Ft. Thomas 1895 City Directory

Published by Williams & Company Publishers
90 Longworth St.  Cincinnati Ohio
The post office address is Sub-Station No 1 Newport
These directories are held at the Kenton County Library in Covington


Abel, Frank-sergeant Co C
Able, Mary-domestic  Lt D W Atkinson's
Ackley, Irwin E-private Co E
Adkisson, Charles W-private Co G
Allard, Frank G-private Co G
Allen, Henry-musician Co E
Allen, John R-private Co A
Anderson, Maurice-private Co G
Anderson, Robert-private Co E
Apitz, Will-private Co C
Arnold, John-sergeant Co D
Arnold, William F-private Co C
Atkinson, B W-1st Lt. Co H
Auckerman, Jacob-private Co F
Austin, Harvey J-private Co E
Avenel {The}-Mrs. H A Schriver Proprietress Highland Av


Babel, Conrad F-artificer Co C
Bade, John A-corporal Co F
Bagger, Jens N-private Co C
Bailey, Annie-domestic  J M Hanly's
Bailey, Thomas J-private Co E
Baker, Stephen-captain Co B
Bandholtz, Harry H-2nd Lt. Co C
Barr, Hamer R-private Co F
Barr, John H-private Co F
Barrett, Robert-private Co G
Barry, Dennis-private Co A
Bauchspies,Otto-private Co D
Beatty, James-musician Co C
Beauboucher, Edward G A-private Co H
Bechtold, Julius-private Co B
Becker, Paul-private Co B
Beckley, Mary-domestic Lt. C L Beckurts'
Beckman, Carl-private Co E
Beckurts, C L-1st Lt. adjutant 6th Infantry
Belden, Henry H-private Co A
Bell, Charles A-private Co F
Benjamin, Frank W-sergeant Co F
Bennett, George-private Co F
Bennett, Joseph-1st Lt. Co E
Bennett, W C-2nd Lt. Co G
Benson, John M-private Co G
Berger, Charles-private Co G
Berlage, Frank A-private Co E
Bessler, Philip-grocery  Highland Av
Biden, Victor-private Co E
Bily, Joseph-private Co D
Bingley, Jacob-private Co A
Bird, August E-private Co H
Blake, T J-teamster Construction Quartermaster's Office
Bliss, Charles-private Co B
Blood, William W-private Co A
Bloom, John C-private Co G
Bogardus, Fred-private Co E
Bohnstengel, Gustav-bar tender  bds Charles Riedmatter's
Bond, William Ross-electrician  r-James H M Ross'
Bourdo, Frederick M-private  Co H
Bowen, Rufus-private Co C
Box, Oliver-private Co C
Braden, Charles-artificer Co F
Bragg, Ernest M-private Co H
Branham, George M-private Co E
Breeze, Clay-corporal Co E
Breeze, Robert H-private Co E
Brink, John E-private Co D
Brooke, Charles F-private Co C
Brooke, Walter C-private Co B
Brown, Antonia-private Co D
Brown, David-private Co D
Brown, Douglas A-stenographer h Grand Av
Brown, Edward-private Co H
Brown, Henry A-private Co F
Brown, John-musician 6th Infantry
Brown, John-private Co D
Brown, Samuel-private Co D
Buchanan, Edward F-musician Co C
Buechner, William-musician 6th Infantry
Buerger, John-private Co A
Burck, Theo-private Co G
Burns, Michael-private Co B
Burns, Robert H-private Co F
Burton, A C-private Co E
Busch, Clemens-laborer bds FrankJ Forseilles'
Bush, King-private Co D
Butterfield, Lawrence J-private Co C
Butts, William-private Co D
Byrne, B A-1st Lt. Co G
Byrne, Charles 1st Lt. Co A


Cahill, John-post fireman
Call, Mary-domestic Lt. Charles G Morton's
Callahan, John R-sergeant Co G
Callinan, William H-corporal Co F
Campbell, John-musician 6th Infantry
Campbell, John Y-private Co D
Campbell, Lillie-domestic Lt. Elmer Taggart's
Campbell, William-private Co H
Camphaus, Barney-private Co D
Carey, Edward-1st sergeant Co H
Carr, Edward-private Co A
Carr, Edward-private Co C
Carr, Mary-domestic Captain F W Thibaut's
Carr, William H-private Co C
Carroll, Patrick-private Co C
Carter, Samuel W-musician 6th Infantry
Cave, Eddie W-private Co A
Cave, Hubert-corporal Co A
Chadock, Clarence W-private Co B
Chalfant, James A-artificer Co B
Chandler, Martin P-private Co A
Chase, George-private Co A
Chrisman, Thomas J-private Co A
Christ, Richard E-private Co G
Clayton, George W-private Co F
Clifford, Daniel-private Co D
Clifton, Charles-private Co C
Clontier, George-private Co H
Cochran, Anna D-r Col. M A Cochran's
Cochran, M A-Colonel 6th Infantry, commanding Ft. Thomas
Cochran, Percy M-student r-Col. M A Cochran's
Cole, Fred-private Co A
Conway, John-private Co D
Cook, Charles-private Co E
Cook, Levi-private Co G
Cooney, Thomas-private Co B
Corbett, James J-corporal Co C
Corbin, James T-private Co D
Cotter, Cornelius-dairy River Pike
Coultas, Oliver-sergeant Co B
Craddock, Alfred-tailor h Highland Av
Crawford, Fred L-private Co C
Creutzberger, Ben-private Co C
Crisler, Charles-sergeant Co F
Crockett, Henry-private Co A
Crooke, William H-post engineer
Crowell, Fannie-r Capt W H H Crowell's
Crowell, W H H-captain Co G
Culian, Harry D-grocer Highland Av


Dacy, John-private Co F
Daly, Patrick-private Co F
Damron, Richard A-private Co A
Dany, George-corporal Co D
Davis, Charles M-sergeant Co E
Davis, Eugene A-private Co D
DeCaleste, Jean-private Hospital Corps US Army
Decker, James-sergeant Co H
DeLacy, James H-private Co H
Del Hine, Charles-2nd Lt. Co D
Denis, Peter-private Co A
Denneril, H J-h Highland Av
Dennler, George-gardener  h Highland Av
Dennler, John-farm hand  Lewis L Ross'
Dennler, Louisa-domestic  Lewis L Ross'
Dennler, Mary-h Highland Av
Deobell, Max-private Co H
Detchmundy, G A-2nd Lt. Co H
Devereux, Albert-private Co A
Devereux, Charles H-sergeant major 6th Infantry
Dick, Carter-1st sergeant Co F
Dietrich, Dominick-saloon Highland Av
Dillman, William-private Hospital Corps US Army
Dillon, Otha-private Co D
Dixon, William H-private Co E
Dolan, William-private Co H
Donahue, Owen-porter bds John C Sands'
Donnelly, James-private Co C
Doorley, William-private Co F
Dorgan, James-private Co G
Dreyer, Charles-private Co F
Drown, Beulah-clerk Mrs. J F Drown's, r-Jerome F Drown's
Drown, Chester J-h Highland Av
Drown, J F Mrs.-restaurant Highland Av
Drown, Jerome F-painter h Highland Av
Dryden, Fred M-private Co D
Dryden, Porter-private Co D
Dugan, Harry J-private Co H
Dugan, Mathew-private Co C
Duggan, Thomas P-private Co H
Durkee, Bert-private Co D
Dwyer, Charles-corporal Co A


Eberlyn, Alfred-private Hospital Corps US Army
Eckhardt, Martin-musician 6th Infantry
Edwards, Thomas-private Co G
Egan, John-private Co D
Egan, Mary-domestic Major J C Worthington's
Egan, Patrick-private Co D
Egbert, Elizabeth G-r Lt. Colonel Harry C Egbert's
Egbert, Harry C-Lt. Colonel 6th Infantry
Egbert, James Y-student r-Lt. Colonel Harry C Egbert's
Eichhorn, Charles-private Co E
Ellison, Frank-private Co D
Ely, F D-2nd Lt. Co D
Emerson, Frank-corporal Co D
Emmons, Wales-musician Co G
Erwin, Valerius W-private Co F
Evans, William-private Co E


Fahlbush, Gustav W-post quartermaster sergeant US Army
Fairchild, Edward-musician Co F
Fanyeau, Noah A-private Co H
Farkas, Martin-private Co H
Farrell, James-private Co B
Farrell, Thomas-1st sergeant Co B
Fastnaught, George-private Co G
Fee, Michael-private Co G
Feit, Frank J-private Co G
Fields, George M-private Co F
Filmerns, Carl-private Co D
Fitzpatrick, Michael-private Co H
Flammer, Henry-musician Co H
Fleming, Terence-private Co G
Fluly, Frank-private Co D
Flynn, John-private Co E
Fogarty, Patrick-private Co F
Ford, James D-private Co C
Forseilles, Frank J-stone mason h River Pike
Fox, Edward-private Co D
Fox, John H-sergeant Co D
Frank, H-private Co E
French, George H-private Co F
Fry, Hereward-engineer Constructing Quartermaster's Office


Gallagher, Rose-domestic Col. M A Cochran's
Gallen, John-musician Co D
Gardner, James J-private Co B
Garnet, William M-private Co E
Gaskin, Charles-private Co C
Gaughan, George-sergeant Co D
Geiger, Frank-private Co H
Gibbs, John W-private Co G
Gibbs, William-private Co G
Girty, John T-farmer h Highland Av
Glazier, W L-engineer Constructing Quartermaster's Office, r-Newport
Gleason, Willard E-2nd Lt. Co B
Gledhill, George W-sergeant Co G
Goehrig, Jacob-private Co B
Goehrig, William-private Co E
Good, Abraham L-private Co C
Graham, Patrick-private Co C
Grant, Katie-domestic Capt. William J Wakeman's
Grant, Mary-cook Lt. Bernard A Bryne's
Greathaus, William-sergeant Co E
Green, Isaac-corporal Co G
Greening, William-musician Co D
Griffin, Fred-corporal Co H
Griffing, Jobe N-private Co C
Griffith, Gabriel-private Co B
Grimes, John T-private Co D
Gross, Adolph-musician Co B
Gruber, George J-private Co G
Guimond, Archile-musician 6th Infantry
Guiney, Dennis-private Co A
Guth, Edward H-private Co G


Hasse, Fred-h Highland Av
Hacklemann, Clement L-principal musician 6th Infantry
Hackwort, William-private Co D
Hall, James B-private Co C
Hall, John-private Co C
Halley, James H-private Co C
Halman, Harold M-1st sergeant Co A
Hammer, Annie-domestic Samuel W Hills'
Hammonds, Louis-private Co A
Hansen, Henry-private Co A
Harkins, William E-private Co A
Harris, Henry-private Co B
Harrison, Willliam-laborer bds Phillip M Walker's
Harriss, John V-private Co H
Harrod, ALlen-corporal Co F
Haskins, William Z-private Co D
Hawkins, Edward-private Co B
Hayden, Charles A-musician Co F
Hayes, Lawrence L-private Co H
Heagerty, Patrick-private Co D
Hecht, Emmanuel-private Co A
Heele, Charles-sergeant Co H
Heigold, Henry-private Co C
Heine, Herman-porter bds Frank Leising's
Henderson, John F W-private Co G
Hendrix, K N-corporal Co E
Henry, William W-private Co F
Heuser, Joseph-private Co B
Hewitt, James H-private Co H
Higgins, Julia-cook Capt. A M Wetherill's
Hills, Samuel W-real estate. also postmaster Station A, h Highland Av
Hime, William A-private Co G
Hobbs, John-private Co A
Hoffman, William C-musician Co G
Hoffman, William E-private Co F
Holt, Frank-private Co D
Hotchkiss, Leroy S-private Co A
Howard, Charles-private Co G
Hubbard, Irving A-private Hospital Corps US Army
Hunt, Bryon-private Co E
Hurst, Thomas-private Co B
Huston, Amelia B-widow Col Daniel, r-Lt. Z W Torrey's
Huston, Grace-r Lt. Z W Torrey's
Hutchinson, Eugene W-private Co B
Huzel, Josephine-domestic James H M Ross'


Illingworth, William H-private Co B
Inglart, Philip-private Hospital Corps US Army


Jacobs, Edward W-private Co G
Jacobs, John C-private Co G
Jewitt, William R-private Co D
Johnson, James-private Co F
Johnson, Mary M-widow Henry, housekeeper Lt. Elmer Taggart's
Johnson, Walter-private Co D
Johnston, William-private Co A
Jones, Joseph M-private Co G
Jones, Thomas E-private Co B
Josenhaus, Henry-artificer Co B
Joseph, Lafayette-acting steward, Hospital Corps US Army
Joyce, Thomas-private Co H


Kane, Peter-sergeant Co A
Keenan, Hugh-sergeant Co B
Kelly, Dennis P-private Co D
Kelly, James-private Co E
Kelly, Michael-private Co A
Kennedy, William E-musician 6th Infantry
Kennon, Lyman W V-1st Lt. Co C
Kerns, John M-private Co G
Kiesne, Holger-private Co F
Kilkeary, Charles P-private Co E
King, George H-private Co E
Kingsley, John F-engineer h Highland Av
Kington, James M-private Co B
Kinne, Ludwig-band leader 6th Infantry
Kirk, James P-corporal Co H
Kirtley, Nathan K-private Co C
Kline, Henry-sergeant Co E
Hoeble, Joseph-carpenter h Alexandria Pike near Highland Av
Koehler, George-private Co F
Kopp, Christian F-laborer wks J H Stegeman's
Korber, George-private Co B
Korn, Samuel J-private Co H
Kraus, William F-wagoner Co C
Krebs, John-private Co A
Kuykendall, Howard L-private Co C
Kyle, Edward-private Co B


Langley, Alice-stenographer bds The Avenel
Large, Lorenzo A-private Co C
Laver, James-sergeant Co H
Lazelle, Rachel Mrs.-r Lt. Bernard A Byrne's
Leary, Albert T-private Co E
Lee, Wesley-private Co C
Lehman, John-corporal Co G
Leisring, Emma-h Highland Av
Leisring, Frank-saloon Highland Av
Leisring, Lottie-h Highland Av
Leisring, Lulu-h Highland Av
Leland, Chester-private Co B
Leonard, Patrick-private Co A
Levy, Isaac-sergeant Co E
Lewis, William-private Co C
Lieberman, Andrew-private Co B
Lind, Frederick-private Co A
Linguist, Philip O-private Co F
Lock, John B-h Highland Av
Logan, William R-private Co G
Long, Matthew J-private Co B
Losey, Cordelia A-widow James h Oak st
Losey, Howard W-carpenter h Oak st
Losey, Thornton W-h Oak st
Lucas, Harry W-private Co G
Lucas, John A-private Co G
Lynch, Robert-private Co D


Magill, John-tailor h Highland Av
Mahlman, Christian C-artificer Co G
Malott, James B-private Co C
Man, James-private Co F
Manz, Jacob-private Co G
Marganroth, William-private Co B
Mark, John-private Co G
Markey, Thomas J-messenger Constructing Quartermaster's Office, bds Dominick Dietrich's
Marshall, William-private Co B
Martin, A J-porter H A Schriver's
Maston, Thomas J-musician Co A
Mayer, Leo-private Co C
Mayhew, Birt-private Co E
McBride, Harry-private Co F
McCantyre, Frank-private Co B
McCombs, John E-musician Co H
McCombs, Orville K-corporal Co H
McCormick, Clarence-private Co E
McCredie, James-sergeant Co B
McCue, William-private Co B
McDonald H C-bar tender bds Philip Bessler's
McDonald, John H-private Co A
McFadden, John-private Co E
McGarry, Michael-corporal Co C
McGee, John L-private Co F
McGuire, Harvey-private Hospital Corps US Army
McIntyre, Samuel B-sergeant Co G
McKenna, Michael-private Co D
McKnight, Sanford L-private Co G
McVean, Maggie-teacher  bds The Avenel
Menges, Clinton L-private Co F
Messer, Jacob C-private Co G
Meyer, Carl-corporal Co D
Miller, Jacob-private Co G
Miller, William-private Co B
Miller, William-private Co E
Minshall, Alois-student h Highland Av and Grand Av
Minshall, Fred-laborer h Highland Av and Grand Av
Minshall, George W-farmer h Highland Av and Grand Av
Minshall, Joseph F-musician h Highland Av and Grand Av
Mitchell, William B-private Co F
Montague, Robert A-private Co A
Moog, Herman-private Co C
Moore, Benjamin F-stone mason h Highland Av
Moore, Daniel-private Co A
Moore, Edward F-private Co F
Moore, James H-private Co G
Moore, Jesse S-laborer h Highland Av
Moran, Peter J-private Co F
Morton, Charles G-1st Lt. regimental quartermaster 6th Infantry
Mullen, George A-private Co F
Mulligan, John-private Co A
Munson, Fred Leigh-corporal Co A
Munson, J T-captain Co F
Murphy, Denis-private Co A
Murphy, Mark-private Co A
Murr, Charles L-private Co C
Murray, John-sergeant Co C
Murtha, Murphy-private Co B


Napra, John-private Co D
Naylor, Frank-private Co F
Neary, James-private Co G
Nee, Thomas-private Co A
Nelson, General-private Co D
Nelson, Nimrod-private Co D
Nichols, Henry-clerk Constructing Quartermaster's Office, r-Newport
Nicolay, Herman-private Co F
Nigg, Laurane-private Co H
Nodecker, John-corporal Co C
Nolan, D J-reporter Cincinnati Tribune
Noonan, Thomas-private Co D


Obenchain, George W-corporal Co E
O'Brien, Joseph-drum major 6th Infantry
O'Brien, Matthew-private Co D
O'Connell, Bridget-domestic Major J C Worthington's
O'Donnell, Patrick-private Co F
O'Donnell, William-private Co C
Osborne, H G Mrs.-widow J D r-Major J C Worthington's
Osterholz, George-private Co F
Overton, R G-grocer Highland Av


Painter, Charles-farmer h Highland Av
Parker, Frank-private Co A
Partridge, Michael-private Co G
Pask, Mollie-cook H A Schriver's
Pasno, Melvin-private Co H
Paullin, Benjamin F-sergeant Co F
Pay, Maggie-domestic Col. M A Chochran's
Payne, Rufus W-private Co E
Pearson, Eugen-sergeant Co C
Peese, Elias-private Co E
Penny, Ellis B-private Co H
Penny, William L-private Co H
Petrie, James A-musician Co A
Phillips, Agnes-h Highland Av
Phillips, Enoch D-h Highland Av
Phillips, George-private Co D
Phillips, Jennie-h Highland Av
Phillips, John-superintendent bolt works  h Highland Av
Phillips, William P-corporal Co D
Pickering, Tilghman-hardware r-Lt. C L Beckurts'
Pierce, Overton C-artificer Co C
Pierce, William L-private Co D
Poore, Benjamin A-1st Lt. Co E
Porter, Frank A-private Co C
Prather, James E-private Co E
Prather, Robert L-private Co E
Prediger, Frederick-private Co G
Preston, Edwin L-private Co F
Pritchard, B F-bar tender bds J M Hanly's


Quigley, Michael A-corporal Co A


Radgers, Henry-private Co D
Ranson, Mina-domestic Lt. Willard E Gleason's
Ray, John-private Co H
Raymour, Will L-sergeant Co G
Reddy, John-private Co A
Reeves, William-private Co F
Reiff, Christian-sergeant Co D
Reilly, John-private Co E
Reilly, Stephen-private Co F
Rein, Max-private Co H
Reinel, Otto O-private Hospital Corps US Army
Reisacher, Paul-shoemaker Highland Av
Reynolds, Eugene-private Co E
Riedmatter, Albert-restaurant Highland Av r-Newport
Riedmatter, Charles-Proprietor Belvedere Wine and Beer Saloon and Restaurant, Grand Av
Riedmatter, Joseph-h Grand Av
Robbins, Robert-private Co H
Roberts, Park-private Co A
Robinson, Maria-domestic Lt. D W Atkinson's
Rodenstein, Charles F-private Co A
Roepke, Henry-hospital steward US Army
Romine, Walter-private Co C
Ronan, William E-private Co H
Rosato, Philip-private Co C
Ross, James H M-commercial merchant  h Highland Av
Ross, Joel B-h Highland Av
Ross, John-private Co E
Ross, Lewis L-lumber h Highland Av
Ross, Lewis L Jr.-dental student h Highland Av
Roswell, Alfred-private Co F
Rowe, Charles-private Co E
Rowland, George-private Co G
Rutler, Aaron H-artificer CO D
Ryan, Andrew-commissary sergeant US Army
Ryan, Patrick-musician 6th Infantry
Ryther, Dwight W-regimental and quartermaster sergeant 6th Infantry


Sabrosky, John A-musician 6th Infantry
Saddier, Mack-private Co D
Saflarrans, George C-2nd Lt. Co F
Salender, Louis-private Co D
Sands, John C-saloon Highland Av
Sandstrom, Charles-1st sergeant Co G
Sauter, Frank-private Co G
Schaeble, Otto-private Co F
Schawe, Henry-private Co G
Schell, Louis-corporal Co F
Schickner, J F-saloon  Highland Av r-Newport
Schindel, J P-captain Co H
Schindel, J Randolph-student r-Capt. J P Schindel's
Schlafer, Christian-private Co C
Schmalz, John-private Co H
Schomm, William-private Co A
Schriver, Alice C-h Highland Av
Schriver, Crescentia C-h Highland Av
Schriver, H A-carpenter h Highland Av
Schriver, H A Mrs.-Proprietress The Avenel Highland Av
Schriver, Justina-h Highland Av
Schriver, Robert W-bricklayer h Highland Av
Schriver, Samuel A-plumber h Highland Av
Schuck, William J-corporal Co D
Schuler, Cuss?-private Co G
Schwarz, Godfried-private Co H
Scott, Arthur-musician 6th Infantry
Seiwert, Joseph-musician 6th Infantry
Shalloe, Daniel-private Co D
Shanahan, Margaret-domestic Capt. A M Wetherill's
Sheehan, David-sergeant Co A
Shewalter, James C-musician 6th Infantry
Shumate, Charles-private Co E
Shumate, William R-private Co E
Shupp, Frank-artificer Co F
Sigman, Rufus M-private Co C
Simpson, James G-musician 6th Infantry
Sleeth, Alvin-private Co D
Smith, Alfred T-private Co H
Smith, Andrew A-private Co H
Smith, Charles G-musician 6th Infantry
Smith, Henry J-1st sergeant Co C
Smith, Jacob-laborer h Alexandria Pike near Highland Av
Smith, James-principal musician 6th Infantry
Smith, James-private Co H
Smith, Jerry-private Co G
Smith, Leonidas-private Co F
Smith, Oliver-private Co C
Sohn, Lena-domestic Charles Riedmatter's
Sowards, Homer W-private Co C
Spalmbalz, Albert-private Co H
Sparke, Eva-domestic Charles Riedmatter's
Sparke, Henry H-private Co A
Spoerry, Otto-private Co A
Spriggs, Charles-private Co C
Squier, William E-private Co A
Squiers, Alfred-private Co H
Stahl, Rudolph-corporal Co D
Stambough, Curtis M-corporal Co G
Stanger, Fred-private Co D
Stratton, Rolla-private Co D
Strode, John M-private Co A
Svoboda, John-private Co A
Swainey, Harry-private Co G
Swisher, James-post fireman h Highland Av


Taft, Lewis R-sergeant Co B
Taggart, E F-1st Lt. Co F
Taggart, Howard-clerk r-Lt. Elmer Taggart's
Tanner, John D-private Co F
Tarter, William W-private Co H
Taylor, Curtis-private Co F
Taylor, John W-private Co H
Thibaut, Fred W-captain Co D
Thomas, James-sergeant Co C
Thompson, Hattie-domestic J M Hanly's
Thompson, James W-private Co C
Tobyn, Charles-private Co H
Tooley, Charles-private Co F
Toorey, Zerah W-1st Lt. Co B
Townsend, Thomas G-captain Co E
Turner, Carrie-domestic Lt. C L Beckurts'
Turner, Reuben B-1st Lt. 6th Infantry, constructing quartermaster


Ulrey, A N-musician Co E
Untenahrer, Arthur-private Co H


Vail, Edward SS-private Co E
Van, Robert-sergeant Co A
VanBuskirk, George-private Co E
VanMoll, Richard-private Co E
Verdenhalven, John-private Co F
Voige, William H-book keeper
Von Valkenburg, Burt-private Co H


Wade, Sampson H-corporal Co E
Wadsworth, Harry A-watch case manufacture h Highland Av
Wagner, Verner-farmer H A Schriver's
Wailey, Kersey-private Co C
Wakeman, William J-captain and assistant surgeon, US Army
Waleur, James A-private Co A
Walker, George B-captain Co C
Walker, George G-laborer h Highland Av
Walker, Philip M-gardener h Highland Av
Walker, Sallie F-h Highland Av
Wallace, Belle-domestic Lt. Z W Torrey's
Wallace, Edmond R-private Co A
Wallace, Thomas-private Co C
Waller, Eddie-private Co F
Walsh, Michael-private Co F
Warner, William W-saloon Highland Av
Warren, William H-corporal Co G
Weaver, Benjamin W-private Co G
Weber, Frank-plumber  h Highland Av
Webster, Frank D-2nd Lt. Co A
Webster, Vea-domestic Harry A Wadsworth's
Weitz, Jacob-private Co D
West, William I-private Co F
Wetherill, A M-captain Co A
Wetherill, May-r Captain A M Wetherill's
Wherry, Alice G-r Major William M Wherry's
Wherry, Gretchen L-r Major William M Wherry's
Wherry, Julia P-r Major William M Wherry's
Wherry, Rita S-r Major William M Wherry's
Wherry, William-r Major William M Wherry's
Wherry, William M-major 6th Infantry
White, John C-private Co H
Wiest, William-private Co F
Willhinski, Henry-private Co A
Wilkie, Amos-private Co H
Willard, Adelia Mrs.-domestic Mrs. J H Stegeman's
Willis, Samuel-musician 6th Infantry
Wilson, P H-architect, Constructing Quartermaster's Office, r-Newport
Wilson, William-private Co H
Winans, George E-private Co C
Winters, Amaziah J-private Co C
Witmer, Hubert-private Hospital Corps US Army
Woods, James-private Co G
Woodson, Charles W-musician Co B
Worman, James S-private Co G
Worthington, J C-Major surgeon US Army
Wunder, Tobias-private Co G
Wunderlich, Edward-bar tender J F Schickner's
Wuttke, Paul-wagoner Co B
Wyley, Alex-1st sergeant Co D
Wyley, Mary E-r Sergeant Alex Wyley's
Wyper, David-private Co E


Yorgen, George H-private Co C
Young, William M-private Co G


Zittel, Joseph-private Co F

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