Families S

SANDFORD, General Thomas and Margarite

SANDFORD, John Ludford and Kate

SANER, Rueben "Robert" and Sally, Anastasia and Louise

SAUER, Frederick and Barbara

SCHNEIDER, John W and Bertha

SCHOOLFIELD, Dr. Charles B and Florence

SCHROLL, John C and Martha

SCHWEITZER, Adam and Margaret Lissie

SEIBERT, Johann Adam and Regina

SELMAN, Joseph and Frances Mamie

SENOUR, Bryant and Anna

SENOUR, Dr. Wilford E

SHALER, Nathaniel Burger and Ann

SHALER, Nathaniel Southgate and Sophia

SHANKS, William and Sarah

SHAW, James and Ann

SHAW, Robert and Margaret

SHAW, Samuel and Elizabeth


SHRIVER, Henry Ahart and Crescentia

SILVA, Albert J and Sarah E

SMITH, John Harris and Hannah Frances

SMITH, Lillie Dale Baker

SMITH, William Joseph and Irene

SMYRL, Adam and Mary

SOUTHGATE, Richard and Ann

SOUTHGATE, Dr. Bernard and Eleanor

SOUTHGATE, Dr. Frank Hills

SOUTHGATE, William Wright and Adalezia

SPALDING, Aaron and Hannah

SPAULDING, James and Mary

SPEERS, Charles C and Elizabeth L

SPENCE, Colonel Philip Brent and Virginia

SPILMAN, Frank and Rebecca

SPILMAN, "Francis" Frank and Rebecca

STANBERY, Henry and Frances

STAPLETON, Daniel and Katherine Frances

STEFFEN, Peter and Anna

STEGNER, George Peter and Anna Caroline


STEPHENS, Napoleon B and Rebecca P

STEVENS, John W and Elizabeth

STEWART, Dr. George Horton and Sophia

STRAWN, John and Mary

STREINE, Frank and Emma

STRICKER, Charles and Alice

STINE, D Harry and Nellie

STEWART, J N and Ella

SUTTON, Benjamin and Patience


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