Evergreen Cemetery



Transcribed and submitted 17 March 2014 by Marji Wright


LO-Lot owner


Meacham, Alcebiader  br-10-26-1923; Single grave-112, sec-48; no other data
Meacham, Margaret  br-2-21-1922; Single grave-113, sec-48; no other data
Meade, Frank P  d-8-16-1956; br-8-20-1956; age-9-1-1893; Sec-60, lot-20B; born-Toledo OH; married; residence-113 W 4th St, Covington; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO & NR- Ruth Meade, wife
Meade, Raymond  d-3-20-70; br-3-25-70; age-34; Single grave-239, sec-25; parents-Raymond Meade and Irene Santuccio; born-Connecticut; married; residence-794 E 10th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Yvonne Meade, wife, 230 Peter Noll Homes, Newport
Meader, Amelia  d-11-16-1957; br-11-19-1957; age-7-19-1888; Sec-33, lot-46 W1/2; parents-Eugene Krauss and Sophia Van Bank; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-734 Ann St, Newport; LO-Robert Lipscomb, permission to use by Fred Krauss; NR-Fred D Krauss, brother, 725 Highland Ave, Ft Thomas
Meader, Jennie Pope  (Ashes)  d-7-22-1945; br-8-3-1945; age-95; Sec-57, lot-27; parents-Samuel and Helen Pope; born-Genoa NY; divorced;  place of death- 247 Riverside Pkwy, Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Frank Andrews;
Meadows, Bealy Foxall  d-3-30-1958; br-4-2-1958; age-93; Sec-54, lot-129 N1/2; parents-Foxall and Nancy Eaton Meadows; born-Henry Co KY; widowed; residence-5200 N Lind St, Chicago IL; place of death-Chicago; LO-self; NR-James B Meadows, son, Ripple Creek Rd, Cold Spring
Meadows, Elisha  br-2-24-1930; Single grave-377, sec-48; no other data
Meadows, Eliza  d-8-13-1945; br-8-16-1945; age-8-12-1866; Sec-54, lot-129 N1/2; parents-Wm and Nancy Marshall; born-Henry Co KY; married; residence-612 Maple Ave, Newport; place of death-Columbus OH; LO-B F Meadows; NR-Beale Meadows
Meadows, Gordon L  d-8-27-48; br-8-31-48; age-34; Sec-61, lot-161; residence-1011 S Ft Thomas; place of death-Cinti; LO-Meadows
Meadows, Helen Patricia  d-9-28-73; br-10-1-73; age-50; sec-73, lot-37 SE1/2; parents-Phillip Krause and Arvene Penick; born-Covington; residence-Box 291B Owl Creek Rd, Melbourne; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-mother; NR-Mrs Patricia Hovel, same address
Meadows, Marion E  d-7-13-69; br-7-16-69; age-49; Sec-73, lot-37 SE1/2; parents-Wm Meadows and Meryle Fields; born-E Bernstadt KY; married; residence & place of death-203 Fifth Ave, Dayton; LO & NR-Patricia Novel, daughter, Box 246 Silver Grove
Meadows, Mary Helen Jo  d-5-4-1965; br-5-7-1965; age-1-2-1965; Single grave-317, sec-53; parents-William Meadows and Tula Maypin; born-Dayton KY; residence-1131 4th Ave, Dayton; place of death-Childrens Hosp, Cinti; NR-William Meadows, father
Meadows, Ruth Evans  d-8-21-1975; br-8-25-1975; age-85; Sec-57, lot-64 W1/2; parents-Thomas E Evans and Matilda Derrick; residence-77 Barber Rd, Framingham Mass; LO-Sanford Meadows; NR-Stuart Meadows, son, 162 Chalmers St, Springfield Mass
Meadows, Ruth Marion  br-9-9-1922; Sec-57, lot-64 W1/2; Removed from Sec 38, lot-35; no other data
Meadows, Sanford  br-9-28-1949; age-58; Sec-57, lot-64 W1/2; married; place of death & NR-Framingham Mass; LO-Meadows
Meadows, Todd br-11-16-1925; Sec-54, lot-129 N1/2; no other data
Meagher, Caroline A  d-1-15-1948; br-1-19-1948; age-84; Sec-34, lot-34 W1/2; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self
Meagher, James F  br-9-25-1913; Sec-34, lot-34 W1/2; no other data
Meacher, Walter B  d-11-13-1956; br-11-16-1956; age-65; Sec-34, lot-34 W1/2; parents-James and Caroline Meagher; born-Newport; married; residence-50 Broadview Pl, Ft Thomas; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Catherine Meagher; NR-Bessie Meagher, wife
Meale, Charlotte Schilling  d-3-8-1956; br-3-8-1956; age-10-9-1905; Sec-56, lot-82 E1/2; parents-Harry Schilling and Lottie Wolf; married; residence-601 Crown Ave, Cinti; place of death-Bethesda Hosp; cause of death-Pneumonia; LO-self; NR-Jos B Meale, husband, same address
Means, Alma  br-7-28-1908; Sec-17, lot-2; no other data
Means, Anna E  br-8-10-1916; Single grave-549, sec-43; no other data
Means, Arthur C (?) (NOTE: this card is very faded and mostly illegible)  d-1-10-69; age-76; born-Cinti; residence-Covington;
Means, Elsie J  d-10-9-1966; br-10-11-9166; age-74; Sec-73, lot-231 S1/2; parents-Joseph Hummel and Mary Straubert; born-Lewis Co KY; married; residence-2007 Greenup St, Covington; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO & NR-Thomas Means, son, 9 Beverly Circle, Wilder
Means, Frank M  d-10-7-1959; br-10-10-1959; age-65; Single grave-937, sec-68; parents-Chas and Emma Means; born-OH; divorced; residence-516 Lindsey St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Mrs Ronald Youngblood, 1425 Dulong Ave, Madison Hts, MI
Means, Geyer S  d-12-25-1952; br-12-30-1952; age-1-?-1895; Single grave-229, sec-68; parents-Chas and Emma Means; born-Sidney OH; married; place of death-Ft Thomas VA Hosp; cause of death-Cerebral hemorrhage; NR-Frank Means, 315 W 5th St, Newport
Means, Grace  br-6-9-1905; Single grave-33, sec-1905; no other data
Means, Henry H  d-1-5-1946; br-1-9-1946; age-71; Single grave-551, sec-72; born-KY; widowed; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-Jessie Rauckhorst, Elsmere
Means, Henry J   br-8-15-1906; Single grave-42, sec-1906; no other data
Means, Infant  d-5-25-1950; br-5-27-1950; age-5-25-1950; Single grave-684, sec-78; parents-Frank and Margie Means; born-Covington; place of death-St Elizabeth; cause of death-Stillborn; NR-Frank Means, 411 W 4th St, Newport
Means, Infant Joseph T  d-9-29-1961; br-10-3-1961; age-42 hours; Single grave-193, sec-53; parents-Thomas Means and Bernice Hill; born-Ft Thomas; residence-224 Wallace Ave, Covington; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Thomas Means, father
Means, Lucretia  d-3-16-1931; Single grave-214, sec-68; reserve-213; no other data
Means, Marchita Joan(?)  d-10-3-1955; br-10-6-1955; age-26; Single grave-832, sec-72; parents-John and Marie Durham; born-Newport; married; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Frederick Means, 1148 S1/2 Grand Ave, Newport
Mears, Anna  br-3-14-1929; Sec-22, lot-60 N1/2; no other data
Mears, Harry Davies  d-4-22-1935; br-4-25-1935; age-8-7-1877; Sec-50, lot-51 W1/2; parents-Wm J Mears and Anna Davies; born-KY; married; residence-1876 Fairfax Ave, Cinti; place of death-General Hosp; cause of death-Myocarditis; LO-Mears, son
Mears, Myrtle Anna  br-5-11-1932; Sec-50, lot-51 W1/2; LO-same
Mears, Nellie Viola  br-4-18-1929; Sec-50, lot-51 W1/2; no other data
Mears, Wm John  br-3-13-1916; Sec-22, lot-60 N1/2; no other data

Mechman, Infant  br-12-21-1887; Sec-2, lot-18; no other data
Meckstroth, Edward C  d-1-23-1953; br-1-27-1953; age-66; Sec-33, lot-19 W1/2; parents-Henry and Mary Meckstroth; born-Dayton KY; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Elizabeth Bonshoff, mother in law; NR-Mrs Florence Haggard, 817 Fourth Ave, Dayton
Meconio, Patricia Louise  d-11-5-67; br-11-8-67; age-11-20-1934, age-32; Sec-73, lot-45C; parents-Elbert Mullins and Berd Mullins; married; born-VA; residence-824 Washington Ave, Newport; LO & NR-Mr Marco Meconio, husband

Medaris, Helen Enovia  Single grave-501, sec-68; (NOTE: rest of card is blank)
Medeck, Anna Forseilles  d-1-10-1959; br-1-13-1959; age-1-31-1894; Sec-71, lot-30 E1/2; parents-Louis Schweitzer and Anna Kuppinger; born-KY; widowed; residence-3647 Eyrich Rd, Mack OH; place of death-West Hills Nursing Home, Cinti; LO-self; NR-Dorothy Gleason, same address
Meadowcroft, Edna Holzhauer  d-7-11-1963; br-7-13-19763; age-85; Sec-23, lot-63; parents-Gustav Holzhauer and Amelia Kauther; born-Newport; widowed; residence-27 Atwater Pkwy, Box Lake IL; place of death-Maple Hill Nursing Home, Lake Zurich IL;  LO -Gustav Holzhauer, father; NR-Garnett E Lowry, daughter, same address

Meece, Beatrice Zinser  d-4-21-72; br-4-26-72; age-57; Sec-64, lot-89 N Gr; parents-Dudley M Shelton and Mannie Adams Mason; born-Crab Orchard KY; married; residence-121 E 32nd St, Covington; LO & NR-Jarvis E Meece, husband
Meehan, Charles Wm  d-1-5-1975; br-1-8-1975; age-84; Sec-63, lot-222; parents-Michael Meehan and Ellen Bennett; born-Cinti; residence-603 Oak St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Mrs Marquerite Meehan, wife
Meehan, Ruth Morton (Ashes)  d-4-13-1936; br-6-11-1936; age-3-10-1864; Sec-36, lot-38; parents-Bruce R Morton and Fanny Higgs; born-Newport; married; residence & place of death-San Antonio TX; cause of death-Coronary
Meeker, Jamie Lee  d-1-18-1966; br-1-20-1966; age-1-17-1966; Single grave-201, sec-53; parents-James Edward Meeker and Marilyn Franz; born-Covington; single; residence-5453 Grafton Ave, Cinti; place of death-Covington; NR-James E Meeker, father, same address
Meeks, Rachel  br-12-20-1915; Single grave-161, sec-43; no other data
Meekstroth, Emma  d-3-11-1937; br-3-15-1937; age-50; Sec-33, lot-19 W1/2; parents-Bonzhoff; born-KY; married; place of death-Newport; Unspecified address-2017 New Linden Rd, Newport; LO-Eliz Bonzhoff

Mefford, Joseph  br-9-3-1949; age-86; Sec-30, lot-3 S1/2; parents-Nathan and Julia Norris Mefford; single; place of death-residence; LO-self; Unspecified address-1339 Collinsdale Ave, Forestville OH
Mefford, Sallie  d-10-26-1907; Sec-30, lot-3 S1/2; no other data
Mefford, Susie  d-11-5-1949; age-77; Sec-30, lot-3 S1/2; parents-Nathan and Lulia Norris Mefford; single; place of death-residence; Unspecified address 1339 Collinsdale Ave, Cinti

Megerle, Chris  br-4-8-1883; Sec-19, lot-55; no other data
Megerle, C Roy  d-9-28-1942; br-10-1-1942; age-47; Sec-55(?), lot-10; born-KY; married; place of death-140 Highland Ave; LO-Megerle; NR-James Megerle, same address
Megerle, Catherine  d-11-29-1957; br-12-3-1957; age-32; Sec-55, lot-10 N1/2; parents-Geo and Elizabeth Wendling; born-Ft Thomas; married; residence-75 W Vernon Ln, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Roy Megerle, father in law; NR-James Megerle, husband
Megerle, Irene  d-7-17-1941; br-7-21-1941; age-46; Sec-55, lot-10; parents-Campbell; born-OH; married; place of death-Philadelphia PA; LO-Ervin Marselas; NR-Roy Megerle, 140 Highland Ave, Ft Thomas

Mehle, Dora  br-7-9-1900; Sec-15, lot-54; no other data
Mehne, Jacob Wm  br-11-24-1947; Sec-54, lot-129 S1/2; LO-Wm Mehne; Removed to Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, March 11, 1948
Mehue, Angeline  br-10-19-1925; Sec-54, lot-129 S1/2; no other data
Mehue, Infant  br-5-1-1917; Single grave-357, sec-8; no other data
Mehuron, Lillian  d-1-11-1944; br-1-14-1944; age-5-9-1907; Sec-59, lot-149; parents-Fred and Nettie Osterman; born-Dayton KY; divorced;  place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO & NR-J Newton Foulks, 532 Pike St, Covington

Meichals, Millie  br-4-19-1894; Sec-2, lot-56; no other data
Meichen, Helen  br-3-3-1921; Single grave-590, sec-8; no other data
Meier, Carolyn  br-10-10-1922; Sec-14, lot-3 S1/2; no other data
Meier, Earl (Child)  br-1-17-1910; Sec-9, lot-50; no other data
Meier, H W  br-7-13-1898; Sec-19, lot-38; no other data
Meier, Infant  br-3-21-1907; Sec-9, lot-50; Undertaker-parents
Meier, John  br-3-21-1888; Sec-14, lot-3 S1/2; no other data
Meier, Lottie Mrs  br-7-27-1892; Sec-17, lot-106; no other data
Meier, Mary Dell  d-5-24-67; br-5-27-67; age-7-26-1883, 83; Sec-73, lot-177B; parents-John Kettenacker and Francis Mosher; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-147 Winters Ln, Cold Spring; LO-self; NR-Mrs Hazel Trame, sister, 132 15th St, Newport
Meier, Mertie  br-12-30-1912; Sec-9, lot-50; no other data
Meifart, Walter C (Child)  br-10-27-1898; Single grave-75, sec-1882;
Meifert, Kenneth  br-7-2-1930; Sec-61, lot-85; LO-Henry L Meifert
Meifert, Margaret  br-11-21-1933; Sec-61, lot-85; LO-Henry Meifert
Meiner, Clarence L Sr.  d-6-4-72; br-6-7-72; age-1-28-14; Sec-31, lot-58 N1/2; parents-Jacob Meiner and Margaret Thomer; born-Newport; residence-438 W 11th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Jacob Meiner, son; NR-Clarence Meiner, Jr, son
Meiner, Frank  d-6-29-1943; br-7-3-1943; age-6-23-1873; Sec-31, lot-58 N1/2; parents-Chas and Elizabeth Meiner; born-Newport; married; place of death-Covington; LO-Jacob Meiner; NR-Mary Meiner, 437 W 6th St, Newport
Meiner, Jacob  d-6-5-1945; br-6-8-1945; age-1871; Sec-31, lot-58 E1/2; parents-Charles Meiner; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Clarence Meiner, 501 Elm St, Newport
Meiner, Joseph  d-6-24-1961; br-6-27-1941; age-82; Sec-27, lot-3 N1/2; parents-Charles Meiner; born-Newport; married; residence-304 Poplar St, Newport; place of death-VA Hosp, Cinti; LO-Catherine Knox?reece, permission by granddaughter; NR-Lillian Knox, step daughter, same address
Meiner, Katherine  d-6-14-1952; br-6-17-1952; age-8-15-1882; Sec-31, lot-59 S1/2; parents-John Rider and Mary Knapp; born-Claryville KY; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Jacob Meiner, husband; NR-John C Thomer, son, Low Gap Rd, Cold Springs
Meiner, Katherine (Limb)  br-10-14-1947; Sec-31, lot-52(?) S1/2; no other data
Meiner, Margaret  br-9-8-1933; Sec-31, lot-58 S1/2; LO-Jacob Meiner
Meiner, Knox Margaret G  d-11-15-1964; br-11-18-1964; age-11-26-1878; Sec-27, lot-3N; parents-Cornelius Ryan and Bridge Golden;  born-Covington; widowed; residence-304 Poplar St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Catherine M Reese; NR-Lillian Knox, daughter
Meiner, Mary  (Child) (City order)  br-12-23-1896; Single grave-74, sec-1896; no other data
Meiner, Matthew  d-4-3-67; br-4-6-67; age-65; Sec-63, lot-92 S1/2; parents-Jacob Meiner and Margaret Thomer; born-Newport; married; residence-Rt 1, Alexandria; place of death-St Luke Hosp, cause of death-DOA; LO & NR-Mrs Frances Meiner, wife
Meiner, Wm  br-6-22-1917; Sec-31, lot-58 N1/2; no other data
Meinhardt, Anna Catherina  br-12-28-1916; Sec-17, lot-94; no other data
Meinze, Fred Jr  br-6-27-1928; Single grave-910, sec-43; no other data
Meinze, Lenora  d-7-25-1952; br-7-29-1952; age-7-22-1893; Single grave-911, sec-43; parents-August Plichg(sic) and Emma Dornhoff; born-Dayton KY; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Mrs Emily Freimuth, 314 E 33rd St, Covington
Meinze, Virginia  br-5-2-1929; Sec-56, lot-153 S1/2; no other data
Meinze, Louise  d-2-14-68; br-2-17-68; age-57; Sec-56, lot-153 S1/2; parents-Lester E Wilson and Lula Britton; born-Ma Affee(sic) KY;  married; residence-Old State Rd, Alexandria; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-A K Meinze and Fred and Ella Kasten, NR-Albert K Meinze, husband, same address
Meir, Earl  br-1-17-1910; sec-9, lot-50 S1/2; no other data
Meir, Mary  br-11-8-1919; Single grave-297, sec-35; no other data
Meirose, Caroline  d-2-16-1940; br-2-19-1940; age-7-19-1854; Sec-55, lot-13; parents-Gerhardt and ? Kramer; born-Germany; place of death-Ft Thomas; LO-Klein, Ortleib and Meyer; Unspecified address-Taylor Mill Rd, Ft Thomas
Meirose, Harry  d-2-18-1943; br-2-22-1943; age-8-24-1884; Sec-55, lot-15; parents-William and Caroline Meirose; born-Cinti; single; place of death-Cinti Genl Hosp; LO-Louis Meyer
Meisner, Gertrude  d-1-21-68; br-1-28-68; age-62; Sec-63, lot-26 W1/2; parents-William Kronenberger and Lorena Anderson; born-Indiana; married; residence-65 Millers Ln, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Robert L Meisner, husband
Meisner, Kate C  d-11-10-47; br-11-14-1947; age-77; Sec-49, lot-153; parents-Henry H Meisner and Sarah Fostner; born-Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Robert L Meisner, 1027 Ann St, Newport
Meisner, Robt  br-11-6-1922; Sec-49, lot-153; no other data
Meister, Eliz  br-4-28-1923; Sec-54, lot-5 N1/2; no other data
Meister, Elizabeth  br-8-29-1929; Sec-61, lot-12; LO-Louis Meister
Meister, Godfrey  br-4-24-1931; Sec-54, lot-5 N1/2; LO-Clara Meister
Meister, Jacob  br-11-11-1906; Sec-54, lot-5 N1/2; Removed from Sec 28, grave-219B
Meister, Mary (Child)  br-4-19-1883; Single grave-36, sec-1883; no other data
Meither, John Charles  d-3-15-1957; br-3-19-1957; age-62; Sec-60, lot-30A; parents-John L and Emma Meither; born-Newport; married; residence-560 Lexington Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Theresa Meither, wife
Meiushausen, Ernest  (US Gov. Ft Thomas)  br-9-2-1901; Single grave-50, sec-25; no other data

Melching, Adolph  br-10-24-1928; Sec-9, lot-14 W1/2; no other data
Melching, Arthur  d-12-2-42; br-12-7-42; age-9-22-1893; Section-37, lot-21 S1/2; parents-Geo and Marie Schwander; born-Newport; married; place of death-Newport; NR-Mrs A Melching, 15 W 11th St, Newport
Melching, August  br-2-16-27; Sec-17, lot-106; no other data
Melching, August H  d-9-29-45; br-10-2-28; age-2-28-77; Sec-49, lot-262; parents-Henry and Wilhelmina Melching; place of death-722 N Ft Thomas; LO-self
Melching, Chas W  d-9-27-1948; br-9-30-1948; age-10-15-1870; Sec-17, lot-106; parents-Henry and Wilhelma Melching; born-Newport; single; residence & place of death-Chattanooga TN; LO-Melching
Melching, E C  br-2-9-1896; Sec-17, lot-106; no other data
Melching, Edw  br-11-17-1889; Sec-9, lot-14; no other data
Melching, George  br-11-20-1911; Sec-37, lot-21; no other data
Melching, Henry  d-3-27-1941; br-3-31-1941; age-6-13-1869; Sec-33, lot-38 W1/2; parents-Henry and Wilhelmena Melching; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Henry P Melching; Unspecified address 18 W 8th St, Newport
Melching, Henry P  br-11-10-1915; Sec-33, lot-38 W1/2; no other data
Melching, Infant  br-6-20-1916; Sec-17, lot-106; no other data
Melching. Lulu  d-10-16-1941; br-10-20(?)-1941; age-3-22-1883; Sec-49; lot-262; parents-Joseph and Anna Hoffman; born-Newport; married; place of death-722 N Ft Thomas; LO-Gus Melching
Melching, M H (Infant)  no dates given; Sec-17, lot-106, Burial permit-5054; Interment-14385
Melching, Margaret Mary  d-4-30-1935; br-5-3-1935; age-78; Sec-9, lot-14 W1/2; parents-William and Mary Meyers; born-Newport; widowed; residence-330 Hodge St, Newport; place of death-Newport; LO-Adolph Melching, husband
Melching, Mary  br-3-10-1917; Sec-37, lot-21 S1/2; no other data
Melching, Mattie  br-8-4-1917; Sec-33, lot-38 W1/2; no other data
Melching, Phillip  d-2-14-70; br-2-18-70; age-95; Sec-17, lot-106; parents-Henry Melching and Minnie Gerke;  born-KY; residence-209 Poplar St, Bellevue; place of death-Speers; NR-Alma Christopher, same address
Melching, Walter G  d-3-21-63; br-3-28-63; age-75; Sec-9, lot-14 W1/2; parents-Adolph Melching and Margaret Meyer; born-KY; married; residence-330 Hodge St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Alma Melching, wife
Melching, Wilhelmina  d-6-2-1938; br-6-4-38; age-89; Sec-17, lot-106; parents-Gerke; born-Germany; married; place of death-Wapakoneta OH; LO-Henry Melching; NR-Gus Melching, N Ft Thomas Ave
Mell, Cordia  d-4-17-1958; br-4-21-1958; age-80; Sec-59, lot-123 W1/2; parents-John and Winnie Dameron; born-KY; widowed; residence-23 Hopkins Ave, Amelia OH; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp, Cinti; LO-self; NR-Irene Bartlow, sister, same address
Mell, Wm A  d-2-19-1945; br-2-22-1945; age-6-6-1875; Sec-59, lot-123 W1/2; parents-Garrett and Augusta Mell; born-KY: married; LO-Cordia Mell; NR-Irene Sanders, Hopkins Ave, Amelia OH
Mellier, Genevieve H  d-5-21-1956; br-5-25-1956; age-2-4-1876; Sec-29, lot-34-35-36; parents-Chas and Alice Hooker; born-Cinti; residence-Sapkian Plaza, Kansas City MO; LO-Andrews, in law; NR-Wm N Andrews, son, 2365 Madison Rd, Cinti
Melligan, Gladys  br-5-29-1922; Sec-49, lot-136; no other data
Mellinger, Frank  br-8-10-1902; Sec-16, lot-60; no other data
Mellinger, Rose  br-4-21-1925; Sec-16, lot-60; no other data
Mellinger, William  br-1-2-1912; Sec-16, lot-60; no other data
Mellinger, Wm  br-11-15-1923; Sec-16, lot-60, Removed from Linwood Cemetery
Melett, Chas L  br-4-6-1925; Sec-26, lot-56 E1/2; no other data
Melson, Aaron  br-12-21-1925; Single grave-398, sec-46; no other data
Melson, Burche G  br-12-4-1929; Single grave-533, sec-45; no other data
Melson, Nancy  d-4-12-1942; br-4-15-1942; age-5-26-1862; Single grave-532, sec-45; parents-William Ellison and Mary F Redmond; born-Campbell Co; widowed; place of death-56 E McMicken Ave, Cinti;
Melville, Charles J  d-1-4-1962; br-1-8-1962; age-59; Sec-63, lot-84; parents-Chas J Melville and Lillie Hardesty; born-Newport; married; residence-122 Sherman Ave, Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Virginia Melville, wife
Melvin, Fay Sprague  d-1-4-71; br-1-7-71; age-88; Sec-65, lot-118B; parents-Charles Sprague and Sarah Lucus; born-W Jefferson Co; widowed; residence-5 19th St, Newport; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Mrs Dora Bellis, daughter, same address

Menchaca, Inge E  d-1-9-1963; br-1-12-1963; age-32; Sec-65, lot-12D; parents-Johan Albers and Elsie Merrick; born-Germany; married; residence-132 O'Fallon Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Saturnino L Menchaca, husband, Hq & Hq Co 1st TRE Fort Leonard MO
Mendell, Edna R  d-11-2-69; br-8-10-70; age-12-11-1887; Sec-2, lot-117 E1/2; parents-George and Anna Lecquire; born-Dayton KY;widowed; residence-4121 Flagler Ave, Key West FL;  place of death-Key West FL; NR-Mrs Estelle M Ferrara, sister, same address
Mendell, Elizabeth  d-8-16-1953; br-8-19-1953; age-7-29-1867; Single grave-46, sec-48; parents-Joseph Pieper; born-Covington; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Mrs Wm Wormald, daughter, 229 Glazier Ave, Bellevue
Mendell, Leroy  d-12-16-1963; br-12-19-1963; age-38; Sec-59, lot-199 E1/2; parents-Louis Mendell and Margaret Von Hagen; born-Newport; married; residence-10755 Plainfield Rd, Sharonville OH; place of death-Bethesda Hosp; LO-Beatrice Mendell, wife
Mendell, R W  br-8-2-1921; Single grave-47, sec-48; no other data
Mendell, Ralph H  br-8-10-1949; age-55; Sec-60, lot-205G; married; place of death-Kalamazoo MI; LO-Irene Wendell; Unspecified address-189 Eden Ave, Bellevue
Mendenhall, Alex  br-3-15-1905; Single grave-330, sec-28; no other data
Mendenhall, Mary  br-7-11-1907; Single grave-529, sec-28; no other data
Menetrey(?), August  br-3-9-1918; Sec-34, lot-17 W1/2; no other data
Menetrey, Henry  br-7-26-1916; Sec-34, lot-17 W1/2; no other data
Menetrey, Irvin  br-4-23-1914; Sec-34, lot-17 W1/2; no other data
Menetrey, Mary  br-8-30-1911; Sec-34, lot-17; no other data
Menetrey, Mary  br-10-10-1930; Sec-34, lot-17 W1/2; LO-self; no other data
Menetry, Arnold  d-4-17-1951; br-4-19-1951; age-4-22-1871; Sec-34, lot-17 W1/2; parents-August and Mary Wanker Menetry; born-Wyoming OH; single; place of death-Campbell Co Home; NR-Mary Linkul, 22 E 8th St Newport
Menke, George  d-12-24-1959; br-12-29-1959; age-83; Sec-5, lot-88; born-Cinti; married; residence-108 Ross Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Minnie Menke, wife
Menke, George Henry  br-10-1-1908; Single grave-221, sec-35; no other data
Menke, Philomena (Minnie)  (NOTE:  card is very faded and hard to read)  d-10-11-66; br-10-16-66(?); age-86; Sec-5, lot-88; parents-John ? And Mary; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-KY; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs J ?, niece, Cinti
Menke, Stanley A  d-2-8-69; br-2-11-69; age-66; Sec-5, lot-88; parents-George Menke and Minnie Overhaus; born-Cinti; divorced; residence & place of death-Longview Hosp, Cinti;  LO-self; NR-Mrs Elmer Parnell, cousin, 1902 Eastern Ave, Cinti
Menne, Mary  br-9-16-1903; Single grave-37, sec-1903; no other data
Menninger, Catherine  br-3-18-1885; Sec-13, lot-37; no other data
Menzeumaier, Infant  br-12-25-1897; Single grave-66, sec-1897; no other data
Menzies, John Wm  br-6-2-1917; Sec-38, lot-42 S1/2; no other data

Mercer, Albert  br-7-21-1914; Sec-34, 31 E1/2; no other data
Mercer, Carrie  br-9-11-1913; Sec-34, lot-31 E1/2; no other data
Mercer, Clara  d-9-30-1960; br-10-3-1960; age-8-1?-1884; Sec-2, lot-51; parents-Charles Webster; born-Belleville IL;  married; residence-12133 Chester Rd, Crescentville OH; LO-MacBeish(?)  NR-Phillippe Mercer, husband
Mercer, Dennis D  d-4-28-1956; br-5-1-1956; age-11-13-1884; Sec-2, lot-51; parents-Dennis Mercer and Francis Smith; born-Cinti; married; residence-404 Linden Ave, Elmwood Pl OH; place of death-Bethesda Hosp; LO-Mary Smith, grandmother; NR-Mrs Dennis Mercer, wife, same address
Mercer, Dorothy  d-9-16-1956; br-9-19-1956; age-77; Sec-34, lot-31 E1/2; parents-James and Earnestine Mercer; born-Campbell Co; single; residence-118 Electric Ave, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Jas Mercer, father; Isabelle Richards
Mercer, Ernstine D  br-10-31-1900; Sec-34, lot-31; no other data
Mercer, Florence Camm  d-6-3-1965; br-6-5-1965; age-74; Sec-44, lot-26G; parents-Joseph Camm and Sarah E Cunningham; widowed;  residence-319 Ingalls St, Cinti; LO-Joseph Camm, father; NR-John Mercer, son, 463 Pedretti Ave, Cinti
Mercer, Frances Catharine  br-1-25-28; Sec-2, lot-51; no other data
Mercer, George  br-5-17-1922; Single grave-141, sec-48; no other data
Mercer, George G  d-1-17-67; br-1-20-67; age-82; Sec-73, lot-158; parents-William Mercer and Mary Gahr; born-KY; married; residence & place of death-412 Clark St, Bellevue; LO-self; NR-Mrs Florence Mercer, wife
Mercer, Jas W  br-4-21-1934; Sec-34, lot-31 E1/2; no other data
Mercer, Phillippe  d-1-13-1962; br-1-16-1962; age-83; Sec-2, lot-51; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-12133 Centerdale Rd, Cinti; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-Mary Smith; NR-Phillip Mercer, son
Mercer, Robert (Child)  br-4-16-1888; Single grave-18, sec-1888; no other data
Mercer, Walter  d-6-3-1951; br-6-6-1951; age-67; Sec-34, lot-31 E1/2; parents-Jas and Ernestina Mercer; born-Newport; single; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Jas W Mercer, son; NR-Mrs Harry Richards, 118 Electric Ave, Southgate
Meredith, Pamela Sue  (NOTE: card is faded)  d-3-31-69; br-4-4-69; age-1-31-66; Single grave-111, sec-53; parents-Wm Meredith and Edith Melvin; born-Covington; single; residence-1225 4th Ave, Dayton KY; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-William Meredith, father
Merfahrt, John  (Adult)  br-3-4-1897; Single grave-17, sec-1897; no other data
Mergenthal, Anna  d-9-24-1952; br-9-27-1952; age-9-13-1898; Single grave-851, sec-68; parents-Klein; born-Dayton KY; married; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-Arthur Mergenthal, Blossom Lane, Southgate
Mergenthal, Evelyn   br-8-11-1916, Single grave-263, sec-8; no other data
Mergenthal, Gideon  d-9-20-42; br-9-23-42; age-3-12-1885; Single grave-11A, sec-72; born-Newport; married; place of death-Cinti; NR-Mary Mergenthal, 1724 Race St, Cinti
Mergenthal, Harry br-2-28-1920; Single grave-214, sec-45; no other data
Mergenthal, Infant  br-8-27-1923; Single grave-263, sec-8; no other data
Mergenthal, John  br-7-8-1936; age-84; Single grave-379, sec-69; born-Germany; residence-Campbell Co Infirmary; place of death-Speers Hosp
Mergenthal, May  br-12-12-1918; Single grave-486, sec-8; no other data
Meriwether, Ann  d-9-14-70; br-9-17-70; age-6-15-1928; Sec-63, lot-276A; parents-Norbert Schneider and Esther Morgan; born-KY; married; residence-306 W 6th St, Newport; place of death-Ft Thomas; NR-Clarence Meriwether, husband
Meriwether, Clarence  d-2-7-72; br-2-11-72; age-80; Sec-63, lot-86A; parents-William S Meriwether and Lone Brose; widowed; residence-Box 185 Decoursey Pk, Covington; place of death-Appalachian Hosp; LO & NR-Lorena Hall, daughter, 2448 Warren St Covington; Irene Keeton, daughter, 631  Wolf Rd, Covington
Meriwether, Pauline  br-11-21-1930; Single grave-184, sec-68; no other data
Meriwether, Theresa  d-7-10-1950; br-7-13-1950; age-7-23-1890; Single grave-797, sec-72; parents-Wm and Catherine Von; born-Owen Co KY; place of death-residence; NR-Clarence Meriwether, Rt5 Mann Rd, Covington
Merk, Elizabeth  br-2-23-1900; Sec-22, lot-20 W1/2; no other data
Merkel, John (Adult)  br-4-22-1890; Single grave-24, sec-1890; no other data
Merkle, Magdalene (Infant)  br-5-26-1916; Single grave-281, sec-8; no other data
Merland, Charles M  (NOTE: card is very faded)  d-10-9-66; br-10-1?-66; age-54; Sec-65, lot-54C; married; residence-Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Catherine Werland, wife, Alexandria Pk, Southgate
Merrell, William  br-9-16-1903; Single grave-61, sec-28; no other data
Merret, Lenora  d-5-6-70; br-5-9-70; age-79; Sec-2, lot-18; parents-John Hauger and Catherine Deprez; born-Campbell Co; widowed; residence-608 McKinney St, Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Catherine Deprez, mother; NR-Lucille Rothe, daughter, same address
Merret, Estel  d-2-12-1961; br-2-15-1961; age-5-2-1890; Single grave-72, sec-72; parents-Henry and Ida Merret; born-Newtown OH; residence-913 3d Ave, Dayton KY; LO-parents; NR-Mrs Lenora Merrett, wife
Merrett, James (City order)  br-3-23-1932; Single grave-579, sec-42; no other data
Merril, Marie  br-3-24-1911; Single grave-34, sec-35; no other data
Merril, Rachel  br-?-23-1918; Single grave-422, sec-8; no other data
Merrill, Charlotte Ann  br-8-29-1932; Sec-61, lot-37; no other data
Merrill, Chas  br-6-27-27; Sec-61, lot-37; no other data
Merrill, Dorothy May  d-8-6-69; br-8-9-69; age-63; Sec-61, lot-37; parents-Charles Merrill and Lena Meyers; born-Covington; single; residence-820 Liberty St, Newport; LO-Lena Merrill; NR-Mrs Ellanora Geyer, sister, same address
Merrill, Esther  d-6-14-66; br-6-17-66; age-61; Sec-60, lot-347B; parents-John Alfred and Clara VonBurg; born-Covington; widowed; LO & NR-Ruth Crail Burton, sister, 830 Vine St, Dayton KY
Merrill, Helen  d-1-15-1960; br-1-18-1960; age-3-22-1905; Sec-73, lot-363; parents-John Willoughby and Lizzie Watkins; born-Mt Sterling KY; married; residence-129 W 7th St, Newport; LO & NR-Wm Merrill, husband
Merrill, Infant  d-5-25-1965; br-5-29-1965; age-5-25-196?; Single grave-319, sec-53; parents-Everett Merrill and Vivian Hollaway; born-Covington; residence-24 W 5th St, Newport; place of death-Booth Hosp; NR-Everett Merrill, father
Merrill, Infant  d-11-17-1959; br-11-18-1959; age-11-17-1959; Single grave-213B, sec-70; parents-Everett Merrill and Vivian Holloway; born-Dayton KY; residence-R1 Box 139, California KY; cause of death-stillborn; NR-Everett Merrill, father
Merrill, Infant  br-12-21-1922; Single grave-353D, sec-8; no other data
Merrill, Lena  d-10-11-1964; br-10-15-1964; age-?9; Sec-61, lot-37; parents-Adam Meyers and Rachael Bridwell; born-KY; widowed; residence & place of death-820 Liberty St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Josephine Graham, daughter, 641 Waterworks Rd, Newport
Merrill, Mary  (Adult)  br-3-22-1902; Single grave-15, sec-1902; no other data
Merrill, Pearl  br-3-1-1924; Sec-49, lot-200; no other data
Merrill, Ray  br-4-16-1906; Single grave-23, sec-1906; no other data
Merrill, Stanley A  (NOTE: card is very faded)  d-8-30-66, br-9-9-66; age-stillborn; Sec-51, lot-37; parents-Stanley Merrill and Joyce Smith; born-Ft Thomas; residence-Dayton KY; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Merrill, grandparents; NR-M/M Stanley Merrill, parents, Dayton
Merrill, Thomas J  br-3-13-1908; Single grave-136, sec-35; no other data
Merrit, James R  (Infant) (City order)  br-2-8-1911; Single grave-90, sec-1910; no other data
Merritt, Ella Rhoda  br-12-19-1925; Single grave-475, sec-42; no other data
Merritt, Henry  br-1-23-1924; Single grave-568, sec-42; no other data
Merritt, Howard T  d-approx 8-21-1974; br-8-22-1974; age-57; Sec-67, lot-218; parents-William Merritt and Martha Johnson; born-Res. Pinehill Ky; residence-335 W 9th St, Newport; LO-wife; NR-Lena Merritt, 729 Edgecliff Rd, Covington
Merritt, Ida  (City order)  d-1-4-1935; br-1-7-1935; age-?; Single grave-182, sec-42; place of death-Newport
Merritt, Sarah Ellen  d-2-9-1952; br-2-16-1952; age-5-21-1882; Single grave-700, sec-43B; parents-Rufus and Rhoda (?); born-NC; widowed; colored; residence & place of death-114 W2nd St, Newport; cause of death-Lobar pneumonia; NR-Regina Gardner, Cinti
Mersch, Geo  d-2-14-47; br-2-17-47; age-88; Single grave-93, sec-72; parents-Mersch and Josephine Raabe; born-Cinti; widowed; residence & place of death-1324 5th Ave, Dayton; NR-Mrs Edward Raabe, 1324 5th Ave, Dayton
Mersch, Margaret Ann  d-5-26-1942; br-5-28-1942; age-12-23-1861; Single grave-94, sec-72; parents-George Wingarter; born-IN; married; residence & place of death-1324 5th Ave, Dayton; NR-Geo Mersch
Merten, Frederick  br-8-25-1886; Sec-3, lot-7; no other data
Mertes, Peter P  d-5-7-1937; br-5-11-1937; age-46; Single grave-470, sec-69; parents-Peter and Mary Mertes; born-Newport; married; place of death-Hines Govt Hosp; cause of death-Carcinoma of tongue; NR-Alta Mertes, 217 Walnut St, Bellevue; Unspecified address-110 Hartweg, Ft Thomas
Mertle, Frank  d-1-8-1961; br-1-12-1961; age-8-28-1873; Sec-54, lot-144; parents-George Mertle and Barbara Neihauser; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-928 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Hilltop Nursing Home, Ft Thomas; LO-Dora Thurman, signed permission; NR-Christian Trabert Ext, 628 Linden Ave, Newport
Mertle, George  br-3-4-1911; Single grave-632, sec-28; no other data
Mertle, Margaret Rosa  d-12-20-50; br-12-22-50; age-9-29-1874; Sec-54, lot-144; parents-Louis and Mary Heisler; born-Wapakaneta OH; married; LO-Dora C Thurman; NR-Frank Mertle, 928 N Ft Thomas Ave
Merz, Arthur A  d-8-23-1946; br-8-26-1946; age-69; Sec-1, lot-55; parents-John C and Margaret Merz; born-Newport; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-John F Smith; Unspecified address-226 E 10th St, Newport
Merz, Ella T  d-5-10-1956; br-5-18-1956; age-78; Sec-1, lot-55; parents-James and Abie Woodside; born-Newport; widowed; residence-226 E 10th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-John F Smith; NR-Doris Merz, daughter in law, 22 S Grand Ave, Ft Thomas
Merz, James Chas  d-10-27-1942; br-10-29-1942; age-40; Sec-1, lot-55; parents-Arthur and Ella Merz; born-Newport; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Smith; NR-Doris Merz, 822 Aberdeen Rd, Park Hills KY
Merz, John Chas  br-11-4-1920; Sec-34, lot-24 W1/2; no other data
Merz, Margaret  br-1-28-1905; Sec-34, lot-24 N1/2; Removed from Sec 3, lot-126

Mescher, Fred  br-2-1-1949; age-81; Sec-33, lot-19 E1/2; parents-Fred Merscher; married; LO-self; residence & place of death-813 Seventh Ave, Dayton
Mescher, Minerva  d-12-21-1962; br-12-24-1962; age-5-10-1880; Sec-33, lot-19 E1/2; born-Dayton KY; widowed;  residence-813 7th Ave, Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Frederick Merscher, husband; NR-Robert A Ruscher, stepson, 541 Forestview Pl, Cleveland
Meserth, Emily  d-2-24-1943; br-2-27-1943; age-4-4-1869; Sec-13, lot-50; parents-Joseph Illegible; place of death-302 6th Ave, Dayton KY; NR-Julian Meserth, same address
Meserth, John S  br-2-28-1921; Sec-13, lot-50; no other data
Meserth, Julian I  d-5-21-68; br-5-25-68; age-64; Sec-13, lot-50; parents-Meserth and Emily Pfinstag; born-Newport; married; residence-4155 Harrison Ave, Cinti; place of death-Cinti; LO-Jacob Pfinstag; NR-Mrs Terry Meserth, wife, same address
Meserth, Lauretta Stella  d-2-18-1940; br-2-20-1940; age-12-22-1907; Sec-13, lot-50; parents-John Bedel;  born-KY; married; place of death-302 6th Ave, Dayton KY
Meserth, Victor  br-7-7-1900; sec-13, lot-50; no other data
Mesner, Geo B  br-7-6-1914; Sec-34, lot-45 W1/2; no other data
Mess, Conrad Arthur  br-9-28-1915; Single grave-449, sec-43; no other data
Messmer, Albert Peter  d-8-28-1961; br-9-1-1961; age-4-23-1894; Sec-44, lot-47; parents-August Messmer and Louise Ruskamp; born-Newport; married; place of death-227 Beech Rd, Southgate; LO-self; NR-Mrs Mayme Messmer, wife
Messmer, August  br-12-17-1930; Sec-44, lot-47; LO-Messmer; no other data
Messmer, Caroline  br-4-19-1898; Sec-13, lot-60; no other data
Messmer, Edith  d-10-14-1944; br-10-17-1944; age-49; Sec-71, lot-61 W1/2; parents-Henry Ault and Elizabeth Ach; born-Newport; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO & NR-Walter Messmer, 922 Columbia St, Newport
Messmer, Edna  br-8-2-71; age-79; Sec-73, lot-324 S1/2; parents-William and Henrietta Krekeler; born-OH; widowed; residence-111 Brent Spence Sq, Covington; place of death-Covington; LO-self; NR-Mrs Virginia Miller, daughter, 239 Stoesay(?) St, Ludlow
Messmer, Edward  d-1-2-1956; br-1-5-1956; age-65; Sec-56, lot-16 W1/2; married; residence-St Petersburg FL; LO-Edw and Rilla Messmer; NR-Rilla Messmer, wife, 21 Grant St, Ft Thomas
Messmer, Edward W  d-8-13-70; br-8-19-70; age-12-7-1912, 57; Sec-73, lot-32 N1/2; parents-Edward A Messmer and Rilla Kelch; bprn-KY; married; residence-4309 Glenway Ave, Cinti; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; cause of death-DOA; LO & NR-Berneda A Messmer, wife, same address
Messmer, Elizabeth  br-9-12-01; Sec-22, lot-35; no other data
Messmer, Elizabeth  br-5-28-1923; Single grave-87, sec-46; no other data
Messmer, Emma Bertram  d-6-5-1957; br-6-8-1957; age-57; Sec-59, lot-154; parents-Lewis; born-Osgood IN; widowed; residence-Osgood IN; cause of death-Inoperable tumor of ovary; LO-self; NR-Jack L Lanter, son, River Rd, Silver Grove
Messmer, Emma Lillie  d-12-3-1955 (numbers are typed over); br-12-6-1944; age-73; Sec-71, lot-61 E1/2; parents-John White and Martha Dicken; born-Persimmon Grove KY; widowed; place of death-55 Mayfield Ave, Ft Thomas; NR-Victor Messmer, same address
Messmer, Henry Arnold  d-3-27-1956; br-3-30-1956; age-64; Sec-74, lot-516A; parents-Henry and Carrie Messmer; born-Newport; single; residence-Louisville KY; place of death-Lakeland KY; NR-Wm Messmer, 79 Grandview Ave, Newport
Messmer, Henrietta (Etta)  d-2-16-1965; br-2-19-1965; age-5-8-1921; Sec-44, lot-47 W1/2; parents-William Ruschman and Flora Hoffman; born-Cold Spring; married;  residence & place of death-Four and Twelve Mile Rd, California KY; LO & NR-Albert H Messmer, husband
Messmer, Henry  d-11-1-1935; br-11-4-1935; age-4-1-1862; Single grave-104, sec-69; parents-Peter and Elizabeth Messmer; born-Switzerland; married; residence-316 Hodge St, Newport; place of death-Newport
Messmer, Infant  br-3-11-1890; Sec-13, lot-60; no other data
Messmer, Janet Kay  d-1-18-1959; br-1-21-1959; age-3-12-1953; Sec-52, lot-94; parents-Rev Harold Messmer and Kay Lanham; born-Dayton OH; residence-RR3 Springfield OH; place of death-Childrens Hosp; LO-W E and Elizabeth Messmer, daughter; NR-Rev Harold Messmer, father
Messmer, Louise Mary  d-5-22-1941; br-5-24-1941; age-1-30-1861; Sec-4, lot-47; parents-Fred and Louisa Ruskamp; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-915 Central Ave, Newport; LO-Aug and Alb Messmer; Perpetual Care
Messmer, Lucy Hack  d-2-11-1940; br-2-14-1940; age-4-1-1865; Single grave-105, sec-69; parents-John White and Martha Dicken; born-Persimmon Grove; widowed; place of death-742 Isabella St, Newport; NR-Mrs John Heck, same address
Messmer, Mary Lee  d-3-5-1961; br-3-8-1961; age-4-1-1903; Single grave-948, sec-68; parents-Robert Graves and Jenny Taulbert; born-Louisville KY; residence-514 York St, Newport; NR-Robert Messmer, son
Messmer, Peter  d-10-19-1935; br-10-22-1935; age-4-22-1871; Sec-71, lot-61; parents-Peter and Elizabeth Messmer; born-Newport; married; residence-829 Ann St, Newport; place of death-Bethesda Hosp
Messmer, Walter  d-2-20-1950; br-2-23-1950; age-11-2-1894; Sec-71, lot-61 W1/2; parents-Peter and Carrie Scheikert Messmer; born-Milan IN; married; Lo-self; NR-Bertram Messmer, Milan IN
Messmer, Walter H  d-6-27-1962; br-6-30-1962; age-65; Sec-73, lot-324 S1/2; parents-Henry Messmer; born-Newport; married; residence-239 Stokesey St, Ludlow KY; place of death-VA Hosp, Cinti; LO & NR-Edna Messmer, wife
Messmer, William Edward   d-1-19-1965; br-1-22-1965; age-7-20-1886; Sec-52, lot-95(?); parents-Henry Messmer and Caroline Hillgardner; born-Newport; married; residence-79 Grandview Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Elizabeth Hawkins Messmer, wife
Messmer, Victor Chares (sic) Sr.  d-8-11-72; br-8-15-72; age-67; Sec-64, lot-81 N; parents-Peter Messmer and Lillie White; born-Newport; married; residence-15 Willow Dr, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Lucille Messmer, wife, same address
Messner, Anna H  d-5-14-1946; br-5-17-1946; age-11-22-1878; Sec-9, lot-39 S1/2; parents-John and Mary Young; born-Ft Thomas; married; residence & place of death-39 Newman Ave, Ft Thomas
Messner, Arthur  d-11-18-1944; br-11-21-1944; age-3-16-1898; Single grave-490, sec-72; parents-Ernest and Elizabeth Messner; born-Dayton KY; married; place of death-501 10th Dayton; NR-Etta Messner, same address; Unspecified address-139 Newman, Ft Thomas
Messner, Arthur Jr  d-10-20-1941; br-10-29-1941; age-22; Single grave-265, sec-46; parents-Arthur and Etta Messner; born-Dayton KY; single; place of death-501 McKinney St, Dayton; NR-Mrs Arthur Messner, same address; Unspecified address-139 Newman, Ft Thomas
Messner, Caroline (Adult)  br-6-22-1899; Single grave-46, sec-1899; no other data
Messner, Carrie  br-1-6-1900; Sec-24, lot-71 W1/2
Messner, Chas M  br-4-1-1919; Sec-13, lot-57 Pt
Messner, Christine T  d-10-15-1963; br-10-18-1963; age-7-9-1874; Sec-13, lot-57 N; parents-Teichmiller and Anna Wetzel;  born-KY; widowed; residence-145 Woodside Pl, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Lizzie Deiseworth, signed permission to use; NR-Mrs J W Borchers, daughter, same address
Messner, E G  (Adult)  br-10-27-1899; Single grave-72, sec-1899; no other data
Messner, Infant  br-6-6-1916; Single grave 223, sec-8; no other data
Messner, Peter  br-12-8-1905; Sec-22, lot-35; no other data

Metcalf, Emily  br-5-31-1905; Sec-29, lot-18; no other data
Metcalf, Jas  br-11-27-1882; Sec-17, lot-6; LO-self; no other data
Metcalf, Jas L  br-3-6-1883; Sec-17, lot-6; no other data
Metcalf, Richard H  br-1-26-28; Sec-29, lot-18 N1/2; no other data
Metcalf, Ruby  d-4-15-1975; br-4-18-1975; age-7-1-1887; Sec-29, lot-18W1/2; parents-Richard H Metcalf and Emily Effron; born-Canada; residence & place of death-2624 NE 9th St, Pompano Beach FL; NR-Richard E Speckman, 1546 Shenandoah Ave, Cinti
Metcalf, Wm  br-1-3-1922; Sec-10, lot-33; no other data
Metcalfe, Chas  br-5-1-1929; Sec-44, lot-14 E1/2; no other data
Metcalfe, Cora B  br-6-24-1914; Sec-17, lot-6; no other data
Metcalfe, Fielding  br-3-24-1913; Sec-17, lot-6; no other data
Metcalfe, Infant  br-5-13-1885; Sec-17, lot-6; no other data
Metcalfe, James J  br-6-15-1908; Sec-17, lot-6, no other data
Metcalfe, Mary  br-10-8-1917; Sec-44, lot-13 E1/2; no other data
Metheringham, George E  br-1-24-1921; Sec-32, lot-14 W1/2; no other data
Metheringham, George R  br-1-6-1915(?); Sec-32, lot-14 W1/2; no other data
Metheringham, Gussie  br-9-11-1891; Sec-3, lot-8; no other data
Metheringham, Infant  br-8-24-1884; Sec-32, lot-14; Removed Gr 45, sec-1884; no other data
Metheringham, Infant  br-9-27-1892; Sec-3, lot-48; no other data
Metheringham, John  br-3-8-1923; Sec-32, lot-14 W1/2; no other data
Metheringham, Lizzie  br-2-19-1934; Sec-32, lot-14; LO-Wetheringham; no other data
Metheringham, Mamie  br-9-27-1915; Sec-39, lot-21C; no other data
Metheringham, Mary and Infant  br-4-9-1883; Sec-32, lot-14; Removed Gr 26, sec-1883; no other data
Metheringham, Mattie  br-7-14-1916; Sec-32, lot-14 W1/2; no other data
Metheringham, Susan  br-12-8-1902; Sec-3, lot-48; no other data
Metheringham, W J  br-12-16-1922; Sec-39, lot-21C; no other data
Metheringham, Walter  d-10-14-1964; br-10-16-1964; age-72; Single grave-883, sec-72; parents-George Metheringham; born-KY; single; residence-820 Elm St, Cinti; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; cause of death-DOA; NR-none
Mette, Flora I  d-9-5-1945; br-9-8-1945; age-12-16-1879; Sec-29, lot-10 W1/2; parents-Wm Mette and Sophia Miller; born-Bellevue; single; residence & place of death-2222 Auburn Ave, Cinti; LO-Sophia Mette
Mette, Harry  d-8-22-1957; br-8-26-1957; age-11-22-1870; Sec-29, lot-10 W1/2; parents-Wm and Sophie Mette; born-KY; single; residence-Manzanola CO; place of death-Pueblo CO; cause of death-Bronchopneumonia; LO-Sophia Mette, mother; NR-John A Rabbe, 1043 Eulalia Rd RE Atlanta GA
Mette, Sophia  br-11-23-1914; Sec-29, lot-10W; no other data
Mette, William  br-8-31-1905; Sec-29, lot-10 W1/2; no other data
Mettens, Alice  br-10-19-1934; Sec-71, lot-58 E1/2; LO-Jacob P Mettens
Mettens, Caroline  d-9-2-1943; br-9-4-1943; age-2-26-1858; Sec-24, lot-2 W1/2; parents-Jacob Kilmer; born-Newport; widowed; residence-23 W 6th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp
Mettens, Clara Kilmer  d-9-19-1935; br-9-21-1935; age-9-10-1891; sec-24, lot-2 W1/2; parents-Henry and Caroline Mettens; born-Newport; single; residence-12 W 6th St, Newport; place of death-Newport; LO-Jacob Kilmer
Mettens, Elizabeth  br-6-22-1918; Sec-27, lot-62 S1/2; no other data
Mettens, Fred  br-6-7-1910; Sec-27, lot-62; no other data
Mettens, Harry Henry  (NOTE: card is very faded)  d-7-17-1959; br-7-21-1959; age-1-23-1876; Sec-27, lot-62 S1/2; parents-William Mettens and Elizabeth ?arlman; born-Cinti; residence-3961 Eastman Ave, Cinti; LO-self; NR-?arl Mettens, son, same address
Mettens, Henry  br-1-23-1930; Sec-24, lot-2 W1/2; LO-J Kilmer
Mettens, Hilda  br-12-7-1926; Sec-27, lot-62 S1/2; no other data
Mettens, Jeffrey Clay  d-4-12-1959; br-4-14-1959; age-24 days; Sec-73, lot-62; parents-Donn Mettens and Jean Tressler; born-Campbell Co; residence-157 Steelman Ave, Highland Hts; LO-Donn and Jean Mettens and Orville and Martha Tressler, parents; NR-Donn Mettens, same address
Mettens, Myrtle  br-12-3-1903; Sec-27, lot-62 S1/2; no other data
Mettens, William  br-2-23-1909; Sec-27, lot-62 S1/2; no other data
Mettinghaw, Infant  br-9-11-1909; Sec-14, lot-3; no other data
Mettler, Jos (Child)  br-3-15-1891; Single grave-21, sec-1891; no other data
Mettler, Louis  (S&S)  br-3-3-1897; Single grave-25, sec-15; no other data
Metz, Anna  br-12-2-1913; Sec-31, lot-6 E1/2; no other data
Metz, Anthony  d-11-16-1941; br-11-19-1941; age-77; Sec-59, lot-12; born-Minnesota; married; place of death-Dayton KY; LO-Leflett; NR-Miss Edith Leflett, Mary Inglis Hwy, Dayton
Metz, Clyde W Sr  d-10-30-1956; br-11-2-1956; age-75; Sec-52, lot-143; parents-William and Jenny Metz; born-Stonelick KY; married; residence-117 Locust Ln, Florence; place of death-Ft Thomas Rest Home; LO & NR-Margaret Metz, wife
Metz, Edith Penelope  d-3-6-1955; br-3-8-1955; age-12-1-1954; Single grave-36, sec-70; parents-Paul Metz and Ella Mae Wright; born-Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Paul Metz, 1035 Orchard St, Newport
Metz, Infant  br-3-5-1902; Single grave-14, sec-1902; no other data
Metz, Margaret  d-12-21-1957; br-12-24-1957; age-71; Sec-52, lot-143; parents-William and Anna Fischer; born-Newport; widowed; residence-540 E 2nd St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Mrs Charles Williams, daughter, same address
Metz, Paul  d-6-12-74; br-6-15-74; Sec-62, lot-28C; parents-Henry and Lydia Metz; born-Grantsville, WV; married; residence-1033 Washington Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Ella Mae Metz, wife
Metz, Pauline  d-6-11-1962; br-6-14-1972; age-54; Sec-52, lot-151; parents-John Clemens and Susan Huber; parents-Indianapolis; married; residence-6169 Hernic(?) Dr, Mack OH; place of death-St Francis Hosp, Cinti; LO & NR-Clyde Metz, husband
Metzger, George  br-8-11-1904; Sec-9, lot-115; no other data
Metzger, Jacob  br-2-4-1925; Sec-36, lot-6 N1/2 of W1/2; no other data
Metzger, Julia  d-4-1-1947; br-4-5-1947; age-80; Sec-9, lot-115; widowed; residence & place of death-Odd Fellows Home, Eminence KY; LO-Mrs P Dettscher; NR-Ida Devota, Daytona Beach, FL
Metzger, Marie  d-7-7-1964; br-7-11-1964; age-70; sec-36, lot-6; parents-Jacob Metzger and Sarah Lillick; born-Bellevue; single; residence-641 Oak St, Newport; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO-Jacob Metzger and Rose Metzger Harrison, parents; NR-Margaret Chacksfield, niece, 6958 Paddison Rd, Cinti
Metzger, Sarah  br-2-21-1916; Sec-36, lot-6 W1/2; no other data
Metzger, William  br-2-27-1915; Single grave-401, sec-28; no other data
Metzger, Wm  br-8-11-1885; Sec-9, lot-115; no other data
Metzler, Nellie E  br-12-14-1926; Sec-17, lot-47; no other data
Metzler, William  br-9-2-1915; Sec-17, lot-47; no other data

Meuer, Harold  d-5-16-1944; br-5-19-1944; age-2-6-1905; Sec-54, lot-9; parents-Andrew and Edith Meuer; born-Bellevue; married; place of death-823 Ofallon Ave, Bellevue; LO-Schurman
Meunchen, Charles  d-8-30-1961; br-9-2-1961; age-62; Sec-65, lot-4 W1/2; parents-Joseph Meunchen and Emma Fischer; born-Paris KY; single; residence-153 Ward Ave, Bellevue; LO-self; NR-Roy Meunchen, brother, 2643 Mt Airy Ave, Cinti
Meunchen, Earl  d-3-15-1961; br-3-18-1961; age-66; Sec-65, lot-4 W1/2; parents-Joseph Meunchen and Emma Fischer; born-Chattanooga TN; widowed; residence-153 Ward Ave, Bellevue; LO & NR-Chas Meunchen, brother, 213 3d Ave, Dayton
Meurer, Andrew  br-9-24-1906; Single grave-315, sec-28; no other data
Meurer, Carolina (Adult)  br-12-27-1885; Single grave-50, sec-1885; no other data
Meurer, Charles  (Adult) br-11-29-1901; Single grave-77, sec-1901; no other data
Meurer, Edith G  d-1-17-1966; br-1-20-1966; age-86; Sec-59, lot-277 E1/2; parents-George Nages and Elizabeth Strebe; born-OH; widowed; 461 Foote Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-John and Edith Meurer, self; NR-Mary Riley, daughter
Meurer, John A  d-3-29-1952; br-4-1-1952; age-78; Sec-59, lot-277 E1/2; parents-Jacob and Mary Maurer; born-OH; married; residence & place of death-461 Foote Ave, Bellevue; LO-self; NR-Edith Meurer, wife
Meurer, Pearl  d-5-31-1956; br-6-4-1956; age-7-24-1875; Sec-20, lot-78 N1/2; parents-Wm C Tedrow and Frances M Marsh; born-Dayton KY: widowed; residence-3315 Warsaw Ave, Cinti; LO-Wm C Tedrow, father; NR-Wm C Meurer, son, 24 Gaddis Dr, Ft  Thomas
Meurer, Rose  br-2-21-1904; Single grave-157, sec-28; no other data
Meurer, William  d-3-20-1944; br-3-25-1944; age-2-23-1876; Sec-20, lot-78 N1/2; parents-Valentine Meurer and Carrie Lamb; born-Cold Springs; married; place of death-General Hosp; LO-Wm C Tedrow; NR-Pearl Meurer, 916 Hawthorne Ave, Price Hill OH
Meuth, Chas  br-11-9-1929; Sec-36, lot-42 E1/2; LO-self
Meuth, Ida  d-8-11-1937; br-8-14-1937; age-68; Sec-36, lot-42 E1/2; parents-Fox; born-OH; married; place of death-Newport; LO-Charles Meuth; NR- Mrs C A Bartlett, 415 E 7th St, Newport

Mewhaus, Frieda (Child)  br-2-4-1899; Single grave-4, sec-1899; Removed to Walnut Hills Cemetery

Meyer, Albert  br-5-18-1916; sec-31, lot-4; no other data
Meyer, Albert Carl  br-4-26-1949; Sec-31, lot-63 W1/2; parents-Albert D and Mayme Meyer; single; place of death-Luxenberg, Germany; Unspecified address-53 16th St, Newport
Meyer, Albert Henry  d-2-21-1962; br-2-23-1962; age-12-2-1878; Sec-31, lot-63 W1/2; parents-Fred J and Sophia Meyer; born-Newport; widowed; residence-Box 245 RR2, Alexandria; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Arthur Meyer, son, same address
Meyer, Albert Louis  d-10-28-1974; br-10-31-1974; age-2-21-1910; Sec-50, lot-68 W1/2; parents-William Meyer and Catherine Voss;  born-Newport; residence-221 E 5th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Fred H Young; NR-Inez Adkins Meyer, wife, same address
Meyer, Alice  br-11-18-1926; Sec-54, lot-141 S1/2; no other data
Meyer, Anna  d-1-3-1952; br-2-4-1952; age-84; Single grave-234, sec-46; parents-Will Elliott and Sophia Ceales(?); born-London England; widowed; place of death-County Chronic Hosp, Cinti; cause of death-Heart; LO-Gr Edw Meyer, husband; NR-Garnett Hartman 3140 Portsmouth Ave, Cinti; ashes in concrete
Meyer, Anna  br-9-10-1908; Single grave-558, sec-28; no other data
Meyer, Anna  d-11-6-47; br-11-8-47; age-5-26-1869; Sec-22, lot-45 W1/2; born-Newport; widowed; residence-826 Linden Ave, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Elizzie Wesling
Meyer, Anna F  d-7-25-72; br-7-29-72; age-8-24-07; Sec-65, lot-102C; born-KY; married; residence-324 Hodge St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; cause of death-DOA; NR-William T Jones, son, 106 Winding Way, Covington
Meyer, Anna Margaret  d-5-2-1944; br-5-6-1944; age-10-26-1870; Sec-23, lot-14; parents-Adam Hauck and Matilda Grossgloss; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-2241 Joyce Ave, Southgate; LO-Adam Hauck; NR-Mathilda Schwartz, same address
Meyer, Archer (Ashes)  d-1-15-1935; br-2-8-1935; age-40; Sec-5, lot-54; parents-Chas Meyer and Mary Sensel; born-Newport; place of death-32 15th St, Clifton KY; cause of death-Chronic alcoholism; LO-Chas Boecker
Meyer, Arthur N  br-10-25-1929; Single grave-429, sec-47; no other data
Meyer, August (Adult)  br-4-2-1891; Single grave-16, sec-1891; no other data
Meyer, August  d-12-18-1929; br-12-23-1929; age-4-3-1902; Sec-50, lot-29; parents-Geo and Mary Meyer; single; LO-Geo Meyer; NOTE:  Grants Bend KY
Meyer, Barbara (Adult)  br-6-28-1883; Single grave-38, sec-1883; no other data
Meyer, Bessie  d-6-24-1938; br-6-27-1938; age-4-5-1893; Single grave-185, sec-69(?); parents-John and Minne Meyer; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-646 Dayton St, Newport
Meyer, Catherine  br-6-26-1905; Single grave-25, sec-1901; no other data
Meyer, Charles  d-9-30-1959; br-10-3-1959; age-75; Sec-21, lot-41; parents-Charles and Emma Taylor Meyer; born-Newport; married; residence-53 Concord Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-William Taylor; NR-Catherine Meyer, wife
Meyer, Chas F  br-4-25-1933; Sec-54, lot-127 S1/2; LO-Mamie Stutz
Meyer, Chas M  br-8-18-1891; no grave listed; Interment-9239;
Meyer, Charles  br-9-2-1900; Sec-22, lot-41; no other data
Meyer, Chas H  br-5-29-1928; sec-5, lot-54; no other data
Meyer, Charles Paul  d-1-20-1957; br-1-22-1957; age-4-18-1883; Sec-55, lot-13; parents-Paul Meyer and Anna Eden; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-Butler Co Home, Hamilton OH; place of death-Mercy Hosp, Hamilton; NR-Mrs Caroline Klein, 579 Waterworks Rd, Ft Thomas
Meyer, Christ  br-6-1-1908; Sec-5, lot-55; no other data
Meyer, Clarence  br-9-1-1886; Sec-22, lot-41; no other data
Meyer, Clarence  d-6-23-45; br-6-26-45; age-11-17-1900; Sec-59, lot-134 E1/2; parents-Herman and Amelia Meyer; born-Cinti; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Louise Meyer, 26 Beechwood Ave, Ft Thomas
Meyer, Clarence  br-1-15-1896; Sec-22, lot-45; no other data
Meyer, Cora  d-11-16-1950; br-11-20-1950; age-68; Sec-59, lot-68 W1/2;  parents-Wm and Nellie Deguillarmo; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-Cinti Genl Hosp; LO-self; NR-Nellie Laue, Bellevue
Meyer, Donald H Jr  d-8-19-59; br-8-22-59; Single grave-134A, sec-70; parents-Donald H and Mary Bogus; born-St Lukes Hosp; residence-139 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue; NR-Donald H Meyer, father
Meyer, Dora  d-11-6-1957; br-11-8-1957; age-97; Sec-37, lot-27 N1/2; parents-Bogebank(?); born-Bremen Germany; widowed; residence-5th and Main St, Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-H F Kirchoff, mother ?f Mrs Martin Kirchoff NR-Marie B Connley, 209 McKinney Ave, Dayton KY
Meyer, Dorathea Henrietta  d-11-29-1956; br-12-3-1956; age-2-26-1868; Sec-27, lot-38 E1/2; parents-Henry and Christina Dunn Krista; born-Cinti; widowed; residence & place of death-823 Park Ave, Newport; NR-Miss Hilda Meyer, same address
Meyer, Dorothy Alma  d-4-13-1961; br-4-15-1961; age-11-11-1912; Sec-34, lot-53 E1/2; parents-Rudolph Meyer and Julia Brickler; born-Newport; single; residence-21 Warren Ave, Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Julia Meyer, mother
Meyer, E B (Adult)  br-12-10-1888; Single grave-49, sec-1888; no other data
Meyer, Edward  br-4-7-1926; Single grave-147, sec-41; no other data
Meyer, Edward  br-2-24-1925; Single grave-234, sec-46, no other data
Meyer, Edward A  d-2-22-63; br-2-26-63; age-54; Sec-73, lot-94; parents-William M Meyer and Catherine Voss; born-KY; married; residence-613 Orchard St, Newport; place of death-Emery Industries, Cinti; NR-Mae Meyer, wife
Meyer, Edward H  d-11-27-1941; br-11-29-1941; age-11-16-1900; Sec-32, lot-58; parents-Christian and Sophia Meyer; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-John Welter; Unspecified address-123 68th St, Cinti
Meyer, Edward Joseph  d-2-22-1943; br-2-24-1943; age-5-30-1895; Sec-56, lot-63 N1/2; parents-Richard Meyer and Anna Wessling; born-Newport; married; place of death-Ft Thomas; NR-Isabella Meyer, 1621 N Ft Thomas Ave
Meyer, Eliza  br-7-10-1906; Single grave-375, sec-28; no other data
Meyer, Eliza J   br-3-21-1905; Single grave-328, sec-28; no other data
Meyer, Elizabeth  br-2-3-1930; Sec-19, lot-58; LO-L Meyer; no other data
Meyer, Elizabeth  br-4-8-1919; Sec-9, lot-93; no other data
Meyer, Eliz Helen   br-6-14-1922; Single grave-150, sec-48; no other data
Meyer, Elmer  d-6-12-1939; br-6-14-1939; age-24; Sec-34, lot-53 W1/2; parents-Rudolph and Julia Meyer; born-US; single; place of death-Cinti; LO-Fausz and Meyer; NR-Rudolph Meyer, 2109 Carroll St, Cinti
Meyer, Elsie  d-4-3-69; br-4-4-69; age-76; Sec-23, lot-54 E1/2; parents-Louis Meyer and Rose Nell Cole; born-KY; single; residence & place of death-Dayton State Hosp; LO-Meyers; NR-Mrs Wm Steinaman and Vernia Lachocoska(?), Cinti
Meyer, Emma  d-3-24-1950; br-3-27-1950; age-74; Sec-56, lot-162 S1/2; parents-Henrietta Jordan; born-Cinti; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self
Meyer, Emma  br-6-26-1918; Sec-34, lot-53 W1/2; no other data
Meyer, Emma E  br-7-27-1932; Sec-22, lot-41; no other data
Meyer, Ernest Henry Jr  br-5-15-1909; Single grave-45, sec-35; no other data
Meyer, Ervin George  d-11-18-1963; br-11-21-1963; age-64; Sec-50, lot-29; parents-George Meyer and Maria Andrea; born-Campbell Co; married; residence-639 E 3d St, Newport; place of death-Ft Thomas; LO-Geo Meyer, father; NR-Freda Meyer, wife
Meyer, Estelle  br-8-19-1929; Sec-54, lot-54 N1/2; LO-John Meyer
Meyer, F (Infant)  br-2-13-1892; Sec-2, lot-85 N1/2; no other data
Meyer, Flora E  br-8-20-1893; no grave listed; Interment-10039; no other data
Meyer, Florence (Child)  br-8-18-1891; Single grave-59, sec-1891; no other data
Meyer, Florence Mae  d-7-16-1963; br-7-19-1963; age-50; Sec-63, lot-200 N1/2; parents-Frank and Mary Robinson; born-Peru IN; married; residence-164 Licking Pk, Newport; place of death-Peru IN; LO & NR-Lawrence H Meyer, husband
Meyer, Fred  br-6-29-1901; Sec-9, lot-93 S1/2; no other data
Meyer, Fred W  br-3-8-1915; Sec-5, lot-49; no other data
Meyer, Fredinand  d-4-1-1950; br-4-4-1950; age-5-1-1875; Single grave-399, sec-72; parents-Gottleib J Meyer; born-Cinti; place of death-residence; NR-Joseph Meyer, 702 Overton St, Newport
Meyer, G Mrs  br-4-24-1903; Sec-22, lot-91; no other data
Meyer, Gabrielle  d-4-15-1964; br-4-18-1964; age-2-18-1885; Sec-55, lot-76 S1/2; parents-Wm J Mears and Ann Davis; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-3040 Hewitt Ave, Cinti; place of death-Whiteman Rest Home, 29 Biehl St, Newport; LO-Mitchell Meyer, husband; NR-Mrs Fern Turkelson, stepdaughter, 4100 22nd Ave So, St Petersburg FL
Meyer, Garnett M  d-8-22-69; br-8-25-69; age-75; Sec-54, lot-54; parents-Secrist and Abi Miller; born-Dayton; widowed; residence-Lakeside Pl, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-John Meyer; NR-Virginia Halbauer, daughter, 232 Foote Ave, Bellevue
Meyer, Geo L  d-8-10-48; br-8-13-48; age-75; Sec-50, lot-29; parents-George L Meyer, Sr; born-Cinti; residence-Lakeland KY; place of death-Central State Hosp
Meyer, George  br-2-13-1908; Sec-22, lot-91; no other data
Meyer, Georgia  d-7-25-46; br-7-29-46; age-55; Sec-2, lot-127 N1/2; parents-Louis and Elizabeth Cook; born-Newport; married; residence & place of death-2 Ridgeway Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-Fritch
Meyer, Harry  br-6-21-1930; Sec-56, lot-162; LO-Emma Meyer
Meyer, Henry  br-11-23-1903; Sec-9, lot-50 S1/2; no other data
Meyer, Henry  br-3-24-1913; Single grave-216, sec-42; no other data
Meyer, Henry  br-3-7-1914; Single grave-217, sec-42; no other data
Meyer, Henry C  br-4-27-1918; Sec-39, lot-30B; no other data
Meyer, Ida  br-3-21-1918; Sec-39, lot-30B;  no other data
Meyer, Infant  br-5-13-1892; Single grave-36, sec-1892; no other data
Meyer, Infant  br-12-23-1942; Single grave-874, sec-70; no other data
Meyer, Infant  br-1-21-1907; Single grave-28; sec-1907; no other data
Meyer, Infant  br-12-2-1908; Single grave-79, sec-1908; no other data
Meyer, Infant  br-8-1-1917; Single grave-375, sec-8; no other data
Meyer, Irvin C  d-5-25-1965; br-5-28-1965; age-63; Sec-58, lot-108A; parents-Phillip Meyer and Oda Marsh; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-206 Bonnie Leslie Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Lakeside Pl Highland Hts; LO-self; NR-Howard I Meyer, son, 50 Mel? Dr, Ft Thomas
Meyer, Isabelle  d-10-17-1945; br-10-20-1945; age-49; Sec-56, lot-63 N1/2; parents-Andrew and Julia Jibb; born-Newport; widowed; residence-1621 N Ft Thomas Ave; place of death-228 W 11th St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Julia Jibb, 228 W 11th St, Newport
Meyer, James Edward  d-10-1-1941; br-10-4-1941; age-12-1-1854; Single grave-171, sec-74; parents-Charles Meyer; born-Maysville KY; widowed; place of death-Louisville KY; NR-Arthur LaBoiteaux 28 E 13th St, Newport
Meyer, Jennie St Clair  d-5-26-1944; br-5-26-1944; age-7-9-1875; Sec-55, lot-76 S1/2; parents-Wm Mear and Anna Davies; born-Cinti; married; place of death-2040 Hewitt Ave, Cinti; LO & NR-Mitchell P Meyer, same address
Meyer, John  br-10-13-27; Sec-23, lot-14; no other data
Meyer, John F  d-1-2-1941; br-1-6-1941; age-68; Sec-50(?), lot-68 W1/2(?); born-KY; married; place of death-Bellevue KY; LO & NR-Cora Meyer, 218 Walnut St, Bellevue
Meyer, John H  d-6-24-1941; br-6-27-1941; age-8-20-1860; Sec-27, lot-38; parents-Christian and Caroline Meyers; born-Europe; married; residence-823 Park Ave, Newport; LO-John H Meyer; NR-Dora Meyers, 823 Park Ave, Newport
Meyer, John M  d-12-14-68; br-12-17-68; age-76; sec-54, lot-54 N1/2; parents-John Meyer; born-Cinti; married; residence-230 Ofallon Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-John M Meyer, Jr; NR-Mrs Garnett M Meyer, wife
Meyer, Joseph  d-8-11-67; br-8-14-67; age-7-21-1892, 75; Sec-73, lot-71B; parents-Joseph Meyer and Dora Kleineke; born-Cinti; married; residence-2 Ridgeway Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO & NR-Margaret Mae Meyer, wife
Meyer, Julia  d-5-29-1964; br-6-2-1964; age-74; Sec-34, lot-53 E1/2; parents-Brickler; born-Loveland OH; widowed; residence-111 Burney Ln, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Julia and Rudolph Meyer, self; NR-Glenn E Meyer, son, same address
Meyer, Justine (Adult)  br-12-4-1898; Single grave-36, sec-1884; no other data
Meyer, L (Infant)  br-3-2-1904; Sec-23, lot-14; no other data
Meyer, Lewis (Adult)  br-1-12-1890; Single grave-3, sec-1890; no other data
Meyer, Lizzie (Adult)  br-7-14-1897; Single grave-42, sec-1897; no other data
Meyer, Louise  d-9-30-1951; br-10-3-1951; age-10-4-1951 (NOTE: obvious date problem)  Sec-55, lot-13; parents-William and Caroline Meierose; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-residence; NR-Miss Emma Meierose, 4223 Verne Ave, Cinti
Meyer, Lucille  d-10-28-1945; br-11-1-1945; age-6-13-1878; Sec-31, lot-4; parents-Christopher and Lucy Whitehead; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-Whitehead; NR-Albert E Meyer, 211 Willow, Southgate
Meyer, Louisa  br-1-26-1907; Single grave-444, sec-28; no other data
Meyer, Louisa  br-4-24-1916; Sec-22, lot-69 E1/2; no other data
Meyer, Maggie  br-3-3-1888; Sec-22, lot-46; no other data
Meyer, Margaret (Adult)  br-10-27-1899; Single grave-4, sec-1890; no other data
Meyer, Margaret  br-4-22-1938; Sec-56, lot-113 S1/2; no other data
Meyer, Marie  d-6-6-1964; br-6-10-1964; age-10-18-1919; Sec-65, lot-26C; parents-Sectrist and Dickey; born-Lexington KY; married; residence-536 E 4th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Edward Meyer, husband
Meyer, Marie  d-12-6-1947; br-12-91-1947 (NOTE: obvious date problem) age-2-2-1862; Single grave-210, sec-68; parents-Maier; residence & place of death-1013 Walnut St, Dayton; NR-Amelia Meyer, same address
Meyer, Mary (Infant)  br-5-24-1916; Sec-2, lot-85; no other data
Meyer, Mary  d-8-30-1922; br-9-2-1922; age-47; Sec-50, lot-29; parents-Adam and Anna Andrea; born-Baltimore MD; place of death-St Elizabeth; LO-Geo Meyer; ?ize and Kind of Grave-Pools Creek, Licking Pk, KY
Meyer, Maud  d-10-2-1955; br-10-5-1955; age-5-1-1885; Sec-59, lot-269 E1/2; parents-Albert and Mollie Redick; born-West Union OH; married; place of death-residence; cause of death-Chronic myocarditis; LO-Mary Freppon; NR-Wm Meyer, 1045 Isabella St, Newport
Meyer, Mayme  d-1-1-1956; br-1-4-1956; age-10-9-1879; Sec-31, lot-63 W1/2; parents-Courtland and Anna Viehman; born-Newport; married; residence-53 16th St, Newport; LO & NR-Albert Meyer, husband, same address
Meyer, Mayme L  d-8-6-1963; br-8-9-1963; age-65; Sec-73, lot-107; parents-Russell Hamilton and Browning; born-Maysville KY; married; residence-923 Monroe St, Newport; place of death-St Luke; LO & NR-Wm J Meyer, husband
Meyer, Mary  (Ashes)  br-7-16-47; Sec-5, lot-54; no other data
Meyer, Michael  (Adult) br-3-29-1901; Single grave-25, sec-1901; no other data
Meyer, Minnie  br-6-22-1949; Single grave-184, sec-69; parents-Joseph and Emma Sprott; place of death-724 Saratoga St, Newport;
Meyer, Mitchell P  d-4-8-1964; br-4-10-1964; age-4-20-1875; Sec-55, lot-76 S1/2; parents-Peter Meyer and Josephine Frieze; married; residence-3040 Hewitt Ave, Cinti; place of death-VA Chillicothe OH; LO-self; NR-Gabriella Mears Meyer, same address
Meyers, (sic)  Mollie  d-5-26-1945; br-5-29-1945; age-11-15-1862; Single grave-614, sec-43; parents-Sam and Margaret Snyder; born-Newport; widowed; residence-2629 Lysle Ln, Cinti; place of death-Booth Hosp;
Meyer, Nellie  d-4-11-1944; br-4-14-44; age-11-21-1874; Sec-5, lot-49; parents-William and Ellen Meyer; born-Newport; residence-St Elizabeth; Unspecified address-838 York St, Newport; NR-Mrs Richard Ward, 41 St Nicholas, Ft Thomas
Meyer, Otto George  d-12-15-1950; br-12-16-1950; age-3-9-1874; Sec-55, lot-13; parents-Paul and Anna Meyer; born-Indiana; married; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Louise Meyer, Taylor Mill Rd, Ft Thomas
Meyer, Richard Henry  d-2-20-1937; br-2-23-1937; age-3-7-1869; Sec-22, lot-45 W1/2; born-Dayton KY; married; place of death-826 Linden Ave, Newport; LO-Lizzie Gessling(?)
Meyer, Robert Herman  d-6-17-1953; br-6-20-1953; age-9-8-1899; Single grave-909, sec-68; parents-Herman and Margaret Meyer; born-Cinti; married; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-Dorothy Meyer, wife, 652 S Ft Thomas
Meyer, Rose  br-4-18-1914; Sec-24, lot-54; no other data
Meyer, Rudolph H  d-11-13-1958; br-11-17-1958; age-71; Sec-34, lot-53 E1/2; parents-Martin Meyer and Emma Annaker; born-Cinti; married; residence-21 Warren Ct, Ft Thomas; LO-Julia and Rudolph Meyer; NR-Julia Brickler Meyer, wife
Meyers,  J S  br-7-10-1895; Sec-5, lot-49; no other data
Meyers, Jennie Reese  br-2-15-1930; Single grave-490, sec-45; no other data
Meyers, John   br-1-24-1907; Sec-5, lot-49; no other data
Meyers, Jonas  br-8-15-1895; Sec-6, lot-70; no other data
Meyers, Jos (Adult)  br-7-28-1891; Single grave-44, sec-1891; no other data
Meyers, Joseph  br-12-8-1915; Sec-39, lot-4C; no other data
Meyers, Joseph  br-7-19-1921; Sec-44, lot-15 W1/2; no other data
Meyers, Lena  (Adult)  br-1-27-1900; Single grave-14, sec-1900
Meyers, Leola  d-9-16-70; br-9-18-70; age-85; Sec-56, lot-45, no box; parents-John Spann and Augusta Petty; born-Kenton County; widowed; residence-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Mr James W Meyers, son, 2250 Park Ave, Norwood
Meyers, Lettie  br-1-15-1916; Single grave-542, sec-43; no other data
Meyers, Lizzie (Child)  br-7-5-1883; Single grave-47, sec-1883; no other data
Meyers, Lulu  br-7-13-1918; Sec-30, lot-31 N1/2; no other data
Meyers, Lulu Maude  d-3-1-1935; br-3-4-1935; age-9-30-1881; Single grave-609, sec-68; parents-Jess Gosney and Agnes Thomas; born-KY; widowed; residence-508 Powell St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; cause of death-Meningitis, not contagious
Meyers, M C (Child)  br-3-18-1894; Single grave-19, sec-1894; no other data
Meyers, Margaret  br-10-16-1901; Sec-22, lot-92; no other data
Meyers, Martha  br-8-9-1923; Single grave-301, sec-47; no other data
Meyers, Mary  d-1-31-48; br-2-4-1948; age-66; Sec-56, lot-8 S1/2; parents-John and Elizabeth Schmidt; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Newport
Meyers, Mary  br-6-11-1920; Sec-44, lot-15 W1/2; no other data
Meyers, Mary  d-8-24-1943; br-8-27-1943; age-12-14-1874; Single grave-401, sec-72; parents-James and Ellen Harris; born-Covington; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Mary Mercurio, 209 E 3rd St, Newport
Meyers, Mary Mrs  br-12-10-1893; Sec-5, lot-49; no other data
Meyers, Norma  d-4-7-1964; br-4-10-1964; age-69; Single grave-211, sec-48; parents-William Henn and Mattie Parker; born-Newport; married; residence-194 Peter Noll Homes, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Norman Meyers, husband
Meyers, Norman  d-5-16-1966; br-5-19-1966; age-67; Sec-65, lot-47C; parents-Meyers and Mollie Jenkins; born-Newport; widowed; residence-194 Peter Noll Homes; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Katherine Rech, sister in law, 1927 Sutton Ave, Cinti
Meyers, Raymond Henry  d-5-8-1961; br-5-11-1961; age-9-26-1894; Sec-60, lot-109; parents-Henry Meyers and Mollie Schneider; born-Newport; married; residence-106 Rosemont Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-Ray and Florence Meyers, self; NR-Florence Meyers, wife
Meyers, Walter (Child)  br-11-2-1895; Single grave-64, sec-1895; no other data
Meyers, William (Adult)  br-8-22-1898; Single grave-41, sec-1898; no other data
Meyers, Wm  br-7-14-1885; Sec-19, lot-58; no other data
Meyers, Wm  br-1-5-1887; no grave listed; Interment-7493;
Meyers, Wm E  d-11-24-1939; br-11-28-1939; age-57; Sec-24, lot-54 E1/2; parents-Henry L and Rose Meyer; born-Newport; single; place of death-Dayton OH; LO-Henry Louis Meyers
Meyers, Wm J  d-11-6-1935; br-11-9-1935; age-5-16-1878; Sec-61, lot-111; parents-John and Fannie Smith Meyers; born-Cinti; single; residence-630 Linden Ave, Newport;  place of death-Speers Hosp; cause of death-Arteriosclerosis; LO-Newforth
Meyers, Wm R (Adult)  br-3-10-1883; Single grave-17, sec-1883; no other data

Mezzi, Maggie (Child)  br-8-17-1883; Single grave-57, sec-1883; no other data


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