Katharine; wife of deceased Johannes; born 1 Jan 1820 in Kark, Baden; died 25 Nov 1882 in Newport; buried 26 Nov in Newport
Thompson, George; son of Friederich Theodor & Catharine (Patton) born Feb 1870; died 10 Jan 1879 of heart mantel dropsy; age 8 years; burial 12 Jan
Thompson, Magdalene; wife of Jacob; daughter of Christoph & Margaretha Meyer; as their third youngest child of four sons and 3 daughters; She was born 2 May 1806 in Burk Hasslach in Neubayern in Koenigreich Bayern; immigrated in 1839; married Dec 1839; died after a 39 year marriage of a heart attach 9 Aug 1878 and reached the age of 72y 3m 7d; burial 10 Aug
Tiemann, Christian Herrmann; husband of Maria Margaretha Kunter; son of the deceased August & Maria (Kessler) their youngest child born 4 July 1827 in Loeven, Provinz Westfalen, Loenigreich Preussen; in the country since 1857; he married first Mina Schaeker in 1859; married Maria 1863; died 18 Mar 1878 of consumption; age 50y 8m 14d; burial 21 Mar
Trapp, Hayes John; son of Johann & Catharine (Stump) born 7 Nov 1876 in Dayton KY; died 4 May 1879 of meningitis; age 2y 5m 27d; burial 5 May

Veith, Johannes Jacob; son of the deceased Freiderich & Catharine (Weber) as their fourth youngest child of five sons and six daughters; was born 23 June 1839 in Winsberg Landescomissariat Pirmasenz, Rheinpfalz, Koenigreich Bayern; immigrated in 1854; married in 1864 in New Orleans Friederike Weber and lived with her until her death in Oct 1877.  He died after a long suffering of dropsy 15 Aug 1878; age 39y 1m 26d; burial 17 Aug
Voight, Bertha; daughter of Ehrhardt & Maria (Weber) born 20 Feb 1875; died 30 Sep 1878 of diphtheria; age 3y 7m 28d; burial 1 Oct

Weber, Karl; husband of Eva (Brandt) son of the deceased Karl Lehnhard in 1853 & Gertraud (Hollstein) as their third oldest child of six sons and two daughters; born the beginning of April 1833 in Muenchweiler, Landescomissariat Kaiserslautern in the Rheinpfalz, Koenigreich Bayers; immigrated 1839; married 1846 in Cincinnati and resided there many years and after 6 1/2 years of suffering with asthma and dropsy died 26 June 1878; age 56y 2m 15d; burial 28 June

Young, Heinrich August; son of August & Luise (Schmidt) born 17 Nov 1877; died 8 Apr 1878 of bronchitis; age 4m 22d; burial 9 Apr

Zeifang, Cunnigunde; born 20 Aug 1835 in Herburg in Mittelfranken in Koenigreich Bayersn, second oldest child of Johann & Margaretha Scharrer; married Johannes Zeifang 31 Oct 1858; died 30 Nov 1877 of a stroke at the age of 42y 3m 10d; burial 2 Dec
Zoeller, August; husband of Anna Maria Tehaut; youngest child of the long deceased Friederich & Dora (Seel) born 5 Aug 1803 in Hamburg by Zweibruecken, Rheinpfalz, Koenigreich Bayern, married 9 June 1840; in the country since 1855; died 29 Mar 1878 of dropsy; age 74y 7m 4d; burial 31 Mar


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