Fort Thomas 1897 City Directory

Fort Thomas 1897 City Directory

Published by Williams & Company Publishers
208 Longworth St.  Cincinnati Ohio
The post office address is Sub-Station No 1 Newport
These directories are held at the Kenton County Library in Covington


Abel, Frank-sergeant Co C
Adams, Harry B-private Co E
Adams, Herman-tailor
Adams, James-tailor h Ft Thomas Av
Adams, Leroy-musician Co C
Addison, Richard-private Co F
Ader, Ada-domestic The Avenel
Ahlering, Walter H-blacksmith h River Pike
Algor, George B-private Co D
Allen, Henry-musician Co E
Anderson, David S-private Co E
Anderson, Robert-private Co H
Apitz, Will-private Co C
Arnold, John-sergeant Co D
Akin, William J-private Co E
Aston, Edgar R-private hospital corps USA
Atkinson, Benjamin W-1st Lt. Co H
Auckerman, Jacob-private Co F
Ausmus, Daniel-private Co A
Ausmus, James M-private Co F
Avenel The-Carrie C Schriver proprietor Ft. Thomas Av


Babel, Conrad F-private Co C
Bade, John A-sergeant Co F
Bagger, Jens N-private Co C
Baker, Stephen-captain Co B
Barrett, Robert-private Co G
Bass, John-private Co B
Bauschspies, Otto-private Co D
Beard, William H-blacksmith Alexandria Pike
Beatty, James-musician Co C
Bechtold, Julius-artificer Co H
Beck, William-private Co C
Becker, Paul-artificer Co H
Beckurts, Charles L Lt-adjutant 6th Regiment
Belden, Henry H-corporal Co A
Bell, Charles A-private Co C
Bennett, Joseph-1st Sergeant Co E
Bennett, W C Jr.-private Co G
Bennett, William C-1st Lieutenant attached to Co B
Benzt, Matilda-domestic Elizabeth Stegeman's
Bess, James W-private Co H
Bessler, Annie-dressmaker h Ft. Thomas Av
Bessler, Philip-saloon Ft Thomas Av
Best, Joseph-private Co D
Biden, Victor-private Co E
Bledebach, Alice-widow r George W Robson's
Bily, Joseph-private Co D
Bixler, Allen C-private Co F
Black, Charles-corporal Co G
Blackburn, Sanford-private Co B
Blenke, Michael-molder h Alexandria Pike
Bliss, Charles H-private Co B h Alexandria Pike
Bodeker, Ernst-private Co D
Bodeker, William-private Co D
Bolles, Frank C-2nd Lt. Co B
Bond, W R-r J H M Ross'
Bone, Jesse W-private Co A
Boone, Maynard-private Co G
Bower, Edward G-corporal Co E
Box, Oliver-sergeant Co E
Boyd, Albert G-musician 6th Infantry
Boyer, Joseph G-private Co G
Braden, Charles-private Co F
Branham, George M-corporal Co E
Brashear, Jesse W-private Co E
Brathwit, Cicero D-private Co B
Braunwart, Frank-private Co D
Breeze, Clay-private Co E
Breeze, Robert H-private Co E
Brink, John E-corporal Co C
Brooks, Charles F-private Co C
Brooks, Walter C-private Co B
Brown, David H-private Co D
Brown, Douglas A-stenographer h Grand Av
Brown, Edward-private Co H
Brown, John-private Co D
Brown, Samuel-private Co D
Browne, William J-corporal Co H
Bruenger, William F-book keeper h Ft Thomas Av
Buchanan A W-insurance surveyor r Military Park
Buck, William E-private Co H
Buckland, Granville W-private Co E
Buechner, William-musician 6th Infantry
Burck, Theo-musician 6th Infantry
Burnside, Annie-domestic Lt. Col Harry C Egbert's
Busch, Clemens-laborer h River Pike
Butler, John-tailor Co E
Butterfield, Lawrence J-private Co C
Bybee, William W-private Co D
Byers, William S-private Co C
Byrne, Bernard A-captain Co H 6th Infantry
Byrne, Charles-captain Co F 6th Infantry


Cahill, John-fireman
Caldwell, George H-bartender r E S Showers'
Callahan, John R-private Co D
Campbell, Charles H-private Co D
Campbell, John-musician 6th Infantry
Campbell, William D-private Co G
Campbell, Zachariah B-private Co G
Camphaus, Barney-private Co D
Carey, Edward-private Co H
Carlisle, George M-private Co H
Carr, Edward-private Co H
Carrigan, Thomas-private Co G
Carroll, Alonzo-private Co C
Carroll, Patrick-private Co A
Carter, Dick-1st sergeant Co F
Carter, Doctor Fink-private Co F
Carter, Samuel W-musician 6th Infantry
Cary, Aboie H-private Co B
Cassidy, Henry M-private hospital corps USA
Chance, Leroy-musician 6th infantry
Chase, George-corporal Co A
Chumley, Bert-private Co G
Clay, Annie-domestic Lieut. Elmore F Taggart's
Clayton, George W-private Co F
Clements, James-private Co D
Clift, William J-fireman
Clifton, Charles-clerk h Ft Thomas Av
Clifton, Effie-h Ft Thomas Av
Clifton, Grace-h Ft Thomas Av
Close, Carrie-h Alexandria Pike
Close, Charles-gardener h Alexandria Pike
Close, George-h Alexandria Pike
Close, Henry-gardener h Alexandria Pike
Close, Jacob-gardener h Alexandria Pike
Close, Julius-gardener h Alexandria Pike
Cloutier, George-artificer Co H
Cochran, M A-colonel 6th Infantry commanding Ft Thomas
Cochran, Mell-student r Col. M A Cochran's
Cochran, Percy M-r Col. M A Cochran's
Collier, James-musician 6th Infantry
Collins, Martha-widow John r George W Robson's
Collins, William A-artificer Co A
Connolly, Phillip-private Co C
Conway, James-private Co E
Conway, John-wagoner Co E
Cook, Charles-private Co E
Cook, Joseph-manager J R Hechinger's
Cook, William-private Co A
Cooper, William C/G-private Co E
Correll, Lill___-___ Lt. Col. W H Gardner's
Coss, John-private Co H
Cotter, Cornelius-dairy Ft Thomas Av
Coultas, Oliver-sergeant Co B
Courtney, Edway T-sergeant Co B
Covert, John P-private Co A
Craddock, Alfred-tailor h Ft Thomas Av
Crisler, Charles-sergeant Co F
Crockett, Henry-private Co A
Cronin, Patrick-private Co C
Crooks, William-engineer
Crowell, W H H-captain Co G
Cullan, Harry D Mrs.-grocery Ft. Thomas Av
Cunningham, Eva-domestic Lt. Col. Harry C Egbert's   


Dailey, Annie-domestic Major C W Miner's
Dany, George-corporal Co D
Caschler, Gottlieb-private Co F
Dawson, William E-corporal Co C
Decker, James-sergeant Co H
Dempsey, Daniel-private Co F
Dennerll, Harry J-blacksmith Alexandria Pike h Pleasant Av
Dennler, George-farmer h Ft Thomas
Dennler, John-farm hand Lewis L Ross'
Dennler, Louisa-domestic Lewis L Ross'
Dennler, Mary-h Ft Thomas Av
Dennler, Rena-widow Fred h Ft Thomas Av
Dern, Charles E-private Co F
Devereux, Albert-private Co A
Devereux, Charles H-sergeant major 6th Infantry
Dickow, Herman E-musician 6th Infantry
Dietrich, Adolph-florist wks Harvey S Thomas'
Dietrich, Dominick-saloon Ft Thomas Av
Dixon, William H-private Co D
Doebell, Max-private Co H
Doherty, George H-private Co G
Dolan, Charles-private Co B
Doll, Seymour-private Co G
Donovan, Maggie-domestic Lt. William H Simmons'
Doody, Magie-domestic Lt. Benjamin A Porre's
Doorley, William-private Co F
Doran, Charles-private Co F
Doran, John-farmer h Alexandria Pike
Dotson, John F-private Co H
Doublin, Jack-artificer Co B
Dravis, Mary-domestic John B Lock's
Dravis, Zachariah F-private Co C
Drown, Beulah L-h Ft Thomas Av
Drown, Chester J-h Ft Thomas Av
Drown, Edwin E-plumber h Ft Thomas Av
Drown, Jerome F-painter; also restaurant Ft Thomas Av
Dryden, Fred M-private Co D
Dryden, Porter-private Co D
Dugan, Harry J-private Co H
Dugan, Matthew-private Co C
Duggan, Thomas P-private Co H
Durkee, Bert W-corporal Co D


Edgerton, Rongel E-private Co B
Edwards, Henry-private Co F
Edwards, Thomas-private Co G
Egan, John-artificer Co D
Egan, Patrick-private Co D
Egbert, Elizabeth G-r Lt. Col Harry C Egbert's
Egbert, Harry C-Lt. Col 6th Infantry
Egbert, J Y-student r Lt Col Harry C Egbert's
Eggleston, Gertrude Mrs.-res Lt Col W H Gardner's
Eilker, Charles-wagoner Co C
Emmons, Wales-musician Co G
Erwin, Valerius W-private Co F
Esser, Lizzie-domestic Lt Col W H Gardner's
Everage, Joseph-private Co G


Fagans,David W-private Co D
Fahibush, G W-post quartermaster sergeant USA
Fairchild, Edward-musician Co F
Farkas, Martin-corporal Co H
Farrell, James-private Co B
Faulhaber, Henry J-private Co H
Feltz, William J-private Co D
Ferrel, Thomas-1st Sergeant Co B
Fields, George M-private Co F
Fitzhenry, Thomas-private Co C
Fitzpatrick, Michael-private Co A
Flaherty, Patrick-private Co E
Fleig, Anastatius-r Harry J Dennerll's
Fleming, Terrence-private Co G
Flynn, John-private Co E
Foley, John-private Co H
Foley, Joseph R-private Co B
Foose, Andrew-r Louis Girty's
Ford, James D-private Co C
Ford, William J-chair manufacturer h Ft Thomas Av
Forseilles, Frank J-stone mason h River Pike
Ft. Thomas Hotel-J R Hechinger proprietor Ft Thomas Av
Ft. Thomas School-Blaine Av
Fortner, Willard-private Co A
Fowler, Tracy-private Co D
Fox, Edward-private Co D
Fox, John H-sergeant, Co D
Fox, Josephine-widow r Edward A Schneider's
Frank, Hans-sergeant Co E
Franks, James T-private Co A
Fry, Henry-messenger
Fuerst, Joseph-laborer bds Dominick Dietrich's
Fuger, Angeline-domestic Lt. Charles L Beckurts'


Gallen, John-musician Co D
Gardiner, Lorenzo F-private Co A
Gardiner, Robert W-private Co C
Gardner, James J-corporal Co B
Gardner, W H-lieutenant colonel and deputy surgeon general USA
Garot, Charles D-private Co D
Gaughan, George-sergeant Co D
Gerard, Celora-private Co B
Giblin, Bridget-domestic Captain Charles G Penney's
Gibson, R J-captain and asst. surgeon 6th Infantry
Gill, Carl B-private Co G
Gilpin, John B-veterinary student
Girty, George W-farmer h Alexandria Pike
Girty, John T-farmer h Ft Thomas Av
Girty, Louis-farmer h Alexandria Pike
Gleason, Willard E-2d Lt. Co B
Gledhill, George W-sergeant Co G
Godshaw, Henry-private Co G
Goehrig, Jacob-private Co B
Good, Abraham L-private Co C
Gordon, Patrick-private Co A
Gouge, Laura-domestic John Phillips'
Graffen, Frank-private Co A
Gray, Dalbert-private Co B
Gray, Thomas H-corporal Co G
Green, Helen-domestic Lt Elmore F Faggert's
Green, Isaac-sergeant Co G
Greenfield, Clem-private Co B
Gorss, Adolph-musician Co B
Grubbs, Marv.-domestic William J Ford's
Gruber, George J-private Co G
Guiney, Dennis-corporal Co A


Haase, Fred-saloon Ft Thomas Av
Hacklemann, Clement L-principal musician 6th Infantry
Hahn, John V-private Co A
Hall, James B-bartender r Fred Haase's
Hallman, Harold M-1st sergeant Co A
Haney, James M-private Co F
Hann, Warren D-private Co F
Harkins, William E-private Co A
Harms, William-private Co A
Hawkins, Edward-private Co B
Hayden, Charles A-musician Co F
Heatly, Fred-private Co G
Hechinger, Clifford-r J R Hechinger's
Hechinger, J R-Ft Thomas Hotel, Ft Thomas Av
Hecht, Emanuel-private Co A
Heigold, Henry-private Co C
Helle, Charles L-sergeant Co H
Hemphill, George-private Co B
Hemphill, William-private Co B
Henderson, J F W-musician Co G
Hendrix, Harrison H-private Co E
Henry, John-private Co A
Henry, Lewis C-private Co F
Heutel, Emil-private Co F
Highlands Exchange-Frank Leisring Proprietor, Ft Thomas Av and River Pike
Hightower, William H-private Co G
Hills, Samuel W-real estate h Ft Thomas Av
Hinkle, William F-private Co G
Hobbs, Frank D-private Co F
Hobbs, John-private Co D
Hockenberg, Harry M-private Co E
Hollenbeck, Albert-private Co G
Horsey, Minnie Mrs.-restaurant Ft. Thomas Av
Hough, William A-r Military Park
House, Joseph V-musician 6th Infantry
Howard, Charles-private Co G
Howell, William-private Co B
Hubert, Edward-private Co F
Huffer, Daniel N-private Co H
Huling, John-farm hand h Alexandria Pike
Huling, Joseph-huckster h Alexandria Pike
Hulswitt, Herman-private Co A
Hummel, Anton-bartender r Elias Thoeny's
Huninghake, John-private Co B
Hunt, Byron-private Co F
Hunter, Jefferson P-private Co F
Hurst, Thomas-private Co B
Hutchinson, Eugene W-corporal Co B


Irvin, James M-corporal Co E


Jacobi, Albert-proprietor Jacobi's Alhambra Wine and Beer Saloon, Ft Thomas Av r-same
Jaeger, Nicholas-farmer h Blaine Av
Jaster, William-tailor
Jenkins, Edwards-laborer h Alexandria Pike
Jennings, John-private Co G
Jennings, Paul-private Co G
Jimison, Theo-corporal Co E
Johnson, Hattie-domestic A W Buchanas's
Johnson, James-private Co E
Jones, David K-private Co E
Jones, Dial D-private Co F
Jones, Frank-private Co A
Jones, Thomas E-private Co B
Jones, William K-1st lieutenant Co G
Joseph, Lafayette-acting hospital steward
Joyce, Thomas-private Co A
Judd, Bruce M-private Co C
Justice, Demallen-private Co D


Kelly, Dennis F-private Co D
Kelly, James-private Co H
Kennedy, William E-musician 6th Infantry
Kennon, William V-1st lieutenant Co C
Kerns, John-private Co A
Kieme, Holger H-private Co F
Kimball, Sarah-widow Charles h Ft Thomas Av
Kingsley, John F-engineer h opp. Covington Reservoir
Kinne, Ludwig-chief musician 6th Infantry
Kirk, John-sergeant Co H
Kirtley, Nathan K-private Co C
Kleinbeck, Rosa-domestic Charles Riedmatter's
Kleindienst, Frank-private Co F
Kline, Henry-sergeant Co E
Knable, Albert C-private Co D
Knevel, John C-private Co G
Koch, Mathaeus-tailor h Ft Thomas Av
Koehler, George-private Co A
Koon, Samuel J-private hospital corps USA
Kopp, Christian-farmer h Ft Thomas Av
Korber, George-private Co B
Kratz, Edward A-cutter r Military Park
Kratzer, Dell-domestic Mrs. Samuel Shaw's
Krauz, William F-private Co C
Krebs, John-private Co A
Kuleza, Alex-private Co H
Kyle, Edward-private Co E


Labadle, Julius-private Co E
Lackey, William-private Co C
Ladehoff, Henry A-private Co E
Lambert, Walter-private Co F
Lammers, Henry-private Co G
Langley, Alice-stenographer bds The Avenel
Lantz, James A-private Co C
Lapham, Calvin E-private Co D
Large, Lorenzo-sergeant Co C
Law, Frank-private Co B
Lee, Harry R-1st Lt Co D 6th Infantry
Leinbrock, Annie-domestic Major C W Miner's
Leisring, Frank-proprietor Highlands Exchange; Fine Brands of Imported Wines and Liquors;
                       Lager Beer Always on Tap, Ft Thomas Av and River Pike
Leisring, Lulu-h Ft Thomas Av
Lenahan, John-sergeant Co A
Leonard, Patrick-private Co A
Lepper, Frank B-clerk r William F Bruenger's
Lewis, William-private Co C
Liles, William-private Co E
Linck, Julius H-private Co H
Lind, Fred-private Co A
Linderman, Robert M-private Co B
Lindower, Fred-laborer h Alexandria Pike
Lock, John B-h Ft Thomas Av
Lock, Wilbert E-r John B Lock's
Lockhart, Henry W-r Military Park
Lockhart, Marquis R-attorney r Military Park
Lockhart, Reba-teacher r Military Park
Lockhart, Sallie R-r Military Park
Long, Matthew J-private Co B
Lorenz, William-fireman
Losey, Howard-carpenter h Alexandria Pike
Loth, Felix-walter ___ Riedmatter's
Lottes, Christian-gold ____ h Ft Thomas Av
Lynch, William C-private Co __
Lyons, Michael-private Co __
Lyttle, Dale C-private Co __


Macht, Charles-saloon Alexandria Pike
Macht, Conrad-r Charles Macht's
Magen, Max-commissary sergeant USA
Magill, John M-tailor f Ft Thomas Av
Maguire, W A-private Hospital Corps USA
Mahlman, Christian C-private Co G
Maier, John-private Co C
Manning, James-private Co H
Manning, Mont-private Co E
Marion, George S-private Co B
Marti, John-musician 6th Infantry
Martin, Lucy-domestic Lt. Harry R Lee's
Marty, L K-chair manufacturer h Ft Thomas Av
Mayer, Leo-private Co C
Mayfield, Thomas K-private Co C
Mayhew, Birt-private Co C
Maynard, George-dairy Alexandria Pike
McCaffrey, Thomas B-private Co E
McCantyre, Frank-private Co B
McComas, Orville K-private Co C
McCormick, Michael-private Co A
McCredie, James-sergeant Co B
McCue, George-private Co B
McCue, William-private Co B
McDonald, James E-clerk r Thomas McDonalds's
McDonald, Thomas-commercial merchant h Alexandria Pike
McFadden, John-r John Phillips'
McGarry, Michael-private Co D
McGee, David O-private Co G
McKenna, Michael-private Co D
McKe___, ___ude-private Co G
McM____, William E-private Co E
McSweeney, Birdie-domestic Lt William H Simmons'
McVean, Maggie-teacher bds The Avenel
Meyer, John-corporal Co A
Michaux, Charles E-private Co A
Michelfelder, Bertha-tailoress r James Adams'
Miller, Clare-private Co D
Miller, Joseph L-private Co G
Miller, William C-private Co C
Miller, William H-private Co C
Miller, William H-private Co F
Mills, Bert-barber Ft Thomas Av
Millson, Asbury-laborer h River Pike
Millson, Harry D-driver h River Pike
Millson, William A-driver h River Pike
Miner, C W-major 6th Infantry
Minshall, Alois-shoemaker h Grand Av
Minshall, Catharine A-cloak maker h Grand Av
Minshall, Elizabeth-widow George W h Grand Av
Minshall, Ferd B-musician h Grand Av
Minshall, Joseph F-musician h Grand Av
Mitchell, William H-private Co F
Montague, Robert A-private Co A
Moog, Herman-corporal Co A
Moore, Buse H-private Co B
Moore, Charles F-private Co B
Moore, Daniel-sergeant Co A
Moore, Edward F-private Co F
Moore, James H-corporal Co G
Moore, John C-private Co H
Moore, Victor C-private Co D
Moran, Peter J-corporal Co F
Moreland, Robert-private Co G
Morrisey, Thomas-private Co D
Morton, C G-Lt. quartermaster and commissary USA Ft Thomas
Mountjoy, Eliza-domestic Rev R W Springer's
Mueller, Theresa-domestic Albert Riedmatter's
Mullen, James M-private Co F
Mulligan, John-private Co A
Munday, Greeley-private Co G
Munson, Fred L-sergeant Co A
Murphy, Dennis-private Co A
Murphy, George-wks Dr. Robert J Gibson's
Murphy, Harry M-musician Co B
Murray, Harry-private Co E
Murray, John-private Co E
Murray, John-sergeant Co C
Mutha, Michael-h River Pike


Nelson, John E-private Co F
Nicolay, Herman-private Co F
Nigg, Laurenz-private Co H
Niziolek, John-private Co E
Nodecker, John-corporal Co C
Noll, Charles-corporal Co F
Noonan, James T-private Co H
Noonan, Thomas-private Co D
North, Vinnie-teacher Ft Thomas School r Cold Springs
Nuckols, Arthur L-private Co B


O'Brien, Joseph-drum major 6th Infantry
O'Connell, Bridget-domestic Lt. William C Bennett's
O'Connell, Philip S-private Co H
O'Day, Katie-domestic Captain A M Wetherill's
O'Donnell, William-private Co C
Oldiges, Gerald G-artificer Co A
O'Leary, Daniel-private Co A
O'Leary, John-private Co G
Ortlieb, William-florist Alexandria Pike
Ouellette, Ferd.-private Co C
Owens, Aaron-laborer h Alexandria Pike


Pancake, Howard E-artificer Co E
Parker, William H-artificer Co F
Parr, Joseph-farm hand wks Mrs. Samuel Shaw's
Parrott, Houston B-corporal Co B
Parsons, John D-private Co D
Pasno, Melvin-private Co H
Patterson, Jesse H-private Co E
Paullin, Benjamin F-sergeant Co F
Payne, Rufus W-corporal Co F
Peixotto, Irving R-private Co F
Penney, Charles G-captain Co E 6th Infantry
Perkins, Herman-private Co C
Peterson, M R-1st Lt. attached to Co A
Petrie, James A-musician Co A
Phillips, George-private Co D
Phillips, Jennie M-h Ft Thomas Av
Phillips, John-rolling mill h Ft Thomas Av
Phillips, L Agnes-h Ft Thomas Av
Phillips, William P-sergeant Co O
Pickering, Tilghman-hardware r Lt. Charles L Beckurts'
Pierce, Overton-private Co C
Pierce, William L-private Co D
Pierson, Annie-domestic Captain Fred. W Thibaut's
Pierson, Daniel-private Co C
Pies, Gottfried-farmer h Alexandria Pike
Pinkerton, William-farm hand h River Pike
Poore, Benjamin A-1st lieutenant Co E
Porter, Frank A-private Co C
Powell, William-private Co G
Powell, William M-private Co H
Prather, William H-private Co E
Preston, Edwin L-private Co F
Price, George-private Co D
Pugh, Elliott-private Co D
Purdy, Clarence M-2nd lieutenant Co D


Radel, Jerry A-private Co H
Radgers, Henry-private Co E
Raycroft, Fred-musician 6th Infantry
Raymour, William L-private Co G
Reed, John H-private Co B
Reiff, Christian-sergeant Co D
Reilly, John-private Co E
Rein, Max-private Co H
Reisacher, Paul-shoemaker Ft Thomas Av
Reneker, Jacob R-private Co D
Renn, Sophia-domestic Charles Riedmatter's
Rentz, John-private Co E
Rettig, Edward-private Co E
Reynolds, Eugene-private Co E
Rice, Lillie Mrs.-h Ft Thomas Av
Riedmatter, Albert-bakery Ft Thomas Av
Riedmatter, Charles-proprietor The Belvedere; Summer and Winter Resort; Choice Wines,
                              Liquor and Cigars constantly on hand; Restaurant First Class, Ft
                              Thomas Av; r-same
Riedmatter, Joseph-r Charles Riedmatter
Robbins, John E-private Co E
Robbins, Robert-private Co H
Roberts, park-private Co A
Robson, George W-h Ft Thomas Av
Rodgers, Nora-r Lt Benjamin A Porre's
Roepke, Henry-hospital steward
Rogster, Laura M-domestic Dr. Robert J Gibson's
Romine, Walter-private Co B
Roney, Walter-private Co B
Rose, Frank F-private Co H
Ross, J H M-h Ft Thomas Av
Ross, Joel B-student h Ft Thomas Av
Ross, Lewis L-h Ft Thomas Av
Ross, Lewis L Jr.-dentist h Ft Thomas Av
Ross, Stanley S-clerk in charge Sub-station No 1 Newport P O; Ft Thomas Av
Ross, William B-asst clerk Sub-station No 1 Newport P O; Ft Thomas Av
Roth, Mary-r Albert Riedmatter's
Rottern, Charles-private Co A
Rowland, George-private Co G
Rusk, William F-private hospital corps USA
Rutter, Aaron H-corporal Co D
Ryan, Patrick-musician 6th Infantry
Ryther, Dwight W-2nd lieutenant Co C


Sachs, George M-private Co B
Saffarrans, George C-2nd lieutenant Co G
St Stephen's Catholic Cemetery-Alexandria Pike
Sanders, George M-farm hand wks John B Lock's
Sandstrom, Charles-1st sergeant Co G
Sanwick, Christian-private Co A
Schaeble, Otto-artificer Co F
Scheibly, Jacob-boilermaker h River Road
Schell, Louis-sergeant Co F
Schiebelhuth, Henry-private Co A
Schindel, Louis-student r Lt. S J Bayard Schindel's
Schindel, Randolph-law student r Lt S J Bayard Schindel's
Schindel, S J Baynard-2nd lieutenant Co H
Schmalz, John-musician CO H
Schneider, Edward A-cutter h Ft Thomas Av
Schomm, William-private Co A
Schriver, Alice C-r The Avenel
Schriver, Arthur S-plumber r The Avenel
Schriver, Carrie C Mrs.-proprietor The Avenel Ft Thomas Av
Schriver, Henry A-carpenter r The Avenel
Schriver, Jessie-r The Avenel
Schriver, Robert W-bricklayer r The Avenel
Schuck, William J-corporal Co D
Schuffert, Conrad-artificer Co C
Schultz, August F-private Co H
Schultz, Lizzie-domestic James K Stone's
Schwatz, Gottfried-private Co H
Selwert, Joseph-musician 6th Infantry
Selk, John-private Co C
Sellers, Andrew J-carpenter h Oak st
Shannon, James L-private Co H
Shannon, Kate-domestic Captain Charles G Penny's
Sharkey, Frank-private Co B
Shaw, Alice M-h Ft Thomas Av
Shaw, Bessie E-h Ft Thomas Av
Shaw, Eva M-h Ft Thomas Av
Shaw, Samuel Mrs.-widow h Ft Thomas Av
Shelato, Samuel G-private Co C
Shephard, John N-private Co G
Sherlock, Charles F-private Co F
Showalter, James C-musician 6th Infantry
Showers, E S-saloon Ft Thomas Av
Shumate, Charles-private Co E
Shumate, William R-private Co E
Simons, William H-2nd lieutenant Co E
Sims, William S-private Co H
Sleeth, Albert-private Co D
Sloan, James R-private Co E
Smith, Alfred T-sergeant Co H
Smith, August-fireman h Alexandria Pike
Smith, Belle-domestic Lt Willard E Gleason's
Smith, Charles A-private Co H
Smith, Charles B-private Co B
Smith, Charles G-musician 6th Infantry
Smith, Henry J-1st sergeant Co C
Smith, James-principal musician 6th Infantry
Smith, Oliver-private Co C
Smith, Richard F-private Co G
Smith, Robert K-private Co A
Sneathen, Clifford T-private Co H
Sowards, Homer W-private Co C
Spalmbalg, Albert-private Co H
Sparks, Henry H-private Co A
Spayd, John W-private Co B
Spoerry, Otto-private Co A
Springer, R W Rev-chaplain 6th Regiment
Squires, Alfred-corporal Co H
Squires, John H-private Co D
Stambaugh, Curtis M-sergeant Co G
Standley, Charles-teamster h Ft Thomas Av
Stanger, Fred-private Co D
Stanley, John L-artificer Co C
Starkey, Fred-corporal Co B
Stegeman, Albert V-clerk h Ft Thomas Av
Stegeman, Elizabeth-widow John H h Ft Thomas Av
Stegeman, Frank B h Ft Thomas Av
Stegeman, Harry M-clerk h Ft Thomas Av
Stegeman, Henrietta B-h Ft Thomas Av
Stephens, Myron-private Co G
Stephens, William J-musician 6th Infantry
Stewart, James S-supt. h Alexandria Pike
Stine, Bert-private Co H
Stokes, William A-private Co A
Stone, James K-planing mill h Ft Thomas Av
Stone, Walter P-wh. lumber r Military Park
Stone, William H-clerk r James K Stone's
Stratton, John R-private Co C
Straube, Fred D-private Co F
Sub-Station No 1 Newport P O-Ft Thomas Av; Stanley S Ross, clerk in charge
Sullivan, Joseph-private Co A
Svobods, John-private Co A
Swing, William H-barber r Bert Mills'
Swope, William B-private Co B


Taft, L R-quartermaster sergeant 6th Infantry
Taggart, Elmore F-1st lieutenant Co F
Taggart, Howard-clerk r Lt. Elmore F Taggart's
Tanner, John D-private Co F
Taylor, Samuel M-private Co H
Thibaut, Fred W-captain Co D 6th Infantry
Thoeny, Elias-saloon Alexandria Pike
Thoeny, Fred-sexton h Alexandria Pike
Thomas, Harvey S-florist Ft Thomas Av
Thomas, James-private Co C
Thompson, James-private Co C
Thomson, Bernard C-private Co H
Thorn, Charles-private Co B
Tinsley, Harry S-private Co B
Torrey, Zera W-1st lieutenant Co B 6th Infantry
Toten, Thomas-private Co __
Triplett, Joseph R-sergeant Co __
Truly, Lizzie-domestic Lt Charles L Beckurts'
Tucker, Frances C-widow James G h Alexandria Pike
Tucker, Harry J-coal h Alexandria Pike
Turman, Reuben F-2nd lieutenant Co F


Ulrey, Alvin U-musician Co E


Van, Robert-sergeant Co A
VanBuskirk, George-sergeant Co B
VanValkenburg, Burt-private Co F
Venoy, Birdie-domestic Harry A Wadsworth's
Verdenhalven, John-private Co F
Villmes, Gambo C-corporal Co F
Vincent, Fred C-private Co A
Voige, William H-book keeper r Military Park


Wadsworth, Harry A-watch case manufacturer h Ft Thomas Av
Wagner, Samuel-coachman L K Marty's
Wagner, Wilson-private Co E
Waleur, James A-private Co A
Walker, George B-captain Co C
Walker, Milton P-farmer h Ft Thomas Av
Wallace, Edmond R-private Co A
Walsh, Mary-domestic Captain A M Wetherill's
Walsh, Michael-private Co H
Wardlow, Ora E-private Co F
Warner, Laura-domestic L K Marty's
Warnick, John-private Co H
Wasson, Silias E-private Co G
Watters, Edward-private Co E
Weaver, George-private Co H
Weber, Frank-plumber h Alexandria Pike
Webster, Frank D-2nd lieutenant Co A
Wells, Albert E-private Co G
Wells, Louis P-private Co B
West, William L-private Co F
Wetherill, A M-captain Co A
Wetherill, A M Jr.-student r Captain A M Wetherill's
Weusthoff, Hans-private Co H
White, Edward D-musician Co A
Wiles, Charles-artificer Co G
Wilkie, Amos-private Co H
Williams, Oliver W-private Co B
Willier, John G-private hospital corps USA
Willis, Edward G-private Co C
Willis, Samuel-musician 6th Infantry
Wilmer, Ben-clerk r Philip Bessler's
Wilmer, William J-book keeper h Ft Thomas Av
Wilson, Harvey T-r Military Park
Wilson, John H-private Co E
Wilson, Silas T-wagoner Co B
Wilson, William-private Co F
Winters, Amaziah J-private Co H
Wise, Harold A-private Co F
Witmer, Hubert-private hospital corps USA
Woelffel, Frank A-musician 6th Infantry
Wolbert, John-private Co G
Wood, Mary-domestic Captain Bernard A Bryne's
Worman, James S-private Co E
Wunder, John-private Co D
Wunder, Tobias-corporal Co G
Wuttke, Paul-corporal Co B
Wyley, Alex-1st sergeant Co D
Wyper, David-private Co E


Yockey, George-bartender r J R Hechinger's
York, George D-private Co H
Young, William-private Co F


Ziegler, Emanuel-artificer Co E
Zollman, Edward A-private Co E

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