Evergreen Cemetery



Transcribed and submitted 10 Oct 2011 by Marji Wright

LO-Lot owner
P#-permit number


Uehlinger, Alice d-9-10-61; br-9-13-61; b-10-15-1883; Single grave-953, sect-68; parents-John & Cordella O'Rouke; born-New Richmond, Ohio; res-914 Madison, Covington, Ky; NR-Viola Nichols, daughter
Uetrecht, Adolph br-4-26-1906; Single grave-186; no other data
Uetrecht, Berttie br-5-3-1913; Single grave-196, sect-22; no other data
Uhl, Anna d-11-19-1950; br-11-22-1950; b-11-13-1864; Sect-44, lot-32-C; born-Campbell County; parents-Peter and Christina Uhl; widowed; LO-Uhl and Baugh; NR-Edward Uhl
Uhl, Anna K d-4-10-1956; br-4-13-1956; age-87; Sect-24, lot-82; br-Cincinnati, Ohio; widowed; res-49 W. Southgate, Ft Thomas; LO-Maderman and Wessling; NR-Augusta Madderman and Mrs Klaus Wessling
Uhl, Chas J d-9-14-45; br-9-17-1945; age-31; Single grave-195, sect-68; born-Hamilton County, Ohio; died-General Hospital; NR-Jeane Uhl
Uhl, (illegible) d-8-14-1938; age-68; Sect/lot (illegible); res-49 W Southgate, Ft Thomas; LO-Louis Wessling; NR-Anna Uhl;
Uhl, Edward W d-12-31-1970; br-1-6-1971; b-1-28-1888; Sect-44, lot-32C; born-Newport; res-11 Chesapeake, Newport; LO-Uhl and Baugh; NR-Marian Scharold, administrator
Uhl, John br-7-16-1918; sect-32, lot-62; no other data
Uhl, Margaret br-3-20-1923; sect-32, lot-62; no other data
Uhl, Mary d-3-7-1961; br-3-10-1961; age-73; Sect-44, lot-32-C; parents-Karl Enderle and Syblia; married; born-Newport, Ky; res-11 Chesapeake, Newport, Ky; LO-Uhl and Baughm; NR-Kate Parker, Edw Uhl "same husband"
Uhl, William David d-2-3-1941; br-2-8-1941; age-10-25-1869; Sect-44, lot-32-C; parents-August and Mary Uhl; married; born-Campbell County, Ky; res-15 W Walnut St, Southgate; LO-Uhl and Baugh
Uhleman, Infant; br-7-3-1891; Single grave 46, sect-1891; no other data
Uhlen, Mary Wallace d-12-17-1958; br-12-20-1958; age-2-3-1900; Sect-39, lot-5-B; parents-Otto Sisson and Ada Owens; married; born-Augusta, Ky; res-1124 Groesbeck Rd, Cincinnati 24, Ohio; LO-Ada Sisson, daughter; NR-Frank L Wallace, Jr
Uhlman, Adolph (child) br-9-8-1884; Single grave-51, sect-1884; no other data
Uhlman, Louisa (child) br-7-14-1889; Single grave-42, sect-1889; no other data
Ullery, Amanda br-12-10-1909; Sect-2, lot-109 E1/2; no other data
Ullery, David br-6-17-1901; Sect-2, lot-190 S1/2; no other data
Ullery, Edward d-5-3-1939; br-5-5-1939; age-6-28-1868(?); Sect-2, lot-109 S1/2; parents-David and Jenny Ullery; married; born-Shelbyville, Indiana; LO-Ullery and Steele
Ullery, Hazel S d-8-11-1971; br-8-14-1971; age-76; Sect-59, lot- 277-278W1/2; parents-Edward Ullery and Mattie Steele; single; born-Dayton, Ky; res-328 Covert Run Pike, Bellevue, Ky; LO-Alma Heuer, sister; NR-Mrs Alma Heuer
Ullery, Mattie d-5-20-1951; br-5-23-1951; age-9-10-1858; Single grave-76, sect-72; widowed; parents-Jason and Anna Eilson Steele; born-Illinois; LO-res single; NR-Hazel Ullery
Ullman, Robert P d-6-19-1967; br-6-22-1967; age-54; Sect-56, lot-131N&S (illegible); parents-John W Ullman and Ana King; born-Cleveland, Ohio; married; res-89 Grandview Ave, Ft Thomas, Ky; LO-Grant and Amy Morgan; NR-E Virginia Ullman (wife)
Ullrich, Gertrude K d-4-4-1972; 4-7-1972; age-5-29-1903; Sect-49, lot-57; parents-Louis Ullrich and Lucy Burkhardt; single; res-318 Thornton, Newport, Ky; LO-Louis Ullrich; NR-Stella Brandt (friend); Note: "All correspondence to Walter C Krause (over)". Transcriber's note: Back of card not filmed.
Ulm, Carrie d-8-3-1941; br-8-6-1941; age-4-9-1869; Single grave-353, sect-43; parents- Fred and Elizabeth Bently; born-Chattanooga, Tennessee; "single" "married"; LO-single; NR-Mrs Paul Johnston
Ulm, Charles A (adult) br-4-21-1889; Single grave 22, sect-1889; no other data
Ulm, Elizabeth br-4-22-1912; Single grave, (illegible); no other data
Ulm, Frank (?); br-12-16-1929 (?); Sect-14, lot-(illegible); no other data
Ulm, James d-2-4-1936; br-2-6-1936; age-32(?); Single grave-196, sect-41(?); parents-Thomas and P (????); married; born-W Virginia; res-31 16th St, Newport, Ky; no other data
Ulm, John br-6-12-1916; Single grave-354, sect-43; no other data
Ulm, Philip br-10-25-1916; Single grave-195, sect-41; no other data
Ulm, Philip br-11-17-1901; Single grave-73, sect-1901; no other data
Ulmer, Albert br-6-22-1897; Sect-10, lot-17; no other data
Ulmer, Conrad br-4-30-1901; Sect-10, lot-17; no other data
Ulmer, Eliz Josephine br-9-21-1931; Sect-10, lot-30; no other data
Ulmer, Fred J d-6-10-1973; br-6-13-1973; age-75; Sect-63, lot-133 E1/2; parents-William Ulmer and Elizabeth Kuhnhein; married; born-Bellevue, Ky; res-2335 Alexandria Pk, Bldg D, Southgate, Ky; LO-Fred J and Mildred Ulmer; NR-Mrs Mildred Ulmer (wife)
Ulmer, H br-7-21-1887; Sect-10, lot-17; no other data
Ulmer, Herman G(?) br-4-11-1932; Sect-23(?), lot-106 S1/2(?); LO-Frye; no other data
Ulmer, Richard (Infant) br-8-11-1901; Sect-10, lot-30; no other data
Ulmer, Sadie d-12-10-1950; br-12-13-1950; age-7-6-1870; Sect-23, lot-106 S1/2; widowed; born-Germany; LO-A and F Frye; NR-Mrs. Carl Burger
Ulmer, (Illegible) br-6-30-1930(?); Sect, lot-illegible; LO-Kuhnhein(?); no other data
Ulrich, Albert Chas br-9-12-1934; Sect-50(?), lot-65 S1/2(?); LO-Albert Ulrich; no other data
Ulrich, Albert F d-7-16-1973; br-7-18-1973; age-79; Sect-50, lot-65 E ; parents-Albert Ulrich and Elizabeth Kaul; married; born-Newport, Ky; res-3154 Hanna, Cincinnati, Ohio; LO-Albert F Ulrich (son); NR-Mrs Pearl Ulrich (wife)
Ulrich, Anna br-8-16-1907; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, Christopher br-7-21-1909; Sect-22, lot-18; no other data
Ulrich, E B(?) br-4-22-1890; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, Elizabeth d-6-23-1952; br-6-26-1952; age-1-10-1864; Sect-50, lot-65 E1/2; parents-Frederick Kahl; widowed; born-Alexandria, Ky; res-Newport Rest Home; LO-Albert Ulrich (husband); NR-Albert Ulrich
Ulrich, F Dewey br-9-22-1898; Sect-6, lot-80 S1/2; no other data
Ulrich, Florence d-9-6-1936; br-9-9-1936; age-12-3-1890(?); Sect-57, lot 1-S1/2; parents-Alexander Welsch and Elizabeth Broering; married; born-Falmouth, Ky; res-834 Monroe, Newport, Ky; LO-Frank Ulrich
Ulrich, Francis Katherine d-12-25-1943; br-12-28-1943; age-9-9-1869; Sect-56, lot-193; parents-(blank) and Katherine Krebs; widowed; LO-Florence Stegner
Ulrich, Frank br-8-13-1948; age-1-21-1889; Sect-57, lot-1 S1/2; parents-Casper Ulrich; LO-Frank Ulrich; NR-Frank Kreutzer
Ulrich, Fred Herman d-7-19-1953; br-7-22-1953; age-55; Sect-57, lot-33 W1/2; parents-Jacob Ulrich and Margaret Matz; single; born-Newport; LO-Katherine Gaskins (sister); NR-Katherine Gaskins
Ulrich, George d-11-15-1946; br-11-19-1946; age-88; Single grave-469, sect-(illegible); parents-John Wm Ulrich and Anna Barfield; divorced; born-Newport; NR-Merle Ulrich
Ulrich, George br-7-3-1901; Sect-27, lot-2 W1/2; no other data
Ulrich, George; Single grave-1962, lot-illegible; no other data
Ulrich, George C br-4-1-1918; Sect-22, lot-18; no other data
Ulrich, Herman F br-10-20-1949; age-77; Single grave-761, sect-72; parents-Wm and Christina Ulrich; status-widower; res-129 E 8th St, Newport, Ky; LO-single
Ulrich, Infant M C br-7-27-1891; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, Infant br-7-23-1897; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, Infant br-1-30-1901; Sect-22, lot-18; no other data
Ulrich, J H br-7-25-1885; Sect- 6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, Jacob br-4-29-1910; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, James br-5-29-1931; Sect-49, lot-106; no other data
Ulrich, John Wm br-12-7-1918; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, John br-12-31-1884; Sect-22, lot-18; no other data
, Joseph J d-7-29-1952; br-8-1-1952; age-2-19-1903; Sect-74, lot-8; parents-Herman and Catherine; status-married; born-Newport, KY; res-129 E 8th St, Newport, KY; LO-Mildred Ulrich,wife; NR-Mildred Ulrich
Ulrich, Julius H d-7-17-1952; br-7-21-1952; age-4-13-1890; Sect-57, lot-33 W1/2; status-single; born-Newport; LO-Catherine Gaskins, sister; NR-Katherine Gaskins
Ulrich, Kate d-5-23-1941; br-5-26-1941; age-8-25-1872; Sect-49, lot-106; parents-Crentz and Ott; Born-Campbell County, KY; status-widow; LO-Noah Hess; NR-Walter J Hess
Ulrich, Katherine br-2-27-1925; Sect-6, lot-80 S1/2; no other data
Ulrich, Louis br-11-19-1934; Sect-49, lot-47; LO-Louis Ulrich
Ulrich, Louisa br-10-30-1919; Sect-49, lot-47; no other data
Ulrich, Maggie br-11-20-1892; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, Margaret br-3-27-1883; No Grave Listed; no other data
Ulrich, Margaret br-6-26-1916; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, Margaret br-4-7-1922; Sect-22, lot-18; no other data
Ulrich, Mildred d-12-2-1969; br-12-5-1969; age-12-22-1905; Sect-74, lot-8; parents-Pence and Minnie Fitzpatrick; status-widow; born-Kentucky; res-1015 Orchard St, Newport, KY; LO-self; NR-Mrs Wanda Lee, dtr
Ulrich, Peter d-7-30-1941; br-8-2-1941; age-1-1-1896; Single grave-106, sect-72; parents-Jake and Ida Moran; status-married; born-Newport; LO-single; NR-Robert Caudill
Ulrich, Victoria b-3-28-1947; br-3-31-1947; age-3-31-1860; Sect-27, lot-2; parents-George and Ernestine Schneider; status-widow; born-Campbell County, KY; LO-self
Ulrich, Walter br-5-26-1901; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Ulrich, Wm br-3-10-1894; Sect-6, lot-80; no other data
Umstetter, Elizabeth d-4-1-1953; br-4-4-1953; age-3-8-1965; Sect-20, lot-15 S1/2; parents-John F Bandermann and Anna M Waxman; status-widow; born-Newport; LO-John Fred Banderman, father; NR-Charles Umstetter
Underhill, Virginia Etta Frances d-4-10-1971; br-4-13-1971; age-72; Sect-64, lot 71; parents-? Pyle and Mary Weaver; status-widow; born-Kentucky; res-130 East Shield St, Cincinnati, OH; LO-Ervin Hamilton; NR-Mrs Evelyn Whitehouse
Underwood, Anna Marie br-11-26-1949; age-92; Sect-36, lot-27; parents-Henry & Elizabeth Heidam; widow; LO-self
Underwood, Arthur d-10-11-1957; br-10-14-1957; age-84; Sect-30, lot-6 N1/2; parents Thomas and Henrietta Underwood; status-widower; born-Cincinnati, OH; res-725 Covert Run, Bellevue; LO-self; NR-Mrs Vos Huheey
Underwood, Carson (Colored) br-4-15-1918; Single grave-432, sect-8; no other data
Underwood, George O br-6-7-1912; Single grave-24, sect-43; no other data
Underwood, George W br-7-30-1913; Sect-36, lot-27 E1/2; no other data
Underwood, Infant br-9-7-1903; Sect-30, lot-6 N1/2; no other data
Underwood, Infant br-1-8-1906; Single grave-2, sect-1906; no other data
Underwood, Jessie br-6-2-1909; Sect-30, lot-6 N1/2; no other data
Underwood, John Joseph br-7-11-1907; Single grave-39, sect-1907; no other data
Underwood, Lucy S d-6-17-1948; br-6-21-1948; age-45; Sect-57, lot-21 W1/2; parents-David Shelton and Vera Kirk; status-married; born-Aberdeen, OH; res-10 Bonnie Leslie Ave, Bellevue, KY; LO-Wm Underwood; NR-Wm Underwood
Underwood, Mabel br-1-13-1917; Sect-329, lot-8; no other data
Underwood, Nancy (Colored) d-2-5-1948; br-2-10-1948; age-10-1-1869; Single grave-902, sect-43B; parents-unknown; status-single; born-Aberdeen, OH; res-1543 Providence, Cincinnati, OH;
Underwood, Raymond L br-4-22-1906; Sect-30, lot-6 N1/2; no other data
Ungelsby, Chas Aaron, Jr d-5-22-1956; br-11-19-1956; age-1-19-1898; Sect-61, lot-121; parents-Chas A Ungelsby, Sr, and Anna Young; status-married; born-Cincinnati, OH; res-341 Division St, Bellevue, KY; LO-Gordon; NR-Mae C Ungelsby, wife; Cause of Death-carcinoma of lung
Unglesby, Mae C d-4-26-1967; br-5-1-1967; age-70; Sect-61, lot-121; parents-Ambrose Heidelberg & Margaret Wheeler; status-widow; born-Newport, KY; res-437 Berry Ave, Bellevue, KY; LO-Wm M Gordon; NR-Mrs Margaret Trimbur, dtr
Ungerman, Amelia br-12-17-1910; Sect-29, lot-3 E1/2; no other data
Ungerman, Henry br-4-3-1909; Sect-29, lot-3 E1/2; no other data
Unknown, Female br-6-4-1964; age 30-35; Single grave-879, sect-72; Place of death-found on Grandview Ave, Newport, KY
Unknown br-5-17-1887; No Grave Location; no other data
Unknown, Colored br-9-10-1888; Single grave-illegible, sect- 1888; no other data
Unknown br-10-23-1890; Sect-30, lot-1878; no other data
Unknown, Infant d-11-9-1970; br-11-9-1970; age-stillborn; Single grave-416, sect-53; parents-unknown; born-unknown
Unknown br-4-30-1891; Sect-24, lot-134; no other data
Unknown br-5-1-1893; No Grave Location; no other data
Unknown br-9-8-1893; Single grave-26, sect-1887; no other data
Unknown br-10-12-1893; Single grave-1, sect-1889; no other data
Unknown br-8-11-1894; Single grave-38, sect-1894; no other data
Unknown br-2-26-1891; Single grave-6, sect-1891; no other data
Unknown, Adult br-8-23-1899; Single grave-26, sect-1888; no other data
Unknown, Adult br-9-26-1891; Single grave-36, sect-1891; no other data
Unknown, by City Order br-4-2-1906; Single grave-18, sect-1906; no other data
Unknown, Colored br-8-2-1890; Single grave-18, sect-1888; no other data
Unknown, Colored Single grave-661, sect-42; no other data
Unknown, Adult br-7-12-1895; Single grave-49, sect-1888; no other data
Unknown, Adult (City of Bellevue) br-7-23-1896; Single grave-36, sect-1896; Note: Removed to Cincinnati
Unknown, Baby (City order) br-9-27-1932; Single grave-614, sect-47; no other data
Unknown, Babe br-4-7-1892; Single grave-27, sect-1892; no other data
Unknown, Child br-8-18-1884; Single grave-44, sect-1884; no other data
Unknown, Foetus br-4-19-1924; Single grave-247, sect-67; no other data
Unknown, Infant (Colored) br-5-27-1891; Single grave-33, sect-1891; no other data
Unknown, Infant d-3-20-1962; br-3-23-1962; age-1 week; Single grave-136, sect-70; LO-single
Unknown, Infant br-8-21-1939; Single grave-1178, sect-70; no other data
Unknown, Infant d-9-25-1946; br-9-27-1946; age-9-25-1946; Single grave-1277, sect-70; born-Newport; LO-single
Unknown, Infant br-6-29-1890; Single grave-48, sect-1890; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-7-20-1901; Single grave-34, sect-1901; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-8-12-1903; Single grave-63, sect-1882; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-4-22-1893; No Grave Location; no other data
Unknown, Infant (Colored) br-11-23-1888; Single grave-68, sect-1888; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-4-13-1899; Single grave-40, sect-1883; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-10-8-1901; Single grave-31, sect-1884; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-4-26-1901; Single grave-22, sect-1901; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-5-17-1901; Single grave-25, sect-1901; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-4-30-1904; Single grave-9, sect-1881; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-11-23-1900; Single grave-3, sect-1887; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-6-10-1904; Single grave-25, sect-1904; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-2-21-1938; Single grave-1273, sect-70; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-8-17-1907; Single grave-50, sect-1887; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-4-27-1906; Single grave-25, sect-1906; no other data
Unknown, Infant (City of Newport) br-8-21-1906; Single grave-50, sect-1906; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-6-30-1908; Single grave-32, sect-1881; no other data
Unknown, Infant (City Order) br-11-10-1908; Single grave-75, sect-1908; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-10-24-1922; Single grave-370D, sect-8; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-2-9-1925; Single grave-190, sect-47; no other data
Unknown, Infant (City Order) br-5-23-1931; Single grave-492, sect-47; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-11-26-1924; Single grave-198, sect-47; no other data
Unknown, Infant (City Order) br-12-23-1924; Single grave-192, sect-47; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-6-25-1930; Single grave-437-A, sect-illegible; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-5-5-1924; Single grave-244, sect-47; no other data
Unknown, Infant br-5-5-1926; Single grave-90-A, sect-47; no other data
Unknown, Man (White) (City Order) br-9-20-1935; Single grave-909, sect-42; Cause of Death-Drowned in Licking River
Unknown, Man d-12-6-1943; br-12-7-1943; age-7; Single grave-984, sect-68;
Unknown, Adult Man (Colored) br-10-1-1896; Single grave-86, sect-1888; no other data
Unknown, Man (Colored) (City Order) br-7-28-1908; Single grave-458, sect-28; no other data
Unknown, Twins br-8-19-1884; Single grave-46, sect-1884; no other data
Unnerstall, Fred d-4-5-1946; br-4-8-1946; age-61; Sect-59, lot-221 E1/2; Parents-Christopher Unnerstall; born-Germany; LO-Mona Unnerstall; NR-Mr Cecil Smith
Unnerstall, Mona d-12-26-1950; br-12-30-1950; age-4-4-1879; Sect-59, lot-221 E1/2; parents-John Thrasher; status-widow; born
Demersville, KY; LO-Self; NR-Cecil Leroy Smith
, Bernard br-1-4-1932; Sect-16, lot-60; no other data
Unnewehr, Bertha d-9-12-1963; br-9-16-1963; age-1-19-1867; Sect-56, lot-80 S1/2; parents-Hoffbranner; status-widow; born-Cincinnati, OH; res-214 Findley St, Cincinnati, OH; LO-Self; NR-William J Cottman
Unnewehr, Mae d-12-4-1962; br-12-7-1962; age-2-2-1869; Sect-16, lot-60; parents-Mellinger and Thayer; born-Covington, KY; res-7460 Mar Del Dr, Cincinnati, OH; LO-Sophia Lacey; NR-none
Unthank, Kimberly M d-1-7-1967; br-1-11-1967; age-7 days; Single grave-360, sect-53; parents-Jerry Unthank and Vivian Johnson; res-432 Van Vista Dr, Mt Carmel, OH; NR-Mr and Mrs Jerry Unthank, parents
Unversaft, Georgia Lyons br-10-10-1933; Single grave-54, sect-99 S1/2; LO-Albert Lyons
Uphus, Richard Edward d-11-25-1962; br-11-28-1962; age-20; Sect-73, lot-386 N1/2; parents-Frank Richard Uphus and Augusta Ewing; status-married; born-Cincinnati, OH; LO-Elizabeth Uphus, wife; NR-Elizabeth Uphus, wife
Uphus, Shannon Lynn d-4-29-1974; br-5-2-1974; age-3-8-74; Sect-Babyland Row #1, Single grave-3; parents-Thomas Uphus and Beulah Stonecipher; born-Tyndall Air Force Base; res-11B Cove Gardens, Panama City, FL; NR-Thomas Uphus, father
Upshaw, Roosevelt (Colored) d-10-9-1973; br-10-12-1973; age-70; Sect-41, lot-377; born-Alabama; res-799 Russell St, Covington, KY; NR-Irene Upshaw
Urbe, Lucy (Adult) br-7-12-1893; Sect-31, lot-1893; no other data
Urbonowich, Joseph br-11-18-1916; Single grave-102, sec-25; no other data
Usleaman, Henry d-3-9-1971; br-3-12-1971; age-6-14-1913; Sect-63, lot-258 S1/2; parents-Henry Usleaman, Sr; status-married; born-Newport, KY; res-910 Ann St, Newport, KY; LO-wife-Marcella Usleaman, wife; NR-Marcella Usleaman, wife
Usleman, Dora Jean (infant) d-12-6-1950; br-12-8-1950; age-12-6-1950; Sect-591, lot-70; parents-Howard and Hildridge Usleman; born-Dayton, KY; res-323 E 13th St, Newport, KY; LO-Single; NR-Howard Usleman
Usleman, George Nelson d-1-5-1951; br-1-8-1951; age-3-7-1874; Sect-59, lot-6; parents-Jas W and Elizabeth Uselman; status-widower; born-Brooksville, KY; LO-Single; NR-Lawrence Usleman
Usleman, Herbert L br-10-1-1923; Single grave-148, sect-46; Removed to Sect-5, lot-6
Usleman, Lawrence d-9-14-1960; br-9-17-1960; age-51; Sect-59, lot-6; parents-George N Uselman and Sarah Louise; born-Newport, KY; res-315 E 3d St, Newport, KY; LO-Nelson Uselman, son; NR-Nelson Uselman, son
, Leo br-9-20-1926; Single grave-89, sect-45; no other data
Usleman, Leo M d-2-24-1971; br-2-27-71; Sect-63, lot-296 S1/2; parents-Nelson Usleman and Sara Daniels; status-married; born-Newport, KY; res-2425 S Main, Highland Heights, KY; Lot-Helen Usleman, wife; NR-Helen Usleman, wife
Usleman, Sarah d-7-9-1940; br-7-12-1940; age-9-10-1878; Sect-59, lot-6; parents-James W Daniels and Mathilda Bravard; status-married; born-Augusta, KY; LO-Nelson Usleman; NR-Nelson Usleman
Usler, Henrietta br-1-6-1897; Sect-9, lot-4; no other data
Usler, Louise br-6-14-1892; Sect-16, lot-27; no other data
Usler, Infant br-6-6-1910; Sect-16, lot-27; no other data
Usner, George B br-6-26-1897; Sect-20, lot-4; no other data
Uth, Charlotte d-4-4-1954; br-4-4-7-1954; age-61; Sect-55, lot-90; parents-George and Charlotte Uth; status-married; born-Bellevue, KY; LO-Carrie Baker, sister; NR-Jacob Uth
Uth, Jacob M d-8-4-1973; br-8-7-1973; age-83; Sect-55, lot-90; parents-Jacob Uth and Elizabeth Blatter; status-widower; born-Newport, KY; res-245 Eden Ave, Bellevue; NR-Mrs Carol J Borden, dtr
Uth, Marie br-5-23-1928; age-49; Sect-54, lot-47 S1/2; parents-Held; status-single; no other data
Uth, Simon d-8-16-1950; br-8-18-1950; age-74; Sect-54, lot-47; parents-Frank and Marie Uth, status-widower; born-Germany; LO-Simon Uth; NR-Miss Marie Uth
Uthe, Carolyn d-1-26-1958; br-1-28-1958; age-78; Sect-31, lot-11; parents-Henry Fillhardt; status-widow; born-Belbourn, (sic) KY; res-#2 Shaw Lane, Ft Thomas; LO-Uthe & Fillhardt; NR-Mabel Uthe, dtr
Uttandorfer, (sic) August d-9-20-1948; br-9-23-1948; born-9-19-1881; Sect-30; lot-41 N pt; parents-Gustave and Caroline Uttendorfer; status-married; born-Newport; res-406 E 5th, Newport, KY; LO-Uttendorfer
Uttendoerfer, Caroline br-11-9-1914; Sect-30, lot-41 N1/2; no other data
Utendoerfer, Edward (Infant) br-2-27-1911; Sect-30, lot-41; no other data
Utendoerfer, Gustav br-12-23-1908; Sect-30, lot-41; no other data
Utendoerfer, Helen br-6-19-1919; Sect-30, lot-41 N1/2 no other data
Utendoerfer, Infant br-3-4-1908; Single grave-17, sect-1908; no other data
Utendoerfer, Infant br-1-27-1914; Sect-30; lot-41; no other data
Uth, Simon Carl d-3-7-1943; br-3-10-1943; age-4-11-1904; Sect-54, lot-47 S1/2; parents-Uth; status-single; born-Bellevue; LO-Simon Uth; NR-Simon Uth
Uthe, Elizabeth d-7-16-1940; br-7-19-1940; age-4-20-1861; Sect-54, lot-144; parents-Louis and Mary Heisler; status-widow; born-Wapakoneta, OH; LO-Dora Thuman (sic); NR-Dora Thurman (sic)
Uthe, Fred Martin d-8-26-1959; br-8-29-1959l age-66; Sect-54, lot-144; parents-August and Elizabeth Heisler Uthe; status-married; born-Campbell County, KY; res-714 East 7th St, Newport, KY; LO-Dora Thurman; NR-Edna Uthe, wife
Uthe, Infant (over) (Transcriber's note: Back of card not filmed); br-2-23-1917; Sect-54, lot 1892
Uthe, Margaret (Child) br-2-14-1901; Single grave-5, sect-1901; no other data
Uth, Marie d-3-4-1972; br-3-7-1972; age-72; Sect-54, lot-47 S1/2; parents-Simon Uth and Marie Held; status-single; born-Bellevue, KY; res- 417 Fairfield, Bellevue; LO-Simon Uth, father; NR-Miss Elsie Uth, sister
Uthe, Emma d-1-19-1975; br-1-22-1975; age-3-4-1896; Sect-54, lot-144; parents-William Smith and Emma (unknown); born-Newport, KY; res-647 Park Ave, Newport, KY; NR-Edwin Uthe
Uthe, Flora L d-3-16-1971; br-3-19-1971; age-65; Sect-31, lot-11; parents-William Uthe & Caroline Fillhardt; status-single; res-2 Shaw Lane, Ft Thomas, KY; LO-Uthe & Filhardt, parents and grandparents; NR-Mr Elmer A Uthe, brother
Uthe, Wm E d-6-16-1948, br-6-21-1948; age-71; Sect-31, lot-11 N1/2; parents-August Uthe and Elizabeth Whithman; status-married; born-Melbourne, KY; LO-Uthe; NR-Mrs Carolyn Uthe
Utter, Glen O d-7-7-1965; br-7-9-1965; age-67; Sect-58, lot-4 E1/2; parents-Orris Utter and Emma Tischer; married; born-Neville, OH; res-1150 Wilson Rd, Bellevue, KY; LO-Blanche Utter, wife; NR-Blanche Utter, wife
Utz, Betty d-8-19-1971; br-8/21/1971; age-36; Sect-64, lot 217 S1/2; parents-Dock T Howard and Louise Mullins; married; born-Cold Springs, KY; res-506 Van Voast, Bellevue; LO-Glenn Utz; NR-Glenn Utz
Utz, Elizabeth C d-2-13-1912; Sect-31, lot-18 S1/2; no other data
Utz, Florence br-8-6-1908; Sect-52, lot-1908; no other data
Utz, Helen M d-10-2-1969; br-10-7-1969; age-12-6-1906; Sect-54, lot-53 N1/2; parents-Don Evanshine and Nellie (unknown); status-married; born-Ohio; res-914 Liberty St, Newport, KY; NR-Albert J Utz, husband
Utz, Infant br-1-26-1927; Single grave-47, sect-47; no other data
Utz, Jasper D d-8-19-1953; br-9-1-1953; age-10-18-1873; Sect-60, lot-347-D; parents- Jasper D Utz and Margaret Minch; status-married; born-Boone County; LO-Louise Utz, wife; NR-Louise Utz, wife
Utz, Louisa d-6-11-1975; br-6-14-1975; age-9-24-1884; Sect-60, lot 347-D; parents-Albert Dehner and Christine Gasdorf; status-widow; born-Kentucky; NR-Joseph D Utz, son
Utz, Millie G br-2-23-1949; age-68; Sect-54, lot-66 N1/2; parents-Henry and Sophia Wehmeyer; status-widow; res-1133 Orchard St, Newport
Utz, Mrs. br-4-27-1889; Sect-19, lot-24; no other data
Utz, Thomas br-9-26-1911; Sect-19, lot-24; no other data
Utz, William A d-1-17-1941; br-1-23-1941; age-6-23-1903; Sect-35, lot-9; parents-Joseph Utz and Naomi Heck; born-Newport; NR-Mrs. W S Utz
Utz, Wm E br-11-13-1934; Sect-54, lot-66 N1/2; LO-Utz;


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