Soldiers in Evergreen

Soldiers buried in Evergreen Cemetery



Listed below are burial records of the Soldiers Lot, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  These records were provided by the VA on July 2000.  These records may not represent the complete burials, only those on file with the VA.  Reports of any errors should be directed to them.
Records with an * indicates those that have not been verified as accurate by the VA.


Abert, James William-Colonel US Army*
Allen, Leonard-d. 10 Feb 1915, Ex-Soldier, Plot: SEC Q5/Row 6*
Anderson, Elijah Y-d. 2 July 1863, Pvt. F 1st Penn Artillery*
Ard, James W-b. 6 May 1920 d. 24 May 1943 TX Plot: 25-0-132 bur 24 May 1943
Ashaby, John A-d. 19 Sep 1898 Civilian C Plot: 25-38*

Bachmeyer, Wesley C-b. 4 Oct 1879 in Cincinnati; d-25 Jan 1931 Buried in Lot 30-21 Spanish American War Veteran
Bailey, Ashley P-d. Oct 19 1898 Plot: 25-0-40 bur. Oct 19 1898
Bailey, Charles-d. 30 Apr 1939 Wagoner Co B 2nd Co Infantry Volunteer Plot: 125-127 bur. 03 May 1939*
Bailey, Cornelius L-d. 03 July 1863 CPL Co C 126 NY Infantry*
Bailey, H Christopher-d. 21 Oct 1918 Draftee 30th Regt. Co Plot: Lot 2100*
Baines, Edward Pvt. d-7 June 1871 of inflammation of the bowels
Baker, Martin-d. 11 Nov 1898  Pvt. B 7 US Infantry Plot: 25-41*
Barber, Amaziah J-d. 26 July 1863  2d Lt. 11th US Infantry*
Bates, Patrick M-d. 14 June 1900 Plot: 25-0-48 bur. 16 June 1900
Bean, Charles-d. 07 Sep 1941 Pvt. Co H 34th Infantry Plot: Govt. 130 bur. 11 Sep 1941*
Bennett, George R-d. 12 June 1891 Captain C 90th NY Infantry*

Benson, John-d. 10 Mar 1901 Plot: 25-0-26, bur 10 Mar 1901
Bertsch, Julius-d. 30 Aug 1901 Pvt. A 9th Regt. Ohio Infantry*
Billenstein, John-Pvt. H 50th Ohio Infantry*
Bissell, Joseph-Pvt. G 4th Regt. Ohio Cavalry*
Blanch, Henry-Engineer U.S. Navy*
Bleichuer, Louis-Pvt. 10th Ohio Infantry*
Bleyle, Roman-d. 28 Dec 1902 Pvt. D 165th Ohio Infantry*
Blinn, Albert E-Pvt. K 9th Ohio Cavalry*

Blum, Peter-Pvt. D 9th Ohio Volunteer Infantry*
Boss, Frederick-Pvt. I 7th Kentucky Cavalry*
Braun, Frank-Pvt. B 156th Regt. Indiana Infantry*
Brawley, James-Pvt. H 2d Ohio H Artillery*
Breith, Albert C-d. 26 Oct 1903 Cpl E 53rd Kentucky Infantry*
Breith, Emil-Cpl Co C 53d Kentucky Infantry*
Bricker, David M-Cpl H 15th Kentucky Infantry*
Bricker, Peter D-Pvt. D 1st Kentucky Infantry*
Brizse, Adelbert-d. 20 Apr 1908 Pvt. I 4th US Infantry Plot: 25-66*
Brown, John, d. 29 Aug 1911 Sgt US Army Plot: 25-79*
Brownfield, Allen S-d. 18 Aug 1969 Pvt. G 152 Ohio Infantry*

Buchanna, Austin-Pvt. C 53d Kentucky Infantry*

Clark, Maynard L-b. 02 Aug 1919 d. 27 Dec 1985, S/Sgt. USA Plot: P 239, bur. 31 Dec 1985*
Combs, Lucian-d. 29 May 1938 Plot: 25-0-128 bur. 29 May 1938
Comstock, Henry-Pvt F 108 NY Infantry*
Conley, George-Sgt. 1838-1907
Curtis, F R-Pvt Co G 6th U S Infantry Plot: 1*
Curtis, Frances-Co F 6th US Infantry Plot: 25-1*

Daniels, Wm-Pvt G Indiana Pt PA Artillery*
Davis, George W-Pvt C 22nd Ill Infantry*
Davis, J W-Cpl Co G 2nd US Infantry Plot: 30*
Davis, James-Co E 35 Miss.*
Deegin, Alonzo-Pvt Co I 23rd Kentucky Volunteers Infantry*
Denk, John-Pvt I 15th Kentucky Infantry*
Devereaux, Anna-d. 11 Apr 1911 Plot: 25-78*
Dickgers, George-Pvt F 53rd Kentucky Infantry*

Dieffenbacher, Andrew-d. 22 Nov 1899 1st Lt. E 57th Ohio Infantry*
Dirckson, Henry-Pvt G 9th Ohio Infantry*
Dixon, Isaac-General Service; d-7 Sep 1870 of dysentery at the Newport Barracks
Doherty, Thomas M-11 May 1869-21 Sep 1906
Donnelly, Edward S Sgt. General Service d-1 July 1869 of Suicide at the Newport Barracks
Durand, Charles David-d. 8 Aug 1943 Plot: 25-133*

Edgar, James-Pvt K 71st Ohio Infantry*

Edgerton, Francis I-d. 10 Jan 1904 Pvt. E 22nd Wisconsin  Infantry Detroit 3rd Wisconsin Infantry*
Edwards, Andrew J-d. 16 June 1895 Pvt. H 196th Ohio Infantry*
Emerson, Wm C-Pvt. H 5th US Infantry Mexican War*
Enzweiler, John-Cpl H 15th Kentucky Infantry*
Eplin, Archibald-d. 18 May 1904 Pvt. H 15th Kentucky Infantry*
Erinn, Louis-Pvt. 4the Regt. Ohio Battery*

Fairchild, Edward-d. 12 Mar 1915 Plot: 25-0-90 bur. 12 Mar 1915
Faulconer, Kenneth M-b. 06 Jan 1880 d. 14 Apr 1945 Plot: 25-0-135 bur 17 Apr 1945
Feilen, Peter-Pvt. E 185th Ohio Infantry*
Ferlon, Lawrence-d. 13 Oct 1913 Cpl Co H 9the US Infantry Plot: 25-86*
Fleming, James-d. 21 Apr 1915 1st Sgt USA RTD Plot: 25-91*
Fluck, Frank-d. 05 Feb 1895 Pvt E 6 US Infantry Died At Ft Thomas Ky, Plot: 25-10*
Foll, Henry-Pvt K 11th Ohio Infantry Headstone Supplied By Wh Fs*
Ford, Charles M-d. 05 Apr 1902 Plot: 25-0-53 bur. 05 Apr 1902
Ford, Walter-d. 06 Dec 1898 Plot: 25-0-32 bur. 06 Dec 1898
Francis, Joseph S-Pvt H 61st Ohio Infantry*

Frenherz, Julius-d. 1 Nov 1925 US Soldier Plot: 25-111*
Fribohn, Adam-d. 03 Sep 1895 Cpl G 47 Ohio Infantry*
Fry, Flarious J-Pvt I 16th Infantry*

Gale, Ralph-d. 17 Aug 1898 Plot: 25-0-36 bur. 17 Aug 1898
Gilb, Frank-d. 13 May 1895 Cpl A 16th Kentucky Infantry bur May 13 1895*
Gill, Charles-Pvt C 5th Ohio Infantry*
Graw, A-Pvt F 68th PA Infantry*

Hallman, Harrod M-d. 8 Dec 1912 Color Sgt 6th US Infantry Plot: 25-83*
Hamilton, Thomas-Pvt A 2nd Missouri Cavalry*
Hammelwright, Joseph-Pvt I 4th Ohio Infantry Headstone supplied By Vt Marble Co Proctor Vt Contract 28 June 1897*
Hammond, Richard-Pvt Co A 17th US Infantry*
Harden, Joshua-Hospital Steward 11th Ohio Infantry*
Hardman, James-Pvt 20th Ohio Battery*
Harirron/Harrison, W E-Co G 6th U S Infantry Plot: 8*
Harned, L H-Co K 45th US Infantry Plot: 62*
Harrington, O Augustus-Pvt E LA Mexican War*
Hartlieb, Louis-Pvt A 9th Ohio Infantry*
Havlswitt, Herman-d. 29 Jan 1918 Plot: 25-96*
Hay, Julius D-d. 5 Dec 1908 Sailor U.S. Navy Plot: 25-67*

Hays, David-Pvt B 23rd Kentucky Infantry Headstone Vt Marble Co Proctor Vt*
Heinshausen, Ernest-d. 2 Sep 1901 Plot: 25-0-50 bur. 2 Sep 1901
Helm, Louis-Pvt Co C 53rd Kentucky Infantry*
Henderson, J F-Musician Co G 6th US Infantry Plot: 45*
Henderson, Jno F-d. 2 July 1898 Musician USN G 6th US Infantry Plot: 45*
Hendrickson, Jno L-d. 13 Jan 1899 Cpl Co C 3rd Texas Infantry Spanish American War, died At Ft Thomas Plot: 44*
Herron, Thomas E-d. 22 Dec 1940 Plot: 25-0-129 bur. 22 Dec 1940
Herron, W E-d. 27 June 1894 Plot: 25-0-8 bur. 27 June 1894
Hicks, Barrick-d. 16 Jan 1889 Pvt A 21 USC Infantry Headstone Supplied By Gross Bros Lee Mass*
Hobart, Willie L-Pvt B 126th NY Infantry*
Hodge, George Baird-1829-1892 Brigadier General CSA
Honck, Gabriel-Pvt Co K 2nd US Infantry*
Hopper, Joseph-d. 28 Feb 1910 Pvt D 2nd US Infantry Plot: 25-75*
Hopping, J S-Pvt*
Horsfall, William H-3 Mar 1847-22 Oct 1922
Hubert, Valentine-d. 5 Feb 1903 Pvt Co A 1st Tenn LA*
Hughes, Stamper-d. 16 Jan 1902 Pvt I 13 US CHA*
Hussey, Peter-Co G 6th US Infantry Plot: 25-20*
Hussey, Peter-d. 21 Nov 1898 Plot: 25-0-20 bur. 21 Nov 1898

Hutchinson, Patrick T-d. 21 Jan 1909 Pvt Co D 2 US Infantry Plot: 25- 68*

Ingles, John-Pvt Co K Regiment 193*
Irwin, Joseph L-Chaplain 33rd Regiment*

Jarvis, Reesin O-Sgt CO F 58th Regiment Kentucky Infantry*
Johnson, W C-Co A 2nd US Infantry Plot: 54*
Jones, Thomas-General Service USA Plot: 23*

Kelley, George-Pvt Co C 126th NY Infantry*
Kelley, Michal-Cpl Co I 1st US Infantry Plot: 46*
Kenney, John-US Soldier-Info From Old Card*
Kennon, Thomas-Sgt Co G 83rd Regiment Indiana Infantry*
Kesel, George-Pvt H 106th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Khale, William-d. 27 Dec 1923 Ohio USA, Plot: 25-109*
Kimberly, Robert L b-3 July 1836 in Connecticut; d-17 June 1913 Lt Col US Volunteer 191st Ohio Infantry Plot: 25-85*
Kinsella, John-Pvt Co F 53rd Regiment Kentucky Infantry*
Kirschner, Andrew-d. 26 June 1890 USN Flag Ship Black Hawk*
Kirschner, Frank-d. 7 Mar 1872 USN Flag Ship Black Hawk*
Klotzbach, Sebastian-Seaman USN*
Kress, Christian-Pvt Co N 4th Regiment Ohio Calvary*
Kudell, Charles-Pvt Co I 28th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Kyle, Thomas J-d. 6 Oct 1917 Plot: 25-0-94 bur. 6 Oct 1917

Lairson, Ples-d. 23 Nov 1903 Pvt Co M 3rd US Infantry Plot: 25-57*
Lanedale, George-Seaman USN*
Laughlin, Francis F-d. 5 Sep 1899 Pvt Co G 7th US Infantry Plot: 28*
Lawson, William W-Sgt Co C 1st Regiment Ohio Cavalry*
Leclear, C P-Pvt New York Infantry*
Lee, Walter I-d. 25 July 1898 Plot: 25-0-24 bur. 25 July 1898
Leggett, Thomas-Cpl Co G 26th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Lehner, Gustave-d. 3 Oct 1912 1st Sgt 30th US Infantry Regiment*
Lewis, Perry-Pvt Co E 11th Regiment Ohio Infantry-Info From Old Card May 8-51, Plot: ?*
Limerick, Charles J-Sgt Co E, 6th Regiment US Infantry-Info Taken From Old Card May 15-51*
Ling, Henry-Cpl Co I 13th Regiment Kentucky Infantry*
Littinger, Frank-Sgt Co K 3rd US Infantry*
Lutz, Charles O-d. 8 Oct 1926 Plot: 25-0-113 bur. 8 Oct 1926
Lynch, Thomas-Sgt Co G 6th US Infantry-Info From Letter Office Chief Of Engineers 23 April 1952 Including 4 Plot: 25-4*

Malbee, William-d. 16 Nov 1912 Musician Co D 9th US Infantry Plot: 25-82*
Manning, James-Pvt Co B 37th US Volunteer Infantry*
Marbach, Jacob-d. 28 Mar 1900 ORD Sgt USA*
Mattice, Scott-d. 8 Apr 1894 Hospital Corps USA Plot: 25-7*

Matz, Albert N-b. 1 Sep 1896 d. 30 Aug 1975 Pvt USA WWI, bur.1 Sep 1975*
May, James F-Pvt Co H 34th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
McDonnell, Wm-Pvt Co A 4th Regiment Ohio Calvary*
McCarthy, Josiah-Lt Co B 139th Regiment*
McCloud, J Madison-Pvt Co F, Regiment 53rd Kentucky Infantry-Information Taken From Old Card Nov 5 1951*
McCollum, Lester-d. 9 Dec 1909 Pvt Co H 2nd US Infantry Plot: 25-72*
McCormick, Edward-d. 5 Feb 1918 Recruit RCT 22nd Co Plot: 25-97*
McCoy, Cornelius-Engineer US Navy-Info Taken From Old Card Oct 30/51*
McLean, Chas-d. 15 Feb 1908 Battalion Sgt Major 19th US Infantry Plot: 25-65*
McMullin, Robt-Pvt Co H 52nd Ohio Infantry*
McVicker, Alpheas-Sgt Co E 7th West Virginia Infantry*
Mead, Erastus-d. 17 Mar 1890 Pvt Co K 12th Regiment Pennsylvania Calvary bur-Mar 17 1890*
Metheringham, John-Pvt Co I 13th Regiment Ohio Calvary*
Middleton, Scipio-d. 30 Oct 1891 Sgt Co G 33rd USC Infantry*
Millard, W D-Pvt Co F Pennsylvania Infantry*
Miller, Edmund J-Pvt AMB Co 44 Forwarded For Burial From Camp
Greenleaf Annex, Ft Oglethorpe, Georgia Plot: Lot 293*
Miller, Edmund, USA*
Miller, Francis M-Pvt Co H 196th Ohio Infantry*
Miller, George-Pvt Co D 4the Regiment*
Miller, John-Pvt Co C 18th Kentucky Regiment*
Miller, Joseph-Pvt Co E 8th Regiment Kentucky Calvary*
Mitchell, Aquilla-d. 10 Nov 1916 Plot: 25-0-92 bur. 10 Nov 1916
Mitchell, John T-Sgt Co B 139th Regiment Infantry*
Mitchell, John-USA Plot: 73*
Mitchell, John-d. 8 Jan 1910 Artificer USA Regiment Plot: 73*
Moore, Benjamin-Pvt Co A Regiment 31st New York Infantry*
Moore, Henry-d. 5 Dec 1902 Cpl Co H 15th Kentucky Infantry*
Morrow, Daniel-Pvt Co F 5th Regiment West Virginia Infantry-Vt Marble Co Proctor Vt Typed From Old Card 29 May 1952*
Mosier, Leslie J-d. 12 Feb 1937 Plot: 25-0-122 bur. 17 Feb 1937
Murphy, Christopher C-d. 27 May 1900 Pvt D 6th Ohio Infantry*
Murphy, William-b. 5 Feb 1877 d. 3 Sep 1946 Plot: 25-0-137 bur. 7 Sep 1946
Murphy, Wm-Pvt 60 H 54th Regiment Kentucky Infantry*
Myers, Mathias-Pvt Co E 185th Ohio Infantry*

Nelson, Ernest C-d. 19 Oct 1909 Pvt Co E 2nd US Infantry Plot: 25-70*
Netler, Louis-Pvt Co I 4th Regiment Ohio Infantry Mexican War*
Neville, Charles-Pvt Co B 7th Ohio Calvary*
Nicklin, Raymond J-d. 16 Nov 1927 Plot: 25-0-114 bur. 16 Nov 1927
Novak, Frank-d. 18 Apr 1917 Plot: 25-0-94 bur. 18 Apr 1917

Oak, Byron E-d. 27 Oct 1889 Pvt Co I 12th Regiment Vermont Infantry*
Osborne, Albert-US Navy Seaman Co*
Otterson, Robert-Pvt Co F 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry*
Owen, John B-Pvt Co D 157th New York Infantry-Info Fr Old Card*

Pablo, Nicolas-d. 27 Feb 1905 Pvt 30th Co Phil Scouts Plot: 60*
Park, William-Sgt Co E 3rd Indiana Calvary*
Parker, Elij-d. 2 Apr 1902 Plot: 25-0-52, bur. 2 Apr 1902
Pattee, Alvin O-Sgt Major Regiment 23rd*
Payne, Chas G-2nd Lt Co I 48th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Payne, Donald-d. 10 June 1927 Plot: 25-0-110 bur. 10 June 1927
Pearson, Walter K-d. 24 July 1938 Pvt QMC 1st Division Plot: 25-126, bur. 27 July 1938*
Peblo, Nicholas-d. 15 Sep 1905 30th Co Phil Scouts Plot: 25-60*
Peck, Charles-d. 7 June 1901 Cpl Co K 54th Regiment Kentucky Infantry*
Peters, Levi S-Captain Co B 23d Regiment Infantry*
Pfeil, George-Pvt 5th Regiment Ohio Battery*

Philbin, James-d. 17 Dec 1942 Plot: 25-0-131 bur. 21 Dec 1942
Phillips, J O-d. 2 Aug 1898 Plot: 25-0-31 bur. 2 Aug 1898
Pierte, Jonathan J-d. 4 Aug 1903 Pvt Co C 3rd US Infantry-Died At Ft Thomas, Ky. Plot: 25-56*
Pogue, George W-Pvt Co A 2d Missouri Calvary*
Posey, Thomas-d. 1 Nov 1898 Plot: 25-0-42, bur. 1 Nov 1898
Potter, S-Pvt 147th New York Infantry*
Potts, Alma, b. 23 June 1886 d. 6 Apr 1960 Plot: 25-125 bur. 11 Apr 1960*
Potts, George W-b. 23 Dec 1870 d. 26 June 1938 Plot: 25-0-124 bur. 28 June 1938
Puff, Frank-Pvt Co I 4th Ohio Calvary*
Pulver, Harry-d. Apr 03 1903 Pvt Co B 3rd US Infantry Plot: 25-55*

Quinby, Joseph B-d. Sep 15 1889 Pvt Co D 138d Ohio Infantry-Information From Old Card*

Raymond, Francis C-d. Dec 11 1890 Pvt Co K 189th New York Infantry*
Reder, Jonathan H-d. June 22 1900 Pvt Co L G New York Calvary*
Reese, Adam-d. June 08 1892 Cpl Co B 104th USC Infantry-Information From Old Card*
Rein, Max-Sgt USA-Information From Letter Office Chief Of Engineers 23 Apr 1952 Plot: 25-71*
Reynolds, W E-Co E 1st Ohio Infantry-Information From Letter Office Chief Of Engineers Apr 23 1952 Plot: 34*

Reynolds, Wm E-d. Aug 5 1898 Pvt Co E 1 Ohio Infantry-died at Ft Thomas Ky. Information From Old Card Plot: 25-34*
Ritter, Martin-Pvt Co F 32d Indiana Infantry*
Roberts, Charles-1st Sgt Co L 6th US Calvary-Information From Letter, Office Chief Of Engineers Apr 23 1952 Plot: 33*
Roberts, Chas-d. Aug 5 1898 1st Sgt Co L 6th US Calvary-died at Ft Thomas, Ky. Plot: 25-33*
Ross, Wm J-d. July 20 1898 Pvt Co D 1st US Calvary-died at Siboney Cuba*
Russell, J O-Pvt California QM Corps Feb 27 1926 Plot: 25-112*
Ryba, Charles-d. 25 Sep 1898 Plot: 25-0-39 bur. Sep 25 1898

Sanford, Lewis A-Pvt Co C 73d Ohio Infantry*
Sarver, John R-Pvt Co G 59th Ohio Regiment Infantry-Headstone Supplied By Vt Marble Co Proctor Vt Contract Jun 28, 1897*
Savage, Andrew-d. Nov 13 1898 Pvt I 10th US Volunteer Infantry-died at Ft Thomas, Ky. Plot: 25-43*
Schlager, Raymond A C-d. Aug 24 1898 Plot: 25-0-37 bur. Aug 24 1898
Schmidt, George W-Pvt Co D 5th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry*
Schmidt, W H-Sgt Co K 4th Regiment*
Schneider, George-Pvt Co A 23d Regiment Kentucky Infantry*
Schuhman, John-Pvt Co I 9 Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Scollou, Chas A-d. Sep 4 1906 Pvt Co M 4th US Infantry Plot: 25-63*

Scott, A W-Recruit USA Plot: 25-22*
Scott, Alvia W-d. July 12 1899 Recruit USA Plot: 22*
Searls, John W-Pvt Co K 11th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Seder, Louis-d. Jan 25 1914 Plot: 25-0-88 bur. Jan 25 1914
Seder, Margaret-b. Nov 27 1865 d. Dec 15 1933 Plot: 25-0-88 bur. Aug 12 1941
Shaffer, William-Sgt 62d Pennsylvania Infantry*
Shannon, Charles L-Pvt Co B 138th Regiment Ohio Infantry-Typed From Old Card 12 Nov 1952*
Shea, William-Cpl Co A 1st US Infantry-Oct  17 1901 Plot: 25-51*
Sherar, Frank-Cpl Co H 196th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Shipman, Wm H-Con Sgt d. Nov 1884*
Shoub, Samuel J-d. July 2 1863 2nd Lt Co I 4th Ohio Infantry bur. July 2 1863*
Siegmann, William-Pvt Co H 1st Ohio Infantry*
Silveragel, Henry-Pvt Co B 12th Kentucky Infantry*
Simpson, Henry I-d. Feb 20 1909 Plot: 25-0-69 bur. Feb 20 1909
Slade, H T-d. July 30 1898 Co L 3rd US Calvary bur. July  30 1898 Plot: 25-27*
Slade, Henry T-d. July 27 1898 Pvt Co L 3rd US Calvary Plot: 27*
Slade, Henry-d. July 30 1898 Co L 3d US Calvary Plot: 25-27*
Smith, Albert H-Lt Co F 1st Kentucky Infantry*
Smith, Fred A-d. July 31 1898 Sgt Co G 19th US Infantry Plot: 25-29*
Smith, Frederick C-d. July 31 1898 Sgt Co G 19th US Infantry Plot: 29*

Smith, Henry L-d. Sep 22 1888 Pvt Co E D 47th Illinois Volunteers*
Smith, J F-Co E 6th US Infantry Plot: 13*
Smith, James-d. Dec 11 1921 Plot: 25-0-106 bur. Dec 11 1921
Smith, William H-Pvt Co D 47th Ohio Infantry*
Smith, William H-Pvt Co K 4th Ohio Calvary*
Smith, William Jarvis-b. Sep 30 1869 d. Nov 06 1945 Captain QMC Plot: Government 136 bur. Nov 08 1945*
Smith, Wm D-Pvt Co D 13th Pennsylvania Infantry*
Smith, ___d. Apr 10 1914 Plot: 25-89*
Sodemann, August-d. Dec 27 1913 1st Sgt Co M 3rd US Infantry Retired Plot: 25-87*
Spayd, Jonathan W-d. Apr 11 1806 Plot: 25-0-61 bur. Apr 11 1806
Stein, Michael-Pvt Co D Regiment 148th Indiana Infantry*
Stockum, James E-d. Oct 15 1918 Plot: 25-0-105 bur. Oct 15 1918
Stokes, Eugene A-d. July 25 1898 Plot: 25-0-25 bur. July 25 1898
Stone, Charles F-Lt Co K 193d Ohio Infantry*
Stone, Richard-Pvt Co E 1st Ohio Infantry*
Strouse, Jacob F-Pvt Co C 143rd Pennsylvania Infantry- Information From Old Card*
Studier, Charles-Pvt Co H 26th Ohio Infantry*

Tackett, Morya-d. Sep 28 1918 Plot: 25-0-104 bur. Sep 28 1918
Tarvin, Abijah A-Sgt Co I, 23rd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry*
Teuchman, Henry-Pvt Co F 53rd Regiment Kentucky Infantry*
Thomas, Harvey-Pvt Co E Kentucky 8th Regiment Calvary*
Thompson, James-d. Aug 13 1904 QM Sgt Co D 10th US Infantry-died at Ft Thomas, Ky. Information From Old Card Plot: 25-59*
Tiernan, Thomas-Cpl Co E 139th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Tobin, William-Sgt Co F 2d US Infantry*
Tryon, Truman C-d. Jan 07 1900 Pvt Co K 6th Ohio Infantry*
Tucker, James G-Sgt Co E 10th Tennessee Infantry*

Ubanowich, Joseph-d. Nov 16 1918 Draften 30th Regiment Colorado Plot: 25-103*
Ullman, Conrad-d. Apr 27 1901 Pvt  82d Ohio Infantry*
Upsher, William E-d. Oct 04 1881 US Navy*
Urbonowich, Joseph-d. Feb 25 1919 Plot: 25-0-102 bur. Feb 25 1919

Van Fleet, John-d. Apr 07 1903 Pvt Co K 10th Ohio Infantry*
Van Wiet, Benjamin-Pvt Co K 111th New York Infantry*

Wailey, Kersey-d. Apr 21 1896 Plot: 25-0-15 bur. Apr 21 1896
Ware, James E-Pvt Co G 24th Ohio Infantry-Information From Old Card*
Wasser, Chas-d. Jan 30 1902 Pvt Co H 196th Ohio Infantry*
Wasson, Clinton-Pvt Co A 1st Kentucky Infantry*

Weber, Charles-Pvt Co E 53rd Regiment Kentucky Infantry*
Weckman, Fredk-Pvt Co H 1st Regiment Ohio Infantry Plot: Not Given*
Wellman, Mcguness-Pvt Co H 7th Regiment Iowa Calvary*
Welsh, E-Pvt Co I 14th Indiana Infantry*
Wesphalinger, Geo S-d. June 2 1903 1st Sgt Co L 3rd US Artillery*
West, Benjamin F-Captain Co I 6th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
West, Otto W-d. Aug 15 1895 Pvt Co B 6th Regiment New Jersey Infantry Plot: 25-12*
Westphalinger, Gustave A-d. May 05 1913 Plot: 25-0-84 bur. May 05 1913
Whitting, Hirem-d. May 31 1891 Pvt Co D 4th Regiment Kentucky Infantry-Lee Marble Works, Lee, Mass, Contracted Aug 25 1902 Info Fr Old Card*
Whittington, John A-Pvt Co F Regiment 53d Kentucky Infantry*
Wichert, Herman-Pvt Co K Regiment 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry*
Wiessler, Christopher-Pvt Co H, 28th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Wiggars, Richard H-Pvt Co G 20th Regiment Kentucky Infantry*
Wiliard, James-d. May 24 1913 1st Sgt Texas US Army Plot: 25-132*
Williams, Daniel- Pvt Co I 69th Regiment Ohio Infantry*
Williams, John-d. Feb 25 1914 Plot: 25-0-89 bur. Feb 25 1914
Williams, Thomas S-d. Sep 18 1928 Plot: 25-0-116 bur. Sep 18 1928

Williamson, Samuel-d. May 15 1869 Pilot Co G Benton Regiment USN*
Willis, James-d. Mar 2 1900 Pvt Co I 76th Infantry*
Winston, John L-Engineer US Navy-Information From Old Card*

Young, J M-Cpl Co I 83 Pennsylvania Infantry*

Zientak, Walter-d. Oct 24 1918 Sgt 22d Regiment Co Plot: 25-101*


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