Evergreen Cemetery



Transcribed and submitted 17 March 2014 by Marji Wright


This Mc file is straight alphabetic.  The spacing is the same as on the microfilmed card.  See also the Mac file for possible spelling differences.

For LO-lot owner relationship, the user must decide if it is relationship of the deceased to the owner or vice versa.  In many instances it was not consistent and cannot be determined through these records alone.  Marji Wright

LO-Lot owner


McAbee, William C (USA)  br-11-18-1912; Single grave-25, sec-82; no other data
McAdams, Ruth  br-8-13-1913; Single grave-23, sec-42; no other data
McAfee, Joan Claire  d-6-25-68; br-6-27-68; age-32; Sec-58, lot-53; parents-Frederic W Gentrup and Eleanor McLane; born-Newport; married; residence-1706 Cambridge Ave, Piqua OH; place of death-Piqua Memorial Hosp; LO-Eleanor Gentrup, mother; NR-Gerald S McAfee, husband
McAllister, Fannie  br-2-5-27; Sec-39, lot-24; no other data
McAndrew, Clair W  d-4-30-72; br-5-2-72; age-49; Sec-64, lot-5S1/2; parents-John McAndrew and Alice Grimm; born-Newport; married; residence-37 Parkview Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Chairmaine Harden McAndrew, wife
McAndrew, John Clay  d-9-2-1953; br-9-5-1953; age-2-13-1894; Sec-49, lot-9; born-Dayton TN; married; place of death-Ft Thomas VA Hosp; LO-Chas Grimme, father in law; NR-Alice McAndrew, 207 Peter Noll Homes, Newport
Mc Ardle, Pat (Adult)  br-5-3-1901; Single grave-33, sec-1901; no other data
Mc Aree, Arthur  (Removed) (US Gov)  br-7-30-1898; Single grave-28, sec-25;
McArter(?), Edgar  (NOTE: card is very faded)  d-11-16-71; br-11-20-71; age-6-20(?)-1917; Sec-62, lot-52A; parents-John C McArter and Katherine Willis; born-KY; married; residence-120 Singleton Ave, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Florence McArter, wife, same address
McArthur, Anna B  br-9-12-1887; Sec-5, lot-5; no other data
McArthur, Calista  br-4-30-1924; Sec-3, lot-8; no other data
McArthur, Chas  br-11-15-1916; Sec-1, lot-20; no other data
McArthur, Chas  br-8-24-27; Sec-1, lot-20; no other data
McArthur, Emma A  d-12-24-1955; br-12-28-1955; age-81; Sec-44, lot-26B; parents-Charles and Margaret Heidrich; born-Dayton; widowed; residence-505 Stanton Ave, Terrace Park OH; LO-Syruble and McArthur; NR-Mrs Robert Stevens, daughter, same address
McArthur, Hannah br-8-14-1905; sec-3, lot-35; no other data
McArthur, Infant  d-5-23-1937; br-5-24-1937; age-5-23-1937; Single grave-790, sec-70; parents-Frederick Schneider and Catherine McArthur; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-M H McArthur, 1221 Alexandria Pk, Ft Thomas
McArthur, J M  br-2-13-1900; Sec-3, lot-8; no other data
McArthur, Jesse M  d-10-31-1947; br-11-3-1947; age-77; Sec-44, lot-26D; parents-Peter and Calista McArthur; born-Dayton KY; married; residence-426 5th Ave, Dayton; place of death-Armstrong Lake, Kenton Co; LO-McArthur
McArthur, Mary  br-3-11-27; Sec-1, lot-20; no other data
McArthur, Mary J  br-4-9-1893; Sec-3, lot-8; no other data
McArthur, Peter  br-9-11-1917; Sec-3, lot-8 & 23; no other data
McArthur, William W  br-1-5-1903; Sec-3, lot-8 & 23; no other data
McAtee, America  br-4-12-1905; Single grave-325, sec-28; no other data
McAtee, Gwiney  (Adult) br-11-30-1897; Single grave-68, sec-1897; no other data
McAtee, Jesse T  d-5-5-69; br-5-8-69; age-85; Sec-52, lot-123; parents-Joseph McAtee; born-Bracken Co; widowed; residence-1135 Ann St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Arnold W McAtee, 119 Memorial Pkwy, Bellevue
McAtee, Joseph  br-1-17-1908; Single grave-563, sec-28; no other data
McAtee, Maude A  d-9-17-1960; br-9-21-1960; age-72; Sec-52, lot-123; parents-Jesse Darlington and Alice Bysimer(?); born-Grants Lick KY; married; residence-1135 Ann St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Jesse and Maude McAtee; NR-Jesse McAtee, husband
McAtee, Oreville C  d-1-23-73; br-1-27-73; age-58; Sec-52, lot-13; parents-Jesse McAtee and Maude Darlington; born-Grants Lick KY; married; residence-Alexandria Pike, Alexandria; place of death-Ft Myers FL; LO-Cora M Rensford; NR-Mrs Peggy McAtee, wife
McAtee, Victor  d-2-27-1954; br-3-2-1954; age-10-14-1916; Sec-52, lot-168-169; parents-Jesse McAtee and Maude Darlington; born-Grants Lick KY; married; place of death-Ft Thomas VA Hosp; LO-Lucille McAtee, wife, 627 Monroe St, Newport
McAvoy, Gay  d-5-5-1935; br-5-8-1935; age-6-18-1885; sec-60, lot-83; parents-John McAvoy; born-WV; married; residence-940 Findley St, Cinti; place of death-Cinti Genl Hosp;  cause of death-double pneumonia; LO-Carrie Mc Avoy
McAvoy, Loyal  d-3-17-1962; br-3-21-1962; age-39; Sec-60, lot-83; parents-Gay Mc Avoy and Carrie Curtis; born-Thomas WV; single; residence-1118 6th Ave, Dayton; place of death-Longview Hosp, Dayton KY; LO & NR-Carrie McAvoy, mother

McBride, Minnie  br-9-19-1905; Sec-26, lot-12; no other data
McBride, Robert  br-3-22-1926; Single grave-114, sec-47; no other data

McCabe, Elsie  d-6-13-68; br-6-17-68; Sec-23, lot-64; parents-Frank and Mary Cook; born-Newport; divorced; residence-Ash St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Frank Cook, father; NR-Miss Elsie McCabe, daughter
McCabe, James Frederick  br-10-4-1958; age-6-28-1876; Sec-61, lot-156C; born-PA; divorced; residence-1027 Washington Ave, Newport; LO-self; NR-Elsie McCabe, daughter, 30 Ash St, Newport
McCaffery, Ethel  d-2-2-67; br-2-4-67; age-2-22-1903; Sec-63, lot-89; parents-Henry Bell and Henrietta DeAtley; born-KY; married; residence-8 E 10th St, Newport; LO & NR-Leroy McCaffery, son, same address
McCaffery, Wm  br-8-5-1921; Single grave-587, sec-8
McCain, Charles S  d-12-8-69; br-12-11-69; age-7-6-1888; Sec-73, lot-351; parents-Samuel Mc Cain and Francis Taylor; born-Butler KY; widowed; residence-326 5th St, Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Charles McCain; NR-Dorothy Gatterdan, daughter, 307 6th St, Dayton KY
McCain, Gertrude May  d-2-24-1961; br-3-1-1961; age-74; Sec-73, lot-361; parents-Solomon Henderson and Mary Ann Stevens; born-Carthage KY; married; residence-307 6th Ave, Dayton; LO & NR-Chas McCain, husband
McCain, Infant  br-1-2-1919; Single grave-337A, sec-8; no other data
McCain, Infant  br-10-1-1926; Single grave-67, sec-47; no other data
McCain, Rachel  d-1-9-1964; br-1-11-1964; age-3-4-1907; Sec-63, lot-327 N1/2; parents-James Clifton and Elvira Jackson; born-Owen Co KY; married; residence-1743 Highwater Rd, Ludlow; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Clay B McCain, husband
McCall, Chas Carr (Infant)  br-3-4-1912; Sec-23, lot-71; no other data
McCamm, Amelia (Adult)  br-3-26-1886; Single grave-16, sec-1886; no other data
McCampbell, Oscar  d-9-23-1935; br-9-26-1935; age-68; Sec-71, lot-57 W1/2; born-Indiana; residence-1011 6th Ave, Dayton; LO-Margaret McCampbell
McCance, Elinore Mary  d-10-1-72; br-10-5-72; age-10-25-1907, 64; Sec-49, lot-93; parents-Harry and Catherine Mockabee; born-Little Rock IL; married; residence-611 8th Ave, Dayton; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Nelson Bowring; NR-William J McCance, husband, same address
McCance, Infant  br-8-20-1913; Sec-15, lot-78; no other data
McCance, Infant  br-6-12-1914; Sec-15, lot-78 N1/2; no other data
McCance, Infant  br-8-18-1908; Sec-15, lot-78; no other data
McCance, James  br-9-20-1890; Sec-15, lot-78; no other data
McCance, Lyda  br-11-22-1917; Sec-2, lot-46; no other data
McCance, Robert J  br-5-3-1898; Sec-15, lot-78 N1/2; no other data
McCance, Ruth  br-7-25-1900; Sec-15, lot-78; no other data
McCance, Sarah J  br-10-26-1918; Sec-15, lot-78; no other data
McCance, Willoughby br-9-13-1958; br-9-17-1958; age-85; Sec-2, lot-46; parents-James and Sarah McCance; born-Shannonville CA; widowed; residence-107 McKinney St, Dayton; place of death-Ft Thomas Rest Home; LO-Olive Branch Lodge, written permission; NR-James McCance, son, 168 Summit Ave, Ft Thomas
McCane, Frances  br-2-14-1922; Sec-36, lot-1; no other data
McCann, Arthur G  br-11-7-1929; Sec-54, lot-100; no other data
McCann, Frank J  d-3-20-1966; br-3-24-1966; age-77; Sec-60, lot-189; parents-James McCann and Mary Hill; born-Cinti; married; residence-322 Linden Ave, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Re?ta McCann, wife
McCann, Goldie S  d-2-13-1973; br-2-15-1973; age-3-12-1892; Sec-63, lot-184 N1/2; parents-Louis Hemer and Francis Neal; born-Newport; married; residence-216 Evergreen Ave, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Arthur B and Goldie S McCann, self; NR-Arthur McCann, husband
McCann, Harry  d-7-18-1950; br-7-21-1950; age-67; Single grave-94, sec-68; parents-Jas and Sarah Meyers McCann; born-Montana; married; place of death-Cinti Genl Hosp; NR-Tillie McCann, 3905 Pattison St, Cinti
McCann, James  d-2-5-1942; br-2-9-1942; age-10-16-1861; Sec-59, lot-80; parents-John and Adeline McCann; born-Clermont Co OH; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Lucy McCann, 2132 Linden Rd, Newport
McCann, L C (Child)  br-1-16-1888; Single grave-2, sec-1888; no other data
McCann, Lucy  d-8-7-1964; br-8-10-1964; age-97; Sec-59, lot-80; parents-George Glover and Larry Hill; born-Maysville KY; widowed; residence-322 Linden Ave, Southgate; place of death-Bellevue Rest Home; LO-self; NR-Frank McCann, son, same address
McCann, Marilyn Lois  br-6-18-1932; Single grave-516, sec-47; no other data
McCann, Mollie  d-9-13-1952; br-9-16-1952; age-1-19-1886; Sec-59, lot-260 E1/2; parents-Hartis Sloan and Susan McVay; born-Jackson Co KY; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Helen Cummins, mother; NR-Lura Richardson, daughter, 846 York St, Newport
McCann, Mrs.  br-2-7-1888; no grave listed; Interment-7880
McCann, Noel C  br-4-16-1949; age-26; Sec-54, lot-100 S1/2; parents-Arthur and Lula Hoffman McCann; married; place of death-”Over Holland”;  LO-McCann; Unspecified address-4024 Grove Ave, Norwood OH
McCann, Talea  d-4-17-74; br-4-20-74; age-94; Single grave-95, sec-68; born-KY; widowed; residence-Wesley Home for the Aged, Cinti; place of death-Cinti Genl Hosp; NR-Carroll Wescott, grandson, 605 Fourth Ave, Dayton, KY
McCann, Thomas (Adult)  br-12-22-1896; Single grave-63, sec-1896; no other data
McCann, Tillie  (res)  Single grave-95, sec-68; no other data
McCarice, Thornton  (Adult) br-12-21-1902;  Single grave-60, sec-1902; no other data
McCarley, Daniel  br-3-29-1923; Sec-39, lot-43C; no other data
McCarley, Martha A  br-6-22-1906; Single grave-93, sec-28; no other data
McCarmick, Harry (Child)  br-7-11-1894; Single grave-38, sec-1894; no other data
McCarnice, Sarah (Adult) (Colored)  br-2-25-1892; Single grave-8, sec-1892; no other data
McCarthy, J  (S&S)  br-1-24-1890; Single grave-16; no other data
McCarthy, John  br-2-15-1899; Sec-6, lot-70 S1/2; no other data
McCarthy, Josephine  d-12-10-1936; br-12-12-1936; age-54; Sec-39, lot-33; parents-Heida; born-KY; married; residence-638 Nelson Pl, Newport; place of death-St Eliz Hosp; LO-J Heida
McCarthy, Louise Droge  d-2-26-1960; br-3-1-1960; age-70; Sec-5, lot-69; parents-John Droege, Sr and Louise Schmidt; born-Newport; married; residence-1119 N Ft Thomas Ave; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-John F Droege, father; NR-John A McCarthy, husband
McCarthy, Newton  (Infant) br-2-26-1902; Single grave-12, sec-1902; no other data
McCartin, Ella Mae (Luce)  d-5-27-71; br-5-29-71; age-11-17-85, 85 yrs; Single grave-634, sec-72; parents-Hiram Larrick; born-Warren Co, OH; widowed; residence-3738 Isabella Ave, Cinti; LO-Reserved single grave; NR-Mrs Helen Speaks, daughter, 3304 Bach Ave, Cinti
McCartney, Anna Jane  br-4-15-1911; Sec-23, lot-114; no other data
McCartney, James J  br-11-29-1905; Single grave-404, sec-28; no other data
McCartney, Katherine  d-7-6-1953; br-7-9-1953; age-6-7-1874; Single grave-405, sec-28; parents-Edward Harden and Jane Ellison; born-Silver Grove; widowed; place of death-residence; NR-Mrs Alice King, niece, 28 W 13th St, Newport
McCarty, Edward  br-2-22-1904; Single grave-156, sec-28; no other data
McCarty, Frederick Lee (City order)  Single grave-69, sec-389; Burial permit-15692; Interment-32918; no other data:  (NOTE: See next record, may be a duplicate) (Duplicate Interment#)
McCarty, Frederick Lee (City order)  d-11-13-1940; br-11-16-1940; age-1-18-1898; Single grave-389, sec-69; parents-Chas McCarty and Mellisa Marshall; born-Walton KY; single; place of death-436 W 7th St; NR-Mellisa McCarty, same address; Burial Permit-15696
McCarty, Harry  d-1-21-1943; br-1-23-1943; age-6-17-1877; Sec-59, lot-19; parents-Wm and Augustine McCarty; born-Alexandria KY; single; place of death-Anchorage KY; NR-Henry Roth, 44 W Crescent, Woodlawn KY
McCarty, Linda  br-10-12-1949; age-3 days; Sec-56, lot-52 S1/2; no box; parents-Walter and Betty Horn McCarthy (sic); place of death-St Eliz Hosp; Unspecified address-105 Fourth Ave, Dayton
McCarty, Lizzie  br-2-12-1914; Single grave-136, sec-42; no other data
McCarty, Melessa  d-2-14-57; br-2-17-1947; age-3-9-1867; Single grave-388, sec-69; parents-George Marshall; born-Henry Co KY; residence & place of death-132 W7th St, Newport; NR-James Marshall, 25 W 8th St, Newport
McCarty, Romey  (City order)  d-11-1-1941; br-11-18-1941; age-35; Single grave-909, sec-43B; place of death-Speers Hosp
McCarty, Walter W  d-8-14-67; br-8-18-67; age-45; Sec-63, lot-39; parents-Harry and Florence McCarty; born-Newport; married; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Betty J McCarty, wife; 132 4th Ave, Dayton KY
McCellan, Elizabeth br-7-13-1905; Single grave-355, sec-28; no other data
McCernio, Henry (Colored)  br-8-31-1910; Single grave-158, sec-35; no other data
McClain, Florence  br-1-18-1912; Single grave-143 E sec-28; no other data
McClain, Harriet  br-1-5-28; Sec-16, lot-56 W1/2;
McClain, Hugh  br-7-10-1897; Sec-16, lot-56; no other data
McClain, Infant  br-6-30-1891;  no grave listed; Interment #9179; no other data
McClain, Infant  d-11-4-1945; br-11-5-1945; age-11-4-1945; Single grave-619, sec-70; no box; parents-Hiland and Mildred McClain; born-Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Hiland McClain 31 Hillside Ave, Newport; Unspecified address-641 W 11th Covington
McClain, Infant  br-6-21-1899; Sec-16, lot-56; no other data
McClain, Josephine  br-7-31-1884; Single grave-37, sec-1884; no other data
McClain, Lida (Adult)  br-2-26-1893; Single grave-9, sec-1893; no other data
McClain, Martha Ann  d-8-3-1937; br-8-4-1937; age-2-9-1937; Single grave-700, sec-70; parents-Carl McClain and Adele Caster; born-Sault Ste Marie, MI; place of death-141 Broadway, Cinti; NR-Carl McClain, father
McClain, Nona (Child)  br-1-31-1888; Single grave-7, sec-1888; no other data
McClain, S H (Adult)  br-5-22-1892; Single grave-35, sec-1892; no other data
McClain, Wm H  br-4-20-1925; Single grave-288, sec-46, no other data
McClain, Zurah  br-9-18-1905; Single grave-84, sec-28; no other data
McClaine, Elmer (Child)  br-7-21-1889; Single grave-48, sec-1889; no other data
McClaine, Mrs  (Adult)  br-2-9-1891; Single grave-4, sec-1891; no other data
McClan (Infant)  br-5-23-1911; Single grave-101, sec-1910; no other data
McClanahan, Amrah  d-4-13-70; br-4-16-70; age-66; Sec-16, lot-104; parents-Charles Woodbury and Mary Holmes; born-Dayton KY; married; residence-6605 Rosalee Lane, Cinti; place of death-Palm Beach FL; NR-Charles D McClanahan, husband
McClanahan, Blanche  d-4-25-71; br-4-28-71; age-68; Sec-65, lot-133C; parents-David Thompson and Lula Simpson; born-KY; widowed; residence-338 E 18th St, Covington; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO & NR-Mrs Iva Mae Davis, sister, 2545 Leslie Ave, Cinti
McClanahan  Single grave-517, sec-68; no dates; no other data
McClanahan, Fred  d-6-27-1960; br-7-1-1960; age-1-8-1901; Sec-51, lot-56; parents-Thomas McClanahan and Adeline Sharp; born-Boston Station KY; married; residence-240 Main Ave, Highland Hts; LO & NR-Laura McClanahan, wife
McClanahan, Harold  d-6-17-1964; br-6-19-1964; age-61; Sec-73, lot-321 S1/2; parents-Phillip McClanahan and Francis Jett; born-Bracken Co KY; married; residence-Highway 10, California KY; place of death-Huntington WV; LO & NR-Elsie McClanahan, wife
McClanahan, Infant  br-11-29-1909; Sec-23, lot-71; no other data
McClanahan, Infant (Boy)  d-5-5-1960; br-5-10-1960; Single grave-56, sec-53; parents-Jerry and Opal Mullins McClanahan; born-St Luke Hosp; residence-336 Elm St, Newport; NR-Jerry McClanahan, father, USAF Hosp; Wright Patterson, Dayton OH
McClanahan, Jeffrey   d-4-2-1966; br-4-5-1966; age-stillborn; Sec-49, lot-224 W1/2;  parents-Roy McClanahan Jr and Jean Ann Hartman; born-Ft Thomas; residence-238 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Mooar, great grandparent; NR-Roy McClanahan Jr, father
McClanahan, Karen Sue  d-4-23-1954; br-4-26-1954; age-stillborn; Sec-49, lot-24 W1/2; parents-Roy and Jean Anne McClanahan; born-Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Petrie; NR-Roy McClanahan, 128 Foote Ave, Bellevue
McClanahan, Louis  d-5-22-1951; br-5-25-1951; age-3-5-1908; Sec-54, lot-57 S1/2; parents-Sterling and Elizabeth McClanahan; born-Covington; place of death-residence; LO-Elizabeth Schwartz; NR-Margaret McClanahan, 617 Patterson St, Newport
McClanahan, Nellie  br-2-19-1916; Sec-23, lot-71 E1/2; no other data
McClanahan, Thomas R  d-5-23-1943; br-5-25-43; age-7-30-1925; Single grave-860, sec-68; parents-Fred McClanahan; born-KY; single; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Fred McClanahan, 240 Main St, Highland Hts
McClanahan, Wm  br-11-22-1932; Single grave-516, sec-68; Reserve-517, sec-68
McClane, Jos  br-5-29-1884; Single grave-41, sec-1882; no other data
McClean, Jas (Adult)  br-3-31-1890; Single grave-21, sec-1890; no other data
McClean, William F  br-4-5-1909; Single grave-206, sec-35; no other data
McCleave, David  br-9-15-1926; Single grave-238, sec-48; no other data
McCleave, Geo Washington  br-11-13-1929; Single grave-418, sec-48; no other data
McCleave, Mary  br-9-22-1904; Single grave-276, sec-28; no other data
McCleave, Mary  br-11-28-1916; Single grave-320, sec-42; no other data
McCleave, Mathew  d-2-23-1937; br-2-26-1937; age-73; Single grave-435, sec-69; parents-Robert and Mary Clark; born-Indiana; single; residence-James and Saratoga St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp
McCleave, Robt (Adult)  br-10-17-1887; Single grave-40, sec-1887; no other data
McCleave, Robt (Child)  br-6-10-1888; Single grave-24, sec-1888; no other data
McCleave, Thomas  d-7-2-1950; br-7-5-1950; age-9-10-1881; Single grave-791, sec-72; parents-Robert and Mary McCleave; born-Newport; single; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Bertha Ridder(?), 318 Southgate St, Newport
McCleave, William  br-3-18-1910; Single grave-124, sec-1902; no other data
McClellan, Anna  d-12-21-1958; br-12-24-1958; age-8-12-1884; Single grave-436, sec-72; parents-Henry and Anna Toberg; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-2390 Kemper Ln, Cinti; place of death-Drake Memorial Hosp; NR-Kathryn Mospens, 421 E 3rd St, Newport
McClellan, Belle  (Adult)  br-1-31-1901; Single grave-11, sec-1901
McClellan, Eliz  br-8-13-1886; Sec-22, lot-96; Removed from grave-32, sec-1886 (Adult)
McClellan, Frank E G  d-9-15-1944; br-9-19-1944; age-8-31-1871; Single grave-437, sec-72; parents-Thomas Gleason and Mary Gardner; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Cinti Genl Hosp; Unspecified address-2619 Melrose Ave, Cinti
McClellan, S (Adult)  br-2-18-1895; Single grave-11, sec-1895; no other data
McClellan, William  d-2-28-1952; br-3-1-1952; age-79; Single grave-96, sec-74; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-Marine Hosp, Cleveland OH; NR-Melvin Whetstein, stepson, 2444 Eastern Ave, Cinti
McClelland, Daniel  br-6-25-1899; Sec-22, lot-96; no other data
McClelland, Earl (Child)  br-8-7-1900; Single grave-38, sec-1900; no other data
McClelland, Edward  (Adult) br-6-28-1901; Single grave-42, sec-1901; no other data
McClelland, Wafe  br-9-23-1916; Single grave-44, sec-43; no other data
McClendon, Johnnie C  d-7-10-66; br-7-13-66; age-18; Sec-73, lot-58 S1/2; parents-John T McClendon and Ina Mae Fraley; born-Pikeville KY; single; residence-609 E 3rd St, Silver Grove; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Robert and Iva Rising, parents; NR-Mrs Robert C Rising, same address
McCloud, Clara A  d-4-23-1959; br-4-25-1959; age-86; Sec-59, lot-107W1/2; born-Newport; married; residence-226 Kingsway Dr, Lexington; LO-self; NR-Mrs Gilbert C Perrons, daughter
McCloud, Elijah; br-8-16-1915; Single grave-408, sec-43; no other data
McCloud, Geo J  d-1-15-1944; br-1-17-1944; age-3-7-1873; Sec-59, lot-107 W1/2; parents-John J McCloud and Maggie Clinton; place of death-Lexington KY; LO-Clara McCloud; NR-Catherine Perrone, 226 Kingsway Dr, Lexington; Unspecified address-104 Arcadia Pl, Lexington
McCloud, James  d-4-10-1960; br-4-14-1960; age-6-15-1908; Sec-61, lot-164B; parents-John McCloud and Allie Adkins; born-Cinti; married; residence-Box 59 3 Mile Rd, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Ethel McCloud, same address
McCloud, Jas Henry   br-3-28-1923; Single grave-804, sec-43; no other data
McCloud, John A  d-5-17-1936; br-5-20-1936; age-10-14-1849; Sec-5, lot-8; parents-James; born-Newport; married; place of death-NE Corner Front and Saratoga St, Newport; LO-James Mc Cloud
McCloud, John W  d-10-18-1937; br-10-21-1937; age-5-30-1893; Single grave-333, sec-69; parents-Ean McCloud; residence-338 Chestnut St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; cause of death-Cerebral vascular
McCloud, Margaret  br-9-10-1949; age-51; Sec-34, lot-45 W1/2; parents-Samuel and Cora Schaffer; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Schaffer; Unspecified address-Box343 3 Mile Rd, Highland Hts
McCloud, Maurine  br-10-7-1911; Single grave-143F, sec-28; no other data
McCloud, Susan  br-10-18-1918; Single grave-808, sec-43; no other data
McCloud, Susan V  br-7-24-1911; Single grave-112, sec-1910; no other data
McClud, Margaret  br-10-24-1891; Sec-5, lot-8; no other data
McClung, Infant  d-2-25-1948; br-2-25-1948; age-2-24-1948; Single grave-805, sec-70; parents-Harley Everett McClung and Mildred Alice Jackson; born-Newport; place of death-Speers; NR-Harley McClung, Pressmer(?) Lane, Cold Spring
McClung, Infant  br-3-4-1910; Single grave-16, sec-1910; no other data
McClung, Margie  br-11-9-1929; Single grave-423, sec-47; no other data
McClung, Mildred Alice  d-6-19-1954; br-6-22-1954; age-25; Sec-74, lot-519-520; parents-Frank and Gertrude Jackson; born-Maysville KY; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Gertrude Fearis, mother; NR-Harley McClung, Massmer Hill Ln, Cold Spring
McClung, William (Infant)  br-4-4-1910; Single grave-104, sec-35; no other data
McClure, Adelia  d-3-25-1950; br-3-29-1950; age-92; Sec-31, lot-44 N1/2; parents-Jas and Eliz Halderman Losey; born-Claryville; widowed; place of death-residence; cause of death-Myocarditis; LO-Wm Traylor, son; NR-Maud Rittinger, 406 Columbia St, Newport
McClure, Caroline  br-5-11-1908; Sec-26, lot-53; no other data
McClure, Chas and Lizzie (Child)  br-5-24-1883; Single grave-41, sec-1883; no other data
McClure, Cleo Marilyn  br-12-4-1933; Single grave-531, sec-47; no other data
McClure, Emma  br-12-13-1922; Single grave-41, sec-48; no other data
McClure, Clyde R  d-9-15-69; br-9-18-69; age-35; Sec-63, lot-143 N1/2; parents-Floyd McClure and Mildred ?; born-Newport; married; residence-928 Washington Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; cause of death-DOA; LO & NR-Mildred McClure, wife
McClure, Floyd T  d-1-5-47; br-1-9-1947; age-1-30-1894; Single grave-622, sec-72; parents-Clem McClure and Alice Nye; born-Jackson OH; married; place of death-residence; NR-Mildred Swope McClure, 218 Columbia St, Newport
McClure, Geo D  br-9-24-1934; Single grave-42, sec-48; no other data
McClure, George  br-10-1-1913; Sec-31, lot-44 N1/2; no other data
McClure, H W br-5-7-1890; Sec-3, lot-120; no other data
McClure, Ida  d-1-7-1938; br-1-10-1938; age-10-13-1857; Sec-19, lot-18; parents-Jas Wood and Eliza Bardsley; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-435 Foote Ave, Bellevue; NR-Nellie Weaver, 16 Dunn St, Newport
McClure, James W  br-8-24-1906; Sec-3, lot-120; no other data
McClure, John W  (Adult) br-5-29-1894; Single grave-29, sec-1894; no other data
McClure, Julia  d-6-2-1935; br-6-5-1935; age-about 85; Single grave-67, sec-69; parents-Geo McClure and Virginia; single; place of death-Campbell Co Infirmary
McClure, Julia  br-12-26-1882; Single grave-70, row-1882; no other data
McClure, Mathilda B  d-7-17-1960; br-7-20-1960; age-67; Sec-54, lot-13 N1/2; parents-John Schmittner and Josephine Imhoff; born-Dayton KY; married; residence-1813 N Ft Thomas Ave; LO & NR-Walter McClure, husband
McClure, Sarah  br-10-26-1882; Sec-3, lot-120; LO-McClure and Searing; no other data
McClure, Sarah Lilly  (NOTE: card is very faded)  d-3-25-72; br-3-29-72; age-97; Sec-71, lot-103B W1/2; parents-George Jasper and Elizabeth Garner(?); born-Lexington KY; widowed; residence & place of death-6916 Valley Ave, Newtown; LO-self; NR-Wm J McClure, son, same address
McClure, William E  d-11-21-1970; br-11-24-1970; age-64; Sec-64, lot-39N1/2; parents-William Mc Clure and Ida Pinnell; born-Newman IN; married; residence & place of death-40 Broadview Pl, Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Genevieve Mc Clure, same address
McClure, William F Sr  d-7-2-1937; br-7-6-1937; age-4-1-1846; Sec-19, lot-18; parents-James and Sarah McClure; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-Mc Clure; NR-Ida McClure, 435 Foote Ave, Bellevue
McClure, Wm F  d-4-9-1940; br-4-11-1940; age-67; Sec-71, lot-103B W1/2; born-KY; married; place of death-Bellevue; LO & NR-Sarah Lilly McClure, 259 Ward Ave, Bellevue
McClurg, Dewitt T  d-6-29-1957; br-7-2-1957; age-3-21-1921; Sec-60, lot-30B; parents-Shelt McClurg; born-Emerson KY; married; residence-2009 Handall Rd, Indianapolis; cause of death-Acute coronary occlusion; LO & NR-Jane E McClurg, wife
McCoffery, John Wm  br-11-17-1919; Sec-20, lot-5; no other data
McCollum, Lester (US Gov Ft Thomas)  br-12-10-1909; Single grave-72, sec-25; no other data
McComas, Alice  br-5-27-1919; Single grave-66, sec-45; no other data
McComas, Nathan  br-10-11-1921; Single grave-88, sec-48; no other data
McConica, Lena  (Adult)  br-5-10-1900; Single grave-21, sec-1900; no other data
McConico, Cornelia  br-2-28-1922; Single grave-563, sec-42; no other data
McConico, Harry  br-3-28-1933; Single grave-108, sec-43B; no other data
McConico, Hayden  d-6-19-1937; br-7-31-1937; Single grave-602, sec-43B; parents-Henry McConico; place of death-Newport; cause of death-Hemplegice right side (acute myocarditis); NR-Emma Moore, daughter, 23 Clifton Ave, Newport
McConico, Infant  br-5-18-1892; Single grave-illegible; sec-11; no other data
McConico, John (Adult) Colored; br-3-28-1886; Single grave-17, sec-1886; no other data
McConnell, Geo P  (Adult)  br-4-13-1896; Single grave-22, 1896; no other data
McConnico, Mose  br-4-16-1921; Single grave-647, sec-42; no other data
McCord, Eliza A  d-9-24-1939; br-9-26-1939; age-2-26-1847; Sec-23, lot-28; parents-Crawford Fitch and Cava Cordingly; born-Louis County KY; widowed; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-Eliza A McCord; NR-Mrs H C Frazer, 874 Lexington Ave, Cinti
McCord, Emma Lou  d-2-10-1960; br-2-13-1960; age-9-3-1886; Sec-34, lot-69 W1/2; parents-Hiram McCord and Eliza Ann Fitch; born-KY; single; residence-1414 Locust St, Cinti; LO-Louis A Flummer, half brother; NR-Lillian R Reynolds, 6716 Seguster Ct, Cinti
McCord, Hiram B  br-11-4-1902; Sec-23, lot-28; no other data
McCord, Omer  d-4-13-1955; br-4-16-1955; age-11-17-1897; Single grave-807, sec-72; parents-Alex and Alice McCord; born-Fleming Co KY; single; place of death-End of Hamlet St, Newport; NR-Ottie McCord, brother, 318 American Ave, Lexington
McCord, Wm M  d-2-2-1944; br-2-4-1944; age-3-16-1885; Sec-23, lot-28 W1/2; parents-Hiram B McCord and Eliza A Fitch; born-Tolesboro, Lewis Co KY; single; place of death-2531 Ingleside Ave, Cinti; LO & NR-Emma Lou McCord, same address
McCormack, Anna Naomi  d-12-19-1951; br-12-22-1951; age-70; Single grave-88, sec-74; parents-Wm Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Jones; born-Parkersburg VA; married; place of death-residence; NR-Arch McCormack, 328 Washington Ave, Newport
McCormack, Carmella  br-2-29-1932; Sec-31, lot-20; LO-McCormack
McCormack, Charles R  d-11-15-1950; br-11-18-1950; age-7-27-1886; Sec-44, lot-22 E1/2; parents-John McCormack; born-Gibson City IL; married; place of death-residence; LO-Susie Andres; NR-Mrs Margaret McCormack, 333 6th Ave, Dayton
McCormack, Margaret  d-2-7-68; br-2-9-68; age-84; Sec-44, lot-22 E1/2; parents-John Thomas Griffith and Kathryn Hoak; born-OH; widowed; residence-695 Vine St, Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Susie Andres; NR-Charles W McCormack, son, R1 Box 180, Melbourne
McCormic, Annie (Adult)  br-10-27-1887; Single grave-38, sec-1887; no other data
McCormick, Alice  d-2-7-1958; br-2-10-1958; age-8-18-1874; Sec-59, lot-164 E1/2; parents-Henry Meyerse(?); born-Campbell Co; widowed; residence-313 Byrd St, Covington; LO-self; NR-Robert McCormick, son, same address
McCormick, Byron  d-3-14-1953; age-3-18-1953; age-5-9-1888; Sec-31, lot-20; parents-William H McCormick and Mary E Dawson; born-New Richmond OH; single; place of death-Ft Thomas VA Hosp; cause of death-Pneumonia; LO-Wm H McCormick, father; NR-Mrs Earl McCormick, 953 Forrest Ave, Memphis TN
McCormick, Chas  br-3-12-1924; Single grave-162, sec-46; no other data
McCormick, Clarence  d-6-8-1945; br-6-11-1945; age-4-18-1872; Sec-59, lot-164 E1/2; parents-McCormick; born-Owenton KY; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Alice McCormick, 2733 Dakota Ave, Covington
McCormick, Cora  d-6-6-1938; br-6-8-38; age-4-22-1866; Single grave-163, sec-46; parents-James and Margaret Linville; born-Germantown KY; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-res grave; Unspecified address-28 7th St, Newport
McCormick, David E  br-11-5-1913; Single grave-126, sec-8; no other data
McCormick, Earl M  d-10-14-47; br-10-20-1947; age-73; Sec-31, lot-20; parents-William H and Mary McCormick; place of death-Memphis TN; LO-McCormick
McCormick, Edaward (sic)  br-2-12-1918; Single grave-97, sec-25; no other data
McCormick, Emma  d-4-5-1954; br-4-8-1954; age-67; Single grave-559, sec-69; parents-Samuel Nichols; born-NY; widowed; place of death-Booth Hosp; cause of death-Carcinoma  LO-self; NR-none
McCormick, Matthew (Infant)  d-7-23-69; br-7-25-69; age-stillborn; Single grave-405, Sec-53; parents-Thomas E McCormick and Edith Ashcraft; born-Covington; single; residence-251 W 6th St, Covington; place of death-St Elizabeth; LO & NR-Thomas McCormick, father
McCormick, Lizzie  br-11-1-1930; Sec-3, lot-88; no other data
McCormick, M J (Adult)  br-8-23-1887; Single grave-33, sec-1887; no other data
McCormick, Mary E  br-9-21-1905; Sec-31, lot-20; no other data
McCormick, Nellie  d-4-22-1958; br-4-25-1958; age-78; Sec-31, lot-20; parents-William H Bissell and Lucy Hopkins; born-Newport; widowed; residence-Lovering Rest home, Hammersville OH; LO-William McCormick; husband; NR-Mrs Norma ReVore, sister, Hammersville OH
McCormick, Ralph  d-6-9-1938; br-6-11-1938; age-10-6-1891; Single grave-558, sec-69; parents-Wm and Mayme McCormick; born-Newport; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; Unspecified address-511 E Riverside Dr, Newport
McCormick, Samuel  br-9-20-1923; Sec-3, lot-88; no other data
McCormick, Wm H  br-3-11-27; Sec-31, lot-20; no other data
McCoul, Carrie  (Adult) br-5-17-1902;  Single grave-27, sec-1902; no other data
McCoy, Amelia  br-11-4-1916; Sec-39, lot-29D; no other data
McCoy, Arthur  br-2 July 1917; Single grave-41; sec-245; no other data
McCoy, Bertha  (Adult)  br-10-17-1900; Single grave-65, sec-1900; no other data
McCoy, Edmona  d-3-13-1946; br-3-16-1946; age-7-19-1860; Single grave-79, sec-68; parents-Hohn (sic) Moore and Jane Patterson; born-Lexington; place of death-residence; Unspecified address-RR1 Independence KY
McCoy, Edw  br-6-28-1919; Single grave-144, sec-45; no other data
McCoy, Eva  d-5-10-67; br-5-12-67; age-55; Sec-52, lot-150B; parents-John H and Bertha Gossman; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Lester B McCoy, husband, 328 Overton St, Newport
McCoy, Golden Richard  br-5-12-27; Single grave-52, sec-47; no other data
McCoy, Infant  br-5-25-1885; Single grave-52, sec-1885; no other data
McCoy, Infant  br-6-2-1899; Single grave-28, sec-1899; no other data
McCoy, Lester  d-9-3-1957; br-9-5-1957; age-72; Sec-52, lot-124; parents-Porter and McCoy; born-Lexington; married; residence-7 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue; LO & NR-Lottie May McCoy, wife; same address
McCoy, Lottie May  d-1-13-71; br-1-15-71; age-87; Sec-52, lot-124B; parents-Paul and Marcha Todd; born-Lexington; widowed; place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; LO-Lottie McCoy; NR-Mrs Martha Kilmer, daughter, 913 Terrace Ave, Dayton KY
McCoy, Margaret Ella  d-5-15-1963; br-5-18-1963; age- 55; Sec-34, lot-51 BS1/2; parents-Phillip Pemberton and Stella Smith; married; residence-206 Roosevelt Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Howard Mc Coy, husband
McCoy, Marian J  br-8-27-1910; Single grave-553, sec-28; no other data
McCoy, Mary (Adult)  br-1-24-1888; Single grave-7, sec-1888; no other data
McCoy, Porter  br-7-19-1930; Single grave-68, sec-68; no other data
McCoy, Winfield  br-3-7-27; Single grave-269, sec-48; no other data
McCracken, Addie  d-8-11-71; br-8-16-71; age-77; Single grave-351G, sec-69; parents-Charles Maddox and Catherine Seidel; born-Covington; widowed; residence-Stanley Rowe Tower, 1609 Linn St, Cinti; place of death-Cinti; LO-reserved single grave; NR-Father Paul Huber, SJ, Administrator, St Xavier Church, Cinti
McCracken, Eleanor  d-8-17-1946; br-8-20-1946; age-11-14-1885; Single grave-2, sec-72; parents-Wm and Mary Smith; born-Campbell Co; widowed; residence & place of death-1107 Grand Ave, Newport; NR-Aubrey McCracken, Ft Thomas
McCracken, Jas E  br-8-5-1929; Sec-1, lot-68; LO-McCracken
McCracken, John B  br-8-21-1943; age-4-10-1879; Single grave-1, sec-72; born-Black Leck PA; married; place of death-1107 Grand Ave, Newport
McCracken, Martha  br-12-29-1928; Single grave-322, sec-48; no other data
McCracken, Mary  br-4-12-1907; Sec-24, lot-49; no other data
McCrane, Daniel  d-1-5-1937; br-1-7-1937; age-7-7-1872; Single grave-319, sec-69; married; place of death-741 Second Ave, Dayton KY
McCray, Bonnie  br-1-28-1922; Single grave-125, sec-48; no other data
McCray, Claude J  br-8-12-1931; Single grave-31, sec-68; no other data
McCray, John Frank Jr  d-1-25-1951; br-1-29-1951; age-2-28-1917; Single grave-800, sec-43B; parents-John and Mary Brown McCray; born-Troy AL; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Flora McCray, 112 W Southgate St, Newport
McCray, Minnie  d-5-23-1935; br-5-27-1935; age-50; Single grave-32, sec-69; parents-James Beatley and Laura Richer; born-Covington; place of death-2043 Madison Ave, Covington
McCray, Walter J  d-6-1-70; br-6-3-70; age-90; Sec-65, lot-127D; born-KY; widowed; residence & place of death-6485 Gary Dr, Independence; NR-Walter G McCray, son, same address
McCrea, Charles D  d-8-16-1955; br-8-19-1955; age-3-5-1880; Sec-31, lot-49 S1/2; parents-Nathaniel and Mary McCrea; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-620 E 2nd St, Newport; LO-Lena Rogers, mother in law; NR-Mrs Russel Savage, 620 E 2nd St, Newport
McCrea, Ellen  br-4-10-1926; Sec-61, lot-49; no other data
McCrea, Ida May  d-6-27-1939; br-6-29-39; age-67; Sec-39, lot-21B; parents-Nathaniel McCrea and Mary J DuPlissey; born-Newport; single; place of death-628 E 9th St, Newport; LO-Nathaniel McCrea
McCrea, Irene  d-5-17-1936; br-5-20-1936; age-54; Sec-31, lot-49; parents-James G Rogers and Lena Schatzman; born-Newport; married; place of death-620 E 2nd St, Newport
McCrea, Isaac  d-9-2-1942; br-9-8-42; age-1-17-1876; Sec-61, lot-49; parents-Nathaniel and Mary McCrea; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-Dixie Hotel, Cinti; LO-self; NR-Chas McCrea, Newport
McCrea, Mary Jane  br-3-16-1921; Sec-39, lot-21B; no other data
McCrea, Nathaniel  br-2-17-1916; Sec-39, lot-21B; no other data
McCreedy, Wm  br-2-7-1930; Single grave-119, sec-25; LO-Ft Thomas
McCright, James  d-6-1-1935; br-6-4-1935; age-79; Single grave-578, sec-45; parents-Austin and Eleanor McCright; born-IN; widowed; place of death-839 Bank St
McCright, Sarah  br-3-18-1929; Single grave-579, sec-45; no other data
McCullaugh, Martha  br-7-3-1911; Single grave-115, sec-1902; no other data
McCullen, Belle  br-1-10-1911; Single grave-10, sec-1883; no other data
McCullogh, Kate (Child)  br-10-24-1892; Single grave-70, sec-1892; no other data
McCullough, Albert  br-1-26-1910; Single grave-89, sec-35; no other data
McCullough, Howard E  d-4-3-74; br-4-6-74; age-76; Sec-54, lot-95 N1/2; parents-Thomas B and Josephine McCullough; born-Alexandria; married; residence-250 Murnan Rd, Cold Spring; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Thom McCullough; NR-Mrs Carrie Crooks, wife, same address
McCullough, James N  br-4-14-1913; Single grave-416, sec-42; no other data
McCullough, Josephine Ketturah  d-11-19-1965; br-11-23-1965; age-1-5-1872; Sec-54, lot-95 N1/2; parents-James S Digby and Sarah Mc Murnan; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-Tippenhauer Road, Cold Spring; LO-Tom McCullough, husband; NR-Howard K McCullough, son
McCullough, Martin  d-1-17-1965; br-1-21-1965; age-87; Sec-63, lot-165 N1/2; born-E Liverpool OH; widowed; 421 2nd St, Cinti; place of death-General Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Harold Wheatley, friend
McCullough, Maurice  br-9-27-1893; Sec-22, lot-95, no other data
McCullough, Sarah M  br-3-23-1926; Sec-54, lot-95 N1/2; no other data
McCullough, Thomas Benjamin  d-1-10-1957; br-1-12-1957; age-85; Sec-54, lot-95 N1/2; parents-William McCullough and Katherine Youtsey; born-Alexandria; married; residence-Murnan Rd, Cold Spring; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Josephine McCullough
McCune (Adult)  br-6-25-1889; Single grave-33, sec-1889; no other data

McDaniel, Billy Lee  d-9-11-1936; br-9-14-1936; age-11-11-1931; Single grave-261, sec-70; parents-Wm C and Dovie Blackwood McDaniel; born-KY; single; residence-202 York St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp
McDaniel, Eva May  d-3-6-1957; br-3-8-1957; age-1-22-1883, 74 yrs; Sec-60, lot-22C; parents-John and Ann Dunway; born-Neville OH; widowed; residence-152 O'Fallon Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Ray McDaniel, son, 33 Shawnee Ave, Ft Thomas
McDaniel, Frank  br-10-7-1918; Sec-36, lot-31 E1/2; no other data
McDaniel, Infant  br-5-15-1930; Single grave-438A, sec-47; no other data
McDaniel, James  d-10-23-69; br-10-27-69; age-57; Sec-65, lot-120D; parents-James McDaniel and Eva May Dunaway; born-OH; married; residence-1212 5th Ave, Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Doris McDaniel, wife
McDaniel, J W  br-2-26-1892; Sec-17, lot-18; no other data
McDaniel, James  d-1-28-1954; br-1-30-1954; age-69; Sec-60, lot-22C; born-Kenton Co KY; married; LO & NR-Eva McDaniel, wife, 159 O'Fallon, Bellevue
McDaniel, James Albert  br-3-7-1931; Single grave-443, sec-47; no other data
McDaniel, James Paul (Infant)  d-7-13-68; br-7-16-68; age-13 hours; Single grave-293, sec-53; parents-Daniel McDaniel and Sherrie Rodgers; born-Covington; residence-1041 John St, Covington; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO & NR-Daniel McDaniel, father
McDaniel, Jesse  d-8-27-1965; br-9-2-1965; age-14 hours; Single grave-324, sec-53; parents-Jesse Turner and Sharon Mc Daniel; born-Ft Thomas; residence-142 Tracy Lane, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Sharon McDaniel, mother
McDaniel, Lawrence  br-12-9-1903; Single grave-44, sec-1903; no other data
McDaniel, Lulu  br-4-24-1913; Single grave-414, sec-42; no other data
McDaniel, Margaret E  br-3-30-1916; Sec-49, lot-59; no other data
McDaniel, Richard Dawson  br-5-31-1934; Sec-49, lot-59; LO-Nan DuBrul; no other data
McDaniel, Walter M  br-8-9-1918, Single grave-707, sec-43; no other data
McDaniel, Wm C  d-2-28-66; br-3-2-66; age-60; Sec-65, lot-43C; parents-Robert and Viola; born-KY; single; residence-1021 Columbia St, Newport; place of death-335 W 12th St, Newport; LO & NR-Edna McDaniel, daughter, same address
McDaniels, Margaret  br-8-5-1901;  Sec-17, lot-18; no other data
McDaniels, Maud  br-4-9-1900; Single grave-43, sec-1898; no other data
McDaniels, Walter  (Adult)  br-4-28-1898; Single grave-20, sec-1898; no other data
McDermott, Bertha Anna  d-7-12-1963; br-7-15-1963; age-1-7-1884; Sec-27, lot-75; parents-Edward J Schneider and Margaret Trautman; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-514 Monroe St, Newport; LO-Edward J Schneider, father; NR-Laura Schneider, sister, same address
McDonal, Lula  br-1-20-1909; Single grave-172, sec-35; no other data
McDonald, Albert  br-7-5-1888; Sec-10, lot-45; no other data
McDonald, Ann  br-12-18-1902; Sec-2, lot-9; no other data
McDonald, Carolyn  d-9-29-71; br-10-2-71; age-43(?); sec-65, lot-130B; parents-Clarence and Catherine Maines; born-Campbell Co KY; married; residence-110 Tippenhauer Rd, Cold Spring; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Edwin McDonald, same address
McDonald, Chas  br-6-15-1888; Sec-10, lot-45; no other data
McDonald, Delores  d-12-28-1973; br-12-31-1973; age-41; Sec-62, lot-120 North Grave; parents-David Fish and Josephine Williamson;  born-Lexington KY; married; residence-114 Sixth Ave, Dayton KY; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Kenneth R McDonald, husband, same address
McDonald, Eliz  br-2-8-1929; Sec-34, lot-55 W1/2; LO-Avery
McDonald, Emma  br-3-25-1891; Sec-2, lot-27; no other data
McDonald, Geo A  br-7-18-27; Single grave-325, sec-48; no other data
McDonald, George  (Adult) br-7-4-1899; Single grave-49, sec-1899; no other data
McDonald, George Thomas  d-11-10-1951; br-11-13-1951(?); age-10-15-1880; Sec-59, lot-18; parents-Thomas McDonald and Margaret Hedger; born-Ft Thomas; single; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Thornton Losey; NR-William McDonald, Brent KY
McDonald, Harry (Child)  br-9-24-1890; Single grave-66, sec-1890; no other data
McDonald, Henry  br-6-7-1898; Sec-23, lot-52 E1/2; no other data
McDonald, Infant  br-2-6-1905; Single grave-8, sec-1905; no other data
McDonald, James  br-6-14-1906; Single grave-138, sec-28; no other data
McDonald, Mabel Amelia br-7-3-1949; age-55; Sec-60, lot-142; parents-Pierce and Dora McDonald; married; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO-W McDonald; Unspecified address-410 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue
McDonald, Margaret  br-1-6-1933; Sec-10, lot-45; parents-Thos McDonald
McDonald, Margaret May br-1-11-1932; Sec-10, lot-45; LO-Thos McDonald; no other data
McDonald, Mathew  br-4-19-1888; Sec-10, lot-45; no other data
McDonald, Matthew  d-2-10-1935; br-2-12-1935; age-7-9-1857; sec-34, lot-55 W1/2; parents-McDonald; born-Campbell Co KY; widowed;  place of death-1805 Young St, Cinti; LO-Hallock E Avery
McDonald (or MacDonald) Mildred  d-1-10-1975; br-1-14-1975; age-6-30-1907; Sec-23, lot-45; parents-Eugene MacDonald and Dora Mueller; born-Newport; residence-604 Park Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Eugene MacDonald, brother, same address
McDonald, Minerva  br-3-12-1885; Sec-1, lot-23; no other data
McDonald (or MacDonald) Robt E  d-7-23-1948; br-7-26-1948, no box; age-1 hour; single grave-1084, sec-70; parents-David and Mary Mae McDonald; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-David Mac Donald; 1118 2nd Ave, Dayton
McDonald, Ruth A  br-9-29-1884; Sec-6, lot-43; no other data
McDonald, Stella  d-11-19-1942; br-11-21-1942; age-10-30-1890; Single grave-7, sec-72; parents-Mason Welsh; born-Falmouth KY; place of death-Booth Hosp; NR-Norma Powell, 2112 Cathedral Ave, Norwood OH
McDonald, Thomas  d-4-14-1943; br-4-17-1943; age-2-20-1854; Sec-10, lot-45; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-RR#2 Cold Spring; LO-Thomas McDonald; NR-Wm McDonald, same address
McDonald, William  br-4-23-1906; Single grave-88, sec-28; no other data
McDonnell, Lena (City order) (Colored) (Adult) br-4-1-1899; Single grave-18, sec-1899; no other data
McDononu, Samuel (Adult)  br-11-3-1887; Single grave-42, sec-1887; no other data
McDonough, Andrew  br-3-6-1896; Sec-15, lot-43 E1/2; no other data
McDonough, Infant B  br-3-20-1895; Single grave-17, sec-1895; no other data
McDowell, Anna  br-9-20-1913; Sec-26, lot-42 S1/2; no other data
McDowell, Bertha  d-1-16-1963; br-1-19-1963; age-1-24-1874; sec-26, lot-42 S1/2; parents-Andrew Leisure and Martha Washington; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-514 McKinney, Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-James McDowell, brother in law; NR-Hazel Breitenstein, 402 6th Ave, Dayton KY
McDowell, Bertha  d-2-12-1939; br-2-12-1939; age-52; Sec-71, lot-160 E1/2(?); parents-John and Marie Jaeshke; born-ND; married; place of death-667 Nelson Pl, Newport
McDowell, Dora  br-10-29-1895; Sec-22, lot-22; no other data
McDowell, Edgar  br-11-5-1932; Sec-26, lot-42 S1/2; LO-Jas McDowell; no other data
McDowell, Emma T  br-12-1-1906; Sec-9, lot-87 S1/2; no other data
McDowell, Homer H  d-10-22-1957; br-10-25-1957; age-1-4-1880; Sec-57, lot-61 W1/2; born-OH; widowed; residence-Galbraith Rd, Cinti; place of death-Drake Memorial Hosp; cause of death-Bronchial pneumonia; LO-McDowell and Rust, parents; NR-Emma Rust, sister, 804 Dixie Hwy, Erlanger
McDowell, Infant  br-7-20-1889; Sec-9, lot-87; no other data
McDowell, Infant  br-3-26-1888; Sec-9, lot-87; no other data
McDowell, Infant  br-4-9-1891;  Sec-9, lot-87; no other data
McDowell, Infant  br-3-26-1912; Sec-26, lot-25; no other data
McDowell, James  br-12-5-1896; Sec-23, lot-115; no other data
McDowell, James  br-3-2-1920; Sec-26, lot-42 S1/2; no other data
McDowell, Jennie  br-1-23-1930; Sec-34, lot-25 E1/2; LO-McDowell
McDowell, Joan  br-6-28-1918; Sec-9, lot-87 S1/2; no other data
McDowell, John  br-6-24-27; Sec-34, lot-25 E1/2; no other data
McDowell, John A  d-12-14-1939; br-12-16-1939; age-4-13-1857; Sec-57, lot-61 W1/2; parents-Thomas McDowell; born-Pittsburg; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-McDowell and Rust; NR-Sally Rust, 133 Walnut St, Southgate
McDowell, John Wm  br-3-9-28; Sec-9, lot-87 S1/2; no other data
McDowell, Marian  br-2-12-1916; Single grave-139, sec-41; no other data
McDowell, Mary  d-4-4-1935; br-4-8-1935; age-76; sec-57, lot-61 W1/2; parents-Riddle; born-OH; married; residence & place of death-133 Walnut St, Southgate;
McDowell, Robert  d-5-3-1935; br-5-6-1935; age-1-29-1897; Sec-34, lot-25 E1/2;  parents-John and Jennie Mc Dowell; born-Dayton KY; single; residence-305 5th Ave, Dayton KY;  place of death-Speers Hosp;
McDowell, Robt M  d-7-12-1945; br-7-16-1945; age-1-18-1871; Sec-26, lot-42 S1/2; parents-James and Anna McDowell; born-Dayton KY; married; place of death-residence; LO-Jas McDowell; BR-Bertha McDowell, 521 7th Ave, Dayton KY
McDyer, Infant  d-9-9-1937; br-9-10-1937; age-9-9-1937; single grave-567, sec-47; parents-Mose and Georgia McDyer; born-Newport; single; place of death-329 W 7th St, Newport
McDyer, Jacob  d-12-9-1958; br-12-12-1958; age-5-2-1900; Sec-61, lot-59B; parents-John McDyer and Emma White; born-Silver Grove KY; married; residence-R2 Box 642 Winters Lane, Cold Spring; LO & NR-Pearl McDyer, widow
McDyer, James W  d-1-15-1960; br-1-19-1960; age-37; Single grave-173, sec-25; parents-Mose McDyer; married; residence-Ft Holabird, Baltimore MD; place of death-Johns Hopkins, Maryland; cause of death-DOA; NR-Gladys G McDyer, wife, Box 215 Sullivan KY
McDyer, Moe  d-5-16-1966; br-5-19-1966; age-73; Sec-65, lot-64C; parents-John McDyer and Emma White; born-Iver KY; married;  residence-534 W 7th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Georgia McDyer, wife
McDyer, Nettie Ann  d-7-13-70; br-7-16-70; age-10-2-12; Sec-63, lot-251A; parents-George Atwood and Mary Gross; born-KY; married; residence-23 Main Ave, Highland Hts; place of death-Ft Thomas; NR-Robert McDyer, husband

McElfresh, Edward L  br-11-14-1918; Single grave-355, sec-41; no other data
McElhany, John (Adult) br-8-22-1890; Single grave-45, sec-1890; no other data
McElhinny, Anna Abbey  d-9-6-1963; br-9-10-1963; age-81; Sec-63, lot-190; parents-Alfred Mosher and Anna Newman; born-Newport; widowed; residence-842 Central Ave, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Anna McElhinny and Wm and Harold Abbey, self; NR-Harold Abbey, son, 69 High View Dr, Ft Thomas
McElhinny, Howard  d-10-28-1958; br-10-31-1958; age-12-25-1876; Sec-56, lot-101 S1/2; parents-Samuel McElhinny and Elizabeth Wright; born-Columbus OH; married; residence-228 Glazier Ave, Bellevue; LO-self; NR-Anna McElhinny, widow
McElhinny, Lillie May  d-7-14-1936; br-7-16-1936; age-8-4-1883; Sec-56, lot-101 S1/2; parents-William and Mary Alice Swisher; born-Middleport OH; married; residence-826 Central Ave, Newport; place of death-Newport; LO-Mc Elhinney
McElpesh, Rose  br-6-20-1918; Single grave-277, sec-41; no other data
McElwee, Charles Robert  d-3-9-1943; br-3-13-1943; age-70; sec-57, lot-53; parents-Wm and Mary Ellen McElwee; born-Newport; single; place of death-830 Columbia St, Newport; NR-Emma McElwee, same address
McElwee, Emma  d-2-10-1965; br-2-13-1965; age-92; Sec-57, lot-53; parents-William Mc Elwee and Mary Ellen; born-Newport; single; residence & place of death-728 E 10th St, Newport; LO-Frank F Jones; NR-Bessie Beck, niece
McElwee, Mary  br-6-9-1906; Sec-30, lot-11 S1/2; no other data
McElwee, Mary Ellen  br-12-16-1925; Sec-6, lot-84 N1/2; no other data
McElwee, William  br-3-26-1913; Sec-6, lot-84; no other data
McElwee, Wm  br-2-6-1930; Sec-6, lot-84 N1/2; LO-self

MacFadden, Elizabeth  d-6-9-1959; br-6-12-1959; age-80; Sec-27, lot-21; parents-Robert Stanhouse; born-New York; widowed; residence-772 E 10th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Phillipe, signed permission to use; NR-Nancy Henzle, daughter in law, 3708 Harding Ave, Cinti
McFarland, Ella  d-2-7-1956; br-2-10-1956; age-79; Sec-55, lot-12; parents-Jeff and Anna Haggard; born-Winchester KY; married; residence-6 W Crescent Ave, Woodlawn KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Wamsley, mother; NR-Samuel McFarland, same address
McFarland, Infant  d-9-18-59; br-9-21-59; age-stillborn; Single grave-135A, sec-70; parents-George and Myrtle Lee Sharp McFarland; born-Covington; residence-1135 Central Ave, Newport; NR-George McFarland, same address
McFarland, Rose  br-7-10-1925; Sec-3, lot-43 S1/2; no other data
McFarland, Samuel  d-6-30-1956; br-7-3-1956; age-8-24-1875; Sec-55, lot-12; parents-John Wm McFarland and Mary Phelps; born-Bowling Green KY; widowed; residence-224 6th Ave, Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Stella Wamsley, permission given; NR-Mary Ruth, sister, Louisville KY
McFeely, Mary  br-7-10-1887; Sec-9, lot-93; no other data
McFeena, Hazel Bengel  d-4-3-1961; br-4-6-1961; age-4-1-1905; Sec-58, lot-70; parents-Joel Rudolph and Emma Neil; born-Mt Summit OH; married; residence-20 Tower Place, Ft Thomas; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-self; NR-Jess Mc Feena, husband, same address
McFerren, Elsie Helen  d-11-7-1957; br-11-9-1957; age-58; Sec-61, lot-64; parents-Eugene and Sophia Krauss; born-Cinti; married; residence-1118 Central Ave, Newport; LO & NR-Geo McFerren, husband, same address
McFerren, George Benton  d-5-16-1965; br-5-19-65; age-76; Sec-61, lot-64; parents-Geo B McFerren and Gertrude Flemming; born-Mont Alto PA; widowed; residence-144 Bonnie Lynn Terr. Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-George E McFerren, son
McFerren, George Eugene  d-10-30-75; br-11-3-75; age-49; Sec-67, lot-154; parents-George B McFerren and Elsie Krauss; born-Newport; married; residence & place of death-144 Bonnie Lynn Terr, Southgate; NR-Dorothy McFerren, wife
McFerren, Marjorie  br-1-5-1929; Sec-61, lot-64; no other data
McFerren, Robert  br-5-25-1931; Sec-61, lot-64; no other data
McFerrin, Ellen  br-5-2-1930; sec-27, lot-80 S1/2; LO-Sarah Insko

McGaha, Donald  d-7-1-1938; br-7-3-1936; age-11-22-1935; sec-33, lot-42; parents-Chris and Florence McGaha; born-Cold Spring; single; place of death-Maple Ave, Cold Spring; cause of death-Convulsions; LO-Mrs A Ernst, grandmother
McGaha, Earl  br-8-12-1931; Sec-33, lot-42 W1/2; LO-Angeline Ernest; no other data
McGahen, Lena  d-12-21-1964; br-12-23-1964; age-8-20-1889; Sec-3, lot-13; parents-? Northcut and Emma Albrecht; born-Morning View KY; widowed; residence-42 Alpine Dr, Ft Thomas; place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; LO-self; NR-Mrs Louise Herfel, daughter
McGarry, Frances  d-6-30-1960; br-7-5-1960; age-65; Sec-71, lot-121A; parents-Robert A and Anna F Hicks; widowed; residence-1815 NW 47th St, Miami FL; LO-self; NR-Elmer Myers, son, 314 Riverside Dr, Newport
McGarry, John T  d-10-5-1944; br-10-7-1944; age-10-18-1885; Sec-71, lot-121A; parents-McGarry; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-Frances McGarry; NR-Francis Hicks McGarry, 877 Ludlow KY (?)
McGatha, Sarah Jane (City order)  (Adult) br-10-2-1902; Single grave-55, sec-1902; no other data
McGaw, Chas  br-4-6-1931; Sec-15, lot-88; LO-McGaw and Couley
McGaw, Earl  br-8-26-1895; Sec-15, lot-88; no other data
McGaw, Florence  br-10-26-1925; Sec-15, lot-88; no other data
McGaw, Mary  d-2-12-1956; br-2-15-1956; age-2-1-1862; Sec-34, lot-51A; parents-Anderson; born-Ireland; widowed; residence-2974 Colerain Ave, Cinti; LO & NR-Bessie McGaw, daughter, same address
McGaw, Orville  br-5-13-1897; Sec-15, lot-88; no other data
McGee, Anna  d-6-25-1959; br-6-29-1959; age-85; Sec-2, lot-24; parents-Henry Michelfelder; born-Newport; widowed; residence-1706 Helen Ave, Hamilton OH; LO-Henry Michelfelder, father; NR-Jessie McGill, daughter, Hamilton OH
McGee, John L  d-7-21-1948; br-7-24-1948; age-12-18-1870; Sec-2, lot-24; parents-Adam and Mary McGee; born-PA; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Michaelfelder;  NR-Anna McGee, 247 Evergreen Ave, Southgate
McGeehan, Daniel  br-10-15-1894; Single grave-25, sec-9; no other data
McGehee, Anna  br-4-17-1915; Sec-54, lot-102 S1/2; no other data
McGehee, James  br-4-21-1924; Sec-54, lot-102 N1/2; no other data
McGill, Anna (?)  (NOTE: this card is very faded and hard to read) d-2-7-1953; (NOTE: it appears (3) is written over “1” br-2-10-1951; age-5-11-1870; Sec-56(?), lot-42S; parents-August and Catherine A; born-Pomeroy OH; married; place of death-828 Thornton St, Dayton KY: LO-McGill; NR-Wm McGill, same address
McGill, Carmel E  d-6-17-69; br-6-20-69; age-61; Sec-73, lot-374 S1/2; parents-John Willeford; born-Gallitan Co KY: widowed; residence-614 E 10th St, Newport; place of death-Ft Thomas; LO-self; NR-Mrs Eva Ewing, daughter, 15 Peggy Ann Ln, Alexandria
McGill, Clyde  d-5-14-1966; br-5-17-1966; age-63; Sec-73, lot-374 S1/2; parents-James Mc Gill; born-Ft Thomas; married; residence-614 E 10th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Carmel Mc Gill, wife, same address
McGill, Harry  d-11-11-1973; br-11-14-1973; age-6-8-1902; Sec-65, lot-9; parents-William  and Anna Amberg McGill; born-KY; residence-211 Bonnie Leslie Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Clemmatene McGill, wife, same address
McGill, Hattie  d-5-31-1947; br-6-3-1947; age-5-4-1870; Single grave-581, sec-72; parents-Oliver Blackwell and Sarah Stevens; born-Newport; single; place of death-2409 Grandview Ave, Cinti; NR-Alice Jackson, 828 Saratoga St, Newport
McGill, James  br-12-10-1914; Single grave-724, sec-42; no other data
McGill, Martha A  br-8-20-1912; Single grave-511, sec-42; no other data
McGill, Norma  d-11-28-67; br-12-1-67; age-9-2-1892; Sec-54, lot-65 NE1/2; parents-Andrew Black and Louisa Emert; born-Newport; residence-915 33d St, Bakersfield CA;  place of death-Bakersfield; LO-Andrew Black, father; NR-Mrs R B Latham, daughter, same address
McGill, Stella  d-10-20-1942; br-10-22-1942; age-51; Sec-56, lot-42 S1/2; parents-William and Anna McGill; born-Dayton KY; married; place of death-Lakeland; LO-William McGill; Unspecified address-520 10th Ave, Dayton KY
McGill, William  d-4-29-1958; br-5-3-1958; age-94; sec-56, lot-42 S1/2; born-Cinti; residence-520 10th Ave, Dayton KY; LO-self; NR-Mrs Jack Sparks, same address
McGill, William Henry  (Ashes) d-12-12-1972; br-12-26-1972; age-78; Sec-36, lot-34 E1/2; married; residence & place of death-FL; LO-Chris Dorna
McGinnis, Geo A  d-3-21-1944; br-3-24-1944; age-6-28-1963; Sec-2, lot-37; parents-Thomas and Martha McGinnis; born-Newport; married; place of death-617 Park Ave; LO-Francis F Carter
McGinnis, Hattie  d-1-16-1966; br-1-18-1966; age-7-1-1865; Sec-20, lot-30; parents-Chas H Horner and Nancy Cones; born-Cold Spring; widowed; residence-66 Blue Grass Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Methodist home, 5343 Hamilton Ave, Cinti; LO-James McGinnis, father in law; NR-Dr Clay Crawford, 122 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas
McGinnis, Ida Martha  d-1-3-42; br-1-6-1942; age-80; Sec-20, lot-30; parents-Thomas S and Martha McGinnis; born-Newport; single; place of death-617 Park, Newport; LO-Jas McGinnis; NR-George A McGinnis, same address
McGinnis, Jessie Carter  d-12-11-67; br-12-13-67; age-8-26-1866; Sec-2, lot-37; parents-J Lawrence and Maria L Brickell; born-Newport; widowed; residence-677 Park Ave, Newport; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-Mrs Francis F Carter; NR-Col John Carter, nephew, 321 Culpepper Rd, Lexington KY
McGinnis, Jos  br-5-6-1888; sec-20, lot-30; no other data
McGinnis, Martha  br-4-21-1917; Se-20, lot-30; no other data
McGinnis, Patrick (City order)  br-4-7-1916; Single grave-447, sec-42; no other data
McGinnis, Thomas S  br-11-7-1905; Sec-20, lot-30; no other data
McGladden, Anna  d-6-10-1943; br-6-12-1943; age-9-9-1861; Sec-23, lot-118; parents-Ben and Catherine Range; born-Campbell Co; widowed; place of death-524 Thornton St, Newport; LO-Rebecca Clingman; NR-Mrs Claude Gosney, same address
McGladdery, David  br-12-17-1919; Sec-23, lot-118; no other data
McGladdery, Maggie (Adult)  br-6-21-1889; Single grave-32, sec-1889; no other data
McGlasson, Gertrude S  d-4-6-1954; br-4-8-1954; age-7-21-1889; Sec-49, lot-225; parents-J K Smith; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-residence: cause of death-cardiovascular; LO-J K Smith, father; NR-W H Smith, 2311 Rine(?) Ave, Cinti
McGlasson, Malcolm  d-12-17-1940; br-12-19-1940; age-10-9-1879; Sec-49, lot-225; parents-Geo and Estella McGlasson; born-Paris TX; married; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-John Sidney Smith; LO-Gertrude Smith McGlasson, 2576 Melrose Ave, Norwood; Perpetual Care
McGlone, Ethel  d-6-29-69; br-7-2-69; age-62; Sec-63, lot-271 S1/2; parents-Etherl McGlone and Janet Poe; born-OH  widowed; residence-Carlisle Ave, Melbourne; place of death-Bellevue; LO-self; NR-Mrs Mary Wilhite, daughter, Box 480 Lower Tug Ford Rd, Alexandria
McGlone, John Franklin  d-12-4-68; br-12-6-68; age-67; Sec-63, lot-271 S1/2; parents-Nathan McGlone and Hannah Lucas; born-Carter Co KY; married; residence-156 Carlisle Ave, Melbourne; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Ethel McGlone, wife
McGlone, Pearl  d-9-5-59; br-9-9-59; age-56; Single grave-223, sec-28; parents-C T Hurd and Arinda Ann Taul; born-Owensburg (sic) KY; single; residence-1017 Second Ave, Dayton KY; NR-Gloria Berne, daughter, Newtown OH
McGlothin, Infant  d-4-7-67; br-4-10-67; age-stillborn; Single grave-366, sec-53; parents-Timothy McGlothin and Mary Pierson; born-Ft Thomas; single; residence-300 Berry Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Mr and Mrs Timothy McGlothin, parents
McGlothin, William Eugene  d-3-7-71; br-3-11-71; age-8 yrs; Sec-65, lot-124A; parents-William McGlothen and Blanche Lawrence; born-KY; residence-324 Elm St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Blanche Lawrence, mother, same address
McGohan, Robert  d-8-25-69; br-8-30-69; age-64; Sec-63, lot-261 N1/2; parents-James McGohan and Sara Mann(?); born-Washington; married; residence-8 Sergeant Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Loraine McGohan, wife
McGovern, Infant  br-10-13-1913; Single grave-191, sec-35; Undertaker-father
McGow, Thomas  br-10-16-1914; Sec-31, lot-41; no other data
McGowan, Edward L  d-5-25-1956; br-5-29-1956; age-74; Sec-5, lot-98B; parents-William and Mattie McGowan; married; residence-116 Grant St, Ft Thomas; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO & NR-Margaret McGowan, wife, same address
McGrail, Flora (?) (NOTE: this card is very faded) br-illegible, d-1-23-1941; age-4-25-1915; Sec-56, lot-illegible; parents-Robert Hawkins and Lulu Tarvin; born-Persimmon Grove KY; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-McGrail; NR-John McGrail, 108 W 7th St, Newport
McGrail, Infant  d-1-9-1941; br-illegible; age-1-9-1941; Lot/sec-illegible; parents-John McGrail and Flora Mae Hawkins; born-Covington; place of death-Covington; NR-John McGrail, 108 W 7th St, Newport
McGrail, Lydia Marie  d-10-24-1961; br-10-28-1961; age-81; Sec-13, lot-55 N1/2; parents-Kate Sandner; widowed; residence-1632 Twining Dr, Rantoul IL; place of death-Chanute Aire Base; LO-Kate Sandner, mother; NR-Major John McGrail, son
McGraw, Ernest Runyan  d-8-8-1961; br-8-11-1961; age-68; Sec-34, lot-64 S; parents-James and Rose Runyan McGraw; born-OH; married; residence-812 Robert St, Newport; LO & NR-Mae McGraw, wife, same address
McGraw, John J  d-2-4-67; br-2-7-67; age-65; Sec-14, lot-31; parents-Adam McGraw and Rachael Hoffman; born-Cold Spring; married; residence-1017 Washington Ave, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Florence McGraw, wife, same address
McGraw, Mae  d-9-28-1975; br-10-1-1975; age-5-18-1901; Sec-34, lot-64 S1/2; parents-George Stevens and Anna Price; born-Newport; residence-422 Lindsey St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-John Stevens, brother, same
McGrew, James T  br-6-8-1898; Sec-1, lot-45; no other data
McGrew, W C  br-2-11-1892; Sec-1, lot-45; no other data
McGrory, Josephine E  d-4-24-44; br-4-24-44; age-11-23-1916; Single grave-358, sec-72; parents-Jones and Himden; born-IN; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; NR-Wm C McGrory, 437 8th Ave, Dayton KY
McGrudell, Joshua (Colored)  br-11-12-1919; Single grave-314, sec-35; no other data
McGrup, Frank  br-7-3-1883; no dates; Interment-6404; no other data
McGuff, Arthur William  d-11-41(sic)-1958; br-11-18-1958; age-65; Sec-54, lot-9 S1/2; parents-Luke McGuff and Mary Fitzpatrick; born-Cinti; married; residence-1118 Glenna Dr, Cinti; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-Brinkman, written permission; NR-Alma McGuff, widow
McGuff, Nell Ann Rich  Single grave-851C, sec-68; no other data
McGuire, Fannie  d-12-26-1936; br-12-30-1936; age-48; Single grave-605, sec-43B; born-Berry KY; residence-660 W6th St, Cinti; place of death-Cinti General Hosp
McGuire, Infant  d-1-5-1963; br-1-7-1963; age-1day; Single grave-229, sec-53; parents-William McGuire and Alma Runyons; born-Dayton; residence-1118 Fifth Ave, Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-William McGuire, father
McGuire, Infant  d-12-8-1960; br-12-9-1960; age-1 1/2 hrs; Single grave-64, sec-53; parents-Claudette  McGuire; born-Dayton KY; residence-216 6th Ave, Dayton KY; NR-Claudette Mc Guire, mother
McGuire, Kenis  d-1-19-1966; br-1-22-1966; age-62; Sec-63, lot-9; parents-Tom McGuire and Emma Blackburn; born-Pike Co KY; married; residence-125 Hallam St, Bellevue; place of death-State Hosp, Paris KY; LO & NR-Margaret McGuire, wife
McGurk, James  br-7-25-1924; Single grave-256, sec-47; no other data
McGurk, Margaret  br-5-16-1929; Single grave-593, sec-45; no other data
McGuyre, Jennie  br-6-21-1915; Sec-34, lot-11; no other data

McHale, Edward  (Child)  br-9-25-1902; Single grave-66, sec-1902; no other data
McHatton, John  d-6-2-1935; br-6-5-1935; age-12-10-1870; Sec-57, lot-20 E1/2; parents-John and Floretta McHatton; born-Latonia KY; married; place of death-29 W 10th St, Newport; LO-Grace McHatton, wife
McHenry, Caroline  d-9-29-1951; br-10-2-1951; age-1-25-1871; Sec-59, lot-298 E1/2; parents-John A and Adeline Cassel; born-Covington; widowed; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Harry Luedeke, 10 Sunset Ave, Ft Thomas
McHenry, Carrie L  br-4-22-1926; Single grave-169, sec-42; no other data
McHenry, Chas  br-7-18-1891; Sec-5, lot-24; no other data
McHenry, Chas F  br-6-7-1922; Sec-3, lot-10; no other data
McHenry, Cora Lee (City of Newport)  (Colored) d-1-23-1937; br-2-3-1937; age-48; Single grave-713, sec-43B; parents-John T Johnson; born-Georgetown KY; married; residence-211 W 4th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; cause of death-Ovarian carcinoma; no other data
McHenry, Edw  br-4-9-1890; Sec-3, lot-10; no other data
McHenry, Eva B  d-3-19-1965; br-3-23-1965; age-83; Sec-54, lot-48 N1/2; parents-Frank McHenry and Lillian B Mott; born-Newport; single; residence-27 Linden Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-residence; LO-Roxie McHenry, sister in law, signed permission on deed; NR-Lillian McHenry, sister
McHenry, George B  br-4-7-1903; Sec-26, lot-25 N1/2; no other data
McHenry, Harry N  br-3-15-1911; Single grave-14, sec-41; no other data
McHenry, Howard S  (NOTE: this card is very faded) d-12-6-68; br-12-11-68; age-5-26-96; Sec-26, lot-25 N1/2; parents-George McHenry and Mary English; born-Newport; married; residence-5556 7th Ave N, St Petersburg FL; place of death-Bay Pines(?) FL; LO-H Thomas McHenry, son; NR-Harriett Thomas McHenry, wife; same address
McHenry, Izetta May  d-3-24-1946; br-3-27-1946; age-65; sec-3, lot-10; parents-C F and Izetta McHenry; born-Newport; single; residence-Cornell Apts, Washington Ave, Newport; place of death-Ft Thomas; LO-McHenry
McHenry, Jennie Viola  d-4-5-1955; br-4-7-1955; age-3-15-1881; Sec-32, lot-23 W1/2; parents-John and Anna Garrett; born-IN; widowed; place of death-Masonic Home, Louisville; LO-McHenry, father in law; NR-Rose Lesie, sister, Rising Sun IN
McHenry, John  br-9-9-1901; Sec-5, lot-24; no other data
McHenry, John Allen  d-3-14-1935; br-3-16-1935; age-10-3-1881; sec-32, lot-23 W1/2; parents-Wm F and Narzett McHenry; born-Newport; married; place of death-110 E 3rd St, Newport; LO-Wm T McHenry
McHenry, Lillie B  d-3-28-1942; br-3-30-1942; age-81; Sec-3, lot-10; parents-Mott; born-PA; married; place of death-27 Linden Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-John McHenry; NR-Nell McHenry, same address
McHenry, Lillian M  d-11-7-75; br-11-10-75; age-83; Sec-54, lot-48 S1/2; parents-Lillian Mott and Frank R McHenry; born-Newport; single; residence-27 Linden Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-Lillie B McHenry; NR-Mr Frank McHenry, 824 Valley Creek Dr, Stone Mountain GA
McHenry, Mary Allen  br-7-12-27; Sec-26, lot-25 N1/2; no other data
McHenry, Marzette  br-2-7-1911; Sec-32, lot-23 W1/2; no other data
McHenry, Nellie  d-5-13-65; br-5-15-65; age-76; Sec-54, lot-48 S1/2; parents-Frank McHenry and Lillian B Mott; born-Newport; single; residence-27 Linden Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Eastern State Hosp, Lexington KY; LO & NR-Lillian McHenry, sister, same address
McHenry, Mrs  br-4-4-1887; sec-5, lot-24; Interment-7572; no other data
McHenry, Raymond  br-3-21-1933; Sec-54, lot-48; no other data
McHenry, Raymond M  d-10-19-48; br-10-21-1948; age-78; Sec-59, lot-298 E1/2; parents-William McHenry and Amanda Montrose; born-Brantford, Ontario Canada; married; place of death-residence; LO-McHenry
McHenry, Wm T  br-12-23-1932; Sec-32, lot-23 W1/2; LO-self
McHough, Infant  br-9-8-1895; Single grave-55, sec-1895; no other data
McHough, Lizzie (Adult)  br-10-2-1895; Single grave-56, sec-1895; no other data
McHugh, Ernest Ray'd  br-1-24-1949; age-51(?); Sec-36, lot-1; parents-Wm and Lula Maude Salmon McHugh; married; residence & place of death-103 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue, LO-McHugh
McHugh, Evelyn J  br-1-27-1931; Single grave-462 A, sec-47; no other data
McHugh, Lulu Maud  d-10-7-1943; br-10-9-1943; age-65; sec-36, lot-1; born-Pendleton Co KY; widowed; residence-941 York St, Newport; LO-Ware and McHugh; NR-Geo McHugh, 229 W 4th St, Covington
McHugh, Robt A  br-1-3-1916; Sec-36, lot-1; no other data
McHugh, Russell V  d-4-3-1950; br-4-6-1950; age-52; Sec-22, lot-86, 87; parents-Frank and Eliza McHugh; born-Norwood; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Phillip and Scarlett; NR-Mrs McHugh, 22 Linden Ave, Ft Thomas; Perpetual care
McHugh, Russell V  br-5-27-1932; Sec-22, lot-86; LO-J W Phillips
McHugh, Ruth  br-10-9-1929; sec-36, lot-1; LO-McHugh
McHugh, Wm H  d-5-15-1942; br-5-18-1942; age-74; Sec-36, lot-1; born-Somerset; married; place of death-1320 Wheeler, Covington; LO-McHugh; NR-Lula Solmon McHugh, same address

McIlhaney, Daniel  br-9-6-1923; Sec-5, lot-60; no other data
McIlhaney, Elizabeth  br-1-17-1914; Sec-5, lot-60; no other data
McIlveen, George  d-10-23-68; br-10-26-68; age-8-5-1903; Sec-73, lot-24 SE1/2; parents-George McIlveen and Alice Wakefield; born-Jersey City NJ; married; residence-200(?)1 N Adams St, Arlington VA; LO & NR-Gladys McIlveen, same address
McIntosh, Alvin Ray  d-12-29-1960; br-1-3-1961; age-53; Sec-51, lot-33A; parents-Nimrod McIntosh and Cora Ellen Hilton; born-KY; married; residence-29 Grandview Ave, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Thelma McIntosh, wife
McIntosh, Brack  d-11-18-1952; br-11-21-1952; age-2-21-1905; Sec-73, lot-292; parents-Geo and Cicey(?) McIntosh; born-Jackson Co KY; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Janie McIntosh, 212 W 12th St, Newport
McIntosh, Clara  d-5-12-67; br-5-16-67; age-1-16-1942; sec-73, lot-182 N1/2; parents-Joseph Crawford and Louella Christian; born-Cincinnati; married; residence-932 Central Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; cause of death-DOA; LO & NR-Roy McIntosh, husband same address
McIntosh, Frank  br-10-22-1912; Single grave-226, sec-42; no other data
McIntosh, Infant  br-3-18-1929; Single grave-356, sec-47; no other data
McIntosh, Infant (CC(?))  br-7-19-1930; Single grave-436, sec-57(?); no other data
McIntosh, Infant  br-5-11-1920; Single grave-553, sec-8; no other data
McIntosh, James W  d-2-25-1953; br-2-28-1953; age-55; Sec-59, lot-77; parents-Joseph and Anna Mcintosh; born-Covington; married; place of death-residence; LO-Warren Ray, son in law; NR-Dortha McIntosh, 424 Eighth Ave, Dayton KY
McIntosh, Linda Sue  (Infant)  br-7-23-1949; age-2 mo; parents-Howard and Lule McKessie McIntosh; place of death-residence; Unspecified address-706 Central Ave, Newport
McIntosh, Mary  d-7-19-71; br-7-22-71; age-91; Single grave-468, sec-45; parents-Lieboner; born-Germany; residence-823 Liberty St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Mrs Nolan Rose, daughter, same address
McIntosh, Maynard  br-12-10-27; Single grave-469, sec-45; no other data
McIntosh, Robert A  d-10-28-1961; br-11-4-1961; age-22; Sec-73, lot-235B; parents-Robert S Mc Intosh and Arlene Brakefield; born-Detroit MI; married; residence-403 Girard SEE Albuquerque NM; cause of death-Cerebral concussion; LO-Robt S McIntosh, father; NR-Shirley McIntosh, wife, same address
McIntosh, Stephen  d-2-2-68; br-2-5-68; age-68; Sec-74, lot-536; parents-Buck McIntosh and Mary Oaks; born-Jackson KY; married; residence-84 Eustace Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Mrs Vina McIntosh, wife, same address
McIntosh, Walter M  d-4-20-1956; br-4-24-1956; age-41; Sec-52, lot-20A; parents-Maynard and Mary McIntosh; born-KY; married; residence-938 Ann St, Newport; cause of death-Gun shot wound; LO & NR-Emila Mcintosh, same address
Mcintosh, William Arnold  d-12-6-1958; br-12-10-1958; age-8-18-1912; Sec-51, lot-41A; parents-Min McIntosh and Cora Ellen Helton; born-Booneville, Owsley Co KY; single; residence-39 E 10th St, Newport; NR-Cora McIntosh, mother
McIntosh, William d-3-30-1955; br-4-4-1955; age-9-6-1923; Sec-74, lot-536; parents-Steve McIntosh and Vovie Carrol; born-Perry Co KY; married; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Dorothy McIntosh, 85 Eustace Ave, Highland Hts
McIntyre, Henrietta  d-5-14-1964; br-5-16-64; age-67; Sec-61, lot-134; parents-Arnold Barhorst and Caroline Grefer; born-Covington; widowed; residence-331 E 3rd St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Carrie Evans, sister, 20 Parker Rd, Newport
McIntyre (Infant)  br-7-12-1910; Single grave-36, sec-1910; no other data
McIntyre, James E  d-9-7-1956; br-9-10-1956; age-82; Sec-42, lot-33; born-Madison IN; widowed; residence-1127 5th Ave, Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Anton Winzig, in law; NR-Miss Juanita McIntyre, same address
McIntyre, Martha  d-10-10-1945; br-10-13-1945; age-68; Sec-42, lot-33; parents-William and Eliza Marsh; born-Newport; married; residence-1127 5th Ave, Dayton KY; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Winzig
McIntyre, Miles Augustine  d-7-14-1945; br-7-17-1945; age-60; Sec-59, lot-232 E1/2; parents-James and Margaret McIntyre; born-Cinti; married; residence & place of death-722 Putnam St, Newport
McIntyre, Nell V  d-3-6-1947; br-3-10-1947; age-62; Sec-59, lot-232 E1/2; parents-Dan DeMarcus; born-NC; widowed; place of death-116 E 5th St, Newport
McIntyre, Raymond  d-12-21-1963; br-12-27-1963; age-68; Sec-61, lot-132-134; parents-John McIntyre and Lucille Riley; born-Covington; married; place of death-Eastern State Hosp, Lexington; LO & NR-Henriette McIntyre, wife

McKale, Tony  br-10-25-1892; Single grave-21, sec-1884; no other data
McKamey, Infant  d-1-17-67; br-1-18-67; age-stillborn; Single grave-289, sec-53; parents-Patricia McKamey; residence-561 E 4th St, Newport; NR-Patricia McKamey, mother
McKay, Flora  br-2-21-1929; Sec-27, lot-73 S1/2; LO-Peter R West; no other data
McKeag, Robert M  d-2-26-70; br-3-3-70; age-91; Sec-49, lot-146; born-Cinti; married; residence & place of death-616 S Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; NR-Mrs Blanche McKeag, wife, same address
McKeag, Blanche B  d-10-15-71; br-10-19-71; age-88; Sec-49, lot-146; parents-Joshua Boggs(?) and Sarah Neal(?); born-Alexandria; widowed; residence-616 S Ft Thomas, Ft Thomas; place of death-Ft Thomas; LO-Dr J A Robertson; NR-Mrs Anthony Steffen, 244 Murnan Rd, Cold Spring
McKee, Frances  br-2-5-1923; Sec-24, lot-24 E1/2; no other data
McKee, Geo  (Adult) (Colored)  br-2-20-1886; Single grave-8, sec-1886; no other data
McKee, Sidney M  br-9-21-1900; Sec-24, lot-24 E1/2; no other data
McKelvie, James  d-11-1-70; br-11-5-70; age-85; Sec-3, lot-77; parents-Robert McKelvie and Dorothy Mack; born-Glasgow Scotland; widowed; residence-National Elks Home, Bedford VA; place of death-Memorial Hosp, Bedford VA; NR-James McLane, nephew, 44 Greenwood Ave, Ft Thomas
McKelvie, Marguerite  d-2-15-1961; br-2-18-1961; age-65; sec-3, lot-77; parents-Joseph Heckman and Anna Lang; born-Newport; married; residence-41 River Rd, Ft Thomas; LO-Jos Heckman, father; NR-James McKelvie, husband, same address
McKendrick, Infant  d-1-13-1948; br-1-14-1948; age-1-13-1948; Single grave-717, sec-70; parents-George McKendrick; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-George McKendrick, father, 404 E 4th St, Newport
McKenzie, Alexander James 2nd  d-4-19-1951; br-4-23-1951; age-11-28-1870; Sec-60, lot-251F; parents-Thos and Eliz McKenzie; born-Dundee Scotland; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Jessie H McKenzie, wife, 316 Keturah St, Newport
McKenzie, Alex James  d-8-23-54; br-2-7-54; age-11-10-10; Sec-60, lot-256; parents-Alexander J M McKenzie and Jessie Barber; born-Phillipines; place of death-General Hosp; cause of death-knife wound; LO-Jessie McKenzie, mother; NR-Wauneta McKinzie, 2230 Kemper Ln, Cinti
McKenzie, Durward  d-7-2-1956; br-7-6-1956; age-3-14-1905; Sec-60, lot-256; parents-Alex McKenzie and Jessie Barber; born-Sacketts Harbor NY; residence-316 Keturah St, Newport; place of death-Paris KY; LO & NR-Jessie McKenzie, mother, same address
MacKenzie (sp), Frank Ray (Cremains)  d-8-5-73; br-8-17-73; age-81; Sec-24, lot-108; place of death-Cremation record number 73315; LO-Evergreen Cemetery Association; Unspecified address-19807 Woodward Ave, Detroit MI; NR-Mrs Harold M Hopkins, daughter, 4 Magda Ln, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
McKenzie, Irene Fletcher  d-2-17-52; br-2-20-52; age-6-16-1908; Single grave-79, lot-74; parents-Fletcher; born-Greenup Co KY; married; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-Geo O McKenzie, 602 Riverside Dr, Newport
McKenzie, Jessie  d-7-23-1961; br-7-26-1961; age-80; Sec-60, lot-251F; widowed; residence-316 Keturah St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Dorothy McKenzie, daughter, same address
McKenzie, Lester (City order)  br-8-4-1934; Single grave-1016, sec-42; no other data
McKenzie, Mabel M  d-12-3-1944; br-12-5-1944; age-73; Sec-34, lot-9 W1/2; born-KY; single; place of death-Bethesda Hosp; LO-self; NR-none
McKenzie, Sophia  br-6-13-1911; Sec-34, lot-9W; no other data
McKeown, Walter J  d-1-16-1936; br-1-18-1936; age-7-31-1895; Single grave-769, sec-68; parents-Eda McKeown; born-Melbourne KY (40); residence-Boone B, 4th & Scotts St, Covington; place of death-Covington (Tuberuler) (sic)  (Tubercular?)
McKeown, Wm  br-6-20-1924; Single grave-233, sec-47; no other data
McKesson, Carrie (City of Newport) (Colored)  d-4-23-1937; br-4-26-1937; age-40; Single grave-816, sec-43B;  parents-George McKesson; born-Ashville NC; place of death-215 Southgate St, Newport; cause of death-myocarditis
McKibben, Earl Raymond  br-7-27-1925; Single grave-149, sec-47; no other data
McKibben, Frank John  d-10-20-1945; br-10-23-1945; age-7-9-1876; Sec-57, lot-26; parents-John and Hollie McKibben; born-Chatham KY; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Frank McKibben, 612 Oak St, Newport
McKibben, Infant  br-7-19-1904; Single grave-31, sec-1904; no other data
McKibben, Lillian Nora  br-9-3-1921; Sec-50, lot-1; no other data
McKibben, Russell  d-7-26-1962; br-7-30-1962; age-75; Sec-31, lot-64D; parents-Winkelman; born-Siselem Switzerland; widowed; residence & place of death-834 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-Harry E Herrold, “wife”; NR-Russell McKibben, 647 E Winters Lane, Cold Spring
McKibben, Thelma G  br-9-27-1911; Single grave-98, sec-28; no other data
McKibben, Willa E  d-11-11-1974; br-11-14-1974; age-2-9-1881; Sec-57, lot-26; parents-James Gorham and Worley Waits; residence & place of death-Northern Ky Baptist Home, Newport;  LO-Frank J McKibben, husband deceased; NR-Jack McKibben, son, 5 Beechwood, Ft Mitchell
McKibben, William  br-4-23-1914; Single grave-329, sec-43; no other data
McKim, Dorothy  br-1-9-1919; Single grave-487, sec-8; no other data
McKinley, Frank  br-2-13-1912; Single grave-613, sec-42; no other data
McKinney, Alma  d-12-4-1941; br-12-8-1941; age-7-22-1912; sec-59, lot-50 W1/2; parents-Joseph and Ola Binkley; born-Davidson Co TN; married; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; LO-Ola Brown; Unspecified address-133 W McMicken, Cinti
McKinney, Elizabeth  br-12-13-27; Single grave-119, sec-48; no other data
McKinney, Frank  d-9-15-1973; br-9-19-1973; age-1-19-1898(?); Sec-64, lot-178; parents-Campbell McKinney and Era?; born-Morehead KY;  place of death-General Hosp; NR-Mrs Ceceia McKinney, wife, 362 Baum St, Cinti
McKinney, Joseph  br-1-11-1924; Single grave-118, sec-46; no other data
McKinzie, Samuel  br-11-30-1921; Single grave-300, sec-45; no other data
McKinzie, Sarah A  br-2-9-1920; Sec-24, lot-108; no other data
McKnight, Carolyn (Infant)  d-10-9-1974; br-10-11-1974; age-10-9-1974; Sec-Babyland, lot-Row#1; parents-James and Laura Combs McKnight; born-Ft Thomas; residence-18 W 8th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Laura McKnight, mother
McKnight, Infant  d-4-27-1937; br-4-29-1937; age-stillborn; Single grave-506, sec-8; parents-William McKnight and Alice Mae Sayra; born-Covington; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-William McKnight, 717 Weingartner Pl, Newport
McKnight, John H (Adult)  br-1-7-1893; Single grave-2, sec-1893; no other data
McKnight, Wm (Child)  br-9-23-1890; Single grave-64, sec-1890; no other data

McLachlan, John W  br-3-16-1926; Sec-36, lot-16; no other data
McLain, Clifford (Infant)  br-7-25-1925; Sec-50, lot-55 E1/2; no other data
McLand, Infant  br-4-23-1892; Single grave-31, sec-1892; no other data
McLane, Emma  br-11-11-1919; Sec-26, lot-8; no other data
McLane, Emma D  d-2-16-1958; br-2-19-1958; age-69; Sec-26, lot-8; parents-John and Ida Mae Lang; born-Newport; married; residence-38 Dumfries Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-James S McLane estate, father in law; NR-James S McLane, husband, same address
McLane, Florence Marie  d-6-21-1959; br-6-25-1959; age-68; Sec-26, lot-8; parents-Michael Jos Taney and Jennie Frizzell; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-16th St, Newport; LO-McLane; NR-Wilbur McLane, nephew, 45 N Crescent Ave, Ft Thomas
McLane, Fred L  d-5-24-68; br-5-28-68; age-8-23-1828; (NOTE: obvious date error)  Sec-26, lot-8; parents-James McLane and Mary Ann Derne; born-Newport; married; residence-308 Chestnut Way, Newport; LO-James S McLane; NR-Mrs Elizabeth McLane, wife, same address
McLane, Gertrude M  d-8-6-70; br-8-10-70; age-74; Sec-26, lot-8; parents-Joseph Heckman and Anna Lang; born-Newport; married; residence & place of death-45 N Crescent Ave, Ft Thomas; NR-Wilbur McLane, husband, same address
McLane, Harold  br-2-18-28; Single grave-343, sec-48; no other data
McLane, James S  br-6-14-1905; Sec-26, lot-8; no other data
McLane, John B  d-5-31-1958; br-6-4-1958; age-3-30-1875; Sec-26, lot-8; parents-James and Mary McLane; born-Newport; married; residence-115 Electric Ave, Southgate; LO-Jas McLane, father; NR-Florence McLane, wife
McLane, John B Jr  br-5-18-1915; Sec-26, lot-8; no other data
McLane, John L  d-6-27-1959; br-6-30-59; Sec-26, lot-8; parents-Jas S McLane and Mary A Dern; born-Newport; widowed; residence-38 Dumfries Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Jas McLane, father; NR-Mrs Jos Schlosser, daughter, 421 Rossford Ave, Ft Thomas
McLane, Lizzie  (Alternate spelling McClane)  d-2-10-1951; br-2-13-1951; age-78; Sec-26, lot-8; parents-Jas and May McCLane; place of death-Newport; LO-McLane; NR-Fred McClane, 648 E 3rd St, Newport
McLane, Mary A  br-4-30-1894; Sec-15, lot-8; no other data
McLane, Sallie J  br-6-25-1912; Sec-26, lot-8; no other data
McLane, Wilbert H  d-12-4-1973; br-12-7-1973; age-88; Sec-26, lot-8; parents-James S McLane; born-Newport; residence-45 N Crescent Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Baptist Rest Home; LO-James S McLane estate; NR-James S McLane, son, 44 Greenwood Ave, Ft Thomas
McLane, Wilbur E  d-5-18-1959; br-5-21-1959; age-12-27-1903; Sec-73, lot-194; parents-Fred L McLane and Emma Kisker; born-Newport; married; residence-2323 McArthur Lane, Newport; place of death-122 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-self; NR-Vivian McLane, wife, same address
McLann, Artie (Child)  br-7-8-1892; Single grave-44, sec-1892; no other data
McLaren, Bertha  d-7-28-1938; br-8-1-1938; age-8-8-1875(63); Single grave-632, sec-69; parents-Geo and Mary Schneider; born-Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp;  Unspecified address-106 Kenton St, Dayton KY
McLaren, Kathleen  d-2-20-1957; br-2-22-1957; age-3 days; Single grave-201A, sec-70; parents-Walter and Irene McLaren; born-Dayton; residence-777 3rd Ave, Dayton; NR-Walter McLaren, father
McLaren, Myrtle Carr  d-3-20-1959; br-3-24-1959; age-11-5-1884; Single grave-408E, sec-72; parents-James Jester and Cleste Thomas; born-Halstead KS; widowed; residence-88 Peter Noll Homes, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Juanita Dunaway, daughter, 888 Front St,
McLaren, Shirley  d-4-11-1942; br-4-13-1942; age-8-3-1935; Single grave-4, sec-70; parents-Walter and Irene McLaren; born-Dayton KY: place of death-Childrens Hosp; NR-Walter McLaren, 777 3rd Ave, Dayton KY
McLaren, Wm A  d-1-4-1950; br-1-7-1950; age-67; Single grave-583, sec-69; parents-John and Mary McLaren; born-Bunker Hill IL; married; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; Unspecified address-626 3rd Ave, Dayton KY
McLaughlin, A C  br-3-30-1922; Sec-44, lot-26B; no other data
McLaughlin, Anna (Adult) Single grave-29, sec-1896; no other data
McLaughlin, Douglas W  d-9-13-68; br-9-17-68; age-64; sec-57, lot-72 E1/2; parents-Amos McLaughlin and Bertie Mae Swice(?); born-Maysville; married; residence-137 W 13th St, Newport; LO-Elsie Erdman; NR-Sadie(?) McLaughlin, wife, same address
McLaughlin, Blaine  d-5-25-1943; br-5-28-1943; age-5-6-1884; Sec-44, lot-26B; parents-A C McLaughlin and Nancy Hamilton; born-Owensville; single; place of death-321 York St; LO-self; NR-Mildred Mauget, same address
McLaughlin, Brice  d-9-27-1963; br-9-28-1963; age-47; Single grave-723B, sec-72; parents-Thomas McLaughlin and Vesta Gray; born-Madison IN; married; residence-119 W 4th St Covington; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Goldie McLaughlin, same address
McLaughlin, Infant  d-11-23-1948; br-11-23-1948; age-stillborn; Sec-15, lot-61 N1/2, no box; parents-McLaughlin and Finley; born-Dayton KY; place of death-Dayton; LO-Claus Witt, grandfather; NR-Mr McLaughlin, 110 4th Ave, Dayton
McLaughlin, James  d-12-21-1974; br-12-24-1974; age-82; Sec-68, grave-540; parents-James McLaughlin; born-Cinti; residence & place of death-Apt 806 1200 Highway Ave W, Covington; NR-Virginia McLaughlin, same address
McLaughlin, Nannie  br-4-9-1934; Sec-44, lot-26B; LO-McLaughlin
McLaughlin, P C  br-5-17-1883; no grave listed; Interment-6367
McLaughlin, Pauline  br-10-16-1922; Sec-50, lot-34 E1/2; no other data
McLaughlin, Thos J  (Ashes in concrete) d-10-10-1951; br-11-5-1951; age-77; Sec-50, lot-34 E1/2; married;  place of death-Washington DC; LO-self; NR-Mrs Jessie McLaughlin, 1615 Kenyon St, NW, Washington DC
McLaughlin, Wm F  br-5-29-1933; Single grave-534, sec-68; no other data
McLaurine, Louise  d-11-10-1973; br-11-13-1973; age-46; Sec-64, lot-247 N1/2; parents-Charles Tidwell and Nellie Smoot; residence-41 St Nicholas Pl, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-William D McLaurine Sr, same address
McLean, Charles  (Ft Thomas USA)  br-2-18-1908; Single grave-65, sec-25
McLefresh, Clarence  d-5-5-1952; br-5-7-1952; age-12-25-1883; Sec-56, lot-132; parents-Alvin and Birdie McLefresh; born-Chilo(?) OH; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Nellie McLefresh, wife, 518 4th Ave, Dayton KY
McLefresh, Ernest Eric  d-4-30-1939; br-5-3-1939; age-9-23-1906; Sec-56, lot-132; parents-Clarence and Nellie McLefresh; born-Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Clarence and Nellie McLefresh; Unspecified address-518 4th Ave, Dayton
McLefresh, Nellie  d-2-13-67; br-2-15-67; age-80; Sec-56, lot-132; parents-James Gallagher and Mary Emma Kingston; born-Dayton KY; widowed; residence & place of death-29 High St, Highland Hts; NR-Mrs William Wessner, daughter, same address

McMahan, Barbara E  d-10-25-1975; br-10-28-1975; age-74; Sec-38, lot-47 W1/2; parents-Johnson Sawyer and Ida Meninger; born-Colorado; residence-RR1, Alexandria; NR-Mrs Gale Gosney, daughter, same address
McMahan, Bess  d-9-15-64; br-9-18-64; age-11-25-1964; (this last date should probably be 1864, since this person died in a nursing home and was widowed); parents-Marion Conner and Martha Cooley; born-Natchez MS; widowed; residence-Old Ky Home Nursing; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Grant McMahan, husband; NR-Mrs Chas MacMillan, 26 Alpine Dr, Ft Thomas
McMahan, Effie  d-4-29-1945; br-5-2-1945; age-75; Sec-23, lot-67 E1/2; parents-Harvey McMahan and Catherine Ames; born-Manchester OH; single; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; LO-H C McMahan; NR-Mrs Frank Furber, 210 E 38th St, Covington; Chas McMahan
McMahan, Elizabeth  br-5-10-1934; Sec-38, lot-47 W1/2; LO-McMahan
McMahan, Elmer  d-8-6-70; br-8-10-70; age-11-14-1894; Sec-36, lot-47 W1/2; parents-William McMahan and Elizabeth Gluick; born-Campbell Co; residence & place of death-25 E Main St, Alexandria; NR-Mrs Barbara McMahan, wife; same address
McMahan, Grant  d-1-12-1944; br-1-15-1944; age-2-10-1861; Sec-27, lot-43 N1/2; parents-Marion and Martha McMahan; born-Cinti; married;  place of death-1032 3d Ave, Dayton; LO-self; NR-Essie McMahan, same address
McMahan, H C  br-10-16-1918; Sec-23, lot-57 E1/2; no other data
McMahan, Helen A  br-10-23-1904; Sec-22, lot-95; no other data
McMahan, Iva T(?) (Child)  br-8-28-1896; Single grave-55, 1896; no other data
McMahan, John L  (City order)  d-11-25-1941; br-11-29-1941; age-7-8-1893; Single grave-490, sec-69; parents-John and Jennie Davis; born-Maysville; single; place of death-Dayton; NR-Nellie McCance, 136 5th Ave, Dayton
McMahan, Myrtle  br-6-1-1909; Single grave-47, sec-1901; no other data
McMahan, Thos  br-5-9-1893; Sec-22, lot-95 W1/2; no other data
McMahan, Wm  br-5-26-1934; Sec-38, lot-47 W1/2; LO-self
McMahn, Anna  br-2-2-1914; Sec-22, .lot-95; no other data
McManama, Emma  br-7-31-1909; Single grave-27, sec-1909; no other data
McManus, Douglas Wiley  d-12-14-1950; br-12-15-1950; age-12-13-1950; Sec-49, lot-173; parents-Jas and Edith McManus; born-Covington; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Pearl McManus, grandmother; NR-Jas McManus, 212 Scenic Ave, Park Hills
McManus, Pearl  br-5-21-1923; Sec-49, lot-173; no other data
McManus, Thomas M  d-2-18-47; br-2-22-1947; age-12-24-1883; Sec-49, lot-173; parents-Patrick McManus; born-Cinti; single; place of death-General Hosp; LO-self; NR-James McManus, 2113 Center St, Covington
McMath, Alice  br-1-20-1931; Sec-54, lot-52 S1/2; no other data
McMath, Edward Daniel  br-7-16-1930; Sec-54, lot-52 S1/2; LO-Alice McMath
McMath, John Mohler  d-4-13-1940; br-4-18-1940; age-9-23-1882; Sec-54, lot-52 S1/2; parents-Edward and Alice McMath; born-Falmouth; married; place of death-Detroit MI
McMath, Mary  d-11-9-1951; br-11-12-1951; age-87; Sec-54, lot-52 S1/2; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-Alice McMath; NR-Myrtle McMath, 609 York St, Newport
McMath, Robert  d-4-11-1941; br-4-15-1941; age-2-9-1899; Sec-54, lot-52 S1/2; parents-Edward and Alice Mohler; born-Falmouth; single; place of death-Newport; LO-Alice McMath; NR-Myrtle McMath, 830 Central Ave, Newport
McMay, Infant  (In adult grave)  br-7-21-1895; Single grave-32, sec-1895
McMay, Infant  br-7-20-1907;  Single grave-10, sec-1898; no other data
McMay, Robert (Infant)  br-1-9-1903; Single grave-2, sec-1902; no other data
McMeans, Floyd  br-6-18-1918; Single grave-724, sec-43; no other data
McMillan, Allie  br-4-23-1949; age-76; Sec-59, lot-251 W1/2; parents-Conrad and Barbara Alstedt Dietcher; widowed; place of death-Byrnes Rest Home; LO-self; Unspecified address-1553 Addingham Pl, Cinti
McMillan, Chas  d-5-25-48; br-5-25-48; age-6-29-1864; Sec-59, lot-251 W1/2; parents-George McMillan and Frances Thompson; born-Washington KY; married; place of death-residence; LO-McMillan; NR-Allie McMillan, wife, 1553 Addingham Pl, Cinti
McMillan, Charles C  d-6-8-66; br-6-11-66; age-94; Sec-60, lot-77; parents-John S McMilland and Elizabeth Eton; born-Flemingsberg KY; widowed; residence & place of death-523 Overton St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Miss Estelle McMillan, same address
McMillan, Florence  br-8-6-1917; Single grave-234, sec-41; no other data
McMillan, Francis  br-11-2-1904; Sec-26, lot-12; no other data
McMillan, George A  (Adult)  br-7-5-1902; Single grave-38, sec-1902; no other data
McMillan, Harry  d-10-24-1941; br-10-25-1941; age-11-18-1886; Single grave-74, sec-72; parents-James W and Mary Butler; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Dayton OH; NR-Lucille McMillan 226 6th Ave, Dayton KY
McMillan, Harry  br-1-26-1926; Sec-26, lot-12 N1/2; no other data
McMillan, Infant  br-8-16-1919; Single grave-513, sec-8; no other data
McMillan, Jennie  d-7-12-1950; br-7-15-1950; age-11-6-1874; Sec-60, lot-77; parents-Littleton and Isadora Mingus; born-Augusta KY; married; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Charls McMillan, 523 Overton St, Newport
McMillan, Mary C  br-5-22-1933; Single grave-535, sec-68; no other data
McMillan, Raymond E Sr  d-12-5-1964; br-12-8-1964; age-8-25-1900; Sec-65, lot-38C; parents-Charles McMillan; born-Newport; widowed; residence-712 York St, Newport; place of death-Newport; LO–Charles E McMillan, father; NR-Charles McMillan, son, Taylor Mill KY
McMillan, John (Adult)  br-1-28-1891; Single grave-2, sec-1891; no other data
McMillin, Harry P (Adult)  br-2-2-1889; Single grave-9, sec-1889; no other data
McMillin, J W (Adult)  br-12-5-1893; Single grave-56, sec-1893; no other data
McMullen, Dennis M  (Infant) d-5-31-1946; br-6-1-1946; age-3 days(?); Single grave-801, sec-70; parents-George and Amy E Simpson; born-Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-George McMullen, 202 Lafayette Ave, Bellevue
McMurray, Alice Barnaclo  d-8-21-1958; br-8-23-1958; age-8-10-1881; Sec-49, lot-119; parents-? Anderson and Clarissa Clark; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-2410 Anderson Rd, Ft Mitchell; LO-self; NR-Mrs Arthur Barnaclo, son
McMurtrey, Lanes A  d-5-17-72; br-5-19-72; age-86; Sec-63, lot-236 S1/2; parents-James E McMurtrey and Nannie Alexander; born-KY; widowed; residence-204 Main St, Dayton KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Robert Jameson, 2330 Medford Ln, Louisville
McMurtrey, Vertrees G  d-10-25-66; br-10-28-66; age-67; Sec-63, lot-236 S1/2; parents-Will Swift and Haley Yoder; born-TN; married; residence & place of death-204 Main St, Dayton; LO & NR-Lane A McMurtrey, husband, same address
McMurtry, Mary Louise  br-8-9-1932; Sec-26, lot-1; LO-Henry Walker
McMurtry, Mary Stead  br-7-23-1910; Sec-4, lot-52; no other data

McNade, Infant (City order)  br-3-7-1898; Single grave-10, sec-1898; no other data
McNair, Margaret  d-7-14-1937; br-7-22-1937; age-55; Sec-1, lot-56; parents-Lewis and Ida Gidson; born-Newport; married; LO-Gidwon(sic); place of death-Anchorage KY; cause of death-Pulmonary TB
McNamara, Bessie A  d-2-9-1973; br-2-13-1973; age-3-25-1887; Sec-65, lot-59D; parents-Adam Rivers and Ellen Riley; born-Locust Grove OH; widowed; residence-862 Berry Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Peter J McNamara, husband; NR-Mrs Mary Hausman, daughter, 517 Grandview, Bellevue
McNamara, Lorene  d-12-29-1963; br-12-31-1963; age-48; Sec-65, lot-11B; parents-Edward B Bryant and Pearl Witt; born-Irvine KY; married; residence-242 Walnut St, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-C Kay McNamara, husband
McNamara, Peter L  d-7-21-1965; br-7-24-1965; age-2-29-1884; Sec-65, lot-59D; parents-John McNamara and Mary Lyons; born-Conistic(?) NY; married; residence-1762 Cleveland Ave, Norwood OH; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO & NR- Bessie R McNamara, wife
McNay, Mary E (Adult)  br-5-9-1895; Single grave-32, sec-1895; no other data
McNeal, Anna  br-3-29-1926; Single grave-153, sec-42; no other data
McNeal, Edna E  br-3-20-1906; Single grave-15, sec-1906; no other data
McNeal, Ellen  d-8-26-1953; br-8-29-1953; age-8-8-1870; Sec-27, lot-53 N1/2; parents-Thomas Spargo and Mary Jean Thomas; born-England; place of death-St Mary Hosp; LO-Wm Thomas Sr; NR-Harold McNeal, 1844 Carll St, Cinti
McNeal, Ethelyn R  br-12-27-1907; Single grave-565, sec-28; no other data
McNeal, Infant  br-3-11-1907; Single grave-33, sec-1907; no other data
McNeal, Jas  br-5-28-1919;  Single grave-496, sec-8; no other data
McNealy, Guy S  d-11-21-1965; br-11-24-1965; age-9-7-1893; Sec-39, lot-42 S1/2; parents-James S McNealy and Louise VonKeecontal; born-Reading OH; married; residence-6750 S W 8th St, Miami FL; place of death-Cordon County Hosp, Calhoun GA; LO-Louise McNealy, mother; NR-Elsie McNealy, Wife
McNealy, James E  d-11-11-1940; br-11-14-1940; age-83; Sec-39, lot-42 S1/2; parents-Guy McNealy; place of death-2500 Auburn Ave, Cinti; LO-Louise McNealy; Perpetual care
McNealy, Louise Bergmann  d-12-26-1937; br-12-29-1937; age-70(?); Sec-39, lot-42 S1/2; parents-Hermann Bergmann; born-OH; married; place of death-20 Mercer St, Cinti; NR-James McNealy, husband, 244 Park, Ludlow
McNealy, Ruby  br-4-7-1917; Sec-39, lot-42 S1/2; no other data
McNeely, Josephine  br-2-20-1903; Sec-1, lot-40; no other data
McNeely, Marjorie Nadine  br-9-16-1930; Sec-54, lot-53 S1/2; LO-Ernest Bardin
McNeigh, Kate  br-10-30-1906; Single grave-14, sec-1884; no other data
McNelly, Noini Ruth  br-7-5-1910; Single grave-35, sec-1910; no other data
McNiellis, Margaret Lee  d-8-23-1958; br-8-27-1958; age-52; Sec-52, lot-10; parents-Chas Rieger and Jessie Dammert; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-513 6th Ave, Dayton KY; LO-Chas and Jessie Dammert; parents; NR-Jessie Dammert, mother
McNinch, Marilyn  d-2-9-1959; br-2-10-1959; age-stillborn; Sec-56, lot-164; parents-Keith McNinch and Marilyn Otto; born-Ft Thomas; residence-175 Miami Pkwy, Ft Thomas; LO-Otto family, grandparents; NR-Keith McNinch, father
McNutt, Maurice  d-11-8-1948; br-11-11-1948; age-4-5-1890; Sec-59, lot-268 W1/2; parents-Samuel and Prisilla McNutt; born-Bellevue; married; place of death-residence; NR-Anna McNutt, 405 McKinsey St, Dayton KY
McNutt, Maurice  br-4-16-1918; Single grave-451, sec-8; no other data

McPherson, Evelyn  no dates; Single grave-306, sec-69; no interment #; LO-permission signed by Ruth Freeman

McQueety, Amanda L  d-1-8-1951; br-1-11-1951; age-12-28-1867; Sec-30, lot-7 S1/2; parents-Harry and Amanda Wooten McQueety; born-Newport; place of death-residence- NR-Mrs Arbutus Nelson, 6624 Coleridge Ave, Cinti
McQueety, James Wilson  d-12-13-1942; br-12-15-1942; age-9-29-1864; Sec-30, lot-7 S1/2; parents-John McQueety and Mary Wilson; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Cinti; LO-Laura Lloyd; NR-Amanda McQueety, 3226 Gilbert Ave, Cinti
McQuillan, Annie  d-9-9-1938; br-9-21-1938; age-69yrs-10 mos-2 dys; parents-John and Theresa Kirsch; place of death-Franfort KY; cause of death-Infirmities of age; LO-Theresa Kirsch; NR-W Krisch (sic)
McQuinn, Florence J  d-12-2-1955; br-12-7-1955; age-89; Sec-31, lot-7; parents-Joshua T and Mary Elizabeth Cropper; born-Manchester OH; widowed; LO-Cropper, parents; NR-Edwin Jacobi, son, 302 Fairfield Ave
McQuire, Ora May  br-4-13-1923; Sec-34, lot-11 E1/2; no other data

McReynolds, Alvin  d-2-5-1940; br-2-8-1940; age-6-25-1861; Sec-31, lot-45; parents-Joseph McReynolds and Mary Nelson; born-Evanston IN; married; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; LO-self; Unspecified address-2857 Observatory Rd, Cinti
McReynolds, Mary  d-3-24-1941; br-3-26-1941; age-4-8-1864; Sec-31, lot-45; born Lockport KY; widowed; place of death-222 Fosdick St, Cinti; LO-Alvin McReynolds
McReynolds, Viva  br-3-2-1895; no grave listed; Interment #11566
McReynolds, Viva Mary  br-5-18-1910; Sec-31, lot-45; no other data

McVeigh, Clifford C  d-12-13-1951; br-12-15-1951; age-3-9-1891; Single grave-156, sec-69; born-Newport; married; place of death-Louisville KY; cause of death-Bronchigene carcinoma; LO-self; NR-Mrs Cora McVeigh, 223 E 2d St, Newport
McVeigh, Cora  d-4-11-1965; br-4-14-1965; age-7-7-1887; Single grave-114, sec-74; parents-Suiter; born-Clarksville TN; widowed; residence-223 E 2d St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Margaret Howley, daughter, 306 E 3d St, Newport
McVeigh, Victor F (US Gov Ft Thomas)  br-8-9-1898; Single grave-36, sec-25; Removed; Delivered to W C Betz 8-10-1898
McVeigh, William W  br-11-29-1905; Sec-23, lot-73; no other data
McVey, Infant  br-10-29-1924; Single grave-238, sec-47; no other data

McWilliam, Albert Peter  d-4-17-1965; br-4-21-1965; age-4-6-1893; Sec-65, lot-36B; parents-William McWilliams; born-Covington; married; residence-103 E 3d St, Newport; place of death-VA Hosp, Cinti; LO & NR-Lottie McWilliam, wife
McWilliams, Fred  d-2-25-68; br-2-28-68; age-7-18-1894; Sec-32, lot-59 E1/2; parents-William McWilliams and Louise Young; born-Newport; widowed; residence-814 Sassafras St, Erie PA; place of death-Erie PA; LO-Vernice Smith; NR-none given
McWilliams, Florence M  d-9-9-66; br-9-13-66; age-60; Sec-32, lot-59 E1/2; parents-Vernice Smith; born-Newport; married; residence-814 Sassafras Ave, Erie PA; place of death-St Vincent Hosp, Erie; Vernice Smith, parents; NR-Mr Fred McWilliams, husband, same address
McWilliams, Lottie Linn  d-11-28-68; br-12-2-68; age-75; Sec-63, lot-20 W1/2; parents-William Taylor and Rachel Rumstetter; born-Higginsport OH; widowed; residence-724 Covert Run Pk, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Mrs Virginia Harden, daughter, same address
McWilliams, Louisa  br-7-24-1919; Single grave-2, sec-45; no other data
McWilliams, John P Jr  br-10-13-27; Sec-61, lot-42; no other data
McWilliams, Wm  br-10-26-1921; Single grave-1, sec-45; no other data

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