Four and Twelve Mile Baptist Church Records

Four and Twelve Mile Baptist Church Records

1799-1912 M-Z

By Jean Young Houston

"Covenant of 4 Mile church, The Baptist Church of Jesus Christ constituted at Brother Bethuel Riggs on 4 Mile Road 28 December, 1799 in Campbell County, Kentucky."

 Thus begins one of the five record books in the possession of First 12 Mile Baptist Church. The covenant of the church follows, but no further information is recorded in this book until 1870. Minutes of several of the church business meetings were written in shorthand' in 1874. In its report to the Baptist Association in 1812, 4 Mile reported that it had organized in 1799, but did not give the names of the nine constituting members.

Bethuel Riggs was pastor of 4 Mile during its early years.  In 1817 John Stevens was serving the congregation, but became minister of First 12 Mile when that church was organized 18 September 1818.  The constituting members are not named, but the following messengers to he Association were identified as former members of 4 Mile church: Seth Henkly (moderator),  John Stevens, Samuel Belveal, and William Wait. In 1840 4 Mile had 80 members, while 12 Mile had only 26. Baptist Association records show that 4 Mile was in existence in 1874, but was having difficulty. After its 1881 letter to the Association, 4 Mile church is not again mentioned. Some members of these churches were instrumental in the organization of other Baptist churches in the area. In 1820, for example, the following 4 Mile members constituted the Alexandria Baptist Church in Alexandria; William and Martha F. Decoursey; James, Lettice, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Sarah Spilman; George Graden; S., Malinda, and John Points; John Beal; John Tibbcts; Daniel Ware; and Thomas Herbert.

The original cemetery was located on an island in 12 Mile Creek, but most of the gravestones have been washed away by Ohio River flood waters. A second cemetery is located on a hilltop near the present church and was used until about 1927. The oldest grave there is dated 1827.

The present 12 Mile church is located on 12 Mile-Oneonta Road, California, Kentucky, on the site of the structure built in 1836.

Records in this consolidated listing are derived from (and keyed by letter in parentheses to) the following sources:

(a) Membership list, 4 Mile, ca. 1814-1820
(b) Membership list, 12 Mile, ca. 1825-1933
(bb) Membership list, 12 Mile, ca. 1834-1859
(c) Membership list, 4 Mile 1844
(d) Membership list, 12 Mile 1848
(e) Membership list, 12 Mile, 1851
(f) Deaths recording in minutes {persons born before 1860 only}
(g) Gravestone inscriptions, church graveyard
(h) Gravestone inscriptions, island cemetery

Mains, Joshua (b)
Mains, Mary (c. d. e)
Malten, Steven (a)
Manes, Margaret (bb)
Maria,-a woman of colour (a, b)
Martin, Jacob, member 4 Mile 1829
Martin, Lucrecia (b)
Martin, Mary Ann, d. 1851 (f)
Martin, Samuel & wife (b, bb)
Martin, William (b, bb)
Mastin (Maston), Lewis (c)
McAnelly, Margaret (bb)
McCormack, Nancy (bb)
McCormack, Robert (bb)
McCrady, William, member 4 Mile 1831
McDanicl, Thomas, member 4 Mile 1837 (c)
McDaniel, Timothy (c)
Mefford, Eleanor (b, bb)
Mefford, Ellendon (a, b)
Mefford, James (bb)
Mefford, Mary (b, bb, c, d, e)
Mel(1), John (bb)
Mell, Maria (d)
Mell, William (bb)
Miller, Andrew (bb)
Miller, Elsy (b)
Miller, George (e)
Miller, John G. (b)
Mires, John (bb)
Mitchell, Catherine, b. 1832; d. 1908 (bb)
Mitchell, Dolly (a)
Mitchell, George, Jr. (a)
Mitchell, George, Sr. (a)
Mitchell, James (a)
Mitchell, Leanna Littleton, b. 1823; d. 1905 (bb)
Mitchell, Tryphosa Cassandra, b. 1830; d. 1913 (bb)
More, Eliza (bb)
More, James (bb)
Morhead, Patty (b)
Morin, Julictt (b)
Morin, Martha (h)
Morin, William (b)

Nelson, Easter (c, d, e)
Nelson, James (b)
Nelson, Jane (b)
Nelson, Margaret Jane, m. 1850 M. C. 5ellars; d. ca. 1852 (c, f)
Nelson, Mary (b)
Nelson, Mary Eleanor (bb)
Nelson, Richard (b)
Nelson, Sarah (b)
Nelter, Stephen (a)
Newkirk, Elizabeth (b)
Newton, Morice (bb)
Noter, Mary (bb)
Nulten, Ellander (a)

Orr, James (bb) Sarah (bb)

Parker, Eliza (bb)
Parker, Elizabeth, d. Feb. 1871 (b, f)
Parker, Eunice Ann-see Herbert, Eunice Ann
Parker, Hazle (b)
Parker, Hosea (b)
Parker, Jane (b)
Parker, Janice, member 4 Mile 1831
Parker, Rebecca (b)
Parker, Samuel (bb)
Parker, Sarah (b)
Parker, William (bb)
Parvin, Peggy (b)
Peck, Mary (b)
Perry, David (c)
Perry, Eliza (c)
Perry, Elizabeth (c)
Pike, Levy (e)
Points, John (a)
Points, Malinda (a)
Phillips, Mary, d. 1848 (c, d, f)
Prier, Elizabeth (b)

Rachford, Sarah (b)
Rapolee, Ann eliza?, Mrs., d. Nov 1872 (f)
Rapolee, Jacob (bb)
Rapolee, Mary Ann (bb)
Rapolee, Thomas (b, bb)
Rardin, Eliza (b)
Reiley, Lettice (a)
Rich, Syntha (d, e)
Riggs, Bethuel, church constituted at his home, but name not on any membership list
Rickles, June d. June 1885 (f)
Rickles, Larkin d. 22 Dec 1879 aged 74y (f)
Riley, Eliza (b)
Robinson, Nancy d. Jan 1875 (f)
Roling, Thomas (b)
Rust, F. (bb)
Rust, Jane (c)
Rust, Margaret (c, (1)

Said, Nancy (b)
Sargent, Susanna (bb)
Scott, Robert (bb)
Seargent, James (bb)
Seignor, Elizabeth Rardin (bb)
Seignor, Susanna Sargent-see Sargent, Susanna
Shaw, Emily (b)
Shaw, John (b)
Shaw, Joseph, d. Nov. 1872 (f)
Shaw, Sarah (b) 
Shipp, Hezekiah, member 4 Mile 1856
Simon, Elizabeth (c, d, e)
Sphar, Daniel, d. 13 Sept. 1866 aged 64 yrs. (g)
Sphar, J. B., d.-f0 Sept. 1866 aged 31 yrs. (g)
Sphar, M. A., wife of Daniel, d. 13 Sep 1866 aged 58 yrs. (g)
Spilman, Elizabeth (a)
Spilman, James (a)
Spilman, Lettice (a)
Spilman, Margaret (a)
Spilman, Martha Frances (a, c) see DeCoursey, William
Spilman, Sarah (a)
Spoldon, (Spoldin), Aaron, Jr. (c, d, e)
Spoldon, Aaron, Sr. (a, c, d, e)
Spoldon, Dosier (c)
Spoldon, Edward (c)
Spoldon, Hannah, wife of A. (a, c, d, e)
Spoldon, Hannah, wife of W. (c, d, e)
Spoldon, James (a, bb, c)
Spoldon, John (c, d, e)
Spoldon, Mary, d. 18 July 1844 (c, f)
Spoldon, Meriah (bb, c, d)
Spoldon, Nancy, d. Nov. 1844 (c, f)
Spoldon, William DeCoursey (a, c, d, e)
Stephens, Ann (b)
Stephens, Amy (b)
Stephens, Elenda (b)
Stephens, Elene (bb)
Stephens, Finley (bb)
Stephens, James (a)
Stephens, Jane (bb)
Stephens, John (b)
Stephens, Moses (b)
Stephens, Washington (bb)
Stephens, William (bb)
Stevens, Enoch (b)
Stillwell, Amos (e)
Stillwell, Joseph (b)
Strawn, Mary (c, d, e)
Sutton, Columbus (c, d, e)
Sutton, Eveline (c)
Sutton, John (c, d, e)
Sutton, Margaret, d. 27 June 1849 (c, f)
Sutton, Mary (c, d, e)
Sutton, Nancy (c, d, e) -
Sutton, Thomas H(erbert) (c, d, e)

Tatman, Amy (b)
Thomas, Elizabeth (a, b)
Thomas, John J. (b)
Thomas, Moriah (b)
Thomas, Nancy (b)
Thomas, Rebecca (c)
Thomason, Andrew (d, e)
Thompson, Alexander (b)
Thompson, Nancy (b)
Tibbi(e)ts, John (a)
Tibbits, Thomas (a)
Timothy, a man of colour (bb)
Todd, Lucinda, d. 16 July 1869 (f)
Truesdcll, David, b. 23 Dec. 1792; d. 18 Aug. 1877 (g)
Truesdell, David, son of David & Nancy, b. 10 Sept. 1821; d. 12 Jan. 1835 (p)
Truesdell, Mary Jane, dau. of David & Nancy, b. 7 July 1826; d. 29 Dec. 1834 (g)
Truesdell, Sarah, dau. of David & Nancy, b. 7 Nov. 1829; d. 4 Dec. 1834 (g)
Truesdell, William T., son of David & Nancy, b. 8 Feb. 1828; d. 22 Dec. 1834 (g)

Vickers, James (bb, d)
Vickers, Sarah (c)
Vickers, Robert (b)
Vickers, Thomas F. (d)

Wagoner, Josiah (d)
Wagoner, Sarah Ann (d)
Wait, Cynthia (bb)
Wait, James (bb)
Wait, Jane (b)
Wait, Jonathan (bb)
Wait, Sarah, possibly d. 20 Jan. 1838 (b, bb, f) 
Wait, Newton (bb)
Wait, William (b)
Walker, Elizabeth (a)
Walker, George (a, b)
Walker, Henry (a)
Walker, John (a, c) 
Walker, Mary (a)
Walker, Sarah (a)
Walker, Susan (c)
Ware, Daniel (a, c, d)
Ware, David (e)
Ware, Martha (a)
Ware, Robert (d, e)
Ware, Samuel (a)
Warrington, Elizabeth (b)
Warrington, Mary (c)
Warington, Sarah (c)
Warington, Uriah (d, e)
Welch, Margaret, member 4 Mile 1836
Wheeler, John (b)
White, Coniaes (a)
White, James S., son of Thomas & Elizabeth, d. 12 Aug. 1850 aged 3 mos.
Whtie, Margaret E., wife of James, d. 1851 aged 22 yrs. (g)
White, Sarah (a) 
Whittock, Sarah Ann (e)
Wilson, Nancy (c)
William, a black man (a)
Wine, Ciscclia, b. 9 May 1769; d. 22 July 1850 (a, b) see Beagle, Thomas, Sr. Woadworth, Mary (d)
Worthington, Margaret (d) 10 May

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