Frank (Francis) and Rebecca Spilman


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Frank Spilman was born about 1756 in Alexandria, Virginia, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Spilman. He died 22 Sep 1828 in Alexandria, Kentucky.  He married Rebecca Erskine, the widow of an army buddy named Munford in Virginia 1786. When the buddy was dying, he had Frank promise to take care of his wife. Frank and Rebecca came to Campbell County in 1790.  It is said that he named this section of Campbell County after his home town of Alexandria, Virginia. 

The original Spilman log cabin was built on Washington Avenue just north of where the First Baptist Church now stands. He was closely associated with the history and growth of Campbell County serving as a justice, a commissioner, sheriff, road surveyor, and leader of the small community.  Note: It is thought that he is very close kin to James and Thomas Spilman whose father, Thomas died in 1782 in King George County, Virginia. James, at least settled in the region of Alexandria, Kentucky by 1800.  His wife was Sarah Jane Cross and he died in Alexandria in 1803. His widow, Sarah was aided in settling her husbandís property by Frank Spilman, who in 1821 sold her sixty acres of land.  Later in 1825, she sold this land and was known as "of Rush County, Indiana".  It is not clear as to the correct parentage of some of the early Spilman marriages in Campbell County.

Frank was a shoe and boot maker by trade. When his good friends Benjamin and Jeannette Beall both died in 1811, he and Rebecca raised their children Samuel and James.  In 1819 Frank had the town of Alexandria laid out into lots and began selling them to settlers.  Later he donated 12 acres of land on which to build the first public buildings.  On February 22, 1834, Alexandria was officially made a city by the State Legislature.

Children of Frank Spilman and Rebecca Erskine

1. Sarah Spilman b-1 Jan 1787 in Alexandria Virginia; d-6 Mar 1855 in Alexandria Kentucky; m-Conyers White 6 Aug 1804 in Alexandria
2. Martha Frances Spilman b-1790 in Alexandria Virginia; d-6 Mar 1855 in Alexandria; m-William DeCoursey 8 Apr 1808 in Alexandria
3. Henry Erskine Spilman b-13 Mar 1792 in Alexandria; d-8 Mar 1849 in Alexandria; m-Mary Morin 23 Mar 1815 in Alexandria
4. Thomas F Spilman b-1793 in Alexandria; m-Margaret Reiley Sep 1818 in Alexandria
5. James Spilman b-1794 in Alexandria; m-Rachel Martin 29 July 1832 in Hamilton Co Oh;
6. Lettice Spilman b-1801 in Alexandria; m Smith Reiley in 1819 in Alexandria
7. Margaret Spilman b-1808 in Alexandria; m-Thomas Royston 29 Dec 1830
8. Marie Spilman b-1820 in Alexandria; m-Jacob Martin 21 Nov 1825 in Alexandria

Henry Erskine Spilman died in Alexandria in 1849 and was buried in the Old Baptist Church Cemetery.  He was married to Mary Morin, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Morin 23 Mar 1815 in Alexandria.  He was a leader of the community and held public office.  Mary Morin was born 5 Sep 1793 and died 5 Mar 1872 in Alexandria.  Both are buried in the old Baptist Church cemetery on Alexandria Pike.

Children of Sarah Spilman and Conyers White

1. Benjamin F White

Children of Martha Frances Spilman and William Decourcy

1. Francis Orland Lisle Decourcy b-1809 in Alexandria; m-Mary Ann Holmes 27 May 1828 in Alexandria
2. Oliver Miles Decourcy b-12 Jan 1811 in Anderson Township, Preble, Oh; d-9 Dec 1889 in Mentor; br-11 Dec in Grandview Cemetery in Mentor; m (1) Elizabeth Shaw 21 Oct 1837 in Alexandria; (2) Isbelle Belt 27 Nov 1847 in Cincinnati; (3) Adelia Hamilton Ball 23 Nov 1865 in California KY
3. Thomas W W DeCourcy b-1812 in Anderson Township Oh; m-Mary Jane Thompson
4. Rebecca Ann Decourcy b-1814 in Anderson Township oh
5. Joel Henry Spilman Decoursy b-9 Jan 1817 in Anderson Township Oh; d-22 Aug 1856 in Alexandria; m-Mary A Pierce 24 Feb 1848 in Alexandria
6. James A Decourcy b-1820 in Alexandria Kentucky; d-Missouri
7. Maria E Decourcy b-1823 in Alexandria; m-Garrett B Chambers 3 Sep 1846 in Alexandria
8. Margaret I Decourcy b-1823 in Alexandria;p m-William Stillwell 25 Feb 1847 in Alexandria
9. Hassaline Decourcy b-1831 in Alexandria
10. Martha Frances Decourcy b-1834 in Alexandria

Children of Henry Erskine Spilman and Mary Morin

1. Margaret Spilman b-1 Apr 1816 in Alexandria; d-23 Feb 1867 in Alexandria m-John Thatcher 22 Oct 1835
2. Daughter (Mary) Spilman b&d 1 July 1817 in Alexandria
3. Frank Spilman b-6 June 1818 in Alexandria; d-2 Aug 1882 in Alexandria m-Antheann Brooks 8 Aug 1839; she died in Alexandria 23 Mar 1897
4. Edward K Spilman b-14 Mar 1820 in Alexandria; m-Rosanna Baker in 1840 d/o David Baker & Nancy Galegar
5. Thomas M Spilman b-10 Apr 1822 in Alexandria; d-28 Dec 1844 in Alexandria
6. Maria Spilman b-17 July 1824 in Alexandria; d-June 1885; m-Dr. John Orr 5 July 1845.  He was a prominent physician of Campbell County and was born 14 Jan 1806 and died 1 Jan 1877. Both are buried in Alexandria Cemetery
7. ___ Spilman b-11 Aug 1828
8. Robert Theeton Spilman b-12 June 1830 in Alexandria; d-29 Aug 1861; m-Sue ----; he was a physician and was buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery
9. Elizabeth Spilman b-2 Sep 1832 in Alexandria; d-21 Jul 1906 m Stephen J McVean 14 Nov 1861
10. Henry Erskine Spilman Jr. b-14 July 1835 in Alexandria; was a Baptist minister m-Fanny M Walker 10 Feb 1859

James Spilman was a Baptist minister and for a time was in charge of the Alexandria Baptist Church. He died in Alexandria.

Children of James Spilman and Rachel Martin

1. Frank J Spilman-a physician in Indiana
2. Rebecca Jane Spilman b-5 Feb 1835 in Alexandria; m-Rev H Grizzel; d-29 Apr 1912 in Persimmon Grove; br-1 May in Persimmon Grove Cemetery
3. Sarah M Spilman d-unmarried
4. Shelton O Spilman m-Ann Colvin
5. Lettice A Spilman m-Tarvin Colvin (Lettice is twin of Shelton)
6. William H Spilman
7. James Spilman
8. Thomas Spilman m-Delia Reardon; was a clergyman and lived in Illinois
9. Mollie Elizabeth Spilman b-24 Jan 1842 in Alexandria; d-unmarried 29 Nov 1912 in Persimmon Grove; was a school teacher
10. Lucy R Spilman
11. Mary E Spilman

Frank Spilman was born and died in Alexandria and was married to Antheann Brooks in 1839. She died in Alexandria 23 Mar 1897.

Children of Frank Spilman and Antheann Brooks

1. James Spilman m-Rose Bloomall
2. Mary Spilman m-Marshall Keiser; had Benjamin and Marshall who m- ---- Holt
3. Maria Spilman m-William W White
4. Robert Spilman d-unmarried
5. Henry Spilman d-unmarried
6. Orvell Spilman m-Jennie Henry; had Lela who m- ---- Wisenall of Covington, Ada and Brooks
7. Frank Spilman d-unmarried
8. Thomas F Spilman b-17 July 1850 d-23 Jun 1864 buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery
9. Melcena Spilman b-23 June 1864 d-21 Feb 1869; buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery

Children of Edward K Spilman and Rosanna Baker

1. Marie Spilman b-15 Jul 1843 d-young in Alexandria
2. Thomas B Spilman b-28 Jun 1846 in Alexandria
3. Nancy Spilman b-14 Feb 1849 d-young in Alexandria
4. Alan Spilman b-22 Feb 1852 d-Mar 1906 unmarried; buried in Alexandria Cemetery
5. Charles Spilman b-6 Jun 1857 d-Jul 1923 m-Ella Burr who died Sep 1937, both buried in Alexandria Cemetery; had Rose who lived in California, William and Margaret
6. Elizabeth Spilman b-1 Aug 1860 m-Ben Parry 20 Feb 1881

Children of Dr. John Orr and Maria Spilman

1. Dr. Thomas Orr b-24 July 1846 in Alexandria; d-3 Dec 1896; m-1st Josie Todd widow of ---- Coffin and had Georgie, m-2nd Anna White and had Mary, John, and Nina
2. Lucy F Orr b-23 Mar 1851 in Alexandria; d-15 Jan 1880; m-William W White
3. Edward Orr Dr. b-7 May 1848 in Alexandria; d-22 Apr 1878 in Alexandria, unmarried
4. Emma Orr d-1887 in Alexandria, m-Thomas Pinkney McKibben; had Mary d-1879,
Elizabeth Orr b-1884 in Alexandria; m-___ Garland, had Edward Leon, and Maria Louise

Children of Stephen J McVean and Elizabeth Spilman

Stephen was born 4 Sep 1836 and died 10 Feb 1908. Both are buried in Alexandria Cemetery

 1. Mary E McVean b-10 Jan 1863
2. Fannie McVean b-22 Feb 1865
3. Janette McVean b-7 Jan 1867 d-4 Apr 1894 m-E T Bowen 22 Oct 1890; had son AT Bowen
4. Margaret McVean b-30 Jan 1869
5. Alexander McVean b-14 Aug 1870 m-Laura J Youtsey 4 Apr 1899

Children of Henry Erskine Spilman and Fannie M Walker

1. Henry Erskine Spilman Jr. m-Elizabeth Stevens
2. Sue Spilman d-unmarried
3. Carrie Spilman m-Mark Collard
4. Mayme Spilman m-___ Garnett

Children of Shelton C Spilman and Ann Colvin

1. James Spilman m-Alice Shaw lived in California Kentucky
2. Mary Spilman m-Frank Tremper
3. Verner Spilman m-Elva Herbert

Children of Ben Parry and Elizabeth Spilman

1. Bertha Parry m-Alfred Wright; had Albert and Richard Alan
2. Edith Parry m-Verner Hodge
3. Inez Parry m-Darrell Kirby; had Darrel Verner Kirby

Alexander McVean and Laura J Youtsey lived on Persimmon Grove Pike in the lovely old brick home built by George Washington Reiley.

Children of Alexander McVean and Laura J Youtsey

1. Elizabeth J McVean b-4 Feb 1900 m-Roy Hale 13 Oct 1921; had Betty Jane b-4 Apr 1923 who m- Harold Smith; had son Donn
2. Addie Y McVean b-26 Jun 1901 m-AL Foote 12 Aug 1926
3. John S McVean b-28 Sep 1902 d-30 Dec 1923
4. Stephen A McVean b-5 Mar 1908 m-Bess White Aug 1929; had Wanda June
5. Jacob T McVean b-16 Sep 1913 m-Maud Louise Jenkins; had Sue Ann and Janet
6. Louise McVean b-19 Mar 1916


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