Families M


MADDOX, Hezekiah and Rhoda

MADDOX, Notley and Elizabeth

MAKIBBEN, Judge T P and Emma

MANN, Benjamin and Mildred

MARSCH, Phillip and Caroline

MASCHINOT, Mathias and Anna

MATTING, Martin and Louise

MAYO, Daniel and Mary

McARTHUR, James Madison and Mary J

McARTHUR, Peter and Calista

McCRACKEN, James E and Adeline

McCRACKEN, Dr. Nathaniel and Bridget

McCRACKEN, Robert B and Mary Ann

McDONALD, Thomas and Margaret

McPIKE, Captain James and Martha

MEACHAM, Albert M and Bertha

MEFFORD, Jacob and Eleanor

MERKLE, Rev Carl James

MILES, John and Matilda

MILEY, Thomas and Margaret

MORIN, Edwin and Elisabeth

MORTON, Willis and Elizabeth

MULLICH, Louis Henry and Henrietta

MUGGERIDGE, Mark and Hannah

MYER/MEYER, William and Christina


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